[NOTE: Virtually all the material in each show comes from DX Listening Digests published in the previous week. The issue numbers are shown if you wish to research particular items heard. A few items may have been held over from earlier weeks. There is no longer a separate page for each program, except Extras = COMs] WORLD OF RADIO 1341 (+6-187 to 6-190) December 26, 2006 [for full credits listen to show or read recent DX Listening Digests] *Standard disclaimer *Again this year, no SW year in review from me, but Andy Sennitt wrote such an article for Media Network website, dated December 21 *Kim Elliott again on Talk to America from VOA, Tuesday January 2 at 14-15 UT, about international broadcasting. See http://www.kimandrewelliott.com [update: postponed to Monday January 8 because of Ford funeral] *WWCR December schedule shows they now broadcast in Swahili, preacher at 1200-1215 M-F on 15825; another odd language is traditional Latin mass, Sundays at 17 UT on 15825 *Reginald Fessenden centenary of first voice broadcast celebrated; listen on demand to Hearing America: A Century of Music on the Radio, from http://www.americanradioworks.org *Less and less classical: Bonneville selling its Washington DC station WGMS, to become sports; but public radio WETA-FM considers resuming classical *Challenging weekly MW DX test, expanded, WODI, 1230, Brookneal VA, every Sunday at 0500-0505 UT with Morse code IDs, sweep tones, now also at 0800-0805 to reach further west *New edition of Continent of Media 06-10 available via http://www.dxing.com *Updating one story in COM, on Clear Channel reformatting its Air America affiliate in Madison WI, WXXM 92.1; gave into negative reaction and will keep AA; could it have been a promotional stunt? *CC is closing down progressive talk in other markets including Columbus OH: WTPG 1230 from Jan 9 becomes rightwing talk as WYTS [but opposition movement growing there too] *KVNS 1700 Brownsville TX slogan is now La Preciosa; La Grande is the 1700 in Iowa *Don`t stop at 1700 or even 1710: on 1760, Creole sermon heard. It`s a mixing product between two stations on one tower: WOKB 1600 Winter Garden FL, leapfrog over WLAA 1680 *R. UNAM, Mexico City, 9599.4, resumed testing in daytime, heard Dec. 19-22, but not since *Rep. William Delahunt, D-MA, plans to hold hearings investigating mismanagement at Radio and TV Martí *Relays of Martí in Florida: loophole since jammed in Cuba, it`s OK to be on in FL. R. Mambí, `Wacky` WAQI 710 carries RM at 05-06 UT; WPMF channel 38, low power station, but is on DirecTV and Dish Network they hope some Cubans can see *Dominican Republic transmitter on 5009.8v carries different stations; IDs heard as R. Cristal, or R. Pueblo, and another name, maybe R. Mil, which is 1180 in Santo Domingo, unrelated? *Venezuelan timesignaller YVTO reactivated since Dec 22, on 5000, plus spurs on 5100 and 4900 *Station mentioned last week, distorted around 5125 is R. Amazonas, Venezuela, reactivated, nom. 4940 *6110.8 around 1400 has Azerbaijan, but most of the missing modulation is around 6051 and 6171, strong, bubbling spurs; has different IDs: R. Azerbaijan International, V. of Azerbaijan, and R Dada Gorgud *Bahrain on 9745 in Arabic, with interference; now also heard on 6010.1, in English with pop music, in clear between 1900 and 1925 *On 9133 LSB, MARLO, Coalition Maritime Forces at 1710 with coded messages, warnings to terrorists and pirates *V. of Iranian Revolution, signs on at 1520 on 3878v and 4365.5, the latter jammed from 1535 *Baha`i station for Iran, R. Payam-e Doost, Message from a Friend, 7480 at 1800; site is Moldova *R. Democracy Shorayee, 7435, signs on at 1700 or 1705; audio like Issoudun, France site, or Samara, Russia; closes at 1758 with The Internationale *R. Anternational, another clandestine for Iran, on 6225 at 1730-1830, mixes with R. Zamaneh, 6245 at same site, Mykolayev, Ukraine, producing mixing products on 6205 and 6265 *The Media Magazine you Monitor with your Mind, World of Radio 1341, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or woradio at yahoo.com Consult our website for much more info, http://www.worldofradio.org *Thanks to Dave White who provides webspace for our audio-visual archives *Dec 23 our Saturday broadcast on WWCR 12160 was at 1730 instead of 1730; not yet confirmed whether a permanent change *Farewell to our WSUI listeners who will now have to hear WOR on other stations or webcast; see schedule at http://www.worldofradio.com/radioskd.html and subtract 6 hours for Central time *unID on 4850 at 1135 with Xmas carols, must be All India Radio, Kohima, Nagaland, which is a Christian area *Another rare AIR outlet on 5050 at 1500-1630 is Aizwal, mixing with China. News in English at 1530, pop songs in English *Another AIR station welcomes reception reports, even for previous frequency 3315: Bhopal @ air.org.in attention Station Engineer *Holy Tibet, English program from Xizang PBS, 0700-0730 on 9490 *V. of Tibet heard on odd frequencies like 7543 or 7547 because Chinese jammers only operate on frequencies ending in 5 or 0 *Jade Bells and Bamboo Pipes, music program recommended on R. Taiwan International, UT Wed 0230 and 0330 on 5950 via WYFR; a hallmark program of theirs for years *RTI may be under new ownership. Broadcasting Corp. of China, sold by Guomindang party to a private operator, Jaw Shau-kong for US$21 mega; not positive RTI is part of deal. That should be owned by government or a public corporation independent of party in power *Via Taiwan, Degar Voice, clandestine for Vietnam, different frequencies depending on day of week, at 1300: Tue on 7125, Thu on 7195, Sat on 7115 *Kang Guru Radio English, via Indonesia at 1000 on Wed and Sun, but not too reliable; Australian AID has funded this thru 2007; QRM de WYFR 9680 *Wantok Radio Light, Papua New Guinea, heard in WV after trying a year, 1057-1128 on 7120; also heard in Norway, Sweden, Belgium as early as 1205 UT thanks to midwinter propagation *RNZI says most programming suspended for summer vacation until January 23, mostly National Radio relays instead. Still some news and cyclone alerts if needed *BBCWS relays via WHRI must come by direct satellite feed, since WHR on satellite is delayed and lower quality BBC internet feed *BBCWS Spanish via WHRI at 1000 on 5835 ex-7315; not clear if low- profile morning service will continue into new year *German transmitter sites: Wertachtal will not go dark; two 100 kW from Jülich have been moved there for R. Polonia relays; all DW cease from Wertachtal after 2300 UT Dec 31; Jülich to go dark sometime in 2007, with T-Systems abandoning it by yearend, not because of deal to sell it to CVC *Reactivated 100 kW from lativa on 9290: Sat Dec 30 at 0800 and Sun Dec 31 at 1300, one hour program Latvia Today, produced by Radio SWH, commercial station, so in English? R. Joystick, Sats including Dec 30 at 0900-1000 *V. of Russia new website http://www.ruvr.ru but unclear what it stands for. Vor in Russian means ``thief`` *R. Polonia dropping SW broadcasts in Esperanto, but still on internet and satellite, WRN *Will R. Slovakia International really continue on SW in 2007? Short- staffed and unable to keep their Spanish audio files up to date *R. Bulgaria moving to higher bands Jan 1, including English to Europe: 0730 on 11.9, 1830 and 22 to 7.4 and 9.4 even MHz; R. Varna from 7.6 to 7.2 at 2200 Sundays for 6 hours *V. of Greece heard starting English musical program at 0010 UT Monday on 7475; but daily R. Filia English hour at 0700 on 15630 de- confirmed *R. Bila Hora, Dec 31 at 1600 on 3333, presumably a pirate broadcast planned from Europe *Sawt al-Amal announces website http://www.libya-nclo.org meaning National Conference of the Libyan Opposition, in Fairfax VA; and e- mail address such as info @ libyaradio.net *Polisario Station for W Sahara, including Spanish at 23-24, moved to 6215, 6210, 6208, then back to 6210 when Iran moved to 6205 [but Polisario since back to 7460] *R. Cairo, Egypt heard in Denmark with English on mixing product 4680, at 0215; is difference between 11950 in Arabic and 7270 in English, both to North America *FCC dismissed complaints by hams against broadband over powerlines in Manassas VA; ARRL challenges the dismissal; see http://www.arrl.org *Lou Josephs involving others in tracking New Year arrival across the timezones; see http://wvbf.blogspot.com *Propagation outlook from Boulder Dec 26; flux range 75-100-75 *Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1341 ### CONTINENT OF MEDIA 06-10, December 20, 2006 [with DXLD issues where you may read more] *This is Continent of Media 06-10, a.k.a. World of Radio Extra 74 *Universal makes COM possible, 1-800-431-3939, for a catalog, or http://www.universal-radio.com *Universal also sponsors http://www.dxing.com for much more info including audio access to this program *VOA Bethany officially a National Historic Site [6-184] *Only 26 percent of Americans like Rush Limbaugh [6-184] *Air America listeners in Madison vs. Clear Channel [CC relented and will keep AA on 92.1 in Madison, at least for now] [6-184, 6-185] *Emergency radio in Los Álamos [6-185] *FCC drops Morse code requirement for hams [6-185, 6-186] *Mystery interference on SW spectrum, OTH radars? [6-181] *Remembering early car radios [6-184] *Why do trains whistle Q? [6-184] *Buying a new digital TV [6-183] *New shortwave station planned in Bolivia [6-184] *That`s COM 06-10, a.k.a. later as World of Radio Extra 74 ### WORLD OF RADIO 1340 (+6-180 to 6-187) December 19, 2006 [for full credits listen to show or read recent DX Listening Digests] [full summary pending; headlines only:] *Holiday special listening tips *More on the 1610 and 1020 kHz mystery tone tests *Monitoring Cuba, Cuban exiles, and Cuban jamming *Planet Rock from UK broadcast by mistake instead of Radio Republica, gets jammed anyway *Latin American mysteries and some solutions *Polisario station for Western Sahara moves from 7425 to 6215 [and moved again to 6208] *Sudan Radio Services`s announced schedule, not on website *SAQ makes another VLF test December 24 *Latvia 9290 back on the air with relays *Radio Nepal starts webcasting *Radio Japan`s additional frequencies for New Year`s Eve party *Sangean ending SW radio production except for DRM model; Japan Radio Co. ending NRD-545 *Major geomagnetic storms past two weeks, but 23 MHz harmonics heard in Australia ### WORLD OF RADIO EXTRA 73 December 12, 2006: see COM 06-09 below WORLD OF RADIO 1339 (+6-176 to 6-180) December 5, 2006 [for full credits listen to show or read recent DX Listening Digests] *New references for SW listeners: EiBi schedules by frequency for B-06 at http://www.eibi.de.vu *New 2007 edition of World Radio TV Handbook just published: ordering info at http://www.wrth.com – absolutely essential *2007 QSL Calendar with 26 high-quality reproductions; ordering info at http://www.rmrc.de *WRMI made schedule changes, so WOR is now Sat 1330 on 7385, Sat 2230 on 9955, Sun 0900 on 9955 *Also on WRMI: Wavescan Sat 1430 7385, Sun 0930 9955; DX Partyline Sat 1130 9955, 1545 7385, Sun 0500 9955; Viva Miami Sat 2200 on 9955 *Enjoyable WBCQ program playing old 78s, Fri 22-23 UT on 7415, ``Behaviour Night`` *WRCY, Mt Vernon, Indiana heard on 2nd harmonic 3180 at 0315, listed as 35 watts at night on 1590 *Pirate Radio USA movie at film fests including Anchroage; video, including trailer for movie at http://www.pirateradiousa.com *From UT Nov 29, mystery tone tests on 1610 kHz, no IDs, heard nationwide, audible day and night in the east; direction-finding points to eastern Virginia, perhaps Fort A P Hill; from Dec 1 changed to 1020 kHz; map showing the fix at http://tonnesoftware.com/1020.gif *Following tests on 590 from Dec 5 did not happen [but were heard by some before the 1610 tests]. FCC would not comment, but there was an application from July 2005 for almost same frequencies, 590, 1020 and 1600 by defense contractor BAE Systems, unconfirmed [later: BAE says they did not conduct these tests] *Negative reactions to changes in Radio Canada International programming; staff should strike like they have before. Nothing new at website of RCI Action Committee *KXOT Tacoma-Seattle carries Ideas from CBC the following day at 1804 UT, handy for those missing CBC airings, http://www.kxot.org – KXOT 91.7 also carries World of Radio, Sundays at 1:32 am PST *One of two Canadians on 1610, CHHA Toronto, was to go off the air due to interference caused in residential area, as of Nov 30 to relocate, but has stayed on the air *Application for new 1670 station in Ottawa to program for children and teenagers [a glitch in the original mp3 files skipped over most of this item] *XEYU, Mexico City testing on SW again, 9599.4 between 14 and 20 UT or later *Caribbean Beacon missing from 6090 and 11775, no Defunct Gene Scott; try 6090 for Latin American and African stations *R. Habana Cuba reactivated 11705, tho not on skeds; heard in Spanish at 2216, Portuguese at 2311 *R. Martí reported on 17660 during the 1600 UT hour, but not confirmed since; we did hear it on 11750 during the 15 UT hour past 16, but on only one day; floating transmitter tactic against jamming? *The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1339, woradio at yahoo.com *Thanks this week for financial support go to Pete Bentley in New York who sent a check in the mail to P O Box 1684, Enid, OK, 73702 USA *Read much more at http://worldofradio.org *ZBC Radio 1, Zimbabwe has reactivated 3396, heard past 2400 UT *Different jamming against SW Radio Africa, 4880, music box or bagpipe *RTM Morocco B-06 in Arabic to Africa, Europe: 09-15 15340, 11-15 15335, 15-22 15345, 22-24 7135, 00-05 5980; site is Tangier except 15340, 15345 Nador *DW English from Sri Lanka to S Asia at 16-17 on 9795 now blocked in NJ by Sackville DRM on 9800 *Collision at 2330 on 6000 between Prague in Spanish via Sackville, and Habana *Collision at 1645-1715 between Sweden and Israel resolved by Sweden moving to 11975 *YLE Radio Finland at yearend will close down all SW and 963 kHz from Pori, but one MW will remain, 558 near Helsinki; until then, SW to NAm: 13-14 13715, 13-15 15400, 16-17 12000 *R. Vilnius, English to NAm at 2330 on 7325, 0030 on 9875, each preceded by Lithuanian; 9875 not always audible; 7325 has interference from Libya via France 7320 *100 kW in Lithuania relays Iran; changed some but not all broadcasts to Europe from 6250 to 6255 due to North Korea. 1430 Russian, 1830 French, 2030 Spanish remain on 6250; 1730 German, 1930 English move to 6255; Italian at 0630 on 7545 *Croatian Radio has excellent music program daily at 1205 on 9830, pop songs of the sixties, some in Croatian *V. of Greece now relaying R. Filia domestic service, 06 Albanian, 07 English, 08 French, 09 Spanish, on 15630 only *R. Jordan, 11690, has Saturday Night Fever show Sat at 16-17, overwhelming Scandinavian Weekend Radio on monthly broadcast Dec 2 *AIR Delhi 7410 out of whack, 312 degrees at 1730-2230, but distorted spurs 7379-7389, 7331-7336, 7351-7363, 7437 // 9445 GOS in English; next day wideband distortion 7401 to 7437 *R. Pilipinas, English at 0200-0330 announced as 15155 but axually on 15115; also 15230 and poor 12030 *Two new SW transmitters to be installed in Sarawak, at Sarikei and Sibu *V. of Indonesia replaced 15150v by 9525 for ME and Europe; 9525 excellent mornings in CNAm, including open carrier at 1400-1500+. We ask them to play back English then! Also English at 2000-2106 *R. East Sepik, PNG, 3335, signed off at 1301, but came back with National Service at 1304-1309 *R. New Zealand revised sked again Dec 5, analog: From 1300 5950, 1551 9870, 1751 11725, 1951 17675, 2259 15720, 0600 9765, 1100 13840 *RNZI DRM came in well, 99.9% for one hour in Finland, 09-10 on 9890, better than webcast *Listening to coup live from Fiji via webcasts at http://www.radiofiji.com.fj such as Fiji Gold service *More on mystery tones on 1610 and 1020 kHz: purpose was PsyOp antenna development, from SE USA, 10 kW, curtailed after discussions with FCC *Megawatt transmitter on 6235 in Moldova, English weekdays at 1700 reported as unID by Dave Valko, PA; will try again; also heard R. Zamaneh 6245 at 1701; Cairo 6230 at 1556 *Propagation outlook from Boulder Dec 5; flux range 110-80 *That`s WOR 1339; Glenn Hauser, inviting you back next week ### WORLD OF RADIO 1338 (+6-173 to 6-175) November 28, 2006 [pending; here are the headlines for WRN] *Drastic changes at Radio Canada International *CBC programs still on SW 9625 *Utah`s other shortwave station, KOH-710 *Is KTMI, new SW from Oregon, a delusion? *Radio República expands via Canada, WRMI, Virgin Islands *Cuba vs Mexico and other collisions *Two Peruvians each around 4965 and 4790 kHz *Comedy from Carthage *English from Faroe Islands, Croatia, Greece, Albania *Likely Italy will terminate SW at yearend *A look at Al-Jazeera English *New Iranian clandestine Radio Democracy Council *Special Haj broadcasts from India *Regional stations from Russian Far East *Firedrake jamming from China expands to mediumwave *Papua New Guinea survey WORLD OF RADIO 1337 (+6-170 to 6-173) November 21, 2006 [for full credits listen to show or read recent DX Listening Digests] *Libya apparently resumes SW from its own soil on 15235, 15415 *Algeria`s Qur`an service still relayed from UK on SW; new schedule *Voice of Biafra International still running, Sat 21-22 on 7380 via South Africa *R. Free Southern Cameroons appears to have closed *Big buzz continues on some Africa Number One frequencies, 9580 and 19160 harmonic, and same also at times on RTV Gabonaise 4777; monitoring showed the buzz fading in and out as if deliberately added to modulation *Channel Africa B-06 English schedule from South Africa *New schedules for target broadcasts to Sudan: South Sudan Interactive, Sudan Radio Service; but Radio Nile has been suspended *Voice of Free Kurdistan hit by Iranian jamming a few minutes after sign-on *Al Jazeera English may not be on US cable or direct satellite services, but freely accessible in North America on Intelsat Americas 5, Ku band, mpeg *Deewa Radio, US service in Pashto to Pakistan, B-06 schedule *Ming Hui Radio, Falung Gong for China, on 7105 *Sound of Hope, clandestine for China, adds Korean language; 13580 Firedrake for this too? *New schedules of clandestines for North Korea, RFNK, Shiokaze, Open Radio *Voice of Russia from FE not making it to North America on 15425, replaced by 7255 at 04-06 *Vietnam relay finally going on 5955 via Austria after 2+ weeks of Israel TV audio by mistake; downlink audio was tuned one channel off, probably at VTC control in London *The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1337; contact info *V. of Indonesia English hour until 0300 on 15150 heard in Western Australia if not in North America; 15150 not scheduled at this time, but when it is, toward Europe *Radio East New Britain, Papua New Guinea, FM relay antenna