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1640 PHOTOS:

Weaver Energy Corp. Sign at Gate

Overview, looking west

Transmitter building, propane tank, west tower

East tower, with STL dish toward OKC

Another overview

KFNY [and ex-KMMZ] 1640 REPORTS from DX LISTENING DIGEST in reverse order

From DXLD 4-034 February 25, 2004: Great conditions in the upper end tonight! Had Radio Disney with an echo on 1640 under All Comedy Radio from OK. Presume I was hearing Disney from both WI and OR. Not enough to ID either one. OK has actually become a pest on the frequency for me. Got a great TOH ID from KTFH on tape - a distance of 1,016 miles (Patrick Griffith, Westminster (Denver), CO, Drake R-8 and Kiwa loop, NRC-AM via DXLD) 1640, KFNY, OK, Enid, 2-23 2200 [EST?] poor in WKSH null with "This is the All Comedy Radio Network" and mention of Robin Williams. NEW after over a month of trying! (Morris Sorensen, Winnipeg MB, Grundig YB-400 with built-in antenna, amfmtvdx at via DXLD) At 1800 UT Feb 25 indeed I heard an off-mike ID as ``AM 1640, KFNY, Enid-Oklahoma City``; evidently they have committed to comedy format to the extent of changing from KMMZ to KFNY. I am still not convinced that much of it is really funny (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) From DXLD 4-030 February 19, 2004: Applications from existing facilities: KDIA, 1640, Vallejo CA, applies to raise nighttime power to become U2 10000/10000. They want to add three towers to their current site for the new night service, and raise a new tower at a second site for the day operation. KDZR, 1640, Lake Oswego OR - station had an application to increae night power to 10 kW using a direxional antenna, turned down. FCC has agreed to reconsider the petition (Bill Hale, AM Switch, NRC DX News Feb 16 via DXLD) Looks like KMMZ will have to up power to 10 kW at night to hold its own on 1640. And how is its groundwave coverage, with a tight direxional pattern NNW/SSE? On Feb 18 I made a trip to Tulsa and back from Enid on US 412. In the daytime, KMMZ held up past Stillwater, but was lost well before Tulsa on my insensitive caradio. At night, more or less in the side null, as far as I-35 other stations, mainly WTNI, I think were dominating the frequency. Around the I-35 junxion, a pronounced subaudible heterodyne of slightly more than 1 Hz (68 per minute) developed between KMMZ, likely the off-frequency one, and WTNI or whatever else was in at that time. A bit west of I-35, KMMZ began to dominate (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) From DXLD 4-026 February 12, 2004: I had the pleasure of logging the new Enid X-Bander on Sunday night (UT Monday) as they fought it out with WTNI. I did manage some strong reception with lots of "All Comedy Radio" ID's and promos. At 9 PM MST a nice clear ID, "All comedy radio is AM 1640 KMMZ Enid, We're serious about making Oklahoma City laugh". 73 (Mickey Delmage, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada, Feb 10, DX LISTENING DIGEST) From DXLD 4-022 February 5, 2004: I had a brief conversations with a Chisholm Trail Broadcasting salesperson at a grocery remote in Enid a few days ago, and pointed out that their van and display promoted KNID, KXLS and KCRC, but no sign of KMMZ 1640! She said they had just got the go-ahead to start selling KMMZ, and that it is run out of Enid rather than OKC. Next time I go by the transmitter site, I must take another look for an STL dish aimed NNW, as the only one I saw in November was SSE toward OKC. She also said Hiram Champlin had `sold the big tower` of 96.9 to Citadel (Glenn Hauser, Enid, Feb 5, DX LISTENING DIGEST) From DXLD 4-016 January 28, 2004: 1640, KMMZ, OK, Enid -- 26 Jan 2004 2225 MST -- ``All Comedy Network`` with gag involving someone with fake Indian accent calling a Bank`s service center to ``complain`` about the ATM machine demanding ``Withdraw money now or die, you scum sucking pig!`` displayed on screen. Ha-ha. Funny. I guess... [MDW-NM] - (Mike Westfall, N6KUY, WDX6O, Los Alamos, New Mexico (DM65uv), My online logbooks are at NRC-AM via DXLD) They have a lot of routines requiring bleeping every few seconds; why bother? I finally have an ID tape of this one on the new COM 04-01 (gh) From DXLD 4-005 January 8, 2004: STATION'S NEW FORMAT IS A LAUGHING MATTER 1/8/04 By Robert Barron Staff Writer "Did you hear the one about ..." Enid radio airwaves could be filled with comments like this if a new radio station catches on. KMMZ radio in Enid has begun an all-comedy format on 1640 AM. Although many stations have funny disc jockeys, the idea of an all-comedy station is a new concept in broadcasting, said Hiram Champlin, owner of Chisholm Trail Broadcasting in Enid... From DXLD 4-001 January 2, 2004: Hi Glenn, Contrary to what Nigel says, I have yet to hear KMMZ 1640 up here. I've tried many times without success. Nigel is fairly close to the US 49th Canada/US border, whereas I'm around 500 miles north of the border (Mike in St Isidore AB Stonebridge, Dec 30, IRCA via DXLD) 1640.00, KMMZ, OK, Enid, 12/21, Heard here with a pretty good signal with top of the hour ID at 1659 CST as "KMMZ 1640 - Enid Oklahoma", then into Comedy show NEW (James Niven, Moody TX, NRC-AM via DXLD) KMMZ, 1640, Enid, OK with unique all comedy format good tonight under WTNI in Mississippi. New one here (Les Rayburn, N1LF, Navy MARS NNNØHSI, "Proudly Serving Those Who Serve", Helena, AL 35080, 0433 UT Jan 2, NRC-AM via DXLD) Try the 1750 Meter Band: KQBL, 96.9, Enid, 96-9 Bob FM, with local-sounding rather than automated presentation. After ending its country format, it played comedy starting at 9 one morning, later playing a Celine Dion marathon, after which at 10:45 ``96-9 Bob FM`` was born. ID: ``Bob is KQBL Enid-Oklahoma City.