Note: most, but not necessarily all of the info in this file has appeared originally in DX LISTENING DIGEST, regrouped here for ease of reference.

Seven previous files of OBN, #7 covering 2001

[All the entries below Dec. thru late Sept. were not added to this OBN#8 file until Dec. 27, 2002] |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Dec. 24: Most nights, KOMA 1520 blows the doors off of 1510 and 1530, which brings me to this question: Is KOMA REALLY running 50 kW? This is a blowtorch that is stronger than anything that Kansas City or Des Moines can serve up. I thought I'd once heard that KOMA was fined for running more than their allotted power, perhaps as much as 59 kW. I suspect that they may be up to their old hijinks again (Rick (I need Buffalo!) Dau, Omaha, Nebraska, Dec 22, NRC-AM via DXLD) They`ve always had an outstanding skywave; 59 vs 50 kW would be hard to distinguish; what`s the tolerance allowed on this, anyway? (gh, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) I don't think KOMA is supposed to throw much signal towards the NE at night. From what I've observed from here near Chicago, I am convinced that they often switch back to day pattern late at night like this and especially on weekends. 73 (Neil Kazaross, IL, NRC-AM via DXLD) ** OKLAHOMA. Enid`s only local TV station, KXOK, ch 32 (cable 18) is showing some signs of life again, besides constant Dr Gene Scott. On Monday old movies were back, not sure from America 1 or what, along with constant advertising crawlers, but after heavy snow it was back to DGS, even tho their dish was obviously full of ice, and the picture struggled to refresh. For hours on end, mostly it was virtually a freeze-frame, and fuzzy at that, tho his audio kept on going. This made his appearance even less vieworthy, to say the least. We are supposed to visit the KXOK website and register for Big Prizes, but the site (or forwarding to it from `Tuvalu`) is not working: http://www.kxok.tv which forwards to http://www.tv/en-def-f6ab2b906d73/cgi-bin/glob.cgi?domain=www.kxok.tv (Glenn Hauser, OK, Dec 24, DX LISTENING DIGEST) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Dec. 20: RESCUE RADIO: NEW SALVATION ARMY STATION The Salvation Army, and the Oklahoma City Autopatch Association hosted the grand opening of the Salvation Army Emergency Communication Center. It took place in Oklahoma on Saturday, December 14th. The new center is located at the Salvation Army Citadel on SE 44th Street in Oklahoma City. Frank McCollum, N5FM, the station trustee, held the first net from the new facility at 9 am. McCollum helped to establish the first station in 1986, at The Salvation Army's Arkansas Oklahoma and Divisional Headquarters where it remained until two years ago. The new station features very modern gear. It is designed to allow multiple High Frequency, VHF and UHF stations to provide ongoing communications services at the same time (WA6LBU, Amateur Radio Newsline Dec 20 via DXLD) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Dec. 19: CITADEL GETS WKY/OKLAHOMA CITY IN $7.7 MILLION DEAL http://www.radioandrecords.com/Subscribers/TodaysNews/homepage.htm WKY [930] had been owned by Gaylord Entertainment since its on-air debut in August 1928 until it was recently placed under the control of OPUBCO Communications, an entity in with Gaylord enjoys a majority vote. An asset sale agreement for WKY made its way through the FCC on Monday, and as a result Citadel gets a seventh property in Oklahoma City; the company already owns WWLS-AM & FM, KATT, KKWD, KQBL & KYIS in the market. WKY is presently being operated by Clear Channel via an LMA with OPUBCO. It is not known if the LMA will continue once Citadel closes on the station (via Brock Whaley, Dec 18 for DXLD) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Dec. 11: Application from existing facility: 1210 KGYN OK Guymon: amend application for move to Oklahoma City to show 50000/50000(10000 during CH - critical hours) U4 (Buffalo K. Foonman and his imaginary friend Jerry Starr, AM Switch, NRC DX News Dec 9 via DXLD) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Dec. 9: RadioTVWorkingGroup@cox.net (Jack Bowen = foxman49@aol.com ) (Bob Nichols = bobnichols@cox.net ) Nathaniel Batchelder writes: To succeed, this grassroots message must be forwarded to friends of the "Radio Free Oklahoma" concept. Courageous, progressive, liberal truth-teller Jack Bowen has a dream: that a radio-talk format station could broadcast "real news" and "real information" to counter the spurious lies of "Conservative Entertainers" (including Rush Limbaugh, Michael Reagan, Gordon Liddy, etc). A business plan to purchase radio time on an available cross-Oklahoma station can be prepared by industry professionals for $3000 ($1,900 of that has already been contributed) Experienced planners suggest that pledges could support several hours every evening of talk and dialogue ("Radio Free Oklahoma" is suggested theme) and that, if this is successful in attracting pledges, advertisers, and sponsors, the purchase of a radio station to become "People's Radio" is possible. Meetings to discuss this have taken place in several cities, and interest is growing. Jack Bowen and passionate organizer Bob Nichols have deep personal integrity, and a vision of justice and sustainability for our society. Checks to express support for the launch of "Radio Free Oklahoma" (at least to get this business plan funded, and to start a subscribers' data-base) should be made out and sent to: "RadioTV Working Group" "RadioTV Working Group" % Bob Nichols, 2613 NW 114th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73120-6604. Bob Nichols writes: "We got a big boost this afternoon in Tulsa. Mr. Doug Dodd is now the attorney for the Working Group. There are very few actual media lawyers in Oklahoma Doug is one them and, of course, the best. This listserv is for announcements and discussion by Green Party members in Oklahoma. For more info about Green Parties of Oklahoma, see http://www.greens.org/oklahoma/home.html http://groups.yahoo.com/group/okgreens (via gh, DXLD) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Nov. 24: 26100, USA, NBFM, UNID, 2228-2240 Nov 16, thanks to a telephone tip from Tom Williamson caught this one with San José State beating up on Tulsa 49-24. Prior to a break mention "on the University of Tulsa Radio Network". However, during breaks you could hear the announcers chatting in the both so no local commercial breaks or local IDs. Any ideas? Good when in but deep fades and gone most of the time. Tom indicated this one was on most Saturdays coinciding with college football (Rich D`Angelo, PA, NASWA Flashsheet via DXLD) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Nov. 20: FMakings: Selected FCC applications: Tuttle (move from Tishomingo) KTSH 99.7 10500 h,v; 52m (Nov FMedia! via DXLD) So only 10 kW ERP instead of the usual 100; that will diminish QRM to KNID-99.7, as previously feared (gh, DXLD) KOKB, 1580 Blackwell, which has been paired with KOKP, 1020 Perry for some time, heard IDing at 2000 UT Nov 19 as ``Double Talk``. Guess that means a right-wing lineup (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) KWCO, 1560, Chickasha is silent. Had been classic hits (Nov FMedia! via DXLD) Indeed it is, checked Nov 19. Calls originally stood for Women`s College of Oklahoma, but was commercial (gh, Enid, DXLD) The era of Dr. Gene Scott`s exclusive access to ch 32 in Enid seems over. Sunday night we found an auction back on the channel, and Tuesday Nov 19 at 2030 UT check, a poster mystic-taped to a tan background says ``KXOK -LP Enid / Live From Magoo`s / 120 E. Broadway``. We`d never heard of it but the place asserts to provide News Papers [sic], Magazines, Stationary [sic], Baseball Cards, Coffee, etc.... This is right next to the entrance to the Broadway Tower, 114 E. Broadway, atop which the KXOK transmitter and antenna are found. Music accompanying this fascinating picture is, what else, The Rocket, KUAL-LP 104.7. Oh, oh, at recheck 0145 UT Nov 20, both signals are off, air 32 and cable 18. The website http://www.kxok.tv featuring long outdated August primary elexion survey lasted thru most of DGS` tenure; now that he`s gone, DGS and a link to his own website appears. Oh oh oh, final check at 1850 UT Nov 20 finds DGS is back, at least part of the time; BTW, after a couple of weeks with no legal IDs, KXOK-LP added a permanent ID bug at the lower left when DGS is on (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) What do I see when I tune into [cable] channel 18? Stuffed animals looking at me depressed on a table full of junk with signs reading 'Magoo's' with phone numbers and KXOK-LP covering them everywhere. Has that Crater-Face Theologian Dr. Gene Scott been taken off? That was horrible TV but this...this is worse. I don`t know how that is possible but those fine programmers at TV32 really try to top themselves. Listening to the 'Rocket' while looking at this fine array of 'not-quite-junk-auction-stuff' really gives good reason to debate suicide! Talk about nightmare fuel. Enid TV is sooo depressing. TV32 is now the Magoo Channel, 'ALL MAGOO, ALL THE TIME!' Some more programming for the public of Enid I guess? What genius devised this idea? I got sick of seeing that ugly old religious guy all the time, always in the same shot, but now I am starting to long for something that resembles a show. You know, actual moving cameras, not static, music a la soundtrack, actors and personalities, and possibly plots would be nice. Ignore local TV! Boycott it since it fails to uphold community standards. ALL MAGOO, ALL THE TIME! *snicker* *snicker* (Glen the Man [NOT gh], Nov 17, Enid Alternative yahoogroup via DXLD) It went from MTV2 to the Auction to a half-way decent TV station when it wasn't America One (being more than semi-biased, I preferred the local stuff to America One) to the Auction to the Gene Scott Channel and now back to the Auction. I think it will probably remain an Auction channel for awhile. I have heard so many different things about the future of KXOK from various different people that I don't know what is the truth anymore except what I experienced, and what I now see. Only time will tell (- Wappy, ibid.) It is not so much a matter of turning the channel simply because one does not like it, it a matter of local importance that these channels improve for the betterment of all. KXOK has failed to pull through and make itself an actual TV station. Now it is MagooTV...or a cheaper auction than before. It even makes Bid 'N Buy look good! At least they have bid screens and a lot of stuff to sell. The Magoo/Rocket auction does not. It looks to me like a scam, an attempt to fund someone's lifestyle and debts, not a useful and beneficial service for the community. I might be a cynic but I think it is right. You know it`s bad when even the Dr. Gene Scott satellite channel looks more interesting than the table full of junk that passes for items to sell. 18 is an embarrassment to Enid (Glen the Man, Nov 19, ibid.) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Nov. 17: Recent changes in Oklahoma radio: greetings; well, it seems when it rains it pours. WKY has accepted an offer from the Citadel group for WKY 930 AM, legendary station which has been choking with lame programming from the lamer Clear Channel outfit. Also KMMZ 96.9 FN out of Enid was soft oldies, now evidently being LMA`d by same Citadel group and playing country Christmas songs. From now The Bull formerly K-bull but 104.9 is still playing the over repetitive (pardon the expression) same old bull*&%$. From what I hear the AM dial will be full of sports from 1000 AM and 1210 AM [moving in from Guymon] will go news when the lame outfit shuts down 1220 AM from Midwest City and covers news on 1210 AM. WKY deserves the legendary status that it has in this community and I hope that these outfits from foreign lands, Las Vegas, knows how to bring this sleeping giant back. And speaking of giants, KOMA AM 1520 is rumored to go all news/talk after the first of the year; as long as it is credible and not bring in a lot of lame hosts from the Clear Channel outfit and even sorrier spin doctors, they should do better than KTOK. Thanks for your time as always (Bill Eckart, OK, http://www.geocities.com/billeckart Nov 14, DX LISTENING DIGEST) CITADEL LMAS 96.9, FLIPS TO CHRISTMAS TUNES Champlin Broadcasting [Enid], owner of KMMZ 96.9 (Memories 96.9), has entered into a Local Marketing Agreement with Citadel Broadcasting. Citadel has flipped the Soft AC/Oldies format to All-Christmas music under moniker of "The Bull's Country Christmas." Citadel also owns KQBL (K-Bull 104-9). Permanent plans for the station remain uncertain. (OKCityRadio.com Nov 14 via DXLD) Yes, `Country Xmas` Nov 17 afternoon |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Nov. 14: Wow, what will they do with this frequency, get rid of the boring syndicated programming? http://www.newsok.com/cgi-bin/show_article?ID=945619&pic=none&TP=getbusiness WKY RADIO OFFER ACCEPTED --- 2002-11-12 An offer by Citadel Broadcasting to purchase Oklahoma City radio station WKY-AM has been accepted by OPUBCO Communications Inc., officials said Monday. The transaction, which requires FCC approval, is expected to close by the end of December. WKY is currently operated under a Local Marketing Agreement 2003. WKY is reported to be the first radio station west of the Mississippi to hold an FCC license and has been continuously owned by OPUBCO or its related entities since 1928 (via Bill Eckart, OK, DXLD) The LMA meaning Clear Channel/KTOK et al. has been running it (gh) TYLER TO MOVE 99.7 KTSH TO OKC --- KTSH-FM 99.7 Tishomingo OK has applied to move to Tuttle OK, in the Oklahoma City market (SOURCE: 100000watts.com via OKCRadio.com news via DXLD) We saw this coming long ago; to the detriment of KNID-99.7, Enid, transmitter site actually near Helena halfway to Alva. I`ll bet we get QRM to our own `local` here in Enid, unless KTSH be direxional away (gh, OK, DXLD) KOMA-1520 appears to be on day facilities. Blowing WLAC out of the water here 18 miles from the WLAC towers (but in the KGA null). KOMA isn't rare here but it's MUCH louder than normal and probably easy copy much further northeast. (Doug Smith, Nashville, 0722 UT Nov 12, NRC-AM via DXLD) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Nov. 7: OKLAHOMA [non]. PUBLIC RADIO TO DEDICATE SITE Web posted Wednesday, November 6, 2002 4:09 a.m. CT PERRYTON - High Plains Public Radio will conduct a dedication ceremony of its KTOT Transmitter site outside Perryton on Saturday, according to a news release. Those interested can visit the transmitter site on Ochiltree County Road 3 from noon to 3 p.m. Staff from High Plains Public Radio will be there to give a tour and to answer questions. An informal social will be from 3-5:30 p.m. at the Museum of the Plains, 1200 N. Main St. in Perryton, with a live on-air dedication ceremony at 3:30 p.m. The Top O' Texas Public Radio Project received authorization from the Federal Communications Commission to build the 1,000-foot tower southwest of Perryton earlier this year. Thanks to the new transmitter, High Plains Public Radio, based in Garden City, Kan., now reaches people in Carson, Gray, Hansford, Hemphill, Hutchinson, Lipscomb, Roberts and Ochiltree counties. [not to mention several OK counties!] To get to the transmitter site from Perryton, go south on Highway 70 to Farm-to-Market Road 281, make a right and go 13 miles west. Go south on County Road 3 for 1 miles. Park on the side of the county road and walk to the tower. The directions are the same from Pampa, except that visitors need to go north on Highway 70 and turn left on FM 281, which is still west. For more information, call High Plains Public Radio at (800) 678-7444. (Amarillo Globe-News via Artie Bigley, DXLD) WTFK?! 89.5 ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Oct. 31: I think Dr. Scott must hold the worldwide all-time record for time spent in front of the camera on live tv. "Supposedly" Hugh Downs holds this