CALENDAR OF mostly SW SPECIALS, FAREWELLS compiled by Glenn Hauser

Dates, days and times are strictly UT

Note: expired info has been moved to the bottom of this page on our website for anyone who may need to refer to it. I have not attempted to follow-up everything mentioned, but this has been done in DXLD, the DXLDyg and/or my log reports.

NOTE: this calendar was started in June when there were lots of `special events` and SW stations about to close down. It has not been updated later in July until now. It may not be worth gh`s trouble to keep it going, but if and when updated will be notified on the usual lists. There are also lots of amateur radio special events which we do not intend to cover as they are well-publicized in ham radio circles.

UPDATE SUMMARY since last edition:

Calera de Tango, Chile last day on the air with CVC is Friday August 17.


Earlier this week, CVC La Voz, instead of curtailed 21-23 since end of June, suddenly resumed all-day broadcasts on 17680, 13-22 UT in Spanish. This is only a last gasp, as they also announce on the air and in press releases that the SW site will be closed down after today.

Luis Valderas says the final broadcast will also be at 13-22 Friday, not mentioning frequency, but surely 17680. Maybe also 9635 which he has heard in the daytime (via Dino Bloise, FAD, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1630, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

It`s expected that a special QSL-card is to be issued confirming reports for the final broadcast by CVC La Voz (Christian Vision Spanish Service) which is also the last one from this QTH. The site will be dismantled. Reports to Casilla 395, Talagante, Chile or via e-mail to antonio @ (Horacio Nigro, Uruguay, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1630, DXLD)

And the source of the info with me as source should be credited first to Luis Valderas, Chile, then "via Horacio...) Regarding the fq's... Reply to my query has been received from Mathias Svensson, Ingeniero de Transmisiones Senior, CVC Chile: The final broadcast will be tomorrow, Aug 17, 1300-2200 on 9635 and 17680. They still don't know which will be the final destination for the trasmitters. (Mathias Svensson, CVC La Voz, Chile, via Horacio Nigro, Uruguay, Aug 16)

This calendar will be updated and reissued as needed

Latest edition:



(Glenn Hauser, 0118 UT August 17, DX LISTENING DIGEST)




This is the final week for Radio Canada International, probably also for CBC NQ 9625, and relays via Sackville. You may want to make an effort to listen more than usual before the Last Days scheduled below.


2130-2200 British Antarctic Survey special, 9850 & 5950 Skelton UK, 7360 Ascension, confirmed, widely heard in eastern North America and surely in Eurafrica, South America, perhaps Antarctica. Program audio launches from:

and also linx to previous years` shows (gh)

About the BAS: link on the right

(via Alan Pennington, BDXC-UK)


CBC Radio One starts its summer schedule today:

with a number of new programs for the next couple of months; all webcast five times, once for each zone. Tnx Daniel Say via Mike Cooper.

1800-1900 on 7290: Radio City make-good broadcast via IRRS via Romania; see also Saturday

2100 until 2100 SATURDAY JUNE 23 "MidsummerRadio", special from Scandinavian Weekend Radio, Finland, low power on 25 and 49m; hard to hear beyond Europe

UPDATE: Alan Pennington refers to this page

which says the 25m frequencies will not be used for this (since they are in white), but shows which hours for 6170 and 5980

UPDATE: According to Tam-tam Canada (French section), RCI Portuguese final transmission will be on Friday 22 (not on June 24) Regards (JM Aubier, France, June 21, dxldyg via DXLD)

I think that`s merely the POV of the program producers, which they also say on the RCI Portuguese site:

``22 Junho 2012, 10h56 --- Ouça o último programa --- Hector Vilar apresenta o último [this linx to audio, but as of 1600 UT June 22, there is a 10-minute clip of something else about religion, NOT the finale special yet!]

``Hoje, 22 de junho de 2012, a seção brasileira da RCI é encerrada. A partir de hoje, então, a RCI deixa de transmitir em português para o Brasil. Para marcar o fim deste ciclo, toda a equipe se reuniu para produzir um programa especial.