`` (Dec Fmedia! Via DXLD) KMMZ sibling station From DXLD 3-235 December 31, 2003: KMMZ 1640: Logged this morning (12/30/2003) at 6:30 AM Mountain Time, with All-Comedy format and local ads (Mike Westfall, Los Alamos, NM, NRC-AM via DXLD) I'm receiving KMZZ loud and clear this afternoon at 1430 local time in all comedy format (John Reed, KA5QEP, Shawnee, OK, Dec 30, ibid.) From DXLD 3-234 December 30, 2003: Anyone hearing KMMZ 1640? I`ve been keeping an eye out for reports of our new X-bander in OK, since it began continuous operation on December 18, but have seen hardly any. It should be easy to spot by its unique all-comedy format (plus lots of ads). Maybe it`s too early to be showing up in print, but not mentioned much online. There have been big X-band TA openings in Europe, but KMMZ is not included. This could well be because of its direxional pattern 160/340 degrees, which presumably means nulls very roughly toward Baltimore and Tucson, bad for Europe and Australia/New Zealand too. The lobe toward OKC also favors Latin America, but WTNI Biloxi is in the way (and I wonder if WTNI is experiencing increased QRM in its coverage area). My page about this et al.: 73, (Glenn Hauser, to MW lists, via DXLD) Glenn, I have tried a few times recently when able to DX and there is only Disney, the MS talk station, and a TIS from PA. I suspect from what you say that the null may hinder reception in Ontario. I know my best bet will be SSS and SRS, which is when I have been able to log 1650 AR, 1680 LA, 1660 KS. Thanks for your post (Saul Chernos, Ont., DX LISTENING DIGEST) Glenn, Nothing heard of KMMZ here in Auckland that I'm aware of although this is not a great site for AM DXing. KDIA dominates at this location although Biloxi well heard from Tiwai (near Invercargill) by a number of Dxers last Easter. Will let you know if I hear anything. Thanks for your efforts throughout the year (David Norrie, Bucklands Beach, Auckland, New Zealand, Dec 30, DX LISTENING DIGEST) 1640, KMMZ, OK, Enid 12/20 1800 [EST] ID "KMMZ Enid-Oklahoma City is All Comedy Radio," several ads (Bill Nittler, Mancos CO, IRCA via DXLD) 1640, KMMZ, Enid, Oklahoma, 1333 Dec 22. Fair, mixing with Utah's Radio Unica. "All Comedy Radio" network feed with no local programming noted during 1333-1356 monitoring period. No ID heard so presumed (John Wilkins, CO, DXplorer via Henrik Klemetz, DXLD) Yes it is mixed with WTNI and Disney here in Barrington IL at night. What is their day pattern? 73 KAZ (Neil Kazaross, NRC-AM via DXLD) Same as night, AFAIK: narrow figure-8 160/340 degrees (gh) Here in South-East Jersey, the only thing WPVN442 on 1640 let through both last night and tonight was/is WKSH. I'm assuming the station sounds similar to the ill-fated ComedyWorld stations? (Jason Koralja, Surf City, NJ, Sony ICF-SW7600GR, NRC-AM via DXLD) I'm still looking for Biloxi here. It'll probably take a massive power outage for the 3 PA Turnpike HAR's within 10 miles of here (Russ Edmunds, Blue Bell, PA (15 mi NNW Philadelphia), ibid.) They are pretty regular here in the Denver area at night, Glenn. I am about 465 miles from them on a heading of 304 . I QSLed them during their initial test period so I haven't reported them any further (Patrick Griffith, NØNNK, Westminster, CO, ibid.) Daytime logging of your hometown expanded band. About 350 miles: 12/27 1640 at 1700 GMT, Enid OK. For comparison, at the same time I had no signal at all from 1520 or 1170 but a decent signal from 640 in OKC. Also: 12/27, 1650 at 1705 GMT, Ft Smith AR [OK transmitter] Daytime expanded band. About 300 miles (Jerry Lenamon, Waco TX, DX LISTENING DIGEST) I have been trying for a number of days, whole of December so far, both in the early morning and late afternoon, during both sunrise and sunset enhancement, for a signal from KMMZ. on 1640. The problem with my location is that KBJA Sandy Utah is on the same bearing. With this station being the dominant one there is very little chance, even with a directional loop. On the western bearing (off the side of the Loop), I have both KDZR and KDIA making their appearance at various times. So unless KBJA goes off the air, there is a very little chance for me hearing them (which I would like to for another x-bander heard or verified). On a footnote, did finally manage to log KHPY on 1670, dispite the very dominant KNRO ESPN Radio on the same frequency. So I guess persistence monitoring might possibly pay off (Edward Kusalik, VE6EFK, Coaldale, Alberta, DX'er since 1965, Dec 29, ODXA via DXLD) Glenn, It's not really terribly difficult DX from this location, but I've been hearing KMMZ here perhaps one night in four, hearing the legal ID for the first time on 24 Dec at 0700 UTC (0200 EST). As you say, the format is readily recognizable, so it's pretty easy to determine if it's coming in (Nigel Pimblett, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, Dec 29, IRCA via DXLD) From DXLD 3-232 December 27, 2003: Dec 27 I went to Oklahoma City for the first time since KMMZ-1640 came on. On the DC-777 car radio, which is rather deficient on MW, I found KMMZ reception in northern OKC to be poor, in most spots overridden by local transmitters, hash; by comparison, KGWA-960, farther away in Enid itself, 1 kW instead of 10, put its usual good direxional groundwave signal all the way into OKC (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) From DXLD 3-230 December 24, 2003: Depois de quatro semanas de intervalo, a Rádio KMMZ reapareceu nos 1640 kHz na noite de 18 de Dezembro. Agora finalmente aparece uma ID legal no final da hora "KMMZ, Enid-Oklahoma City, AM 1640, is All Comedy Radio -- It`s all about fun; it`s all about funny; and it`s about time!