WORLD OF RADIO #1258, produced December 22, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

 [for full credits please listen to the program or consult DX
  Listening Digests from the preceding week]

*New Mundo Radial now available, on WWCR 9985, Fri 2215, Tue 2230,
 Wed 2200, also via http://www.worldofradio.com/espanol.html
*R. Ukraine International changing most frequencies Dec. 22: ENAm
 0000-0500 5910 ex-7440; 0900-1400 WEu 15675 ex-15620; 1800-2200 WEu
 5840 ex-7555; 2200-0100 still 5840. English at 2200, 0100, 0400, 1200
*IRRS Milano, Italy, special Xmas broadcasts with 100 kW (via
 Bulgaria?), Dec 25 0800-1300 on 13840 starting with Media Line; some
 of them repeated Dec 26 2000-2300 on 5775, 100 kW too; also heard Fri
 Dec 17 at 2215 with Free Speech Radio News, 2230 UN Radio
*Time running out for R. Slovakia International on SW? Reprieve was
 to expire at yearend. Again asking for listener support in Spanish,
 so English would be RSI_English @ slovakradio.sk
*Hamburger Lokal Radio special Xmas and NY broadcasts Dec 25 and Jan 1
 at 1000-1600 on 5925, besides every Saturday 1000-1100 on 6045; also
 via Latvia 9290 Sun Jan 2 at 1300-1500
*DW says nothing special for Xmas on Deutsche Welle in English, but
 in German music specials repeated 4-hourly starting at: Sat Dec 25
 Xmas Concert from Bonn, 0910-1000; Sun Dec 26, DW Choir Xmas at 0710-
 0800; New Year Concert, Sat Jan 1 0830-1030
*More European MW changing to DRM, including 693, Zehlendorf, Germany,
 ruining reception of BBC Radio 5 Live at night in Netherlands
*Luxembourg already testing DRM on 1440, for regular broadcasts from
 Jan 1; heard in daytime in UK, and at 0200 in Sweden; new 600 kW
 AM/DRM transmitter will run at 240 kW when in DRM
*Frans Vossen of RVi Radio World is on vacation, but plans to retire
 in March rather than be downgraded to writing internet news; only a
 really faint hope that RVi could be rescued
*Queen`s Xmas message on BBCWS, Sat Dec 25 at 1505 worldwide; also
 0805 to Au/EAs
*BBC Radio 3 repeating some of last summer`s Prom Concerts, Dec 24-Jan
 7; times pulled together in DXLD 4-188
*R. Mali missing from 4835, but weak on 4787 varying to 4783
*RTV Gabonaise, reactivated on 4777, but very irregular, sometimes no
 modulation or no carrier
*R. Bata, Equatorial Guinea, reactivation on 5004 or 5005, no longer
*R. Peace, Southern Sudan, relayed by Merlin? from a stronger site, on
 same frequency, 4750, at 0330-0400, 1630-1700, 1900-1930
*V. of Eritrean People, via UK, 1730-1830 Sundays only? [WTFK? 13690!]
*V. of Liberty, Eritrea, via Russia, 15675, 0600-0700
*Kol Israel situation: director general did not have authority to end
 SW transmission, so extended for one more quarter-year to March 31;
 to be decided by Broadcasting Authority. Two storm-damaged antennas
 to be repaired this week; 6280 at 2000 was lo-gain rhombic at 324
 degrees, instead of hi-gain curtain at 315 toward New York
*17785 at 0800-0957 from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, was carrying Bahrain
 Radio, Cooperation Council for a few days
*BSKSA launched seasonal Pilgrimage (Hajj) Enlightenment Broadcasts,
 until February 9, in 10 languages, on FM, and MW 594, 1017
*Hit Shortwave, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, on new 6030 at 1600-1627 in Farsi
 with Christian music; ex-4050
*E-QSL from Defence Forces Broadcasting Unit, Taunggyi, Myanmar, 5770,
 with JPEG of prepared card, in English, inviting visit. Came from
 sny @ mandalay.net.mm
*Standard disclaimer
*The media magazine your monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1258,
 http://www.worldofradio.com including access to DX Listening Digests;
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; or woradio at yahoo.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Gerry Bishop
*V. of Korea, English at 1600 on new 9990.1 ex-9975.1; 11545.1 ex-
*Frontline Soliders Radio in North Korea, 3025.5, closing varies
 around 1030*
*Sound of Hope, clandestine for Mainland China, believed via Taibei,
 11765 at 1600, 9635 at 2200; also 2300 on 7310, maybe Irkutsk.
 Referred to as KVTO [actually that is a US callsign, 1400 in Berkeley
 CA, whence the program apparently originate]
*Radio Que Me, new clandestine from Uzbekistan to Vietnam, is Sat only
 1200-1230 on 15385, also on satellite; clip at David Kernick`s
 http://www.intervalsignalsonline.com Alternate frequencies in case
 of jamming are: 15235, 15695, 15755
*R. Australia from Dec 20 to Jan 14 at 0730-1100 is relaying ABC
 internet music channel `dig`--- http://www.abc.net.au/dig
*RCI special holiday programming in DXLD 4-188, much of it internet
 and satellite, not necessarily SW; includes Dec 25 at 1800 Montreal
 Sing-in on 15140, 13790; and at 2100 on 5850, 9770; Alan Maitland
 reading ``The Shepherd`` Xmas eve on As It Happens, including UT
 Dec 25 at 0130 [0230?] on 6190, 9755, 9810; Sat Dec 25 15180 at 20-23
 I Hear Xmas Music, and Vinyl Cafe Xmas Concert; UT Dec 26 at 0100 Joy
 to the World; 2100 La Grande Fete, 400 Years of L`Acadie
*Kim Elliott again hosting VOA Talk to America Jan 1 on future of
 international broadcasting, at 1600-1700; in North America try
 13600, 15240, 15445, 17895 or live webcast. Maybe Kim will put the
 audio somewhere. Note this is a Saturday when TTA normally does not
*Jonathan Marks visited Praha, posted several illustrated items on
 Media Network blog, including that from Jan 1, RFE/RL will abandon
 its liberty-bell logo, thought to be too ``Christian, suggesting
 crusading``! New style will be orange
*Not only Guatemala around 4050, but pirates, and it`s the 3rd
 harmonic of 1350: KWMO, Washington MO heard in MI at 1055
*WHKE 1290 Hickory NC, boosted from 5 to 50 kW, but article does not
 say how, by increasing direxionality, or buying out other stations?
*WSRF 1580 Fort Lauderdale, once 50 kW with 7-tower direxional
 pattern, is toast, only 270 watts on the WFLL-1400 tower. Lease ran
 out on site and all 7 towers are gone, nowhere to replace?
*X-band pirates heard at Bronx Zoo: 1620 WMLR, East African music;
 1630 and 1680 gospel; also TIS NY traffic 1640, Zoo itself on 1690
*A Haitian pirate on 1710 in Dorchester, MA; R. Nouveaute on 1640
*SpecLab showed at least six carriers on 1710, not just Lubavitcher
*New at UIUC Urbana IL, on 1660, Latino Radio Service, claims to be
 legal Part 15 but heard a sesquimile away, English announcements,
 Spanish programming from VOA and others from internet. See
*Cessna crashed into KFI 640 tower in Los Angeles/La Mirada, Dec 19,
 killing two in plane, collapsing 750-foot tower. Back on an hour
 later with backup tower, 25 kW. May possiblize some other DX on
 frequency tho skywave may have increased. May not be able to rebuild
 at present site as surrounded by buildings. Tower could have fallen 
 on buildings: liability. Initial story and later photos at:
*New World Radio TV Handbook has arrived; including Greenland still
 listed on SW, tho unheard elsewhere, 3815-USB, 200 watts to omni-
 direxional cage antenna at 1500-1615 and 2100-2215; now the time to
 hear it if ever, mid-winter
*St Lucia inactive on 660; St. Vincent off 705 in 2002, but plans to
 resume in 2005 on 700 or 710
*Henrik Klemetz comments on taping audible QSLs from station
 greetings on the air, preferable to e-mail replies
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, December 21; flux range 105-85-95
*With seasonal greetings, Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1258

      WORLD OF RADIO #1257, produced December 15, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

[for full credits please listen to the program or consult DX Listening
 Digest during the previous week]

*Standard disclaimer
*Our new WWCR frequency 9985 is excellent in Victoria, Australia, UT
 Thursdays 2130 [Friday morning there]
*New times on WBCQ, temporarily: Fri 2200 on 7415, UT Sat 0030 on 9330
*World Microscope, on WBCQ, recommended, UT Wed-Sat 0200-0300 on 7415,
 5105; Radio Free New York back on WBCQ, Sun 2100-2200 on 7415, ex-
 WHOT pirate crew on 1620
*KNLS finally updated website to show 9615 for English at 0800 and
 1300, could change before end of December; staff list includes Doug
 Poling, ex-CBS News; and Fred Osterman of Universal Radio and
 DXing.com with monthly interviews on new equipment, DX news
*AWR Wavescan going on hiatus for three months, resuming at end of
 March with A-05 season, from Singapore instead of London
*VOA temporary Ukrainian service at 1800 deleted, but one hour at 2100
 on 9570, 7595, 7295
*Paul Winter Solstice Celebration, yearly 2-hour special on public
 radio we look forward to; dates and times vary, but on a number of
 stations the day of solstice, Tuesday evening, Dec 21; see schedule
 in DXLD 4-183
*Other holiday specials on public radio:
 http://www.worldofradio.com/calendar.html and click on link to
 Advance Info, for public radio holiday pages
*WBZ talkhost David Brudnoy has died, highly respected; tributes
 include from Scott Fybush, NE Radio Watch:
 and by Bruce Conti in DXLD 4-183
*WB3XNN, experimental on 1620 from Dec 15 thru January, Milford PA,
 measuring ground conductivity, 1415-2045 [not 1945 as I said] UT
 only, unmod carrier, IDs on hour, 1000 watts, 50 foot top-loaded
 tower; DX test later. Reports to Dave Schmidt, c/o Digital Radio
 Engineering, 2927 US Route 6, Slate Hill, NY 10973
*Early Wed Dec 27, 0700-0900 UT, DX test scheduled from KTNS, 1060,
 Oakhurst, California, or is it from 0800, local midnight? Morse and
 voice IDs, sweep tones, TV theme songs. Report to Larry W. Gamble,
 mtkaat @ sierratel.com
*New station in Washington DC for government employees, WFED 1050,
 ex-WPLC in Spanish, outgrowth of http://federalnewsradio.com
*R. Marti announces it is now on FM 102.5 from Summerland Key,
 Florida, 2300-1200 UT; it`s time bought from WIPK, ``Pickin` 102.5``,
 50 kW, antenna only 126 m high
*R. Habana Cuba has another nice music show Cancionero Iberoamericano,
 Sat 1430-1445, including calypso in English, on 9550, 11760, 11800,
 12000; poor on 6000, 15230; why doesn`t RHC do any English in the
 morning, before 2030? Takes censors all day to approve programming?
*HRMI Honduras reactivated on 3340 until 0507*, Radio Misiones
*US-military sponsored over-the-horizon radar in South America, on
 22665 varying to 22668 with pulses from 8 to 62 per second; three
 each in Peru, Colombia, total of 17, for detecting contraband
 flights of drugs                                            
*R. Ondas del Suroriente, Cuzco, Peru at 0127 on 5070.7, and also
 until blocked by WWCR at 2300; anyone hear a het when WWCR fades
 down? a.k.a. Radio Suroriente
*R. Educadora Limeira, SP, Brasil, 2380 heard at 0510, so is it 24h?
*R. Nacional, Paraguay, heard on 9734 at 0245-0330; varies but no het
 heard here against 9735 stations
*R. Cimarrona, from Germany to Uruguay, but also to Argentina; heard
 Dec 5 at 2200 on 9480, denouncing banks and investors pillaging
 Argentina, reminiscent of the old R. Magallanes from USSR to Chile;
 only on Sundays and Mondays
*Very exotic service, Calling Falklands, from BBC Tue & Fri 2130-2145
 on 11680 direct from UK, following Caribbean service from Antigua on
*RFI Club 9516 mentioned frequency change to 17625; presumably for
 the 1400 on 17620, due to China on 17615
*RVi Radio World, Belgium, missing Sunday at 0800; and the Dec 12
 program introduced as the last edition [more in DXLD 4-186]
*In the midst of World of Radio 1257, woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA http://worldofradio.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Pete Bentley
*Sun Dec 19 at 1500 UT is next broadcast from European Music Radio via
 Latvia on 9290; length unknown
*DTK Germany heard testing on 26000 AM, at 1120 Dec 14, in German and
*Anyone still hearing KOA relay on 25950?
*Austrian Radio outsourcing transmission department to a new company
 Jan 1, Oesterreichischer Rundfunksender GMBH, including Moosbrunn
 SW site
*Mali on 60m wanders around from 4783, between 4782 and 4786, while
 parallel 4835 missing. Opening at 0556; 2230 on 4786.9
*RTV Gabonaise, Libreville, reactivated on 4777 since December 11,
 around 2205; and December 12 at 0513-0533
*Dec 15 at 1545, on 5066.4, Bunia, Congo DR, closing one day at 1630
 [more below], last heard Dec 2003; just back for holidays?
*Joe Talbot now at R. Galkayo, Somalia, 6980, 0400-0600 and 0900-1900,
 with repaired equipment; correct reports welcome, but no postal mail;
 will QSL full-data via travellers abroad; send to Joe at 
 n52w113 @ hotmail.com 
*R. Peace, southern Sudan, unexpectedly strong, on 4750, 0323-0346+
 with Engish ID at 0345 heard in Michigan; also heard for first time
 in Sofia 0245-0415; could they have started a relay via a higher-
 powered transmitter site?
*R. Cairo mixing products with 12050 Arabic service: 1800 in Russian
 on 4930, while supposed to be on 7120: 12050 minus 7120 = 4930;
 English at 2330 on 4935, likewise, 12050 minus 7115
*Big news this week, tho brief: Kol Israel SW closure postponed from 
 Dec 31 to March 30; ever hear of crying wolf?
*R. Jordan`s English broadcast made it thru the teletype here Dec 12
 at 1515, but with teeny-bopper request show, nothing about Jordanian
*V. of Women, clandestine for Iran via Germany, Sat 1900-1930 on 9495:
 Columbia Journalism Review article about it and other clands
 including TV; three women produce it at George Mason University, near
 Washington DC; only Iranian opposition show not linked to political
*AIR stations sometimes shift 5 kHz for reasons unknown and without
 notice, such as Port Blair, 4765 instead of 4760, Dec 11 only, at
 1530, not clashing with Leh on 4760 for a change
*AIR Gangtok, Sikkim finally logged by Scott Barbour in NH after two
 years trying, on 3390, 1103-1145; also by Steve Lare, MI, for his
 235th NASWA radio country, 1240-1310+; also heard in Sweden at 1450,
*V. of Korea, Pyongyang adds 6185, already used by China, Mexico,
 Singapore and Brasil; English at 1000+
*Sound of Hope, clandestine to China, B-04: 22-23 on 9635, 16-17 on
 11765, sites not certain, probably Pacific island
*Larry Fields visited KSDA and KTWR on Guam; the latter has a system
 to cut its power consumption in half
*Following up Congo DR 5066.4 above: ID as R. Candip, French, until
 1604* the next day
*One reason for KAIJ Dallas planning to broadcast something besides Dr
 Gene Scott: reportedly has terminal cancer after puffing cigars; but
 if his heirs want to continue the University Network ministry, they
 could run his tapes 24 hours for 7 years without repeating
*New US DRM website now activated: http://www.usdrm.com
*Just in time for holiday DXing, Eike Bierwirth has completed his
 comprehensive B-04 SW schedules of all international broadcasters via
 http://www.eibi.de.vu and click on DX pages or direct to schedules
 by time: http://www.susi-und-strolch.de/eibi/dx/bc-b04.txt
 by frequency: http://www.susi-und-strolch.de/eibi/dx/freq-b04.txt
 -- more up-to-date than Passport, and a free service to SW community
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Dec 14; solar flux range 85-100-80
*And that`s World of Radio 1257; Glenn Hauser, inviting you back next
 week ###

