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2002: THE SHORTWAVE YEAR IN REVIEW, a portion of which appears on the 1400 and 2200 UT VOA Communications World specials Jan. 1, is available here in its entirety (18.5 minutes): STREAM - DOWNLOAD - TEXT

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-205 has been posted December 31, 2002.

WORLD OF RADIO 1163, low version available early from 0130 UT Tue Dec 31: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY and high version not yet available.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-204 has been posted December 28.

OKLAHOMA BROADCASTING NEWS #8 has finally been updated Dec. 27 with material from DXLD since late September. At the end of 2002 this file will be closed, renamed oklahoma8.html and a 2003 file started as oklahoma.html

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-203 has been posted December 25.

WORLD OF RADIO 1162, low version available from 2345 UT Wed Dec 25: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 0015 UT Dec 27.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-202 has been posted December 24.

WORLD OF RADIO 1162, high version available early from 0050 UT Wed Dec 25: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 0015 UT Dec 27.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-201 has been posted December 23.

4TH QUARTER HTML ARCHIVE of DXLD, as of 2210 UT Dec 22, has been updated thru 2-198 of Dec 17.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-200 has been posted December 20.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-199 has been posted December 19.

WORLD OF RADIO 1161, high version available from 0022 UT Thu Dec 19: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY not yet available.

WORLD OF RADIO 1161, low version available from 0022 UT Thu Dec 19: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY not yet available.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-198 has been posted December 17.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-197 has been posted December 14.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-196 has been posted December 13.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-195 has been posted December 11.

WORLD OF RADIO 1160, high version available from 0100 UT Thu Dec 12: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 1825 UT Thu.

WORLD OF RADIO 1160, low version available from 0100 UT Thu Dec 12: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 1825 UT Thu.

MUNDO RADIAL, diciembre-enero, disponible a partir de las 0100 TU del 12 de diciembre: CORRIENTE - BAJABLE - TEXTO y en WWCR 9475 a partir del 13, los viernes a las 2210/2215, miercoles 2200.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-194 has been posted December 10.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-193 has been posted December 9.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-192 has been posted December 8.

QUARTER-TO-DATE ARCHIVE has now been updated thru DXLD 2-190 December 4. Even if you have already read/skimmed original .txt issues, you may want to page thru and try some URLs now hotlinked.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-191 has been posted December 7.

RFPI plans as of Dec 3 to resume 24-hour operation on 15039, as soon as some repair be made. This will lead to the return of several `suspended` WOR [and COM, once we get a new one done] transmissions in the 0800-2030 UT period as previously scheduled. Yes, back on Saturday afternoon. 7445 schedule also nominally expanded to 2100-1200 or -1300.

RADIO ENLACE: en diciembre hay solo dos programs, el 6 y 8; 13 y 15, cuando aparecen nuestros informes DX; nada mas antes del 10 de enero de 2003.

WORLD OF RADIO 1159, high version available from 0100 UT Thu Dec 5: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 0038 UT Dec 6.

WORLD OF RADIO 1159, low version available from 0150 UT Thu Dec 5: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 0038 UT Dec 6.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-190 has been posted December 4. There will be a delay in compiling contents and making notifications until after WOR 1159 be completed.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-189 has been posted December 2.

WJIE 7490: WOR 1157 from the previous week was heard at about 0520 UT Mon Dec 2, an unscheduled time.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-188 has been posted November 30.

DXLD HTML FOURTH QUARTER ARCHIVE has been updated thru 2-184 as of 1842 UT Nov 30. FYI, this task took 2.7 hours out of our Saturday morning.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-187 has been posted November 29.

WORLD OF RADIO 1158, produced early due to holiday, high version available from 1905 UT Wed Nov 27: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 2232 UT Nov 28.

WORLD OF RADIO 1158 available from 0050 UT November 28: LOW: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 2232 UT Nov 28.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-185 (A-S) and DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-186 (T-Z+) have been posted November 27. For the time being, both are combined in the LATEST DXLD file.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-184 has been posted November 24.

WBCQ 7415 tells us: World of Radio will now be on Monday morning from 12:45 a.m. until 1:15 a.m. [EST; = 0545-0615 UT] starting November 25, 2002. Radio D.C. is now Monday morning 12:15 to 12:45 a.m. starting November 25, 2002.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-183 has been posted November 23.

DXLD HTML ARCHIVE: We`ve fallen a bit behind, since churning out new issues takes priority, and each issue requires quite a bit of post-produxion for the html archive. But as of 1715 UT November 22, we have added issues 2-169 thru 2-174. Such delays are not all negative: this allowed us to insert a number of cross-references to future issues.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-182 has been posted November 21.

MUNDO RADIAL noviembre-diciembre 2002 disponible de 2115 TU del 21 de noviembre: CORRIENTE - BAJABLE - TEXTO

WOR 1157 available from 0018 UT November 21: HIGH: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 1730 UT November 21.

WOR 1157 available from 0105 UT November 21: LOW: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 1730 UT November 21.

MUNDO RADIAL: Nueva emision para noviembre y diciembre a partir del viernes 22 en WWCR 9475 a las 2215 (o 2210...), y miercoles 2200. Pronto tambien audio ampliado disponible en este sitio.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-181 has been posted November 20.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-180 has been posted November 18.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-179 has been posted November 17.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-178 has been posted November 16.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-177 has been posted November 14.

WOR 1156 available from 0120 UT November 14: HIGH: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 1930 UT November 14.

WOR 1156 available from 0120 UT November 14: LOW: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 1930 UT November 14.

The LOW version of WOR 1156 is slightly better/bigger than last week: 4.57 MB playing at 20 kbps.

Hello Glenn... I have been in correspondance with Radio Austria International's Listener's Department, and am passing on the following info. Here is their email to me, in response to my query as to their possible shutdown:

Dear listener, Thank you very much for your e-mail! Unfortunately we have to tell you that the rumors are true. The directors of the ORF Corporation are thinking about the complete shut down of ROI. We have no detailed information about it so far because we only start to have meetings on our future today. But it seems that the situation right now is rather serious. It would help us quite a lot if our listners would open state how they think about ROI and that they want us to stay on air. This could be done per mail or letter to the ORF headquater or to us and we will forward it to the headquarter. The listeners who send regularly reception reports have already began to send letters or mails to our support. But it is very important that our regular listener's who don't write to us on regular base state their mind to the director too, so that they may see that we have a lot of listeners who care about our broadcasts and future. We appreciate any reaction on the possibly shut down of Radio Austria International from you. Best to address your letter or e-mail to our office, we will redirect it to the proper receiver. For e-mail: and for mail: Radio Austria International z.H. Hr. Michael Kerbler Argentinierstr. 30A A-1040 Vienna AUSTRIA. Mr. Kerbler is our chef-journalist, so it would be best to send a letter to him. We really appreciate your proposal to post our situation on different webpages and message forums, so that other friends of our service as well know about the situation. With kind regards, Radio Austria International Listener's Relations Department.