``. Voce pode rever a informação prévia sobre esta emissora em: (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST via Samuel Cássio Martins, @tividade DX via DXLD) I said directionality makes it difficult to Eu: [non]. X band open --- Vanmorgen eindelijk weer eens signalen op de X band. Weliswaar zwak, maar toch: 1620, 1630, 1650, 1660, 1670, 1680, 1690 and 1700 khz van 0550 tot 0725 UTC. Geidentificeerd: 1660 WWRU and 1680 WTTM. Beste signaal was WMWR Talkradio1670 (ex WRNC), Warner Robins, GA. 73 (Max van Arnhem, Holland, Dec 24, BDXC via DXLD) From DXLD 3-229 December 22, 2003: Re: KMMZ 1640 is back on Es interesante ver esos informes en orden inverso. Es una brillante iniciativa (Henrik Klemetz, Suecia, Conexión Digital via DXLD) Interesting to read those reports in reverse order. A bright idea! (Henrik Klemetz, Sweden, MWDX yahoogroup via DXLD) From DXLD 3-227 December 20, 2003: After a 4-week break, KMMZ reappeared on 1640 the afternoon of Dec 18, again with the comedy format, first noticed at 2045 UT. Now a legal ID finally appears at hourtop: ``KMMZ, Enid-Oklahoma City, AM 1640, is All Comedy Radio -- It`s all about fun; it`s all about funny; and it`s about time!``. Maybe they`re back to stay; go get `em. Confirmed on 24 hours at 0800 UT check Dec 19. It`s hard for me to listen to this for more than a few minutes, but have not noticed any local commercials. There is a break for local ID around :20 and :41, but these are not legal, just mentioning Oklahoma City! (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) From DXLD 3-214 November 29, 2003: Received verification (with nice note) from KMMZ-AM 1640 kHz, Enid, Oklahoma in 2 weeks for AM report and SASE. Engineer states that the testing portion is nearly completed and they will be on the air 24/7 in a few weeks (Bob Combs, New Mexico, USA, Nov 28 hard-core- dx via DXLD) I see this page has finally been updated Nov 28 to include KMMZ: But it only mentions ``Unforgettable Favorites`` format, which as I reported was in use for only the first couple of days Nov 14-15, and has been off the air since Nov 21! Also, Ydun`s MW News updated Nov 27 includes most of our previous reports, but not the latest mentioning our webpage about it Yes, KMMZ is still off at 2145 UT check Nov 29 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) From DXLD 3-212 November 25, 2003: NEW MW QSL (KMMZ-1640-OK) --- Received nice QSL letter in 7 days, from Hiram Champlin, Owner. Address: Chisholm Trail Broadcasting Co., 316 E. Willow, PO Box 952, Enid OK 73702. Mentioned that they are still in the testing mode and they are indeed directional with their lobes at 340 and 160 degrees. They are 10,000 watts day and 1,000 watts night. I am really pleased with this. Now to get the last one (once again), GA-1690 (Patrick Martin, Seaside OR, KAVT Reception Manager, Nov 24, IRCA via DXLD) His goal is to QSL every US X-bander. Still off the air as of 0438 UT Nov 26 (gh, Enid) From DXLD 3-211 November 24, 2003: Rounding up some other reports of KMMZ-1640 which have come to my attention, before it went off the air for a while, and still off as of 0240 UT Nov 25: 1640, KMKZ (presumed), OK, ENID, 11/19 2302 EST, fair in WKSH null. ?All Comedy Radio? slogan heard several times, but no actual ID, so presumed only. All times are EST. Receiver: Drake R8. Antenna: Quantum QX-Pro (Christos Rigas, Wood Dale IL, posted 11-20 at 2240, DX Mid-America via DXLD) I mentioned it on this month`s MUNDO RADIAL, recorded Nov. 19 before it went off again, also on R. Nederland RADIO ENLACE Nov. 21-24: ESTADOS UNIDOS / OCLAJOMA: Nueva emisora en el aire desde mi ciudad, Enid, Oclajoma, con alcance DX mundial, en 1640 kilohercios, comenzando el 14 de noviembre. Debe llamarse KMMZ, pero hasta ahora carece de identificaciones en el aire, llevando las 24 horas la cadena comédica, All Comedy Radio (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) Pattern is a slim figure 8 with lobes aimed at 160 and 340 degrees (Bill Hale, AM Switch, NRC DX News Nov 24 via DXLD) Thanks for the update, Glenn. Glenn said: The brand-new towers are steel, unpainted (yet?). My response: The CP calls for 90 degree towers which would be about 150 feet tall. Unless there is an airport close by, these towers may never be lighted or painted. I know of many AM arrays that are not lighted or painted (KRVN, KCUV, KNRC, etc.). The rules are pretty lax if the towers are rural and less than 200 feet tall. Glenn said: Each has three little spikes on the top --- for lightning arrest, or is this what now diminishes skywave? My response: Modern lightning protection standards call for an air terminal on each leg of a tower. These might be standard spikes (lightning rods) or the "spline balls" or "dissipation