Cá estou eu dando os últimos toques no derradeiro 'Canadá Direto', que vai ao ar nesta sexta-feira, dia 22. Este programa especial marca o fim da seção brasileira da Rádio Canadá Internacional. Nele, eu converso com Gilda Salomone, Cristiane Hirata, Gisele Dutra, Gabi Veras, Marcelo Paolinelli e Leila Monteiro Lins. Todos falamos dos momentos mais marcantes vividos ao longo dos últimos 8 anos do 'Canadá Direto'.``

But normal procedure is for the same program to be repeated on Saturday & Sunday, and I see no reason why this will not still happen as other RCI programming continues thru Sunday.

Per HFCC, RCI Portuguese schedule in UT, Fri/Sat/Sun: 2100-2129 15455, 2200-2229 17860, 2300-2329 13760

This conflicts with the schedule on the RCI page which frames something from Facebook, in local time:

``Sexta-feira, sábado e domingo 17:00-17:29 (Freq: 15455 e 17860) 18:00-18:29 (Freq: 17860) 19:00-19:29 (Freq: 13760).``

That would require a 4-hour difference from UT! Which is correct only for a few western states, not the usual UT-3 standard of ``Hora de Brasília``. However, RCI`s transmission schedule still shows the two frequencies at 2100.


0500-1700 on 7265, Hamburger Lokalradio test, 1 kW from Goehren. [Unfortunately arrived too late to include in advance; see also Sunday entries

0900-1000 on 9510: Radio City make-good broadcast via IRRS via Romania; see also Friday

1200-1214, final Vatican Radio English via Sackville? 13730. Announced at 1213 that this would no longer be on SW or MW from July 1, so check Monday if it last another week here.

1700-2300 on WTWW-2 9990, from [another post also gave the 12-6 pm time as EDT rather than CDT]

The QSO Radio Show will once again be broadcasting “Field Day Live” on Saturday from 12 PM CDT to 6 PM CDT on International Shortwave Radio. This year the broadcast will be on the new WTWW just outside of Nashville TN with 100,000 watts of power and heard around the world. This is double the power than the years before now on the new WTWW facility so the outreach will be phenomenal! The phone number to call to get on the air is 615-469-0702. Should the phones get real busy feel free to email us your phone number and we will call you back. Let’s have a great Field Day and share it with millions listening all over the world. We have some things to give away. Ted Randall will be announcing the giveaway live on air!

HOWEVER, 9990 NOT ON THE AIR checked at 1730 UT; now what? However, it was on by 1745.


0000-0059 Maple Leaf Mailbag, finale from RCI: 11700 via Kunming

0500-0800, 1000-1100, 1300-1700: Hamburger Lokalradio tests on 7265, 1 kW via Goehren, AND including special airing of WORLD OF RADIO at 0630, plus New Letters on the Air before it at 0600, per Thomas Voelkner.

Tom Taylor gives schedule for related broadcasts today:

European Music Radio 08.00 to 09.00 6005 kHz

Radio Gloria 08.00 to 10.00 7265 kHz

Radio Gloria 09.00 to 10.00 6140 kHz

Radio Gloria 09.00 to 10.00 6005 kHz

Radio Gloria 11.00 to 13.00 9480 kHz

[note this will now cross WTWW from *1200 on 9479 --- gh]

Radio Gloria 15.00 to 16.00 via

1500-1559 Maple Leaf Mailbag, finale from RCI: 11675 via Kunming; 15125 via Urumqi, East Turkistan

1800-1859 Maple Leaf Mailbag, finale from RCI: 17810 Skelton UK (should be audible in NAm), 11765 Skelton, 9530 Kashi, East Turkistan

2000-2059 Maple Leaf Mailbag, finale2 from RCI Sackville: 17735, 15330, 15235

RCI`s weekday program, The Link, finale was June 22. Steve Luce says there was an ``emotionally charged farewell`` toward the end. You may want to retrieve it from website while available.