       WORLD OF RADIO #1256, produced December 8, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Interview with me to air on HCJB DX Partyline starting December 11;
 Spanish version already last week on Aventura Diexista, audio
 here: http://www.worldofradio.com/espanol.html
*Nets to You December edition: http://w4uvh.net/nets2you.html
*World Radio TV Handbook 2005 published December 8, bible of SW
 broadcasting community, as complete as it can possibly be; order
 from usual retailer, or via http://www.wrth.com
*Incredible mediumwave DX lately, pipeline from Iran to northeast
 America; and Africa too. VOA Sao Tome, 1530, at 0300 can override
 WSAI Cincinnati in SE Pennsylvania
*5005 at 0505 UT until 0600 fade, R. Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial,
 testing, had been inactive; not heard in evenings; or on 5004
*V. of Nigeria on 9690 ex-7255, evenings, English 1910-1924; 2205
 vernacular, 2302*; English to French at 2100. 0800-1000 also 9690
 ex-7255, tho clashes DW Antigua
*R. Nigeria, Ibadan, back on 6049.88, 2033, ID at 2110, off at 2145,
 horribly distorted
*V. of Biafra, clandestine on 7380, Sat only from *2100 in English
 from Washington DC, via South Africa, heard in Scotland, also NAm
*Chad on 6165 heard 0530-0550 in French; in Italy at 1820-1830
 overriding Croatia
*Chad on MW 840v with 20 kW heard in Europe, *0425, 2231*; a split
 frequency in Europe
*R. Shabele, Somalia, 6960 at 1820
*R. Peace, Sudan, 4750, listed 1 kW, but excellent signal in Michigan
 at 0312, nearly as strong as WWCR 3210; increased power?
*DXLD 4-181 has article from Egypt, that Voice of Egypt is in Danger;
 staff in different departments object to plans to cease various
 services, especially to Africa; also in 4-181, complete new
 transmission schedule in all languages, many destined to be cut
*R. Cairo reception problems include English to North America at 2300-
 2430 on 7115 in hamband, also clashing with RFE in Serbo-Croatian
*V. of Turkey on new 5960, English to NAm at 2300, clear of
 interference, and very good in the east
*As of Dec 2, plan is still to stop Kol Israel SW at yearend; two
 antennas fell down due to storm and not to be repaired unless SW gets
 a reprieve. Pretending SW schedule continues until March, so SW can 
 be cancelled with as little fanfare or protest as possible
*Have they worn us out with all the previous threats to close and
 letter-writing campaigns? Goodwill abroad steadily diminishing
*In New England, pipeline from Mideast included Iran on 1503, at 0030,
 audio matched to IRIB streaming audio channel 1, Bushehr, 100 kW;
 also R. Sawa, Kuwait, 1548; heard too in Ontario, Pennsylvania
*unID on 7530 until 1900* likely R. Pakistan, not Hargeysa, Somalia,
 but the latter if active is scheduled 0330 or 0400-0600, 1500-2000
*All India Radio news in English at 2335 on 9425, domestic service,
 but could be taken for North American service, very good signal
*IBC Tamil, via Uzbekistan at 0000-0100 on 7450, ex-7460
*V. of Korea, new schedule from Dec 1, in DXLD 4-180, including some
 new frequencies, such as 7100, setting of European ham intruder-
 watchers, at 1800-2100; also new, 6285, 13-21 to Europe, 10-13 to SE
*New clandestine for Vietnam, R. Que Me, via Tashkent, 15385, at 1200;
 http://www.queme.net indicates Action for Democracy in Vietnam and
 Vietnam Committee on Human Rights, based in France, Buddhist group
*Catholic Radio Network, Papua New Guinea, 4960, at 1118-1145 in
*VL8A, Alice Springs no longer 24 hours on 4835, back to switching to
 2310 at 0830
*VOA still running Botswana on 7415, 0300-0500 clashing with WBCQ, tho
 missing from some schedules
*WBCQ no longer using Kennebunk address, but 274 Britton Road,
 Monticello ME 04760
*Interview with Marion Webster, of the Attic at http://www.wbcq.com
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1256, P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA, or woradio at yahoo.com  Much more at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Eric Floden
*KAIJ Dallas about to break away from all-Gene-Scott-all-the-time;
 http://www.kaij.org says they want to add Christian programming in
 Spanish especially to Cuba; and want to replace star on Cuban flag
 with Christian cross; 5755 night, 13815 daytime, but latter no good
 for Cuba, 5 kHz from Radio Marti and all that jamming
*WMLK, Pennyslvania on 9265.53, *1600-2100*, heard as far away as
 Tasmania, but undermodulated
*Restoration folks have not restored KVOH transmitter from putting out
 horrible spurs at multiples of plus and minus 147 kHz from 17775:
 we heard on 17922, 17628, 18069, 17481, 17334, 18216; 17922 [not
 17927] would block air to ground communications
*RFPI expects to have at least one SW station by mid to late 2005;
 donations still needed via PayPal at http://www.rfpi.org or to: Keep
 the Airwaves Free, RPFI Return Fund, P O Box 3165, Newberg OR  97132
*Arizona State University has unlicensed KASU on 1260 in Tempe, range
 20 miles
*Heard in Flagstaff AZ, Fox Sports Radio on 1650, also unlicensed and
 unlisted; KBXZ has street address and phone number; more at
 http://www.foxsports1650.com -- operating commercially, glorified
 part 15, way overpowered
*WSSR, 1700, pirate in Buffalo NY heard in daytime, hip-hop
*WCBG [1590], Chambersburg PA finally closed down after problems with
 city over RF burns at nearby watertower
*unID on 520 in Lake Michigan area with Republic Broadcasting Network;
 could be image or mixing product. Anyone else hearing it?
*Air America about to get major new affiliate, WSAI, 1530, Cincinnati,
 by end of December; maybe will turn off IBOC, with talk ex-music?
*Court TV series First Amendment Project with Sundance channel; first
 episode, Fox vs Al Franken, repeated UT Mon Dec 13 at 0400 and 0800
*Radio Out of Thin Air, on History Channel`s Modern Marvels, Fri Dec
 10 at 1800 and 2100 UT, Sat 0000 and 0300; check local listings
*New Metropolitan Opera season from Saturday Dec 11, with new host,
 first woman, and only third announcer since 1931, Margaret Juntwait
 of WNYC
*3219.83 at 2210 with faint music heard in Michigan, likely new CHSL
 Toronto, 1610 x 2, which is slightly off frequency to low side
*BBC cutting 2900 jobs to save 320 megapounds, mostly domestic service
 administration departments, but to put more into programming
*R. Netherlands adding special frequencies in Dutch Sat Dec 11 0800-
 1300 for live coverage of Prince Bernhard`s funeral; see DXLD 4-183
 or Media Network blog
*World Music Radio, 5815, Denmark`s only SW station, may not make much
 further progress, since Stig Hartvig Nielsen has been appointed to
 BOD of Danmarks Radio; WMR continuing with tests Fri 1600-0700 Mon
*R. Romania International has secondary transmitter site with 50 kW at
 Saftitza, both it and main site using 7130 at 1800, one in Aromanian,
 the other in English
*V. of Greece to replace 11750 with 9775 from Dec 11 at 1200-1500 via
 Delano; VOG heard in UK on 18840 = 2 x 9420 at 1233
*Maritime net on 6224-USB, heard at 0041 past 0100 with Summer
 Passage, Don Anderson, talking about weather in Sea of Cortez; see
 http://www.trailersailor.com and http://www.cruisecortez.com
*Planned 1570 outlet for R. Marti in Turks & Caicos probably not on
 until late Spring; 2-tower array with 240 degree lobe, leased from
 RVC 530 which holds the license; north end of South Caicos at former
 USCG base
*New R. Angulo, CKMO from Holguin, Cuba heard on 740
*Bjoern Malm tips with audio clips at http://www.malm-ecuador.com
 include: HJJF, R. Popular, Cali, Colombia 5399.62, mornings and
 evenings, 4 x 1080
*Also, 5999.29, La Voz del Upano, Lago Agrio, Ecuador has new
 transmitter, relaying FM 99.3
*R. Paucartambo, Peru, 6520.33, back on air at 0030; had been reported
 to have turned in SW license last July
*Rdif. Pocos [pronounced PO-suss] de Caldas, Brasil, again heard at
 2331 on 4945
*Sorry Everybody website has Americans apologizing for election of
 Bush, thousands of jpgs, and foreigners expressing solidarity and
 accepting apologies, http://sorryeverybody.com
*In northern latitudes, MW stations may be heard at midday with
 residual skywave propagation this time of year
*Propagation outlook from Boulder December 7; flux range 90-105-90
*That`s World of Radio 1256; standard disclaimer. I`m Glenn Hauser ###

       WORLD OF RADIO #1255, produced December 1, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*New edition of Continent of Media 04-09 via http://www.dxing.com
 or via http://www.worldofradio.com and eventually on SW as WOR Extra
*Nets to You, new December edition via http://worldofradio.com as
 well as my Monitoring Reminders Calendar including special holiday
 programming pages of public radio stations
*KOA 850 Denver, also appearing on 11 meters, 25950, NBFM, since Nov
 19, audible in Quebec around 1500-2100, a 75-watt remote pickup unit,
 KB99696; also heard in Virginia, Georgia, Florida; OK is too close
*Special MW DX test from WNTP, 990, Philadelphia, early Saturday Dec
 11 from midnight to 1:30 am EST, 0500-0630 UT; 50 kW daytime
 direxional first half hour; 5 kW nondirexional 2nd half hour; off
 the third half hour. When on, marching music, voice, code IDs, tones.
 Report to rtetro @ pobox.com or Rene Tetro, CE, WNTP, 117 Ridge Pike,
 Lafayette Hill, PA, 19444-1901 for newly designed QSL card; WFIL 560
 to test in January
*FCC FM auction a topic on COM; Mike Dorner comments that non-
 commercial groups will sue FCC over unfair competition
*New MW station in Alaska on 1110, KAGV, Big Lake, since Nov. 16;
 to run 24h with 10 kW from Dec 14, Alaska`s Gospel Voice, just
 north of Anchorage; already DXed in Finland
*Galcom International website of daily prayer bulletins includes
 Feb 8, 2005: Unevangelized Field Mission trying to set up SW station
 to reach First Nation peoples in northern Ontario and Manitoba
*Robert Rabinovitch renewed as CBC leader for three years despite C
 minus marks for his first five years
*Complaints by Sandy Finlayson of poor reception of RCI in
 Philadelphia, 0100-0300 on 9755, 9810 [not 9780 as I said], and 6190.
 Sackville is just too close, and signals skip over if they propagate
 at all in long winter nights. RCI should use lower frequencies, or
 relay site to the south of the US, or retime to earlier such as when
 it used to be, 2300-0100. No problem in OK, but poor in Nevada too
*RCI`s Ukrainian service gets another reprieve, at least until the
 end of January
*VOA had one hour in Ukrainian at 0500-0600 on 3985, 6170, 9875; now
 has added three quarter-hours in evening: 1615 & 1645 on 7190, 9735,
 5970; 1800 on 6020, 7260, 11720
*VOA English program schedule finally posted; a lot more music, less
 news; overdoing Jazz America at multiple times: Sat 05, 08, 10, 13,
 21, 23; Sun 05, 08, 13, 21, 23; weekdays 10 and some days at 21
*Rome Research Corp., subsidiary of PAR Technology Corp. awarded 1-
 year, $1.8 mega contract to operate the Robert E. Kamosa transmitting
 stations for IBB on Saipan and Tinian; hope to get 5 years more;
 they also operate AFRTS SW relays in Guam, PR
*More contractor news; Office of Cuba Broadcasting soliciting for
 9-month contract to improve Radio and TV Marti
*Radio Insurgente, Zapatista clandestine in Mexico, claims on website
 to have weekly SW broadcast, Fri 21-22 on 6.0 MHz, but we could hear
 no trace of it Nov 26, despite grandiose claim they even reach other
 continents. Also on FM, web, http://www.radioinsurgente.org
*Bandscan in Dominican Republic included on 1590, La Voz del Partido
 Comunista Dominicano, clandestine? at 2227 --- probably program on
 listed 1590 station, Radio Mundo, HIAC; also R. Juventus Don Bosco
 heard on 1640; and R. Taina, Planeta on 1620
*Only Dominican active on SW: R. Amanecer, 6025
*R. Habana Sunday Esperanto at 1500 heard on 9550, not 11760
*R. Nacional de Venezuela, via Cuba, keeps announcing first broadacst
 at 1900-2000 on 13740, but not heard for weeks
*Besides R. San Andres, new Peruvian on 5544.65, there was one nearby
 in 1993, R. La Voz de Andamachay, 5547.2; any relation?
*Radio Nacional, Argentina, 15345, accompanied by numerous spurs:
 15420, 15270, 15500, 15570, 15650, 15720, 15800
*Since Xmas is on Saturday, Radio Netherlands will have special show
 greeting listeners; write feedback @ rnl.nl
*Flemish Minister for Foreign Policy, Media, etc., Geert Bourgeois,
 replies to listeners that he too has a problem with RVi plan to
 close non-Dutch broadcasts
*Half the staff at RFI, 541, replied to survey; of them, 507 have no
 confidence in management; makes strike more likely
*The non-commercial, non-corporate, non-christian, non-commercial
 media program, World of Radio 1255; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702,
 USA: or woradio at yahoo.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Paul Brouillette,
*Standard disclaimer
*Scandinavian Weekend Radio, Finland, monthly broadcast for 24 hours
 starting Friday Dec 3 at 2200, with 100 watts each on 1602; 5980 or
 5990 or 6170, and 11690 or 11720
*Sunday Dec 5, special from Latvia, Europa Radio International, 9290,
 at 1200-1400; reports via http://www.europaradiointernational.co.uk
*Sunday Dec 5, new via DTK is Radio Traumland, 5925, 1400-1600 to Eu;
 thence Sundays 1400-1515; except Dec. 24 instead of 26
*RFE/RL will remain in the center of Prague for two more years
*Croatia`s 1134 kHz transmitter temporarily replaced by the 1125 unit;
 so mixing product with 6165 moved 9 kHz down, 5031 instead of 5040
*V. of Croatia in English; 0300-0330 7285 1134; 0700-0705 9470; 1700-
 1730 1134; 1905-1915 6165 13830; 2315-2330 7285 1134; 7285 and 9470
 are via Germany
*Only daily English from Greece is Orientations, 1930-2000 on 7430;
 but Macedonian station on 7450, at 2118 was taking a call in English
*National Radio of the Saharan Arab Democratic Republic, 7460 via
 Algeria, has been off the air, but still on MW 1550, heard in
 Portugal; 7460 blocked by RFA Korean 21-23; Spanish had been at 1700-
 1800, but on Nov 25 at 2300-2400
*Burkina Faso no longer off-frequency, back on 5030.0, until 0001
 sign-off just as Costa Rica was opening
*V. of Nigeria`s modulation and transmission problems, hums and tones
 on 15120, 7255; on Sun Nov 28, English was on 9690, 1945-2045
*US Dept of State Inspector General report on IBB Djibouti station;
 land mines on site set off fire and explosion; detonated by RF??
*V. of Egypt is in danger, says Cairo press. Media minister having a
 brain operation in Paris; he will make the decision about closing
 language services. Hindi section asks for help; authorities think
 that Urdu is adequate in India
*R. Cairo heard on 6970 in English until 0330, // 7260, but it is a
 mixing product with the frequency halfway in between, 7115
*Minivan Radio, clandestine to Maldive Islands, 1600-1700 on 11810,
 jammed with pulsing tone, hand-keying transmitter, strong in Male,
 but not elsewhere
*V. of Tibet added another broadcast, 1100-1145 on 17515, but clashed
 with Vatican, so shift to 17525
*Bhutan off the air, or on sporadically, but heard Nov 25 on 6035 at
 0105-0115 with choir of monks
*English from Myanmar, 5985.9 at 1430-1600, blocked by RCI relays via
 Japan and Korea, as heard here, let alone in Asia
*unID on 4830 at 1207-1219 with FE music: could be Mongolia, China
 Huayi, or Thailand
*V. of Korea, 15245, 07-09 with numerous spurs; one day at multiples
 of 16.6 kHz; more recently varying 60-61 kHz
*Four new relay transmitters for CRI in Albania inaugurated Nov 28,
 including English to NAm 0000 & 0100 on 6020, 9570; fluid schedule
 includes other English: 05 17505, 06 17505 11750, 07 17490 11855,
 11 & 12 13665, 20 & 21 5960 7285; Albanian audio runs 1/4 second
 ahead of Kashi or Urumqi, China sites
*CRI completely blocking Prague on 7345 after 0000, but OK on 6200
*China via Chile relay, 2130 on 11720, very strong in Paraguay, but
 great audio problems, mixing several CRI languages
*PBS, Philippines, English at 0200 on new 12015, ex-11885; // 15120,
*Radio Heritage Foundation has documentary this fortnight on RNZI
 Mailbox about Xmas 1974 cyclone damaging Darwin, and station 8DR
 via http://www.rnzi.com
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Nov 30; flux range 115-130-100
*This is Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1255  ###

      WORLD OF RADIO #1254, produced November 23, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*From Dec 2, our WWCR broadcast Thu at 2130 UT is on 9985 for three
 months instead of 15825
*One of the `shower services` for Northern Australia, VL8A, Alice
 Springs, has stayed on 4835 all night the past week, instead of
 switching to 120m from 0830, and widely reported, including North and
 South America, Europe; could resume usual schedule at any time
*With longest nights, Indonesians audible around sunset in eastern
 North America, such as RRI Makasar, 4750 at 2200
*Bangladesh`s only active SW frequency, 7185, heard at 1229 and 1750
 in English
*V. of Tibet`s latest schedule of 48-minute broadcasts via Uzbekistan:
 1212 on 17545 or 17525 or 17560; 1302 on 15535 or 15525 or 15540;
 1430 & 1520 on 7520 or 7505 or 7480; 100 kW and 131 degrees
*BSKSA, Riyadh 500 kW, main Arabic service from Saudi Arabia, 0.4 kHz
 above these: 06-0855 17730, 09-1155 17805, 12-1455 21505, 15-1755
 15435; 295 degrees except 320 on 15435
*Israel still plans to cancel all SWBC at yearend; English heard at
 0430 on 6280.04 and 7545; 2000 on 9390
*V. of Turkey agrees to Joe Hanlon`s suggestion of 5960 to replace
 7275 from Nov 23, English to North America at 2300
*World Christian Broadcasting website says Madagascar has given them
 42 hectares for new SW station at Mahajunga, on NW coast; fund-
 raising yet to begin
*R. Ethiopia, English on 7165 at 1630, French at 1700 heard in Finland
*V. of Nigeria in English: 05-07 15120, 10-15 15120 or some days
 weaker 11770; 17-21 7255
*Burkina Faso active not only on Wed & Sat, usually on except for
 transmitter problems; off-frequency 5030.51, a tip-off. Heard until
 2400* and as early as 2135 in NAm; listen the earlier the better
 because of Cuba 5025
*More tropical Africans earlier in afternoons; Chad 6165 from 2002
 in NY; Croatian co-channel after 2110, and blocked by Bonaire 2200
*R. Ukraine International covers election dispute objectively:
 English at 22 on 5840; NAm 01 & 04 7440; As/Au 12 15620; also webcast
 via http://www.nrcu.gov.ua  And DXLD 4-175 has BBCM report on
 Ukraine media
*RCI`s Ukrainian service about to close [Nov 30]: 1630-1700 via
 Skelton, UK on 11935 9555
*Cerrik, Albania, site refurbished by China for CRI use exclusively,
 to be inaugurated Nov 28, 4 x 150 kW plus two standbys; already
*REE Spain downplays ``Lenguas Cooficiales,`` but news in Catalan,
 Galician and Basque found M-F 1340-1355 on 21570 17595 15170 5970 to
 NAm; elsewhere 21610 21540 11910, maybe 15585
*REE heard with unscheduled broadcast of La Zarzuela, Sun 2225-2300 on
 17850 via Costa Rica; supposed to be ``La Banyera de Ulises`` --
 what in the world is that about?
*RFI intends to close down Portuguese to Africa, since the Angolan
 civil war is over; priorities are French, Arabic, Chinese and English
*RFI in English at 1600 on 15605 direct, heard well in BC; also via
 South Africa 15160
*From Jan 3, RFI in DRM from Issoudun 6175 at 06-16; 3965 around the
 clock except for relays such as Taiwan
*CHSL, Voces Latinas, Toronto, 1610, continues with musical variety,
 not just latina, but even Elton John, rather than gospel, a bit low
 around 1609.92; Montreal 1610 station CJWI had been a bit high around
 1610.113, now almost fixed to 1610.006
*Via satellite, internet, AM and FM, and shortwave, World of Radio
 1254, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA: or woradio at yahoo.com
*That`s the e-mail address you may also use as Eric Floden did, to
 make a PayPal contribution; Eric says there is no comparable source,
 and enjoys Tips for Rational Living, concluding some DXLD issues
*Read them all, no charge via http://www.worldofradio.com
*Regret to say I no longer publish anything on paper; still hear from
 people who would like to subscribe to DX Listening Digest or Review
 of International Broadcasting in print. Everything I provide is on
 the website http://worldofradio.com
*R. Nacional Arcangel San Gabriel, LRA36, Antarctica, 15476.02, heard
 at 1900-2000 in Argentina; current staff returns home Nov 30, but
 station to continue on air with recorded programs. New staff early
 next year
*R. Cimarrona, via Germany Sun & Mon 2200-2300 on 9480: Horacio Nigro
 says it is not clandestine, as it could have been broadcast by
 Uruguayan stations; no replies to e-mail reports, altho DTK has
 verified on its behalf
*Red 92, 1630, Buenos Aires, heard at 0830-0900 in Japan; also on 1630
 until 0800* and from *1400, XEUT, R. Universidad, Tijuana
*R. Virgen de Remedios, Tupiza, Bolivia, about to start SW, said last
 July its authorized frequency would be 3330, tho tested 5500, 5945.2
*RadioBras plans to use DRM on SW especially for remote interior and
 northern regions; unclear if on SW or tropical bands
*New Peruvian on 5544.65, recording on http://www.malm-ecuador.com
 sounded like R. San Miguel, but clearer recording as R. San Andres,
 Municipalidad de San Andres, Provincia de Cutervo, Departamento de
 Cajamarca; *1800-0400*
*R. Tropicana, 540, Guayaquil, Ecuador, at 0401 Nov 19 heard in
 Ottawa, Canada, during auroral conditions; audio clip:
*Official list of Ecuadorian AM stations:
*HCJB Spanish website has 2-week, 10-program archive of one-hour
 Musica del Ecuador programs:
*BBCWS Antigua, 15190, heard on 2nd harmonic 30380, mornings in NJ
*R. Marti a no-show Sat Nov 20 via airborne 530 at 2200; weather was
*R. Vision Cristiana, Turks & Caicos, `stole` 530 from Marti which had
 built ground-based 530 transmitter, but not quite on the air; now
 Marti is using 530 anyway on occasion, and building its own T&C relay
 on 1570
*R. Insurgente, Zapatista station in Chiapas supposedly on 6.0 MHz,
 Fridays 2100-2200; check it anyway but beware of Venezuela via Cuba
 also on 6000 during that hour; 6.0 may be rounded-off frequency
*VOA`s new English program schedule, spreadsheet
*VOA English is now 22 hours per day, but many of them music; 1500-
 1700 weekdays with Border Crossing, Talk to America; 09-12 ME, 12-15 
 As, 15-17 As/ME/Af, 17-22 Af, 22-03 As, 03-09 Af; Africa World 
 Tonight at 17 & 20; best frequency in UK, 15240 Morocco, fades by 18
*RFE [RL] woos Russian listeners; proposed overhaul to make it sound
 more like a local Russian station, drop references to Prague; its
 credibility depends on being an outsider. US consultant, also working
 for Starbucks, recommended this
*AFRTS USB moved from 7507 to 7812.5, listed as Key West
*WRMI program schedule page includes link for live streaming
 http://www.wrminet.us:8000 [so far, hasn`t worked for us]
*New on WBCQ: World Microscope from UT Nov 27, Wed-Sat 0200-0300 on
 7415, 5105; international talk show with Michael Ketter
*Reminder that WBCQ carries WOR Mon, Tue, Wed and Thu at 2200 on
 9330-CLSB; also 0400 UT Sun & Mon, tho not propagating lately; we
 heard CW on 9330 UT Mon Nov 22 at 0400; WBCQ too far north to get a
 3 MHz frequency. 5105 switched to LSB due to Coast Guard complaints
*Now we know why KNLS` website not updated for B-04: webmaster and
 main English program speaker Mike Osborne is leaving Dec 31 after
 20 years to join Mercy Ships International Ministry
*Check out Tom Shales` column in Washington Post: ``Michael Powell
 Exposed -- the FCC Chairman Has No Clothes``, biting indictment of
 his incompetence and wrong-headedness [DXLD 4-174]
*Miramar, FL, adding municipal radio station on 1680 with two
 transmitters, 80-minute recorded loop; Westin FL has nine on 1640
 with travel info for Turnpike
*LAX AirRadio 530 AM increased power to 100 watts to cover LA metro;
 also via http://www.lawa.org --- click on airport conditions, then
 airadio 530 AM
*Mysterious silent carrier on 612 kHz heard along Baltic coast
*Croatian transmitter on 1134 off the air after storms, opening for
 DX [later: the 1125 transmitter moved onto 1134 temporarily]
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Nov 23: flux range 115-135-95
*Glenn Hauser, saying many thanks for listening to another World of
 Radio, number 1254, and do tune in again next week  ###