brushes" designed to dissipate the static charge and prevent a strike. Patrick said: I'm surprised that nobody seems to have questioned how they were permitted a directional antenna for this station. Here's a quote from the FCC expanded band question and answer fact sheet: Can I use a directional antenna system? Probably not. The revised allotment plan is based on fully spaced Model I non-directional facilities. Accordingly, directional antenna systems will not be necessary to offset "marginal" short-spacings. See Review of the Technical Assignment Criteria for the AM Broadcast Service, 6 FCC Rcd 6273, 6305 (1991) ("Report and Order"). However, the Report and Order recognized that it might be advantageous to permit directional antennas in coastal areas. Thus, the Commission has provided the staff with limited flexibility in this area. However, absent extraordinary circumstances, non-directional antenna systems will be required. (Patrick Griffith, NØNNK, Westminster, CO, Nov 23, NRC-AM via DXLD) From DXLD 3-210 November 22, 2003: KMMZ[?] 1640, remained off the air Friday Nov 21, so I decided this would be a good time to visit the transmitter site without concern about being fried by RF, altho it would also have been interesting to explore its coverage area. The site is 8 miles east of Hennessey OK immediately adjacent to state highway 51, on the south side. Can`t miss two towers, roughly WSW to ENE, producing the bi- direxional pattern toward Enid NNW and OKC SSE. The brand-new towers are steel, unpainted (yet?). Each has three little spikes on the top - -- for lightning arrest, or is this what now diminishes skywave? Or were they lights? I did not see any obvious tower lights, but this was at high noon. Perhaps the reason for being off the air is that a grader and a gravel truck were busy surfacing the short road off the highway into the site in a pasture, complete with cowpies. And/or awaiting FCC go-ahead after testing. And/or a new callsign since none has ever been announced, to our knowledge?? It appears this will be an Enid station in name (and city of license) only, as the only STL dish, on the east tower, is aimed at OKC, not Enid! I expect it will be LMA`d by Citadel like Chisholm Trail`s 96.9 station, which also turned out to be an OKC rimshotter. There are no signs identifying that this is the 1640 radio station, no FCC facility number, like we saw on the gate to the KOSU tower further east on Highway 51 (the nearest Thai café to Enid is the Thai Café in Stillwater). A sign on the building mentioned some company we`d never heard of, and the sign by the road says: `` Weaver Energy Corp. / Blakley No. 1-20 / SW NE Sec. 20-19N-5W / Kingfisher County``. The transmitter building between the towers has a propane tank beside it, as well as an electrical junxion box. I assume a standy generator will be found inside; it was all locked up with no one from station on the site, just the road surfacing people. There are little fences around the guy wire tiedowns, but hardly enough to keep anyone out. Since the towers don`t need to be very high at this frequency, the guys are relatively lightweight compared to what we have seen at much taller FM and TV towers. After we left, realized that we hadn`t noticed any fresh trenches for radials, but I guess they must be down there. We took a few digital shots which will be up as soon as we can get to that on a new page along with a résumé of reports on this station, and later perhaps anything else concerning Enid radio to be at 1640 remained off the air Nov 22, into 0500 UT Nov 23, and probably the rest of the weekend (Glenn Hauser, Enid, Nov 22, DX LISTENING DIGEST) 1640, KMMZ tentative, OK Enid 11-15 2006 EST, P under WTNI, NOS, NEW! Good DX! (Michael Procop, Bedford, Ohio (near Cleveland), amfmtvdx at via DXLD) From DXLD 3-209 November 20, 2003: Nothing further to report on KMMZ[?] 1640. Chugs along 24\7 with All Comedy Radio, no IDs at hourtop, as of 1900 UT Nov 20. Only thing mildly unusual were a few EAS tones after 1900, but not the full test. Where are all the DX reports? I am rather surprised that some DX sites which quoted my first report about the format being Unforgettable Fav`rites have not followed up with the format change to comedy, several days afterwards. Oh oh, at 0228-0400+ UT check Nov 21, off the air, the first time noted missing this week (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) I first heard KMMZ 1640 in Enid testing last Saturday, after seeing it was on the air from 100Kwatts. I have listened and heard 1) oldies, no ID on the hour, except once, when I realized they simulcasted KMKZ 95.7 --- was this their testing phase??? 