record but I seriously doubt it (Jeff Kadet, IL, DX LISTENING DIGEST) LOCAL TV STATION IN FLUX By: Robert Barron, Staff Writer, October 29, 2002 Enid's TV 32 is in transition now, but general manager Rex Faulkner optimistically expects the station to be back next year after new equipment is installed and new programming begun. Currently, the station is broadcasting Stanford professor Gene Scott virtually full time. Faulkner said the reason for that broadcast is because a network feed to the station is experiencing technical problems with its satellite. "We have some new equipment coming in, new insertion equipment and some new programming," he said. Among the new programming, he said, are shows such as "We, the Jury," a court-type program; "Chevy Sportsman," an animal rescue show; and "State Police," a real-crime program. The new programming will begin within the next 30 to 45 days, he said. TV 32 has been on the air about eight years, and Faulkner has been involved since November 2001. "We need local programming, things you can't get on Oklahoma City channels, to set us apart," he said. Faulkner suggested broadcasting local sports, showcasing area ball games and allowing various businesses a different alternative to promoting their businesses. The station has scaled back to four employees, and Faulkner said the station is ready to "turn the corner profitwise." "We're surviving," he said. New digital equipment is being checked out, which would provide better quality, larger reception area, better pictures and stereo, Faulkner said. "We're not doing local news broadcasts now, but after the first of the year we hope to start again," he said. With the installation of new automated equipment, the station will be able to run more efficiently and with fewer employees, he said. TV 32 formerly broadcast from an old retail store on west Garriott before moving to Oakwood Mall (Enid News & Eagle via DXLD) DGS is not a `Stanford University Professor` -- he merely got his Ph.D. from there years ago, or so he says (gh, DXLD) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Oct. 29: While I'm inclined to think that all but the fact that Scott's programming has replaced whatever preceded him on KXOK-32 is off topic, I'll join the forum pollution briefly and state that while my personal belief is that Scott is a crackpot of the first magnitude, I also respect him for being honest. Years ago, when he was carried locally in Nashville, someone called to ask him what he did with all the money he got. His response was something to the effect that it was none of their damned biz WHAT he did with the money. Once they sent it, he could use it as he saw fit. He added that he might buy a new TV transmitter someplace, or he might use it for a Caribbean vacation, or maybe buy a new car or race horse. Hey...he was honest! That's more than I can say for most TV (so-called) evangelists. Oh...and in case you were wondering...the answer is NO. I didn't send him any money. BTW...I always thought his in-depth stuff about pyramids was pretty wild! LOL! (Tom Bryant / Nashville, TN, WTFDA via DXLD) Dr. Scott has had bouts of heart disease and cancer over the past few years. The good Doctor's age is creeping up on him. Those are age spots you see on his face. Much as the good Doctor is not so "on-the- square" when it comes to his finances, I actually like him. I would never donate to his ministry, but he is quite the entertainer...bar none. I used to have the biggest kick out of his twenty-four hour beg- a-thons called "The Festival of Faith" and the "Voice Of Faith". They were played one after another on WHCT/18 in Hartford in the late 1970's. We used to have major "conventions" in the college dorm while we enjoyed the "local vegetation" (he, he, he......) and watching his shows on Friday nights. This guy was a hoot, especially when we were "#&*@$&*&#". Of course now, 20+ years later, we don't do that anymore! 73! (Peter Q. George, ibid.) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Oct. 22: The sad story of Enid`s only local TV station continues: KXOK-LP channel 32/cable 18, went off about a week ago, but from Oct 18 or so until early on Oct 22 there was `dark snow` on the channel and no audio carrier. It might have passed for DTV, but I couldn`t imagine KXOK testing that yet, under its circumstances. Now, first noted just after local midnight Tuesday, 0500 UT, it has a new inhabitant: Dr. Gene Scott! Yes, the cigar-puffing, send-me-money, insulting, anointed-by-God Bible expert holds forth ad nauseam, and yes, parallel to his several SW outlets, from the same satellite feed, such as WWCR 5935. Still going at 1445 and 2225 rechecks, so this is not merely overnight, but 24 hours. Could be a stopgap/stunt as ownership changes, or a nod to Enid`s endless thirst for wacky religionists on the air. Or for my benefit as one of his greatest fans?? By the way, he`s really aged since the last chance I had to see him -- white haired, really pallid, except for being heavily freckled(?). Then at 1844 playing a tape of his younger self when beard was partly gray, no freckles -- or made up? What`s he talking about? Are you kidding? I unmuted the TV only long enough to confirm \\ to shortwave, and I should have done that by lipreading. Tsk, no closed-captioning (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Oct. 19: KOKC, 1490, Guthrie, a long-silent station, bought from Fox Broadcasting for $150,000 by Jimmy Swaggart`s Baton Rouge LA organization. This is one of the outcomes of his paying less attention to FM translators and buying regular FM and AM Stations (Oct FMedia! via DXLD) KOKC AM 1490 SOLD TO SWAGGART'S CHURCH KOKC AM 1490 Guthrie has been sold to Family Worship Center Church based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Frances Swaggart is secretary/ treasurer of this church, according to the application. Since about July, the station has been carrying religious programming from Jimmy Swaggart's SonLife Radio Network http://www.jsm.org The new owners have requested new call letters KFAS replacing the current calls which have been in place since at least 1955. The seller is Fox Broadcasting of Norman, which owns sports/talker KREF AM 1400 (OKCRadio.com/News Oct 13 via DXLD) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Oct. 3: The other day on the way to the grocery store, we noticed that KLGB-LP 94.3, which has been on the air for months, unbeknownst to christiancommunitybroadcasting.com, had a new tower up, but still topped by their minuscule one-element vertical antenna. It finally made the local newspaper. All faiths??? Yeah, sure, as long as they are Christian, or even Protestant. Seven more frequencies for Enid? I don`t think so (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) NEWEST RADIO STATION OPEN TO ALL FAITHS by Scott Fitzgerald, staff writer [See http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=5564732&BRD=175&PAG=461&dept_id=414652&rfi=6 for the photo captioned below, which did not make it into print, unduly impressive shot up into the clouds] An 85-foot radio tower is steadied by an OG&E Electric Services hoist Tuesday afternoon at Covenant Life Worship Center, 1551 N. Van Buren. (Staff Photo by BRODY SCHMIDT) Like the efforts from many who helped get an 85-foot broadcast tower erected Tuesday, Covenant Life Worship Center wants to open its new radio station to all faiths. Pastor Thom Cunningham said he would like to see local church singers, pastors and preachers use Enid's newest access to commercial radio - KLGB-LP at 94.3 FM. The station's format is Christian and is broadcast 24 hours daily. "We're not interested in beating anyone up or getting up on the soapbox and thumping Bibles. We just want to bless people. We look forward to blessing the community," Cunningham said. The project has been in the works for approximately 18 months, shortly after Federal Communications Commission officials announced seven more frequencies had been added to Enid's radio band. "We were granted the first construction permit," said Cunningham, who received general radio operator certification about seven years ago after attending technical school in Tulsa. Funded through the congregation and individual donations, KLGB is operating under the government format for low-power stations that stipulates programming must be educational in format. The nonprofit station must be locally owned and operated. All labor and equipment to get the station operating has been given free-of-charge. OG&E Electric Services donated manpower Tuesday to hoist the steel tower constructed in Canada, Cunningham said. The broadcast span for the 100-watt station is 20 miles, although Cunningham received a telephone call from someone in Hennessey on Tuesday who reported faint reception. About 900 songs are currently programmed on software for continuous play, with public announcements broadcast every 15 minutes. Cunningham said he has sent letters to church pastors throughout Enid to state what KLGB's mission is and to invite their participation. Covenant Life Worship Center, a nondenominational church with a congregation that averages about 30 worshippers every Sunday, has been located at 1551 N. Van Buren since 1996 (©Enid News & Eagle 2002 October 2 via DXLD) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Sept. 23: The sad saga of Enid`s only local TV station continues: KXOK-LP channel 32 (Cox cable 18), peaked in early August when it sponsored a 2-hour debate among the then seven primary gubernatorial candidates. We were in the audience at Oakwood Mall just outside the studios. Since this was at 7 pm, the 6:30 news was cancelled, as no doubt there would not have been time to set up the cameras, etc. But the local newscast did not come back the next day; the anchor, Tim Bradfield (who is really a weatherman), proceeded to go on vacation, and for a couple of weeks it was done by a substitute, who gave his name every few minutes, and which we promptly forgot. After a few more sporadic appearances, the news seemed gone for good. Then an auction was revived for a few nights in prime time, allegedly as a `benefit` for KUAL-LP 104.7, and/or to pay off (ex)staffers who had been waiting on their salary, causing a lot of bad feelings. It soon became clear that just about everybody who worked for KXOK had quit; and we noticed that the office cubicles which had been visible from outside the door, had all disappeared. Subsequently, it appeared there was little or nothing left of KXOK`s facility in the mall. By mid-September all we saw would be America One network feeds; then the constant advertising crawler at bottom of screen disappeared. Then the video disappeared! Black screen for days at a time, but network audio was still there. Came back for less than a day. Then as of Sept 23 the same incredible situation (both on air 32 and cable 18), black video, and network audio. We hear that the station is in big trouble (surprise), as the owner (or purchaser?) Rex Faulkner is in a divorce and his assets have been frozen. Why don`t they just turn it off? Somebody appears to be messing with KXOK output, perhaps to decrease its book value (if any). Meanwhile, Bradfield has become a DJ on KUAL The Rocket, which is sounding more and more commercial with `sponsors` of programming. Altho there has been a lot of personnel crossover, the two stations are not legally related, as far as we know. Stay tuned... (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) {all the items above were not added to OBN #8 until December 27, 2002!] ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| August 31, added Sept 1: Following up previous report about KTTL 105.7 Alva missing: it was back on by Tuesday Aug 27 in time for a stupid local ballgame (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| August 25, added Sept 1: KTTL, 105.7, Alva, whose ownership transfer and consequent legality is questionable, was noted to be missing on Aug 24 around 2300 UT, even when passing thru Alva, and again at 1400 check from Enid the next day. Remains to be determined if ordered closed down, or off for some other reason, as has happened before. They have been running weekly ads in the Enid shopper, and attempt to invade the Enid advertising market. The current issue dated Aug 21 still carries the KTTL display ad which asserts: ``Total Hits 106 / KTTL 105.7 FM / We`re *Your* Home for Soft Rock with Less Talk / N Rangers / For the most complete coverage / Ride with the NW Rangers / On Northwest Oklahoma`s / Sports Leader, 105.7FM KTTL / Phone: 580-327-1430 FAX: 580-327-1433`` Alva area also has a gospel music translator on 91.5, an obstacle there to pulling in KOSU 91.7. The other OK 91.7 is KPSU at Panhandle State University in Goodwell; earlier, passing thru Guymon Aug 21 at 1656 UT we found open carrier on the frequency, 1659 KPSU ID and rock. I suspect they were not signing on until local noon, tho this could have been just a long period of dead air. Dead air was also to be heard on the Guymon 88.9 relay of KANZ-91.1 Garden City KS when checked at 1735 Aug 21. Instead of KTTL Alva, westward in the 5-state area on 105.7 we were hearing a non-ID as ``105.7, The Breeze``. (And back in Enid, we can again hear KROU, public radio from the University of Oklahoma!) Also, in Woodward, Aug 20 we noted that 1450 was silent, KSIW or whatever it was most recently called. This small town still has a surfeit of FM stations (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| August 20, added Sept 1: [and non]. Much as Eric's ideas on "communism" which I call "oligopoly" can be open to ridicule; however, I think there is considerable validity in what he writes. I recently toured a Clear Channel facility in Oklahoma City and an employee there told me how terrible the company is to work for --- especially compared to before when there was more of a "mom and pop" atmosphere. I think this is what Eric is getting at, although obliquely. I like to make reckless assertions myself! My days of being a Ph.D. student defending my dissertation are long past. I think we should all enjoy the luxury of making ill-thought-out and even foolish statements without being ridiculed. If everything we stated had to be documented and scrutinized it would have a chilling effect on discussion, whether on the WTFDA list or its more gossipy counterpart. One point both Tom and Eric made that I think is incorrect is that mom and pop type owners are doing very well, thank you. I disagree. I know these owners are struggling, as the conglomerates are putting pressures on agencies to buy only their stations. I recall an article in, I believe, Broadcasting and Cable, pointing out a Las Vegas station (I forget which one) was independently owned and the operator was struggling to get ads in the face of intense competition from all the group owners and their ability to "warehouse" spots. Later, I read that he sold the station. Deregulation is promoted as an "efficiency" thing, and probably the cost per spot when you buy ads on a bunch of local stations is lower, as opposed to buying ads on an independently- owned station. An exception I know of --- Jerry Lee's WBEB 101.1 Philadelphia was a longtime holdout, and is still considered invincible in terms of ratings and revenues. Maybe they do it because of hiring local talent! (Brucey Elving, WTFDA via DXLD) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| August 17, added Sept 1: [and non]. Re: ``If there is a KUAL-LP in Enid on 104.7, how can there be another KUAL in Baxter, Minnesota? As detailed here: http://www.mwpersons.com/Stations/WJJY/index.html (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)`` --- Because of the suffix. The Enid station looks to be the primary call sign holder, but I guess all low power stations have to take the LP suffix? The Minnesota station (a 25 kW Class C3 station) took the FM suffix because it got the calls in Jan. 2002. The Enid low power station got its calls in 2001. Also, the Minnesota station would have had to have gotten permission to get the KUAL calls either from KUAL-LP (if it is the