      WORLD OF RADIO #1253, produced November 17, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*B-04 schedule of HFCC finally posted after more than two weeks, but
 some entries censored out; zip files at
*FCC has allocated bands for powerline communications on HF, VHF;
 despite ARRL lobbying, all hambands, and SWBC bands are available.
 Only the aeronautical bands are off-limits. Amendment to Part 15:
 Since aero bands are scattered thruout the SW spectrum, we can only
 hope it will be too much trouble to notch them
*I attended the DRM Symposium in Dallas, November 12; see DXLD 4-173
 for complete report; Daily DRM transmission hours expected to rise
 steadily, as well as number of receivers on the market; a consumer
 receiver expected in time for Xmas 2005; DRM transmission saves in
 power consumption and pays for itself in ten years. Now plans to
 extend DRM up to 120 MHz including FM bands. Can also be used for
 community radio on groundwave, 26 MHz, only tens of watts with range
 similar to FM. Don Messer told us that segregating DRM into separate
 sub-bands on SW to avoid interfering with analog ``would kill DRM``.
 HCJB test on 15250 and Christian Vision, Santiago, 21500, put in good
 signals via dipoles on the roof. BBCWS hopes DRM will compensate for
 analog audience decline of 50 million in next four years. FCC will
 give DRM temporary licenses if requested by US SW stations. New
 website soon: http://usdrm.com  I had nice friendly chats with Ludo
 Maes, Mike Adams, Jim Heck, Hue Beavers, Siriol Jane Evans, Jeff
 Cohen, Karl Miosga
*Solar Max, film is recommended: http://www.solarmovie.com
*Luxembourg DRM on 5990 and 6095 have gone 24 hours
*Macedonia 810 kHz to test DRM next week, probably at reduced power
*BBC Radio 4 carries BBCWS overnight, but now it`s a special stream
 not matching any of the others; schedule in DXLD 4-171 and
*BBC plans to axe 50 percent of jobs across the board, 14,000 of them,
 but this was promptly denied
*December issue of BBC On Air is the last. A business review leads BBC
 to decide it`s no longer cost-effective; refunds will be made
*A team of eight journalist replace Alistair Cooke`s Letter from
 America, on BBC Radio 4, 2050 GMT Fridays, ``A View From...``
 including one American, Tim Egan
*On Nov 15, Norway was back on SW 7360 with tests prior to dismantling
 Sveio equipment and moving it to Kvitsoy; then will be in DRM only
*Swiss Radio International`s Sottens antenna is being used by HB9MM
 ham club in Lausanne, a 62-meter high curtain weighing 135 tonnes, as
 HE3RSI, until Dec 3, 40 thru 10 meters. Will be destroyed after Dec 5
*No English on SW from Tunisia, but on MW 963, 1915-1930
*Joe Talbot plans to stay at Radio Galkayo, Puntland, Somalia, with
 ham call 6O0JT, 10-80 m; 6980 at 0200-0400, 1000-1800. Most other Horn
 of Africa SW stations have disappeared or gone to FM
*George & Dottie Poppin honored by Israel Radio, with planting of
 trees, following his 1000th weekly monitoring report
*V. of Islamic Republic of Iran has special program, Voice of the
 Intifada of Al Aqsa Mosque, at 1133 on 13760, 15545
*Iran`s latest English schedule, 57 minutes each: 1030 15460 15480;
 1530 9610 9940; 1930 6110 7320 9855 11695; V. of Justice to NAm 0130
 6120 9580
*Reply received from R. Voice of Women, clandestine for Iran,
 radio @ wfafi.org -- for vicitims of Islamic fundamentalism; Sat
 1900-1930 via Germany on 9495
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1253, P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; woradio at yahoo.com  Much more at
 http://www.worldofradio.com including DX Listening Digests
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Richard Cuff
*A new website from Minivan Radio, for Maldive Islands,
 http://www.minivanradio.org with audio and news
*Turkmen Radio, news in English at 1630-1650 daily except Sunday on
*Frontline Soldiers Radio Station, North Korea on 3025.5, closes daily
 at 1135; opens at 2000?
*US Government to smuggle tiny radios into North Korea;
*Hmong Lao Radio confirmed on new B-04 frequency 6040, to NAm from UK,
 UT Wed & Fri only at 0100-0200
*Life Radio Ministries in Georgia says their Wantok Radio Light in
 Papua New Guinea will go on air around January 8, on 7120 (not 7210)
*NBC Papua New Guinea severely underfunded; Karai Radio gets only 5
 kilokina per year; government starving its own people of information
*RNZI changed 15340 to 15720 at 0400-0759, avoiding clash with Iran
*XERTA, 4810, Mexico, makes QSLing easy; no need to listen, just
 go to http://www.misionradio.com and do it yourself, print a
 certificado de sintonia. Verifications are being devalued
*RHC added 6060, 0000 in Spanish, 0500-0700 in English, new 100 kW PSM
 transmitter, but for now on old rhombic antenna. All the BBC and
 Snieg transmitters have now been replaced; 50 kW on 5025 for Rebelde.
 6060 blocks Spain in English on 6055 at 0000
*As soon as last week`s report of Havana using 13360 at 2000-2300
 aired on WOR, they fixed it November 11, to 13660
*Alo Presidente, from Venezuela via Cuba, Sunday November 14, had a
 no-show and closed early. It was decided to suspend the program
 indefinitely for revamping
*New Peruvian testing on 5544.65, November 17 +0130-0355* [later:
 identified by Bjoern Malm as Radio San Andres, Municipalidad de San 
 Andres, Provincia de Cutervo, Dpto. de Cajamarca] 
 see and hear at http://www.malm-ecuador.com
*On the air 75% of time is R. Ondas del Huallaga, Huanuco, Peru,
 3329.59, also recording on above site
*R. San Miguel, Bolivia, varies: 4902.17 at 0100; 4902.30 at 0141;
 4902.08 at 1000; next day at 0927 on 4902.17 [and before on 4917v]
*R. Virgen de Remedios, Tupiza, Bolivia, says SW antennas are ready on
 a mountaintop, soon to be on the air, frequency not given
*R. Gaucha, Brasil spur reported on 12935, could be mix of 11915 and
 a nearby MW transmitter
*R. Cimarrona, clandestine for Uruguay via Germany still heard Nov.
 15, Sun & Mon only at 2200-2300 on 9480; WWCR off 9475, so get it now
*WMLK appears still to be using their old transmitter with hardly any
 modulation, on 9265
*NPR All Things Considered Nov. 12 had 8-minute feature on numbers
 stations; hear via http://snipurl.com/alxg
*Clear Channel killed legendary rock station KLOL in Houston, replaced
 with Spanish Mega-101-FM, `Latino and Proud`; wake held for KLOL
*FCC rejects objections by WCAL supporters on sale to MPR, but they
 are not giving up yet; see http://savewcal.org/
*Mike Ketter developing news and views show on WBCQ, Under the
 Microscope, UT Saturdays at 0000 on 7415, from November 27
*Jeff White interviewed me in Dallas in English and Spanish, may be on
 HCJB in next couple of weeks
*From December, WOR Thu 2130 on WWCR will be on 9985 ex-15825
*Propagation outlook from Boulder November 16; flux range 115-135-95
*That`s World of Radio 1253; I`m Glenn Hauser; I do hope you`ll hear
 me again next week ###

     WORLD OF RADIO #1252, produced November 10, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*Correxions to last week, if you haven`t already seen them in the WOR
 1251 summary: Our times on WRMI 6870 were reversed: should be UT Sun
 0430 and UT Mon 0330; R. Bulgaria, English to Europe is 22-23 UT on
 5.8 and 7.5 MHz; China via Chile, Portuguese on 17625 is at 1100 UT,
 not 0800
*WMLK now heard on new 9265, at 1725, fair signal but almost no
 modulation; only frequency currently on website, 17-22 and 04-09 UT;
 only one transmitter, the new one as they are selling parts from the
 old RCA 50 kWs
*KNLS confirmed on 9615 for English both at 0800 and 1300, whatever
 their schedules may say
*How much English from VOA? Draw a distinction between News Now and
 other programming. Local 1812 objects to Director Jackson claiming
 there are no decreases, but News Now down from 19 hours per day to
 11, not including music shows and Talk to America
*TUK, 194 kHz, Nantucket, decomissioned as of Nov 25
*RCI schedule says Ukrainian will end Nov 30, 1630-1700 on 9555 and
 11935 weekly; got reprieve from cancellation last spring, but that
 is running out; kept going to cover Ukrainian elections and runoff
 Nov 21; Canadian Ukrainian groups protest
*Radio Habana Cuba on new out of band 13360 to Europe, 2025-2100+,
 ex-15120. Could be a mistake as RHC normally plays by the rules as
 far as staying inband, but heard again the next day
*R. Marti, airborne relays on 530 kHz, Saturday evenings only, heard
 again Oct 30 and Nov 6, starting promptly at 2200 UT
*Two Peruvian stations have had SW licenses withdrawn in July: 4605,
 R. Ayaviri; 6520, Empresas Municipal Paucartambo, but will they still
 be heard?
*Iceland B-04 USB plus carrier: live relays to Eu 1215-13 13865, 1755-
 1825 12115; the rest are recordings to NAm, 1410-1440, 1835-1905
 13865, 2300-2335 on 12115, all in Icelandic
*RTE Radio 1, Ireland, has reactivated 500 kW on 567 kHz, off the air
 since summer [for maintenance]
*New COO of BBC World Service is Alison Woodhams, experienced in 
 business and financial matters
*R. France Internationale good at 1200 on 21620 in New Jersey, news in
 English intended for Africa; R. Solh to Afghanistan was also
 scheduled on 21620 until 1300, but now changing to 17710 at 1200
*R. Polonia English at 1300 on 11850, one word in 20 intelligible, but
 one in 10 on 9525; correcting last week: English at 1800 on 7265 and
 7220, not 7270
*R. Vilnius, Lithuania, announced English: NAm 2330 7325, 0030 9875;
 Eu 19 on 666, 0930 on 9710
*Austrian R. One, confusing English schedule; in general, weekdays 10
 or 15 minutes into half hour broadcasts; weekends, 5 minutes in,
 such as 7325 at 0000 and 0030, 13675 via Canada at 1600-1700, 9870 at
*Hellenes Around the World, weekly English hour from V. of Greece,
 found Sats at 1500 on 15485 via Delano; opens at 1600 on weekdays;
 It`s All Greek to Me, the music show, Sundays at 1105 direct on 9375,
 15630, 15650
*Last LW transmitter in Italy, 189 in Sicily, to be closed, but still
 heard, running 1 kW backup transmitter only
*Pridnestrovyian version of Moldova hard to hear in summer, but now
 booming into Germany, 50 over S9, Radio PMR, Tiraspol, M-F 1700-1730,
 500 kW, 265 degrees; English first ten minutes, then French or German
*V. of Armenia English now at 1925-1945 on 4810, 9965, 7 days a week,
 no more Sunday morning 0800-0930 tho listed on 15270
*R. Radonezh, Moscow Russian Orthodox station, resumed SW, 1700-2000
 via Novosibirsk on 7465
*R. Cairo English to NAm, ex-9 and 11 MHz, moved into the 40m hamband,
 0200-0330 on 7260, 2300-0030 on 7115; also Spanish 0045-0200 on 7260,
*The Media Magazine you Monitor with your Mind, World of Radio 1252,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA: or woradio at yahoo.com Check our
 website for much more including DX Listening Digests:
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Michael Gorniak
*Israel`s SW service again on the verge of closing, December 31,
 including Reshet Beth in Hebrew; may be more likely to happen this
 time; object to the MK who saved foreign language broadcasts before,
 Ehud Olmert, Minister of Communications: fax 972-2-666-2909 or
 eolmert at moital.gov.il
*V. of Justice, English from Iran confirmed resumed at 0130 on 6120,
 9580; also until 1325 on 15275
*Women`s Forum Against Fundamentalism in Iran, new clandestine service
 confirmed starting Nov 6, 1900-1930 via Germany on 9495, Saturdays
 only; website http://www.wfafi.org mostly in English, includes mp3
 audio file. Friday and Sunday at same time and frequency, R. Free
 Syria in Arabic instead; WFAFI mission statement; just before it at
 1800-1900 UT on 9495 is VOA in Persian, a good lead-in. ID is Radio
 Sedaye Zan (Voice of Women)
*R. Pakistan new schedule includes Assami, which has been partly in
 English, 0045-0115 on 9340, 11565
*Sri Lanka BC, All Asia Service, has great audio with music, 15748 at
 0040, breaking for religion at 0100 or 0115, back to Early Bird Show
 at 0130
*Bangladesh Betar claims all its external progams on 7185 and 9550,
 but WRTH editor says 9550 is off and 7185 blocked by interference
*Myanmar Defence Forces, 5770, excellent in Italy until 1628*
*V. of Tibet, clandestine, new schedule via Uzbeksitan: 1212-1300
 17545, 1301-1348 15535, 1430-1605 7520, but Chinese jammers quickly
 found them; frequencies likely to hop around
*Holy Tibet program in English from Lhasa, 1630-1700 heard in Finland
 on 4905, 4920, 5240, 7385, also listed on 6110, 6200, 9490
*Tibet not in English heard in NY 1130-1215+ on 4905, 4920, 5240, 6200
*CRI with unlisted English lessons and special English news, 2100-2200
 on 5960, 7285
*V. of Korea in Spanish on 10187 at 1745, into French at 1800: not a
 spur but a well-known NK utility frequency for diplomatic traffic on
 very badly keyed CW
*IG of USDOS says Udorn station has been broadcasting R. Free Asia
 since 1995, despite lack of permission from Royal Thai government
*Radio Ng Byan was on 9582.2, Oct 24 at 0200 on 9619.9, a.k.a. PBS,
 Marulas, Valenzuela, Philippines
*Hams on Pitcairn Island charged with sexual offences against young
 girls have been convicted, but out on appeal; tiny island`s economy
 would be devastated if six men were locked up
*World Harvest Radio cut back its KWHR Hawaii broadcasts: 02-04 17510,
 04-06 15220 new, 06-19 9930; 06-10 (Sat/Sun -12) 11565
*DRM heard on special frequencies, for symposium in Dallas, best on
 15250, 13-17 from HCJB, 3 kW but thru high gain steerable antenna;
 Voz Cristiana, Chile, 15-19 on 21500 or alternate 17610; Continental
 plant in Dallas with groundwave DRM irregular in daytimes on 25900
*Several reports of defective copies of Passport to Worldband Radio
 2005; check to be sure no pages are missing
*``Nature`` reports that Sun is more active now than in the last 8000
 years; acivity level since 1940 is unique, and should decrease
 again in a few decades
*SW reception extremely disrupted the past week because of several
 major geomagnetic storms accompanied by visible aurora; but FM and
 TV auroral DX, including in NSW, almost all TV channels 0 thru 11,
 from as far away as NZ and American Samoa; FM band full of signals
 0400-0820 UT Nov 8
*On SW, the higher bands were blacked out, and if open were bringing
 in unusual signals; so severe that equatorial signals were also
 debilitated instead of boosted
*Boulder`s summary of the past week`s events
*Propagation outlook from Boulder [in more detail than usual]:
 expected to be quiet after Nov 12, flux peak at 125 Nov 23-24, 26-28;
 another coronal mass ejection to hit Nov 11
*Keep looking up for possible auroras
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1252  ###