2) Last Monday, they are broadcasting COMEDY radio out of Los Angeles, but no ID on the hour, only "Comedy radio". Signal into Okla City was pretty good day, but late afternoon, I clearly could hear the Biloxi, Miss. 1640 station under their signal. After both stations went from 10 KW day to 1 KW night, I could still hear a fair nighttime signal into Okla City. Are there many stations carrying a comedy format?? I only thing I ever remember was some of the old comedy slots that WRR 1310 in Dallas did in the 60's (I am older than dirt, you know!) (stevjz, Nov 20, Oklahoma Radio Message Board via DXLD) 95.7 has not been KMKZ for a long time; now it`s KXLS, and while I did not check this for a simulcast earlier, I seriously doubt it was simulcast on 1640 (gh) From DXLD 3-208 November 18, 2003: KMMZ 1640 Enid: anyone trying for it overnight UT Nov 17 was probably out of luck, unless they could get a fix on the open carrier, which was all that was running from before sunset Nov 16, and continued with open carrier as late as 1500 UT Nov 17. When checked before 1800, modulation had resumed, but they had changed networks, perhaps still stunting, so who knows what KMMZ will settle upon, no more Unforgettable Fav`rites, but instead the All Comedy Radio Network, natch, with some fairly raunchy content, which may not go over too well here amongst the Bible-belters. At least they bleep out the F-word, but not the S-word, N.B. George Carlin. ``All Comedy Radio is Offensive to the Whole Family.`` Still no legal ID at hourtops, and this network does not even leave a hole for one! No more embarrassing dead air, which may be the reason for switching to ACR for the test phase at least. Plug in, turn on. Network promos say ACR is on ``great radio stations`` like WBVA, Norfolk VA; WBZR, Fort Walton FL. Is ``Wheels`` the net`s theme song? Heard it twice in less than a semihour. Net website which has a cute flash intro. Big news is that losing candidate for Kaligov, Gary Coleman, has signed on as political analyst. Seems the big market stations mentioned as affiliates just run ACR at certain hours, weekends, like KLSX in LA and, coming up from monthend, WCKG in Chicago, so I imagine it won`t be 24/7 on KMMZ. I listened for a couple hours and didn`t hear any dead air, or local commercial breaks either. I suspect the music breaks are really optional cutaways for commercials. ``The American radio dial is crowded with programming formats and splinter formats of virtually every type and style. Music? There's mainstream and hybrid mixes of every imaginable variety. Even spoken word formats have sub-divided. There's news and there's talk, and there's news/talk. There's hot talk and there's conservative talk. But up until this point there has not been a format exclusively dedicated to the much desired fun and funny. That is about to change. For four years the founders of All Comedy Radio have been stealth-like in building content, acquiring broadcast rights, researching and hyper-focusing the newest format in radio. And could there ever be a more appropriate time? Very soon, there will be a laugh button on your radio tuned to superstar standup, interviews with celebrities, parody news, funny phone calls and many topical comedy surprises. As we say... It's all about fun. It's all about funny. It's all about Comedy Radio.. And it's about time!`` (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) Thanks for the update! I've been trying to log a legal ID from this station for the past three nights! It's tough to null WVNI in Mississippi, but I can hear oldies music underneath, mixed with Radio Disney from Wisconsin. Last night's recordings included lots of complete songs, with 5-10 seconds of dead air in between the songs. Never heard a legal ID. I'll try for the local ad block tonight at :40 past the hour. 73, (Les Rayburn, N1LF, Central Alabama, Nov 17, IRCA via DXLD) The local ad block at :40 applied to the previous network, Unforgettable Fav`rites, not All Comedy Radio. I`ve not heard ANY local ads since ACR started running, nor ANY local IDs. It`s still going continuously as of 0215 UT Nov 19. I think KMMZ is running it 24 hours, at least for now (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) From DXLD 3-207 November 16, 2003: 1640 KMMZ OK Enid 11/15 0134 EST. Fair to good signals fading in and out with adult standards music. Now on testing. NEW! 73 and Best of DX (Shawn Axelrod, Manitoba, swl at via DXLD) Did you get an ID? Ha! Of course not, since there aren`t any, yet. On its third day, Nov 16, 1640 was just open carrier from check at 2200 past sunset, still OC at 0515. Skywave was already in at 2200, and the 1630 and 1650 stations were not bothered in the least by this `local` OC. Modulating does not make too much difference, either. The OC also does a nice job of blocking the computer noise so I can hear R. Disney and WVNI on 1640 (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) 1640, KMMZ, Enid, presumed the oldies rock music through the jumble with "These Eyes" by The Guess Who at 0256 EST 11/16, followed by male announcer saying "Unforgettable Favorites". No call ID heard, but this is the only thing that fits. Thanks Glenn for the tip. Drake R8, 1500' Eastern beverage (Patrick Martin, Seaside OR, IRCA via DXLD) 1640 kHz, KMMZ (presumed), Enid, 15 Nov. various times, oldies music, mixing with KBJA (Spanish), but never IDs!!! Latest update in NRC/IRCA shows them with new calls KMMZ (ex-KMKZ). (Chris Knight, Fort Lupton, CO, hard-core-dx via DXLD) Someone out west was reporting Coast to Coast on 1640, otherwise unID, earlier in the week to this list. WTNI Biloxi does carry Coast to Coast. Noted 11/15 at 0200 EST, with an oldies format heard underneath. The latter possibly the new KMMZ, but no ID caught on the oldies station (Gerry Bishop, Niceville, FL, DX LISTENING DIGEST) That was I, Gerry (about Coast to Coast), thanks. That is them indeed, Gerry. I've listened to them [KMMZ Enid] for about 5 hours total in the past 3 days and haven't heard an ID yet (Patrick Griffith, Milehighsville, CO, NRC-AM via DXLD) Meanwhile, another format change at Chisholm Trail`s 