primary call sign holder) or the real primary call sign holder (maybe an AM station or Coast Guard ship that has since changed calls). Sounds confusing, doesn't it? (OKCityRadio.com Aug 16, DX LISTENING DIGEST) Let`s catch up on some other OK news from http://www.okcityradio.com - -- there is a lot more there, much of it concerning FM format changes, DJ stunts, etc. Nothing seen about 1210 Guymon moving to Tulsa instead of OKC (gh) July 28, 2002 Update: KOKC AM 1490 Returns To The Air KOKC AM 1490 Guthrie has returned to the air. On Sunday, July 28, the station was carrying syndicated religious programming from Jimmy Swaggart's SonLife Radio Network http://www.jsm.org The station had Special Temporary Authority to stay silent because of financial reasons. That extension was to end August 4. June 22, 2002 Update: KOMA AM Announces Bill O'Reilly on komanews.com KOMA- AM 1520 has added TV/radio talk show host Bill O'Reilly, the station's new site http://www.komanews.com confirms. The station simulcasts oldies KOMA-FM 92.5 the rest of the time. These developments add fuel to rumors that KOMA- AM will flip to news/talk in the future. The above logo is now at komanews.com. June 19, 2002 Update: KEBC-KTLV Swap Approved By FCC Clear Channel's trade of KEBC-AM 1340 (time-brokered Spanish/Urban) for First Choice Broadcasting's KTLV-AM 1220 (Religous) has been approved by the FCC. Presumably after the public comment period, each company would assume control of its new facility. As reported in OKCityRadio.com earlier (see Clear Channel, KTLV Make AM Swap To Make Room For The New 1210 AM), KTLV will cease operations. June 18, 2002 Update: KOMA AM Adds CBS News To Top Of The Hour KOMA-AM 1520 has added CBS News to the top of the hour. The station simulcasts oldies KOMA-FM 92.5 the rest of the time. However, 100000watts.com is reporting that KOMA-AM has added TV/radio talk show host Bill O'Reilly. This has not been confirmed. In March, the station registered komanews.com. These developments add fuel to rumors that KOMA-AM will flip to news/talk in the future. May 31, 2002 Update: Clear Channel, KTLV Make AM Swap To Make Room For The New 1210 AM It appears KGYN-AM 1210 from Guymon will get FCC approval to move to Oklahoma City. Future owner Clear Channel Radio (currently LMAing the station) is making sure it makes the trek and is able to boost its power to 50kw. Clear Channel is swapping KEBC-AM 1340 (time-brokered Spanish/Urban) for First Choice Broadcasting's KTLV-AM 1220 (Religious). Once the transfer goes through, KTLV will cease operations. So when will the ball begin rolling? "This is a matter that will be determined by the FCC and Clear Channel," KTLV owner Dale Williams told OKCityRadio.com. " I have no timeline on when this will occur." There is no word if the current time- brokered programming on KEBC will land somewhere else. It is Radio Caliente (Spanish) during the day and simulcasts KVSP-AM 1140's "Power Jammin' Network" (Urban) at night. Despite objections from groups in Texas, the move is rolling through the FCC red tape. The new 1210 AM, rumored to become the new KTOK, will have a very directional pattern with 10 kw at night. The new KGYN will be co-located with KTOK-AM 1000 in Moore. There is also a message board, whence, e.g.: Anyone notice the Tulsa Ratings? I found out the effect of KFAQ's news/talk format change - they dropped from a strong 6.0 to a 3.7 in this months book, good for 11th place. I think this is the first time I have seen 1170 out of the Tulsa Top 10 in YEARS. Who was really helped by KVOO's format change? KRMG gained .9 points, and KVOO-FM gained .3 points. BTW Tulsa is ripe for a Classic Country FM ala OKC's KKNG (Billy G., 8/5/02 5:03 p.m., OKCityRadio.com via DXLD) KOMA-FM 92.5 Oklahoma City correctly plays oldies in true stereo, or mono as the records might have been produced. I enjoyed hearing ``Oklahoma!`` on the station as we drove into town last month. While on my trek south last month, I was on a tour of Clear Channel facilities in OKC. We were actually upstairs of the radio stations, visiting the farm network CC has taken over. Its main competition is the Brownfield Networks, but from OKC programs go out to stations in several states. It was a weekend and nobody was there. We didn`t tour the radio stations, but the tour host thought only one or two people might be in the building for the several station complex. Most of the stations were voice tracked or otherwise automated. CC is not the family company it once was. Early on, Lowry Mays would come by and meet each employee. Lately, however, memos from the company have become impersonal, and many employees let go. Morale is said to be low. This was contrasted with a tour of Citadel stations in OKC, where live jocks were found, and voice tracking used sparingly. ``Wild 97.9,`` KKWD Edmond-OKC, was pointed out as being especially live (Bruce Elving, Aug FMedia! via DXLD) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| August 15, added Sept 1: I just visited the KOMA web site and it's all decked out as "News-Talk 1520". Anybody in Oklahoma know what's going on??? Heavens to Murgatroyd!!! (Bill Hale in Fort Worth, Aug 14, NRC-AM via DXLD) I was just there for WTFDA, and here's the deal: KOMA has two sites. http://www.komaradio.com is the official one; you visited http://www.komanews.com, which exists but isn't the one they tell the public about. KOMA(AM) is a decidedly weird station at the moment. Most of the time, it simulcasts the oldies on KOMA-FM 92.5... except: -between midnight and 5 AM, it's leased-time religion -they carry Bill O'Reilly in the afternoon, and... -they break from the FM simulcast at the top of the hour for 5 minutes of CBS News. It's not handled very smoothly; they don't backtime the songs on the FM to end at 59:50, so they just fade 'em down mid-verse, pot up the AM ID, run the news and a weather forecast, and then rejoin the FM again mid-song. I suspect the existence of the komanews.com site is a harbinger of things to come at 1520, but they haven't fully come yet... -s (Scott Fybush, NY, ibid.) I'm not sure which site I was at, now that two sites are brought up. I got there through All-Access. Since KOMA is not heard here in the daytime, except for some cooler wintertime reception, and very poorly at night, I haven't heard anything but Oldies and REL out of them. Didn't know about the Bill O'Reilly show being on there. I don't think they are REL all night, just from 2230-0100 local or something like that. As have heard OLD between 0400-0600. I usually try to catch 1/2 hour of their morning show on the way to work, as it's locally-produced (and very loosely produced, I might add) and kind of a throwback to olden times. Pleasant to listen to, though (Bill Hale in Fort Worth, ibid.) With Danny Williams (gh) Hi, Morris, Scott and All, Unfortunately, this change appears to have been several months in the making. Two things happened on the air in close proximity: They dropped their specialty shows, (The Wax Museum and the KOMA Kountdown.) Those were the programs that really made KOMA stand out from all of the rest. And they began to carry CBS News on the top of each (non-paid) hour. They also dropped most of the personality elements of their oldies format, and much of the identifiable sound of KOMA: the occasional older jingle, the diversity of the playlist which at least gave the listener an occasional treat. The changes began in earnest right around Memorial Day. When I heard that CBS news at the top of the hour, I figured it would just be a matter of time, to bring back an oldies phrase, before the other shoe would drop. I'll probably listen to KOMA about as often as I listen to 1170 in Tulsa now: rarely, if ever. In other words, they might as well go away, because now they're just as bland as all of the other stations on the dial. The consultants and bean counters have won another round. And listeners have lost something special (Rick Lewis, AZ, ibid.) It's in all the trades. The AM went News/Talk while the FM continues to be oldies (David Gleason, CA, Aug 14, NRC-AM via DXLD) ``Great oldies, all the time, at the touch of a button``. And so it was for the better part of the hour I listened. The trades must be wrong (KOMA 1520, 0207 UT Aug 16 via Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| August 13, added Sept 1: OKLAHOMA [and non]. If there is a KUAL-LP in Enid on 104.7, how can there be another KUAL in Baxter, Minnesota? As detailed here: http://www.mwpersons.com/Stations/WJJY/index.html (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| August 9, added Sept 1: [+non]. KGYN Guymon OK, heard under WPHT with C&W and ID at 0043 EDT. I think they must be on their ND day pattern. My first logging on 1210 other than WPHT! (Barry McLarnon, somewhere in Canada, Aug 8, NRC-AM via DXLD) For years and years I couldn`t hear `em and now I can`t get rid of `em. Did they change patterns? (Richard Dale, Collins, MO, DX398, Drake R8A, horizontal Slinky, ibid.) Three stations have been nighttime regulars here (Fort Worth) for the past couple of months which have NO business being heard with such regularity: 880 KRVN 1030 KCTA 1210 KGYN as their nighttime patterns and /or power should not favor this area. At first I was tickled to hear KRVN and KGYN, but then they were in every night. 880 and 1210 are well west of me and their nighttime patterns are 'all-westbound'. 1030's nighttime pattern shoots 113 Watts this way from 340 miles. I suppose it's possible, but 1030 is so messed up here. KGYN has an APP before the FCC to move about 250 miles east to a Tulsa suburb with what looks like U7 50000/10000, Critical Hours 50000 protecting San Antonio to the south and of course, Philly to the east. We'll see how that plays in DC! My 2/5 of a nickel's worth. 73, (Bill Hale, ibid.) BBCWS has a new relay in Enid, OK – and I`ll bet they don`t know about it in London. KUAL-LP, 104.7, has been running the first few minutes of the 1200 UT news (probably off internet feed) an hour later at 1300 during their local morning show, at least on weekdays, first noted July 29 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| August 1, but added to OBN Sept. 1: In the OBN, you mentioned that KOMA doesn't appear to have any news talk programming. They run Bill O'Reilly weekdays from 1-3 p.m. It appears they may gradually become a talker. You have a great site! Keep up the good work! (OKCityRadio.com July 30, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| June 26, but added to OBN July 27: KOMA News Talk: http://komanews.com/ (via Artie Bigley, June 25, DXLD) Not much there, but would have us believe 1520 is News Talk, CBS News, rather than Oldies, format change coming?? Or is this an old, forgotten site? While the current site says Oldies, nothing about talk: http://www.komaradio.com/2000/ Then I checked 1520 at 0020 UT June 26, and sure enough it`s still oldies, not newstalk, but at 0030, like a ghost out of hell, a hoarse heterodyne started talking ``From Walterboro, South Carolina.....`` [q.v.] Must be an image from SW on the bathroom Panasonic RF-569D AM/FM radio. Subsequent spot checks show no change in oldies format (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| June 24, but added to OBN July 27: Superseding application to move KGYN 1210 Guymon to Oklahoma City is this: application to move city of license to Tulsa, OK, for this 50000/10000 U4 facility (FCC via Buffalo K. Foonman and his imaginary friend Jerry Starr, AM Switch, NRC DX News June 24 via DXLD) So much for news-talk KTOK OKC getting on that transmitter. However, the further east the better, still nulling toward Philadelphia. This way they could cover both Tulsa and OKC -- and Enid without ``forgetting`` to go to night pattern (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| June 17: Travelling US 60 to and from Bartlesville for the OK Mozart Festival, we made a point of tuning to 90.7 as we approached Tonkawa, home of Northern Oklahoma College and KAYE, a low power student station we normally can`t get in Enid, home of NOC`s broadcast-less branch campus. Tuesday June 11 at 1506 UT, we were startled to hear *commercials* -- these were blatant, same as one might hear on a real commercial station, no pretense at `underwriting`. Two of them in a row, for two Ponca City restaurants, Cafe Grind, and Simple Simon`s Pizza. Just to be positive, we kept listening as long as the signal would hold up, and heard a definite ID at 1515, mentioning 90.7 and a jingle including `RR` in code --- who do they think they are, Reloj Nacional??? At 1535 there were some PSAs during another break in the music, but no ads. As we progressed some miles east of Ponca City, the co-channel Wichita began to take over the frequency. On the way back two days later, Thursday June 13, we made a point of tuning in at the same time during another hour, 2306 UT, and after an Army National Guard PSA, there came the commercials, this time the Daily Grind Coffee Shop again, at 202 E. Grant in Ponca, then at 2307 for the Tonkawa News, which supports NOC sports, etc., but still the wording made it a commercial; immediately followed by a KAYE ID. We made a brief sidetrip off US 60 thru Tonkawa for a closer look at this illegal operation. Altho there were no exterior signs, the station is obviously in what was probably the original NOC campus building, an old red brick structure at the center of the circle drive at the main campus entrance. A 3-bay FM antenna could be seen atop it matching coordinates, listed by 100000watts.com as 66 feet, 1.2 kW. At least DXers may be interested to know that this one remains on the air in the summer, so far. The campus has a number of more modern buildings surrounding it, a nice variety of blooming flowers, and an interesting `peace symbol` sculpture, topped by an Egyptian ankh, which the enstoned legend claims is an early version of the Christian cross! Nearby, we got a whiff of pot although hardly any humans were to be seen on the campus during summer doldrums. You could listen to this commercial non-commercial station for yourself, since the NOC website has links all over it to ``listen free – now playing – Z91 FM`` to KAYE with Windows Media Player at http://www.north-ok.edu/temp/Z91.asx ---- but strangely enough, it was not working June 14, altho the title came up on the player: ``Z-91 Means Today`s Best Music``. I`ll bet KAYE even has a sales staff --- how else would time get sold on the station? Being far below 92 MHz is no obstacle for them. Do Ponca City`s *real* commercial stations care? Evidently not; they also face competition from the quasi-commercial full power gospel huxter KLVV-88.7, and perhaps have come to expect it. Should the KAYE webcast revive, be sure to listen at 6 past any hour for the commercials, and marvel at NOC and KAYE`s audacity --- ignorance --- or recklessness. The real question is: why doesn`t the FCC know, why haven`t they fined the station or revoked the license? (Glenn Hauser, Enid, OKLAHOMA BROADCASTING NEWS, DX LISTENING DIGEST) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| June 7: I believe Tony is right - that he has in fact heard USA UHF TV carriers. I have long felt something like this was possible, but didn't think anyone was trying. I'm glad to be proven wrong. Amateurs have been bouncing UHF signals off the moon since 1964. A typical amateur moonbounce (a.k.a. EME, "Earth-Moon-Earth") station uses the USA maximum legal power of 1.5kw transmitter output and an antenna gain on the order of 23 dB for an effective radiated power of about 300 kW. This is about 13 dB below the ERP of KWBT [Muskogee/Tulsa OK]. However, the amateur station concentrates its power in a bandwidth of a few dozen Hertz. (most amateur EME communications uses Morse Code. A few larger stations have used single-sideband AM, a bandwidth of about 2 kHz.) KWBT spreads its 5000 kW through a bandwidth of about 4200 kHz. Admittedly, much of that power is concentrated in areas near the carrier, which is also the frequency Tony was checking. Tony's antenna is on the lower end of what amateurs would use for EME communications. However, amateurs *have* succeeded in working off the moon with single Yagis. (incidentally, I'm told that if you carry a 3-watt hand-held radio to the focal point of the Arecibo radio-telescope, and tap the push-to- talk button, when you let go you can hear the reflection of your signal after it bounces off the moon... I'll bet a TV w/rabbit ears placed at that focal point might actually deliver a picture...) I don't know anything about the correlation of Doppler shift to transmitter location - the figures certainly do seem to point towards the channel 19 station being KWBT. A frequency drift of 1.6 Hz/minute at WSBT certainly seems within the realm of possibility. (in fact I'm somewhat concerned that the KWBT signal seems to have little or no transmitter drift - though having no idea what kind of equipment the station is using for frequency control it may not be unreasonable.) I suppose the only way to be *sure* of what stations Tony had would be for someone here in the States, within the local coverage area of the transmitter, to take running precise frequency measurements *while* Tony is doing the same with the moon-reflected signal. If any locally- measured drift, added to the predictable Doppler shift from the movement of Earth and Moon, matches Tony's measurements then you could reasonably claim a specific station. I suppose increasing antenna gain would allow use of a wider bandwidth, which in turn would increase the time over which the drift could be monitored. If some method could be devised for tuning the receiver in synchronization with the Doppler shift, while still measuring the exact frequency, any transmitter drift could be measured over an even longer period. A check of TV channel frequency tables indicates the two frequencies Tony monitored are not used for TV carriers in Australia, China, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, or anywhere else in the immediate vicinity. (not that any other country is really *close* to Perth!) The frequencies are valid channels in South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, and the various U.S. possessions in the Pacific. I am however not aware of any stations of significant power on channels 16 or 19 in any of the U.S. possessions. That leaves the questions to be: 1. Are channels 16 and 19 used in Korea, Japan, or the Philippines by stations of modest or high power? 