       WORLD OF RADIO #1251, produced November 3, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Since Oct 31, new B-04 season in progress; many skeds given in
 advance last few weeks, but there are many more
*First, for this program on SW, one UT hour later on our three US
 affiliates. On WWCR: Thu 2130 15825 (from Dec 9985), Sat 1130 5070,
 Sun 0330 5070, 0730 3210, 2030 12160, Wed 1030 9985. On WBCQ; Wed
 2300 7315, UT Thu 0000 17495-CUSB [confirmed Nov 4], Mon, Tue, Wed
 and Thu at 2200 on 9330-CLSB, with first airing there normally Thu,
 but sometimes on Wed; also Sat 2130 17495-CUSB, Sun & Mon 0400 9330-
 CLSB; Mon 0530 7415. On WRMI: UT Sun 0430 & UT Mon 0330 on 6870 [NOT
 the other way around as I said], Sun 1030 & Tue 1000 on 9955. All
 subject to change, as they are a public service by the stations
*A new Continent of Media, 04-08, via http://www.DXing.com and Sat &
 Sun 1700 on the WBCQ after-hours stream
*Our updated sked: http://www.worldofradio.com/radioskd.html
*Eike Bierwirth`s comprehensive B-04 schedule of all SW broadcasts is
 being compiled: via http://www.eibi.de.vu
*New schedules of broadcasts in English, especially for North America:
*VOA put up promptly its new schedule of broadcasts in all languages:
*Talk to America has moved to M-F 1605; English frequencies then are:
 17895 17715 15255 15240 9855 9760 9685 9645 7125 6160, all probably
 overseas relays, but also webcast and archived
*VOA English was supposed to cut back to only 14 hours per day now,
 but one computation shows more like 23 and a half, with fewer
*FCC`s B-04 schedule of private US SW stations, including overseas
 territories as analyzed by gh: No longer listed is KIMF, Pinon, NM,
 5835 and 11885, so have they given up building this station?
*WRNO New Orleans inactive for years, but still shown on imaginary
 frequencies 7355, 7395, 15420
*WWBS Macon, Georgia, off the air a couple of years since owner died,
 is also still on FCC schedule, 11900, 4 hours a week
*WMLK still not using new 250 kW transmitter, but sked shows new 9265,
 ex-9465; 9955 and 15265, two transmitters at once [then I did hear
 9265, barely modulated, and there is only one transmitter]
*At least one WEWN transmitter out of whack, putting out spurs at
 multiples of 8.32 kHz above and below, 5766.76 to 5891.56 from the
 5825 transmitter at 0110-0220+, especially bad in Pennsylvania;
 same problem with 9955 around 1500 [13615 and 9975 too at other
 times]. WEWN has greater responsibility to clean up its act
*Turnover at FCC expected during Bush`s second term, including
 chairman Michael Powell
*KNLS fails to post its own up to date schedule; Noel Green heard
 English at 0800 on 9615, and FCC lists 1300 on 9615, rather than 9690
*RCI eliminated CBC relays at 2200 to North America in analog, now DRM
 only; due to limited resources, World at Six and As It Happens moved
 later to 0100-0300 in order to be more convenient for all US time
 zones, now on 6190, 9755, 9810; morning 9515, 13655, 17820, M-F 1300-
 1600, weekends 1400-1700, including the Sunday Edition. Afternoon
 2000-2300 now on new 15180; RCI`s own programming from Sackville,
 1800-1900 on 15140, 2100-2200 9770; Maple Leaf Mailbag Tue 1830 and
 2130, UT Mon 0130
*New Latin American station in Toronto on 1610 is CHSL, Church San
 Lorenzo, only irregular tests so far, official programming start Nov
 21, raising from 250 to 1000 watts
*R. Garoua, Cameroon, inactive on 5010 and 7240 since transformer
 burned, and transmitter now occupied by a swarm of killer bees
*Sudan served by powerful broadcasts from outside the country. The
 Radio Nile, ex-Voice of Hope, via Madagascar, Sat-Tue 0430-0500 on
 12060, 15320, quite a bit of it in English. Name change due to a
 dispute between churches, transition to complete by January 1
*Also, Sudan Radio Service, 03-05 9625, 05-06 11795, 15-17 15530, 17-
 18 11715, via UK, partly in English, Arabic, Juba Arabic and others
*The non-commercial, non-communist, non-corporate, non-christian DX
 program, World of Radio, No. 1251, woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Tom McLaughlin in
 Lubbock, Texas, in memory of: Gigi Lytle
*Appears that only 11 of the 40 language sections at Radio Cairo will
 remain on air after Jan 1, including Arabic, English, French and
 Spanish. Others want support by E-mail
*R. Damascus, Syria plans to stop German on SW, so English may be
 endangered too
*Israel`s new schedule in Hebrew, including lots of music: 00-0430 &
 05-07 7545, 05-17 15760, 06-1030 & 1115-1455 17535, 17-05 9345, 22-24
 6280; also to SAm 21-2215 7520
*Saudi Arabia inadvertently in English at 0753-0800 on 17785,
 preceding scheduled French
*Bahrain active again on 9745, heard Oct 13 in Finland at 1503 on USB
 plus carrier; could be only for Ramadan lasting another couple weeks;
 also heard in Wales Oct 7 at 2101, the LSB attenuated
*MARLO, based in Bahrain, but from ships in Persian Gulf area as
 Coalition Maritime Forces, anti-war on terror, 03-14 6125, 14-03
 15500, heard on 15500-USB, IDs as Radio One, CMF Radio, Radio Malumat
*V. of Islamic Republic of Iran says it has resumed English on SW to
 NAm, as V. of Justice at 0130-0230 on 6120, 9580; or is it from 0030?
 Other schedules contradict; also 1030-1130 15460 15480; 1530-1630 on
 9610 9940; 1930-2030 on some of: 6010 7320 9800 9855 9925 11695; at
 0130, 9580 is blocked by China via Cuba
*Radio Solh, new service for Afghanistan heard since October, means
 Radio Peace, formerly Information Radio; B-04 tentative schedule:
 via Rampisham, England, 500 kW, 80 degrees: 02-04 9695, 06-07 13650,
 07-08 17560, 08-13 21620, 13-15 15265, 15-16 9750, 16-17 11885, 1730-
 1830 9800
*Legendary British DJ John Peel, 65, died suddenly while visiting
 Cuzco, Peru; high altitude may have contributed to heart attack. He
 was greatly beloved, with much grief and tribute at various webites
 including BBC`s; and in recent issues of DX Listening Digest
*Also in DXLD, ways to object to plans to cancel non-Dutch broadcasts
 from RVi, Belgium, at Marchend, including the guestbook at
*From complete new B-04 schedule of R. France Internationale, English
 to Africa and Asia: 04-0430 9805 Gabon, 9555; 05-0530 11850 Gabon,
 11995; 06-0630 Ascension 9595; 15155, 17800; 07-08 Gabon on 11700,
 11725, 15605; 12-1230 21620 and Ascension 15265; 14-15 via China on
 7180 and direct on 17620; 16-17 17850, South Africa 9730, 15160;
 1600-1730 11615, 15605
*Spain`s English to North America at 0000-0100 moved to 6055, but QRM
 from Habana reactivated on 6060; other English from Spain is M-F
 2000, Sat & Sun 2200 on 9595 to Eu, 9680 to Af
*Relay schedule via Sackville includes Austria to WNAm, partly in
 English at 1600-1700 on 13675
*English from R. Polonia: 1300-1400 on 9525, 11850; 1800-1900 on 7265
 and adjacent 7270; 11850 marred by rumble from own transmitter
*R. Romania International will have Listeners Day Sun Nov 7 during
 1300 broadcast, with phone-ins from listeners, or recorded in
*R. Bulgaria, English B-04: 0730-08 11.6 13.6; 1230-13 11.7 15.7;
 1830-19 & 22-23 [NOT 20-23 as I said] 5.8 7.5, NAm 00 & 03 7.4 and
 9.7 MHz exactly; its kHz frequencies always end in 00
*R. Varna, Hello, Sea program, in Bulgarian, Sun 2200-0400 Mon on 9500
*V. of Greece changed relay frequencies via USA: 12-15 11750, 16-22
 15485, both very strong via Delano; weekends from 15
*Among stations contravening accords, broadcasting to NAm on 40m
 hamband, is V. of Turkey on 7275 at 2300; Joe Hanlon recommends move
 to 5960 to avoid QRM
*CRI has new relay sites thanks to strange bedfellows: via Bonaire at
 0000 on 9745 in English [or is it Spanish?]; Chile relays CRI, not
 Taiwan as thought last time. Christian Vision site! 11-14 17625, 21-
 22 11720, including Portuguese at 11 [not 08 as I said] and 21
*China via Canada, English at 1400 moved to 15230, clashing with Cuba
*Radio for Peace International plans SW station on an Illinois farm,
 donated land
*Propagation outlook from Boulder November 2: flux range 135-120-130
*Consult our website for DX Listening Digest, and much more:
*With a standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser, condluding World of Radio 1251  ###

      WORLD OF RADIO #1250, produced October 20, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*WOR on WRMI: besides UT Mon 0230, also UT Sun 0330 both on 6870; and
 till further notice also on 9955: Sun 0930, Tue 0900
*From Oct. 31, our times on almost all stations shift one UT hour
 later to remain at same local time after DST; a revised schedule
 soon at http://www.worldofradio.com/radioskd.html
*V. of the NASB, in DRM via Sackville, Sat 1700 on 11900, will start
 featuring DX programs in rotation, including WOR, from November 6
*WOR added to schedule of new LPFM station KRFP, Radio Free Moscow,
 Idaho, Sun 6 am plus Continent of Media monthly at 7 am, PDT/PST.
 See story in recent DXLD via http://www.worldofradio.com or
 check http://www.radiofreemoscow.com
*Bad news about Broadband via Powerlines: FCC issued long-awaited
 rules Oct. 14; no specific protection for SW broadcasting, but for
 ham radio, coast guard, radio astronomy. See Washington Post Oct 15:
 and New York Times Oct. 15:
*PC World points out that one requirement is for a national database
 of BPL installations for those concerned about interference
*Hams could blow out BPL by transmitting into powerlines, then use
 entire powergrid as transmitting antenna
*ARRL takes credit for reigning in BPL, and will work with companies
 to prevent interference; but this technology will be soon be outdated
 anyway, compared to WiFi and fiber optics
*BPL not likely to be widely successful with rapidly changing market
*An active Venezuelan: R. Tachira on 4830, but may be gone again now;
 heard Oct. 14-17 prompted by football match
*Bolivian in the clear on 6134.8, Radio Santa Cruz, blasted away by
 DRM, China via Canada from 0100 on 6140, bleeding down to 6080
*China relay via Chile for A-04 never happened, but now RTI is on B-04
 schedule via Calera de Tango, otherwise Voz Cristiana; 11-14 17625,
 21-22 11720, NE from Santiago
*DTK relay schedule shows Allerweltshaus Koeln with another broadcast,
 Sun & Mon 21-22 on 9480: it`s Radio Cimarrona, by the Uruguayan
 political opposition which cannot broadcast from inside the country,
 in run-up to end of October election; if it continues, to be at 2200-
 2300. Got idea from R. Rhino International
*Crisis at Deutsche Welle, with budget curtailed in 2005 after having
 exhausted its reserves against previous cuts. May have to terminate
 some language services. 45 percent of its employees lost since 1994
*Two German regionals have now closed: 6030 and 7265; and another one
 to close by yearend, Bayerischer Rundfunk on 6085
*Hamburg Lokal Radio will have 100 kW on 6045 via DTK Sat 1000-1100
 from November 6
*Radio Vlaanderen Internationaal will scrap English, French and German
 at end of B-04 season March 27, and reduce Dutch; read news on web
 site instead, renamed VRT Internationaal. Frans Vossen will have more
 on this Oct 24 on his Radio World show. Complain to Belgian embassy
 or consulate
*R. Netherlands dropped Sincerely Yours mailbag, but still answers
 some letters as 3-minute filler, such as 1955 on 9895, 17810
*The 1,250th World of Radio, woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684,
 Enid, OK 73702, USA  http://www.worldofradio.com conveys much more
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Pete Bentley in New York
*Doug Smith`s well-reasoned anti-Bush arguments: give them a chance
 via http://www.w9wi.com/articles/rant.htm
*Head of news at R. France International, Alain Menarques, resigns
 after accusing Israel of racism in book about Sharon`s wall
*Wales Radio International, weekly half-hour in English, B-04: Eu Fri
 2130 3955 Skelton, 7110 Austria; NAm UT Sat 0300 6005 500 kW
 Rampisham; As/Au Sat 1130 17625
*Sweden B-04 at 1430 on 15240, discussed last week: this really will
 be a relay via Canada, while 1330 on 15240 direct from Sweden
*Swiss Radio International about to terminate SW after Oct. 30, but
 on own website they say in Spanish Oct. 20 is the end, a typo, and
 still heard Oct. 20 [and 21]
*R. Romania International, B-04 English [complete]: 2130-22 NAm 6015
 9540, WEu 6055 7145; 23-24 NAm 6180 9610, Eu 6135 7105; 01-02 NAm
 6140 9690, Au 9510 11740; 04-05 NAm 6125 9515, India 11870 15250; WEu
 0630-07 9565 11710; Eu (NAm too) 13-14 15105 17745; Eu 18-19 on 5965,
*Europa Radio International, one of many customers on Latvia`s 100 kW
 9290, next broadcast Sunday Oct. 24, 13-15 UT
*Correxion to last week, B-04 Ukraine in English to NAm at 01 and 04
 on 7440, not 5840, which is the Eu frequency at 22
*Ramadan prompts extended schedule of Mauritania on 4845, now signing
 off around 0202
*R. Burkina Faso is on SW only for sports competitions, usually Wed
 and Sat, such as Oct 9 at 2025 on 5030 in French; try English at 1915
*R. Ndeke Luka, England to Central African Republic, B-04: 1830-1930
*Channel Africa, South Africa, B-04 English: 03-0355 7390; 03-05 3345;
 05-0555 11875; 05-07 7240; 06-0655 15220; 07-08, 10-12, 14-16 11825;
 15-1555 17770; 17-1755 15285; 19-22 3345
*TWR Swaziland offers 30th anniversary QSL; B-04 includes English
 [partial]: 9500 daily 05-09, 1730-19; 3200 daily 17-2030, Sat 03-
 0330; 4775 M-F 0430-06, Sat & Sun 05-06
*Sudan Radio Service, B-04 from Woofferton England, 300 kW: M-F only:
 03-05 9625, 05-06 11795, 15-17 15530, 17-18 11715; English, Arabic
*Israel B-04 English: 0430-0445 7545 6280, CAm/Au 17600; 1030-1045
 15640 17535; 1830-1845 9390 11585 11605; 2000-2025 9390 6280, SAf
*DTK schedule adds Sat 19-1930 for Miami on 9495, but this is hot R.
 Free Syria like on Fri and Sun: From Nov. 6, Women`s Forum Against
 Fundamentalism in Iran http://www.wfafi.org
*Venezuela via Cuba at 2100 was missing from 11875 Oct. 19, so we
 heard unscheduled English from Iran instead at 2130, supposedly in
*Salam Watandaar, for Afghanistan expected to continue on SW thru
 winter, on B-04 schedule quoted
*R. Tashkent International, B-04 English: 01-0130 7160 6165 5975;
 12-1230 & 1330-14 9715 6025 5975; 2030-21 & 2130-22 11905 7185 5025
 [slightly contradictory schedule: DXLD 4-161]
*Yearly Ramadan special from R. Kahsmir, Srinagar, 2315-0005 on 4950,
 1116, then sign off, and start regular broadcast frmo 0120 on same
*German ham club intruder watch reports broadband white noise, radar?
 from north of New Delhi, 13960-14200 around 1600-1800; also evenings
*Hmong Lao Radio, UK to North America at 0100-0200 Wed & Fri only on
 9515 with enjoyable music, to move to 6040 for B-04
*Wantok Radio Light, Protestant station for Papua New Guinea expects
 to start early in January on 7120
*R. New Zealand International B-04: 1651 on 9870, 1751 on 11980, 1851
 on 15265, 2240 on 17675, 0400 on 15340, 0800 on 9885, 1100 on 15530,
 1300 on 9870
*No details yet on drastic cutbacks in English by VOA, but Talk to
 America shifts an hour earlier to 1600 M-F
*WYFR back up to full strength of all 14 transmitters by Oct 13
*KJES, New Mexico, back on air as of Oct. 18
*WRCG 1420, Columbus GA, special anniversary MW DX test early Sat
 Oct 23 [NOT 22] 0400-0500 UT
*NASA Science News page on solar minimum coming early, zero sunspots:
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Oct. 19; flux range 105-115-90
*That`s World of Radio 1250; I`m Glenn Hauser   ###