96.9 outlet LMA`d for OKC: Website: On November 3, 2003, Citadel's country endeavor ended. The station began playing comedy sketches at 9 a.m. later playing a Celine Dion marathon. Around 10:45 a.m., 96-9 Bob was born. ``Knows Classic Hits`` ( via DXLD) From DXLD 3-206 November 15, 2003: Further checks of Enid`s new 1640 on its second day of operation, Nov 15: still no legal IDs or any call-letter IDs, and dead air at 1459 UT extended for 8 minutes, as they are no doubt tweaking stuff. After that mostly open carrier all day until 2153 UT when UF format suddenly resumed, and still no ID of any kind at hourtop 2200. And still a dead-air gap at 2242:30 to 2245:30. I am reminded in BCB Topics, Nov CIDX Messenger, that the call was recently changed from KMKZ to KMMZ, as the latter was no longer applicable to 96.9 The Bull. I`ll believe it if I ever hear it, and that`s my excuse for mentioning `KMKZ` previously, as in WRTH 2003, etc. The network`s website, is quite uninformative. Asks for your zip code at the top, but Enid`s doesn`t get any specific station info, yet? At least they give you the option right at the start of accepting cookies or not! UF is part of ABC. Still going at 0237 UT Nov 16, OK Statehood Day (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) 1640 KMMZ presumed, OK Enid. 11/14 2341 [EST?]. DJ Chaz with 'unforgettable favorites' and 'playing the songs you know and remember'. Mostly soft rock from the 60s through 80s. Also heard Bose Wave Radio ad. Listened for 2 hours and no IDs heard. Thanks to Glenn Hauser for the tip. I wonder if this could be the 1640 UNID I reported on 11/11 with Coast to Coast AM? (Patrick Griffith, Westminster, CO, Drake R-8 and Kiwa loop, NRC-AM via DXLD) From DXLD 3-205 November 14, 2003: The world`s newest X-band station is on the air --- and will no doubt be heard worldwide (except by Bellabarba), from right here in Enid. Nov 14 at 1539 UT I made a periodic check of 1640, and there was a super 10 kW signal, more than Enid has experienced locally, with only two 1 kW MW stations ever existing in this city of 45K. Those who anticipated a talk format appear to have guessed wrong, as it`s ``Unforgettable Favorites``, no doubt some satellite-fed service with a DJ on TGIF calling himself Vic (or Dick?) Thomas, artists such as Johnny Mathis, TOAD, Carly Simon, Beatles, Tommy James & the Shonells. Surely this is program test authority, but there were still national and local commercials in a block at 1541, with a brief talk feature at 1545; another ad block at 1640 UT. Several pregnant pauses of up to three minutes, as if the automation isn`t totally up to speed yet, including at hourtops 1600 and 1700, when there was NO legal ID, or any ID, but the calls are presumably still KMKZ, and no news, just more music. The ``Unforgettable Favorites`` format, as identified in a jingle at 1605, closely resembles what they were running on 96.9 FM for a while as ``Memories``. I can say goodbye to WVNI and other 1640 stations which used to be regulars here at night. Since the other Enid stations put out second and third harmonics, I may also have to say goodbye to 3280. In case KMKZ runs 10 kW at night during the initial test phase, don`t delay in trying for it, as all X- banders are supposed to cut to only 1 kW at night in normal operations. Remember this one is also direxional, roughly NNW/SSE, so it lobes toward both Enid and OKC from the site east of Hennessey. That should make it easier in South America and East Asia, and more difficult in Europe and the Pacific. The official SR/SS times in UT for Enid (if not Hennessey): Nov: 1315/2330, Dec: 1330/2315, Jan: 1345/2345 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) Does it have a mailing address? (Bob Combs, New Mexico, DX LISTENING DIGEST) Try its parent station KCRC, P O Box 952, Enid, OK 73702-0952. Not clear about their QSL policy, but I understand KCRC-1390 doesn`t get many DX reports. I have tried to prepare 1640 for an onslaught of DX reports. Same format continued all day Friday and into UT Saturday, including the long periods of dead air, no legal IDs. The network has a website As I was driving around downtown Enid at LSS, there were a lot of dead spots where the noise level came up, perhaps having a tough time against our skyscrapers if powered down to 1 kW. During a long pause at 0129 UT Nov 15, without even having nulled it on the ICF-5900W, I heard some other 1640 station giving a phone number in area code 709 -- or so I thought, but that`s Newfoundland. And aimed at same direxion as KMKZ, during another long pause at 0243, what must have been WVNI Mississippi was clearly audible thru the OC (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST) Good conditions tonight. Heard Bayard NM on 950 (1st time in ever) and Enid on 1640 with heavy QRM from Spanish station. Will send out a few reports this weekend! (Bob Combs, NM, 0123 UT Nov 15, ibid.) It took an hour, but I think I heard a jingle ID at 5 past the hour. I agree with you, a lot of pauses (one 3 minutes), I do however like the music (my era) so if nothing else I can name the songs! Will try a letter and see what happens (Bob Combs, New Mexico, 0207 UT Nov 15, ibid.) The jingle ID, heard again at 0305 UT, is just ``Unforgettable Fav`rites`` --- never any callsign mention or legal ID heard yet. Go for the ad block at :40 past the hours which include some local ads and/or PSAs (gh, DXLD)