2. Is there any reasonable way to explain propagation from any of these countries? I suspect the physics would prove there is no answer to question #2. I strongly suspect Mr. Mann has in fact received American TV signals. If you count a 48.250 video carrier as DX based on exact frequency and fadein/fadeout times, then you definitely need to count this as DX. I don't think there's enough information to definitely claim it as loggings of WNDU and KWBT, but those more familiar with the physics than myself may well disagree. If you don't count it, you still have to consider it's a VERY interesting - and VERY valuable - scientific experiment. I think congratulations are in order. -- (Doug Smith W9WI, Pleasant View (Nashville), TN EM66 http://www.w9wi.com WTFDA topica list via DXLD) I wonder if there be too much reliance on the geometry of the path, and that numerous other USA ch 19 stations would be almost equally possible? (gh, DXLD) EME ham DXers swap QSL cards when they can hear a faint CW signal. Since 50, 144, 432 MHz ham EME is generally accepted as DX, weak TV video carriers should also be classed as DX. I think this is may be the first serious attempt at USA UHF TV via EME. This is indeed extreme long path DX, the round trip being ~ 480,000 miles! Tony has proved that EME TVDX is possible for most DXers who can use a typical wideband fringe type UHF TV yagi, low noise UHF GaAsfet pre- amp, SSB receiver, and PC with audio spectrum analyser program. The main reasons Tony has obtained excellent results, considering his relatively 'basic' receiver set up, is because of the high power 5 million watt video carrier, and very narrow (2 Hz) bandwidth obtained by using a audio spectrum analyser. As all weak signal tropospheric and EME hams are well aware; reducing the receiver bandwidth also increases the signal to noise ratio of weak signals. As myself and Tony recently discussed on the phone, audible heterodoynes may be possible with a 20 Hz audio bandpass filter. The sky and terrestrial noise level would need to be low enough. The other obvious technical 'tweaks' are reducing the UHF pre-amp noise figure to 1 dB, and higher antenna gain. Perhaps after Tony has scanned the entire UHF US TV band for relative signal strengths, and found the strongest tx, a dedicated single channel high gain yagi (1 MHz bandwidth) could be built. It would be interesting to see the maximum s/n ratio obtained. When I get a chance, I will upload an archive 1984 TELEVISION magazine article on the difficulties of receiving DXTV via EME. In those days, 18-22 dBd stacked arrays were suggested for detection of TV via EME. They were doing it tough, considering audio spectrum analyser (PC) based programs were not yet available. For most DXers, EME reception is probably beyond their technical abilities. It is no coincidence that most EME and VHF weak signal DXers or hams have experience in electronics or science. In Tony's case, he is a research physicist, and hence is working with test equipment on a regular basis. Tony suggests that other DXers should also try for UHF EME DX. Why UHF? Because antenna gain is easier to obtain above 500 MHz, and terrestrial and sky noise is much lower at UHF. Also, there are several UHF TV transmitters with powers between 1-5 million watts. Many Thanks to Doug Smith for his TV database web page. Tony used Doug's page for searching all US UHF TV, with tx powers above 1 million watts. Regards, (Todd Emslie, Sydney, Australia, WTFDA via DXLD) ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Fwd: Further EME update from Tony Mann Hi folks, Below is a summary of reception so far: date time (UTC) tx freq (MHz)* freq drift (Hz/min) 26 May 1021-1028 1 ? 483.250488 -2.5 # 26 May 1115-1122 2 501.248437 -1.5 27 May 1147-1206 2 501.248423 -1.4 28 May 1235-1258 2 501.248418 -1.3 29 May 1340-1352 2 501.248420 -1.3 30 May 1437-1444 3 483.251031 -1.1 31 May 1533-1540 3 483.251050 -1.3 * as measured at tx (i.e. rx corrected for Doppler) # Doppler for tx 1 is only -0.9 Hz/min 1. WNDU-16 South Bend, IN 41.6N, 86.2W 5000 kW Z H 2. KWBT-19 Muskogee, OK 35.8N, 95.8W 5000 kW Z H 3. WAPT-16 Jackson, MS 32.3N, 90.3W 4790 kW ZdH KWBT-19 did not show on the 30th or 31st, but WAPT-16 came in. WAPT-16 is my first reception from a directional tx. It has about 80% of full power at the bearing of the setting moon (240-244 degrees). Except for tx 1 all receptions have exhibited frequency drift in excellent agreement with prediction of the Doppler shift (by GM4JJJ's program). This experiment is now on hold, while I waterproof the preamp (winter is here) and wait for moonrise at a more convenient time. 73, (Tony Mann, Perth, via Todd Emslie, Sydney, WTFDA via DXLD) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| May 31: Enid`s only local TV station, KXOK-32 (Cox Cable 18), appears to have suffered a setback. The morning show vanished in early May, and in late May, the evening news at 6:30 vanished. During severe weather, however, some alerts appear on the screen, or part of the screen, mainly radar animations with extremely large pixels -- so large, it`s hard to make out what is being conveyed. Long before that, the 10 pm newscast vanished, so we are now left without any local live programming, just America 1 network most of the time. We finally paid a visit to the KXOK studios in Oakwood Mall May 30 when someone was there. Actually just a receptionist and a salesman in separate cubicles. Another woman came and went while we were there, constantly on her walkie-talkie. The receptionist informed us that Tim, the weather/newsman was still with the station, altho no longer on camera, mainly to take care of severe weather alerts when needed; at the moment he was in the hospital for something. Anita Maly, Scott Clark (part owner of ch 32), and news reporter Tina Slayton are all spending their time now instead at Clark`s LP radio station on 104.7, doing a morning show much like what was previously visible. This originates from a completely different location, the Broadway Tower downtown, a few metres from the 104.7 and ch 32 transmitters. We listened for a few minutes May 31, starting with ``Centerfold`` at 7:25 a.m. The standard ID slogan is now: ``Rock `n` Roll Hit Radio 104.7, The Rocket.`` Still used a ``Cool 104.7`` jingle too, alluding to the legal calls KUAL. Remax Premier Realtors is a proud sponsor of 104.7 at 8:01 am, and also heard a plug for some medical service, Oakwood Mall merchants, Rapid Wireless. Guess that means KUAL is operating commercially. Remax, BTW, is said to have a Parade of Homes on ch 32, Saturday 10-11 am, a project they were taping the previous days, so that would count as local origination, if not live. We were pleased to see NO SMOKING signs posted at each of the KXOK cubicles, and were informed that the mall now has a strict no-smoking policy throughout, not just in the commons areas, with a $500 fine to any business violating. This could also explain why Anita is no longer there as she has all the symptoms of a heavy smoker, and seemed none to pleased with an events calendar item about an anti-smoking rally on the square at noon Friday. There has been a not too amicable parting of the ways between KXOK-32 and one of its major clients, which may also account for the TV station`s setback. Bid `n` Buy auctioning is off, and an ad from Cox Cable in the newspaper says from June 3, cable channel 73 will be leased to Bid `n Buy (excuse me, no second apostrophe), M-F at 7 pm to 1 am, Sun 3 pm - 12 am. And Access TV, whatever that mean, will be on 73 at all other times, i.e. M-F 1 am to 7 pm, Sat 1 am to 3 pm Sun. All times here CDT, we hope? Channel 73 is currently unoccupied. How high can they go? Well, actually as of May 31 they are running a slide which says ``Coming Soon to Cox Communications in Enid, OK. Leased Access to Channel 73``. The priority at KXOK-TV is getting some sales going! Receptionist (a former auctioneer, BTW), urged us not to write them off yet; the production gear for resuming local news is still in place in one studio; they have a second unused `showcase` studio at the front so passersby inside the mall can see in; maybe one day it`ll be just like the Today Show on NBC... And would you believe that the weekly TV supplement in the News & Eagle is STILL running a half-page of the KXOK-TV schedule in EDT, and judging from the listings of Good Morning Enid with Anita, at ``8 am``, it has not been updated for months. But hey, it`s free, so why bother? The grid of cable channel conversions for all the little towns around Enid does not show KXOK-32 carried on any cable system but Enid. I must take the portable out in the country and see how far their on-air signal actually reach (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGST) Speaking of which... ** OKLAHOMA [and non]. Hi folks, I am pretty sure I have detected UHF TV carriers from the USA via moonbounce here in Australia. With my Yagi pointed at the moon, weak carriers with frequency drift (~ -1.5 Hz/minute) were noted on 26, 27 & 28 May: date time (UTC) freq (MHz)* freq drift predicted Doppler (Hz/min) 26th 1021-1028 483.250537 -2.5 -0.9 26th 1115-1122 501.248339 -1.5 -1.4 27th 1147-1206 501.248312 -1.4 -1.4 28th 1235-1258 501.248292 -1.26 -1.28 * at fade-out The timing is in excellent agreement with a moon scheduling program (such as GM4JJJ's) for moonset at the US TV tx sites of: 501.25 KWBT-19 Muskogee, OK 35.75N, 95.8W 483.25 WNDU-16 South Bend, IN 41.6N, 86.2W Both of these transmitters radiate 5000 kW ERP horizontal polarisation, with an omni-directional pattern and have no vertical beam tilt. Info on these stations may be found at the FCC TV database http://www.fcc.gov/mb/video/tvq.html#START On all 3 days the frequency drift of the 501.25 signal is in excellent agreement with the predicted rate of Doppler shift. The -2 Hz/minute drift of the 483.25 tx is about 1.6 Hz/min faster than prediction. Maybe the tx frequency itself is drifting, which is why I didn't find it after the first night. The signal-to-noise ratio was several dB, as can be seen from spectrum analyser scans, at http://www.physics.uwa.edu.au/~agm/eme1.JPG These scans were done every 40 seconds and the bandwidth (spectrum analyser bin width) is about 2 Hz. One could watch progress of signal in near real time: the signal on 501.25 on 27 & 28 May fluctuated by at least 7 dB (in/out) several times and was strongest a few minutes before fade-out. The antenna is a 22 director Yagi (in Australia, Jaycar's "91" element fringe antenna, model LT3182) with nominal 15 dB gain at 500 MHz. It was mounted (on a camera tripod) at 1.5 above ground level, with manual adjustment of the elevation and azimuth to track the moon. It was mostly elevated at about 22 degrees (optimum for 501.25, KWBT). The (1st) preamp is a 2 dB noise figure GaAs FET unit, with 20 dB gain, mounted at the antenna. It is a JIM model M-75, made in Japan (once sold in Australia by Dick Smith Electronics). Its bandwidth is 225-1500 MHz. The rx is an Icom R7000, in usb mode, plus PC (Mac) based audio spectrum analyser sampling the receiver's audio through the sound card. To measure frequency accurately I use harmonics (weak at UHF) of a frequency divider chain which provides combs every 10 kHz from a very stable 5 MHz crystal oscillator. The 5 MHz reference is a high performance Vectron ovenised quartz crystal (ca 1989 vintage), with a frequency drift of better than 0.001 ppm/day. A simple calculation of the signal-to-noise ratio [= PG/LkTB, where P = tx erp, G = rx ant gain, L = path loss (264 dB at 500 MHz), k = 1.4x10E-23, T = noise temp., B = bandwidth (Hz)] gives about 15 dB for a 3 Hz bandwidth and 300 K noise temp., which is in the right ballpark. There are many more UHF transmitters to investigate via EME. Here in Australia the task is made easier by the lack of TV allocations below 526 MHz. 73s (Tony Mann, Perth, Australia, 32S, 116E via Tim Bucknall, UK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) Fantastic! Believe I suggested the possibility of this in my POPTRONICS article sesquidecades ago (gh, DXLD) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| May 31: I noticed that KCSC-FM is running a 13-week spring- quarter series thru June, the Gewandhaus Orchestra, Leipzig, UT Weds 0000-0200, and have not run accoss it on any other station; in fact, it was not in the publicradiofan.com database! Announcement said it is from Deutsche Welle via the WFMT Fine Arts Network, but nothing found about it on the DW or WFMT sites either. So I asked Kevin Kelly at PRF to research it (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISENING DIGEST) Dear Mr. Yaozuh (hi), Knowing that WFMT is the distributor helped me track this one down. All programs currently distributed by WFMT over the Public Radio Satellite System have pages in the PRSS online catalog (good detailed resource, available only to stations for a while, but now open to the public again). Here's a link: http://www.prss.org/catalog/view_program.cfm?id=300150&dist=WFMT My searching hasn't turned up much station carriage for this series. KWAX [Eugene OR] has been running it UT Fridays 0200-0400, at least in May. See KWAX's web site for weekly listings. Non-webcasters KMFA Austin and WBNI Indiana are also running it. That's all I could find (Kevin Kelly, http://www.publicradiofan.com for DX LISTENING DIGEST) The series ended on KWAX May 18 with German Requiem, succeeded by Concertgebouw. Program listings in doc and pdf formats available from site above can be applied to the remainder of June on KCSCFM; OK, but nothing especially outstanding or unique. More stations have a chance to run the series with rights expiring March 21, 2003 (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| May 26: Interesting to compare the OKC TV stations in breaking the bridge-collapse story on I-40. It happened at 1248 UT, according to one of them later, 1230 per another, 1215 per yet another. It took more than *two hours* for KWTV-9 to run its first bulletin, blocking out the nature segment of CBS Sunday morning at 1455. (At least from the sound of the bulletin, it was their first report on it; can`t be positive, not having monitored earlier). KFOR-4 broke into Meet the Press around 1515. First bulletin we saw, but maybe there were earlier ones, on KOCO-5 was at 1545. Please, can`t we keep major news from breaking on Sunday mornings??? It`s *so* inconvenient for stations constantly hyping their news prowess. The Webbers Falls site is closer to Tulsa, not to mention Fort Smith. Wonder if they did any better. KWTV was first to get live pictures from the scene, via chopper toward the limit of its direct contact range with OKC, at 1620 UT. They stayed with the story continuously, unlike the other stations, but had nothing to dump except infomercials, until CBS golf at 1730, which was supposed to start at 1700. At 1635 KWTV got a phoner from a reporter with the CBS affiliate in Fort Smith, KFSM, but had a hell of a time getting its calls right, both audibly and graphically – like, KSFM, KSFN (I think). Hmmm, could the FS stand for Fort Smith, and necessarily be in that order??? By 1653, KFOR had a reporter on site, but audio/phone report only, but KOCO-5 beat them there at 1628, with video from the ground, showing us some *real* wreck footage interrupting putative wrecks at the Indy 500. KFOR stayed mostly with NBC/Infomercial programming, definitely in third place (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| May 25: KVOO "Voice of Oklahoma" is no more TULSA COUNTRY STATION SWITCHES TO TALK 2002-05-21, By Mel Bracht, The Oklahoman TULSA -- The sounds of country music have given way to talk on Tulsa's legendary clear channel KVOO 1170. Last week, the 50,000-watt station, which debuted in 1925, switched to a news-talk format and was renamed KFAQ by its owners, Journal Broadcast Group. Although radio ratings for country music are declining nationally, KVOO had shown listenership growth since it began emphasizing "classic country" two years ago, general manager Jay Werth said. "But it was in the older demographics that overall aren't as attractive to most marketers," Werth said. After reaching its peak about a sesquidecade ago, the popularity of country music has sagged in recent years. "The height of its popularity was in the '80s to early '90s with the class of Randy Travis and George Strait, with Garth Brooks shortly thereafter," Werth said. "It's fallen off a little bit since then, although we've begun to see a bit of a resurgence." When the format change was made, KVOO-AM ranked second out of four country stations and fifth overall in the Tulsa market. Werth said the format change prompted about 40 telephone calls and an editorial cartoon in the Tulsa World. "For a lot of people, this was a longtime companion," Werth said. "Its call letters stood for country music." Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, known as the architects of Western swing, performed live on KVOO from Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa. The station also had been marketed as the "voice of Oklahoma." In the evenings, it can be heard as far away as Arizona and Montana. The station carries Fox News Channel personality Bill O'Reilly's show, which recently launched on more than 200 stations, noon to 2 p.m. Other national personalities include Glenn Beck, 9 a.m. to noon; Michael Savage, 7 to 10 p.m.; and Laura Ingraham, 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. (via alt.radio.broadcasting May 23 via Mike Terry, UK, DXLD) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| May 18: KCCU TO BROADCAST OK MOZART INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL OK MOZART Festival Concerts Airing on KCCU With a later schedule and changed format, the 2001 Broadcast Series of OK MOZART Festival concerts will begin airing on June 2 at 5 pm [CDT = 2200 UT Sundays] on KCCU. The concerts are arranged in eight programs which will air every Sunday from June 2 through July 21. Many of the world`s greatest musicians travel to Bartlesville each summer to participate in the OK MOZART Festival along with artistic director and flutist Ransom Wilson and his Solisti New York Orchestra. In 2001 the lineup of artists included clarinetist David Shifrin, pianist Andre Watts, composer/satirist Peter Schickele, Jim Walker and Free Flight, bass-baritone Simon Estes, violinist Itzhak Perlman, violist Paul Neubauer, pianist Robin Sutherland, pianist Anne-Marie McDermott, violinist Ani Kavafian, violinist Nai-Yuan Hu, flutist Marina Piccinini and cellist Ronald Thomas. The eight radio programs are thematic this year rather than being composed of individual concerts. Also, the concerts were programmed to fit into eight, two-hour programs instead of the ten programs of past years. KCCU can be heard on 89.3 and 102.9 in Lawton; 88.7 in Wichita Falls; 89.3 in Duncan; 90.3 in Ardmore; 90.1 in Altus and on the internet at http://www.kccu.org The 2002 OK Mozart Festival will be held June 7 - 15. To find out more, visit their web page: http://www.okmozart.com/ (KCCU website May 17 via DXLD) And this page has a rundown of each concert`s content, much like previously in DXLD; `Flower Clock` was moved earlier, however: http://www.cameron.edu/admin/kccu/page/news.html#20 Meanwhile, KOSU advises that they are still awaiting the CDs and it`s unlikely OK Mozart 2001 will run there before the 2002 season begin in mid-June. KCSC, which already started UT April 14, Sundays 0200-0400, ran the same program two weeks in a row, #4, on May 5 and 12, so that throws off the schedule, which they tell me will now have to resume after the NY Philharmonic on June 2; but classical KCSC will not run OK Mozart #8, which is jazz (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) KCCU TO BROADCAST OKLAHOMA SUMMER ARTS INSTITUTE CONCERT KCCU will broadcast concerts from the 2001 Summer Arts Institute featuring classical music by Oklahoma students and faculty of the OSAI. The four concerts can be heard every Tuesday night at 9 (June 4, 11, 18, 25) [UT Wednesdays 0200]. The program will feature musical selections from last year’s concert presented by the Oklahoma Arts Institute (KCCU website May 17 via DXLD) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Following items were in DX LISTENING DIGEST immediately, but not rounded up for posting here until May 15! ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| May 15: Another progress(?) report on Enid`s only local on-air TV station, KXOK-32 (cable 18): Would you believe, months later, the program schedule in the weekly TV supplement to the Enid News & Eagle, is STILL in EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME??? And STILL imaginary? At least, GOOD MORNING ENID seems to have vanished; we rarely awaken in time for 7-7:30 am weekdays, but on May 15 it was gone, replaced by an infommercial. KXOK was not answering their phone at 9 a.m. Maybe no one needs to be there now early in the morning. We did spy their new studios in Oakwood Mall a few weeks ago, near the easternmost entrance across from JCP, and a few doors down from Radio Shack (which was about to move to the other end of the mall near the cinema for better traffic); it was after hours and the gate was down, but we could see signs of activity within. The M-F 6:30-7 pm news/weather has survived, but the 10-10:15 pm news also vanished some weeks ago. Meanwhile, in early May, the ch 45 relay in Enid of KSBI-52 OKC came back on air after an absence typically of several months, not of much use except as a DX target (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| May 15: KVOO-1170 is history; as of Wednesday morning, apparently starting at local midnight, I hear instead 1170 KFAQ -- Tulsa's Talk Radio, and this is the program schedule at http://www.1170kfaq.com --- Monday - Friday [CDT = UT -5] 5:00A - 6:00A Oklahoma Today 6:00A - 9:00A Scott Allen Miller 9:00A - Noon Glenn Beck Noon - 2:00P Bill O'Reilly 2:00P - 3:00P Jim Cramer 3:00P - 6:00P Michael DelGiorno 6:00P - 7:00P Rusty Humphries 7:00P - 10:00P Michael Savage 10:00P - 1:00A Laura Ingraham 1:00A - 3:00A Roy Masters 3:00A - 5:00A Best of Beck Saturday 5:00A - 7:00A Green Country Outdoors 7:00A - 9:00A Swingin' Country [talk about, and some MUSIC!!] 9:00A - 11:00A On The Garden Line 11:00A - 11:30A Week In Review 11:30A - Noon America This Week [Jim Bohannon] Noon - 3:00P Mitch Albom 3:00P - 6:00P Moneytalk w/Bob Brinker 6:00P - 9:00P Laura Ingraham 9:00P - Midnight Moneytalk w/Bob Brinker Midnight - 2:00A America On Watch 2:00A - 5:00A Jeff Rense Sunday 5:00A - 6:00A Rusty Humphries 6:00A - 11:00A Gospel Show [could this involve – yecch, MUSIC??] 11:00A - Noon First Baptist Church Noon - 3:00P Mark Davis 3:00P - 6:00P Moneytalk w/Bob Brinker 6:00P - 8:00P Laura Ingraham 8:00P - 10:00P Horsin' Around Show 10:00P - Midnight Swingin' Country Midnight - 5:00A Jeff Rense KFAQ FAQ!: 2. How do I contact my favorite host? Go to the Programming schedule and click the link to your favorite host's webpage. You should find an e-mail address on the page. 3. What if I want to mail a letter? Just send it to KFAQ, 4590 East 29th Street, Tulsa Oklahoma 74114. 4. When can I hear the news? KFAQ has news on the hour every hour, plus on the half hour as well from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. Plus, we break in whenever a major story is breaking. 5. When can I hear traffic reports? We have "Traffic and Weather Channel Weather on the 8's!" Listen for reports at :08, :18, :28, :38, :48 and :58 past each hour weekday mornings and afternoons. 6. When can I hear the weather? As we mentioned earlier, we have "Traffic and Weather on the 8's" mornings and afternoons. At other times, you'll hear the weather after the news and we'll break in whenever the weather turns severe. In addition to listening, you can also call the KFAQ Weatherline at 743-3311. 7. If you have any other questions contact us at info@KFAQ.com Yeah, I have a question; why isn`t there any live streaming on your website? This close, however, 1170 is audible day and night, Tamaulipans permitting. It was also time to dust off my AM stereo tuner, and hook it up, for KVOO-1170 used to be in CQUAM. So few groundwave stereo stations are left around here, that I first tuned around to see if I got a stereo pilot light anywhere else --- only at KFTI 1070 Wichita, which still does music, imagine that. Yes, KFAQ lights up, tho with one guy talking, or rather pontificating, there is no separation to hear (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| May 12: (Note: went to KVOO-AM's website at http://www.kvoo.com, simply said "Under Construction" and watch for KVOO-98.5 FM). From 5/10/02 online edition of Tulsa World newspaper: KVOO AM SWITCHES TO ALL-TALK FORMAT MICHAEL SMITH World Entertainment Writer, 05/10/2002 KVOO (1170 AM) is getting a D-I-V-O-R-C-E from its classic country roots in favor of an all- talk format beginning next week, changing its call letters to KFAQ and branding itself as "Tulsa's Talk Radio." The Journal Broadcast Group is marrying off the classic country fare to its KVOO (98.5 FM) sister station, mixing with current artists like Alan Jackson and Martina McBride to emerge as "Tulsa's True Country." The new KVOO creation kicked off Thursday night. KFAQ could begin broadcasting its new talk format as early as Wednesday, featuring syndicated programs with hosts including Bill O'Reilly and Michael Savage in addition to veteran local talk host Michael Del Giorno, station general manager Jay Werth said. "Every radio company evaluates all of the assets that they have in a market, and we really felt there was an opportunity for an alternative talk choice in Tulsa," Werth said. "And we don't have to lose KVOO, the call letters that stand for country," he added. "Our research ... has indicated that KVOO -- in this marketplace -- stands for and means country." Del Giorno, a former radio personality at both KRMG (740 AM) and KTBZ (1430 AM), will work the KFAQ afternoon drive time, 3-6 p.m. Monday-Friday, and serve as program director. For the 6-9 a.m. Monday-Friday shift, the station adds Scott Allen Miller, who moves from a Kansas City, Mo., talk station. A KVOO (1170 AM) show, "Legends of Bluegrass" with Dennis McAtee, will switch to the FM side. A Sunday morning gospel music show and "Green Country Outdoors" will stay on the AM side. The popular "Still Swingin,'" with hosts Billy Parker and John Wooley, will have a presence on both stations. KFAQ will continue to carry the University of Oklahoma football and basketball broadcasts, and Jenks High School football games will join the lineup. Weekday radio personalities for KVOO will include Kevin Clay and Heather Miles, 5:30-10 a.m.; Dick Loftin, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.; Bob Cooper, 3-7 p.m.; and Charlene Lewis, 7 p.m.-midnight. Copyright © 2002, World Publishing Co. All rights reserved. (via Robert Wien, May 10, IRCA via DXLD) Shawnee and Norman: Since I haven`t any DX to convey, let me report on some local observations while travelling this week, using motel cable, and portable RS 5" continuous-tuning TV for airchecks. We spent a night in Shawnee, and couldn`t help but notice that ``local`` KQOK-30 had a rather weak signal compared to e.g., KAUT-43 in OKC. So KQOK is either lower-powered than 5 MW or not really in Shawnee, or both. The next evening in Norman, KQOK was extremely strong, enough to put an image around ch. 15. And they have a prime(?) spot on Cox Cable OKC (Norman version), channel 5. We also discovered an LP on air, KDSA-LP NORMAN OKLA continuous ID across bottom of screen, on channel 11, with infomercial when first checked and later some religious network, Inspiration? with a peculiar bug lower-right. On Dave Pomeroy`s request, we looked for a channel 46 in Norman. No sign of anything there. We did have OKC area LPs detectable on 17, 20 (Sulphur? a bit far), 22, 38, 54, 58 or 59. FWIW, a few more observations on cable in Norman OK: ch 3 has something called the-n.com evidently a network especially for teen-agers! ch 4, THE WIRE, http://wire.ou.edu with rock music, ads, repeating computer graphic slide show, but with some nice art, ``Norman`s New Music -- ALTERNATIVE``, 325-WIRE may be called to ID a song heard. The Gaylord (ugh!) College of Journalism (sic) and Mass Communications apparently has something to do with this. Also one may write to news4n-@ou.edu I make records of cable lineups wherever I visit, but won`t bother with that here, except for a few notes. Local access can be found on 18, 20 and 22, the latter seemingly nothing but text. This system manages to go up to channel 78 (which has continuous color bars and COX COMMUNICATIONS OKLAHOMA CITY ID), including a number of programs missing from Cox in Enid; wonder why? Not that we are itching to watch SPEED or GOLF, but sure would like to have BRAVO on extended basic. No DX? Well, actually, some Es was doing some heavy CCI on KFOR-4 (from zero offset station), and on KOCO-5 (also from zero-offset station) for a few minutes around 0220 UT May 9. 