Let's hope SWL's start writing! Fred Newlin, New York, November 13.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-176 has been posted November 11.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-175 has been posted November 10.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-174 has been posted November 8.

Thanks to everyone who expessed opinions about our audio quality. For the time being, WOR will be available in high and low versions, 44 kbps 9.6 MB file, and 16 kbps 3.6 MB file, respectively. We expect the high version to be available only one week, replaced by the next week`s show.

WOR 1155 available from 0100 UT November 7: HIGH: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 2137 UT November 7.

WOR 1155 available from 0100 UT November 7: LOW: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 2137 UT November 7.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-173 has been posted November 5.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-172 has been posted November 4.

DX PROGRAMS update is now completed and posted November 4, altho some items still need to be confirmed.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-171 has been posted November 2.

DX PROGRAMS is being updated, with Saturday, Sunday, and Monday listings posted so far, and the rest shortly.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-170 has been posted November 1.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-169 has been posted October 31.

WWCR: the first airing of WOR, Thu Oct 31 at 2130 on 15825, was pre-empted for a make-good of some other program following some down time. WWCR listeners will not have a chance to hear WOR until Saturday 0700 on 5070.

WOR 1154 available from 0146 UT October 31: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 0308 UT November 1.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-168 has been posted October 28.

WJIE: Schedule posted Oct. 29 shows WOR on 7490: M-F 1300, daily 0400, Sun 0630, Mon 0700, Tue 0630 & 0700, probably not both.

RFPI: while direct streaming is down, the shortwave pickup in eastern North America stream has been resumed, but only of course when 7445 or 15038 be on the air:

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-167 has been posted October 27.

All versions of our schedule have been updated for the standard time and B-02 frequency season, as of 1820 UT October 27.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-166 has been posted October 26. {HCJB schedule, a year old by mistake, now deleted; see 167}

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-165 has been posted October 25.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-164 has been posted October 23.

WOR 1153 available from 0056 UT October 24: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 2010 UT October 24. This time we have encoded at a lower rate, 16 kbps, file size 3.6 MB instead of the usual 32, and 7.0 MB. This should reduce download time, and be of adequate quality since it`s mostly gh talking, tho the opening theme suffers, but you`ve heard that before! We plan to keep doing this unless there are a lot of objexions. Comments?

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-163 has been posted October 22.

WORLD RADIO NETWORK: new program schedules effective Oct. 27 already posted by Oct. 19: show WOR to Eu, Af, As, Pac shifted to 0900 UT Sat, and also on WorldSpace; to Eu additional Sun 0530; NAm shifted to 1500 UT Sun, also on Sirius.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-162 has been posted October 19.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-161 has been posted October 18.

QUICK LINK TO LATEST DXLD from our homepage has been added, thanks to a suggestion from Jem Cullen. You may also want to bookmark this. However, if you get in the habit of using it, better check it every day, or you may miss an issue, which are usually 2 or 3 days apart, but not always.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-160 has been posted October 17.

DX PROGRAMS new revision posted October 17.

MUNDO RADIAL, octubre-noviembre disponible del 16 de octubre: BAJABLE - CORRIENTE - GUION

WOR 1152 available from 2332 UT October 16: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 0233 UT October 18.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-159 has been posted October 15.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-158 has been posted October 13.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-157 has been posted October 11.

RFPI: expects to lose its high-speed internet connexion Oct. 18, so WOR and other timely programs may be delayed; and its own streaming will cease.

WOR 1151 available from 2246 UT October 9: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 0213 UT October 11.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-156 has been posted October 9.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-155 has been posted October 6.

RFPI: Sat Oct 5 at 1800, Between the Lines aired instead of WOR (on webcast), and Mailbag was replaced by Making Contact at 1830. This is likely to affect the same 6 and 12 hours later, i.e. no WOR Sun at 0000 or 0600.

WOR, COM, MR SCHEDULE is updated Oct. 4.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-154 has been posted October 4.

DXLD 2002 JULY-SEPTEMBER HTML ARCHIVE is now complete through 2-151, closed and renamed dxldtc02.html -- and its former name will now apply to the fourth quarter html archive

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-153 has been posted October 3.

Hurricane webcast options
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 17:42:21 -0400

Hello Glenn,

I have done some webcast research in preparation for the arrival soon of the 
now-serious Hurricane Lili. The eye of the storm is presently forecast to 
come ashore Thursday midway between New Orleans and the Louisiana/Texas 
border, sometime between 1700 and 2000 UT.  For those out of the range of 
870 WWL New Orleans, I offer these webcast options:

There are no major cities in the direct path other than New Orleans, and the 
present projection shows the worst of it missing New Orleans by perhaps 100 
miles. There are no webcasting stations in the storms direct path. Here are 
some stations immediately adjacent to the path:

KOGT AM :  A smalltown country AM at 1600 
right on the TX/LA border. Town is being evacuated but they will stay on 
air. Distorted feed. Texas State Network affiliate. Webcast:

WQYZ FM:  Gulfport/Biloxi, Mississippi, oldies, 
webcast at not immediately sure if 
station is of local origination or satellite delivered, sounded bland enough 
to be the latter.

WJZD FM:  Long Beach, Mississippi,  A small, down 
home R&B / blues format, "JZ 94.5", again right on the Atlantic coast, 
webcast at nice sound. Relaxed female DJ 
seemingly unconcerned about coming onslaught when I checked an hour ago.

Other options: New Orleans Jazz/Community FM New Orleans Radio Reading Service

News/talk stations in Houston area do not stream. The tiny number of number 
of other streaming stations in southern Louisiana are all satellite 
delivered American Family religious stations w/ no local content. (There 
oughta be a law, no?)

Beaumont TX news talk is Clear Channel - owned, no streaming allowed by 
company edict.

Some New Orleans / French Quarter webcams at:
8 cameras, updated evry 20 sec and archived, actually pretty good

New Orleans weather radio:

Strike probability map

Louisiana coastal radar via Intellicast

Louisiana coastal radar via NWS

That's all for now. Should be an interesting day. Tom Roche- Atlanta

Also check this:

WORLD OF RADIO 1150, October 2, 2002, available from 2240 UT: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 1948 UT Oct 3.

DX PROGRAMS has been updated October 1 thanks to our new collaborator Bill Brady.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-152 has been posted October 1.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-151 has been posted September 30

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-150 Sept 26 has been posted here Sept 30. (It was on other site immediately, as notified).

WORLD OF RADIO 1149, September 23, 2002: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY

NOTE: INDIVIDUAL DXLDS, JANUARY-JUNE 2002: On our own website we no longer have individual issues before July 1, 2002, just the massive quarterly archives. So the links below before July 1 do not work. Individual issues are, however, still available at, indexed here: -- and 2001 archive is also there. However, post-publication correxions and clarifications are normally only entered into the quarterly archives.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-149 has been posted September 23.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-148 has been posted September 21.