       WORLD OF RADIO #1249, produced October 13, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Time change for one of our WBCQ broadcasts: UT Mon 0300 ex-0100 on
*WRN-1 time change for WOR from Oct 31 to North America: Sun 0930 UT
 ex-1000 or 3:30 am CST, ex-5:00 am CDT
*Mundo Radial on WWCR from Nov on new 9985, as 9475 is totally dropped
*Washington Post Oct. 13, Role of Radio Sawa in Mideast Questioned,
 says failed to meet its mandate; see
*WWRB new frequency 3185 from October 12; rhombic has blasting signal
 in main lobe, but very direxional; // 5085
*UN Radio B-04 from Oct 31 including English M-F 1730-1745 on 7170 via
 South Africa, 9565 UK, 17810 Ascension
*Superb MW catch in South Africa of KGA 1510 Spokane WA, over 16 Mm
 or 10 kmiles away; path would be via Boston, where there is another
 1510. Full DXpedition reports at http://www.dxing.info
*New 11-week series on public radio: Leonard Bernstein, An American
 Life, including Sat 1500 UT on KCSC; UT Fri 0100 on WUOT
*After years of monthly broadcasts, NY Philharmonic has resumed weekly
 for 39 weeks, many new times; see our Monitoring Reminders Calendar
 at http://worldofradio.com also at http://www.newyorkphilharmonic.org
 and http://www.publicradiofan.com
*Crisis at WBUR over plans to sell off Rhode Island stations: longtime
 manager Jane Christo resigns. Real problem the debt she ran up
*Vermont Public Radio rejected Pacfica`s Democracy Now, but
 commercial station picks it up 4 days a week, WDEV 550 and 96.1
*Monitored schedule of V. of Nigeria, one transmitter only: 05-07
 15120 English, 07-08 15120 French, 08-?? 7255 Hausa, 10-1305 15120
 English, 14-15 15120 English, 15-1530 11770 Arabic, 16-1630 9690
 Swahili, 17-21 7255 English, 21-22 15120 French
*Allerweltshaus Koeln, sponsoring Radio Rhino International to Uganda,
 B-04 continues M-F 1500-1530 on 17870, but Haus also scheduled with
 something Sun & Mon 2200-2300 on 9480, also Rhino?
*Africans coming in earlier in afternoon in NH: R. Congo at 1934-2000
 on 5985; R. Tanzania 5050 from 2018 to 2100*
*Salaam Watandar, InterNews for Afghanistan, 1330-1500 on 15195 is now
 via Samara, Russia, not Rampisham, UK; B-04 registered on new 17720
 from Rampisham, and 0130-0300 on 7230 from UAE but in Persian, a
 mistake, or then for Iran? [No, Afghan service is renewed]
*R. Miami International via DTK B-04 at 1600-1700 on new 11810; that
 would really be Minivan Radio, for Maldive Islands, ex-12015
*Sound of Hope, clandestine service for China is jammed, 1600-1700 on
 11765, http://www.soundofhope.org but where is the site? Could be
 KNLS Alaska, [more likely RFA Tinian, or maybe Taiwan]
*R. Vanuatu on 7260.11 or 7260.12, reports differ
*RFI news in French via R-Canada, 860 Toronto at 0300, but cut off
 before RFI could greet new listeners in Canada; and trade unions at
 CBC object to outside news
*SRC also criticized for converting second network Chaine Culturelle
 from classical to Espace Musique, not so classical
*R. Educacion, Mexico DF, heard again on 6185, better 0400-0700+
*XERTA, Mexico City, 4810, missing from Sept. 18; reply says off due
 to excessive rain on the transmitter, but hope to return weekend of
 Oct 15, Fri 2000 to Mon 1200 UT
*RFPI Costa Rica has been negotiating with Pacifica Radio, and its
 Board has now approved $250,000 to help RFPI re-establish SW in 6 to
 12 months; MP4 streaming delayed and delayed, but keep checking
 http://www.rfpi.org and new interacive site http://www.rfpionline.org
*Andres Nazario Sargen, founder of Voz de Alpha 66, has died, at
 first clandestine, and then via WHRI, WRMI
*US BBG soliciting bids for 50 kW MW transmitter on 1570 in Turks &
 Caicos. 1570 used to be Atlantic Beacon; this will be R. Marti, but
 what about XERF 1570 now 100 kW and maybe going up to 250?
*R. Rebelde, Cuba, has nice music show M-F 1630-1700 on 11655 and
 15570, Hecho en Cuba
*Standard disclaimer
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1249;
 http://worldofradio.com  Contact us at P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702,
 USA or woradio at yahoo.com
*UnID on 3449.76 at 0947 is La Voz de Riobamba, Ecuador, 3 x 1150
*R. Quito active again, on 4918.97 at 0942; 4919.45 as late as 1025
*HCJB says they are awaiting frequency assignment for DRM on a
 tropical band
*unID on 3168.29 around 0000 is R. Naylamp, Peru, second harmonic;
 [it had not been on 3172 as I said; that is R. Municipal, Peru]
*R. Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte, Brasil, testing on new 5950 at 0832
 past 1300, returning a month after transmitter burned; also on
 nominal 6010
*R. Educacao Rural, Brasil, reacivated on 4755 reported last week, but
 missing again as of October 8
*R. Nacional Amazonia, Brasil, originally on 6180, then on 6190 and
 6170, now heard on 6185, despite Mexico City, but not all the time
*R. Marumby, Florianopolis, Brasil, on new 11750 at 1325-1400 // 9665
*Some B-04 schedules, not in effect until October 31:::
*R. Sweden, English to NAm, via Canada 0230 and 0330 on 6010; direct
 at 1330 on 15240; sked says 1430 on 15240 to be Sackville, mistake?
*R. Netherlands, partial English: 00 9845, 01 6165, 04 6165 9590;
 12 11675; Sat/Sun 19-21 15315, 17725, 17875; daily 19-21 to Africa
 7120, 9895, 11655, 17810
*RVi Belgium English: NAm via Bonaire 2200 11730, 0500 9590; other
 English: 08 5965, 1130 9945, 1830 5910 7490, 2030 7490, all via
 outside Belgium, some also on 1512 from inside Belgium. Uses at least
 11 different SW transmitter sites for entire schedule
*French president Jacques Chirac criticised by RSF because Thales
 sold China equipment to jam foreign broadcasts
*German regional closing 7265 October 19, but DW to use same from Oct
 31 with DRM at 0700-1200
*R. Prague will again use 21745 to North America at 1400
*R. Slovakia International, English: 1730 5915, 6055 Eu; 1930 5915,
 7345 Eu; 0100 7230 NAm, 9440 SAm; 0700 Au 15460 13715
*R. Budapest English: Eu Sun 1600 6025, 9580; daily: 2000 3975, and
 via Slovakia 6025; 2200 6025-Slovakia, 12010; NAm 0200 & 0330 9775
*Next European Music Radio via Latvia 9290, Sun Oct 17 from 1600
*R. Belarus 1900-2200 on new 7280 ex-7210; includes English Friday
 1930 heard on 7280 and 7105
*R. Ukraine International English: 1200 15620; 2200, 0100, 0400 5840
*R. Tirana, Albania English: NAm 0245-0300, 0330-0400 6115, 7160;
 Europe 1945-2000 6115, 7210; 2230-2300 7130; daily except Sun/UT Mon
*Thursday Oct 14, FCC poised to act on Broadband over Powerline report
 despite heavy objections from ARRL, and SWLs. Chairman Powell asked
 by ARRL to recuse himself from participating, having broken ex-parte
 rules. ARRL has no confidence in FCC report; rush to adoption is not
 based on sound engineering. Webcast at http://www.fcc.gov/realaudio
 [it was approved with vague protection for ham radio, not for SWLs]
*MW and LW reception excellent as befits declining solar cycle:
 besides KGA above, China 1377 heard in Brasil, 18 Mm away, also
 Taiwan 1503, 1557
*UT Oct 7 at 0400 was great for European longwave heard in Georgia,
 183, 153, 252, 162, 234, 198
*Propagation outlook from Boulder October 12; flux range 80-90-80
*And that`s World of Radio 1249; I`m Glenn Hauser inviting you back,
 next week ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1248, produced October 6, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*Our SW listeners should hang loose; last week an additional airing on
 WRMI, UT Sunday 0230 on 6870, but don`t depend on it to continue; Wed
 on WBCQ 17495-CUSB was at 2330 instead of 2300; missing UT Mon 0100
 on 9330-CLSB [later: we found out this was moved to 0300 UT Mon]
*Closing Comments on the last page of October MONITORING TIMES are by
 yours truly, about Deutsche Welle interfering last southern summer
 with Lindblad Antarctic exploration ships on 6224; but the B-04 DW
 schedule shows this resuming on 6225 at 2200-2355, also 1300-1355
 via Almaty, Novosibirsk
*R. Budapest will no longer use Szekesfehervar site in Hungary as of
 Oct. 31 which has been on 6025 only. But will start relays on 6025
 and others via Rimavska Sobota, Slovakia for the first time. Seems
 that two Szekesfehervar transmitters will be moved to only remaining
 SW site in Hungary, Jaszbereny and resume in A-05 after temporary
 Slovakian relay
*R. Station Belarus back on usual schedule, with English 1930 and
 2030 on 7105, daily except Wed and Sat
*Pirate Radio 603 AM, Aland Island in the Baltic says it is on a ship
 with 1.2 kW currently, refurbishing continuing, and licensed for 300
 kW, and English
*R. Georgia external service will not have to close down, but it is
 heard only irregularly. Scheduled evening broadcasts have not been
 heard for years; English heard some days, not others, at 0630 on
 11805 variable; also supposed to be at 0830 and 0930 on 11910
*R. Rhino International, clandestine for Uganda via Germany, at 1500
 on 17870, played program at double speed, then at normal speed
 running it late; three verifications all had wrong frequency
*Ramadan earlier and earlier: this year from October 15 or 16,
 depending on when a local official sights the New Moon, how quaint;
 many Islamic country stations operate 24 hours or otherwise change
 schedules during this month
*B-04 schedules are coming in, published in DX Listening Digest, but
 not in effect until Oct. 31. V. of Turkey in English will be: 1330 on
 15155, 15195; 1930 on 6055; 2130 on 9525; NAm 2300 on new 7275 in
 hamband! ex-9655 last winter; 0400 on 6020, 7240
*Iraq returned to standard time of UT +3 as of Sept. 30
*Iran returned to standard time of UT +3:30 as of Sept. 20, so
 clandestines retimed one UT hour later, such as R. Sedaye Sellat-e
 Iran at 1330 on 15670, now at 1430 on 15660
*R. Bulgaria publishes DX program on website, including: R. Pakistan
 in English at 1530-1600 Saturday only on 4790, from domestic service,
 then daily 1600-1615 also on 11570, 15100 
*Defence Broadcasting Unit, Myanmar, putting superb signals into
 Finland on 5770 at 1410; also into Sweden at 1300, very exotic music
*R. Nepal strong in Denmark, indicating again 100 kW on 5005.36 at
*V. of Mongolia confused by end of DST Sept. 25, so English moved
 from 1000 to 1100 by mistake, then corrected back to 1000 on 12085;
 also at 1500 on 12014.8
*Mongolia`s 4830, 4895 and 7260 carry second domestic program, Blue
 Sky, 2200-1600 including news in Russian M/W/F 0750; first program 
 on LW and MW only;
*Pacific Ocean Radio Station, Vladivostok did SW test Oct 4-5 only,
 0635-0700 on 9480, well heard in Arizona and California
*This is WOR 1248, woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK
 73702 USA
*More China relays via Cuba are finally returning following Hurricane
 Charley; 1400-1600 on 13740 resumed Sept. 30; for B-04 changes to
 17730, not 17720 where it was last winter
*A modest proposal about how to retaliate for Chinese jamming of VOA
 and Radio Free Asia: block some, but not all CRI frequencies heard
 in North America with Greenville, Delano transmitters otherwise idle,
 playing loud American music; or DRM tests. But announce this is in
 reprisal, and refer listeners to an unjammed CRI broadcast, to
 demonstrate the US is not engaged in censorship
*Cubazuelans are already doing it for us: Venezuela via Cuba is now
 colliding with China via Canada, both on 13680 at 2300; CRI was
 there first
*WYFR recovering from Hurricane Jeanne; some Taiwan relays resumed
 October 4-5; special live broadcasts for 10-10, National Day at 0200
 UT Oct 10 on 5950, 9680, 11740, 15440, maybe not all in English
*Dave Gauvin dropped in on Voice of Vietnam, Hanoi, and was warmly
*Solicitation for contractor to provide maintenance and operations, 
 from next July 1 at IBB transmitters on Saipan and Tinian; see
*Radio Australia special election coverage from 0805 UT Saturday Oct.
 9 until 1300; wrapup at 2200-2230 UT Sat
*Labour not likely to win Australian election, but if they do, promise
 to spend extra $6 million to rebuild and enhance R. Australia, wrest
 back Cox Peninsula transmitters from Christian Vision, when lease
 expires in 2010; was improper and a raw deal for taxpayers
*Sex scandal grips remote Pitcairn Island: seven men accused of sexual
 assaults dating back decades, many of them Seventh Day Adventists
 and hams: we researched their callsigns: VP6DB, VP6DR, VP6TY, VP6JC.
 Covered on BBC World Service, RNZI, R. Australia
*Sen. Biden calls for expansion in US radio and TV in Muslim world;
 impressed with R. Sawa and thinks there should be more of it
*House gives government green light to spend $4 million to expand
 radio broaddcasts et al. to North Korea
*VOA dumping outdated program guides; sent 550 to Benelux DX Club
*VOA Greenville frequency 15445 was way off at 1900-2200 Oct 3, on
 15197 variable instead, distorted
*Two WYFR frequencies returned October 3, when power resumed; repairs
 should be almost complete by end of the week
*WWRB tested new 90 meter frequency UT Oct 6 0100 on 3270, but likely
 to wind up between 3200 and 3230
*KNLS Alaska October schedule shows English at 1300 already on 9690,
 which is buried in the Lower 48 by Greece via Delano; other English
 at 0800 on 11765
*New York Radio VOLMET, aviation weather, back on the air from October
 1 at hourtops, USB; 3485, 6604, 10051, 13270
*Free Radio Santa Cruz, high-profile FM pirate, raided by FCC; lots
 of stories in press. Google it
*Clear Channel decides to preserve lo-fi AM with 5 kHz bandwidth for
 talk, 6 for music; better for IBOC and less adjacent interference
*Cuba changes plan to go off DST when we do, but keep it all winter,
 due to energy crisis, UT -4
*Venezuela via Cuba at 2000 heard on four frequencies, but 17750 not
 17705 as announced, and 17750 will be blocked by WYFR; non-
 synchronized on 15230, and the other two, 9550 and 13680,
 synchronized with each other but not the first two, so three versions
 at once
*Peruvian on 4825 reported last week as LVS Distrital is actually LVS
 Digital, as on letterhead
*Brazil`s change to summer time this year is November 2, not Oct 19
 like last year; Argentina changes Oct 17, both to UT -2
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Oct 5; flux range 100-115-90
*And that`s World of Radio 1248 --- I`m Glenn Hauser ###

     WORLD OF RADIO #1247, produced September 28, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*WYFR off the air again since Hurricane Jeanne, Sept 25; explains how
 they decide to shut down when storms approach, and protect equipment;
 all 14 transmitters had been back on after Frances. Extensive damage
 from Jeanne, power lines down too, maybe for three weeks
*WRMI not damaged, altho closed down one night as precaution
*Another US SW station missing: KJES, New Mexico; heard Sept. 17 but
 not since 24th; schedule: 1300-1600 11715, 1800-2000 15385, 0100-
 0230 7555
*Something on 5835 is not NM`s other SW station under construction,
 KIMF, but WHRI via old Indiana transmitter back on the air, ex-5745
 which was occupied by WWRB in meantime; WHRI sked 0000-0500, but
 WHR website sked is not up to date
*Navy shutting down sub radio transmitters, ELF in northern Wisconsin
 and Michigan, as of September 30, but three years to dismantle;
 frequencies were 76 and 44 Hertz, not kHz
*Chris Hanson, now living in London, has sad news that a former
 contributor died a year ago, Malcolm Kaufman, following strokes and
 unpleasant years in nursing facilities
*WBUR selling its Rhode Island stations, WRNI and a relay, causing
 protests in RI; acquired just six years ago, and supported by RI
 foundations and individuals [later: sale delayed]
*Dissension at KPBS San Diego over A Way With Words. One of the two
 verbivores, Charles Harrington Elster, would not sign a new contract
 so he is replaced by Martha Barnett; Elster explains the situation on
 a blog: http://members2.authorsguild.net/chelster/work6.htm
*Nevada hard to hear in the east due to unfavorable directionality of
 its few powerful MW stations, but KXNT 840 Las Vegas is being heard
 in IL, MO, OK, with pattern apparently out of whack; null out WHAS
*More affiliates for Air America: WLVP 870 Portland ME switching to
 sports, but delayed until after the election; new in The Valley AZ,
 KXXT 1010 and in San Francisco on 960, ex-KABL which has been moved
 to 92.1, renamed KQKE, The Quake
*Pirate in Knoxville TN, KFAR, 90.9, First Amendment Radio, raided by
 FCC; details at http://www.kfar.org
*Ian Jones, RCI Maple Leaf Mailbag, interviewed me for their Sept. 19
 program; audio archived via http://www.worldofradio.com/audiomid.html
*Cuba has two different R. Rebelde services on 1180 to block Radio
 Marti; east of Havana it`s the FM service
*R. Habana Cuba, Sept. 14 Esperanto section said its ``transmitters
 remain destroyed, towers fallen``
*RFPI Costa Rica changing to new streaming format, MP4 [delayed until
 Oct. 1] http://www.rpfi.org
*Peuvian on 4825, La Voz de la Selva, now IDs as ``LVS Distrital`` and
 has a show with ``LVS`` in its name, ``Levantate Sesamo``, at 1006
*Brazilian reactivated on 4755, Radio Educacao Rural, Campo Grande,
 Mato Grosso do Sul at 0904; similar named R. Educacao Rural, Tefe,
 Amazonas on 4925 at 0050
*Very out of bander, 12950 FM spur from Radio Gaucha, Porto Alegre,
 Brasil, 11915, ranging 12940-12980
*Standard disclaimer
*Media Magazine you Monitor with your Mind, World of Radio 1247,
 woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA: much more
 at http://worldofradio.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Gerald T. Pollard, NC
*R. Six International, Scotland, doubles hours from Oct. 1 via WBCQ,
 daily 2300-0100 on 5105
*Third series of Hitchhiker`s Guide to the Galaxy on BBC Radio 4,
 ``Life, the Universe and Everything``, six episode; eight more from
 4th and 5th will air in May. Now Tues 1730, Thurs 2200 UT; and on
 demand for seven days each
*Service of Thanksgiving for Alistair Cooke in Westminster Abbey,
 noon Friday Oct. 15; tickets available by P-mail
*New MW station in Paris from Sept. 23 on 981, Ciel AM; from November,
 also 1161 in Toulouse and Strasbourg; Jewish pro-Israel pacificst
*Two more German regional SW about to close down, October 19,
 Sudwestrundfunk, 6030 and 7265; MDR-Info 7265 heard at 2305 in NH
*Home Service-1 from Belgrade heard again on 7200, 1300-1430, now via
 external transmitter in Bijeljina, Bosnia
*R. Ukraine International heard at 0115-0215 on 4940, reactivated
 from years ago. Expect more external services on 60m as sunspots
*English and German from R. Minsk, Belarus, retimed in September, and
 hard to find; times announced on audio archive for English were
 Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat 2200 on 1170 7105 7210; repeated Mon, Tue,
 Wed, Fri, Sat 0330 on 5970 7210; however old schedule may resume
 October 4, confusing. And ``R. Station Belarus`` is new ID
*Vladimir Pozner of TV and VOR is building new TV school in center of
 Moscow, but residents protest construction disruptions
*MW 603 on Aland Island, Finland; at http://www.amradio.se licence
 holder Roy Sandgren says the one being heard now run by Mike Spenser
 is piracy
*Taiwan helped refurbish SW transmitter in Chad, and may get to use it
 for some relays of RTI
*Somalia trying to get foreign hams to come in by loosening usual
 regulations on power and frequencies; but as meaningless as issuing
 firearms permits in Faluja; it`s anarchy, and regs will be the least
 of your worries if you go there
*Dispute and militia reprisals over Holy Kor`an Radio in Mogadishu
*Re Israel`s new schedule on 1246: at 0330 English actually on 11590,
 not 11585
*Iran reverted to winter time of UT +3:30 on September 20
*R. Payem-e Dost, Baha`i service to Iran, refuses to verify for
 security reasons to protect their listeners
*Salaam Watandaar, Internews to Afghanistan, will probalby close SW
 Oct. 15; produced in Kabul, but transmitted via UAE and UK; check
 1330-1500 on 15195
*R. Minivan, for Maldives, daily 1600-1700 on 13855 via Germany, moved
 Sept. 21 to 12015, to avoid adjacent channel interference
*Sri Lanka stopping all domestic SW transmissions, but not external;
 trying to get SLBC to retain some SW relays for Sri Lankans in
 Maldives and other neighbors
*CRI relays via Cuba slow to return following H. Charley; now heard at
 0100 on 9580, 1300 on 9570 [and from Sept 30, 1400 on 13740]
*Only two regional SW left in Vietnam: Dien Bien (ex-Lai Chau) on
 6379v, 2200v-0030, 0400-0600, 1200v-1330; Son La, 4740v, 2200-0100,
 0400-0600, 1200-1400
*Radio Free Asia missing from some Tinian and Saipan frequencies due
 to severe, extensive damage from typhoon; some taken over by other
 sites but not all
*ARDS, 5050, in Northern Territory, Australia, has massive antenna
 problem; hopes to be back on by end of Oct
*Recommended article by Bill Moyers, ``Inequality Matters`` at
*Tomas Hood updated his propagation website, http://prop.hfradio.org
*And so concludes World of Radio 1247; I`m Glenn Hauser ###

     WORLD OF RADIO Extra 50, September 22, 2004: see
     CONTINENT OF MEDIA 04-05 far below

     WORLD OF RADIO #1246, produced September 15, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*New edition of Continent of Media now available, 04-07 at
 http://www.worldofradio.com or http://www.dxing.com
*Zimbabwe to launch 24h all-news SW station, News 247, by end of
 November; for repressive Mugabe government propaganda
*Radio Lesotho now webcasting, http://www.radioles.co.ls mostly not in
*New 10 kW SW transmitters from Bukavu and Goma, Congo DR, delayed
 until more peaceful times
*Radio Tangazeni Kristo, Aru, Congo DR, 4845, still running only 30
*Ethiopian clandestines: V. of Ethiopian Salvation, 1600-1700 on 15670
 cut back to Sundays only; 12120, R. V. of Oromo Liberation Front
 heard at 1705, and on same at 1731, V. of Oromiya; V. of Ethiopian
 Medhin, Sun 1830-1930 via Samara, Russia, 12120, cancelled
*Libya refurbished 500 kW MW transmitters, V. of Africa at 0315 with
 English news on 1251, 1449, heard in Egypt
*R. Free Syria will change not only time, but frequency Oct. 1:
 1900-2000 Fri and Sun only on 9495 ex-13650 at 1800, via Germany
*Kol Israel English now monitored: 0330-0345 on 11585, 15640; 0930-
 0945 on 15640, 17535; 1730-1745 on 11605, 15640, 17535; 1900-1925 on
 15615, 15640, 17535; Hebrew with music: 2000-2355 on 13635; 0000-0330
 on 11585; from Sept. 22, all times one UT hour later
*More stations in Israel with live streaming: http://www.ashams.com
 in Arabic; http://www.9697.fm and http://www.allforpeace.org
*But three pirates busted in Israel
*Internews Radio, Salaam Watandar, 1330-1500 on 15195 ex-17700, for
 Afghanistan from Rampisham, UK; apparently not cancelled as planned
 in mid-September
*R. Nepal still heard, in Sichuan, on 5005 with English at 1415-1425
*Hmong Lao Radio`s strong signal in North America on 9515, UT Wed &
 Fri at 0100-0200 is via Rampisham, UK, aimed at us
*V. of the NASB, analog via Taiwan, Sats Sept 18 about WBCQ on 11715
 and Sept 25 about KNLS on 11815; same times DRM via Sackville 11900
 about about R. Taiwan International
*RNZI Mailbox has feature by David Ricquish about 1ZM joining the
 Mosquito Network in April 1944, with recordings; http://www.rnzi.com
*Uruguay goes on DST Sept. 19, UT -2 instead of -3, to save energy,
 despite the fact that it should be on -4
*New Bolivian on 4845, ex-Radio Fides, silent for four years. Now it
 is R. Municipal, Caranavi, La Paz department, not city; recordings
 at http://www.malm-ecuador.com  also heard in Pennsylvania, Florida
 parallel 9625. Fides relinquished frequency in 2002
*R. Difusora Taubate, Brazil, 4925, reactivated with transmitter from
*Colombian army killed Jairo 'Moises' Sepulveda, believed to be in
 charge of FARC broadcasting, Voz de la Resistencia
*St. Kitts, 555 kHz, not being heard, due to Hurrican Ivan?
*Crusader Radio, owned by ruling UPP party in Antigua & Barbuda, audio
 stream at http://www.crusaderradio.com a.k.a. Voice of Liberation;
 website still says it`s the opposition
*ZBVI in British Virgin Islands, live stream at new site
 http://www.zbviradio.com and still old site http://www.zbvi.vi
*All radio transmissions halted on Grenada by Ivan; CBC 900 on
 Barbados increased power to broadcast to Grenada; also Tobago 92.1
*Grenadian online audio streams also knocked off, but one of four came
 back, with only normal programming, City Sound FM
*World of Radio 1246, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or
 woradio at yahoo.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Jim Wishner
*Radio Netherlands relay on Bonaire did close down for 25 hours,
 Sept 8-9 due to high winds
*Jamaica`s MW stations reduced to 1.5 kW on 550, 580, 700 and 770;
 only 720 at full power of 10 kW; were 24 hours until H. Ivan. Free
 access to webcast during emergency from Power 106, but overloaded;
 try it now for recovery info: http://www.go-jamaica.com/power
*Radio Cayman webcast could not be heard, but read website
*Radio Habana was still recovering from Hurricane Charley a month
 before; look for them on 6000, 11760, 15230
*Radio Rebelde also back, on 5025 by Sept. 10
*Arnie Coro back with DXers Unlimied on Sat Sept 11, but on the first
 rather than second half of the appropriate hours
*Jammers against R. Marti on SW vanished from all four frequencies,
 Sept. 11-14, presumably due to high winds in eastern Cuba, soon back
*R. Marti skipped its usual Monday morning silent period, stayed on
 0300-0900 UT Sept 13
*For ham angle on the hurricanes, check the almost daily press
 releases at http://www.arrl.org
*I`m recording on Wed. Sept. 15 as Ivan was approaching the US Gulf
 Coast; already the night before, WWL 870, New Orleans with continuous
 evacuation coverage, ``Emergency Management Station`` from different
 location than usual
*WYFR came back from Hurricane Frances damage, first at 0207 UT Sunday
 Sept 12 on 9505, 15440; then three, then five, and shortly eleven of
 the fourteen transmitters. BBC relay at 0000-0300 on 11835 was moved
 to Ascension
*Hope you enjoyed the World Radio Network relays via WRMI while they
 lasted; most of that time was suddenly sold to Brother Stair, but WRN
 still supposed to be on weekends
*Recreated Amos & Andy shows on WBCQ 7415, weeknights at 0400, added
 to WWRB, Tue-Sat 0130-0200 on 5745
*LA Times reports that televangelist Paul Crouch of Trinity
 Broadcasting is attempting to keep an accuser quiet, about alleged
 homosexual encounter; also runs KTBN on SW from Salt Lake
*Air America adding more stations, including in Asheville NC, WPEK
 880; Atlanta GA, WSWK 1690 to be renamed WWAA; Boston market on
 two stations: WKOX 1200 Framingham, WXKS 1430 Everett
*Stephanie Miller, another progressive, but not with Air America, back
 with syndicated talk show from KFI via Jones Radio, Democracy Radio
 and Wyd Media Management
*Microsoft Radio has new feature, copying existing radio stations from
 their playlists, for soundalike internet stations, minus local DJ
 chatter, traffic, weather and commercials; trademark infringement?
*New COM 04-07 includes Lubavitcher Radio, NY pirate on 1710 kHz; but
 there`s more: FCC withdrew $10,000 fine to Hip Hop Radio for Radio
*RTE Ireland could not get SWBC rights this year for all-Ireland
 hurling and football finals 
*Deutsche Welle has added a new language to its website, if not actual
 broadcasts: Klingon!
*DX-183 is large beverage antenna park in Denmark, provided by
 Wilhelm Herbst Verlag, open to the public; see [auf Deutsch]
*Classical music via the web: http://www.classicalwebcast.com and
 for opera http://www.operaworld.com and
 and http://www.gmn.com requiring subscription
*During past week, MW and LW conditions improved greatly for trans-
 Pacific and trans-Atlantic reception, e.g. France Inter on 162
*Propagation outlook from Boulder September 14; flux range 115-95-120
*That`s World of Radio 1246; I`m Glenn Hauser  ###