stolen *No reports lately of PNG regionals, not even NBC Port Moresby 4890. Need monitors nearby to check which ones are still on the air *NBC to get 21 megakina for rehabilitation, but unknown if SW included *Craig Allen has license for 2355 kHz in seven Australian locations, one near Sydney. Plans to start digital broadcasting next year *CVC La Voz, Chile on 17680 collides with DRM from New Zealand on 17675 *AFGE Local 1812 at VOA expects BBG to curtail numerous languages including English, altho plan delayed as FY 2006 funding levels continue *US SW stations made recent frequency changes not yet in published schedules: WWRB to 5850, KAIJ to 9480 *WINB heard relaying WYFR, or rather Family Radio, scheduled 5 hours a day on 13570/9265, but off the air lately *Pirate on 6925 makes number station out of Brother Stair clips *Tentative plan for KNBR 680 San Francisco to go down for maintenance around 0900-1030 UT November 29, a rare chance to hear something else on 680 in the West *KRSN, 1490, Los Alamos NM, to run DX test early Sunday Nov 26 for 10 minutes at 08, 09, 10 UT; 640 watts to a folded unipole antenna on a cellphone tower *CHWO 740 Toronto begins webcasting on its 50th anniversary; via http://www.am740.ca *With CHTN 720 PEI closed down, Phil Rafuse there picked up Greenland instead on caradio *radio six international, Glasgow, special broadcast for Saint Andrew`s night, Nov 30 at 2100 UT on FM, webcasts, and tentatively SW 5775 via IRRS, Bulgaria *BBCWS via WHRI escapes Polonia via Guiana French collision on 9660 at 22-23 [not 21-23] by moving to 9480 at 21-23; KAIJ also moved to 9480 but has to stop at 21 *RFI item misspoken last week: 16, 18 and 21 on 17630 are Spanish, not French; and English at 1400 does appear on their schedule for Asia on 5920 *Both Ukraine and Sweden left collision on 5840; Ukraine to 5830 and Sweden to 5865 at 21-22 *R. Vilnius, Lithuania, B-06 English schedule *Callsign of Gulfstream plane relaying TV and Radio Martí is N820CB, rented to Phoenix air *R. Habana has moved to from 9820 to 6180, colliding with Amazônia, Brasil, and bothering México on 6185; also puts mixing product with 6060 on 6300 *R. República, clandestine for Cuba, added Tue-Sat 02-05 on 9630 via Canada, so Cuba is now jamming Canada, and only 5 kHz from CBC Northern Québec 9625 *Contradictory reports of Perú on 4790, Radio Visión and Radio Atlántida *Propagation outlook; flux range 70-80-70 ### WORLD OF RADIO 1336 (+6-167 to 6-170) November 21, 2006 [pending; here are the headlines for WRN] *Strikes at Radio France International *Latvia coming back to 9290 in December *Moldovan megawatt at noon *Israeli TV on Austrian shortwave *B-06 schedules from Bulgaria, Italy *Canada blocks Myanmar, and broadcasts Cuban exiles *Nice music from North Korea *Wantok Radio Light awaiting new frequencies *6-station Montana MW DX tests November 19 *HCJB still has English with Spotlight *Who`s got the buzz? Gabon *New HFCC schedule for B-06 now available WORLD OF RADIO 1335 (+6-163 thru 6-167) November 7, 2006 [for full credits listen to show or read recent DX Listening Digests] *Public Diplomacy Council forum on International Broadcasting, Thu Nov 16 from 8:30 am EST at Jack Morton Auditorium, GWU, 805 21st St NW, Washington DC 20052. Register via http://www.publicdiplomacycouncil.org *New B-06 FCC schedule of private US SW stations: http://www.fcc.gov/ib/sand/neg/hf_web/B06FCC01.TXT *Including KTMI in Oregon, not really on the air yet, or even built? 01-05 11570, 02-04 9845, 07-11 9820 but don`t expect to hear it any time soon *KAIJ near Dallas wants reception reports, 13-24 9340, 00-06 5755, and will QSL as long as limited supply of cards lasts ONLY for E-mail reports sent via woradio @ yahoo.com --- Include your postal address *WWCR has canceled the final repeat of WOR, Wed 1030 on 9985; now the final SW airing each week on SW is WBCQ 7415, Mon 0515v *Mobile Broadcast Network also availablizes WOR audio by phoning 646- 213-0005 and entering Program number 2679 *KOA Denver aux on 25950 NBFM heard in Pennsylvania at 1940 *KSL Salt Lake aux on 26190 NBFM heard in Florida at 1844, 1755 *Not much DX activity on 11 meters, but others reported in last few months heard in Quebec: WAND (Ch 17) Decatur IL on 26350 at 2305, with news and WNOX (100.3 MHz) Knoxville TN on 26410 at 1410, talk radio *RCI is still carrying one hour of Sounds Like Canada on SW, M-F at 16-17 (not 15-16) on 9515, 13655, 17820, but it is the first hour, meaning that Afghanada which is in the final half-hour on Fridays is not heard then, but RCI runs that Sat 2330 on 6100, Sun 0030 on 9755; the hilarious Dead Dog in the City does get on SW by luck of the draw, since it`s in the first hour of SLC on Thursdays, 1644 UT *Radio Insurgente, Chiapas clandestine, may be active again. Check 6000v Fridays 2050-2200 *Radio Habana Cuba replaces 9820 with 6180 for English at 00-05, maybe -07; new frequency on schedule in Spanish at 13-15, 15370, is probably typo for 13750 *West Africa Democracy Radio, from Senegal via UK, moves from 17 MHz to 12000 for first hour at 0700-0800, possiblizing its reception in NAm nightmiddle; 08-11 scheduled on 17860 *Radio Centrafrique heard on 7220 from 0559 past 0640, tho France in Hausa is scheduled there [CAf 7220 may vary to 7221] *Radio Saint Helena revival heard worldwide Nov 4 from before 1800 to after 0100 Nov 5, on 11092.5v-USB; even tho could not turn antenna all the way to NAm at 2330 *RUV, Iceland to end SW relays by yearend; approx. sked to Eu: 1215- 1300 13865, 1755-1825 12115; NAm 1410-1440 & 1835-1905 13865, 2300- 2335 12115, all reduced-carrier USB *RTE, Ireland, by a fluke of scheduling is again on SW via WRN via WRMI 7385, M-F 14-15, preceded by RN at 13, followed by Prague and Sweden until 16 *BBCWS relays from Asia showing up on new frequencies, 11895, 6040, 9440, some unlisted or temporary *New 250 kW SW transmitter made by RIZ, Croatia, in use at Woofferton UK, with another to come, plus a third for Skelton by next year *Thanks this week for financial support to Rod Scribner, Maine, in memory of Rocky, with a check in the mail to P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702; our edress, woradio at yahoo.com and website http://www.worldofradio.org *Don`t you believe the English schedule on R. France International`s website. We give a more accurate one, tho not all confirmed; missing English hour to Asia at 14 is confirmed on 5920 via Chita, Russia *R. Netherlands B-06 English includes to NAm via Bonaire: 12 on 11675, 00, 01 and 05 on 6165. No more Bonaire to Pacific. We can also hear SAs service via Madagascar, 14-16 on 12080, 15595; African service 19-21 on 17810 Bonaire; Sat & Sun also to NAm on 15525 and 15315 Bonaire, 17725 Sackville *World Radio Network via Germany: 00-01 IBC Tamil for Sri Lanka on 6175; Romania in DRM 15-1530 on 7340 *Croatia via Germany again has three overlapping transmitters, now on 7285, 23-04 to SAm, 00-04 to ENAm, 02-06 to WNAm; also 05-08 9470 to NZ with same antenna and azimuth as to SAm earlier; and 06-10 on 11690 to Au *International Radio Serbia resuming SW on Nov 6, 1730-22 on 6100 to Europe, including Mandarin 1845, English 1930; however, start delayed, and heavily interfered *Despite best efforts, R. Tirana found itself colliding with Russia in B-06 for English at 1945-2000 on 6130 while 7465 is clear. Looking for replacement to 6130, maybe 6135. Other English to Eu, 21-2130 on 7530 heard well as far as Japan *English from Voice of Greece now scheduled Sat 14-15, Hellenes Around the World and Sun 1105-12 It`s All Greek to Me, both on 9420, 17525, poorly heard in NAm. Another English block is UT Mon 0030-0130 on 7475, 9420 *Macedonian station reconfirmed with brief English news around 1255 on 9935; same transmitter also heard on harmonic 19870 at 1224 *Voice of Russia`s new English to North America schedule *Radio Ukraine International, B-06 English has already made a change: Eu 2200 on 5830 ex-5840; NAm 01 & 04 on 5820; Eu 12 on 9925 *Voice of Turkey puts mixing product on 20050, 15350 leapfrogging 17700 until 1325 *Al Jazeera to start English satellite TV news channel Nov 15 after many delays; supposed to be on a few US cable and satellite systems *Malaysia`s B-06 schedule shows two sites on 6050 at same time, Kajang near Kuala Lumpur at 02-17, and Sibu, East Malaysia at 02-15; Kajang is off frequency around 6049.65 causing het *RRI Biak, Papua, Indonesia, reactivated on 4920, heard in Japan from before 0830 to 1015, KO`ing Lhasa, with Jayapura news at 0930 // Serui 4605 *Sound of Hope, and/or Chinese Firedrake jamming shifted to: 10400, 13970?, 14400, 17350 *As happens every winter, V. of Mongolia, English at 15 and 20 on 12015, blocked by V. of Korea on same *Korean numbers station heard in Uruguay on 6215, at 0908 and 1008 *V. of Korea`s English broadcast at 10 vanished from A-06 frequencies; now on 6185, 6285, 9325, 9850. English to Europe at 13, 15, 18 and 21 on 7570 and 12015 *Propagation outlook from Boulder, Nov 7 ### WORLD OF RADIO 1334 (+6-159 thru 6-163) October 31, 2006 [for full credits listen to show or read recent DX Listening Digests] *Radio Saint Helena Day, Saturday Nov 4 between 1800 and 0100 UT Sunday Nov 5 on 11092.5 USB; change of address for p-mail-only reception reports to: P O Box 24, Jamestown *After so much trouble and expense to set up the SW station, why only use it once a year? Should broadcast once a week or even every night relaying Saint Helena domestic service *Burkina Faso was reactivated Oct 28-31 on 5030, 7230 *R. Kahuzi, Congo DR, 6209.66, ran much later than usual Oct 29-30, past 2200 *Zambia, 5915, heard in antipodal Hawaii from 1545 past 1800 *V. of Africa, Libya via France, English at 14-16 is back on 17725 with big hum, 21695 *Galei Zahal, Israeli Defence Forces, on 15785.06 past 1600 collides with WEWN *New Kurdish clandestine on TDP schedule, Denge Rojhelat at 1700-1900 on 7590 *Iran`s relay via Lithuania is now on 6250 including English at 1930; Pyongyang already on 6250 *Pakistan`s B06 English: 0730-0830 15100 17835, probably also 1100- 1105; 1600-1615 on 6215, 7530, 11570; Assami at 0045-0115 may include some English, 7445, 9330 *All India Radio has finally moved four 90m regional outlets to 60m: 4810 Bhopal, 4835, Gangtok, 4965 Shimla, 5015 Delhi *R. Thailand B-06 English *V. of Indonesia lately has been leaving hummy carrier on 9525 from 1400 to 1530 or so, then continuous 6:24 loop of gamelan orchestral music and English IDs; 1601 into Arabic in wrong direction *NHK pressured to play up the North Korean kidnapping story, and Radio Japan heard making it a major world news item, solidarity with Equatorial Guinea on this *Major cuts in KBS World Radio output per new B-06 schedule, more so in other languages than English *Both Danforth W. Austin and Russell Hodge get VOA appointments, as Director, and Director of TV; Austin has no broadcast experience, but print with Wall Street Journal *KAIJ, Dallas, testing new 9340 between 1300 and 2400 *Hmong Lao Radio, which we enjoy for the rustic music, now at 14-15 Sat & Sun via WHRI 11785 *Thanks this week for financial support go to Bill Lauterbach *Contrary to last week, New York Radio, VOLMET is active on one frequency, 10051-USB, during the first 20 minutes of each semihour; but might as well be off when all the cities have ``missing`` conditions. FAA is responsible for this *Pirate, MAC Shortwave, evenings on 3200 halfway between WWRB 3185 and WWCR 3215 *RCI has started new programming, mainly The Link for two hours on weekdays, instead of The Current and half of Sounds Like Canada in the mornings; also with CBC`s Afghanada, a new war drama thru January 19 *Mixups at Sackville: Northern Quebec service on 15240 instead of R. Sweden *RCI European and African services well heard off the back in North American afternoons: 18-19 on 13650, 15365, 17740; 21-22 on 9770 *Rapid clicks heard on various SW frequencies correlate with Cuban jammers against Radio Martí, 50 to 150 kHz away, spurs of jammers. R. Martí back on 15330 in daytime, 5745 in early mornings *Radio República was about to move to 7335 which would have ruined CHU along with Cuban jamming. We headed it off, and R.R. went to 5970 instead, M-F 23-04, tho it could have stayed on 5910 since Ukraine was not really moving there for B-06 but staying on 5820. 5970 collides with Spain in French at 23-24 *Cuban relay of Venezuela, 13680, goes haywire with ringing noise covering 150 kHz *Ever notice how R. Nacional de Venezuela is always all about what Chávez says or does? You`d think something else noteworthy would happen in a diverse nation of 25 megapeople. Sure sign it`s nothing but propaganda for egomaniacal leader *Speaking of which, Don`t Vote Republican! *VT Communications is now running non-broadcast DRM services within the SWBC bands, e.g. 11860 and 9665, ``Multimedia Object Transfer``; could be Norway transmitter? *One-day strike Oct 25 against R. France International so played music instead during English at 14 on 6120; that transmission vanished with start of B-06, no replacement found; check 15275 Ascension for English at 12 *RFI reorganization will reposition 19 languages; unions say it`s being marginalized *Deutsche Welle has now cancelled all analog German to NAm, like it did English earlier; A World of Music can still be heard Mon 2130 on 11690 via Rwanda *R. Prague`s new relay via Canada now at 15 on 15160, very good here; also 0400 on 5990 *R. Slovakia International confirmed back on SW, but only till yearend; English schedule given last week. José Miguel Romero says it`s a cruel joke as the director, an internet proponent, wants SW to fail for good, and they no longer have enough staff to produce a new program every day. In Spanish, just three programs a week, then repeated *New R. Polonia relay via Germany, English at 13 on 9525 is gangbusters into New Jersey, but totally blocked in Oklahoma by Indonesia. We wait for RRI to vanish as it does periodically *Polonia`s new relay in Polish via French Guiana back to Europe at 22- 23 on 9660 collides with BBCWS in English to Caribbean, also just moved there via WHRI. Bad mixture as heard in Houston, Enid, and no doubt worse in the Caribbean *Radio Station Pridnestrovye, Moldova, English at 17 heard on new 6235 *R. Romania International with special Listeners` Day program Sunday Nov 5; some English frequencies are at 13 15105 and 17745; 2130, 23 and 01 on 6115; 01 and 04 on 9515 *Director General of RTV Albania, Artur Zheji, forced to resign; changes coming at R. Tirana? *Italian government urges Rai to cut foreign languages from 26 to 5, and reduce or eliminate SW next year *Propagation outlook WORLD OF RADIO 1333 (+6-152 thru 6-159) October 24, 2006 [for full credits listen to show or read recent DX Listening Digests] *B-06 shortwave broadcasting season starts October 29 with many time and/or frequency changes *Including World of Radio: on WWCR, Fri 2130 15825, Sat 1700 12160, Sun 0330 5070, 0730 3215, Wed 1030 9985; on WBCQ Wed 2300 7415, Thu 0000 18910, Mon 0400 9330, Mon 0515 7415; on WRMI, Sat 1530 7385, Sun 0900 9955. For full schedule see http://www.worldofradio.com/radioskd.html *VOA Director David Jackson has resigned; clashed with professional journalists over slanting coverage to favor Bush administration; possible replacements: Russ Hodge, Danforth Austin [both: Austin as Director, Hodge as TV Director] *New York Radio, VOLMET on SW, missing from all four frequencies, NOTAMS confirm *KAIJ Dallas testing new frequencies, 9975 in morning, 9895 in afternoon, partly with Gene Scott, each interfering with other stations. KAIJ transmitter in bad shape, maybe at only 20 kW *Brother Stair testing 250 kW on 13730 at 20-21 UT; is it French Guiana or France? Blocks New Zealand *100,000 Slavic fundamentalist immigrants have settled in Sacramento area, prompted by SW broadcasts originating here, transmitted by FEBC Saipan, and they demonstrate against gays http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/nationworld/2003311889_gays19.html *Low-power KOA Denver FM relay on 25950 reported again from Paraguay; a pipeline to there? *Air America has filed for Ch. 11 bankruptcy, but continues on the air *AA founders have started a new progressive network from Phoenix, Nova M, http://www.novamradio.com including Mike Malloy, John Zogby *Arlington, VA has a new 100-watt TIS on 1700, Voice of Arlington; gets out *CHU, Canada`s timesignal station, announces every minute that next April 1 it may have to close, change frequency or relicense; 7335 no longer available in fixed service, but broadcasting. Why not define CHU as a broadcast station? One option. See http://makeashorterlink.com/?M4C61200E and send your support to radio.chu @ nrc.gc.ca *But things are already changing on the 7 MHz band: RCI Sackville heard testing at midday on 7310, first time on 7 MHz; and Radio República, clandestine via Germany, planned to use CHU`s 7335 frequency in B-06 M-F at 23-04, surely to be joined by DentroCuban jamming [we headed this off, and RR will be on 5970 instead] *New Oct-Nov-Dec series on CBC Radio 2, The Concerto According to Manny, Emanuel Ax on the piano concerto, a program within a program, Fridays at 1705 [from Nov, 1805] UT on Eastern zone webstream *CHTN, 720, Charlottetown PEI, about to go off the air; 3-month overlap with its FM replacement ends Nov 3, but could close earlier such as Oct 31 *More and more Canadian AM stations are moving to FM; yet, in Toronto area two competing applications for new station on 1650, one English, one ethnic *Thanks this week for financial support go to Tom McLaughlin, Lubbock TX, in memory of Gigi Lytle *Radio Martí found on new 9515 from 2200, making 4 SW frequencies at once instead of 3; already heavily jammed *Radio Apintie, Suriname, 4990, heard in Brasil, New Hampshire, Denmark *Not to be confused with R. Ancash, Perú on 4990.93 *R. Nacional Huanuni, Bolivia, bombed off the air Oct 5, was back a week later, on 5968.58, tentatively reported another morning on 5967.75 *Spanish on 13363 SSB is from Argentine army feeder to Antarctica, LTA, heard from 02 past 05, usually sports. If you hear English broadcast close to same SSB frequency, it`s AFN, Guam *Strong harmonic from CVC Chile heard in Paraguay on 19270 = 2 x 9635, on the air from 12 to 24 in B-06; so far unheard here *But second harmonic of Africa No. One, Gabon, we hear almost every day on 19160, sometimes well, as late as 2240 *Radio Saint Helena revives special SW broadcast, Saturday Nov 4 on 11092.5 USB, from 1830 until 0100 November 5, the last sesquihour for North America. Reports by P-mail only with $3 or 3 IRCs; details at http://www.sthelena.se/radioproject/ *R. Kahuzi, Congo DR, 6210, heard until 1730 in Europe; interference from Greece is Avlis, 15630 minus 9420 *Radio Cairo`s B-06 English schedule, includes 11885 to North America at 2300-2430; just like last winter it collides with WYFR in Portuguese *Spain`s B-06 English including 6055 to North America at 00-01, so we can finally hear them again *Unscheduled English from RFI via Japan at 1400 on 6120 has continued, but will it last into B-06? *R. Prague has been experimenting since Oct 9 with English to western North America at 1400 on 15350, via Sackville, very good here, with previous day`s programs. In B-06 will change to 15160 [and only until yearend] *R. Slovakia International confirmed it would resume SW schedule Oct 29, having been silent since end of June; including English: 07 Au 13700, 15460; 1730 Eu 5915, 6055; 1930 Eu 5915, 7345; 0100 NAm 7230 [in ham band!], SAm 9440 --- but also only for two months *R. Polonia starts relays via Germany Oct 29, including English as given last time; except 7130 at 1800 will really be via France. Other transmissions via French Guiana, but back towards Europe, Polish at 2030 on 9640, 11940; 22-23 on 9660. They could easily have a real North America service that way, but no plans for any *R. Tirana, Albania, B-06 English, daily exc. Sun/UT Mon: Eu 1945-2000 6130, 7465; 21-2130 7530; NAm 0245-03 & 0330-04 6115, 7465. Albanian to NAm, 00-0130 7425 *Israel Radio, B-06 English to NAm/Eu u.o.s.: 0430-0445 7545, 9345, CAm/Au 17600; 1030-1045 15760, 17535; 1830-1845 6985, 7545, 9345; 2000-2025 7545, 9345; SAf 15640 *R. Zamaneh, for Iran via Ukraine, added morning broadcast at 02-04 on 7590, confirmed in Uruguay *IRIB, B-06 English: 1030-1130 15460, 17660; 1530-1630 7330, 6160; 1930-2030 6010, 7320, 9855, 11695; 0130-0230 NAm 7160, 6120. 