KXOK sign in computer store window

Magoo`s computer store containing KXOK

Broadway Tower next to KXOK bearing its antenna and others

KXOK FILES LAWSUIT AGAINST TV PREACHER 2/12/04 By Robert Barron Staff Writer A religion professor who became a familiar sight on KXOK television now is facing a lawsuit by the station for failure to pay his bills. Rex Faulkner, owner of KXOK, has filed a breach of contract lawsuit against Dr. Gene Scott and University Network of California. Faulkner claims Scott owes the station about $150,000. Scott had an agreement with KXOK television to purchase time for a two-year period, said Faulkner. Without notice, Scott stopped paying after approximately six months. Faulkner said he continued running Scott's programming while trying to resolve the situation. "I've tried to contact them and haven't resolved anything. I'm having to litigate to get resolution," Faulkner said. Scott is the sole owner of University Network of California, which is headquartered in Pasadena. "I continued to run the programs for several months trying to live up to my end of the bargain, I'm trying to resolve the situation," Faulkner said. There is no telephone listing for University Network of California in Pasadena, however, Scott is listed on the Web site Comments Duhhh writes: "Hmm, who COULDN'T have seen that coming. Anyone who even watched 5 minutes of that guy could have told you he was a scam. It was ridiculous having that cigar smoking egomaniac being shoved in our face 24/7 anyway. There's a difference between being a Christian and being a cult-like narcissist." ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bob writes: "A TV charlatan preacher taking a lawyer to the cleaners." (This comment has been edited.) (Enid Eagle Feb 12) AUCTION LEAVES FAULKNER SOLE OWNER OF TV STATION 1/27/04 By Robert Barron Staff Writer An auction to resolve ownership of Enid`s low power television station has left Enid attorney Rex Faulkner as the sole owner. According to papers filed in the Garfield County Court Clerk`s office, Faulkner purchased the license for $61,000 at a public auction Jan. 22. However, the sale was a legal maneuver to resolve a dispute between Faulkner and Chuck Pearson, who claimed to be the license owner, according to his attorney, Tom Leonard of Ponca City. Faulkner also claimed interest in the title. Faulkner is waiting for the license transfer and clarification of issues and will drop his lawsuit against Pearson, he said. The transfer must be approved by the Federal Communications Commission. A new general manager, Anandi Singh, is expected to take over operation of the station next month, he said. ``She has ideas on how to turn the ship around and give Enid what they deserve and need for a television station. She is a very bright, highly educated individual who has the skills necessary to do what it takes,`` Faulkner said. New equipment is reportedly also on the way and should be installed within 14-21 days, he said. ``Hopefully, within 45 days we will be up to full power,`` Faulkner said. The station`s broadcasting tower is located on the top of the Broadway Tower. The studio is located in a building next door. No further programming or broadcasting decisions will be made until Singh comes aboard, he said. From DX LISTENING DIGEST 4-014, January 23, 2004: We attended the auction of KXOK-LPTV 32, as scheduled, 10 am CST Jan 22 at the Garfield County Courthouse. It was supposed to be on the south steps (outside), so we were bundled up for the temp of about 40 degrees, but since no one but the participants and us showed up, it was moved inside next to a sweltering radiator. Chuck Pearson, of Media Manics, the original owner was there, along with his lawyer Tom Leonard, and the lawyer for Rex Faulkner, Michael D. Roberts, but not Faulkner himself. The opening minimum bid of $60,000 was made by Pearson, and as planned, it was bettered by Faulkner`s at $61,000. Once the confirmation of sale goes through Feb. 2, always subject to FCC approval sometime in the future, Pearson will finally get some of the money Faulkner has owed him for years, but still suffer a considerable loss. The auction was only for the license, not any physical property. We glanced through the court documents in this case, and see there is a lot more to all this. Faulkner had been charged with contempt of court previously; and the value of the license had allegedly been degraded, since there was an application to upgrade it (up from LPTV status??). Now presumably, it`s all Faulkner`s problem. The final .tif document dated Jan. 22 at the above link confirms the $61,000 sale. Meanwhile, the station is a laughingstock, over the past weekend broadcasting a frozen frame (``loss of signal``) for a couple of days straight! On Jan. 24 we noticed that Faulkner`s advertising crawler across the top of the screen was stalled instead (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) SALE MAY HELP CLEAR UP TV STATION'S 'CONFUSED MESS' 1/7/04 By Robert Barron Staff Writer Ownership of the FCC license for Enid's low-power television station is at the center of a dispute that could be settled at a sale later this month. According to a Garfield County District Court ruling, a foreclosure sale set for 10 a.m. Jan. 22 at Garfield County Court House will determine the owner of the FCC license for the station, Channel 32. Chuck