WORLD OF RADIO ON STUDIO X, MOMIGNO, ITALY: Hi Glenn! First of all, we'd like to make our congratulations for your good job; we're glad to rebroadcast on our station your World Of Radio which is of a great success among many of our listeners. I'm writing to let you know and all radio enthusiasts of a change in our programmation concerning World of Radio. Since next Sunday, your weekly programme will be broadcast at 9.30 pm [1930 UT] instead of the usual 6.30 pm (local time). The other day and time remains the same (every Saturday at 12.30 am, always local time) [Friday 2230 UT]. This is to increase the chance for WOR to be heard by our listeners throughout Europe on the MW frequency (1584 kHz, the other 1566 is temporarily off). Best regards, (Massimiliano Marchi, RADIO STUDIO X, Sept 21)

Radio Yugoslavia has already resumed SW transmissions, as predicted in DXLD 2-147; so advance info from 2-148:

** YUGOSLAVIA. Hi Glenn, R Yugoslavia resumed SW broadcasts today Sept 20 (first heard on 6100 at 1713). English heard on 6100 at 1830 UT so must be sticking to their published schedule. English transmission started with message from Director of R Yugoslavia about resumption of SW. (Thanks to the tip from Media Network).

Other English scheduled: 0000 9580 (except Sun) to N Am, 0430 9580 to N Am, 2100 6100 to Eur, 2200 7230 (except Sat) to Aus, (all programmes half hour) Full schedule at: 73s (Alan Pennington, UK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) Also heard by Kai Ludwig.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-147 has been posted September 20.

WORLD OF RADIO 1148, September 18, 2002, available by 2330 UT Sept. 18: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 2345 UT Sept. 19.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-146 has been posted September 17.

MUNDO RADIAL septiembre-octubre 2002 disponible desde 0130 del 18 de septiembre: parte I: CORRIENTE - BAJABLE - TEXTO

MUNDO RADIAL septiembre-octubre 2002 parte II: CORRIENTE - BAJABLE - TEXTO

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-145 has been posted September 16.

RFPI: Confirms that Sunday 1830 (plus Monday 0030, 0630, 1230) is now an official WOR time. RADIO SCHEDULE has been updated.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-144 has been posted September 15.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-143 has been posted September 13.

WJIE: New WOR 1147 noted running Fri Sept 13 at 1200 on 7490; 1146 may have been skipped on this station. We need observations of any weekend airings of WOR, besides Sun 0515+. Oh, oh, apparently off the air, or back to very low power, later Friday, still missing September 15.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-142 has been posted September 11.

WWCR: Something else replaced WOR, Wed Sept 11 at 0930 on 9475; we are inquiring if this was temporary. Later: yes, it was, just for a 9/11 special.

WORLD OF RADIO 1147, September 10, 2002, available by 1815 UT Sept. 11: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 2255 UT Wed.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-141 has been posted September 9.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-140 has been posted September 7.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-139 has been posted September 6.

WORLD OF RADIO 1146, September 4, 2002, is available from 2248 UT: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available 1825 UT Sept 5.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-138 has been posted September 4.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-137 has been posted September 2.

OKLAHOMA BROADCASTING NEWS has been updated Sept. 1 to include August DXLD items.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-136 has been posted August 31.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-135 has been posted August 30.

WORLD OF RADIO 1145, August 28, 2002, is available from 0250 UT August 29: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 0330 UT Aug 30.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-134 has been posted August 28.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-133 has been posted August 27.

WJIE: has jacked up power and is actually audible, including with last week`s WOR 1144 Tue Aug 27 at 1200 on 7490, rather than previous schedule. If still on a 6-hour rotation, may also appear weekdays 0600, 1800, and even 0000? See DXLD 2-132. No, but WOR 1144 started a bit before 0030 UT Wed, with rather low modulation. Another reports hearing it at 1600 Tue, and we heard us again at 1200 Wed, Thu, 0030 Fri, 1200 Fri. No program schedule has been posted yet.

SPECTRUM 558 LONDON: is temporarily relaying WRN during the time WOR is on, Sat 0800 UT, 0900 BST; see DXLD 2-132

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-132 has been posted August 26.

Outage at this site concluded August 26, 2030 UT; back to normal.

WORLD OF RADIO Extra 43, week of August 21: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-131 has been posted August 18.

CONTINENT OF MEDIA 02-04 is available from August 18: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY

CONTINENT OF MEDIA 02-04 is available from 1556 UT August 18: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY available from 0400 UT Aug. 20.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-130 has been posted August 17.

RFPI: via webcast, we heard it running one hour late Sat Aug 17 at 1700 and 1800; so expect COM at 1830, UT Sun 0030, 0630, 1230; WOR at 1900, UT Sun 0100, 0700, 1300 -- unless corrected in the meantime.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-129 has been posted August 15.

WORLD OF RADIO 1144, August 14, 2002 is available from 2330 UT August 14: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 0027 UT August 16.

WBCQ: Effective immediately, the repeat of WOR at 0415 on 7415 moves from UT Thursday to Monday, starting August 19 (and Radio DC, the vintage music program which follows, also moves, to Monday 0445).

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-128 has been posted August 13.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-127 has been posted August 11.

Radio LavaLamp: due to problems with Live365 and others, has suspended carrying WORLD OF RADIO.

WBCQ. We have a report that our UT Thu 0415 airing on 7415 will be replaced by something else for one hour; nothing direct from the station yet. If so, perhaps we will be bumped back to 0515?

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-126 has been posted August 9.

WORLD OF RADIO 1143, August 7, 2002 is available from 2358 UT August 7: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 1625 UT Aug 8.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-125 has been posted August 7.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-124 has been posted August 5.

DXLD QUARTER-TO-DATE ARCHIVE for the moment is up-to-date including DXLD 2-123 as of 1745 UT August 3.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-123 has been posted August 2.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-122 has been posted August 1.

WORLD OF RADIO 1142, July 31, 2002 is available from 0030 UT August 1: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 1655 UT Aug 2.

MUNDO RADIAL julio-agosto, disponible desde el 31 de julio: CORRIENTE - BAJABLE - TEXTO Ademas en WWCR 15825 desde el 2 de agosto, viernes 2115v y miercoles 2100.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-121 has been posted July 30.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-120 has been posted July 29.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-119 has been posted July 27.

WELCOME TO WORLDOFRADIO.COM from its new host as of July 27, 2002. We sincerely hope the previous interruptions in service will no longer be a problem. We now have plenty of space, but may not re-upload all the old audio files. We are open to suggestions on certain shows people wish to hear, or how far back in general we should store them. Recent WORs are elsewhere, at the site where links take you. An approximate 3-month archive is at World Radio Network. If anyone finds a bad or dead link here, feel free to notify us, so we can work on it.