1930 also relayed via Lithuania on 6250 *After one-year delay, All India Radio may finally move four 90-mb stations to 60m with B-06: look for Shimla on 4965, Bhopal 4810, Delhi-Kingsway 5015; and Gangtok, Sikkim 4845, opening at 01, closing at 16 except Sunday 1630 *High-power transmitters from RRI/Voice of Indonesia resumed in mid- October after missing a month, on 15150, 11860, 9680, 9525. Checked daily around 1300, 9525 sometimes there, sometimes not *RNZI often missing from analog frequencies, such as 7145 while DRM counterpart keeps running *RNZI B-06 analog schedule changes to: 1751 on 9870, 1851 on 11675, 1951 on 17675, 2151 on 15720, 0359 on 17675, 0659 9890, 1059 13840, 1259 5950 *Propagation outlook ### WORLD OF RADIO Extra 72 October 17, 2006: see COM 06-08 below WORLD OF RADIO 1332 (+6-149 thru 6-151) October 10, 2006 [for full credits listen to show or read recent DX Listening Digests] *Former worker at Iraq`s major SW site, Salah el Deen, is heartbroken over its destruction as viewed on Google Earth *Iran`s English broadcasts including Voice of Justice, and low-quality webcasts via http://english.irib.ir/ *Radio Solh, for Afghanistan, 17700, seems to play the same music at the same time every day *Radio Peace, from Afghanistan on 9345 audible in Finland around 1200 *Tajikistan`s English broadcast on 7245 at 0345 announced as 12 hours later, when it also may air *Jose Jacob`s monitoring from near the Himalayas includes Kashmir broadcasts from both sides; and Bhutan *Altho it is not seasonal change time, China Radio International showing up on new frequencies in English: 1300 on 15595; 0100 on 9470 *Sound of Hope changes some frequencies, and so the Firedrake jamming too: 10450, 13970, 14700, 17310 as of October 10 *Missionary SW station in Pohnpei, Micronesia is under construction, to be 500 watts on tropical band *New Zealand`s DRM blots out 10+ kHz of 40 m hamband, 7140-7150; hams should insist they move it elsewhere *Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Al-Hurra and Radio Sawa, has new VP for news, Larry Register, formerly with NBC and CNN *Martí mixing products from Greenville may result from diplexing two transmitters onto one feedline into antennas AS-34 and 35 *Another new Cuban exile program on WRMI, Radio Nueva Nación, Saturdays at 1230 on 9955; http://www.pndcuba.org bumps World of Radio to 1300 *Progress report on WRNO`s return to SW; antenna work and other repairs at transmitter site; target date unknown *Standard disclaimer *RCI`s interim programming for October on weekdays is Canada Today: In Transition, magazine with reports and Canadian music; Lynn Desjardins and Jim Craig will produce new show from end of October but Wojtek Gwiazda not mentioned. Keep an eye on RCI Action Committee website http://www.geocities.com/rciaction *RCI to become a domestic broadcaster: New show will be called The Link; one hour in English for new Canadians at home on webcast; second hour on SW for abroad. Why can`t CBC handle all domestic broadcasting and leave RCI budget for external only? *Spanish at 0036 on 27450 in Tennessee could be second harmonic of RCI Sackville 13725, by sporadic E? *I`m hearing Spanish 2-way on SSB inside broadcast bands, such as 15372 after 1300 and 1400; 9697 after 1330. No IDs and hard to understand, maybe fishing poachers or narcotraffickers. Native speakers please monitor *Another mystery; on 13363.4, Spanish music broadcast around 2300. Could be Argentine army LTA relay to Antarctica, but AFN Guam is also on frequency, and English also heard. AFN not known to have any Spanish *Radio Quito, La Voz de la Capital, Ecuador, reactivated on 4919, heard in Spain 0425-0708 with lots of nice music, many IDs *Radio Nacional Huanuni, Bolivia, bombed off the air Oct 5 in violent confrontation between salaried miners and cooperativists; government promises to get it back on air [and heard again by Arnaldo Slaen a week later on 5968.58 variable] *R. Gazeta, São Paulo, 5955, 9685 and the only Brazilian on 19m, 15325, has resumed programming produced by students instead of pros *Mauritania was not running 24 hours for Ramadan on 4845, until October 8 *19-21 MHz range is not totally vacant; we heard harmonic of Africa Number One, Gabon, on 19160 around 2000, and as early as 1300, 2 x 9580. Previously reported from Europe but not North America *Djibouti, 4780, running an hour later during Ramadan until 2200 *R. six international, Scotland, monthly SW broadcast via IRRS via Bulgaria in October: Sat 14 at 0830-0930 on 9310, Sun 15 at 0700-0800 on 9310; Thu 19 at 1900-2000 on 5775, each with Saturday Sounds, Letter from America and Dxtra *BBCWS relays for Caribbean in B-06 include new 5875 at 11-12 and 21- 23 on 9660 via WHRI; also schedule via French Guiana *France`s missing 1400 UT broadcast in English discovered on 6120, presumably via Japan instead of scheduled Vietnamese *Radio Farda heard in UK on 25870 at 1552; from where? Next day at same time, DRM, so maybe a test *Radio Polonia`s new relay plans for B-06 include English via Germany 1300-1400 on 5975 and 9525, 1800-1900 on 6015 and 7130 [7130 axually via France and will use French Guiana for some other transmissions, but NONE intended for Western Hemisphere!]. Could now do a real North American service *Radio Budapest B-06 English schedule *Dniprovska Hvylya, low-power Ukraine station on 11980.21 reported from Austria at 0510 *V. of Turkey`s B-06 English schedule *Propagation outlook CONTINENT OF MEDIA 06-09, October 9, 2006 [with DXLD issues where you may read more] *This is Continent of Media 06-09, a.k.a. World of Radio Extra 73 *Universal makes COM possible, 1-800-431-3939, for a catalog, or http://www.universal-radio.com *Universal also sponsors http://www.dxing.com for much more info including audio access to this program *[continued from 06-08] More on monitoring Alaska bush communications on SW for emergency services; bird flu discussion: 3230, 5167.56 [6- 138] *KICY, 850, Nome AK, is running 25 kW non-direxional; was 50/10 kW until a fire; next plans to go to 50 kW at all times, and direxional during missionry broadcast to Russia at 11 pm-4 am local, which is UT -8 in summer, triple-DST; see http://www.kicy.org Prime example of US MW station with external service [6-138] *Also WTOR 770 from New York to Toronto, but daytime only; KGBT 1530 Harlingen TX has most coverage at night in Mexico [6-138] *California 103.1 is in Calgary, Alberta, CIQX, http://www.california103.com and even included something about Inglewood, which is a Calgary neighborhood too [6-129, 6-130] *IBOC digital tests on FM band in Toronto on 99.1 and 90.3, but no plans to try it on AM band [6-126] *CBA 1070, main CBC Radio 1 outlet in the Maritimes, applies to move to FM 106.1; will leave gaping hole after 3-month overlap. Site was originally Sackville, moved in 1970s to Moncton NB. So no mixing products between RCI SW frequencies and 1.07 MHz [6-131] *CBC Chairman Guy Fournier resigns after joking about bestiality being OK in Lebanon, and the joys of bowel movements [6-141] *CBC TV needs to be as good as CBC Radio; start with eliminating ads [6-103] *How birdwatching correlates with DXing, per Qal R. Man, Mike Brooker, Sheldon Harvey; see http://www.birdprotectionquebec.org [6-104, 6-106] *Air navigation routes have clever names around St. Louis and elsewhere [6-138] *HFCC shortwave frequency coordination excludes most Latin American stations; maybe a future meeting will be held at HCJB. But why is it necessary to do it in person, with the Internet, WRTH and Passport [6-146] *From 2007, DST starts on second Sunday in March in North America, so the previous week of confusion between Europe and NAm becomes a fortnight of confusion; and in some years such as 2008 it will be a sesquifortnight; furthermore DST will last one week longer. This will impact SW frequency schedule changes and lead to collisions if not compensated for. WYFR is one US station which does not make DST shifts anyway [6-126] *DX meeting planned for Tarma, Perú, Feb. 20-22, 2007, with connexions via Lima. Info from cpds1 @ hotmail.com They might be surprised if some North Americans would like to attend in combination with a vacation in Perú [6-128] *Last-minute schedule changes at public TV stations to get programs about Andy Warhol, Marie Antoinette later in evening or postponed due to sexual content; at least in Oklahoma, Denver, St Louis, due to uncertainty about FCC enforcement regarding indecency. Our freedom of speech erodes [6-144, 6-145, 6-146] *That`s COM 06-09, a.k.a. later as World of Radio Extra 73 ### WORLD OF RADIO 1331 (+6-145 thru 6-148) October 3, 2006 [for full credits listen to show or read recent DX Listening Digests] *Yet another new service, Radio Deewa, in Pashto for Pakistan, border area with Afghanistan, including SW 1300-1400 on 15645, 11510; also on 100.5 FM and expected to add MW 621 from Afghanistan. That makes four US-sponsored broadcasts to Afghanistan and Pakistan http://www.voadeewaradio.com *Pentagon study says VOA Persian TV and Radio Farda are not tough enough on Iranian government; Kim Elliott comments *R. Martí 11930 Greenville transmitter puts out unjammed spurs by mixing with other VOA services, on 11965, 12015, 12140 *Publisher of Miami Herald and its Spanish version resigns after Martí moonlighting scandal; those fired may get their jobs back *WRNO, still not on the air, gets more publicity in Fort Worth newspaper; fears it may stir up more Moslem resentment by trying to convert them; used to have neo-Nazi connexion *Low-power HAR station near Chicago, WQBR256, on 1620 kHz has been heard at Finnish DXpedition site; other X-band HAR or TIS in eastern US could make it to Europe before westerly broadcasters fade in *Pirate on Catalina Island on 100.1 with big format claims freedom of religion makes it legal *Another chance to hear 13 episodes of Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival, on WUOT Knoxville, with high-quality webcast, Oct thru Dec, Mondays at 8 pm ET, now 0000 UT Tue; and new season of New York Philharmonic is starting on WUOT at 8 pm Thursdays, also many other stations, and on-demand, http://www.newyorkphilmarmonic.org *Iva Toguri has died at 90; was unjustly prosecuted as ``Tokyo Rose``; several obits in the press http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060927/ap_on_re_us/obit_d_aquino_1 http://www.sanluisobispo.com/mld/sanluisobispo/news/nation/14963265.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iva_Toguri_D%27Aquino http://www.dyarstraights.com/orphan_ann/orphanan.html *CFRX engineer is awaiting parts and time to repair 6070 transmitter in Toronto *RCI cancels most of its program production, retaining only Canada Today and Maple Leaf Mailbag for October; new shows start at end of October; what`s really going on? *The House, on CBC and RCI Saturday mornings is not a dull show about Canadian politics, but includes comedy, US politics; interviewed President of Latvia, who is a Canadian *CHTN 720 Charlottetown PEI about to be turned off as simulcast period with its FM replacement runs out *Now`s the time to DX CFPR, Prince Rupert BC, before new San Francisco station starts on 860 *Canadian HF radar shut off after one complaint of interference; WTFK? *This is the eleven-cubed edition of WOR, 1331, possibly a more significant milestone than a show ending in 00 *True to form, Radio Líder, Colombia, gone again after a bit more than one week of activity with good signals all night on 6139.8; not heard since September 30 *Another Venezuela relay via Cuba found by chance, the only way to do it, at 1200 on 11705 *La Voz de la Selva, Perú, active on 4824.49 at 2340; on the other side of 4825 is Radio Sicuani, Perú, in Quechua at 1006 on 4826.4 *On 4924.87, R. Educação Rural, Tefé, Brasil heard signing on earlier at 0930, and off at 0200 *Rádio Difusora de Poços de Caldas, 4945 has photos of transmitter site at http://www.difusorapocos.com.br/transmissores/sw.php *Polisario Front station from Algeria to Western Sahara moves from 7460 to 7425, not heard every night but on Oct 3; 1700-2400 with Spanish moved from the first hour to the last; also in mornings from 0600. MW 1550 ex-700 heard better in Portugal, Massachusetts *Mauritania not running 4845, 24 hours for Ramadan, but heard past usual 0100 sign-off until 0142; normal sign-on is 0630 *RTG, Guinea, supposed to move into new Chinese-supplied building October 2 after 2-year delay, not including the external service *Burkina Faso missing again from 5030, 7230 *V. of Nigeria invites listeners to hear music and mailbag programs on 15120; for full monitored program schedule at 17-21 see DXLD 6-135 *R. Kahuzi, 6210v, missionary station in Bukavu, Congo DR, heard as late as 1730 and may test relaying VOA off satellite until 2000 when DX reception should be better; less than 1 kW *R. Uganda, 4976, heard running all night instead of closing at 2100; is it for Ramadan? Only 16% Moslem. SABC IDs also reported [but probably mistaken] *No SW broadcasts from Gibraltar, except VOLMET heard at 0812 on 9031-USB *Unable to confirm RFI, France in English at 1400 on 21620; can anyone hear it when the Libyan relay on 21695 is audible at same time? *Deutsche Welle to pay VT Communications 4 megapounds a year for SW relays from January *Often criticized as a gangsters' paradise and Soviet theme park, Transdniester is on a charm offensive -- at least in cyberspace. See http://Pridnestrovie.net and http://www.tiraspoltimes.com/ *Amusing site about the bad old days in Albania: http://www.enverhoxha.info/frame.htm *On October 1 only, R. Jordan was on 11960 by mistake instead of 11690, for English around 1600; in the clear, but back to 11690 with RTTY, HCJB, and now China in French *Sound of Hope, and consequently Chinese Firedrake musical jamming, seem to have settled on 10400, 13970, 14600 and 17330, all four heard at once by Olle Alm, Sweden *Voice of Indonesia has been missing from 9525, and 15150 including Spanish at 1700; also RRI 9680 which had Kangguru Radio English at 1000 twice a week *Daylight shifting has already started in New Zealand, so World of Radio via World FM, Tawa, and webcast airs one UT hour earlier, Thu 0905, 2200, Fri 2005, Sun 0105, plus relays of WRN UT Sat & Sun 1732, which will shift one hour later from end of October; http://www.worldfm.co.nz/ *World Radio Network satellite service to Africa and Asia is no longer on Intelsat 1002, but on PanAmSat 10, including WOR Saturdays at 0800 *Website with latest info on special MW DX tests reformatted into blog: http://www.dxtests.info/ *Just in from Kai Ludwig: Public Radio of Armenia external SW service off since October 1 *Propagation outlook from Boulder, Sept 26, part II WORLD OF RADIO 1330 (+6-140 thru 6-144) September 26, 2006 *Ramadan is underway; many stations in Islamic countries extend schedules to all-night *Saudi Arabia megawatt on 1521 kHz included, often heard in eastern North America *Yom Kippur is October 2; Israel Radio takes a day off *Coalition Maritime Forces around Arabia heard warning terrorists on 6577 *Latin Americans looking forward to evening Spanish broadcast from Turkey come January; but another part of Voz de Turquía denies it *Iran`s interval signal is "Baran Eshgh" or Loves Rainfall by Nasser Cheshmazar *Bangladesh Betar varies 4750 to 4753; English at 1530-1600 *After a day of confusion after the coup, it was business as usual at R. Thailand *Foreign media blocked in Thailand; BBC had prematurely canceled its SW service in Thai, and VOA plans to, but for now VOA expanded it *Over 300 community radio stations in Thailand suspended *Mass resignations at Media Corporation of Thailand *Chinese Firedrake jamming presumably against Sound of Hope on 10200 for a while, then 10400, both outside the ham and broadcast bands *Australia finally leaves 6080 to Radio Singapore International, English at 1100-1400, after colliding all winter with backup Northern Territory relay *Indonesians audible here around 1300: RRI Serui 4605, Makassar 4750, Fak Fak 4790, the first two axually slightly low in frequency *Journalists` 24-hour strike against ABC in Australia, and threats of more industrial axion *Missionaries in Pohnpei, Micronesia plan SW station with fix-tuned radios for victims *USCG Guam with typhoon updates at 2130 on 13089-USB *Thanks this week for financial support go to Gerald T. Pollard *AFRTS, Florida Keys, 12133.5 and 7811 USBs heard at times with oldie music streams instead of talk *WBOH transmitter severely out of whack with noisy spurs below 5920 *WODI, 1230, Brookneal VA, starts weekly DX tests from October 1, 0400-0405 UT Sundays including Morse code, sweep tones *Demolition of old WOR towers in New Jersey delayed at last minute for fear of upsetting drivers who would not know what was happening *FCC warns balloonists in Albuquerque and truckers not to use ham frequencies without license *Ham tests begin on ``600 meters``, 506 kHz, by WD2XSH/20, Oregon, at 0100-0430; see http://500kc.com/ *CFRX, 6070, Toronto, has broken down again and off the air; but has new QSL for it and CFRB, 1010 *CKDO, 1580, Oshawa, Ontario special anniversary broadcast UT Oct 6 0100-0600; DX listener call-ins *CBC`s new comedy show on Sat & Mon evenings, listed as ``Debaters`` is called on air ``Master Debaters`` *New IRCA Mexican Log 2006 