Pearson is the rightful owner of the license, according to his attorney Tom Leonard of Ponca City. However, Enid attorney Rex Faulkner said by contract he has an interest in the license. Pearson and Faulkner both claim ownership in the FCC license, Leonard said. Pearson said he is owed between $50,000 and $60,000 by Faulkner and is selling the license to recover his costs. The foreclosure action originally was filed in 2002. Faulkner said he will be the sole owner of the license when the proceeding is over. An FCC license cannot be sold, however, said J. Douglas Williams, owner of a low-power television station in Woodward. The FCC must approve the transfer of a license, he said. A license is not a mortgage and not a mortgageable piece of chattel. The present owner would have to petition the FCC to transfer ownership, he said. Leonard agreed the FCC license could not be sold and called the situation a "confused mess." He said this is the course of action chosen by the two sides to re-solve [sic] the issue. Leonard said in addition to the license, there is about $100,000 worth of "fairly decent" television equipment available to operate the station. Channel 32, which operates on Cox Cable channel 18 in Enid, currently is showing old movies. [among other things] Williams said cost of starting a station could be more than what has been invested in Channel 32. He uses a power transmitter atop a 900-foot tower to boost the broadcasts and made other improvements as well. The Woodward station is affiliated with PAX network and is on the basic tier of service for 24 cable television systems in northwest Oklahoma, he said. "That's not as big a deal as being on Cox because there are a lot of people over there (Enid)," he said. Low-power television stations are expensive to get into, he said, and generally are not extremely profitable unless they are located in a large metropolitan area. Comments Bob writes: "With 25 plus years in radio. Watched with great interest as Channel 32 hit the air waves. Enid area is large enough to support a DECENT TV station. And Channel 32 promised oh so much to Enid. Even tho delivered very little. It tried doing news. So ineptly, reminded me of my Introduction to Radio college courses in late 50's. Then station reverted to that silly auction tho must have made owners buck or two --- then went to a series of tapes made 20 years ago in L A of Dr Gene Scott --- now is Nothing Programming. Enid needs a T V station with local news, local flavor." Enidnite writes: "Wrong!!! Everything in Enid is wrong, jobs, economy, people who run Enid, the so called police force, the animal control, etc. And how can you say Channel 32 is crappy? It's been in limbo for a long time. Geez people, quit bickering over small things and find a way to help the people of Enid." T_ann writes: "When the dust settles, it would be very beneficial if channel 32 would become a PAX affiliate station! Programming is great on PAX, which can be viewed on a station out of OKC at the present time." [duh --- gh] dennis writes: "We have lived here for just over a year and the only thing really crappy about Enid is channel 32." (end) You may be frustrated trying to research this situation with the FCC, but the facility number is 41006 (gh) From DX Listening Digest 3-230 December 24, 2003: KXOK-LPTV channel 32, Enid`s only local TV station, we have mentioned from time to time, most recently about the legal limbo it finds itself in, its sale to Rex Faulkner never having been consummated in the form of payment in full to the original owner, even tho Rex appears to be in control of it to this day, as his ads are constantly crawling across the top of the screen. The outlet is still a laughingstock, with nobody minding the store, altho a few months ago we dropped into the Magoo computer shop where its equipment currently resides. As we write, at 0628 UT Dec 25, the screen has been frozen for well more than two hours with an out-of-focus shot of the back of someone`s head, and 800-219-7400, a number which leads nowhere at Google --- the last complete digital picture received from the America-1 satellite feed -- and the audio is cutting in and out, mostly out. Occasional other frozen frames were seen earlier in the evening when the equipment hiccuped. Maybe something will finally come of this mess; a legal notice appeared in the Dec 22 Enid Eagle: NOTICE OF SALE OF PROPERTY Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Court Order filed in the District Court of Garfield County, Case No. CJ-2002-496-01 the Court has ordered sale of the FCC license for a low power television station operating in Enid, Oklahoma, at Channel 32 and application of the proceeds pursuant to said Order. Plaintiff, Chuck Pearson, shall sell said property to the highest and best bidder on January 22nd, 2004, at the hour of 10:00 A.M. at the south entrance steps of the Garfield County Courthouse, Enid, Oklahoma. Prior to the sale, sealed bids may be submitted to the Plaintiff's attorney, Tom Leonard, at his office, 1926 Lake Road, Ponca City, Oklahoma 74604 or bidders may appear at the sale and make their bid on said property. Terms of the sale are 10% cash at the end of the sale and balance in cash at confirmation of sale. Tom Leonard #5379 Attorney for Plaintiffs 1926 Lake Road Ponca City, OK 74604 580.765.0834 tleonard @ (via Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)