PREVIOUS DX LISTENING DIGESTS: we have not yet uploaded individual DXLD text issues from the first two quarters of 2002, since they are duplicated in the two html files for the first and second quarters (and in general, correxions have only been entered in the latter). Thus the links to each text issue from the CONTENTS lead nowhere for January-June, 2002. If there is sufficient demand for access to individual text issues, we will consider providing them. Comments?

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-118 has been posted July 25.

WOR 1141, July 24, 2002 is available from 0020 UT July 25: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 1833 UT July 26.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-117 has been posted July 23.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-116 has been posted July 21.

It is possible will have some downtime in the next few days. If so, remember to check our other site for the latest news:

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-115 has been posted July 19.

SHORTWAVE DX PROGRAMS by John Norfolk has been updated July 18.

WOR 1140, July 17, 2002 is available from 2355 UT: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 1627 UT July 20.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-114 has been posted July 17.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-113 has been posted July 14.

WWCR: again this UT Monday at 0000 on 9475, WORLD OF RADIO was replaced by something else.

RFPI: WOR 1139 confirmed ending at 1900+ UT Sun July 14 via webcast, once again substituting for another program, so expect it UT Monday 0030, 0630, on SW and webcast, 1230 on webcast.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-112 has been posted July 12.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-111 has been posted July 11.

WOR 1139, July 10, 2002 available from 2315 UT: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 2024 UT July 14; sorry for the delay.

WBCQ: Finally this week, July 10, Wed at 2200 WOR was on both 17495 and 7415, and much better here on the higher one. How was it for you?

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-110 has been posted July 9.

DXLD YEAR TO DATE HTML ARCHIVE --- well, really Quarter-to-date, part 3 of 2002 is availble from 2100 UT July 8, containing DXLD 2-106, 2-107, 2-108 and 2-109 initially. As it`s relatively small at this point, it should load a lot quicker and be easier to search than parts 2 and 1.

WWCR advises that the Thu 2030 replacement last week was temporary, a make-good for some paid program which didn`t air as scheduled in its own slot (and such make-goods are always possible in any WOR slot on WWCR). The future of our UT Mon 0000 airing is less certain.

WWCR: WOR was also replaced by something else, Health Talk Today, UT Mon July 8 at 0000 on 9475. Standard lament. But should be on RFPI at 0030.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-109 has been posted July 7.

RFPI: Again Sunday July 7, WOR at special time 1830, heard on webcast, so 1138 also UT Mon 0030, 0630 on 7445-USB, 15039.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-108 has been posted July 5.

MUNDO RADIAL: WWCR agrega una segunda emision cada semana, los miercoles a las 2100 en 15825, confirmado el 10 de julio, ademas de la hora acostumbrada de los viernes 2115v en la misma, segun su esquema imprimido de julio.

WWCR: the usual first airing of WOR, Thu 2030 on 15825, was replaced without notice by something else July 4. And to think, this slot was the only reason we rushed to produce WOR a day early. We don`t yet know if this be temporary or permanent.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-107 has been posted July 4.

WBCQ: Yet again this week, July 3, WOR was not carried on 17495 Wednesday at 2200, despite Allan Weiner`s assurances, apparently due to a lack of internal communication at the station. They will keep trying....

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-106 has been posted July 2.

RFPI: As of June 30, schedule curtailed, so a number of WOR/COM broadcasts are suspended (tho webcasting may proceed if in the usual timeframe): 21815 is off; 7445-USB and 15039 both run 2200-0800. All our schedule versions have been updated to reflect this.

WOR 1138, July 2, 2002 available from 0149 UT July 3: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 2350.

The current html DXLD to-date file, containing April-May-June 2002 issues, is now closed and renamed dxldtb02.html. July-August-September issues will gradually fill the new file retaining the name dxldtd02.html.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-105 has been posted June 30.

RFPI: WOR 1137 is again substituting at a special time, Sunday June 30 at 1830 plus repeats 6, 12 and 18 hours later.

WBCQ: Allan Weiner assures us that indeed WOR will be on 17495 as well as 7415 from now on, Weds 2200.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-104 has been posted June 28.

WBCQ: Contrary to previous info from WBCQ, it appears they cannot use 17495 after 2200 UT, so WOR will be only on 7415 for the first broadcast, Wednesday. AAnd this week only, the repeat started at 0434, since there was a double-dose of Amos & Andy.

WORLD OF RADIO 1137 available from 2312 UT June 26: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 1702 UT June 29.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-103 has been posted June 26.

COM 02-03 June available less than an hour later from STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY

CONTINENT OF MEDIA 02-03 is available from 1650 UT June 25: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY available from 1815.

DX PROGRAMS has been updated June 25.

WOR/COM/MR SCHEDULE and MASTER TIME SCHEDULE have been updated June 23.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-102 has been posted June 24.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-101 has been posted June 22.

MUNDO RADIAL junio-julio 2002 disponible de 1555 el 22 de junio: CORRIENTE - BAJABLE - TEXTO

RFPI: WOR 1136 confirmed UT Sat June 22, but starting late at 0139, so the repeats may be too.

WORLD OF RADIO 1136 available from 0007 UT June 20: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY available from 1425 UT June 21.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-100 has been posted June 19.

DXLD TO-DATE (2002 Second Quarter) has been updated at 2245 UT June 17 to include all issues through 2-099.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-099 has been posted June 17.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-098 has been posted June 15.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-097 has been posted June 14. Sorry, first upload did not take, but it`s there from 2352 UT.

WOR ON WBCQ: Remember our new time starting Wed June 12: 2200 UT on 7415 AND 17495. Let us know how reception compares in your area.

WORLD OF RADIO 1135 available from 1530 UT June 12: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY finally available from 2215 UT Sat.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-096 has been posted June 11.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-095 has been posted June 9.

DX PROGRAMS new June 10 update now available.

DXLD 2-095 timely advance posted 1840 UT June 9:
** ITALY [non?]. Dear Glenn, don't know if you get yet this information from Roberto Scaglione. Radio GAP during the NGO Forum for food sovereignty / Forum Roma from 9 till 13 june 2002 will transmit two programs with alternative news to permit to the signals to arrive also in the countries where exist totalitarian governments (not said which ones) for a freedom of informations. Transmissions are scheduled at 1900-2000 UT on 13865 kHz and at 0430-0530 UTC on 13840 kHz (not explained from what station they will have them relayed... BBC... DW... VOA ?????) For more details or stream audio please visit : Reception reports may be sent only with e-mail message to : Thanks for your good work, please continue in this way, it is PERFECT !!!! (Dario Monferini, Italy, June 9, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Strangely, if you switch to the English, French or Spanish page, you get an additional audio link at the top, and different times and SW frequencies (still in Italian) which are obviously IRRS, 2100-2200 UT 3985, 0600-0700 7120. That station has also used and tested the 13 MHz band recently. Perhaps the 3 and 7 MHz scheduling is outdated, replaced by 13 MHz? (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-094 has been posted June 8.