published: $11.50 for non-members in North America to IRCA Bookstore, 9705 Mary Ave NW, Seattle WA 98117-2334, and checks MUST be payable to Phil Bytheway or 50 cents more by PayPal to: fokker_d8 @ yahoo.com *We found Habana on new 13750 mornings in Spanish; Arnie Coro says it`s 100 kW Chinese transmitter, aimed at CNAm *V. of Guiana reactivated on 3291.16 variable, heard in morning and evening *R. Líder, Colombia, reactivated on 6139.8, lots of music all-night *New Peruvian on 5602.6, R. La Voz de los Andes, in El Higuerón, San Miguel de El Faique, Huancabamba; but in 1998 was station in same place on same frequency, R. La Voz del Campesino, same owner *LRA-36 Antarctica, 15476-USB, audible in Uruguay, Friday Sept 2 between 1945 and 2040, mostly music *Polisario station changed from 7460 to 7425 [but missing again lately]; Spanish hour sometimes at 1700, sometimes at 2300 *R. Kahuzi, Congo DR, 6210, appears to run 1600-1700 Monday and Friday, but earlier broadcasts are daily; heard as late as 1725 but not likely to be DXed before 1600 anyway *Case dismissed in Zimbabwe against V. of the People staff; but equipment remains confiscated *Contrary to previous item, R. Ukraine International will not be able to add more languages; tried Polish but nixed. English program complains of staff shortages, worn-out tapes *Propagation outlook from Boulder WORLD OF RADIO 1329 (+6-138 thru 6-140) September 19, 2006 *Terry O`Reilly and the Age of Persuasion, excellent new series on CBC Radio One, Thu 11:30 am and Sat 4:05 pm local time, plus 1/2/3/4 hours across timezones webcasts; also on RCI Thu 1531:30 UT on 9515, 13655, 17800 *Telling apart Canada`s 1610 stations in Toronto, Montreal *CKPR 580 Thunder Bay, last AM station there, applies to move to FM *New 2006-2007 NRC AM Log now available, loose leaf paper only; details of this and other publications: http://www.nrcdxas.org/catalog/books/ *690 in Tijuana, ex-XETRA, now IDs as XEWR, but not clear if official as there is already an XEWR in Juárez on 1110 *Spy-letters on MCW, instead of numbers in voice, from Cuba on 5930 after 0500 or 0700 *R. Amazonas, Venezuela, has been active again on 4939 and two thirds *R. Nacional de Venezuela, via Cuba, at 2000 on 17705 confirmed, but no longer heard on three other frequencies *Low German dialect is dying out in Germany, but HCJB broadcasts in it not only to isolated Latin American immigrants but via relay to Germany itself, more than domestic stations *Brazilian heard on 11749.8 is R. Marumby, 500 watts, except has just been sold to a Gideon church and moved from Florianópolis to another town in Santa Catarina state, Balneário Camboriú *Brazilian stations have to carry election campaign programs from candidates thru Sept 28 for the Oct 1 election at 1000-1050 and 1500- 1550 UT; except R. Nacional Amazônia, 11780, only broadcasts propaganda for Pres. Lula, contrary to the law? *KNR, Greenland, again being heard in Denmark on 3815-USB until 2110 sign-off *RFI, 7135 at 0530 has an echo so it seems there are two unsynchronized transmitters, not one *RFI on MW 702 via Monaco [non] at 16-22 was a test, ending Sept 13 *New episode of The Two Bobs with guest Ian McFarland on http://www.switzerlandinsound.com *Thanks this week for financial support go to Fred Hogaboom, Granby CT, for a check in the mail to P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702; if you prefer PayPal, use woradio at yahoo.com *Much more info at http://www.worldofradio.org *Happy 19th annniversary to Radio For Peace International, still going on webcast via http://www.rfpi.org including World of Radio Fridays at 20 and Mondays at 18 UT, each repeating 4-hourly *R. Polonia plans to start relays from Europe with the B-06 season from end of October *Public Radio of Armenia has new website http://int.armradio.am/ and for now is still on SW, including 1830-1930 on 9960, the last third in English *R. Dada Gorgud lives, under that name as well as V. of Azerbaijan, including English at 1700 on 1296 (ex-1295 kHz) and approx. 6111, as confirmed in Baku where reception is poor *R. Station Belarus http://www.tvr.by expanded German to daily hour at 18, and English to daily two hours at 19 on 7 MHz frequencies for Europe; apparently cancelled North American SW service; in Belarusian services, announcers speak that language, others speak Russian *Algeria to create new international multilingual channel including English; but SW not mentioned *Polisario station for Western Sahara heard on 1550, not 7460 [moved to 7425] *African music jammer heard on 17630, when it went off, Africa Number One, Gabon came on *R. Kahuzi, Bukavu, Congo DR, 6209 and two thirds, heard in Europe until 1706 sign-off, and QSLed saying operates Mondays and Fridays only *R. Netherlands helped R. Zamaneh, Iranian target broadcaster, to arrange broadcasts via FSU on 6245, widely heard in Europe between 17 and 21 *Iranian clandestine on 4044 last week identified as V. of the Struggle of Iranian Kurdistan, jumping frequencies to avoid jamming *Sri Lanka on 15745 audible in CNAm before 1400 when WEWN comes on *Coup in Thailand focuses attention on monitoring R. Thailand; pre- recorded English programs said nothing about it until next day [after morning service relayed to NAm at 0030 on 5890 was just noise and music fill; business as usual thereafter]; English schedule: 19-20 7155, 2030-2045 9680, 00-0030 9570, 0030-01 & 02-0230 5890 via US; 0530 17655; 1230-13 9835, 14-1430 9830 *Relays of foreign news sources blocked in Thailand; fate of BBC and VOA SW relay stations unclear *Firedrake heard on 10200, presumably to jam Sound of Hope or some other clandestine *R. Japan will definitely terminate all SW services to Europe and North America at the end of October 2007 *Rare low-power Philippine station, R. Ng Bayan, heard at 0946 in Japan on 6169.8 *Hartford Courant orders its Washington bureau chief to stop appearing on VOA`s Issues in the News *Air America not bankrupt, but shuffles schedule Sept 18, including David Bender`s Politically Direct, M-F 8:07-9 pm ET *WVON, Chicago moved from 1450 to 1690 on Sept 18, replacing WRLL *First special MW DX test of the season, Oct 1 at 0400-0800 UT from WNJC, 1360, Vineland NJ *Propagation outlook from Boulder, Sept 19 WORLD OF RADIO 1328 (+6-134 thru 6-138) September 12, 2006 *New clandestine for Iran, Radio Zamaneh, based in Netherlands, via FSU? 6245 at 1700-2100+ *Another Iranian clandestine on 4044 *Israel still hasn`t changed frequencies for 0330 English as of Sept 12, heard on 11590 *Ramadan precesses earlier and earlier; this year to start Sept 22 with New Moon *V. of Turkey has two SW sites; one of them, Çakirlar, suffers from weak modulation; 15350 in Turksih moved to Emirler, improved *English to Europe at 1830 on 9785 heard in New Mexico; includes Live from Turkey on Tuesdays *Threats to close down R. Tirana, Albania *R. Ukraine International plans to add five more languages *RUI changed frequencies Sept. 10, including English to NAm at 0000 & 0300 on 5820 (not 5810 as planned, due to WEWN), 5840 to Eu at 2100, 9950 at 1100 *Croatia moved Australian service including some English, via Germany, from 13820 to 11690 to 11610 *RFI adds 702 kHz near Monaco for service to North Africa, 1600-2200 *RTE Ireland special SW broadcast Sunday Sept. 17 at 1300-1700 for Football All-Ireland finals, relays via VT to Africa, 15115, 17745, 21720, UK sites? [some could be Ascension] *V. of Africa, via France, Swahili until 1357 on 17610 has motorboating noise; also on 17850 in English from 1400; // 17725 no longer heard [to have resumed 21695 Sept 3] *One day Libyan clandestine Sawt al-Amal must have been on 17630 since Libyan jamming was there despite Africa Number One, Gabon; another day changed at 1313 from 17670 to 17695 *Algeria signed one-year contract in June for relays to Sahel via VT Communications, 12 hours a day [so far just UK sites two at a time] *R. Nacional de la RASD, clandestine for Western Sahara, 7460, widely heard; in Arabic except Spanish 1700-1800; // 700 moved back to 1550 once France started up on 702 *Burkina Faso reactivated 5030 until 2400; also 7230 in daytime *SW Radio Africa, clandestine for Zimbabwe, resumed SW 1700-1900 on 4880 via South Africa in July, but unpublicized in order to delay jamming. Now jamming has started; depends on word of mouth to spread news of its schedule *Zimbabwe government still plans to start own SW service, Studio 24/7 by yearend; jamming of SWRA could be from its new transmitter *Thanks this week for financial support go to Pete Bentley, NY *Emergency communications in Kenya for Italian tourists: 10650-USB, 5853-LSB, 3198-LSB *AFN Diego Garcia changed from 12579 to 12759, not a mistake; only USB sites remaining are this, Guam, Hawaii and Saddlebunch Key FL *DARC Intruder Watch in contact with Chinese clandestine Sound of Hope, urging it to keep out of hambands. No longer on 14050 or elsewhere in 20m band, but outside it on 13970, 14600, judging from Firedrake jamming *Sichuan, China, heard on 7225 including IDs in English as Voice of Golden Bridge at 1045, 1100; Nei Menggu, 7270.04v at 1120-1201 in Mongolian *Shiokaze, 9485 via Taiwan, continues to be heard in English on Fridays at 1300-1330, and usually Wednesdays but this week it was on Tuesday *Sibu, Sarawak still active on 6050 as monitored in Kuching, at least in daytime, but conflicting with Kajang, near Kuala Lumpur, also on 6049.64 *7270.15 in Sarawak carries various Wai FM programs from 22 to 16; Sarawak FM on 7130 and 5030 at 22-16; 5964.94 Kajang renamed Klasik Nasional FM *RRI/V. of Indonesia missing for a few days from 9525, 9680, 11860; Arabic at 1600-1630 on 15150 could be Iran, as well as Indonesia, actually slightly low in frequency; both scheduled *Wantok Radio Light, Papua New Guinea, 7120, well heard at 1230 on inland DXpedition in Washington state, as well as Solomon Islands, 5020, 0958 to 1200 *ABC Darwin relays via Shepparton continue on 11880 daytime, 6080 at night, blocking Singapore at 11-14, but at 1400 R. Australia took over frequency *ABC journalists support industrial action for better working conditions *KNLS Alaska B-06 schedule shows new frequencies in 6.9 MHz area, which should be in the clear, including English at 12 on 6915 *WRNO Worldwide website said it would be on the air by Sept. 10 on 7355, 7395, but still not heard; were supposedly close to testing the transmitter a month ago *Miami Herald fires journalists who also worked for Martí, tho it was no secret; conflict of interest; WLTV sports anchor also in trouble; and ethics of private journalists also working for government questioned at VOA too *Fred Jodry has new show on WBCQ, Fix Your Radio, or something, Sundays 19-20 on 7415 *WBCQ has resumed webcasting, now via http://johnlightning.com:8020/listen.pls so another way to hear that, and WOR, Wednesdays 2200, Mondays 0419 or so *S. Florida pirate WKQV says it moved from 1620 due to TIS, to 1440 where there are two legal FL stations further north *Three 600-foot towers of WOR, 710, New York to be demolished Sept. 20 in the Meadowlands of NJ now that its new towers are in use *CBC has three new comedy sries on Radio 1: The Debaters, Saturdays at 6:30 pm local = 2230 UT; Monsoon House, Fridays at 11:30 am = 1430 UT, and on RCI at 1531:30 on 9515, 13655, 17800; and Man, Woman and Child, Saturdays at 11:30 am local = 1430 UT, not SW *The Radio Cuba Libre program on WRMI 9955, Mon-Sat 0700-0900 is not related to previous clandestine of same name *Altho R. Martí`s airborne relay on 530 is only once a week on Fridays for a few hours, Cuba has started blocking the frequency continuously with Radio Cadena Habana, same program as on 1100 and others. Now Spanish on 530 is not necessarily R. Visión Cristiana, from Turks & Caicos *R. Amazonas, Venezuela, reactivated at least briefly UT Sept 9 at 0215 on 4939 and two thirds *R. Nacional Amazônia, Brasil, shifted from 11780 to 11783 for several days *Propagation outlook from Boulder, Sept 12; flux range 85-75-80 WORLD OF RADIO 1327 (+6-128 thru 6-134) September 5, 2006 *Kenneth Tomlinson, chairman of Broadcasting Board of Governors in charge of VOA, found by State Department to have misused funds. NY Times calls for him to resign but still enjoys confidence of Bush, his reappointment still pending. For much press about this see http://www.kimandrewelliott.com starting August 31 *Calls for FCC to impose fines on stations for broadcasting Bush swearing *KAIJ, Dallas, heard with non-Gene Scott programming, some in Spanish, as they have planned to do for a sesquiyear; but their antenna is aimed NW *When space shuttle is about to launch, start monitoring 10780 for Cape Radio and note other frequencies downrange ships and aircraft may use, such as 5711, 9132 *When hurricanes threaten, Hurricane Watch Net activates, as notified at http://www.hwn.org/home/activationplans.html *Now there`s a Radio Free Veronica webcast with continuous progressive programming in 6-hour rotation, via http://www.radioveronica.us including World of Radio 8 times a week starting Thursday 0630 UT, Saturday 0830 UT *Also on RFV and other stations is Unwelcome Guests, ``about wealth, power, and peoples` resistance to the corporate world order``, http://www.unwelcomeguests.org *`KRTS` is broadcasting on 93.5 from west Texas without benefit of license, and now webcasting via http://marfapublicradio.org --- some programs include Planet Bentonite, UT Sat 05-06, World Music Sat 16- 18, Voices of the Big Bend, Mon 14-15 *WBBR 1130 New York was off the air early August 27, and thanks to advance notice via Rene` Tetro and Scott Fybush, several DXers in the northeast were able to pull in CKWX all the way from the other side of the continent, Vancouver BC *Another lucky break for MW DXers was CKSW, 570, Swift Current, Saskatchewan running non-direxional for a week until August 31 *WSM 650 Nashville was also unexpectedly off [or at least open carrier] allowing Bill Harms in Maryland to hear other 650 stations including one in Brazilian Portuguese [but seems WSRO in Massachusetts, not Brasil] *R. Educación, Mexico City, 6185, mentioned last time with DX programs UT Monday at 0430, has separate programming from MW 1060 until 0500 *Spy-letters station, instead of numbers, from Cuba in modulated CW on 5930, heard Tuesday after 0500 [also Thursday 0500, Sunday 0700] *Altho airborne R. Martí is on 530 only once a week or less for a few hours, Cuba has starting blocking the frequency continuously with Radio Cadena Habana programming. Also blocks Radio Visión Cristiana, Turks & Caicos *New x-bander in Dominican Republic heard in Europe, Radio Senda, San Pedro de Macorís, on 1680 *R. Nacional de Venezuela relay via Cuba at 2000 no longer heard on 13680, apparently replaced by 2200 on 11670; other new broadcasts are 1000 on 6180, 1100 on 6060 *That 10 MHz Peruvian reported again, from Peru, Radio Wilkamayu, Cuzco, at 1930 on 10354 *WRTH lists three 1610 stations in Perú but here is another: R. Alegría, Juliaca, heard at 2230 *R. Libertad de Junín, Perú, reactivated after almost 5 years, on 5039.1 at 1124-1205 *R. Santa Rosa, Perú, 6047.1, relaying Radio Vaticana at 1030 *Several logs in Europe and North America of LRA-36, Antarctica, 15476 between 19 and 21 M-F *Thanks this week for financial support via PayPal go to Herschell Andrews, Virginia *Laser Hot Hits, Euro-pirate, says it was raided August 22 after 10 years on several SW frequencies including 6220 *radio six international, Scotland, monthly September SW schedule via IRRS, Bulgaria, 9310 and 5775; hopes to resume Latvia 9290 weekly in October *DW to abandon its Wertachtal site at yearend, rely on VT relays and Nauen instead. Some German broadcasts to North America will remain *R. Prague has new relay via Sackville, Canada, 0330 on 5990; also Spanish 2330 on 9685; just celebrated 70th anniversary with special programming; see http://www.radio.cz or Media Network blog *Proposal, then ``guarantee`` for R. Slovakia International to resume SW at end of October; but still depends on funding *R. Ukraine International shifting N. American service UT Sept. 10 from 7440 to 5820 [not 5810 as originally planned, due to WEWN], including English at 00 and 03 *Vatican Radio moves morning S. Asian service from 12055 to 7335 // 9650, 0025-0200, the last 20 minutes in English; will interfere with CHU off the back here in North America *R. Exterior de España heard in Spain at 0741 on 5735, which we figure is the difference between two scheduled Noblejas channels, 17770 minus 12035 *Saut al-Amel, Libyan clandestine at 12-14 heard lately on 17640 with less Libyan jamming *Polisario clandestine as reported last time remains active on 7460 via Algeria, and also heard on MW 700 instead of 1550 *La Voix du Sahel, Niger, 9705 or 9704, but once on 9000 by mistake. Also heard with program from Burkina Faso at 0615 *That might account for the absence of B.F. on 7230 and 5030 --- or almost: those heard with open carriers, no modulation *Confusing situation on 7270: Kevin Redding in Arizona heard French at 1455, believed to be RTV Gabon, altho at least two hours of daytime on both ends of long path. Also on 7270 are Sarawak, and at 1430-1530 V. of China clandestine, which gets Firedrake jamming we heard. [Gabon also heard by Carlos Gonçalves in Portugal, one day only at 1338-1520] *Congo 5985 heard in Germany until 1830 sign-off; QSL for same received in Michigan after 20 months *Radio Kahuzi, 6209.65, Bukavu, Congo DR, heard in South Africa Sunday only until 1605 sign-off *Thanks to absence of R. Fana, Ethiopia from 6210, tho it came back on one occasion. Now supposed to be on 6110, and other frequency 6940 moved to 7210; Ethiopia finally licensed it, which may explain the frequency changes *Contrary to previous report, Uzbekistan will not be closing its SW relays *SLBC Sri Lanka now using 15745 in local evening, 0800-1530 as well as morning, // 7301.5 *Sound of Hope, clandestine hopping around the ham bands and drawing Chinese jamming, is also scheduled M-F 14-17 UT via KWHR, 9930, Hawaii *Another Falun Gong station, Ming Hui Radio, sometimes overcomes jamming on 11700 at 1500-1600 *V. of Indonesia resumed 9525 Aug 30 after several weeks, well heard here at 1300, and leaves carrier on after 1400 interfering with China`s Russian service *With 2485 Katherine back on air, all three Northern Territory stations are again in service along with 2310 and 2325; switch to 60m frequencies at 2130 *New Zealand`s new analog schedule: from 0659 on 6095, 1059 on 9870, 1259 on 7145, 1751 on 9630, and 1851-0658 on 13730 *Propagation outlook CONTINENT OF MEDIA 06-08, August 30, 2006 [with DXLD issues where you may read more] *COM 06-08, made possible by Universal Radio, http://www.universal-radio.com or 1-800-431-3939 for a catalog; also sponsors http://www.dxing.com *COM is about media around the American continent, not especially shortwave *Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) threatens to drown whole classes of consumer electronics, See article in June 2006 IEEE Spectrum http://www.spectrum.ieee.org/jun06/3673 [6-115] *Comments were sought until Sept 25 on how to manage DTV adapter vouchers [6-116] *Timeline for DTV transition, 2/17/09 http://www.benton.org/index.php?q=node/1257 but what about translators? [6-099] *An IBOC haiku by Joe Miller [6-115] *The IBOCalypse, article by Barry McLarnon http://tinyurl.com/h93g8 [6-109] *Lack of HD radios even in new cars [6-103] *Stephen Hill of Hearts of Space says HD is DOA [6-118] *HD proponent critiques its marketing: http://www.hear2.com/2006/08/what_i_dont_lik.html [6-118] *Underground radio on VLF for rescuing miners developed at Los Alamos http://news.pajamasmedia.com/2006/08/01/9953764_Vital_Alert_Tech.shtml [6-117] *Uproar over satellite radios in cars retransmitting signals to other cars on FM, Howard Stern overriding preachers [6-102] *Hawaiian and California MW stations, 4 megameters apart, have to protect each other from interference due to misapplied theory [6-115, 6-114] *Alaskan bush stations at remote camps use group callsign WNJI929 on 3230 primary; also 4461, 4561, 5196 [6-108] *COM 06-08, a.k.a. later as World of Radio Extra 72 ### WORLD OF RADIO EXTRA 71 August 29: see CONTINENT OF MEDIA 06-07 below WORLD OF RADIO 1326 (6-120 thru 6-128) August 22, 2006 *DX programs in Spanish on R. Educación, México, 6185, UT Mon 0420- 0445 *Clandestine in Mexico over presidential election on 88.5 *At least 12 radio stations in Oaxaca taken over by striking teachers *Arnie Coro doing other announcing on R. Habana than just DX and science shows *More exile programs on WRMI *Additional aircraft for TV Martí is a Gulfstream G1 *``Air Martí``, 530 kHz via Commando Solo has been appearing Fridays only from 2300 UT, but Cuba jams the frequency much more *Rebelde on 670 is stronger than before; Progreso 640 weaker *Cuba has also started jamming 1620, beyond the times WDHP Virgin Islands relays Martí *Mystic Breeze pleasure-boat net from British VI on 4045-USB at 1100 *No accurate schedules available, but additional Radio Nacional de Venezuela relays via Cuba discovered: 1000 on 6180, 1100 on 6060, 2200 on 11670; there may be more *R. Cultural Coatán, Guatemala, reactivated on 4780v until 0230* *Honduras back on standard time UT -6; only active SW on 3340, 4819 *R. Illimani, Bolivia, 6025, carries R. Patria Nueva programming; also webcast http://abi.bo/index.php?i=patria-nueva *LRA-36, Antarctica, 15476 again being heard at least in Europe around 19-21 M-F *Unidentified timesignals heard in Europe on 25000 *VT Communications will start carrying Deutsche Welle on SW from January 1; may not use T-Systems in Germany itself any longer *A broadcasting history website for UK/Europe including R. Luxembourg http://www.transdiffusion.org/index.html *José Miguel Romero, Spain, reports on his visit to R. Slovakia Internacional *Belarus 5-kW home service relays on 49 and 41m monitored in Sweden and Ukraine *The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1326 *WOR airtimes on WRMI: Sat 1230 9955, 1430 7385; Sun 0800 9955, 1530 7385 *WOR on R. Veronica US, 106.5, West Point PA changed to Sunday 1230 UT, also webcast via http://www.radioveronica.us/veronica.m3u *RVUS will add three WOR airings on its new AM 1700 outlet *Via WRN, WOR now available on US mobile phones http://www.myMBN.com *WRN changing satellite for Africa and Asia, to PAS 10, Tr. 8, 4064H, 19.850, 7/8; until Sept 21 overlaps with old Intelsat 1002 *Polisario clandestine for Western Sahara has resumed SW on 7460, heard at 08 in Europe, until 2400* in America, but not in Spanish *R. Veritas, Liberia, sporadically heard on 5470 *La Voix du Sahel, Niger, 9705, heard until 2301* in Tennessee and has QSLed via maigaric @ yahoo.fr [not 7205 as originally published!] *With R. Fana, Ethiopia gone from 6210, weak carrier on 6209.66 until 1600* could be R. Kahuzi, Congo DR *R. Fana on 6109.9 ex-6210 [and 6940 replaced by 7210, Jari Savolainen reports later] *Arabic at 20-22 on 4840 is mixing product from Egypt, 12050 minus 7210 *Israel changing frequencies Sept. 1 [not soon enough] for English at 0330-0345 to 7530, 9345, but DST does not end until Sept. 30 at 2300, when all programming shifts one UT hour later *All India Radio, Guwahati, 7420, changes programming to include Nepali, and HS relays in English *Since August 17, China`s Firedrake jammer against Sound of Hope heard on 14050, as hams renew protest *Shiokaze, 9485, in English three Fridays in a row at 1300-1330, and at least two Wednesdays *R. Southern Highlands, Mendi, Papua New Guinea, back on 3275 after 7 months *VL8T, Tennant Creek, sometimes stays on day frequency 4910 an hour or more past 0830 scheduled switch to 2325 *ARDS, 5049.93, Humpty Doo, NT, replies to reception report and says it streams via http://www.ards.com.au/hear_programs.htm *WBCQ program notes: Planetary Radio follows World of Radio, Wednesday 2230 on 7415; Unwelcome Guests or broadcasts from the Katie precede us, 21-22; Fred Flintstone music show back on Thu at 22-23 *AFRTS resumes QSLing for reports to: qsl @ dodmedia.osd.mil *CBS tribute to Dan Rather, Friday Sept. 1 at 8 pm Central; When Katie Couric takes over Sept. 5, CBS will stream evening news live but with different commercials than on TV *Les Rayburn, MW DX test coordinator, produced Weather Channel special, ``Postmark Karina`` airing Aug 27 and 28 at 7 & 10 pm Central *3-percent federal excise tax on long distance imposed in the Spanish- American war has finally been repealed *WVON, 1450, Chicago`s African-American talk station, will move to 1690 replacing WRLL, at the expense of Larry Lujack and Co., from Sept 18. WVON has been a share-timer *CJML, 580, Winnipeg, 99 watts, is back on air until Aug 30, 12-02 UT [for the Stroke Recovery Association of Manitoba] *CKDO, 1350, Oshawa, Ontario has moved to 1580 and widely reported from Winnipeg to PEI *First sunspot of Cycle 24 has been discovered *US plan to tinker with the ionosphere over the Pacific may disrupt SW communications; see DXLD 6-123 and 6-125 *Propagation outlook from Boulder WORLD OF RADIO EXTRA 70 Aug 15, 2006 see CONTINENT OF MEDIA 06-06 below CONTINENT OF MEDIA 06-07, produced August 8, 2006 [with DXLD issues where you may read more] *COM 06-07 on the air, a.k.a. World of Radio Extra 71 *Universal makes COM possible, 1-800-431-3939, for a catalog, or http://www.universal-radio.com *Universal also sponsors http://www.dxing.com for much more info including audio access to this program *Lament for the destruction of the old Radio Liberty site at Playa de Pals, Spain [6-116] *But a new 800 kW MW 1539 kHz transmitter for IBB is under construction in the UAE, to start next January [6-117, 6-119] *Radio Nederland will supply National Public Radio affiliates with 24/7 Spanish program service, for use on subsidiary HD channels only [6-109] *Threats to public radio funding in upcoming fiscal year [6-115] *We recommend KUNM Albuquerque for excellent programming; see monthly guide Zounds via http://www.kunm.org [6-115] *Campaign against 24 members of congress who voted to cut funding for public broadcasting: http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2006/07/24/18291219.php [6-111] *PBS hopes bleeps and blurred lips keep FCC fines at bay [6-111] *Public Radio Exchange archives lots of programs, http://www.prx.org including Border Radio, and lots from RNW [6-103] *Arbitron survey of public radio listeners freely available: http://www.arbitron.com/study_h/publicrt.asp [6-112] *Radio Free Minturn, LPFM, on air near Vail, Colorado [6-112] *WVEW-LP airdate deadline is Sept. 2 for successor to radio free brattleboro, Vermont [6-109] *WMKV, radio for seniors, jumbles schedule including Theater Organ and Barbershop music shows http://www.wmkvfm.org/program-guide.htm [6-116] *Public stations` license renewals held up at great expense due to frivolous complaints: WUFT, Gainesville FL, for continuing to play music on 9/11; WEPR, Greenville SC for network outages [6-117] *WNTH in Illinois wins against encroacher trying to force it to share time on frequency; also similar case dismissed in Indiana [6-117] *NAB wants FM translators for AM stations [6-105] *Saul Levine, owner of KMZT in Los Angeles, refuses to sell out for megabucks, maintains commercial classical format [6-106] *Other stations with longtime individual owners: WPAQ 740 Mount Airy NC; WCAP 980 Lowell MA; WNAY 1360 Nashville TN [6-101] *Air America flagship in NY switches Sept 1 from WLIB-1190 to WWRL- 1600; discussion of relative coverage areas depending on MW frequency [6-117] *Great Minds Think Alike: ABC and CBS started the story of prescription mistakes within half a minute of each other joined by NBC a minute later. ABC has followed our advice and dropped ``Tonight`` from its rejiggered afternoon TV news show now with Charles Gibson [6-106] *Brazilian legislation requiring TV services for people with special needs: dubbing, audio description, closed captioning, sign-language window, starting with one hour, building up over 11 years [6-108] *Odd RF noise problem traced to a propane-powered bug trap [6-115] ### WORLD OF RADIO 1325 (6-115 thru 6-119) August 8, 2006 *FCC supports Broadband over Power Lines, despite objections from amateurs and SWLs; Austin TX begins BPL experiment *Robert Wone, attorney for Radio Free Asia, murdered in Washington *Listening for clues to what`s really happening in Cuba; conflicting reports whether Cuban hams are off the air; journalists arriving not allowed in; debate over jamming; Radio Martí relayed from Virgin Islands on 1620; TV Martí adds nightly broadcasts via small plane on channels 13 and/or 20; illegal satellite TV received in Cuba; WRMI adds more exile programing including Radio Cuba Libre *R. Nacional Venezuela on new clear frequency via Cuba, 15250 at 23-24 in Spanish *R. Huanta 2000, Peru, flips between 4747 and 4755 *R. Educadora de Limeira, Brasil, reactivated on 2380 kHz, nights with religion *R. Pioneira de Teresina, Brasil, 5015 schedule is 13-23 UT *R. Guarujá, Florianópolis, Brasil, nominal 5980, splatters up and down, severe modulation problems *Guinea, 7125 had been inactive but now sporadic around 2230, 0600 *La Voix du Sahel, Niger, seems all day on reactivated 9705, sometimes 9704; website http://www.ortn-niger.com *Voice of Nigeria now all day on 15120, not 7255; including English 05-07, 10-15, 17-21, part of which is in the clear *Thalès contracted to install a 250 kW DRM SW transmitter in Nigeria *FRCN Kaduna personnel may be relocated to Abuja *Thanks this week for financial support go to David Gleason *Expanded Cuban exile programming has replaced WOR and many other DX programs on WRMI, 9955 in the 05-09 UT period daily *Intriguing unidentified on 6110 between 18 and 19, from Africa, in French, mentions Moyabi [but a later report says it`s R. Fana, Ethiopia, ex-6210] *The Moyabi story, chronology of the facility after 25 years: http://www.users.waitrose.com/~bdxc/moyabi.pdf *Zimbabwe clandestine in English at 1730 on 11705, thought to be V. of People, but more likely was VOA Studio 7 program on wrong frequency, supposed to be R. Liberty to Caucasia via Morocco *R. Rwanda, 6055, thanks to Slovakia closing, now clear in Europe between 1958 and 2059, but does not include English news at 1835 *BBC relay via Greenville, 11675 at 21-22 started 5 days late; reception of other relays in Atlanta and Houston *Burg, Germany 1575 kHz transmitter reactivated, partly with OldieStar, partly V. of Russia, partly analog, partly DRM, partly high power, partly low power, testing on irregular schedule *Rai, at 1830 on 17484 and 18075, spurs from 17780 *TRT Izmir, Turkey puts 6th harmonc of 927 on 5562.038 heard at 1750 *Iran`s current SW schedule in English *R. Solh, Afghanistan, low power on 9345 heard briefly at 1707 before Israel overrode; AIR annual report says the 100 kW unit from India is almost complete *R. Tashkent may be gone, but Uzbekistan is still relaying many other stations on SW, including in English CVC, Netherlands, Vatican; full schedule in DXLD 6-117 *Myanmar has language lessons in English at 1330 on 5040.4 *China cracking down on media two years before Olympics *China first blocks, then closes down version of Wikipedia *Firedrake jamming of Sound of Hope resumes on 14260 in hamband and other frequencies *V. of Malaysia, hard to hear in North America on SW, now streamed imperfectly via http://www.rtm.net.my including V. of Islam from 0300 *V. of Indonesia 9525 transmitter was on 9526 a couple days, then gone *International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend, UT Aug 19-20, with lots of special ham operations; details at http://www.illw.net *Propagation outlook WORLD OF RADIO 1324 (6-109 thru 6-114) August 1, 2006 *Alice Springs is back on 120 and 60m; Northern Territory stations may test 90m channels *R. Australia QSL manager will now accept report on 11750; runs BBC and Waltzing Matilda by mistake *Dave Onley`s blog of DX from Top End: http://onley.blogspot.com *KBS World Radio, South Korea, may reduce SW like NHK World, Japan; priority languages are English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean *Tibet has English lessons at 0810-0840 except Tue on 11860, 11950 *Bangladesh has English news at 1530 on 4750 *Chennai, India on new 7360 at 0130-0430 with FM Gold in Hindi *Uzbekistan notified Radio Netherlands that its SW relays would no longer be available in B-06; maybe closing SW relay site following closure of R. Tashkent *V. of Armenia to close SW by end of A-06, maybe sooner, and Gavar relay site may also close *Monitor Israel Defence Forces Radio, Galei Tzahal, but it`s all in Hebrew, 15785 daytime, 6973 nighttime *Silent FM carriers again for the orthodox in Haifa, modulated only when there are emergency warnings *Israeli psyops in Lebanon; overriding Al-Manar TV *Hezbollah`s Al-Manar TV has staff dedicated to keeping it on the air, and a sophisticated PR effort *Anti-Hezbollah, R. Mashriq/Machrek on 756 kHz, formerly used by Israel for Lebanon, http://www.almachrek.org *Damascus has English at 2005-2210 on 9330, 12085, modulation varying from poor to none *Our Homeland program on V. of Russia sounds like Soviet-era Radio Moscow; some Russian broadcasters, and also R. Liberty try to be controversial to encourage funding *One of the transmitters at Shijak is off the air for at least a week, leaving R. Tirana only 6115 for North America *From Aug. 1, BBCWS changed Caribbean frequencies, the closest it comes to North America: via French Guiana, 11-12 6130, 12-14 9750, 22-23 5975; adds via WHRI South Carolina, 11-13 9660, 21-23 13765; Greenville 21-22 11675 [but 11675 not heard; 13765 weak here] *Patrick Robic in Austria monitored DRM, many from European sites, and got no perfect signals *Madagascar on 5000 instead of 5010 *Africa Number One, Gabon puts harmonic on 19160 around 1730 *GBC has new website, but mostly under construction: http://www.gbcghana.com *R. San Gabriel, Bolivia below 6080, and R. Fides above 6155 *New Peruvian on 6089.1 has website http://www.radiouniversalcusco.com *R. Huanta 2000, Perú on 4755 ex-4747 *R. Rebelde, Cuba has external service relaying FM network at 1600- 1730 on 11655 *WRMI, 9955, steps up Radio República broadcasts in Fideathwatch, replacing WRN, Brother Scare, some DX programs *WRNO new website http://www.wrnoworldwide.org/ claims it will start broadcasting in Arabic Sept. 10 on 7355, 7395 *FCC accepting public comments about media concentration, proceeding 06-121, at http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/ecfs/ *BPL on the agenda at the FCC August 3 [approved!] *WATD celebrates Fessenden August 4-6, including 16-21 UT August 5 webcast via http://www.959watd.com *National Lighthouse-Lightship QSO Party UT August 5-6; see http://arlhs.com *Manuel Méndez monitors for missing stations, including Antarctica *Dr. Salmaniw`s prognosis on Castro`s health *Shortwave stations on CD at http://www.sublimefrequencies.com/ *New update to WRTH at http://www.wrth.com WORLD OF RADIO 1323 (6-106 thru 6-108) July 26, 2006 *Hints that Slovakia and Serbia could resume shortwave *New ham countries Montenegro and Swain`s Island *Soon leaving shortwave: Armenia, Zambia *Monitoring the Lebanon situation including amateur welfare and emergency traffic *How to bypass the Indian government`s blockade on blogs *The latest on clandestines Ming Hui and Shiokaze *Reducing shortwave services: Japan and Australia *A visit to WRNO *Marconi QSL from Radio Free Asia *AFN stops play-by-play sports on radio *Tierra de Gracia, new Venezuelan show, on WRMI, and Monitor DX *Job openings at FCC for direction-finding operators *KTRS, 550, St. Louis, loses two towers in storm *Phoenix and Tucson have commercial-free rock oldies stations, KCDX and KRDX *IBOC buzzing Oklahoma around 640, 1000, 1300 and 1430 *RCI`s harmonica music identified *Mexico to go with European Eureka-147 digital radio standard, plus American IBOC along border *Cuba`s Radio Rebelde has its own external service *TWR Benin target date on MW 1566 is next April *La Voix du Sahel, Niger, faces lots of interference on 9705 *R. Nacional Angola, getting two new 25 kW SW transmitters WORLD OF RADIO 1322 (6-098 thru 6-105) July 19, 2006 *Morocco`s MW service in Berber puts a seventh harmonic on 7308 *TWR gets license for its new MW 1566 in Benin; targets Niger *La Voix du Sahel, Niger, reactivates SW after several years, heard on 9705 between 1700 and 2230 at least *Don`t confuse with Ethiopia on 9704 variable, at least in the mornings *Unusual openings of 7 and 9 MHz Africans to Europe at 13-14 UT in summer *V. of Oromia Independence, Sat 15-1530 via Germany on 15650: website is http://www.awofio.com and e-mail is ganamo @ hotmail.com whence terse replies from Jamal; half the broadcast has heavy echo-effect impairing intelligibility; listen: http://valenciadx.multiply.com/music/item/151 *Monitoring the Middle East Tinder Box: http://mt-milcom.blogspot.com/2006/07/monitoring-middle-east-tinder-box_18.html *Israel`s English schedule on SW direct; also via WRN via WRMI daily at 0500 on 9955, but this is 10 hours old delayed from 1900, so don`t expect breaking war news; censored, anyway *Radio All for Peace, in Hebrew, Arabic and English 24 hours on 107.2 FM locally and http://www.allforpeace.org worldwide *Saudi Arabia runs four transmitters on 21 MHz at 1300, producing mixing products, including 21370 and 21410 in hamband *Bahrain on 9745 is usually blocked, but there is a window at 2345- 2400 after Vatican DRM [centred on 9750] and before China via Bonaire at 0000; is on USB in Arabic *On 15720, Saturdays from before 1300 past 1400 are heard these stations, apparently from same transmitter: V. of Mesopotamia, V. of Joy as scheduled for two weeks on, and then Israel opening in Persian, which is supposed to be on 15760 among others; what is going on here? *Tamil DX program from All India Radio, Radio World, includes a minute of DX news in English facilitating reception reporting; within the Sunday 1115-1215 broadcast, time varying generally in second half, on 17860, 17810, 15770, 15050, 13695. Offers ``world`s smallest QSL card``, 6 x 3.5 cm for reports by P-mail only with one IRC to: N.C. Gnanaprakasam, Program Executive, Vanoli Ulagam, Thiraikadal Adaivaram Thamiizh Naatham, All India Radio, Kamarajar Salai, Chennai 600004, Tamilnadu, India *Bangladesh home service heard again on 4750 at 1430, 0130; new 100 kW SW transmitter inaugurated, and 1000 kW MW to come *Shiokaze (Sea Breeze) on behalf of Japanese kidnapped by North Korea, changed schedule again via Taiwan, to escape jamming; since July 11 at 1300-1330 on 9485; English on Tuesday and other days vary, such as Wednesday. See http://chosa-kai.jp/indexeng.htm *New clandestine for Laos, Moj Them Radio, via Taiwan Wed & Fri 0200- 0230 on 15260, is not alone: daily at 0200-0300 is China in Tamil // 13600 *Malaysia`s 6050 is definitely from Kuala Lumpur ex-6025, instead of Sibu, Sarawak; with Asyik FM program, and Qur`an service around 1300 *Ron Howard`s favorite, Traxx FM, all in English from Malaysia on 7295, including Traxx Chart Toppers, Friday 1100-1400; and webcasting started working via http://www.traxxfm.net/ *RRI Makassar reactivated on 4749.90, heard in Florida at 1045-1105 [but beware of Bangladesh, as above, also on 4750! 