RCI Chinese, French, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese final broadcasts should also be June 24, ending at 2330* UT on 11990, 13760, 15455:

June 24 also appears to be the final day on air for Sackville relays of other stations. It is unclear whether all of these will be gone once the UT day June 25 starts, but assuming they are, listen UT June 24:

NHK World Radio Japan: English 0500-0530 on 6110, 1200-1230 on 6120; Japanese 0200-0500 5960; 1300-1500 11655

Vatican Radio: English 0250-0315, Spanish 0320-0400 both on 7305, 9610; Spanish 1130-1214 13730

Voice of Vietnam: English 0100-0130, 0230-0300, 0330-0400 on 6175; Vietnamese 0130-0230 6175; Spanish 0300-0330 & 0400-0430 6175; Vietnamese 0430-0530 9555

KBS World Radio, English: 0230-0300 9560, 1200-1300 9650; Spanish 0200-0230 9560, 0600-0700 6045; Korean 1400-1500 9650

China Radio International: who cares? Too many and plenty will be left from elsewhere

Radio República, 2300-0200 on 9490 [or only until 0000?]

UPDATE: There's an updated HFCC file at today. Running a comparison shows RCI entries now have an ending date of 6/24, with the exception of the entry on 9625 for the Northern Quebec Service and the entries for KBS. I now understand KBS, Babcock and NHK will stay until Oct 31, Vatican relays will end July 31, China R. International relays end 6/24, República relay will end 6/25 at 0200 (Dan Ferguson, June 21)

Our inspexion of HFCC-all data as of June 21 disagrees: Everything from RCI via Sackville or elsewhere ending 6/24 (except via S Korea still showing until 10/28); República 9490 ends 6/25, but all the others are shown continuing the rest of A-12 to the end of October. But some of this info may not have been updated yet in this reference. See also


See also June 22 entry above for confusion about when RCI Portuguese really ends.

1100-1127 Cartas @ RN, finale of mailbag show on RN Spanish 9895 & 6165-Bonaire

1130-1157 Cartas @ RN, finale of mailbag show on RN Spanish 6165- Bonaire

1200-1227 Cartas @ RN, finale of mailbag show on RN Spanish 9715 & 6165-Bonaire


0000-0057 Cartas @ RN, finale of mailbag show on RN Spanish 6165- Bonaire

0100-0157 Cartas @ RN, finale of mailbag show on RN Spanish 6165- Bonaire

0830-0900 Fiji Democracy & Freedom Movement, 11565 via WHRI, weekly


MAPLE LEAF Mailbag - June 24, 2012

Dear Friends, I am distraught that the final edition of the MLMB did not go out properly this past weekend because of technical glitches. The show can be heard on line by clicking on the search button on the RCI website and writing in "Maple Leaf Mailbag." Then hit "programs" and click "listen." My apologies that we could not spend our final hour together as planned. Once again, I thank you all for your undying love, support, insight, graciousness and generosity. You are wonderful and magical. I shall never forget you. Be well, everyone. Au Revoir and peace! Terry Haig

Axually you can play it from this page (via Glenn Hauser, DXLD)


1200-1214, is Vatican in English still on one more week via Sackville 13730? Yes!


Licence period for Radio Nord Revival; see JUNE 30


0200-0400 PCJ Radio Special farewell to RNW, on WRMI 9955

For more details visit

Keith Perron on Facebook: Some of the voices you will hear include Jerry Cowan, Nevil Grey and John van den Steen plus many others. We will take a listen to some moments from RNW from the late 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s. This includes a visit to the original Radio Netherlands building and more.

An additional frequency from secret location (until announced on the broadcast) is to be used, and publicized ``a few days in advance`` but had still not been revealed as of 2330 UT June 28.