      WORLD OF RADIO #1245, produced Septemer 8, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*WBCQ gave WOR four more airings, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu at 2100 on 9330-
 CLSB [maybe]
*Special Allan Weiner Worldwide UT Sat Sept 18 at 0000 on 7415, on
 American Taliban, documentary about rescuing women and children from
 polygamous enclaves in AZ and UT
*Radio boat motorsailor Katie expected to start originating live
 programming broadcast via WBCQ shortly, 5105 evenings, 7415 and
 9330 afternoons, variety of music, fun and frolic from New England
*WYFR went off before Frances hit Okeechobee; antennas cannot take
 winds over 30 mph; still off as of September 8. But BBC relay on
 11835 at 0000-0300 is still on, from elsewhere [Ascension]
*WYFR damage report: still without power; part of roof came off,
 extensive water damage in office area; transmitters seem OK, but
 some lines are down and antenna switch platforms need repair. When
 power returns, only halfway up and may take two weeks more for full
 operation. Building repairs will take months
*WRMI in Miami did not suffer significant damage, but was off a
 couple of nights, back from September 6
*Hurricane Ivan forced evacuation of Bonaire relay station September
 8, backed up by Flevo [resumed September 9]
*Hurricane Frances put Radiovision Cristiana, 530, Turks & Caicos off
 the air several nights, so DXers looked for Falklands, heard Canada;
 RVC back by September 4
*Bahamas` ZNS outlets ran non-directional during hurricane with good
 coverage, so heard as far as Memphis on 1540; also check 810. Much
 more in recent issues of DX Listening Digest via
*Radio Habana Cuba, blown off by Charley August 13, finally came back
 on Sept. 3, but only a few frequencies, with low modulation, 6000,
 15230. Sporadic webcast contrary to schedule included English 2030-
 2100, 0500-0700 including Arnie Coro Sun & Wed 0540 [not Monday]
*Cesar Objio, Dominican Republic DXer, died Sept. 3 of cancer; was
 working on a book on the history of broadcasting in the DR. See
 tributes in DXLD 4-134, 4-135
*Radio Mil`s Encuentro DX program in Mexico City has been suspended,
 for logistical reasons; besides, Colombian blocks 6010
*R. Macarena, Villavicencio, Colombia, reactivated on 6090.35 ex-5975v
*No China relays via Cuba heard again yet, such as 13740 at 1400-1600;
 but R. Nacional de Venezuela returned Sept. 3 at 1900 on 13740, also
 2000 on 15230; don`t believe website schedule, and a new one is
 announced: 1900 13740, 2000 9550 13680 15230 17705, 2100 11875, 2300
 9820 11760 13680 --- but 13680 then would clash with China via Canada
 [13740 at 1900 missing again Sept 9]
*Temporary absence of WYFR allows DX on frequencies they normally
 block, such as Taiwan relay on 5950: R. Pio Doce, Bolivia, 5952.5,
*New x-bander in Argentina on 1650, FM Fuego relay, since August 26,
 from Monte Chingolo
*Squabbling in Cook Islands over whether to set up a new publicly-
 funded radio station, commercial competition, government news
 management; see DXLD 4-134
*R. Vanuatu, 7260, heard with better signal from power reduction, at
*Vanuatu broadcasting board, sacked by prime minister, threatens to
 take him to court
*New Caledonia without local news, due to strike by RFO workers
 supporting technician not happy with terms of his new posting
*Standard disclaimer
*In the midst of World of Radio 1245, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702
 USA or woradio at yahoo.com
*Hmong Lao Radio, new frequency 9515 UT Wed & Fri at 0100 is sometimes
 strong in North America, unseems Taiwan like 15260; so from where?
 [Wolfgang Bueschel says it`s Rampisham, UK]. Double duty for NAm and
 SE Asia
*Direct from Laos reception improving: LNR on 6130 at 1200-1300, and
 after BBC half-hour at 1330; external service on 7145 English at
 1330-1400 but hard to understand
*Myanmar, 5040.41 at 1406; 5985.80 with English at 1434
*Tho China jams VOA, CRI gains another relay in the US, thanks to
 WBIG, 1280, Aurora IL near Chicago, M-F at 2300-2400 UT
*R. Free Asia, Mandarin service at 0300-0700 heard on only half its
 usual frequencies; what`s up?
*V. of Tibet, clandestine in Norway, wants feedback because of Chinese
 music jamming: 1215-1300 17525, 1430-1515 & 1520-1605 on 17540; more
 info at http://www.vot.org, contact voti @ online.no
*Mongolia`s refurbished domestic transmitter on 7260 heard in NH
 around 1030
*All India Radio in financial trouble; needs three and a third
 megadollars from the government = Rs. 160 crore
*South Asian DX includes AIR Shillong on 4970, with English sked
 varying: 1237-1315 with pop music; another date 1327-1335. Almost
 armchair quality in California at 1245-1345
*Minivan Radio, for Maldive Islands, continues 1600-1700 on 13855 via
 Germany, but also tested Fri Sept 3 only, 1630-1730 via some other
 site on 11535, 9985; inaudible here, but heard in Europe
*Reactivated 4160, V. of Independence, at 1520-1658*, Kurdish/Arabic
 clandestine by Conservative Party of Kurdistan
*Republic of Yemen Radio, 5950 heard from 0300 with WYFR absent
*See DXLD 4-136, 4-137 for stories on Ghana broadcast workers
 protesting, police involvement
*R. Georgia in danger of being closed, gets 30-day extension while
 staff tries to drum up listener support; please write to Mrs. Lia
 Mumladse of the German section, lia_mumladse @ yahoo.de with copies
 to gege @ geotvr.ge Mr. Zaza Shengelia, Chairman of Georgian Radio &
 TV; dodo.shonava @ geotvr.ge Mrs. Dodo Shonava, General Director of 
 Georgian Radio; media @ presidpress.gov.ge Office of President
 Mikheil Saakashvili; lali @ parliament.ge Office of Mrs. Nino
 Burjanadze, president of Georgian parliament, and inform @ mfa.gov.ge
 Office of Mrs. Salome Surabashvili, Foreign Ministry 
*V. of Russia made seasonal frequency changes first weekend in Sept
 for English to North America: 0100-0500 17660 and 15595 as usual.
 0100-0300 7180, 0200-0300 9860; 0300-0400 9860 7300 7180; 0400-0500
 7300 7180
*This weekend`s schedule via Latvia 9290 100 kW: Sat Sept 11, 1200-
 1300 RNR Medienservice, 1300-1700 R. Marabu, 1700-1900 R. New York;
 Sun Sept 12 1200-1300 Q103, 1300-1700 R. Marabu
*World Music Radio, Denmark, 5815, testing again from evening of Sept.
 10 to morning of Sept. 13
*Archive Hour on BBC Radio 4, Sat Sept 11 about BFBS at 1900 UT, and
 on demand later; also look for Unsung Heroes on ham radio at 9/11
*BBC buildings open Sept 18-19 for tours, not including studios; see
*On 1610, CPAM is not really a callsign. Montreal`s RadioUnion.com is
 CJWI, actually on 1610.11 with Latin American music at 0915
*WNYC, New York, celebrates 80th anniversary Sept 13-Oct 20, with
 vintage clips back to 1927, special Selected Shorts as finale
*More affiliates for Air America, as Clear Channel realizes it could
 be profitable: WCOL 1230 Columbus OH; WMXX 92.1 Madison WI, competing
 with WTDY 1670 for liberal audience
*W9DXCC convention, Sept. 18 at Elk Grove Village, IL, about DX-
 peditions, propagation, etc. See http://www.w9dxcc.com
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Sept. 7; flux range 115-85
*With a standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser concluding another World of Radio; this was number 1245.
 I do hope you`ve enjoyed the program and will tune me in again next
 week  ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1244, produced Sept. 1, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Missionary station in Aru, Congo DR, is not on 4585, but 4845, Radio
 Tangazeni Kristo, very low power, same frequency as very high power
 Mauritania, joint French/German operation; some English. Sked daily
 0330-0515, M-F 1400-1930, Sat & Sun 1155-1930. To increase power to
 300-500 watts at beginning of September. Mauritania scheduled 1800-
 0100, and 0625- but 24h during Ramadan; might be audible in Europe at
 1730, North America at 0330
*Christian missionary websites such as http://www.galcom.org include
 ``prayer bulletins``, hinting at future SW stations, in Iraq,
 Cameroon, maybe FM in Greenland
*Christian SW station planned in Uganda, near Entebbe, 1 kW tropical
*Israel finally moved its domestic English newscasts to Reqa network,
 with time changes on SW relays: 0330, 0930, 1730 (all 15 minutes),
 and external English still 1900. 1730 confirmed here on 17535, 15640
*Sept. 22 is the date when Israel sensibly quits shifting daylight
 earlier than we do, and all broadcasts move one UT hour later
*Reform Party of Syria confirmation letter, for R. Free Syria, Sun
 & Fri at 1800-1900 via Germany on 13650: from P. O. Box 59730,
 Potomac MD 20859
*Arabic Radio, another clandestine for Syria: 1500-1530 12085, 7470;
 0330-0400 on 7510 per http://www.arabicsyradio.org [unconfirmed]
*BBC Monitoring issued another sesquimonthly report on Media in Iraq,
 broadcasting and press. In entirety via http://worldofradio.com
*Mystery in Persian at 1325 on 15670 identified as Voice of the
 Iranian Nation, Seda-ye Mellat-e Iran. Station of same name existed
 1964-1970. This one is pro-democracy, 30 minutes daily since before
 July 9. Maybe connected with V. of Southern Azerbaijan, from Israel.
 But Observer says 15670 at 1325-1355 is via Sofia, Bulgaria, 100 kW,
 90 degrees [recording by Wolfgang Bueschel of ID and music]
*Ivo Ivanov at R. Bulgaria denies that Minivan Radio test on 11525
 was via Kostinbrod, Bulgaria, as fixed by BBC Monitoring
*Since Aug 25, Minivan is via Juelich, Germany 1600-1700 on 13855.
 Opening mentions R. Miami International [recording by gh, with conch
 shell, drumming] [but Sept 3 testing 1630-1730 on 11535, 9985]
*Playing same program over and over the first week; allied website
 changed to http://www.dhivehiobserver.com with audio file to be 
 copied onto CD and distributed to Maldivians
*Maarten van Delft visited Voice of Mongolia; they want suggestions of
 better frequencies than 12015, 12085, 9720 for English to Europe;
 Japanese aid upgraded domestic transmitters on 7260, 4830, 4895;
 Mailbag show interviewed him? at 1000 on 12085, about camel polo
*V. of Vietnam harmonic on 19060 heard in NSW at 0006, 2 x 9530 which
 was inaudible
*RRI Wamena, Indonesia, 0930-1000+ reactivated on 4869.9; 1200 relay
 Jakarta news
*R. Southern Highlands, Papua New Guinea, reactivated 3275, 1049-1104+
*R. Vanuatu not heard lately on 7260, but may still be on with reduced
 power of 200 watts; likewise MW 1179
*R. Clube do Para, 4885, 10 kW, replied in English promising stickers
 and T-shirt
*R. Nacional do Brasil, Portuguese to Africa on 9665 includes ``Brasil
 sem Fronteiras`` at 1900-2100, repeated at 0500-0700
*World of Radio 1244, woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK
 73702, USA; much more at http://www.worldofradio.com
*Thanks this week for financial support to Dave White, who provides
 another website for our audio archives
*Correcting last week`s mistakes: Paul Ormandy has made 3000 contacts
 in the past year, not 300; DX Partyline on 15390 via Australia is
 Sat at 1500, not 1430
*Some mistakes on last week`s DX Partyline also should be corrected
*AFN Guantanamo Bay on 1340, 103.1, 102.1; Cuban FM heard on 95.5 in
 Gitmo City; base gets US cable channels via satellite TV
*R. Marti via Commando Solo on MW 530 is only Saturday nights, heard
 again Aug 28; it so happens that`s when baseball is broadcast. Maybe
 highest-rated program, and by jamming something so apolitical, it
 makes Fidel look even more foolish. But still only a token service,
 so acting president Bush can pretend he`s doing something
*We wonder if Radio Vision Cristiana, 530 in Turks & Caicos is still
 on the air following Hurricane Frances [no; opens channel for
 Falkland Islands]
*Arnie Coro says main problem at R. Habana is no power at transmitter
 site with lines blown away by Charley; trying to rebuild, not yet
 back by August 31; no other damage. But was he only talking about
 Bauta site? What about Titan and Bejucal? RHC website in English says
 there was antenna damage from 200 kph winds; in Spanish it says
 transmitters were damaged. So which? Audio streaming not working, but
 added real audio 1800-2000 in Creole, Guarani, Quechua, Arabic
*WOKV, 690, Jacksonville, 50 kW day power may be used at night if
 there is a hurricane strike, allowing it to be widely heard
*WKAT, 1360, Miami, cuts back on classical music, to make money with
 infomercials; hopes to retain music 17-18 hours per day
*KOMA, 1520, Oklahoma City, suddenly changed calls August 27 to KOKC,
 despite huge signal focusing even more on just serving the city
*KGNU, 88.5, Boulder CO, purchased KJME, 1390 to get its signal into
 Denver, starting with Pacifica covering Republican convention
*Denver also gets Air America, via KKZN 760; Albuquerque on KABQ 1350;
 also new affiliate in Ann Arbor, and part of sked is on WHAT 1340,
 Philadelphia; some thanks to Clear Channel, trying to shake its far-
 right image
*Re Clear Channel purchasing WILM 1450 Wilmington DE: ``Sleazy but
 rich radio leviathan swallows tiny quality station``, opines the
 Baltimore Sun [DXLD 4-131]
*Sept 6 Forbes article about satellite radio vs terrestrial,
 ``Broadcast Bullies``; [registration now required] see
*Kim Elliott appeared on VOA Talk to America August 16, now in audio
 archives, cue in 25 minutes http://www.voanews.com/talktoamerica/
*Ashna Radio on 12140 in Dari and Pashto at 1430-1830 is actually just
 VOA via Sri Lanka, using ``Radio Ashna`` name, meaning Voice
*VOA News and science feature heard Sat at 0800 on 13840, relayed by
 IRRS Italy
*CBC Radio ``upgraded`` from Real Audio to Windows Media streaming
 during Olympic break
*CHOI Quebec licence cancellation reprieved, from August 31 until
 next spring
*Beware of retrieving incorrect or outdated schedules from websites,
 e.g. Venezuela, and now Iceland, on ``12115``, but correct sked is:
 1215, 1410 and 1835 on 15775; 1755 and 2300 on 13865 USB
*Deutsche Welle converted 3995 from analog to DRM 1800-0600 UT. Al
 Quaglieri objects, a disaster for hams in North America
*Attempts to set up new private MW on Aland Island, Finland, 603 kHz,
 but lots of legal and technical problems. Roy Sandgren says it will
 be illegal from Sept 1; but heard that date with stronger signals in
 area; ``Pirate Radio 603``, altho licensed
*Latvia 100 kW on 9290: Joystick Radio, Sat Sept 4, 0900-1000 UT;
 Europa Radio International, Sun Sept 5, 1100-1300
*R. Georgia tells German listeners it was due to be closed down, final
 decision Sept 1, asking for listener support; how about English?
 But quite difficult to hear in North America, not easy in Europe
*Propagation outlook from Boulder August 31; flux range 100-125-85
*And that concludes World of Radio 1244; Glenn Hauser inviting you to
 hear me again next week ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1243, produced August 25, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Time changes for WOR: from last week, on WBCQ, Wed 2300 on 17495
 instead of 2200; still 2200 on 7415. On WWCR, Sun 1930 on 12160, ex-
 Sat 2030
*SIU Edwardsville Web Radio rescheduled WOR, Fridays 7 pm Central, or
 UT Sats 0000, followed at 0030 by Continent of Media alternating with
 Mundo Radial. Via http://webradio.siue.edu/
*Minivan Radio, for Maldive Islands, tested last week via Bulgaria on
 11525, but spotty reception in target, and jammed by government, so
 from this Wednesday Aug 25 via Germany instead at 1600-1700 on 13855.
 Was audible over here; but QRM above and below from Russia and China.
 Mostly in Dhivehi, but some English, including poem repeated. Reports
 to admin @ friendsofmaldives.co.uk  No QSLs yet, but E-mail replies.
 Also consult Dhivehi Observer http://www.e-maldives.com  [which now
 has audio file of first show at
 http://www.e-maldives.com/mimiwanradio/MiniwanRadio1.WMA ]
 first week of daily broadcasts will be repeats
*Extensive coverage of this in every recent issue of DX Listening
 Digest via http://worldofradio.com
*Mauritius could be next country needing such broadcasts. Government
 may sanction private radio stations where citizens may voice their
 opinions on government performance
*All India Radio, Delhi, heard on 4870 instead of 4860 from 0025
*Bangladesh Betar plans special broadcast on Friday Aug 27, external
 service, Bangla and English, on anniversary of death of their
 national poet. 1630-1730, 1915-2000 in Bangla; 1230-1300 and 1815-
 1900 in English on 7185, 9550
*Hmong Lao Radio changed frequency again, via Taiwan, Wed & Fri 0100-
 0200 on 9515 ex-11725 ex-15260; mailing address in Minnesota
*V. of Iraqi Kurdistan on new 6340 at +1600-1700+, ex-4085; also ex-
 6285, 6320; 6340 also heard at 0304-0515 fade, Kurdish and some
 Arabic. See http://www.kdp.pp.se
*V. of Iranian Kurdistan back on 3970 at 1515, 3980 at 0158, jammed
*R. Free Syria, via Germany, Sundays 1800-1900 on 13650, adding
 second weekly broadcast Sept 3, Peace Forum, same time on Fridays
*Doni Rosenzweig explains the foreign language broadcasting in Israel,
 moving them from one network to another with less coverage; held up
 by plans to merge networks, fire staff, but logos already merged
*R. Oman again heard in English at 1400 on 15140; also scheduled in
 English at 0300-0400 on 15355
*Aden Radio, Yemen, Second program now on Hotbird satellite to Europe,
 English 1600-1630, French 1705-1730, 13 degrees east, 12380 MHz,
 Mpeg2, vertical, 27500, 3/4. Sana`a also has English at 1800-1900 on
 9780 but not satellite
*Coalition Marine Forces, MARLO in Persian Gulf, has been replying to
 reports. By P-mail from MARLO, P O Box 116, NSA-MARLO, Manama,
 Bahrein, from Kenneth Gazzaway R. Maulumati ID at 1720 on 15500, some
 English, off before 1800; 250 watts. By E-mail, from a Lt. Gonzalez,
 marlo @ nsa.bahrain.navy.mil [a.k.a. Information Radio, Radio One]
*Mystery on 15670 in Persian at 1330-1355, maybe Ankara, Turkey
 [BBCM IDed it: Voice of the Iranian Nation, last heard in 1970!]
*Technical Itch Hits Radio Cyprus --- flea infestation from hundreds
 of stray cats around the station. Recorded programs while spraying in
 progress at Cyprus Broadcasting Corp.
*Spain in English caught on unscheduled 12035 at 0030 Aug 22, plus
 usual 15385; maybe test of frequency used later in morning; or
 thinking of moving down from 15385 as autumn and winter approach
*Innov`Radio has temporary license for Sept 5 in Paris, Sept 9-19 in
 Apremont, between 25845 and 25880, from one to ten watts, antenna no
 higher than 30m off ground; in November temp stations around 66 MHz
 on OIRT FM band, normally not used in France; 11 meter specialists
 hope MUF cooperates [but not likely]
*Broadcasts from churches and mosques on 27 MHz Citizen`s Band in UK
 have been illegal, but now OFCOM announces plans to legalise them,
 with trial local broadcasting in Leeds, Bradford, Northern Ireland,
 called CADS = Community Audio Distribution Systems