THIS SITE is again in service as of about 0000 UT Sat June 8.

RFPI: Still running last week`s WOR 1133 Fri June 7 at 1937, UT Sat 0137. Maybe new 1134 by 1800 Sat?

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-093 has been posted June 6.

WORLD OF RADIO 1134 available from 0008 UT June 6: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY available from 0219 June 7.

WBCQ: our Wed 2330 broadcast on 7415 is being cancelled after June 5. From June 12, new time will be Wed 2200 UT, but simulcast on 7415 and 17495 for near and distant coverage.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-092 has been posted June 5.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-091 has been posted June 3.

MUNDO RADIAL en WWCR: A pesar del informe anterior que se anulara la repeticion de los lunes a las 2130 en 15825, nos escuchamos el 3 de junio.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-090 has been posted June 2.

DX PROGRAMS has been updated June 1.

Access to this site may be termporarily interrupted due to server upgrading, June 2.

New June edition of John Norfolk`s NETS TO YOU is available from 0232 UT June 1.

RFPI: did not have new WOR 1133 available on Fri/UT Sat June 1 so reran 1132 instead; let`s hope they can get it in time for Sat 1800 plus repeats. RFPI has been running other programming in CONTINENT OF MEDIA slots, as it`s been two months since the last one was produced. We HOPE to get a new one done soon...

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-089 has been posted May 31.

WORLD OF RADIO 1133 available from 0007 UT May 30: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 2220.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-088 has been posted May 29.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-087 has been posted May 28.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-086 has been posted May 26.

WBCQ: Allan Weiner advises that effective immediately, from May 30, the second broadcast of WOR on 7415 moves earlier, Thursdays was 0500-0530, now 0415-0445.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-085 has been posted May 25.

MUNDO RADIAL en WWCR: anulada la repeticion los lunes a las 2130 en 15825; se mantiene los viernes a las 2115 - o tan temprana como las 2110 el 24 de mayo, esperemos, por haberse terminado a las 2125.

RFPI: schedule altered again this Friday May 24: a new Mailbag (after more than a month) at 1930, WOR 1132 at 2000. So same pattern should repeat 6, 12 and 18 hours later. Later: if it were on, but missing UT Sat from SW and web.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-084 has been posted May 23.

WORLD OF RADIO 1132 available from 0021 UT May 23: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 1623.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-083 has been posted May 22.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-082 has been posted May 20.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-081 has been posted May 18.

SHORTWAVE DX PROGRAMS has been updated again May 17.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-080 has been posted May 16.

WORLD OF RADIO 1131 available from 2306 UT May 15: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 1609 May 16.

OKLAHOMA BROADCASTING NEWS has finally been updated May 15, spurred by the conversion of KVOO-1170 to KFAQ.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-079 has been posted May 14.

WWCR: a printed schedule sent May 9 shows one of our WOR broadcasts replaced by something else: UT Mon 0500 on 3210. Not sure when this goes into effect.

WOR, COM, MR SCHEDULE has been updated, as has MASTER TIME SCHEDULE where Radio Enlace times by satellite have also been refined.

WORLD OF RADIO ON WJIE: The new WJIE Shortwave in Kentucky, successor to WJCR, has offered to broadcast WORLD OF RADIO three times per weekday, and in rotation on weekends, on 7490. This started May 13. However, it appears not to be up to full 50 kW power yet; in fact we have been unable to hear it, nor has Ivan Grishin in Ontario. Specified WOR times are: M-F 1245, 1845, Tu-Sa 0645 UT. We would be interested in informal reception reports from many locations. The number of repeats is expected to decline as WJIE accumulates paid programming but the 1245 airings are supposed to be secure indefinitely.

In order to reduce bandwidth usage of this site, WOR audio files will be stored at another site, thanks to a benefactor. WOR 1130 has been moved there May 12 to start: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY will remain on this site.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-078 has been posted May 12.

WWCR: played last week`s WOR 1129 instead of 1130 at 0500 UT Sat May 11. We are trying to get them to play 1130 the rest of the cycle starting UT Sun 0230. Later: they did.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-077 has been posted May 10.

RFPI: WOR 1130 aired at 2030 UT Friday May 10, tho scheduled at 1930; perhaps they had a power outage. Repeats 6, 12 and 18 hours later may also be delayed one hour this week. Later: yes, they are as well as COM at 0200 instead of 0100 UT Sat., etc.

MUNDO RADIAL por WWCR, no disponible el 10 de mayo a las 2115, por estar fuera del aire en 15825; esperamos comience el lunes 13 a las 2130; entretanto:

MUNDO RADIAL mayo-junio 2002 disponible desde 2235 del 10 de mayo - CORRIENTE - BAJABLE - TEXTO

WOR 1130 May 7, 2002 available May 8: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 1457 May 10.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-076 has been posted May 6.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-075 has been posted May 5.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-074 has been posted May 3.

Thanks for several notifications of incorrect links. When you find such a problem, please be explicit where it is, as there may be more than one place.

WOR 1129 May 1, 2002 available from 0355 UT May 2: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 1958.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-073 has been posted May 2.

WBCQ: somehow, Wings of Healing, the program preceding WOR at 2300 UT, came back to haunt the last half of WOR around 2347 May 1, mixing audio. We stayed up late to do a clean refeed for the 0500 play.

This site was down for several hours until about 0345 UT May 2. Thanks to those who notified us, concerned. The problem is too much traffic, and extra billing without advance notice. We may have to reduce or remove these large audio files...

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-072 has been posted April 30.

NETS TO YOU New May 2002 edition by John Norfolk is available April 30.


MONITORING REMINDERS Many new entries for May have been made, with more to come.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-071 has been posted April 28.

WWCR: at 0200 UT Sun on 5070, it looks like WWCR is back to former schedule instead of hour-long infomercial, so WOR may be back for now at 0230. Later: yes, it was; let`s hope it keeps, but can`t be sure.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-070 has been posted April 27.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-069 has been posted April 25.

WOR 1128 available 2248 UT April 24: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 1641.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-068 has been posted April 24.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-067 has been posted April 22.

DX PROGRAMS has been revised by John Norfolk April 22.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-066 has been posted April 20.

RFPI: will be carrying a 6-hour special from Pacifica Saturday April 20 at 1600-2200, covering an anti-war march on Washington; plus repeats 6, 12 and 18 hours later. Later this was revised to 1500-2100. Pacifica coverage itself is supposed to run 1500-2200. This would pre-empt all WOR and COM times on RFPI Sat, UT Sun. However, RFPI could not get internet feed yet at 1500, and we are to check back half-hourly. Well, at 1745 recheck, RFPI still did not have it and COM was on as scheduled, so perhaps it and WOR will not be pre-empted after all. We do get the Pacifica coverage, e.g. via KPFK. BTW, RFPI antenna has been improved on 7445-USB evenings, 0200-1200, reports wanted. Later: never mind: RFPI, apparently never got hooked up for this. It was also on C-SPAN.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-065 has been posted April 19.