73, (Glenn Hauser, back in Enid OK, WTFDA May 11 via DXLD) http://tiger.census.gov/cgi-bin/mapgen?lon=-97.3372&lat=35.28055&wid=0.5&ht=0.5&mark=-97.3372,35.28055,redpin,KQOK[30] (hopefully that all comes out on one line) It's a link to a map of KQOK's transmitter site. They have an application in to move, but by less than a kilometer. If the link doesn't work, your later supposition is correct – the KQOK transmitter is on the north side of Norman. KDSA-LP: I believe this station carries "Daystar", a relatively new religious network which appears to be headquartered in Atlanta. They have an affiliate on channel 14 in Nashville – that is, when the satellite receiver is working properly. Good to know this station is now on channel 11. It was originally licensed on channel 46 but will be displaced by KOCM, a full-power station (2089 kW) at Norman. Apparently KOCM isn't yet on (Doug Smith, MN, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| May 10: A recent Wall Street Journal article says Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly will debut a 2 hour radio talk show in a couple of weeks. I suspect the "new" all-talk KVOO will pick him up to go head-to-head with Rush Limbaugh on KRMG-740. The Tulsa AM radio dial is a reflection of current trends with one exception: KRMG-740 is *#1* in the market with News/Talk/Dr. Laura/Rush Limbaugh/Clark Howard et al. They do a great job on local news and severe weather coverage in the Tulsa area BTW. KVOO does/did a good job on severe weather as well....hope they continue with some local stuff but I'm not real optimistic about it now. KRMG is the only station I listen to for severe weather coverage. The rest of the local AM stations reflect the sorry (in my opinion) state of AM radio around the country well documented on this list: 970 KCFO non-stop preachers/ 1050 KGTO Urban Contemporary/ 1170 KVOO soon to be talk/ 1270 KRVT a mix of standards and religion/ 1300 KAKC La Zeta SS/ 1340 KTFX UC/GOS "God's Station"/ 1430 KTBZ SportsYell...uh..er...Talk/ 1530 KXTD La Que Buena SS/ 1550 KXOJ Southern Gospel (Bruce Winkelman, AA5CO, Tulsa, OK, R8, Quantum Phaser, 2-130 foot wires, NRCAM via DXLD) Local TV news on KOTV-6 reports this evening that KVOO-1170 will change to KFAQ-"Tulsa Talk Radio" with a "conservative" slant, but time/date unknown. I suspect this will occur in the very near future, likely tomorrow. Still "Classic Country" as I type this (2230 CDT 5/9/02). I'm sorry to see another piece of radio history going up in smoke. Paul Harvey, Gene Autry and Bob Wills got their start at KVOO. The news story indicated that "some" classic country will still be broadcast on KVOO-FM. The general manager of KVOO was quoted as saying: "Music belongs on FM". In my opinion, those 4 words sum up the current thinking and attitudes in the broadcast industry as well as any (Bruce Winkelman, AA5CO, Tulsa, OK, May 9, NRC-AM via DXLD) Friday afternoon, still KVOO-1170 with classic country, but saying that format has (already) moved to FM 98.5 (which I can`t hear). Checking 1170 again at 0400 UT May 11, for a legal ID, Tulsa was losing out to a Tamaulipan here about 190 km from KVOO site! (Glenn Hauser, Enid, May 10, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| May 5: Local KOTV Channel 6 news reported last evening that internet rumors are flying that KVOO-1170 will change from classic country format to all talk in "a couple of weeks". KVOO has been country music "since dirt" or at least as long as I can remember (Bruce Winkelman, AA5CO, Tulsa, OK, May 4, NRC-AM via DXLD) Since at least the early '50's (Paul Swearingen, KS, ibid.) It appears to be true; appeared in all the trades last week (David Gleason, ibid.) Why not. We need more stations carrying Limbaugh/Art Bell/Dr Laura/Phil Henreid etc. I'll bet folks within the KVOO coverage area only have 60 or 70 choices for those shows already...(sarcasm intended). What's really sad is that in the presence of digital satellite radio, this is the precise moment in time when terrestrial broadcasters should be setting themselves apart by emphasizing their unique localism. But nope...they just don't get it (Mark Durenberger, Grand Junction, CO, ibid.) In my tape collection is a very brief aircheck of KVOO dated Sept. 1989 in which the DJ comes out of Dwight Yoakam's version of "Little Sister", gives the station ID, and thanks "Rick, all the way up in Oakland, Iowa" for calling in to request that song. It's one of my most treasured memories of my early years (late 1980s and early 1990s) of active DXing. It is truly a shame that KVOO is bowing to the almighty idols of $$$ and Arbitrons, if that indeed is the case. May KVOO R.I.P., because it sure won't be the same (Rick Dau, Omaha, NE, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| April 27: KLGB-LP, 94.3 is active again in Enid, OK. On a walkman less than a mile from it reception was spotty, but in just the right position at 2100 UT April 9 I was getting southern gospel music, and late ID at 2104 which said it was *still* in equipment testing phase, non-profit, hoping for coöperation from other ministries, P O Box address. If this is still transmitting from the Covenant Life church, nothing has been done to repair the antenna damaged in January storm leaving only one vertical element hanging (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| April 25: Oklahoma`s Premier Music Festival April 17, 2002 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 2001 OK MOZART FESTIVAL CONCERTS BEGIN AIRING ON NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO With a later schedule and changed format, the 2001 Broadcast Series of OK MOZART Festival concerts will begin airing on May 22 at 7 p.m. [CDT] on Tulsa`s National Public Radio station KWGS-FM 89.5. The concerts are arranged in eight programs which run on consecutive week- night evenings beginning May 22 and ending May 31. The broadcast will be carried at various times this spring by other public radio stations in Oklahoma; Pittsburg, Kansas; and Joplin, Missouri. Excerpts from several of the concerts have already been heard nationally on NPR`s ``Performance Today.`` One station, KCSC in Edmond, began airing the series on Saturday, April 13. Host Rich Fisher, General Manager of KWGS, and recording engineer Frank Christel, University of Tulsa Director of Broadcast Services, are co-producers of this series, which is being broadcast for the sixteenth time in the Festival’s seventeen-year history. Each year KWGS returns to the Festival to capture the sounds and spirit of the June event. Many of the world`s greatest musicians travel to Bartlesville each summer to participate in the OK MOZART Festival along with artistic director and flutist Ransom Wilson and his Solisti New York Orchestra. In 2001 the lineup of artists included clarinetist David Shifrin, pianist Andre Watts, composer/satirist Peter Schickele, Jim Walker and Free Flight, bass-baritone Simon Estes, violinist Itzhak Perlman, violist Paul Neubauer, pianist Robin Sutherland, pianist Anne-Marie McDermott, violinist Ani Kavafian, violinist Nai-Yuan Hu, flutist Marina Piccinini and cellist Ronald Thomas. The eight radio programs are thematic this year rather than being composed of individual concerts, according to Fisher. Also, the concerts were programmed to fit into eight, two-hour programs instead of the ten programs of past years. Following are KWGS broadcast dates and content of the 2001 series with the dates of last season’s concerts: BROADCAST PROGRAM 1 Mozart: Overture to Abduction from the Seraglio - Solisti New York (Candlelight-Sat 6/9) Mozart: Concerto for Clarinet in A Major - David Shifrin, clarinet (Candlelight-Sat 6/9) Brahms: Quintet for Piano and Strings in F Minor - Festival Masters Ensemble (Salon - Sat 6/16) Copland: Concerto for Clarinet - David Shifrin, clarinet (Candlelight- Sat 6/9) Strauss: Suite from Der Rosenkavalier - Solisti New York (Candlelight- Sat 6/9) BROADCAST PROGRAM 2 Tchaikovsky: Overture to Romeo and Juliet - Solisti New York (Palace - Sun 6/10) Mozart: Symphony Number 39 in E-flat Major - Solisti New York (Palace - Sun 6/10) Kreisler: Quartet for Strings in A Minor - Festival Masters Ensemble (Chamber - Wed 6/13) Three Pieces Arranged by Kreisler - Festival Masters Ensemble (Chamber - Wed 6/13) Mozart: Quartet for Flute and Strings in D - Festival Masters Ensemble (Chamber - Fri 6/15) Rachmaninov: Concerto for Piano Number 2 in C Minor - Andre Watts (Palace - Sun 6/10) BROADCAST PROGRAM 3 Tchaikovsky: Overture to Marriage of Figaro - Solisti New York (Kaleidoscope - Mon 6/11) Prokofiev: Sneaky Pete and the Wolf - Peter Schickele, narration (Kaleidoscope - Mon 6/11) Selections from PDQ Bach Concert of Tue 6/12 Kreisler suite [w/intro] - Paul Neubauer, viola (Kaleidoscope - Mon 6/11) Britten: Young Person's Guide - Martin Goldsmith, narration (Kaleidoscope - Mon 6/11) BROADCAST PROGRAM 4 Mozart: Eine Kleine Nachtmuzik - Solisti New York (Woolaroc - Wed 6/13) Francaix: The Flower Clock - Diane Lesser, oboe (Woolaroc - Wed 6/13) Haydn: Symphony Number 100 in G Major - Solisti New York (Woolaroc - Wed 6/13) Mozart: Quintet for Clarinet and Strings - Festival Masters Ensemble (Chamber - Mon 6/11) Strauss: Emperor Waltz - Solisti New York (Woolaroc - Wed 6/13) Tchaikovsky: 1812 Overture - Solisti New York (Woolaroc - Wed 6/13) BROADCAST PROGRAM 5 Wagner: Overture to Reinzi - Solisti New York (Royale - Fri 6/15) Verdi/Wagner set - Simon Estes, Baritone (Royale - Fri 6/15) Verdi: Prelude to La Traviata, Act III - Solisti New York (Royale - Fri 6/15) Hammerstein selections - Simon Estes, Baritone (Royale - Fri 6/15) Mozart: "Per questa bella mano" - Simon Estes, Baritone (Royale - Fri 6/15) Gershwin: I've Got Plenty of Nothing [encore] - Simon Estes, Baritone (Royale - Fri 6/15) Haydn: Trio for Flute, Cello and Piano - Festival Masters Ensemble (Salon - Sat 6/16) Mozart-Grieg: Sonata in C Minor for Two Pianos- McDermott & Sutherland, piano (Salon - Sat 6/16) Mendelssohn: Andante and Allegro assai Vivace in A Major - McDermott & Sutherland, piano (Salon - Sat 6/16) Mozart: Symphony Number 40 in G Minor - Solisti New York (Royale - Fri 6/15) BROADCAST PROGRAM 6 Haydn: Serenade in D Major - Solisti New York (Finale - Sat 6/16) Mozart: Symphony Number 41 in C Major - Solisti New York (Finale - Sat 6/16) Beethoven: Serenade for Flute, Violin & Viola - Festival Masters Ensemble (Chamber - Wed 6/13) Tchaikovsky: Concerto for Violin in D Major - Itzhak Perlman, violin (Finale - Sat 6/16) BROADCAST PROGRAM 7 Takemitsu: Air - Marina Piccinini, flute (Mini-Concert - Mon 6/11) Colgrass: Wild Riot - Marina Piccinini, flute (Mini-Concert - Mon 6/11) Fukushima/Debussy: Mei & Syrinz - Marina Piccinini, flute (Mini- Concert - Mon 6/11) Prokofiev: Sonata Number 2 - Anne-Marie McDermott, piano (Mini-Concert - Tue 6/12) Rachmaninov/Kreisler: Liebeslied - Anne-Marie McDermott, piano (Mini- Concert - Tue 6/12) Ysaye: Sonata pour violin - Nai-Yuan Hu, violin (Mini-Concert - Wed 6/13) Kreisler: Viennese Rhapsodie Fantasietta - Nai-Yuan Hu, violin (Mini- Concert - Wed 6/13) Britten: Suite Number 3 for Solo Cello - Ronald Thomas, cello (Mini- Concert - Thu 6/14) Rorem: Night Music - Ani Kavafian, violin (Mini-Concert - Fri 6/15) Bloch: Suite Hebraique - Paul Neubauer, viola (Mini-Concert - Sat 6/16) Kreisler: Berceuse Romantique - Paul Neubauer, viola (Mini-Concert - Sat 6/16) Kreisler: Aucassin und Nicolette - Paul Neubauer, viola (Mini-Concert - Sat 6/16) BROADCAST PROGRAM 8 Free Flight (Free Flight - Thu 6/14) In addition to KWGS, other NPR stations airing the broadcast series include KRPS, Pittsburg, Kansas; KCSC, Edmond; KOSU, Stillwater; KCCU, Lawton; and new this season—KXMS in Joplin, Missouri. For dates and times, please contact the individual station in your listening area. The 18th season of the OK MOZART Festival is June 7-15, 2002. For more information and to receive a free brochure, please call 918.336.9900 or visit our website: http://www.okmozart.com # Contact: Jeanette Swindell, Public Relations Director, 918.336.9900 (via DXLD) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| April 11: Hi Glenn, wanted to send this info earlier. WWLS 104.9 is now k-bull 104.9. They have their stereo signal back. THEY ARE A COPY OF THE TWISTER HERE IN OKLA CITY, AND 105.3 IS STILL MONO AND HAVE HEARD THAT THEY ARE STILL TWEAKING THE SIGNAL; 104.9 IS OKLAHOMA CITY`S FRESH NEW COUNTRY WITH 20 IN A ROW AND LINERS RUN IN BETWEEN SONGS. Have already heard songs repeated in less than 6 hours. When it comes to radio, not just in this market, but most of the major radio groups spend millions on stations but have jocks reading liners, just barely, and during the morning drive with a 3 or 4 people on air chuckling at just about anything someone says. I will have more to say about the state of radio later, but for now Oklahoma City radio station owners have made another mistake that they have stepped in and it smells. Don`t think that it will come out either. Thanks (Bill Eckart, OK, April 11, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| April 10: I haven`t had time to monitor KXOK-TV 32 much, or `KXOK` radio 104.7, but I did notice on the Good Morning Enid show simulcast on TV April 10 that Scott Clark is now calling it, even pausing for a legal ID, KUAL, which were its original LPFM calls. Evidently it doesn`t quite work out for there to be a direct relation between the commercial TV operation and LPFM station, tho I haven`t listened enough to the latter to tell if they let the commercials run anyway. The TV operation is still incredibly ragged, with the 10 pm news often missing; the AM show has expanded to a full hour M-F at 7 am CDT on 32/cable 18, and after all this time, the weekly program listings in the newspaper are *still* in Eastern time UT-4, here where UT-5 is currently observed in a place where UT-6 is standard, and according to longitude really ought to e UT-7!! (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| April 4: Sports Animal takes over KLGH http://www.newsok.com/cgi-bin/show_article?ID=843340&pic=none&TP=getarticle 2002-04-03 By Mel Bracht, Staff Writer Contemporary Christian radio station KLGH- FM 105.3 has been sold to Citadel Communications, which has made the station the FM flagship of the Sports Animal radio network. Tom McCoy, who with former KNTL-FM 104.9 ("K-Light") business partners Hal Smith and Chet Taylor launched KLGH in October 2000, said Kingfisher County Broadcasting sold the station for $3.1 million. The station switched formats to the Sports Animal on Monday. Citadel Communications will reprogram the Sports Animal's WWLS-FM 104.9 in about two weeks, said operations manager Chris Baker, who would not reveal the new format. McCoy cited strong competition from the noncommercial K-Love contemporary Christian network as one reason KLGH ("The Light of the City") failed financially. K-Love's Oklahoma City affiliate is KLYV-FM 88.9. "We were not aware before getting into this deal the amount of money that is taken out of the Christian community, which I mean churches and concerts, by K-Love," McCoy said. "Plus, we didn't get the support of the advertising community -- Christian businesses and churches -- that we had expected." Hank Cary, morning personality and music director, said the station was hindered by the lack of a promotional campaign after its debut. McCoy said money wasn't available for promotion because of cost overruns in building the station. KLGH's 900-watt signal is nearly as strong as WWLS-FM 104.9's 6,000 watts, because the station broadcasts from a 900-foot tower between Okarche and Piedmont, McCoy said. "I could almost drive with the signal to Weatherford," he said. Besides carrying contemporary Christian music, the station also aired Kingfisher High School football and basketball games and Oklahoma City University and Southern Nazarene University sporting events. McCoy said the station received strong support from Kingfisher businesses. "Unfortunately, it (Kingfisher) does not have the merchant base to support a station attempting to compete in the metro," he said. (via Bill Eckart, OK, April 3, DXLD) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| April 1: Glenn, I don`t know if you are familiar with a very interesting site I found by accident today --- it`s http://www.okcityradio.com Thanks as always for your time (Bill Eckart, OK, March 31, DXLD) Including: January 21, 2002 Update CLEAR CHANNEL MOVE-IN AT 1210 AM? GUYMON SIGNAL TO MOVE INTO MARKET AT 50KW PENDING FCC APPROVAL There's been a lot of rumbling about a new station in the Oklahoma City market at 1210 AM. Currently, KGYN-AM (10 kW) in Guymon is operated by LMA by Clear Channel and owned by Telns [sic] Broadcasting. There is an application on file with the FCC that would move the station