A bit cheeky to schedule this at the same time as RN`s own Last Show! Keith agrees

Well, we may wind up listening to one or both online instead of SW, sigh

0159-0257 RNW`s Last Show special to ENAm, 6165-Bonaire [not 11640]

0259-0357 RNW`s Last Show special to CNAm, 6165-Bonaire

0459-0557 RNW`s Last Show special to WNAm, 6165-Bonaire; NZ/SEAu 12015-Bonaire

In case there are any further changes from the `final` schedule:

Will Tom Meyer appear on this one? He does in Spanish:

1000-1057, RNW farewell broadcast in Indonesian: 17840 & 21485 Madagascar, 15300 & 15565 Sri Lanka; maybe also at 1100, 2100 [or June 28]

RNW Indonesian ends on June 29 at 1257 (SW-wise on 17840, 21485). (Kai Ludwig)

1330-1430 RNW Spanish farewell program with live video stream, including interview with Tom Meyer; repeated on SW the following evening on usual frequencies; see SAT

The above was later revised to:

Emisión de despedida: El próximo 29 de junio emitiremos un programa especial con una mirada a la trayectoria del Departamento Latinoamericano de Radio Nederland. La emisión en directo podrán escucharla a través de nuestro reproductor de Real Audio [sic: looks like a flash player to me] a las 1400 horas UTC (las 16:00 horas de Holanda) y luego en las acostumbradas emisiones nocturnas de RN, y en video (streaming) en nuestra página web (

UPDATE: last week we had the impression that Tom Meijer was going to be on the June 29 Spanish despedida, but he has already appeared on the penultimate 20-minute Cartas @ RN show of June 17:

This page continues to say that the finale will be live at 1330 UT Friday, rather than 1400

1400-1457 RNW`s Last Show special to Asia, 9800-Sri Lanka

1800-1957 RNW`s Last Show special to Africa, 17605-Vatican [audible in NAm]

1859-2057 RNW`s Last Show Special to Eu 6065

1900-2057 RNW`s Last Show Special to Af 7425-Madagascar

1900-2057 RNW`s Last Show Special to Af 11615-France

1900-2057 RNW`s Last Show Special to Af 15495-Vatican [maybe audible in NAm]. 2057 UT is really The End, for English

Special QSL for final RNW English broadcast

For those listeners who enjoy picking up shortwave broadcasts and sending in a reception report, this is your last chance to dispatch your SINPO to our P. O. Box 222, 1200 JG Hilversum, The Netherlands, or (subject: 29 June Reception report). We'll return the favour by sending you a special QSL card commemorating the closing of RNW's English service!

There's now also a slideshow of RNW staff past and present at:

(via Alan Pennington, BDXC-UK yg via WORLD OF RADIO 1623, DXLD)

Programme schedule for RNW's Final Day of English Service tomorrow Friday 29th June [starting 0000 UT] now on their website:

The programme schedule for Friday 29 June has been published. A special Farewell and Thank You programme will go out on every shortwave transmission and World Radio Network [WRN] relay. In the remaining hours, when we are available via satellite and webstream, we are rebroadcasting many old documentaries, feature programmes and music shows.

The full details are on this week's radio schedule page.

from (

First airing of "Farewell and Thank you" is at 0200 UT (UT Friday but still Thurs in target area N America) on 6165 and Satellite and online. Last airing of "Farewell and Thank you" is at 2000-2057 UT (Friday) on 7425 C+S Africa, 11615 W Africa, 15495 W Africa +6065 Europe plus Satellite and on-line. With such a wealth of programmes starting at 0000 UT tonight, I wish is was possible to listen to them all :-( (Alan Pennington, BDXC-UK yg via DXLD)

RADIO NORD REVIVAL STARTS FRIDAY NIGHT: still no specific times; see June 30

Re Ronny Forslund on Facebook tonight:

"Radio Nord Revival is now running on 88.6 MHz from Sala [Sweden] with 2 kW. Happy to hear from you and tell you how we can be heard. Medium wave and short wave will begin Friday night. Frequencies to monitor: 603, 5895, 6065 kHz." (Translated by Bing)

And when reminded about Radio Netherlands using 6065 kHz until 2057 UTC tomorrow with their farewell programme he replied: "Yes, we will naturally avoid to interfere with them so we will be using 5895 kHz when they are on...." (Alan Pennington bdxcuk yg June 28 via DXLD)


0000-0057 & 0100-0157, RNW Spanish Farewell program [that`s what they say, unlike English which will end the previous night. Also check UT Friday June 29 in case that is correct date for Spanish too], 6165- Bonaire.