WOR 1127 available 0012 UT April 18: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 1445.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-064 has been posted April 17.

NEW FREQUENCY FOR WWCR. It seems like WWCR has been on 15685 forever, but from Monday, April 22, that will be over, with a move around 1700 UT to 15825, and from then on daily 1000-2200 UT. This is due to heavy adjacent channel interference and jamming on the old frequency, which, BTW will be declared officially `in band` as early as next year, with 15800 the boundary. This affects WORLD OF RADIO, Thursdays at 2030, and MUNDO RADIAL, Fridays 2115 and Mondays 2130.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-063 has been posted April 15.

MUNDO RADIAL abril-mayo 2002 disponible de 1445 TU del 15 de abril: CORRIENTE - BAJABLE - TEXTO

RFPI: WOR is confirmed once again in its substitute slot, April 14, Sunday 1830, (+6/12/18 hours) and furthermore 15039 is on the air in time for it along with 21815-USB. RFPI`s new previews for week of 14th say 7445-USB is off the air for antenna repairs, 15039 scheduled 1800-0600, 21815-USB 1200-0200.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-062 has been posted April 14.

WWCR: Contrary to posted schedule, the long-running 0230 UT Sunday time for WOR on 5070 was replaced by something else April 14, continuing past the half hour.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-061 has been posted April 13.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-060 has been posted April 11.

WOR 1126 is available from 0013 UT April 11: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available finally at 0243 UT April 12.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-059 has been posted April 10.

DX PROGRAMS has been updated again at 0130 UT April 10.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-058 has been posted April 8.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-057 has been posted April 7.

WRN: for the second week in a row, April 7, WOR failed to appear at the new scheduled time of 1400 UT Sunday on WRN1 to North America. We e-mailed at 1403 and by 1407 (we were told later), WOR started, better late than never. An automation foulup was the problem. We`re not sure if the ending was cut off. Since we do not always monitor this and cannot monitor the other WRN broadcast of WOR, to all other worldparts, Saturdays at 0800 UT, we urge listeners who find it missing at scheduled time to e-mail WRN at the above address ASAP (as for any other technical problem that requires immediate attention). Please do not use that address for general correspondence to WRN.

RADIO SCHEDULE and MASTER TIME SCHEDULE have now been updated for DST effective April 7.

NETS TO YOU, new DST-shifted edition by John Norfolk effective April 7, has been posted at 0145 UT April 7.

DX PROGRAMS, revised April 7 by John Norfolk has now been posted.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-056 has been posted April 6.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-055 has been posted April 5.

The April 4 DXLD, because of its size, is split into two parts, A-I and I-Z

WOR 1125 is available from 0055 UT April 4: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 1758 UT.

Despite widespread opposition by Russia, RFE/RL is starting up its Chechen service today April 3 at 1700-1800 UT. Any monitoring of this is welcome ASAP, especially if there is jamming or interference. Frequencies in the IBB online schedule are under AV, CH, CI languages... LAM 04 15350 092, BIB 07 11760 105, KAV 02 9865 051.

Since the DXLD 2002 year-to-date file was getting so huge, over 4 MB, and increasingly difficult to manage, we have closed it, so it contains DXLD 2-001 through 2-051, January through March, and renamed dxldta02.html where it may still be consulted and searched. Subsequent issues from April 1 start a new file with the old name, dxldtd02.html

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-052 has been posted April 1.

DX PROGRAMS by John Norfolk has been updated April 1.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-051 has been posted March 31.

WORLD RADIO NETWORK: WRN1 to NAm is still funxioning on standard time, so WOR was NOT at 1400 UT Sunday, nor at 1500 but should be at 1400 UT from April 7.

MONITORING REMINDERS is being updated day by day for DST one-hour shifts, starting Sunday March 31 concerning Europe. It will take two weeks before all European, and then North American timeshifts are made, but in the meantime each day should be correct while it is current.

Site was down again for several hours until 1930 UT Sat March 30; thanks to everyone who advised us, concerned. We are trying to get this resolved. Meanwhile, we put and will do so again if necessary, the latest issue of DXLD at our other site

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-050 has been posted March 29.

ANTICIPATED TIMESHIFTED SCHEDULE effective April 7 has been posted March 29 below the current one.

RADIO ENLACE: por causa de alguna fiesta religiosa, no habrá programa el 29 y 31 de marzo. Quienes deseen escuchar o leer todas las noticias DX nuestras disponibles deben dirigirse a nuestra página en español.

WORLD RADIO NETWORK: new schedules effective March 31 are available at WRN site by March 27, showing WOR to NAm changes from Saturday 1500 to Sunday 1400 UT. Perhaps March 30-31 we shall be on both Sat and Sun; note that March 31 only, the time is 8 a.m. Central; a week later with us on DST, will revert to 9 am Central. To all other worldparts, also via Asia/Afristar, Saturdays 0800 instead of 0900, but not effective until April 6.

Or... maybe not; a different schedule WRN sent directly to us shows WOR still on Saturdays at 1400 UT, with Wales on Sundays instead of vice versa as in the website schedule...

WOR 1124 March 27, 2002 available from 0115 UT March 28: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 1740.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-049 has been posted March 27.

COM 02-02 available from 0151 UT March 27: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY available from 1740 UT March 28.

DX PROGRAMS new revision by John Norfolk posted early UT March 27.

Site Disabled March 26: thanks to those expressing concern; restored about 2200 UT following a billing problem.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-048 has been posted March 25.

Radio Lavalamp: Hi Glenn, Just to let you know, this past Friday (Japan Time), 5 of us did a 12-hour live webcast for "Media Democracy Day" to coincide with a (small) demonstration outside the FCC to oppose media consolidation. We also touched on the CARP (Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel) proposal which will eliminate most independent US-based or related webcasters from the net. Because of the preparation for aforementioned live webcast, we didn't have time to set-up the weekend schedule which WOR fits into. Instead, I am running WOR and a few other programs this week on a continuous loop which can be found on Radio LavaLamp Program 2. The audio URL that can be copied or pasted into the "Open Location" box of an MP3 player is:

The Program 2 stream can also be accessed via the web page at -- Click on the Program 2 eyeball & then on "Listen now." Best regards, Ralph Famularo, Mar 24, R. Lavalamp.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-047 has been posted March 23.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-046 has been posted March 21.

WOR 1123 March 20, 2002 available from 0306 UT March 21: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 1738.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-045 has been posted March 18.

DX PROGRAMS has been revised by John Norfolk March 18, anticipating many more seasonal changes for A-02.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-044 has been posted March 16.