1100 = 1700 local, may be a bit too early for it to propagate] *Thanks this week for financial support via PayPal and best wishes to: Harry Helms *RNZI heard at 1330 one day on wrong frequencies, 9615 analog, 9435- 9445 DRM, which were supposed to close at 0700 *ARDS, Humpty-Doo, Northern Territory, Australia, reactivated on SW 5050, heard in West Virginia peaking at 0938 when other 5050 stations are not on *2WG, 1152 kHz, Wagga Wagga, NSW, has relay on 27670; is it active? *KSL, Salt Lake City, heard in OK on its NBFM relay, 26190 via sporadic E at 1500 *Applicant for new SWBC station in Pensacola FL, Smyrna Baptist Church, previously busted by FCC for running pirate FM on 93.5 *Program grid now appears at http://www.wrmi.net including World of Radio now airing seven times: on 9955 Sat 05, 1230, 1732; Sun 0530, 0832, 2230; on 7385 Sat 1430 *CBS Channel 11 in Fort Worth had a report on WRNO claiming to be heard all over the world including in the Middle East; owner is now in FW. Trouble is, it hasn`t been on SW for years! *WRIB, 1220, Providence RI, went dark July 7 without notice to many longtime foreign language programmers; under new ownership by Faith Christian Center *FCC was to consider IBOC interference, allowing it at night, at a July 13 meeting; but that agenda item postponed at last minute *CHTN, 720, Charlottetown PEI, will soon close down; for now it is relaying its new FM station Ocean 100 *CKAT, 600, North Bay, Ont., lost two of is three towers in a storm. Had been direxional north, now presumably non-direxional with reduced power, but more-DXable southwards *R. Rebelde, Cuba on new 6120 from 0300 past 0400, stronger than R. Habana Cuba 6140 *R. Nacional de Venezuela, via Cuba, announces schedule corresponding to reality: but back to M-F 20-21 on 9550, 13680; 23-24 13680 colliding with China via Canada *R. Universo, Peru, reported on 6090 at 1100-1400; not listed active or inactive *R. Fides, La Paz, Bolivia, reacviated on 9624.82, hard at 1340 *English heard in Portugal at 2211 on 4865 could be R. Centenario, Bolivia which does run some English and German religious programs *More Brazilians reactivated: R. Pioneira de Teresina, 5015; Radio Guarujá, Florianópolis, 5980, heard from 1420 past 2200 *Thanks to silence of WRIB, 1220, RI (see above), R. Globo, Rio de Janeiro heard on Cape Cod at 0017-0035; same station is buying a Harris IBOC transmitter *New Argentine x-bander on 1610, R. Guaviyú heard as far away as Scotland, all night, 2300-0500 *Isle of Man longwave 279 kHz gone from website, but said to be working on a new one and still planning to go on air by end of July *The two-month Promenade Concert season started, highly recommended, via BBC Radio 3 http://www.bbc.co.uk/proms/whatson/index.shtml *Four unions will vote July 21 whether to strike against BBC *Harmonic on 23670 at 1900 is Libya via France 11835 in Hausa *Richard Muscat, head of V. of Mediterranean until closed at end of 2003, and now ambassador to Ireland, recalled to Malta over his excessive spending http://www.maltatoday.com.mt/2006/07/09/t19.html http://www.timesofmalta.com/core/article.php?id=230572 *R. Prague, Czech Republic, again relayed by WRMI, 7385, daily at 1400 (also at other times in Spanish) *Radio Serbia, external service, may be closed as government can`t afford expense of a SW service, but it has already been off SW for months *R. Tirana, Albania, finally escapes RTTY on 7455 by moving to 7450, to North America in Albanian 2300-2430; English except Mondays at 0145-0200 & 0230-0300 *Ukraine`s other SW station, the low-powered R. Dniprovska Khvilya, 11980, from July 16 signs on at 0600 *Radio Station Belarus launches new website, including 22-hour stream, seems all in English: http://www.radiobelarus.tvr.by/eng/prognet.asp *More than 60 stations in Russia forced to quit relaying VOA, Radio Liberty, as under Putin more and more broadcasting goes back under government control; hmmm, maybe not such a good idea to have cut SW services from abroad *Fantastic multiple-hop sporadic E propagation lately: TV from Spain on 48.250 and Portugal on 48.242 MHz received in Illinois July 17 *Several thousand Europe to North America contacts on 6 meters July 12 *Canadian TV on channels 2 and 3 received in Northern Ireland July 15 *Propagation outlook from Boulder July 18; flux range 70-75-70 WORLD OF RADIO Extra 69, July 11, 2006: see COM 06-05 below CONTINENT OF MEDIA 06-06, produced July 7, 2006 [with DXLD issues where you may read more] *COM 06-06 on the air, a.k.a. World of Radio Extra 70 *Universal makes COM possible, 1-800-431-3939, for a catalog, or http://www.universal-radio.com *Universal also sponsors http://www.dxing.com for much more info including audio access to this program *Robert Ross, former director of MDA, credited with naming Voice of America http://www.mda.org/news/060606bob_ross.html [6-088] *VOA sold land near Wilmington NC, built relay site instead near Greenville [6-083] *Ullmar Qvick, Sweden, finds VOA lacking compared to other stations such as CRI [6-088] *BBG 2005 annual report in pdf at including tidbits, illustrations: http://www.bbg.gov/reports/05anrprt.pdf [6-091] *Washington Post story about Radio Farda, for Iran including Sara Valinejad who picks the music; not a good idea to build it around music [6-084] *From Broadcast Band Update, by Greg Hardison in Los Ángeles: Al- Jazeera still delaying starting its English-language news channel; not one US cable system has signed on to carry it, unlike BBC World, CCTV9 from China [6-086] *"24/7: THE RISE AND INFLUENCE OF ARAB MEDIA" is a new public radio documentary hosted by David Brancaccio, among others on demand and with text at http://www.stanleyfoundation.org/ [6-088] *FCC fines multiplied to $325,000 per indecency violation [6-086] *SW pirates are advised to avoid using naughty words [6-086] *Pirate in Oklahoma City on 107.1 relays Radio Free Austin from Texas which relays Republic Broadcasting Network which is also on SW [6- 085] *Amendment to telecomms reform bill about LPFM, eliminating third- adjacent channel protexions; NAB accused of fabricating recording of alleged adjacent channel interference *FCC fines a notorious `cheater` running day power at night, KWYR, 1260, South Dakota *Freeware displays AM stations patterns on a US map: http://tonnesoftware.com/bcmap.html [6-097] *Standard disclaimer *COM 06-06, our address, woradio at yahoo.com or Glenn Hauser, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA *Fine Arts Radio International, KXMS, 88.7, Joplin MO has lo quality webcast, even with interference. Picked up from FM receiver, and when 88.7 goes off, it resets to next station up the dial, such as KRPS 89.9 in nearby Pittsburgh KS, and in fact KRPS got a webcast thanks to KXMS [6-085] *Clear Channel has started streaming many of its stations; helpful in IDing DX. Check station sites [6-094] *Clear Channel also considering one-second spots, ``blinks`` --- like Max Headroom`s blipverts. Subliminal? Or too long for that [6-086] *Discussion of phony announcer voices, ``pukers`` [6-089] *Ladies of the height – female tower climbers [6-094] http://www.wirelessestimator.com/t_content.cfm?pagename=Women%20Climbers *Proposal for DRM on the 26 MHz band in the Americas for another local broadcast band [6-088] *WILL-FM, Urbana IL, will multicast its AM 580 programming on an IBOC FM channel, improving coverage [6-087] *FCC expected to eliminate any protexion beyond city-grade coverage for IBOC [6-091] *IBOC will not catch on due to satellite radio, etc. [6-095] *Paul Vincent Zecchino, the most outspoken critic of IBOC, calls it ``HD jammer grinding listeners into submission`` [6-096] *Full digital eventually to replace present hybrid mode could lead to subscription radio replacing free radio [6-095] *That`s COM 06-06, a.k.a. WORLD OF RADIO Extra 70. I`m Glenn Hauser WORLD OF RADIO 1321 (6-093 to 6-098) July 4, 2006 *Senate appropriations committee does not include funding to continue VOA English, whose future remains in doubt, and some other languages; must be reconciled with House version before anything is finalized *Greek-American and Turkish-American groups join in trying to preserve VOA in those languages *VOA terminates scholarly journal New Europe Review *Global Online Freedom Act passed by House subcommittee, with penalties for censoring VOA; but how to enforce it abroad? *WA3NAN shuttle audio rebroadcast frequencies: 3860 LSB, 7185 LSB, 14295 USB, 21395 USB *Punjabi is the dominant South Asian language on domestic US radio, but not on SW since it is not the language of a nation state *Pee Wee`s Playhouse back on TV from July 10, on Cartoon Network`s Adult Swim, weeknights 10 pm CDT *Low power TV in New York City, WNYZ, channel 6, is turning into an FM station on 87.75 *Also in LA there is a channel 6 doing radio, but still with video too, KSFV *Venture Technologies accused by FCC of falsifying info, never building two low power UHFs in Bakersfield, licenses revoked *WCRB 102.5, Boston`s classical station, to swap frequencies with country station on 99.5, resulting in weaker signal for classical *Harry Helms on his cancer treatment, and life: http://futureofradio.typepad.com/the_future_of_radio/2006/06/taking_a_break_.html *Los Alamos regains local radio station, KRSN 1490; tower shared with cellphones *WJCC returns to the air in Miami on 1700, as owners petition for X- banders not to replace in-banders *Liberal talk in Cincinnati, WCKY 1530, swapping with lower-powered sports talk on WSAI 1360 *Bonneville gives up on women`s format on KUTR 820, Salt Lake, flips to LDS music [but some women`s shows survive by moving to KSL 1160] *CFRX 6070 Toronto was missing for several days, but back July 2 *CBC Radio One into new summer programming for 10 weeks, including strips at 1331:30 and 1531:30 Monday-Friday on RCI *Thanks this week, and every week, to Andy O`Brien for handling the mp3 versions and podcasts of World of Radio; http://www.obriensweb.com/wor.htm *QSL from ZNS-FM Bahamas calls itself ``Zephyr News Sunshine`` *Habana`s unlisted English broadcast at 2030 changes frequencies from day to day *Parents of Radio Venceremos announcer Mariposa have been tortured and murdered in El Salvador *HRMI Honduras heard on 3340 and also its sesqui-harmonic 5010 *Rádio Inconfidência, Brasil, reactivated on 6010; bad news for the Colombian and Mexican already fighting over the frequency. Doubt that RI will also resume 15190 *R. Globo, Rio, reactivated 11805, but very irregular *Brasil chooses Japan`s digital TV standard, first foreign country to do so *Plans to revive Radio Saint Helena on shortwave, November 5, 2006 *Voice of Nigeria rescheduling French, could also impact English *SW Radio Africa confirms Zimbabwe is also jamming its MW frequency 1197 via Lesotho *Zambia plans to replace shortwave with FM; still heard on 4910 *Spitsbergen`s 1485 kHz DXed in southern Sweden despite the midnight sun *Ireland legalizing CB frequencies for church and community stations 27.6 to 27.99 MHz *Just A Minute starts new season on BBC Radio 4, Mondays 1730 UT; on demand for a week *Vladimir Putin to appear on BBCWS Have Your Say call-in July 9 at 1906 *R. Slovakia International is gone from SW; staff cut for remaining programming on satellite and internet; via WRN at 1630 and also to North America at 0030 *Montenegro becomes a new radio country, #336 per DXCC *Greek Macedonian station, 9935, has news in English M-F 1157-1200 *Turkey moves from edge to inside the 40m hamband, Turkish to North America at 2200-0055 on 7230 ex-7300 *CNR Network 1 invaded 20m hamband, to jam Sound of Hope, first on 14180, then 14260, then 14310, but not heard since; QRMed MARCO net on 14309 *Conflicting info on Shiokaze schedule, but monitored at 1030 on 9855 in English on Monday, Thursday, Sunday *Free North Korea jammed at 1000 on 11750 *Another schedule change at RNZI includes 15720 and 13730 swapping analog and DRM at 2235 *Tropo duct from Hawaii reaches as far north as Vancouver Island on 2 meters *Four countries seen in Georgia on channel 4 in one day *Propagation outlook WORLD OF RADIO 1320 [pending] WORLD OF RADIO 1319 (6-084 to 6-089), June 20, 2006 *Algeria resumes relays on SW, this time via UK *Even Africa Number One hit by jamming against Sawt al-Amel *Ghana and Kenya on slightly different frequencies, nominal 4915 *Zimbabwe trial of Voice of the People journalists delayed again, until September 25, as government witness was out of the country *Another clandestine for Ethiopia, Voice of Oromia Independence; new frequency for others *Radio Shabelle, Somalia, heard again in Australia on 6960; related outlet closed by authorities *Some Darfur Salaam broadcasts to Sudan come from UK, others via Ascension *YLE Radio Finland to close SW at end of this year; see DXLD 6-084 at http://www.worldofradio.com for correct address for reception reports *Radio Polonia to get SW relays abroad from this winter *Changes in ownership of silent SW transmitter in Latvia on 9290; plans for another *Slovakia scheduled to end SW after June 30, but not certain; English to North America at 0100 on 5930 heard as far away as New Zealand on a winter afternoon at 1 pm; rest of English schedule *Radio DMR, Moldova, English M-F at 1600 on new 5965 *International Radio Serbia is new name with Montenegro gone; still no SW audible, but news updated on website reminiscent of Yugoslavia: http://www.radioyu.org *VOA cancelling high-power MW relays via Albania; time offered immediately to China *New Continent of Media 06-05 is available at http://www.dxing.com *Thanks this week for financial support go to Gerald T. Pollard *The rare Radio Bayrak, Northern Cyprus, audible in Netherlands at 0328 on 6150.03 in the absence of Costa Rica 6149.97 *Azerbaijan audible on second harmonic 12261.61 [and try the third one too] *Voice of Free Kurdistan at 1730-1830 on 4675 or 4670, plus jammers, or just the jammers *Iran on new 7540 in English at 1930, plus German 1730, French 1830 *AIR Chennai only on 4920 and 7160, not 7275 or 7270 *AIR FM Rainbow relayed on 10330, DJ in English until 2100 *Malaysia reactivated on 6049.65, 1017-1429, assumed Sibu, Sarawak [but could be Peninsular, ex-6025] *Contrary to 1318 report, Hmong Lao Radio still heard on 11785, not 11940, Sat & Sun 13-14 via WHRI *Also heard via Taiwan 15260 Wed & Fri to 0200, then Hmoob Moj Them *Shiokaze broadcast about Japanese kidnapped by North Korea on new schedule [via Taiwan now], 20-21 on 9785, 1030-11 on 9855 *Radio Vanuatu signs off at 1116, some days on 7259.52, others on 3944.7v *Radio Australia relays of Northern Territory service on 6080 collide with Singapore external service at 1100-1400; RA says it serves them right for having usurped RA`s frequency *For several hours at least on June 10 & 11, Radio Sawa, which replaced VOA Arabic, was heard again on SW, by mistake via Tinian site *WKBH, New Hampshire is still off frequency, 1249.78 *Oklahoma City pirate on 107.1 relays nothing but Radio Free Austin, which relays Republic Broadcasting Network, which is also on SW stations *Atlanta loses Air America on 1690 as WWAA becomes eclectic WMLB, but keeps Al Franken *KTRB, 860, Modesto CA, closed down June 19, in preparation for move to San Francisco; that may take months, but replacement on 840 in Modesto may come sooner *Habana testing new curtain antenna on 11805 in mornings, 9600 evenings *China to install seven 500 kW SW transmitters in Cuba this year *Radio Progreso relay heard on 6000 before and after 0900 *Subcomandante Marcos and his Zapatistas temporarily take over Mexico City station on 620 *Australian DX-peditioners discover 250-watt Bolivian reactivated after many years, Radio Estación Cobija, 4450, ID at 1010 *Radio Virgen de Remedios, Tupiza, Bolivia, 4545, says its power is 500 watts *DRM tests from Brasília on 25885 wrapping up; anticipating twenty 11- meter DRM channels in each city to alleviate FM band congestion *KC4AAA, South Pole, to be active during Field Day, June 24-25, on 14243 between 2300 and 0400 WORLD OF RADIO Extra 68, June 13, 2006: see COM 06-04 below CONTINENT OF MEDIA 06-05, May 2006, produced June 7, 2006 [with DX Listening Digest issues where you may read more] *COM 06-05, supplementing World of Radio, about media around the American continent, not necessarily shortwave *Made possible by Universal Radio, Reynoldsburg OH, for quality amateur and shortwave equipment, http://www.universal-radio.com and http://www.dxing.com or phone toll free for a catalog, 1-800-431-3939 *Far-north Canadian Forces Station, Alert, and its radio activity: see http://jproc.ca/rrp/alert.html [6-083] *Quebec broadcasters complain they have to broadcast too much music in French [6-079] *Canadian and Hawaiian TV and FM stations broadcasting via translators in Cortez, Colorado [6-084] *Is time running out for IBOC/HD radio? Lack of public and industry interest [6-082, 6-083] *CPB studying impact of IBOC interference [6-069] *Prospects for DRM on 26 MHz for local service; but subject to skip interference [6-076, 6-074, 6-085] *Tip for Rational Living, From Those Wonderful Folks Who Brought You The Inquisition http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/ATHEISM/inquisition.html *Standard disclaimer *XM pulls FM modulators; they put out too much signal, interfering with real stations [6-082] *Complaints regarding Broadband over Power Lines have been transferred from the FCC`s Office of Engineering and Technology to the Commission`s Enforcement Bureau [6-082] *RF ID chips coming to cattle, but need to have greater range than on non-living stationary cargo [6-077] *Public tours at VOA have been changed to downplay the role and history of shortwave *Broadcasting Board of Governors rejects expensive review of its operations by consultant, since it was critical of management, and refuses to make it public [6-080] *``VOICE OF AMERICA: A HISTORY``, by Alan Heil, now available as talking book from National Library Service, order number is RC58786 [6-083] *Connecticut Public Radio dumps classical music for talk [6-083] *Classical music is not in decline, from the standpoint of performances and recordings, says NY Times article: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/05/28/arts/music/28kozi.html?