to Oklahoma City at 50,000 watts. In order for this to happen, there would need to be a change. Midwest City religious KTLV-AM operates at 1220 AM. This move is part of a 20-station move before the Commission affecting stations in Oklahoma and Texas. Find out more at http://www.radioemporium.net One popular theory has CCU moving News-Talk operation KTOK to this signal and possibly making the current KTOK at 1000 AM and urban or possibly sports. This signal is currently 5 kW with differing day and night patterns (from http://www.okcityradio.com March 31 via Eckart, DXLD) While I decry the trend so brazenly promoted by CC to deprive rural areas of what few radio stations they have left, OKC`s only newstalk station could certainly use a better signal, at least to the west (gh, DXLD) It looks like Clear Channel is trying to move am 1210 out of Guymon to Oklahoma City. Right now the radiostation puts out 10,000 watts at day but if it gets approved by the FCC the station will then move to Oklahoma City with 50,000 watts at day and 10,000 watts at night (Artie Bigley, OH, April 1, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| March 31: Change in Okla. City frequencies: Greetings Glenn, WWLS 104.9 moves to 105.3 --- why, I don`t know; I can`t see the power is going to change any unless they like the Kingfisher transmitter being away from the OKC area to reach into the northern part of Oklahoma. I see on 1000000watts.com that the mile radius is 27.5 miles; I would appreciate your input on this. they have started announcing of the change today Saturday; I have not heard if 105.3 staff is moving to any place new (Bill Eckart, Mustang, March 30, DX LISTENING DIGEST) Can you tell me on what dates and times you will be broadcasting last year`s OK MOZART festival this spring?? Regards, (Glenn Hauser, Enid, to KCSC) Mr. Hauser: We'll be airing OK Mozart on Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. this year [0200-0400 UT Sundays]. The first broadcast will be April 13, and there are seven programs in the series this year. Thanks for listening, (Kent Anderson, KCSC-FM, DX LISTENING DIGEST) Still don`t know about other usual outlets, KWGS Tulsa, and KOSU Stillwater; last year KCCU Lawton waited until May-June and then ran them consecutive days at 9 am. KCSC scheduling fits nicely into a gap between NY Philharmonic [non] Live broadcasts (gh, DXLD) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| March 29: Progress(?) report on KXOK-TV 32, Enid`s ownly local TV station: some 10 pm newscasts have been missing without explanation, so the auction just keeps going. Good Morning Enid, however, at 7 am Friday had some news: we thought it looked different, and the reason is that they are currently originating from temporary studios next to the transmitter atop the Broadway Tower, as they still aren`t ready to move into Oakwood Mall. And Scott revealed that KXOK-FM started March 28 at 5:30 pm, on 104.7. Indeed it was on when we checked around 7:15 pm (all times CST) March 29, playing a cut from ``Tommy``. They plan to broadcast an Oklahoma Crude stupid ballgame live this weekend, but format if any is not yet clear. Close-in, it seems to have no trouble overriding KIXR Ponca City on same frequency, but I haven`t yet determined whether it is still officially LP, ex-KUAL. One of the few other locally produced TV shows so far is Doctor Fear, hosting monster movies at midnight early Saturday. He made a guest appearance on the morning show, reading a statement in (pig?) Latin (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| March 27: KOSU screws up again. In NPR ATC, Tue Mar 26 at 2149 UT, automation made a one-minute promotional break, ignoring the fact that the Yiddish Radio Project series was running, supposed to override the usual break. There is nothing more off-putting than a station not paying attention to its own output. No doubt all affiliates were warned beforehand about this change in the usual format, but NPR does so at its peril. Apparently KOSU runs the cutaways by timer rather than inaudible cues from the network, which no doubt were suppressed in this instance (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| March 13: More notes on Enid`s only live local TV station, KXOK, channel 32: on the 10 pm news, March 12, a story about Bill Clinton helping somebody fundraise, was illustrated by a still of Bill instantly recognizable as ``I did not have sex with that woman`` with him wagging his finger at us. A minute later, an impressive official portrait of a beaming Gov. Frank Keating (Republican) appeared. Looks like KXOK is playing politics in its news, and not very subtly. All kinds of technical problems do not prevent them from going ahead with live news broadcasting, leaving unfortunate anchors with egg on the face (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Above items were in DX LISTENING DIGEST immediately, but not rounded up for posting here until May 15! ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| March 11: Subject: Programming advice To: KXOK@yahoo.com KXOK, We`ll see if this gets through, with the incomplete E-mail address in the TV Spotlight ad, and the misleading one on your website with -TV. I certainly hope Mr Faulkner will follow through with his big plans for the station, especially local production. I have yet to see any sign of it; instead, after a few days of animated IDs all day long, you reverted to MTV2, and the excruciatingly boring auctions of your predecessor. I suggest you really get a fresh start by dumping both MTV2 and the auctions, and build up a schedule of a variety of entertainment and information programming. You could probably get quality programming at little or no cost by taking some international broadcasters, such as Deutsche Welle TV from Germany (including English, newscasts), BBC World, etc., etc. Minor networks such as America-1, once carried by K32DZ, would be an improvement over the current fare. Or have you signed a long new contract with MTV-2, taking the money and running? Regards, (Glenn Hauser, Enid, Dec 23, 2001, to KXOK via DXLD) Mr. Hauser, We do hope that You have our e-mail address figured out, and that the "misleading -TV" suffix on our address is no longer confusing to you. Yes, instead of .COM there is also org, gov, and now .TV As You are most certainly aware, (especially since you write critical reviews in your newsletter about all media outlets), We recently went thru a horrible icing condition on our antennae that blew the final in our EMCEE TV transmitter. All repairs are done, and the station is transmitting once again at full power. We have recently gotten information on our class A upgrade, and will be raising power to 50 Kw in the very near future. This should increase our coverage from "barely across town" to approxiamately 50 miles all directions city grade signal. The station is currently undergoing a complete re-build of the transmitter plant (new antennae, new transmitter, new micro-wave, new processors, new line, HDTV ready!) and also putting in all new digital studios at the Oakwood Mall. We have hired newspeople and a meteorologist to augment our programming. In other words, we are a real TV station with big plans. Our engineer has seen your newsletter somewhere on the internet. We were wondering if You would be open to being interviewed on set. You are the un-official expert on all forms of broadcasting in Oklahoma, and We think it would be interesting to have an interview with You to share both locally, and with our networks. Oh yeah, the "cheesey MTV2" is gone......should make you happy! Now, maybe You can see us on your rabbit ears, and hopefully You will approve of our line up. Is it OK if Anita stays with us to do the auction? We have tried to increase the quality of our retail products. Could not find a local number for your residence, so had to e-mail you instead.............74 (KXOK-TV [sic], February 8, 2002 via DXLD) Subject: Re: Programming advice To: "Rex Faulkner" Dear Mr Faulkner, Thanks for your reply of almost a month ago, which I leave below to refresh your memory. I have been waiting and seeing, as well as being preoccupied with other matters. I of course took note of your tiny-print schedule last week in the Enid TV supplement, not least the final line ``All Times Are Eastern`` -- surely, that must be a misprint. Why would anyone list local programming as in a different timezone? So, silly me, I actually looked for your local morning and evening news shows as if the times given were Central, and found none of it. Besides, some of the other listings did not match anything actually transmitted. And again this Sunday, Eastern time listings! I happened to tune by after 6:30 pm Monday, and discover you are actually doing locally originated news, at that time and the announcer closes saying he will be back at 10 (not 11). Now I must try to see what you actually air at 7 am, not 8 am. I do commend you on your initiative to make something out of this property, and hope to see progressive improvements. However, Just as I rebel at OKC TV stations wasting time in their local newscasts for national and international stories (what are their networks for? They cover those so much better) -- I wonder why in the world you are bothering with news beyond Enid, and Oklahoma at the most. Give us some *depth* about what is really happening in Enid, and you could fill most of the half hour, with the remainder some OK stories perhaps the big stations are missing. Are you going to spring for a TelePrompTer? As I mentioned before, however, if you want to cover international news, you really ought to pick up something which is not available otherwise (at least on Cox basic/extended), such as BBC World, DW TV, and no doubt others. Since you ask, no, you may not keep Anita (or anyone) doing auctions, the most excruciatingly boring, wasteful, programming imaginable. But no doubt you shall anyway, if that is actually producing some income. I have plenty else to watch and hear during those hours. The continuous shot of traffic going by on Garriott you ran one afternoon was immeasurably more engrossing; I could hardly take my eyes off it. Glancing through your Eastern programming schedule, I am struck by one thing, in case this is really accurate (excepting a few hours on Sundays, and `paid programs` which are probably infomercials, but could be...), the lack of preachers!!!!!!! God bless you! Preachers here, preachers there, everywhere is the downfall of Pegasys, not to mention a number of on-air stations we are subjected to. Please keep it that way, and find a way to turn away any further preachers who may approach you. And thank you for the invitation to be interviewed on the station. I do appreciate that, but am a bit camera shy. Possibly I could be persuaded eventually as I see how things are going. I have also just looked at your website again, in faraway, sinking Tuvalu, and still can`t find a program schedule there. Given the advance deadlines no doubt in effect for the Eagle which have so far prevented you from changing the listings to accurate Central Time, the website ought to be an excellent resource for conveying your true program schedule (updated at last minute if necessary) in true local time. Strangely enough, the programming I have enjoyed most, so far on KXOK has been the ancient cartoons that A1 uses to fill out the hours of their equally ancient westerns. Ahh, the Public Domain! Naturally, those don`t appear on the schedule, as mere fillers. As you increase power, you really must get off the Broadway Tower. There is so much RF coming off that building, with yours at the top of the list, that those of us unfortunate enough to live a mile or two from it (and most Enidians do), are faced with overload problems, adjacent channel interference, etc. I understand there are some positions available on Chisholm Trail towers, if not others, to the west of Enid at a respectful distance. Regards, (Glenn Hauser, March 4, 2002, to KXOK-TV via DXLD) No reply yet, but have monitored some of the local news by now. The actual scheduling, contrary to the published schedules even when timeshifted, all Mon-Fri only, is: Good Morning, Enid 7-7:30 am (1300- 1330 UT); News 6:30-7 pm (0030-0100) and 10-10:15 pm (0400-0415 UT). I`ve barely seen the morning show, it`s so early, but on one of them I heard mention that KXOK will soon have a radio station too, on 104.7. That happens to be the frequency briefly occupied last fall by KUAL ``Cool`` as one of the nation`s very first Low-Power FMs on the air. So is there some connexion? All I know is that I continue to hear KIXR in Ponca City on 104.7, a non-LPFM which moved onto that frequency in the meantime, and it would seem inadvisable for any station as close as Enid to be on the same channel now. Will KXOK-FM have to funxion only as a low-power? It was also mentioned that the 10-foot satellite dish was about to be lowered down the outside of the Broadway Tower, presumably as part of their studio move into Oakwood Mall. That`s for incoming programming. Nothing was said about moving KXOK`s own ch 32 transmitting antenna. BTW, I never complained about KXOK`s lack of signal strength, ``barely across town``. It`s excessive as is, with the centrally-located antenna. Overloads my rooftop UHF antenna with amplifier. Have seen bits and pieces of KXOK evening news shows. It`s a start, and in a way refreshing without all the hard-sell glitz of the OKC stations. A small graphics library is evidently on hand, and used to excess, e.g. to illustrate national stories, some generic graphic which doesn`t really apply, left on the screen far too long. The weatherman is making a good effort with what he has available, e.g. showing a computer screen with animated storm fronts. On Friday night, when severe weather was threatening, he both muttered something about staying on duty into the night, and seeing us again on Monday... For the third week in a row, the Enid News and Eagle TV supplement staring March 10 still has KXOK listings in Eastern time. We noticed from one night to the next that the blue fabric backdrop had been ironed. The other newscasters seem to be quite inexperienced, but hey, what better place to get started in the business! This is the first local TV news Enid has had in sesquidecades since KGEO-TV channel 5 succumbed to the lure of the Big City. There has been none whatsoever on cable, tho we do have four reserved cable-access channels, of which a sesquichannel is actually programmed by PEGASYS: strangely, PEGASYS has never felt the urge to bother with news; instead, one gospel huxter after another, and occasional other public affairs productions. Note: I do not include Not Necessarily The News, an occasional supposedly humorous show with several friends amusing each other, if not the audience, with `news of the weird` type stories for as much as two hours, live, and it can really drag. Also, the last one suffered from `dark` video, cameras not properly adjusted. But back to KXOK. We made a point of taping the 7 a.m. (1300 UT) show on Monday, March 11. It`s strictly a one-camera show, mostly looking at Anita (Maley?) at her desk featuring a yellow rubber duckie in front, and some other artifact at stage right. The half hour was mostly continuous chat with someone strictly off-camera, at first anonymous, then referred to as Scott. Sort of like a semi-radio show, except I don`t think this was on any radio station. About the only local news was the day`s public school menu. Scott then gave a few international news headlines starting with the Zimbabwe election being protracted. And Anita had some `Bozo news` about a thief who, to his own detriment, swallowed a necklace he had just pulled off some woman. From the chatter we gleaned that Anita has a new homepage (not given); the 10-foot satellite dish previously lowered down the outside of the Broadway Tower has now been raised to the top of the (one-storey) Oakwood Mall, thanks to a crane operator who happened by and did the job by mistake instead of another company which had just been called. She will be off next Monday, but back on Tuesday, when seemingly they will be ready to operate from the new studio in the mall. The meteorologist (not to be seen in the morning) is named Tim Bradfield. Scott vowed to have KXOK go out and do stories concerning all the surrounding little towns in its coverage area, not just Enid, and think about warning them too about severe weather, not just Enid. They are still talking about the upcoming radio station (and I am still only hearing KIXR Ponca City on 104.7), where they plan to start the morning show with Anita at 6 a.m., and she will have to wear headphones along with her earrings; and then jointly telecast it from 7 a.m. At one point we got a subliminal snap of a street scene, later taken deliberately to confirm that there was traffic actually going by on Garriott, but we focused on the trash in a gutter. Not a pretty sight. And so another half hour of our life has expired, with very little to show for it (Glenn Hauser, Enid, March 11, DX LISTENING DIGEST, for OKLAHOMA BROADCASTING NEWS) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| March 9: [non]. ...Rounding out this season`s winners are a pair of pair of space exploring hams who have been named as co-recipients of the 2002 Hamvention Special Achievement Award. Former astronauts Owen Garriott, W5LFL, and Tony England, W0ORE, are being honored for paving the way for manned ham radio operations from the space shuttles that has made ham radio a permanent part of mans exploration of space. Owen Garriott, W5LFL was first. On November 28, 1983, Garriott, was launched into space aboard the space ship Columbia for the STS-9 mission. It was the Spacelab 1 mission and Garriott brought along the first Amateur Radio station on a crew-tended space vehicle. It was a simple Motorola hand held transceiver connected to a special antenna designed to fit in the Space Shuttle`s window. Three days later, W5LFL came on the air and hams across the United States and around the world were witness to a historic radio transmission: Owen Garriott W5LFL: ``This is W5LFL in Columbia. W5LFL in Columbia orbiting the Earth at an altitude of 135 nautical miles passing over the U.S. West Coast and calling CQ.