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio Number
 1243, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; woradio at yahoo.com
 Much more at http://www.worldofradio.com
*UK Audio Network, for the blind, easily navigable without adaptive
 technology. Includes BBC Radio schedules in audio for forthcoming
 week; radio stations at touch of button without pop-ups,
 registrations, free at http://www.yrguk.com
*World Music Radio, Denmark, back on 5815. 15810 not so successful,
 ending tests June 17; may resume in mid-September from new site; also
 on http://www.wmr.dk
*ROI, Austria, via Canada at 1500-1600 on 13775 has been filled with
 annoying music loop for a week; direct at 2300-0200 on 9870 not so
*CRTC renewed license for CHEV, 1610, Toronto until 31 Aug 2009, but
 as a low power station it is unprotected and must find another
 frequency to make way for a full-power station, authorized, which may
 begin well before then. Ethnic station on 1610 could be on any time
 now, likely 1200-0200 UT only
*CKZU, 6160, Vancouver, missing for a week, heard again Aug 20 at 1300
*Some hope for those opposing so-called IBOC, or High-Definition,
 digital mediumwave in North America: Canadian Association of
 Broadcasters and CBC pressing Industry Canada to notify FCC that IBOC
 would cause harmful interference, and is not in accordance with
 international and bilateral agreements. Read discussion under Canada
 in DXLD 4-126
*One of last remaining AM stations with locally-produced all-news
 format, may be on the way out: WILM, 1450, Wilmington, Delaware, sold
 to Clear Channel for 4 megadollars
*Low power FM right here in Enid made national news: KUAL 104.7, The
 Rocket, admonished by FCC, but not fined, for running commercials,
 over the line from underwriting announcements. Licensed to Enid
 Public Radio Association, which is anything but, just rock music
*Long-awaited and long-promised airborne relays of R. and TV Marti to
 Cuba finally began August 21, MW 530 and Channel 13. Exiles happy,
 and claimed to overcome jamming, but don`t you believe it. Cubans
 quickly put a R. Rebelde transmitter on 530, heard in Florida; not
 to mention Radiovision Cristiana, 530 in Turks & Caicos. But the
 airborne relays will be once a week only, on Saturday evenings
*Almost two weeks after Hurricane Charley, not a peep out of Radio
 Habana Cuba on SW; antennas probably damaged. And 13 high-voltage
 electrical towers west of Habana collapsed
*New Dominican Republic station on 1640 heard again Aug 15 at 0100,
 R. Juventus Don Bosco, but just canned IDs and test announcements,
 ``Una voz para la civilizacion del amor``
*GBC, Guyana, heard on 3291.13 at 0915; another day 0323 on 3291.168
*R. Nacional Amazonia, Brazil, 6180, jumped to 6190, and now to 6170,
 at 0006 Aug 21; Aug 23 at 2338 back on 6190
*VOA relay on Sao Tome finally quit interfering wtih Angola on 4950,
 by jumping to 4940, 2000-2100*
*V. of Nigeria switches between 15120 and 17800 from day to day for
 English at 2000-2300; nominally 15120 at 0445-2300
*Photos of R. Peace, southern Sudan on 4750 at
*V. of Sudan, clandestine by National Democratic Alliance, via
 Eritrea, 1530-1600 on 7999.3
*R. New Zealand International new schedule effective September 6:
 from 1300 on 6095, 1751 9845, 1851 11725, 2051 15720, 2245 17675,
 0459 11820, 0706 9885, 1100 9885 on different beam to NW
*Sorry to hear that Paul Ormandy is giving up his South Pacific DX
 Report on RNZI and several other stations. Other members of the
 League will fill the gaps. Paul has been bitten by ham radio bug,
 with over 3000 [not 300 as I misspoke] QSOs in past eleven months
*HCJB Australia resumes schedule August 29. DX Partyline, from Sept 4:
 Sat 1200 on 15425, 1500 [not 1430 as I misspoke, previous time] on
 15390; to NZ, Sat 0730 on 11750, with a time shift from October 3
*Propagation outlook from Boulder August 24 [not 14 as I misspoke!
 Good thing I am about finished...] Flux range 105-90-120
*Remember our new times: on WBCQ, Wed at 23 on 17495; on WWCR, Sun
 at 1930 on 12160
*That`s World of Radio 1243; Glenn Hauser, inviting you, to hear me
 again next week  ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1242, produced August 18, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*New Continent of Media, 04-06 available at http://www.DXing.com and
 http://www.worldofradio.com  --- also August-September Mundo Radial
*When one WBCQ transmitter is out of service, may move programming to
 another frequency, e.g. Wed at 2200 for WOR on 7415, may be
 accompanied by 5105 instead of 17495. So check other frequencies, the
 remaining one being 9330 [in fact this week, the 17495-CUSB airing of
 WOR was moved to 2300 UT Wed, too late for us to announce or confirm]
*WRMI finally moved to 6870 from UT Aug 16 [not 17 as I said] but WOR
 played by mistake at 0300 UT Monday instead of 0230
*WRMI filling more time with World Radio Network, totalling 72.5 hours
 per week: M-F 1200-1600, Sat 1200-2200, Sun 1330-2000 on 15725; UT
 Tue-Sat 0400-0900, Sun/Mon 0330-0900 on 6870; consult
 http://www.wrn.org for North American service schedule
*Some not on SW at all, even in home country, such as R. Guangdong,
 China, which QSLed reception via WRMI, Sat 1600-1615 on 15724.88
*WRMI escaped hurricane damange, but WYFR off the air 24 hours, not
 due to damage but power was off UT Aug 14, including BBC and Taiwan
*Jonathan Marks, holidaying in Cyprus, says French beat the US in
 Arabic broadcasting, comparing RMC-ME to Radio Sawa
*Radio Free Asia has new automated reception report system online,
 attributed or anonymous at http://www.techweb.rfa.org 
*VOA quietly canceled Uzbek-language broadcasts at end of July, to
 concentrate on TV; R. Liberty still in Uzbek
*Too late for last week`s program, but we had several days advance
 notice of first test of a new clandestine service for the Maldive
 Islands, Radio Minivan, Wed Aug 18 at 1630-1730 on 11525, due to
 civil strife there, provided by Friends of Maldives in the UK, via a
 confidential site in eastern Europe. European monitors were able to
 hear it: break at 1652, undermodulated, hummy, hard to read,
 `Romanian style` modulation, overlap of two different audio sources.
 admin @ friendsofmaldives.co.uk  acknowleged reports quickly from
 Rebecca Cork; she read poem in English ``The Walk for Freedom``,
 recorded by Henrik Klemetz. But reception results from Maldives
 target not yet in. Plans regular broadcasts from next Wed Aug 25.
 [later: BBCM got a fix on this site as Bulgaria; reception spotty in
 Maldives and may try another site next week]. See
 http://www.friendsofmaldives.co.uk and http://www.newsofmaldives.com
*V. of Jammu and Kashmir Freedom, 5102, 1300-1430 UT includes English
 at 1400-1408; believed via Pakistan, with Muzzafarabad address
*Voice of Iraq, private station in Baghdad, on MW 1179, English
 monitored at 1108-1152 starting and ending with news summaries
*Israel Radio transferred web streaming from Real Audio to Windows
 Media to improve performance, adding more services, some including
 English segments; via http://www.iba.org.il
*R. Peace, South Sudan, 4750, QSLed for Jari Savolainen thru
 extraordinary measures; friend hand-delivered reception report at
 remote site without E-mail or P-mail; closest P O Box across the
 border in Loki, Kenya, two hours drive away, may be used; schedule
 0230-0430 and 1600-1800 includes English segments
*Zimbabwe Herald reports that owner of a house destroyed in bomb
 attack is suing Voice of the People to which she had rented it, for
 $1.2 mega [rather than the government which bombed it!]
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1242,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA: or woradio at yahoo.com Check our
 website for much more: http://worldofradio.com
*LRA-36, Antarctica, 15476, reported twice from North America this
 week, until blocked by Chile at 2059 [M-F only]
*Brazil is so big that some tropical or SW frequencies are occupied by
 more than one station: two of them on 6105, both with Voz do Brasil
 program at 2249 via R. Cancao Nova and Radio Cultura Filadelfia
*And 5055 with different programming, R. Difusora Caceres, and R.
 Jornal A Critica, both at 1022-1031
*More mandatory programming in Brasil: during current campaign for
 municipal elections Oct. 3, political ads at 1000-1030 and 1500-1530
 thru Sept 30
*The one night WYFR was off the air thanks to Hurricane Charley, Radio
 Pio Doce, Bolivia in the clear on 5952.43 from 0957 to 1028; R. Mosoj
 Chaski, Bolivia, from 0826 with eerie sound FX on 3310
*R. Huarmaca, Peru, reactivated on 5384.16
*La Voz de tu Conciencia, Colombia, expects approval shortly for
 second frequency 5910, besides 6010; to test within a couple of
 weeks, after a year`s delay. May be aimed at North America, including
*RFPI websites about to be relaunched: http://www.rfpi.org and
*R. Amazonas, Venezuela, 4939.66, on much later than usual with
 election returns Aug 16, as late as 0800
*R. Nacional de Venezuela could not be heard as its Cuban relay plus
 RHC and China relays knocked off air by Hurricane Charley since Aug 
 13 and still off Aug 18. Don`t know what damage the antennas may have 
 suffered, but electricity has been out in western Cuba
*We couldn`t help but notice that the jammers against R. Marti
 continued unabated; in eastern Cuba, and/or enjoy much higher
 priority, perhaps with own generators, than mere broadcasting
*Check http://www.radiohc.cu where news is updated even tho not on the
 air; you might get streams to work, but do not depend on English
 appearing at the scheduled times. Arnie Coro was heavily invovled in
 his ham radio acivity during the hurricane
*CBC cancels all live web streaming for duration of Olympics; but RCI
 is still streaming, including many CBC programs: http://www.rcinet.ca
*Shortwave relay from Vancouver, CKZU, 6160, off the air for a week
*KICY, 850, Nome, Alaska, granted increase to 50 kW night power, but
 directional during specified hours, why at that remote location? To
 reach Russia better during religion at 0800-0930
*Catholic Radio Network, Papua New Guinea, reported inland as far as
 Colorado, Alberta, on 4960; but Vanuatu missing from 7260 and its
 alternate is 4960
*World Music Radio [Denmark], reactivated 5815 August 14, widely
 reported since, as far as Australia around 1800; antenna moved 300
 metres to avoid local interference
*Deutsche Welle in German, 3995, switched to DRM mode at 1800-0600;
 expected to blot out neighboring frequencies
*Historic antenna mast at Lopik, Holland, scheduled for demolition Sat
 Aug 21 [not 14 as I said!], and to be shown on webcast, perhaps at
 0650, http://www.nozema.nl
*It`s on again -- the longwave 189 in Sicily
*Monitoring indicates the two new 100 kW transmitters at R. Tirana
 are on the air; China installed them at one site, Shijak; while the
 other site, Cerrik, has been rented exclusively to CRI for a
 sesquidecade where they will install 6 x 150 kW transmitters soon
*WSQT, Guerrilla Radio, leftist, anti-Republican, heard in Washington
 DC, on 1679.95, meaning ``squatting`` on the frequency
*Air America`s Saturday morning show ``Ring of Fire`` changes Aug 21
 to Sat 2206 UT, repeated Sun 2206. Air America via KPOP, 1360, San
 Diego delayed until August 23, after former music DJs have a chance
 to say goodbye
*Minnesota Public Radio purchasing its main classical rival, WCAL for
 $10.5 mega, finalized in December
*NBC Universal`s rules about limiting other networks` Olympics
 coverage: in DXLD 4-121
*Coverage of Hurricane Charley in Florida also in DXLD 4-121, 4-124
*Federal government slow to set up emergency broadcast stations in
 hurricane area, using banner-towing planes instead
*International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend Aug 21-22, with lots of
 special ham stations; details in DXLD 4-124 and at
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Aug 17; flux range 125 to 90
*And so concludes World of Radio 1242. I`m Glenn Hauser; hope you`ve
 enjoyed the program and will join me again next week ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1241, produced August 11, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*WRMI frequency change to 6870 delayed so WOR UT Mon 0230 has remained
 on 7385; surely done by mid-August
*AFGE Local 1812 says VOA management stifles comprehensive news: new
 order to limit news items to 40 seconds, and eliminating Middle East
 and National news desks; reducing English to 13 hours per day on
 weekdays, 10 on weekends
*FBO Daily reports that USN Air Systems Command requires transmitters
 for new Commando Solo aircraft EC130J
*Hurricane Watch Net finally activated on 14325-USB http://www.hwn.org
*CBC Toronto testing new 98.7, probably to duplicate CJBC 860 with
 French network; MW also duplicated in Saskatchewan cities on FM
*Impact of Olympics on webcasting: CBC Radio says their rights do not
 extend to streaming; CBC on-demand already edits out all music, even
*BBC World Service will not have blanket embargo of Olympics like last
 time, but major news programmes will not be webcast since they might
 include live event commentary; special Sports Roundup for webcast
 without live commentary but with results. BBC7 and BBCR3 not to be
 cut off
*NOS in Holland will carry 2000 hours of live Olympics coverage on
 website, making full use of net along with TV rights
*V. of Greece has suspended all foreign language broadcasts for
 duration but has special English page http://www.ert-olympics.gr
 [beware: music launches automatically]
*Last longwave in Italy, 189 kHz in Sicily, closed since August 7
*France revives MW with another high-power, on 675, Radio Superloustic
 in Marseille, since August 8; sounds like 1/4 of full 1000 kW
*One watt temporary RSL station commemorating Radio Caroline on 1278
 kHz since August 7, from Ross Revenge [in Tilbury, England]
 http://www.radiocarolinesales.co.uk  And even heard in Belgium
*RFE/RL`s plan for new building in Prague awaits funding approval not
 before FY 2006 in October 2005; no boat-rocking during elexion year
*Another 9290 Latvian broadcast: Offshore Music Radio commemorates
 Marine Offences Act, Sat Aug 14 1400-2000 UT; in addition to webcast
*V. of the Broad Masses of Eritrea well heard in Germany on 7100 at
 1730-1830, but not on 7175; no longer clandestine
*Sam Voron, VK2BVS, currently active as 6O0A, from Galkaayo, Somalia,
 18155, 21295 0500-0600, 1100-1400, 1800-1900 but not interested in
*Paul, ST2PN, active from Khartoum, Sudan, 18122-18130 1230-1500
*Israel Radio`s expected time change for English delayed until further
 notice; schedule reconfirmed August 10: 0400 11590 15640; 1010 15640
 17535; same two also at 1700, 1900, plus 1700 9435; 1900 15615
*Standard disclaimer
*Via kHz, MHz, GHz, and not applicable, this is World of Radio 1241,
 woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA
*Al-Hurra, US TV service in Arabic, has new satellite stream for Iraq
 in particular, like Radio Sawa
*New Iraqi TV station also on ArabSat 2D, 26 E, Radio [sic] Al Forat
 http://www.alforattv.com located in Baghdad
*Republic of Iraq Radio on Arabsat 2, 25.8E, with old nightingale
 interval signal, and resumed pre-Saddam national anthem
*Voice of Iraq English hour at 1100 ending with news, daily, on 1179
 MW; http://www.voiraq.com
*Baghdad Qur`an station on 999 kHz IDed as Bilad Radio, meaning
 Radio of the Country, 0400-1200 UT
*First Iranian TV station on NileSat is news station in Arabic,
 Al Aalam, 7 West
*IRIB Spanish from Iran sounds like same announcer previously on
 Colombian clandestine Radio Patria Libre
*Turkmenistan`s English: 1630-1645 on Radio 2, 4930; at 1500-1510 on
 Radio 1, 5015
*All India Radio special broadcasts for Independence Day August 15:
 President`s address Aug 14 at 1400 on Delhi 3365 6030 6085 9575 9835
 and relayed by all AIR stations; commentary on flag ceremony Sunday
 at 0135-0240, in English on 4860 6030 9910 13620 15040; regional SW
 relays change to daytime frequencies earlier than usual at 0025 on
 6030; various times 0115/0130 on 6110 07115 7140 7150 7180 7210 7290
*Jon Kennedy, Australian voice on China Radio International, died of
 heart attack at 34; recordings of his intros still heard
*V. of Korea, 15245, English at 2144 with spurs on 15172.8, 15317.5
*WYFR relays to China via Taiwan moved from 6155 to 7250 at 1100-1600
 and 2100-2400, having just moved inband from 6300
*CBS Radio Taiwan schedule in DXLD 4-120 says Star Star numbers
 station is inactive due to mainland spy cases; channels 1 thru 5
 to be checked are: 11430 15388 9725 8300 13750
*Pirate station in Thailand on 7405.4 USB; see
 http://www.geocities.com/uthaipotha/Pirate_radio.html [says name is 
 153RTO, power 10 watts, also 6 watts on 7670 AM, English 1230-1400]
*QSL from R. Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, 3325, says station is
 in good shape with Bougainville now at peace
*LRA36, Antarctica, 15476, operates 1800-2100 [M-F?] except when
 prevented by weather, winds up to 90 knots; see DXLD 4-119 for names
 of personnel. 63 Degrees South is main program; QSL for one IRC to
 LRA36, Radio Nacional Arcangel San Gabriel, Base Esperanza, Antartida
 Argentina 9411, Republica Argentina
*R. Chicha, 4763.31, Tocla, Potosi, Bolivia, signing on before 1100
 with Andean music, Spanish and Aymara
*Radio Timbira, Sao Luiz, Maranhao, Brazil, hopes to reactivate SW
 4975 and 15215 by yearend; now only MW 1290 at 0900-0300
*R. Cacique supposed to be on 2470 but heard there in Sorocaba, SP,
 Brasil on 2370
*Two new Peruvians near 1610 kHz heard in Quito: 1610.4, Radio
 Haquira, in Distrito de Haquira, Provincia de Cotabambas,
 Departamento de Apurimac, heard at 1030; and on 1609.15 next day at
 1020, Radio Carabamba, Distrito de Carabamba, Provincia de Julcan,
 Departamento de La Libertad
*FARC Clandestine on 6239.82 at 2310, Voz de la Resistencia, says it`s
 in Occidental Colombia, 2230-2330 tho not daily, plus spur varying
 6120 to 6130
*August 15 is day of decision in Venezuela on referendum to recall
 Pres. Chavez. For news from there try webcasts from: commercial TV:
 Globovision: http://www.globovision.com
 Radio Caracas Television: http://www.rctv.net
 Televen: http://www.televen.com
 Venevision: http://www.venevision.net
 Government: Venezolana de Television http://www.vtv.gov.ve
 and Vive TV, http://www.vive.gov.ve
 Radios, Commercial:
 Union Radio: http://www.unionradio.com.ve
 Circuito Radio Venezuela: http://www.radiovenezuela.com.ve
 Circuito Nacional CNB: http://www.cnb.com.ve
 Government: Radio Nacional de Venezuela: http://www.rnv.gov.ve
*Chavez government will shut down any radio or TV station announcing
 outcome prematurely, which may take up to five days
*Dominican Republic reactivated on 5009.74, Radio Pueblo at 2244