_r=2&oref=slogin&pagewanted=print [6-083] *Old favorites dumped by WVXU move to WMKV near Cincinnati, station by and for seniors; WMKV webcasts, including theater organ music, barbershop harmony [6-074, 6-076] *One-watt FM station in Philadelphia, WPEB, sold for $70,000; location, location, location [6-071, 6-072] *National Geographic Bee validated wrong answer claiming that Montevideo, latitude 35, is subtropical [6-079] *Concluding COM 06-05, later known as World of Radio Extra 69 ### WORLD OF RADIO 1318 (6-081 to 6-084), June 6, 2006 *Azerbaijan`s English service at 1700 confirmed on 6111 *Greece cuts multilingual SW service *HCJB moves off Bulgaria`s frequency 11700 *Serbia`s external service unconfirmed on SW or internet *President of Slovakia encourages RSI to continue on SW beyond June, despite lack of funding *Thunder 1530, AFRTS in Iceland, closes, and SW missing too *Channel Africa calls itself ``Voice of the African Renaissance`` *Handbooks jumped the gun in deleting 90-meter listings for India; Delhi still on 3365 *Schedule for AIR extended broadcasts covering West Indies cricket test matches *Monitoring Laotian clandestine Hmoob Moj Them; Hmong Lao Radio on new 11940 via WHRI *Radio Australia relaying NT service on 11880 days, 6080 nights [but 6080 collides with Singapore at 11-14] *CVC has new afternoon English services via Germany to Mideast, Russia *VOA plans to delete Hindi from shortwave, plus other languages *Former chairman of Broadcasting Board of Governors now champions flush-free urinals *PsyOps turned over from Special Forces to Army Reserve *FCC accepts Baptist application for new SW station in Pensacola *WRNO revival delayed further, fighting insurance company over settlement *WWRB testing 12180 instead of 11915-11920 *Armadillo run special event June 24-25 by Texas hams in Nevada, K7A *Public radio station in Marfa TX, KRTS 93.5, appears to have gone on air without FCC approval *University students in Kenosha WI run pirate WIPZ 88.5 *Bad week for broadcast towers and people involved with them: three fall to their deaths in Iowa; four killed in chopper crash in Georgia; vandals shoot out lights, steal wire in Texas *SW pirate operator of KCBM in California, Barry Strange, dies of mesothelioma *KSL, 1160 in Utah, interferes with other stations by using IBOC; now it gets hit by XEQIN, Baja California, moved from 1290 *HCJB`s condensed DX Partyline still devotes 25% of time to evangelizing, while the Spanish equivalent, Aventura Dxista, despite expansion, is totally on-topic; now relayed by WRMI after DXPL *Look for bargains in components at Radio Shacks being closed *KOA relay on 25950 heard constantly in Tennessee, even 0930 UT *Sporadic E goes wild with multi-hop contacts on 6 meters between Japan and all over US WORLD OF RADIO 1317 (6-078 to 6-081), May 30, 2006 *VOA plans to cut English, even tho millions speak it in China and it is not jammed; see http://www.publicdiplomacy.org/60.htm *New VOA program guide at http://www.voanews.com/english/about/ProgramGuide.cfm *VOA relay sites use different versions of Yankee Doodle Dandy at sign-on and -off. Project to identify each one this way *Report in Spanish on a visit to KJES in remote New Mexico, in DXLD 6- 073 via http://www.worldofradio.org *Alistair Cooke`s journals from WW II America have been published; see NY Times Review of Books May 24 *First IBOC FM DX reported: KBCO Boulder to Girard Westerberg, KY *KRCN 1060 Longmont CO monitored with day power at night *Perlavision with eyebrows on channel 5 is Cuba; color bars in the afternoon *Final Radio Boskopoe, Suriname relay via Bonaire was May 28 *Aventura Diexista, Spanish DX program from HCJB expands to 15 minutes as DX Partyline contracts to 15 minutes; both to be on WRMI one after another *HCJB DOES still broadcast in English; language lesson during Spanish at 2345-2400 on 11720 *Radio La Hora, Cuzco, Peru, 4855.6, gives out contradictory schedules; has new pennant *Peruvian on 4790 is no longer Radio Atlántida, Iquitos, but Radio Visión, Chiclayo, Lambayeque, which was formerly Radio Imperio on 4385, heard around 0300 *WBCQ sometimes plays WOR twice in a row on 7415 or 9330; appreciate it but unpredictable *Thanks for financial support via check in the mail to P O Box 1684, Enid OK, 73702 USA, go this week to Rod Scribner in Maine; or via PayPal to woradio at yahoo.com *An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore`s documentary on global warming, website including find a theatre: http://www.climatecrisis.net *Argentine station on 1120 has tango format, webcasts via http://www.amtango1120.com.ar *Argentine x-bander on 1650 heard on harmonic 3300 in Uruguay, RDB = La Radio de la Bendición *Another Argentine x-bander, R. Bethel, moves from 1640 to 1670 *Conexión Digital provides updated Argentine x-band reference at http://conexiongra.com.ar/Files/LISTADO%20AM%20(X-BAND).pdf *AM 1710 now Radio ESBA = Escuela Superior de Buenos Aires *Super R. Alvorada, Brasil active on 2460, but not R. Oito de Setembro on 2490 *DRM tests on MW & SW delayed in Brasil, equipment held up in customs *DRM tests are underway in Brasília on 25885 *VT Communications testing DRM on 25700 in London with dual programming, DW and UBC Classic Gold, 20 kHz bandwidth *RFI deletes Albanian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian from SW *What has become of RFI`s English at 1400? Believed to be only on 7220 via Chita; 21620 via France to resume in September *Still no evidence that RFI is relayed any longer via Gabon; 25-year contract expired? *LX- callsigns on record for Luxembourg LW, MW, SW frequencies, but never used *Radio Slovakia International plans to cease SW after June 30, or is it brinksmanship? Already ceased new program production in Spanish May 30 *Radio Romania International changes some English frequencies *Radio Belarus surveying listeners for suggested improvements; home service relay on 11930 at 0400 may come in better than English service *New weekly broadcast of Voice of Democratic Path of Ethiopian Unity, Fridays at 1900-2000 on 15565 via Germany *Radio Thailand relay via Delano moved an hour earlier, English at 0200 on 5890 *Hmoob Moj Them, Hmong clandestine for Laos, tentatively heard at 0200 on 15260 *Sound of Hope, clandestine for China, with Firedrake jamming at 1600 on 11765 *Ming Hui Radio, Falun Gong clandestine, also Firedraked at 1535-1600 on 11700 *FEBC Manila resumed English after several years, but just a California preacher for two half hours *Radio Central, Papua New Guinea, active again on 3290 *New ham prefix for Cook Islands, E51 replacing ZK1 *Radio New Zealand International DRM schedule [keeps changing] WORLD OF RADIO 1316 (6-070, 6-072, 6-074 to 6-078), May 23, 2006 *Taiwan aids Burkina Faso with new 100 kW MW transmitter *Two Africans on 4915, but Kenya closes earlier than Ghana *Schedule changes in target broadcasts to Ethiopia, Sudan *VT testing 13640 at 2200 westward from Cyprus; maybe for Radio Republica to Cuba, now on 6135 *Norway to close down its megawatt MW 1314 kHz July 1, the best heard European in North America *Luxembourg has analog 10 kW English and French services on 49m registered in European daytime, not yet heard *Germany closing Band I, channel 2 and 3 TV transmitters May 29; VHF analog TV from Netherlands to close at end of October. DX them while you can *From June 1, WWCR will no longer interfere with Slovakia at 0100 on 5930 [but RSI to close SW June 30!] *One month either side of solstice, Spain at 0000 on 15385 is in season for propagation to North America; ombudsman takes complaints about frequency usage: defensor @ rtve.es *Radio Damascus appeals to German listeners for support, but Spanish service is barely modulated *AFN Diogo Garcia switches from 12579 to 4319 around 1453 UT *Interesting website: http://www.westpointgradsagainstthewar.org *All India Radio extending into the night for cricket from West Indies *Bhutan getting new 100 kW DRM-capable transmiter from early next year; to add 7500 kHz *Tibet has English lessons at 2330-2400 on 4820 and others *Low-power Tannu Tuva outlet from Kyzyl on 6100 as late as 1100 UT *KBS World Radio, South Korea, evaluating shortwave as its old transmitters deteriorate; more relays? *Is the daytime RRI Papua Indonesian on 7290 in Nabire or Serui? Listings and opinions differ *Radio Pilipinas changes frequencies at 0200 in English; now only one of the three announced is correct *Details about planned shortwave station in Oregon, KTMI *VL8A, Alice Springs, is off 2310 and 4835 three months for refurbishing *With one exception, all HCJB Australia frequencies are in a 150-kHz span on 15 MHz; why? *North Americans should try for New Zealand, 567 kHz, from 0830 UT until sunrise [actually sunset in Wellington is about 0500 UT] *VOA obits: Al James, host of Daybreak Africa; and James Keogh, director during Nixon years *Global Crisis Watch on WRMI, UT Tue 0400 on 9955 *Shortwave Overnight misses last week on WBCQ 7415; try again UT Sunday 0500 *TDF gave Brother Stair free 500/250 kW tests via French Guiana on 13770, 17720 *Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival on public radio; see our Monitoring Reminders Calendar *Barbara Ann (Circe) of doowopcafe has died of cancer *El Salvador will stay on UT -6, no DST after all *Radio Boskopoe, Suriname, relay via Bonaire gone May 23 at 21 [remains at 14 on 15540] *HCJB collides with Bulgaria on 11700, including English from Sofia at 2300; more DRM tests in June *Radio la Hora, Peru, 4855, reduces SW schedule, issues new pennant *Why do Uruguayan SW stations insist on operating daytime only? 9650 active until 1700 *Mystery timesignal on 12000 at 1556 *New material at Mediumwave Circle: http://www.mwcircle.org *Sporadic E season well underway on low-band TV and FM; Manitoba TV received in Northern Ireland WORLD OF RADIO 1315 (6-070 to 6-076), May 17, 2006 *Summer time in Central America enhances DX possibilities *Bonaire station being renovated with new transmitters *Bonaire relays tiny, obscure Surinam FM station in wake of floods, Radio Boskopoe *Mixing products and harmonics from Colombia, Gabon *HCJB airs final English program from Ecuador *DX catches from Peru and Brasil *Bolivians on 49 metres enjoy windows of DX opportunity *LRA, Radio Nacional, Argentina, 870, back up to full power of 100 kW after decades at 20 *BBC Radio 4 comedy series, Down the Line, fake phone-in, fools some listeners *Does RVi, Belgium, let English news capsules go on SW, M-F at 0656 and 1756 on 13685 via St. Petersburg and Moscow? *R. Prague offers 70th anniversary tour of studios and transmitters, June 22; register by May 31 with marie.pittnerova @ rozhlas.cz *R. Slovakia International guaranteed to last until June *R. Budapest faces uncertainty about its future, with austerity coming *US closed Kavala and Rhodes relay stations in Greece on May 11; V. of Greece missed chance to take them over *Turkey mixes up English and Turkish frequencies *V. of Africa, Libya via France, English at 14-16 UT on 17850 and new 17725 *Radio France International audio carried on jammer against Libyan clandestine V. of Hope, confirming evidence that France is in league with Qaddafi *Mali has English news magazine, Saturdays at 1910 on 5995 and reactivated 4835-variable *VOA Zimbabwe service changes transmitter sites during sesquihour broadcast on same frequencies *Kenya active on 4915, closing around 1916 before Ghana *Sudan Radio Service testing new frequencies at 03-06 *Israel`s new frequencies for English at 0330 *AIR Chennai shifts to 7270 to avoid Singapore on 7275 which shifted from 7170 *Bangladesh Betar tested 4750, then 4880, but latter collides with Lucknow, India *Another Hmong clandestine for Laos follows Hmong Lao Radio, UT Wed & Fri at 0200-0230 on 15260 via Taiwan: Moj Them, also HQ in Hminnesota *North Korea finally starts jamming Shiokaze service about kidnapping Japanese *Voice of Reborn, new clandestine to China, has website with mp3, http://www.vocr.org *RRI Manokwari, Indonesia reactivated on 3987; and Wamena back on 4869.9, far too close to Sorong on 4870.9 *R. Vanuatu heard on 3945v and 7260, but hours irregular *New Zealand frequently revises its schedule; see http://www.rnzi.com for latest; still nothing definite about DRM, but irregular tests replace analog *KOA, Denver, lowpower relay on 25950, heard in Paraguay when solar flux was 93 *New on WBCQ, Shortwave Overnights, Free Speech Rock & Roll, with TimTron, call-ins without restriction, Sundays 05-08 UT on 7415 *Euro-pirate Laser Hot Hits, may be heard after 0500 on 7414.88 other nights when WBCQ closes *VOA has a new studio tour in Washington; info and reservations at http://www.VOATour.com *Summer supplement to World Radio TV Handbook, free pdf download at http://www.wrth.com WORLD OF RADIO EXTRA 67 May 10, 2006: see COM 06-03 below CONTINENT OF MEDIA 06-04, produced May 5, 2006 by Glenn Hauser [with DXLD issues where you may read more, find linx] *Welcome to COM 06-04, a.k.a. later as World of Radio Extra 68 *COM is possiblized by Universal Radio http://www.universal-radio.com for a catalog or 1-800-431-3939. Universal Radio for quality amateur and SW equipment. *Universal also sponsors http://www.dxing.com including audio access to this program *First all-Maya-language station in Mexico is XEMQ, 810 in Mérida, Yucatán [6-068] *XEK, 960, Nuevo Laredo to get program feeds across the border from US [6-070] *Threat to Mexican public broadcasting [6-057] *Aguascalientes Universtiy Radio at the mercy of politicians [6-070] *Proposal for a ``Radio Free Mexico`` from the US [6-065] *Missionaries drop SW radios on Mexico to pick up SW station in ``Ohio`` [6-070] *Obit for Radio Swan/Américas manager, CIA man Robert Wilkinson [6-057] *How Cuba`s Radio Reloj handles airshifts [6-058] *New Greek X-bander on 1690 coming in Toronto [6-058] *CBC decimates design department in Toronto [6-064] *Philadelphia Orchestra back on radio [6-064, 6-071] *Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival back on radio [6-071] *The translator trafficking scandal [6-057] *Low-power AM stations allegedly authorized in AZ, WA, NJ [6-057] *FM pirate in Quad Cities says it is legal in wartime [6-065] *Big FM pirate in Milwaukee [6-066] *FCC`s long-delayed case against K1MAN [6-060] *Blaw-Knox tower downsized in Tampa Bay [6-067] *TV chopper wars in Oklahoma [6-060] *KJES SW transmitting equipment [6-060] *Irreverent commentary on IBOC by Paul Vincent Zecchino [6-062] *How much IBOC power does KOA really transmit? [6-070] ### WORLD OF RADIO 1314 (6-067 to 6-070), May 3, 2006 *WWCR adding webcasting to shortwave *VOA interferes with itself *It`s orgy month on WHRB Harvard, notably Mozart *Update on Mexican SW stations *Habana can`t decide which of three languages to broadcast at 0000 UT on 17705 *News of three Bolivian, three Brazilian and two Argentine stations *LRA36 Antarctica confirmed reactivated on 15476 *Spain has funny language lesson show if it doesn`t fade out first *European trains want to use spread spectrum on shortwave *New monthly DX program from radio six international, Scotland [non] *Bulgaria and HCJB colliding again *Voice of Greece relays via Delano and Greenville ceased abruptly; VOA also gone from Rhodes and Kavala, Greece, but VOG continues to use Kavala for now *Vatican shifts 5 kHz to avoid Cuba, but now collides with Seychelles *Mali reactivates off-frequencies on 60 and 41 meters *SW Radio Africa resumes MW 1197 via Lesotho after an unpublicized and jamming-free sesquimonth on shortwave via South Africa *Zimbabwe`s other clandestine, Voice of the People, wins media award and another trial date *Monitoring Radio Nile, from Madagascar to Sudan *Pakistan plans technical improvements including new SW transmitters *Sri Lanka way off frequency, schedule changes due to timezone shift *Bangladesh resumes home service on SW, testing new frequencies 7315, 7250, 4750 *Sound of Hope, clandestine for China`s monitored frequencies above and below 16 metre band *ABC Tennant Creek stays on day frequency 4910 at night, enhancing DX-ability *Radio New Zealand International`s new schedule *Passing of Daryl Rocker WORLD OF RADIO 1313 (6-064 to 6-067), April 26, 2006 Comprehensive SW schedules from Eike Bierwirth New Utility DX Forum Major Marconi exhibition opens in Oxford Listeners do have standing against BPL interference Digital TV transition not going well anywhere Harmonic DX exceeds 30 MHz Tips for QSLing All India Radio Correspondents keep calling Nepal ``tiny`` Sound of Hope, Chinese clandestine, adds many hours on SW including 15 per week via Hawaii Free North Korea Radio closes down Catholic Radio Network, Papua New Guinea, heard again after six months to a year FM pirate in Quad Cities, IA-IL, claims it needs no license during wartime WWRB found on split frequency 11918.0 Voz Cristã resumes DX program in Portuguese, UT Mondays 0000 on 11745 via Chile Guatemala going on DST of UT -5 April 30 José Valdés, YV5LIX, died during Aves Island DXpedition; continues with calls changed in his honor to YW0LIX Radio Illimani, Bolivia, more active on 6025 and has new website Radio Globo, São Paulo, heard on harmonic 19170; R. Globo, Rio, reactivates 6030 and 11805 Radio Baluarte, Argentina, irregular on 6214.3v, partly in Portuguese LRA36, Antarctica, reactivation on 15476 delayed a week to April 24 but still not heard Furore at BBC Radio 4 over high pay to freelance DJs on BBC Radio 2 RTBF, Belgium, wants reports on 9970 tests from May 2 Radio 603 testing DRM on 5940 from Sweden YLE Radio Finland`s accidental English news capsule heard again a month later, both on Wednesdays at 1255 on 15400, 13715 Redundancies of engineers expected at Slovak Radio Relays of Greece via Delano and Greenville suddenly stop; IBB sites in Greece, Kavala and Rhodos, also reported to have closed, but the latter not confirmed Relays of France via Gabon may have ceased; not yet confirmed New Voice of Turkey frequency 5975 at 03 to North America is an improvement, but