HH Lokalradio, MV Baltic Radio and Radio Gloria this weekend:

Saturday, 30th. of June

0500-1000 UT, Hamburger Lokalradio on 7265 KHz:

0500 Radio Tropical in Portuguese and Spanish

0600 Literature program in English

0630 WORLD OF RADIO 1623 special time

0700 Radio Nostalgie

0800 Literature program in German

0900 Science Forum in German

1000 Literature features German and/or English?

(Tom Taylor, DXLD)


will be on the air one last time to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the closure of offshore station Radio Nord on June 30th, 1962. Our license runs for two weeks from June 25 and the following frequencies will be used:

SW 5895 and 6065 kHz with 10 kW of power from Sala, SWEDEN, one frequency at a time.

MW 603 kHz (the original Radio Nord channel) with a maximum of 2.5 kW of power from Sala. FM 102.7 MHz with a maximum of 100 W from Södermalm, Stockholm. We have also applied for a temporary FM frequency from Sala and hopefully it will be cleared soon. We will install the transmitter and aerial for Stockholm on Sunday, June 24 and test transmissions can be expected as soon as our license period starts.

Further information including QSL address on

(Ronny Forslund, June 21, DXLD)

VATICAN RADIO is also canceling most of its SW and MW broadcasts to Europe, and SW to Americas as of July 1. Presumably many of them will last be aired on June 30; Sackville relays continued past June 24. See

Many of the SMG transmissions to elsewhere are audible in NAm; also via Madagascar; and especially BONAIRE: 0030-0200 15470 in Portuguese, Spanish; 0230-0250 6040, 9610 in French. Since these are after 0000 UT, will their last day be UT June 30 or July 1?

UPDATE: VR will continue to the Americas via Bonaire according to its website, including 0030 Portuguese 15470 (says Jorge Freitas) and 0230 French 9610 (says Jean-Michel Aubier). After 0250, 9610 has been switching to Sackville for English, Spanish to 0400.

2359-2400, LEAP SECOND, the 61-second minute on WWV, WWVH and all the world`s timesignal stations. It might be interesting to check whether some of the more obscure ones miss it, e.g. in the next few minutes are they one second out of step?


0900-1000 MV Baltic Radio on 6140 KHz (100 KW via Issoudun) Details:

0900 Music and Information from North- East- Germany

0930 Music special "Eine kleine Beatmusik - 50 years Rolling Stones

MV Baltic Radio stops temporarily for technical reasons the transmissions on 9480 KHz

1000-1200 Radio Gloria International on 7265

(Repeat broadcast from last weekend)

(Tom Taylor, June 28, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Lars Kalland, SM6NM, has been circulating this info:

SAQ 2012-07-01 Alexanderson Day REMINDER!

We will remind you of the Grimeton Radio/SAQ transmissions on 17.2 kHz, CW, with the Alexanderson alternator on Sunday July 1, 2012 ,"Alexanderson Day", at 0900 and 1200 UT. We will start tuning up some 30 minutes before message. The radio station is open to visitors.

There will be activity on amateur radio frequencies with the call "SK6SAQ" from 0915 to 1130 and 1215 to 1300 UT.

Any of following frequencies: - 14035 kHz CW, - 14215 kHz SSB; From 0700 UT also on: 3755 kHz SSB

QSL-reports are kindly received:

- E-mail to:

- or fax to: +46-340-674195

- or via: SM bureau

- or direct by mail to:

Alexander - Grimeton Veteranradios Vaenner,


Grimeton 72

SE-432 98 GRIMETON, SWEDEN (NB: new address)

Also read our web site:


0330 Friday until 0600 UT Saturday: Radio Nord Revival in Sweden will be relaying the programmes of Radio Northern Star in a long test transmission on Shortwave 5895 kHz (reserve frequency 6065 kHz) with a power of 10 kW. This test will last until Saturday morning July 7th at at 0600. We welcome written reception reports to Radio Northern Star, Box 100, N5331 RONG, NORWAY. Email may also be used:

For listeners outside Scandinavia we would also like recordings of the transmission, but please do not send large files as attachments to emails. If you want to send large files, send them on a CD to the address above. Be sure to include return postage if you'd like regular mail replies. Correct reports will be answered by QSL letter.