`` Among those who heard Owen Garriott`s Amateur Radio transmissions from space was Lance Collister, WA1JXN of Frenchtown Montana. Collister, who is now W7GJ, is credited with being the first amateur to work an astronaut in orbit. Take a listen: Lance Collister WA1JXN/W7GJ: ``W5LFL on Columbia, WA1JXN, W-A-1-Japan - Xray-Norway, WA1JXN Frenchtown Montana standing by.`` Owen Garriott, W5LFL: ``Hello W1JXN, WA1JXN, WA1-Juliet-Xray-November. This is W5LFL. You`re our first contact from orbit. WA1JXN, how do you read? Over?`` The success of Garriott`s mission led to the development of SAREX -- The Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment. And, over the years, SAREX permitted youngsters in classrooms around the world to speak directly with astronauts in space. But for this to happen, the technology of manned ham radio operations from space had to be enhanced. This aspect of the then new SAREX program fell to the next ham radio operator orbited: Tony England, W0ORE. W0ORE flew into space on the shuttle Challenger in 1985. It was Mission 51F, Spscelab 2. In addition to the 2 meter FM voice gear, Tony England also had with him the first ever ham television station to go into space. Slow Scan yes, but capable of sending back high resolution images which hams on the ground equipped with SSTV gear could view live or record on a simple audio cassette for later viewing and historical archiving. From space, Tony England described the station he was using: Tony England, W0ORE: ``Essentially we`ve got a commercial TV camera that anyone could go out to their local radio store ant buy. We feed this into a scan converter built by a commercial outfit and modified by NASA Amateur Radio clubs and this takes a snapshot of the scene and digitizes it and put it in a memory. Then its sent to a handie-talkie like this. From there we will send it over a wire up to the upper window upstairs and to this antenna when I get it up there in the window. Then it will be transmitted to the ground. When we get going, we will be able to send color TV images of what we are doing on board as a series of snapshots updated every 10 or 20 seconds. Amateurs anywhere on the ground will be able to receive them, and ones with scan converters will see the pictures.`` That flight also marked another first. The first ever two way television -- ham radio television -- to and from space. Tony England went on to flight prove both the improved FM voice and then new SSTV systems. The SSTV was so successful that NASA gave very serious consideration to a permanent installation on all shuttles for back up communications. More important, the early on-orbit operations by Own Garriott W5LFL and Tony England W0ORE made possible the thousands of educational contacts between children in school classrooms and the crews flying in space. First, on board the shuttles, and now as a permanent part of the International Space Station. Hap Holly KC9RP, Alan Waller K3TKJ [of qsl.net and qth.net], Owen Garriott W5LFL and Tony England W0ORE will receive their honors at the Hamvention Awards Banquet slated for Saturday evening, May 18th at the Nutter Center in Dayton Ohio. Amateur Radio Newsline will be there to bring you this story and all the news about Hamvention 2002. (ARNewsline(tm) from Dayton Hamventionr news release. Some audio from ``Amateur Radio`s Newest Frontier`` and ``SAREX - The Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment`` video presentations) (Amateur Radio Newsline March 8 via John Norfolk, OKCOK via DXLD) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| February 17: I`ve been wanting to check out ``Oklahoma Innovations``, a science show carried on KCCU Lawton and its relays Saturdays at 1200 UT, but that`s a bit early. KCCU does webcast, and its website also shows other stations carrying that show, Weatherford 97.3, and KTOK- 1000 OKC, whose site I then went to. It`s Sundays at 1100-1200 and 2300-2400 UT, but I still haven`t listened to it yet (evidently KTOK does not webcast, but it dominates 1000 day and night here). While at it, I noticed some other potentially interesting locally-produced shows on KTOK Sundays, UT: 1600-1700 ONN [Oklahoma News Network] Conference Call; 1900-2100 Entertainment Show; 2200-2300 Fish On (Glenn Hauser, Enid, Feb 17, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| February 11: We continue to have sporadic power outages in Enid; for less than an hour Saturday evening, and over a sesquihour on Sunday evening starting at 2300 UT. So after reporting it to OG&E, along with everyone else in Enid, a few minutes later I scanned for local stations: the only two AM stations, KGWA-960 and KCRC-1390 were silent so they still don`t have instant generator standby! Also off: KGWA`s KOFM 103.1; all of KCRC`s FM stations, except 99.7 and 96.9, both with transmitters far outside Enid, were running open carrier having lost feed from Enid; all Broadway Tower translators except KLVV 98.3; and as during the previous outage, KBVV-91.1 had transmitter on relaying white noise from open STL. Cox Cable, quickly hooked up again to a battery portable TV, had *again* lost 4, 5, 9 and 13 from OKC, but the satellite-delivered and UHF OKC stations were OK. So we quickly switched to antenna for 60 Minutes at 0000 UT Monday. Cable 9 finally came back around 0025. Sometime around 0030, KGWA was finally back on the air, with OG&E rep explaining that there had been a major failure affecting much of NW Oklahoma, but power was already being returned to Enid in stages. Came back on here about 0038. It turned out all of Enid and much of NW OK was blacked out due to a failure at a non-OG&E power station at Mooreland OK (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| February 5, 2002: Having trouble hearing KOSU? Again it's the ice buildup on the antenna at the 1,000' level. At 2:45 p.m. today, 1/29, we are broadcasting at 45% power. If you are having trouble receiving KOSU on your radio, don't forget you can listen live on-line a http://www.kosu.org Weather Information Live radar and the latest weather developments can be accessed at http://www.kosu.org (KOSU Jan 30 via DXLD) No degradation detectable here, fortunately (gh, Enid) Had not bandscanned local FM dial lately looking for RDS, so Jan. 31- Feb 1 found these on the ATS-909, including some Kansans: On 91.1 KCFN: KCFN [in the absence of Enid`s KBVV] On 91.7 KOSU: KOSU91.7 On 92.5 KOMA: KOMA-FM On 96.1 KXXY: KXY-FM On 97.5 KMOD: KMOD On 101.3 KFDI: KFDI-FM On 101.9 KTST: TWISTER On 103.1 KOFM: KOFM [when later reactivated] On 104.1 KMGL: MAGIC104 On 107.3 KKRD: 1073KKRD Because of the icestorm, all of Enid was without power from 2223 UT Jan 30. KMKZ 96.9 Enid/OKC was running open carrier for many hours, having lost STL from powerless Enid, and apparently unable to turn off transmitter near Crescent remotely, or feed programming from business office in OKC! Finally it was off when checked at 0429 UT Jan 31. 106.7 KTUZ still had open carrier at that hour, probably a similar situation. ALL ENID AM, FM and TV frequencies were off the air. This cleared numerous FM channels of gospel huxter translators, allowing us once again to hear without external antenna, public radio from Wichita, KMUW on 89.1; and Tulsa, KWGS 89.5. Also cleared were 88.3, 90.3 and 98.3. First of these to come back was KLVV`s translator on 98.3. We were too busy with cleanup and catchup to keep checking, but Tue Feb 5 at 2120 bandscan we found 88.3, 89.1 and 90.3 still off, with 89.5 running open carrier. First local station to come back was KGWA-960, but not until some 24 hours after the outage started. It`s only 1 kW, so why didn`t they switch to generators immediately at studio and transmitter site? Turns out their generators were inoperable and they had to wait to have others shipped in. Whatever became of emergency broadcast responsibility? Despite this, Enidians were profuse in their praise for KGWA, once they came back, unaware of the station`s abandoned responsibility to come back on immediately after losing commercial power. The station did pre-empt regular program for continuous emergency information, but for the critical first night in the dark, Enidites had *no* source of local info. It took KGWA`s competitor, KCRC-1390, almost another day to get back on the air, around noon Friday February 1, but regular ESPN programming was quickly rejoined, defaulting to KGWA for continuing local emergency info. There was no hurry for either company to get their FM outlets back on the air. KOFM 103.1 of KGWA remained off, as did those of KCRC: 95.7 KXLS and 99.7 KNID, both of which have transmitter sites some distance west/northwest of Enid. By 1530 UT Sat Feb 3, 99.7 was on but 95.7 and 103.1 were still off. KBVV 91.1 was broadcasting white noise, obviously main transmitter came back on, but not the STL! This went on all Friday evening, still at 1530 UT Sat. KGWA lost power briefly at 1618 UT Saturday just as they were talking about a borrowed generator at the transmitter site. Too busy to keep checking until just before finishing this issue 2120 UT Tue Feb 5: KOFM 103.1 had returned sometime in the meantime; KXLS-95.7 was still off. Many other OK radio stations were probably off the air at least briefly, but another we noticed was Perry 1020, allowing KDKA to be heard again in the clear. Also missing was their FM 105.1. NOAA Weather Radio -- what a laugh. Still with Perfect Paul, and among the first casualties of the ice/power failure, as it has been in previous storms, just when it is most needed. Or is it? Programmed from faraway Norman, where they have a lot more on their mind, and apparently can`t go live even if they wanted to. The transmitter serving Enid on 162.455 is near Drummond, a small town SW of Enid, and is far enough away for it to be subject to heavy static here during storms, even if it manages to stay on. Furthermore, Drummond is statistically likely to be hit first by a tornado on the way to Enid! Great site planning. STILL missing Feb 5. Cable-access channels are supposedly rare in OK, so Enid is proud of Pegasys, which unfortunately devotes most of its time to gospel huxters. One locally-produced gem, however, is ``The Postcard Show``, by Hugh Hairs of Waukomis, who has done some 75 half-hours now. He has an immense collexion of picture postcards, many of them quite antique, which he preserves in breadbags, and each show has a different theme, along with clever music selexions. It`s currently scheduled Sundays 8:30 pm and Fridays 5:30 pm CST, and worthy of wider dissemination. But I digress. Pegasys had also supposedly set up an emergency communications system for just such disasters. But it did no good when Pegasys, in downtown Enid, had no power and no generators to keep on the air (or rather cable). Our cable service was interrupted at first, but came back long before AC, so we watched it on a battery TV. All the Pegasys channels (11, 12, 19; and 18, leased out to commercial low power KXOK-32) remained absent from Cox Cable. By 1530 UT Feb 2, Pegasys 12 was back with its usual ARTS, but not 11. Instead 19 was carrying text info and BBCWS audio, which is normally on 11 before programming begins, with KOSU audio normally on 19. By Tue Feb 5 at 2120 UT, KXOK-32 was back, running movies in afternoon as they sometimes do instead of MTV2. We finally found the studio location of this at 2711 West Garriott, where there is no street number, and no sign, inside a store of some sort, but with a telltale STL antenna pointed downtown. Since Enid and Garfield county are not completely cabled (nor is anywhere), we maintain that Pegasys should get on the *air* as well via LPTV, pre-empting its sublessor KXOK-32 in emergencies if nothing else. We have another oustanding complaint against Pegasys, for the hissy audio it constantly runs on channel 12 from the Classic Arts Showcase channel. Classic HQ assures us that it is not uplinked in that way, but it is apparently left to this sole subscriber to persuade Pegasys to upgrade this to at least consumer- quality hi-fi sound. Periodically the OKC VHF channels also disappeared from cable, even tho we confirmed they were on the air. Cox must have had a damaged off-air receiving antenna, another thing which should have been repaired or replaced immediately. KETA-13, however, was actually off the air for a period. At 1611 Feb 2, Cox Cable in Enid was missing OKC channels 4, 5, 9, 13 and 62 (the last being on cable 22). Rechecked at 1914, Cox had lost 4, 5 and 9 again (as well as 13 really off?). We were not aware of any serious ice problems in OKC itself, tho apparently significantly worse on the north side where most of the TV stations reside (Glenn Hauser, Enid, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| January 28, 2002: Rarely do radio stations explain to their listeners in such detail their rationale for programming changes. A lot of them are coming up in Feb at KGOU=KROU, Norman, OK, which also webcasts. See http://www.kgou.org/Managers_Desk.htm (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| January 3, 2002: KOMA`s pattern: Imagine a slightly-flattened orange with one end over northern California and the other over Oklahoma, with 99 94/100 percent of the orange, or the pattern, NW of Oklahoma City, and the pattern reaching as far north as Alberta and as far south as Baja California. That's KOMA's pattern, and it's pretty much the same one as what they've used for years. I spent the summer of '59 in northern Wyoming, and KOMA-1520 and KIOA-940 were the dominant rock stations I could hear at that time (-Paul Swearingen, KS, AMFMTVDX@qth.net via DXLD) Yes, but that`s only when KOMA is *really* running night pattern. From time to time, it`s heard back east at night, leading to suspicions that daypower be operational postsunset (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also WSM discussion, mentioning OK`s Gaylord