they really need a relay, such as Delano which used to carry BBC at this very time and frequency; TRT says it is looking into relay arrangements for first time Voice of Joy Music Hour starts new schedule on Saturdays: two weeks on 15720 at 13 UT; alternating with two weeks on 6220 at 19 UT; 15720 put a good signal into Perth, not Enid WORLD OF RADIO 1312 (6-059 to 6-064), April 19, 2006 LRA36, Antarctica, 15476, was supposed to reactivate April 17, but not yet heard again Reactivated: Emisora Ciudad de Montevideo, Uruguay, 9650; Radio Illimani, Bolivia, 6025; R. Globo, Rio on 11805 HCJB will end English SW broadcasts from Ecuador May 6; fate of DX Partyline uncertain; dismantling all Pifo antennas has started R. Amazonas, Venezuela, 4940v, awaiting repairs; QSLing suspended but promised Mexican clandestine R. Insurgente, 6000, still heard; XEXQ, 6045, comes and goes Five U.S. Senators send letter to Bush to stop VOA cuts Radio billboards advertising Honda proliferating around the US on X-band Toronto`s airport TIS, CFYZ, 1280, back on the air BBC Spanish cut to only one hour on two frequencies Finland`s English news capsule a fluke, not heard again Belarus service for North America tough to hear, actually aimed at South America New April edition of Mundo Radial on WWCR, WRMI, our website http://www.worldofradio.com Croatia`s English via Germany Albania retimes English to Europe Libya`s new jamming strategy against Sawt al-Amel Reactivated: Ghana on 4915; R. Africa, Equatorial Guinea on 15190; R. Mustaqbal for Somalia on 15515 New schedules for Sudan surrogates, Darfur and Radio Nile Egypt goes on DST late, April 27, causing R. Cairo to change local time announcements but no UT shift Coalition Maritime Radio, warnings to pirates off Somalia, sometimes on 6844-USB, sometimes on 6884-USB Turkey moves from 6140 to 5975 for English at 0300, thanks to Habana Voice of Tibet via Tajikistan varies around 17550 to avoid Chicom jamming; via Madagascar sticks to 17550 PBS, Philippines reactivated on 6169.8 Radio Australia again relaying Far North service due to Cyclone Monica, 11650 and 6020 HFCC A-06 schedule finally available 24 days late, with hundreds of entries censored WRN DRM schedule via Bulgaria, including WOR Sat 0800 on 13865 Additional DRM transmissions for NAB in Nevada Harry Helms editorializes that DRM on HF is a ``debacle`` WORLD OF RADIO Extra 66 April 12, 2006 see COM 06-02 below WORLD OF RADIO 1311 (6-054 to 6-059) April 5, 2006 Programme changes on BBC World Service BBC puts down shortwave listeners Strike at RFI over `slave wages` leads to excellent fill music Christian Vision buying Jülich, Germany SW site of a dozen transmitters, from 2008 New English schedules from Lithuania, Romania, Armenia, Libya, Egypt, Voice of Joy, Iran, India, Turkmenistan, Thailand, VOA Saut al-Amal, Libyan clandestine adds second frequency against jamming New schedules for Radio Solh to Afghanistan, Radio Station Pacific Ocean, Radio República Radio Pakistan`s horrible audio on new English hour Radio Tashkent, off shortwave since December, now closes completely, gone from Internet Colombia para Cristo back on both 6010 and 5910 New Peruvian on 4620, Radio Espacial, Otuzco Uruguay another country no longer on shortwave Only satellite providing solar wind data to expire if not protested CONTINENT OF MEDIA 06-03, produced April 2, 2006 by Glenn Hauser [with DXLD issues where you may read more] More shortwave frequencies to kiss goodbye, as FCC authorized two new sets of CODAR ocean radar stations in Florida and California [6-055] Hunting the transmitter and antenna of WHGT, 1590, Chambersburg PA [6-052] National Public Radio vs. low-power FM and godcasters [6-050] COM 06-03, woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702; http://www.worldofradio.com Radio Chalom/Shalom, new Jewish AM station authorized in Montreal on 1650, on air by June http://www.radio-shalom.ca/ [6-054, 6-059] HD Radio outlook, mainly on MW, by Scott Fybush, Harry Helms [6-050] Public Diplomacy Council commentary against cutting VOA English and other languages [6-053] ### WORLD OF RADIO 1310 (6-050 to 6-054) March 29, 2006 Next US SW station, KTMI in Oregon, registers schedule WEWN tries new 60m channel New A06 schedules from Alaska, France, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia, Greece, South Africa, Egypt Special DX test from KCKN, 1020, Roswell NM, April 3 Last two MW stations on Prince Edward Island will move to FM Tarahumara Indians in Mexico get an internet radio station from Canada Colombia again clashing with Mexico on 6010 Finally some DX reports of new Bolivian, Radio Logos, 6165 Final broadcasts of BBC Calling the Falklands BBC also makes drastic cuts in SW coverage to Americas, only 3.5 transmitter hours per day Radio Liberty antennas demolished on schedule in Catalunya; videos: http://tinyurl.com/on5c4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZWWTRmOM28&feature=Recent&page=4&t=t&f=b mms:// Zimbabwe harmonic jumps from 6612 to 6688 World of Radio time shifts, including Thursday to Friday at 2030 on WWCR 15825 WRN`s DRM schedule via Bulgaria New Kurdish clandestine on 4675 Radio Tashkent expected to terminate webcasts at end of March Sound of Hope`s latest frequency changes due to Chinese jamming Shiokaze, for Japanese kidnapped by North Korea, all-English on Tuesdays Radio Southern Highlands, Papua New Guinea, 3275, off the air in local dispute Radio New Zealand International `s entire span on 9885 collides with WEWN WORLD OF RADIO 1309 (6-045 to 6-049), March 22, 2006 Radio Liberty antennas in Spain demolished on schedule Report on Winter SWL Fest at http://www.switzerlandinsound.com New A-06 schedules from Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Bulgaria; services to Senegal, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan; Israel, Mongolia, New Zealand, Canada, VOA, UN Gabon confirmed as source of African music jammer against Libyan clandestine Madagascar World Radio/Voice, progress report on new evangelical SW station Attention pirates off Somalia: listen to 6844-USB World of Radio will remain at same UT on WRMI 9955: Sat 0600 (new), Sun 0530, Mon 0500 Radio Pakistan starts new English hour to Europe, 0730 on 15100, 17835 Victim of Chinese jamming revealed: Sound of Hope above and below 17 MHz band Far North Queensland service relayed by R. Australia during Cyclone Larry CKUT, Radio McGill, Montreal gets vote of confidence in student referendum, funding continues Radio República`s new schedule via WRMI and Germany Neighborhood and military FM stations in Venezuela Rogildo Aragão visits SW-inactive R. Illimani, La Paz, Bolivia to send out pending QSLs Opinions differ on whether next solar cycle will be very high or very low Monitor during total solar eclipse, March 29 across Africa at 0840-1145 WORLD OF RADIO 1308 (6-042 to 6-045) March 15, 2006 Drawbacks of cutting VOA English, Thai, Turkish WRMI suspends broadcasting WRN but may resume Programming tips from WBCQ, Portugal, Bangladesh, Japan, Malaysia [time: 1207/1350], Australia Two new x-banders approved for Montreal Why Colombia para Cristo outlets are not being heard New Bolivian on 5680.7, Radio San Rafael – or is it a relay? Radio Logos, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, 6165, reconfirms it`s on the air tho DXers don`t hear it [March 14, not May 14] Antarctica`s virtual webcaster Big cuts at RTVE, Spain; Radio Exterior to survive at least in Spanish Radio Liberty antennas at Playa de Pals, Spain, scheduled for demolition March 22 Tour of Broadcasting House on BBC Radio 4, March 18 at 2000 Upcoming A-06 schedules for Sweden, Greece Monitor 9345 for possible tests of Afghanistan`s new 100 kW When to hear English from Kyrgyzstan WORLD OF RADIO 1307 (6-038 to 6-042) March 8, 2006 China blocks the only SW frequency from Bangladesh Time changes in Sri Lanka and New Zealand Iraq`s only SW station; difficulty in monitoring Syria Radio Bayrak, Turkish Northern Cyprus says it`s on 6150, but is anyone hearing it? The content of Sawt al-Amel broadcasts One transmitter at Shijak, Albania is down The Kavala Gap --- closing down VOA relay in an excellent location Macedonian station`s English newscast is only 2 minutes around 1257 UT [on 9935] 15-year deal to use two high-power SW transmitters in Norway for DRM religion New English-language MW station about to start in Paris Radio strikes in France and Hungary Missionaries plan SW station in remote northern Ontario DRM anomalies Student referendum puts CKUT Montreal at risk Saving America`s Voice Hobby Radio show from Radio Reading Service of the Rockies includes Monitoring Times Cuba jams another frequency unnecessarily Radio Marti spurs shift frequency, one colliding with Turkey Colombians missing: Radio Lider, 6140; Marfil Estereo, 5910 Obit for Brazilian football announcer who could spew 250 words per minute, ``Machine Gun`` Next solar cycle may be 30 to 50 percent stronger WORLD OF RADIO 1306 (6-034 to 6-038) March 1, 2006 IBB closing Kavala and Rhodes relays in Greece Radio Budapest has a future not so much good, in danger Massive layoffs at Radio Georgia Intriguing Kurdish? UnID on 4675 Updated schedules from Israel, Senegal, Biafra, Pakistan New Arab on 6005 overriding Germany and BBC turns out to be Yemen Radio Tashkent laments it`s losing listeners now on internet without SW Goa transmitter fault finally fixed, no longer squealing Radio Nepal transmitter refurbished and widely heard on 5005 Democratic Voice of Burma no longer jammed by Myanmar Chinese jammers pile on Ming Hui Radio, 7105 at 2200-2300 Radio Japan canceling programs including 44 Minutes, Hello from Tokyo QSLs from Wantok Radio Light, Papua New Guinea; Radio Yura, Bolivia Radio Martí heard on spurs, unjammed BBC cancelling Calling the Falkland Islands, Off the Shelf X-bander WJCC 1700 in Florida closes down CBC Radio program about TV CONTINENT OF MEDIA 06-02, February 27, 2006 [with DXLD issues where you may read more] COM 06-02, also known later as World of Radio Extra 66 Made possible by Universal Radio, 1 800 431 3939 for a catalog or http://www.universal-radio.com Universal also sponsors http://www.dxing.com for much more info including latest edition of this program COM is about media around the American continent, not especially SW Powerline communications confined to 30-50 MHz area a victory for hams [5-225] ARRL pleased with TXU`s BPL system in Texas, Current, lacking interference caused by Amperion system tried previously http://www.arrl.org/news/stories/2005/12/28/100/?nc=1 [5-225] SW listeners have no standing in this, since we are not licensed; what we listen to is not protected The amazing WLW of yore, super-powered, with Blaw-Knox tower [5-226] Other Blaw-Knox towers: WFEA in Nashua NH; WBT Charlotte NC; WBNS Columbus OH; KSTN Stockton CA; since replaced: WADO New York; maybe two more baby BK`s in California [5-226] What`s to become of the Blaw-Knox tower for 620 in Tampa? [6-001] Continental Electronics delivering 132 ultra-low-noise transmitters to HAARP in Alaska for ionospheric warming http://www.haarp.alaska.edu [5-197] In the midst of COM 06-02; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; or woradio at yahoo.com --- much more at http://worldofradio.com As of late Feb, a possible strike against SRC, French counterpart of CBC. Lise Lareau, head of union after previous lockout, wrote about lessons from it in Christian Science Monitor http://www.csmonitor.com/2005/1114/p09s01-coop.html [5-197] What has become of Ted Koppel? 3-year deal to make documentaries for Discovery Channel, starting in late summer or fall; also to do commentaries on NPR, nothing so far [starts in June] [6-005] Cable à la carte pricing, pros and cons [5-225] SAVVIS gets contract for IBB web content [6-004] SAVVIS the worst possible choice, says Lou Josephs [6-005] Standard disclaimer Glenn Hauser, concluding COM 06-02; later known as World of Radio Extra 66 ### WORLD OF RADIO 1305 (6-027 to 6-034) February 22, 2006 VOA closure of English broadcasts may be even more extensive VOA TV stays on in Indonesia, Pakistan, for now, but censored Expert says Radio Farda should be scrapped, VOA Persian improved KCKN 1020 Roswell back on air; KBLI 1620 Idaho closes down Longwave 454 in Maryland interferes with receiver IFs New Alaskan on 1240 discovered in Hawaii Mexican SW news on 4810, 6000, 6045, 9600 WIPR 940 Puerto Rico closes down for ``digitalization`` YVTO timesignals from Venezuela reactivated on 5000 Paraguay inactive for 3+ months on 9737 CVC Chile finally moves off BBC frequency Islamic program from Argentina LRA36 Antarctica apparently inactive, summer vacation? Britain expels Ascension Islanders to satisfy US secrecy English program from Faroe Islands Two new Belarus surrogate services start Greece`s Macedonian station has surprise English newscast Armenia retimes English service Zimbabwe commentator tries to make case for jamming opposition Tracking Algeria, Libya, relays, clandestine, jamming via Gabon, France Minivan Radio for Maldives resumed on SW Sad state of Pakistan`s SW transmitters SWL Winter Fest, March 3-4 CONTINENT OF MEDIA 06-01, January 12, 2006 = WORLD OF RADIO Extra 65, February 15, 2006 [with DXLD issues where you may read more] *COM 06-01, January 12, 2006, to be known later as World of Radio Extra 65 *COM made possible by Universal Radio; for catalog call 1-800-431-3939 or check http://www.universal-radio.com and http://www.dxing.com from Universal radio for quality amateur and shortwave equipment *Tetsuya Hirahara website on visit to Paraná state, Brazil, radio station photos: http://www5a.biglobe.ne.jp/~BCLSWL/BRAZIL2006.html [6-001] *Wide variety of cultures reflected in programming from Voice of Guyana [5-220] *Where to see Telesur webcasts http://www.arcoiris.tv/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=34 and http://www.telesurtv.net/ [5-226] *Plans for Public Broadcasting Corporation of Jamaica [5-221] *Star Ray TV, Toronto pirate, battles CRTC for legitimacy http://srtv.ca [5-222] *Range of special Winnipeg station CJML 580, and wide groundwave coverage in central NAm [5-226] *WKY 930, Oklahoma`s first radio station, from 1922, converts to all- Spanish format, ``La Indomable`` as FM relay [6-007, 6-008] *KROM San Antonio in trouble over tipoffs to illegal immigrants [5- 225] *Strange radio situation along Baja/California border [5-219] *KALW San Francisco in trouble over technicality [5-225] *WDET Detroit faces litigation by betrayed listener contributors [5- 218, 5-225, 6-003] *Ekko stamps website http://members.shaw.ca/ekko/ [5-225, 6-001] *DTV transition deadline Feb 17, 2009, and its impact on low-power analog relays [5-218, 5-219] *Auroral zone moving out of Canada [5-212] *COM 06-01, to be known later as World of Radio Extra 65 ### WORLD OF RADIO 1304 (6-022 to 6-026) February 8, 2006 Death of another beloved broadcaster, Keith Glover Vandalism puts another Papua New Guinea SW off the air Vietnam`s German service does not start until March 1 BBC production staff to strike Feb 15 [update: called off] SAQ VLF test Feb 19 for North America WRN`s DRM schedule on SW from Bulgaria Radio Slovakia International SW service saved for this year Algeria monitored via UK relays [update: experiment ended] V. of Hope, Libyan clandestine keeps changing frequency, and the complex jamming accompanying More background on drastic cuts at VOA and other US services; News in English to be eliminated by October! [total hours already cut cited are per day] WWKB 1520 Buffalo dumps oldies format for progressive talk; Buffalo also getting Air America on WHLD 1270 [correct frequency] Bush also cutting budget for public broadcasting Disney has a buyer for ABC Radio: Citadel Radio República site pinpointed to Rampisham, UK on 6135/7205/7110 XEXQ, San Luis Potosí, Mexico, reactivated on 6045 Radio Capixaba, Espíritu Santo, Brasil, back on 4945 WORLD OF RADIO 1303 (6-017 to 6-022) February 1, 2006 VOA cuts 90,000 transmitter-hours per year, or 245 per day FCC fines Boston pirate, but many more continue including Choice 102.9 Ham DX-pedition to Peter I island near Antarctica underway, 3Y0X Radio Logos unheard, but another new Bolivian XETRA 690 Tijuana abandons English for Spanish, programmed by company from Spain Radio República finally moves off 6010, but draws more jamming into hamband on 7205 Croatia via Germany pretends to broadcast to Iceland and Azores in order to use 40m hamband to Americas Numerous SW frequencies from Sweden are 700 Hz low Ukraine changes frequency to North America to 5880 Algeria now relayed on SW via UK Libyan clandestine jammed by music, shifts frequency Uzbekistan broadcasts Catholic propaganda instead of R. Tashkent Voice of Vietnam adds German service English from China Business Radio and Sea Breeze WORLD OF RADIO 1302 (6-012 to 6-017) January 25, 2006 New Bolivian on SW, R. Logos, 6165 Brazilian shortwave oddities: truckers` pirate, gay show Mexican clandestines on shortwave and FM Algeria back on SW via France Libyan clandestine jammed off satellite now on SW [update: time is 12- 14 UT on 17660] New BBC service for Darfur Minivan Radio resumes SW to the Maldives Indonesia bans relays of foreign stations US Shortwave: KJES is back, now KTBN is missing Mediumwave DX tests from US, mostly Monday morning, Jan 30 Furore over plans to drop the UK Theme on BBC Radio 4 New 11-meter DRM transmissions in Europe The NRC AM Antenna Pattern Book WORLD OF RADIO 1301 (6-004 to 6-012) January 18, 2006 Radio Tashkent quits shortwave shortly after adding webcasting New frequencies for Sri Lanka, When to hear AWR Wavescan, 35% DX news Half-hour window in Europe for Wantok Radio Light, Papua New Guinea When to hear liberal talkshows on AFN, and a new frequency QSLs from VOA delayed by death of manager KJES seems inactive from the Lord`s Ranch in New Mexico Andrews AFB requires WINB and WWRB to change frequencies Cuban clandestine Radio República adds another frequency, via Germany, also jammed Mexican clandestine Radio Insurgente finally confirmed on shortwave Plattdeutsch from Bolivia Radio Six International, Scotland, resumes via WBCQ Radio Slovakia International reducing languages and to drop SW, remain on WRN Eton E1 receivers recalled WORLD OF RADIO EXTRA 64 January 10 = CONTINENT OF MEDIA 05-10 whose summary is in the 2005 files. WORLD OF RADIO 1300 (5-225 to 5-226, 6-001 TO 6-004) January 4, 2006 Turkey`s new broadcasts collide with other stations More new frequencies from Israel, Iran, Sri Lanka Maldivian opposition`s Minivan Radio studios in Sri Lanka raided, broadcasts suspended New webstreaming from Kyrgyzstan and Benin Voice of the Golden Bridge, from Sichuan Specials from NHK, Toronto Reactivations from Taiwan, Malaysia, Tanzania Tracking down Radio Republica, while Cuba jams Cuba Mediumwave harmonics from Central America Special QSL for United Broadcasters of New Orleans