Radio Northern Star is an independent commercial radio station broadcasting on the web and available broadcasting platforms, says Svenn Martinsen. Our website may be found here:

2100 until 2100 UT July 7, Scandinavian Weekend Radio monthly broadcast confirmed; see June 22. Still not on 25m



I'm planning to organize such event on 6th and 7th of July. I would like to invite every pirate broadcaster to take part. It would be great if many stations are on air. Here I will publish the list of the stations, I hope at least 20 stations from Western and Central Europe will take part (Georgi Bancov, Bulgaria blog, via Gary Drew, dxldyg)

Lots of stations have signed up as of early July 6, but none above 7630 kHz, so reception beyond Europe will be difficult.


The last broadcast from Bush House will be 12 July. Many BBCWS language services are already originating their programs from New Broadcasting House (Kim Andrew Elliott) I suppose without inside info it will not be possible to tell which are which (gh)

UPDATE: The last BBC broadcast from Bush House will be the 1100 GMT WS news in English on Thursday 12 July (Chris Greenway)

SW frequencies at 1100: 6190, 6195, 9740, 11760, 12095, 15285, 15310, 15400, 15575, 17640, 17760, 17790, 17830, 21470 (BDXC Broadcasts in English)


UPDATE: The AWR via SL relays have continued past June 30, unknown how much longer.

Just a timely reminder that the original schedule for the AWR relay from Trincomalee in Sri Lanka showed that these broadcasts would end on June 30. A special QSL card is available, and also a rare (these days) QSL stamp. Available only from the AWR address in Indianapolis.

Scheduling from the Trincomalee Relay Station, 125 kW

0000 - 0100 11955, 1100 - 1200 15540, 1200 - 1300 15490, 1300 - 1400 17635, 1400 - 1500 12105, 1500 - 1530 15715, 1530 - 1600 7410, 1600 - 1630 11835, 1630 - 1700 11740 ENGLISH, 2100 - 2200 11750, 2200 - 2230 9455 9545, 2230 - 2400 9730 ENGLISH (Dr. Adrian M. Peterson, Co-ordinator - International Relations & DX Editor, Adventist World Radio)

He didn`t include the languages, but only two are in English which I have added, per WRTH Update (gh)


R. Hami, Finland, low-power special on 6170, 1584, 94.7. Details:

UPDATE: Special Event Station - Radio Hami, 12-15th July 2012 on 6170 kHz

Radio Hami (The Finnish Amateur Radio League annual summer camp event radio station) will be active from July 12th to July 15th. You can hear us on FM 94.7 MHz (Sappee), AM 6170 kHz & 1584 kHz. We will have around the clock transmission, though programming takes place mainly between 8 am and midnight EEST (0500-2100 UT). Program (in Finnish) is available here:

Radio Hami is temporary radio station, that operates yearly from The Finnish Amateur Radio League summer camp. Usually transmissions can be heard locally on FM and more internationally on 49 and 187 meter bands. You can contact us using via email:

QSL info: Radio Hami / SRAL, PL 44, 00441 Helsinki

(Thanks to Mikhail Timofeyev via Open DX, via Alokesh Gupta)



From 0001 UT, The Maritime Radio Historical Society with revival of CW Coastal stations KPH, KSM, KFS, also ham activity as K6KPH. Also open house at Bolinas, California from 2000 UT July 12. See

UPDATE: Good chance to catch rare (and not so rare) utes

From: On Behalf Of Richard Dillman Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 4:08 PM To: Radiomarine; Boatanchors; Ham Radio History


12 July 1999 was a sad day for many of us. We knew it was coming but when the end finally arrived is was a shock. I was there. It was the supposed last day of Morse code. The final sign off took place at a remote station on the Pacific coast. Women attending the event were dressed as if at a funeral. Grizzled, hard bitten old men, the kind you wouldn't mess with in a bar room, had tears in their eyes as the last messages was keyed out to the world at 0000 gmt. And then there was silence. It was just beeps in the air. But that's how much Morse code means to the men and women who made the profession of radiotelegrapher one of honor and skill.