RFPI audio link has changed; if you were getting a wacky, noisy, German 18-second intercept, try the new one entered here UT March 16:

R. Valleri, Ireland, DX Special March 16-17; silent period of WCBS-880 and WFAN-660 on March 16, 17 and maybe 18: see MONITORING REMINDERS and DXLD 2-044.

MUNDO RADIAL: nueva emision de marzo-abril a partir del 15 de marzo, todos los viernes a las 2215 en los 9475 de WWCR. Disponible de 0020 del 16 de marzo: CORRIENTE - BAJABLE - GUION

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-043 has been posted March 15.

WOR 1122 March 13, 2002 available from 0307 UT March 14: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available at 1643.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-042 has been posted March 13.

OKLAHOMA BROADCASTING NEWS has been updated March 12 with most OK items from DXLD since Feb 7.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-041 has been posted March 11.

WWCR: By mistake, WOR did not run UT Sun Mar 10 at 0730 on 3210, but should be back next week. Confirmed is the resumption on 3210 UT Mon Mar 11 at 0100.

DX PROGRAMS, by John Norfolk, another new edition dated March 9 anticipating many seasonal changes has been posted March 10. Expect more frequent revisions due to upcoming changes.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-040 has been posted March 9.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-039 has been posted March 7.

DX PROGRAMS, by John Norfolk, new edition anticipating many seasonal changes has been posted early UT March 8.

WWCR changes effective immediately March 6: Thu 2130 on 15685 ex-9475; resume UT Mon 0100 on 3210; 1030 UT on 9475 Wed ex-Fri. All versions of our schedules have been updated.

WOR 1121 March 6, 2002 available from 0107 UT March 7: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available at 1728; apologies for the delay.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-038 has been posted March 6.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-037 has been posted March 5.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-036 has been posted March 3.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-035 has been posted March 2.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-034 has been posted February 28.

NETS TO YOU, new March edition by John Norfolk, has been posted early UT March 1.

WBCQ: the 0600 UT Thu Feb 28 WOR repeat on 7415 aired half an hour early by mistake, ending at 0601.

WOR 1120 February 27, 2002 available from 0110 UT Feb 28: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 0420.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-033 has been posted February 27.

CONGO: Radio Okapi Launches --- 26 February 2002. Media Network contacted Chief of Information to the UN Mission in the Congo (MONUC), David Smith, about the new station Radio Okapi which launched on 25 February. David informs us that they did not manage to get the shortwave transmitter on the air in time for the launch, but hoped to have it running by Tuesday afternoon (26 Feb). The frequency is 9555 kHz (not 9550 as mentioned in press reports), and they're initially using an old 10 kw Collins transmitter... © Radio Netherlands Media Network. -- Hans Johnson of Cumbre found out that SW schedule is 0600-0830 and 1700-1930 UT.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-032 has been posted February 25.

Radio Okapi, the new UN-sponsored station for Congo DR, is reported via BBC Monitoring to have started Feb. 25 on several FM frequencies 24h, and should also be audible in most of the country on shortwave 9550. Hours for the latter not clear, nor is the site, though supposedly Kinshasa. Checking around 0000 UT, we hear mostly a mix of Cuba and China. Details in upcoming DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-032.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-031 has been posted February 24.

WWCR: appeared to be off the air at 0100 UT Mon on 3210; or not propagating, so unconfirmed whether WOR would have been back at this time.

RFPI: WOR appears again at the unscheduled time of 0030 UT Monday (thus also Sunday 1830, Monday 0630, 1230) Feb 24-25, but it`s an oldie, #1113 from January 9. We wonder why...

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-030 has been posted February 23.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-029 has been posted February 21.

WOR 1119 February 20, 2002 available from 0013 UT Feb 21: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 0327.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-028 has been posted February 19.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-027 has been posted February 17.

RFPI: the flexible Sunday airing of WOR was at 1830 UT Sun Feb 17 on 21815-USB so repeats at 0030, 0630, 1230 UT Mon. Don`t know if COM was on at 1730 like last week, when WOR was shifted to 1800.

WORLD OF RADIO on SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO, which is now underway in a few markets (or anywhere in CONUS someone can get a receiver), with WORLD RADIO NETWORK on Channel 111, including WOR Saturdays at 1500 UT. Details in DXLD 2-026 below.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-026 has been posted February 15.

DX PROGRAMS has been updated at 0000 UT Feb 15 with some added features.

MUNDO RADIAL febrero-marzo 2002 disponible de 0105 del 14 de febrero - CORRIENTE - BAJABLE - TEXTO

WOR 1118 February 13, 2002 is available from 0015 UT February 14: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 0435.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-025 has been posted February 13.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-024 has been posted February 11.

RFPI: Sunday Feb 10, substitutions were different than previously: COM at 1730, WOR 1800, plus repeats 6/12/18 hours later, i.e. same as on Saturday.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-023 has been posted February 9.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-022 has been posted February 8.

RN Radio Enlace: nueva serie de informes de ggh comienza viernes 8 a las 2255 en 15315, etc.

MONITORING REMINDERS has finally been updated at 2242 UT Feb 7.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-021 has been posted February 6.

WOR 1117 February 6, 2002 is available from 0112 UT February 7: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 0536.

SELECTED ENGLISH LANGUAGE DX/SWL/MEDIA PROGRAMS ON SHORTWAVE compiled by John Norfolk, has been updated UT Feb 6 at 0115.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-020 has been posted February 5.

NETS TO YOU new February edition by John Norfolk has been posted at 1615 UT Feb 5.

RFPI: because of the Homelessness Marathon [see DXLD 2-018], UT Wed Feb 6 at 0000-1400, WOR 1116 will have a special airing Tue Feb 5 at 2300 to replace the ones pre-empted by the marathon. COM 02-01 should follow at its usual 1400 time.

WOR 1116 January 30, 2002 has finally been uploaded at 2147 UT February 4: DOWNLOAD - STREAM - SUMMARY available from 1537 February 5.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-019 January 30 has been posted February 4.

Monday, Feb. 4: after almost 5 days without AC or internet, we are back and starting to get caught up. WOR 1116 will be available ondemand by the end of this UT day.

Sunday, Feb. 3: The ice storm did bring down power lines; we lost AC at 2223 UT Jan. 30, and it is still not back as of 2000 UT Feb. 3. We are fine, since we have gas heat, but our trees were heavily damaged, and have been unable to get online until now, once the library reopened. We still cannot upload WOR 1116 to our website, nor provide its summary, nor prepare or distribute any new issues of DXLD. It will take quite a while to get caught up, once power is on at WOR again. Fortunately, we were able to finish WOR 1116 on Thursday using battery equipment, and phone feed it to WWCR and RFPI. WRN is so high-tech that phone feeds cannot be accepted, so they were planning to rerun last week`s show. Thus those stations and listeners depending on WRN for WOR 1116 could not get it; however, it will be in their archive ondemand eventually. Since the outage occurred just before our scheduled WBCQ broadcasts on UT Jan. 31, edition 1116 could not be completed and provided to them in time, and 1115 re-ran. Just a few days away from our yahoo and hotmail accounts is enough for them to overload and/or be disabled. Many report bounces. Instead of retrying to send there, please use in the meantime, which we believe to be viable. We will be back to our usual level of activity as soon as circumstances allow. Online time at the library is limited, and not a great deal can be accomplished there, except now to update you on the situation. Nothing much can be updated yet, including our Calendar page, which we regret. Thanks very much to those expessing concern about how we are doing!Glenn.