But the prediction of the death of Morse code was not to be fulfilled. On that day the Maritime Radio Historical Society was born. On that day we began plans to restore a Morse code radio station - the famous KPH. One year later we held the first "Night of Nights" when not only KPH but other coast stations appeared once again on the air. Every year since we have commemorated that date by returning these stations to the air and thereby, we hope, honoring the men and women who came before us.

Join us this year for Night of Nights XIII. See and hear a real Morse code coast station in full song. Mingle with the pioneers who werethe men and women of the airwaves.

Or, if you can't join us in person, join us on the air. KSM and, we hope, KPH and KFS will be in action (to be confirmed - watch our Web site for updates).

K6KPH will be open to calls from amateur stations.

When: 12 July 2012 - Doors open at 3:00 pm [PDT], first transmission at 5:01pm (0001 gmt July 13)

Where: KPH receive station, 14700 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, past the oyster company and G Ranch Information: or 663-8982

Light snacks will be served. VY 73, RD

Richard Dillman, WPE2VT, Chief Operator, Coast Station KSM, Maritime Radio Historical Society (via Harold Frodge, July 9, DXLD)

BBC Radio 3 Prom Concert season starts, webcasts until September 8


0500-0700: Mark Heller at WGBW-1590 advises he'll be conducting another DX TEST this will be Sunday Morning July 15 (after Saturday night) from Midnight to 2 AM Central Daylight Time. This may be the last test for a while from WGBW-1590, as they have received their Construction Permit for 500 watt night operation. 73 (Wayne Heinen, July 7, NRC-AM via DXLD) Two Rivers/Denmark, Wisconsin, circa Green Bay.

0800-0900 & 1600-1700: Dear Listeners, EMR will be on 6005 kHz [Kall, GERMANY] this Sunday at 0800 & 1600 UT for 1 hour. I am in London all this week in to next week, as my mother is very ill and will not live for much longer. I have no way to inform most of the EMR Listenrrs about our transmissions. Can you please help me to let all the listeners know that EMR is on this Sunday. If you can email all the listeners and DX clubs you know please. I thank you for all your help. 73s (Tom Taylor, July 11, via Zacharias Liangas, DXLD)

0930 UT Sundays starting this week: USTRALIA. AMATEUR NET --- We got more amateurs in this club; well, why not an amateur net? Say (now this is me, 7140 0930 on Sundays starting 15th July 0930 UT on 7140 kHz. Howzat?!!!! Say hello and also give your ARDXC membership number)! I want to hear this as a shortwave listener! (Johno Wright, July Australian DX News via DXLD)


RAMADAN begins in the evening of Thursday, July 19, 2012, and ends in the evening of Saturday, August 18, 2012 [variable depending on local new-moon sightings]. This leads to extended all-night, or at least modified scheduling on many stations, some of them SW, in Islamic-dominated countries. Iran has added some special broadcasts between 1930 and 0330 as reported in DXLD.


Stop-date for Vatican Radio relays via Sackville; will they be replaced by Bonaire for a few more months, or what? English to the Americas has been at 0250-0320 on 7305, 9610; 1200-1214 except Sundays on 13730. Listen at 0249 to 9610, when until now there has been a smooth transition from Bonaire in French to Sackville in English, with a brief overlap of interval signals. The Portuguese at 0030-0100 on 15470, and Spanish at 0100-0230 on 9610 both via Bonaire are to continue. Altho VR was erroneously announcing in June that broadcasts to the Americas would cease July 1, we have not heard any announcements about July 31, altho that date has been registered, and these may end with no acknowledgement on air at all.


Finnish DX Association's 50th Annual Summer Meeting will be held at Vuosaari, Helsinki, Finland Aug 3-5, 2012. More info at:

Scandinavian Weekend Radio will have special broadcast during 50th FDXA Summer Meeting on Aug 3-4, 2012. Schedule at:

(Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi, India, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)