Wednesday, Jan. 30: as you may have heard, an ice storm has hit Oklahoma. As of 1630 UT, we have lost major limbs of two trees. Power glitches have happened a few times, and power is out in other parts of Enid. Would not be surprised if our power, cable, phone lines come down, as the situation is only expected to worsen as the day and night progress until Thursday morning. So don`t be surprised if we are unable to do World of Radio 1116 on the usual schedule. At least we have gas heat... Glenn.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-018 has been posted January 29.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-017 has been posted January 28.

RFPI: For at least the fourth week in a row, RFPI has aired WORLD OF RADIO Jan 27, Sundays at 1830, plus repeats Mondays 0030, 0630, 1230, tho not officially scheduled. We welcome this, especially in light of diminishing WWCR airtimes.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-016 has been posted January 26.

[dx_india] Republic Day parade commentary. Friends, Today January 26, 2002, India is celebrating its Republic Day. The running commentary of parade held at New Delhi is noted from 0350 UTC today. It will continue till 0630 approx. All stations of AIR are relaying it. Hindi and English versions of the commentary are noted on following special frequencies:

 6155 Hindi (replaces Urdu Service)
 9565 English
 9595 Hindi (replaces Urdu Service)
11620 Hindi (replaces Urdu Service)
11735 English
11790 Hindi
15020 English
15770 Hindi(replaces External Service)
With Republic Day Greetings, 73 (Jose Jacob, VU2JOS, dx_india)

WWCR: Effective Jan. 21, WWCR-1 reverts to its usual winter frequency schedule, including 15685 until 2100, then 9475. This means that WWCR`s first airing of WOR, Thursdays 2130 is now on 9475 through February, then back to 15685; besides Fri 1030 on 9475 too and Mundo Radial Fri 2215 on 9475.

COM 02-01 available January 23 also from STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-015 has been posted January 24.

WBCQ: gets WOR by phone feed, but our phoneline was dead just when we needed it. Unlikely it will be fixed until Thursday. Perhaps WBCQ will be able to get WOR 1115 via internet in time for the 0600 UT airing. Later: yes, they did! tho started late at 0603

WORLD OF RADIO 1115 available from 0020 UT January 24: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY available from 0503.

WWCR-1: as promised 9475 was back in use after 2200 UT in Spanish, checked Jan 23, ex-3210. This applies to MUNDO RADIAL, Fridays at 2215-2230. And probably also to the 1000-1100 hour, for WORLD OF RADIO, Fridays 1030. Ya el 23 de enero WWCR-1 se encuentra de regreso en 9475 en vez de 3210, bastante mejor para MUNDO RADIAL, los viernes a las 2215-2230.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-014 has been posted January 23.

See CALENDAR listing for Wed Jan 23 at 1200 for a message from Jorge Garcia regarding anti-government demonstrations in Venezuela.

CONTINENT OF MEDIA 02-01 is available from 0209 UT Jan 23: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY available by 0400.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-013 has been posted January 21.

DX PROGRAMS has been updated January 21.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-012 has been posted January 20.

RFPI: for at least the third week in a row, WOR appears Jan 20, Sunday 1830 as a substitute; plus repeats UT Mon 0030, 0630, 1230.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-011 has been posted January 18.

WWCR-1 will be resuming use of 9475 at 1000-1100 and 2100-2300 within the next couple of weeks (Adam Lock, Ask WWCR fortnight of Jan 11) That means WOR Fri 1030 and Mundo Radial, Fri 2215 will finally revert from 3210 to this much better frequency.

Although the WWCR-1 program schedule dated Jan. 1 shows On the Go Ministries replacing WOR`s first airing, Thu 2130 on 15685, WWCR assures us that this was a mistake; instead, it replaces the preceding programs at 2100 and 2115, and WOR continues at 2130; confirmed January 17.

WORLD OF RADIO 1114 available from 0020 UT January 17: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY available from 0450.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-010 has been posted January 16.


MUNDO RADIAL enero-febrero 2002 disponible de 1735 del 16 de enero - CORRIENTE - BAJABLE - TEXTO

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-009 has been posted January 13.

RFPI: again this Sunday, WOR appeared at 1830 to substitute for another program, so repeats Mon 0030, 0630, 1230.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-008 has been posted January 12.

RFPI announced Jan 11 that it would experiment with USB after 0500 or 0600 on 7445, and alternate USB with AM from night to night in the 0100/0200 to 0600 period; to accomodate both NAm and transoceanic listeners.

WWCR advised us Jan 10 that effective immediately the UT Mon 0100 WOR broadcast on 3210 is cancelled, and replaced by UT Sat 0600 on 5070 from January 12.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-007 has been posted January 10.

DX PROGRAMS has been updated January 10.

WORLD OF RADIO 1113 available from 0020 UT January 10: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-006 has been posted January 8.

RFPI: again Sunday January 7, WOR filled in for some other program at the unscheduled time of 1830 UT, since we noted WOR ending in a repeat at 0630; so would also have aired at 0030 and 1230 UT Monday.

DX PROGRAMS has been updated January 7.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-005 has been posted January 6.

CALENDAR has many additional listings as of early UT January 6, including a revived SHOWS WE LIKE starting with Sunday.

WOR/COM/MR SCHEDULE and WOR/COM/MR MASTER TIME SCHEDULE are now housed at this site, and updated January 5.

WWCR: another WOR time has been dropped as of Jan. 5: UT Sat 0300 on 3210.

YEAR-TO-DATE DXLD 2002 file has been established January 4. From now on, and retroactively including issues 1 and 2, original individual posts will be text for those who prefer it; later html versions will be added to this increasingly massive bold, single file for ease of searching and linking. {Post-facto correxions and comments will normally be entered only in the html version.}

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-004 has been posted January 4.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-003 has been posted January 3.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-002 has been posted January 2.

WORLD OF RADIO 1112 available from 0125 UT January 3: STREAM - DOWNLOAD - SUMMARY available from 0425.

MONITORING CALENDAR, our new page, is activated Jan 2 at 1600, replacing HOLIDAY SPECIALS.

DX LISTENING DIGEST 2-001 has been posted January 1.

NETS TO YOU new January edition with hyperlinks added has been posted early UT January 1.