*VISTA from Radio for Peace International, Costa Rica says will soon
 replace QuickTime streaming with MP4 and MP3, pending further
 contributions; next issue will have news about a joint SW project
 with Pacifica, return to SWBC in Costa Rica, James Latham on a peace
 mission to Libya
*Satcom accidentally relays on 240-270 MHz studio-transmitter links or
 harmonics from Latin America, including on 254.1 Super Radio,
 Colombia, and on 268.35 unID Guatemalan religious station
*XERF, Mexico, measured on 1569.9894
*Propagation outlook from Boulder August 10: flux range 130-90
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1241 
 [Note: at some point in this program I mention a date as April 3; of 
 course, I meant August 3] ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1240, produced August 3, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*What this program is all about explained to new listeners: short
 wave is the band between AM and FM, with routine worldwide coverage;
 figures are kHz dial positions or frequencies of SW stations. Times
 are in 24 hour system, u.o.s. in UT or GMT, the international
 standard, a reliable way of conveying this info. Become familiar
 with how UT relates to your local time
*Glad to add more outlets, including webcasters; now heard on ACBRadio
 Mainstream UT Fridays every two hours starting at 0200; ACB =
 American Council for the Blind but sighted listeners are also
 welcome; go to http://www.acbradio.org for links to this and other
*ACB programming also via phone in UK: choose option 1 after calling
 local rate number 0845 333-0855
*WOR is also back on WRMI Miami, UT Mondays 0230, on 7385, but due
 to interference problem changing shortly to 6870 aimed NW across
 NAm; also applies to Viva Miami or Voice of NASB UT Sun 0230, and
 DX Partyline 0300; UT Monday 0300 AWR Wavescan
*WOR and the others also filling available time elsewhen on WRMI:
 M-F 0900-0930, Thu 0930-1000, M-F 1000-1100 on 9955; Sun 1200-1300,
 2130-2200 15725; 2230-2300 9955
*Broadcasting Board of Governors pleased with 9/11 report, page 377
 saying BBG should get more money for international broadcasting,
 especially to Moslem world
*Alan Heil wrote in Daily Star, Beirut, ``Let the VOA Speak Arabic
 Once Again``. Money is being spent in wrong way, abolishing existing
 VOA services, even cutting back English to secondary
*Tho IMER abolished XERMX on SW, it is beefing up big border station
 XERF in Ciudad Acuna; authorized 250 kW, but has been 18 or 30 kW for
 several years. Now announcing 100 kW, and dominating 1570 as far away
 as Oregon, Australia; would make too much sense to put former XERMX
 English programming on XERF
*Spurs from 13750 in Costa Rica: 13734.5, 13765.5, 13781, 13797
*R. Apintie, Suriname, back after several months, on 4989.97, since
 July 30, all night, better signal than before
*Venezuelan sporadically active SW stations back lately: 4830, Radio
 Tachira July 31 at 2216-2231 with sports; 4939.4, Radio Amazonas
 until 0130* with Chavez speech
*Station on 4959.97 at 0338 in Spanish as ``107.3 FM, La Voz de la
 Ruta`` must be R. Federacion, Sucua, Ecaudor, relaying FM station
*La Voz de Saquisili, Radio El Libertador, Ecuador, 4899.8,
 reactivated July 31 heard in Colombia as late as 1300
*Radio Cielo, Chiclayo, Peru, pirate, active at 1200 on 6723.98
*unID on 5119.91 at 0220 is Radio Ondas del Suroriente, Quillabamba,
 Peru until 2345-0105* on 5119.4, claims 5060
*On 4751.82 at 2300 is Radio Huanta 2000, Huanta, Peru, ex-4747
*Radio A Voz do Coracao Imaculado, Anapolis, Goias, Brasil, is back on
 4885, heard at 2200, 2020; few IDs with uninterrupted Catholic
*R. Alvorada de Londrina, another Catholic Brazilian, reactivated 4865
*R. Guaruja, Sao Paulo, heard testing on 3230
*R. Difusora do Amazonas, 4805, Manaus schedule: 0930-1330, 1500-0100
*Two Uruguay SW stations claim they are on the air, tho inaudible in
 Montevideo: 6055, R. Universo, Castillos with 17 watts; on 6155,
 Banda Oriental, Sarandi del Yi, only at 0130-0300
*No sign of V. of New Sudan, southern Sudan on 9310 yet, with new 50
 kW transmitter; engineer says they have tested, but off again
 awaiting replacement parts, and may return in a few weeks on 9485
 since most radios there won`t tune below 9400
*The non-commercial, non-communist, not-corporate, non-Christian
 media show, World of Radio 1240; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 or
 woradio at yahoo.com  Much more, especially DX Listening Digests,
 at http://www.worldofradio.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Jim Wishner
*R. Rhino International, from Germany to Uganda, went on hiatus in
 April or May, came back July 12, 17870 M-F 1500-1530 in English;
 but heard at 1552, so probably a full hour instead as before
*V. of Africa, Libya, has strong new signal on 1449 kHz at 2305, News
 in English at 0024, 2035. May replace low-powered, and/or moved from
 1251; English times approximately: 1820, 1920, 2030, 2120, 2230,
 2330, 0020, 0120, 0215, 0310
*Rai was supposed to close down LW 189 kHz from Sicily, but it is
 still heard as of July 17, the only longwave broadcaster in Italy
*Bob Zanotti`s new web station, http://www.switzerlandinsound.com is
 active since August 1; we heard his show reuniting with Bob Thomann
*SRI running a new farewell English show each week, starting on
 Saturdays not only at http://www.swissinfo.org but also on SW:
 0730 13650 15445 21770; 0830 21770; 1730 13750 15515 17870;
 1930-2030 11815 13645 13795 15220; 2330 9885 11905; mostly Germany
 or Switzerland sites, except 15220, 11905 via French Guiana
*R. Slovakia Internatinonal announced July 25 it will remain on SW
 thru 2004, and try for more funding to continue beyond then
*R. Kontynent, Ukraine, shut down in March for carrying RFE/RL and
 BBC: ex-director has refugee status in USA; hopes to return to
 Ukraine with a new president and government
*Temporary oddity in Netherlands, on 1725 kHz, radio art project, 20
 very low power SSB transmitters; walk around listening 1000-1800 UT
 until Aug [not July] 3 in Arnhem, 5-9 in Appeldorn, 10-15 Nijmegen:
 Radio Scape http://www.evdh.net/radioscape.html
*Change of leadership at BBC World Service: Richard Sambrook is new
 head, reassigned from BBC news after criticism, claims not a
 demotion, as of Sept. Helen Boaden takes over as head of BBC News,
 ex-controller of BBC Radio 4 and BBC7
*``World Disservice`` commentary in Sunday Times: BBC audience
 research admits the majority of listeners no longer trust WS to
 provide unbiased news
*R. Six International, Glasgow, Scotland, now on WBCQ daily at 2300-
 2400 on 5105, different musical program and other features each
 evening; repeating later in August on same day of week; unfortunately
 5105 does not penetrate very far west in summer
*R. Joystick, on WRMI 9955, 0900 on first Saturdays such as August 7,
 adding Latvia 100 kW 9290 at exactly same time
*Thessaloniki station in Greece sees no prospect for putting 250 kW
 transmitters given Greece by VOA into use in near future
*Azerbaijan`s English broadcast time is really 1700-1730 on 6111 and
 1295, not 1800 on 6110 and 1296; very weak on SW
*Israel to switch time of English news on domestic service as it moves
 from one network to another to: 0330, 0930, 1730 UT from Aug 1 -- but
 restraiing order delayed this until Aug 8; maybe delayed further?
 External English to remain at 1900; frequency changes for others
*New US SW transmitter in Kuwait finally on air from July 9 with VOA
 and R. Free Afghanistan, including English: 2030-2230 11835, 2230-
 2330 11935, 2330-2430 11995
*Salaam Watandaar, to Afghanistan, new SW broadcasts to continue only
 until Sept 15, 1330-1500 17700 via UK; 0130-0300 11795 via UAE, not
*Thales press release says new 100 kW SW transmitter going to
 Bangladesh, and another to India; the latter may go on to Afghanistan
 as part of Indian aid
*No sign yet of R. Kiribati back on 9825, as monitored on Oahu
*CBC Radio One and Two have Acadian theme programs first half of
 August, see http://www.cbc.ca/acadian
*Rejected by NPR, Bob Edwards will start own show on XM Satellite
 Radio from Oct 4 as part of new public radio channel there
*Liberal talkhost Mike Malloy now on Air America, weekdays 0207-0459
 UT Tue-Sat
*Paul Harris, St. Louis talk host, moved from KTRS to KMOX, now M-F
 1900-2300 UT
*Another New Mexico public radio station now streams: KSFR from Santa
 Fe. See http://www.ksfr.org
*Clear Channel says it will phase in so-called high definition radio
 at the rate of 100 AM/FM stations per year
*Broadband via powerlines terminated in Penn Yan, New York; ARRL says
 international and federal regulations absolutely require BPL to
 eliminate all harmful interference to hams and other licensed radio
*Propagation outlook from Boulder July 27: flux range 80-125
*And so concludes yet another World of Radio; this was number 1240.
 I`m Glenn Hauser and I do hope you`ll listen again next week ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1239, produced July 21, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*New edition of my monthly Spanish DX report Mundo Radial now
 available via http://www.worldofradio.com and also thrice weekly
 on WWCR 15825, from July 23, Fridays 2115, Tuesdays 2130, Wednesdays
 2100; this one includes Bjoern Malm`s recording of WDHP 1620 Virgin
 Islands relaying Radio Marti
*Seeing it on TV would be preferable, but people ask me about Olympic
 coverage on SW. Voice of Greece foregoes golden opportunity to
 increase language services, suspending them all during August, with
 ERA only carrying the SPORT network in Greek
*Radio Netherlands special Olympic programming only in Dutch, August
 14-29 including relays of NOS` Radiolympia, SW schedule to Europe
*BBC World Service is best hope for English speakers, every night
 during Olympics from 1800 UT for 1.5 or 2 hours; not to Americas,
 but on web. Try frequencies to ME, Europe or Africa, such as 17830
*Longwave station proposed for Isle of Man, could revive the name
 Radio Caroline, which they have registered; 279 kHz from next year
*European MW DXers lamenting the end of their best open MW DX
 frequency, 1350, as R. Orient, Nice, France, has gone on the air
 with at least 300 kW, tho authorized for as much as 2500 kW, mostly
 in Arabic, ``Idha`at al Sharq``; blocks low-power AMs in Britain on
 1350 and all other DX, but is it 24/7?
*Bob Zanotti, two years after retiring from Swiss Radio International,
 is launching his own `unplugged` multimedia website from August 1,
 http://www.switzerlandinsound.com  Introduced with a special one-hour
 show reminiscing with Bob Thomann
*But SwissInfo is starting a special farewell series of English
 programs from August 1, the first about the evolution of Swiss SW
 Service into SwissInfo; suspect this `radio` program is only on the
 net via http://www.swissinfo.org
*US to finance construxion of a new building for RFE/RL so it can move
 out of the center of Prague for security reasons; pending USG and
 Congressional approval
*ITU SW site list has just added a new one in Kuwait, at 29N31, 47E41,
 so IBB SW transmitters planned since 2001 may now be materializing;
 look out for tests, new frequencies. This is NW of Kuwait City, not
 at previous Kabd site south of the city; see DXLD 4-108 and 4-110 for
 speculation about what became of Kuwaiti SW transmitters with the
 Gulf war
*BBC Monitoring issued another comprehensive update on Iraqi media,
 excerpted in DXLD 4-109, and entire including non-broadcast press
 material, at http://www.w4uvh.net/mediraq.txt
*Includes Republic of Iraq Radio with English news at 1100-1105 within
 music block in English, at 1032-1120, on MW 603, 1026, 1071, FM 98.3
 in Baghdad area, when there is no nighttime propagation
*V. of Turkey provides excellent free-speech opportunity in more ways
 than one, Live from Turkey, Tuesdays 1850-1920 on 9785, but few
 participate. Anyone may phone in and talk about what they like after
 VOT calls them back at station expense, over 500 kW transmitter
 audible mainly in Europe. Call 90 312 491-2008
*V. of New Sudan, our lead item last week, from southern Sudan, about
 to test on 9310: delayed until July 23 at the earliest. Check during
 local morning and afternoon hours. Still confused about local time
 there, UT+2 or UT+3
*Strike at Africa Number One, Gabon, began July 15 with news replaced
 by music on 9580, 17630. Threatened to cut off RFI and NHK relays too
 if no settlement by July 20 when heard at 2006 with continuous pop
 music [strike was settled by July 22]
*Winter solstice DXpedition in New Zealand pulled in R. Mauritania,
 4845 at local noon, 0012 UT; probably mostly via south polar region
*Catholic Radio Network, 4960, heard as early as 1940 past 2000; is it
 actually on air 24 hours?
*Nuesto Sello, classical music from Spain at 1400 on 17595 heard here
 with no interference, tho R. New Horizon, Chan Tro Moi, clandestine
 via Germany for Vietnam is scheduled on same at 1330-1430. Is it
 really there?
*Bangladesh frequencies 9550 and 15520 not in use as of June 28
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1239,
 P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702, USA; or woradio at yahoo.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Jennifer Ellis, Maine
*At least four mistakes on last week`s program. Albania in English to
 North America is daily except UT Mondays; service to Afghanistan is
 InterNews, not InfoNews; new frequency from Pakistan is 15070, not
 11570 which is an old one continuing; Dominican Republic x-band
 frequency omitted: 1640
*Mark Tully denounces Prasar Bharati, public service broadcasting in
 India, as serving only interests of government, listeners are idiots
*Group in UK, Friends of Maldives planning to set up independent radio
 station for the islands, probably from outside via SW. Details when
 we have them
*Radio Aap ki Dunya, the VOA Urdu station for Pakistan, has to make
 compromises in content, such as avoiding news about Pakistan or India
 on the FM relays, tho this continues on sites outside the country
*Khalid Hassan, Pakistani correspondent in Washington, analyzes VOA
 situation: jokers sold its governors ridiculous ideas. And whoever
 picked the name `Aap ki Dunya` should be paraded around Washington
 and Islamabad on a donkey back to front. Deal for FM-101 network
 coverage made with Clarity Communications even tho everyone knows it
 is owned by R. Pakistan
*RFA Guild Unit concerned that Radio Free Asia Cantonese service will
 be maintained only by hiring people in Hong Kong to run it
*WRMI looking for replacement frequency in 7 MHz area due to
 continuous interference on 7385; Christian Media Network cut back on
 15725, so WRMI is filling four more hours M-F on 15725 with World
 Radio Network relays, at 1200-1600. Stations benifiting from this are
 Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Romania, Korea
*FCC denies Clear Channel application to move WWVA from Wheeling WV to
 Stow OH, following pressure from public and WV members of congress
*Clear Channel says it will reduce proportion of advertising to
 programming on its radio stations
*KNFT, Silver City NM, pulls one-hour liberal talk show off the air,
 Radio Free Silver, due to extreme pressure from local advertisers
*John Plimmer, South Africa, DXed and verified KVNS 1700, Texas, 14
 megameters away with 880 watts
*Real reason for closure of R. Mexico Internacional June 1: such was
 recommended to IMER by a US firm, Mercer Management Consulting, after
 a 7.5 megapeso study in December
*Beware of R. La Hora, Peru, 4855, putting out spurs, the latest being
*R. Virgen de Remedios, new Bolivian testing on 5500, 5945.2, says its
 authorized frequency will be 3330, at 0000-0200 only, once antenna is
 ready; run by Bolivian and Polish padres
*R. Piranha Internacional, deep South America pirate, testing all
 night lately on 6307.2 variable; DXed in New York between 0900 and
 1000 despite power of only 13 watts. Another marathon from July 23
 until 26 [before closing down indefinitely]
*CBC Radio will be on Sirius satellite, and available to U S as well
 as Canadian subscribers
*Quite a flap in Canada over CRTC denying license renewal to CHOI in
 Quebec, while authorizing Al-Jazeera to be carried on cable and
 satellite --- but its content must be monitored, an impossible task
*Al Jazeera has put forward its new code of ethics; see DXLD 4-109
*Upcoming DX meetings: International Radio Club of America, July 23-25
 in Boise at Rodeway Inn, irca2004 @ aol.com  July 30-August 1,
 Worldwide TV FM DX Association in Omaha NE, Park Plaza Regency Lodge
 http://www.amfmdx.net/WTFDA2004/  And July 29-August 1, 10th annual
 National Mexican DX Meeting in Veracurz, Hotel Meson del Mar; if you
 still might go, hurry to get details from Jeff White, info @ wrmi.net
*Look out for auroral conditions, due to solar flare July 20 at 1230
 causing blackout; solar flux shot up and 21 MHz open next day
*Propagation outlook from Boulder July 20: flux range 170-110
*That`s World of Radio 1239; Glenn Hauser inviting you to hear me
 again next week  ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1238, produced July 14, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Listening to very first broadcast at 2200 UT Wed? Besides 7415, try
 9330 which WBCQ nay substitute this week for 17495 [it did]
*RFPI`s new schedule shows WOR Thu 2000 UT with repeats 4-hourly;
 Sat 2000 (ex 2130) and 2300 repeated 8-hourly thru Mon 1500
*SPLM website announces tests from R. Voice of New Sudan from June
 28 on 9310 at 0400-0600 and 1400-1600 or one hour earlier depending
 on UT+2 or UT+3; voiceofnewsudan @ eikmail.com  Location is a base
 called New Site near village of Narus, near Kenyan border; also the
 home of R. Peace, 4750. Tests delayed until July 19 or so while
 awaiting parts, probably around 0700-1500; new 50 kW Elcor from Costa
 Rica with omni all-band dipole
*V. of Nigeria resumed another English hour at 0500 on 15120; 17800
 again being heard 2000-2200 in English
*Arabic on 7360 is 7190 and 7275 mixing from Tunisia at 0400-0700,
 not heard on matching 7105
*Henrik Klemetz contacts Radio One, 15500-USB, of Coalition maritime
 forces; heard intermittently around 1700. MARLO HQ says 250 watts,
 from ships at sea, rotating, from Horn of Africa, North Arabian Sea
 or Persian Gulf; soon to augment with one-hour broadcasts from land,
 UAE adding to morning and evenings. Info for mariners, and imploring
 terrorist tips; heard in Denmark until 1744*, music and brief
 messages, very weak but clear, QRM from Kuwait Kor`an on 15505
*Tarek Zeidan summarizes content of R. Free Syria, in Arabic Sunday at
 1800-1900 on 13650; see DXLD 4-103. Reform Party of Syria offers
 $100,000 for help in locating WMD in Syria; music breaks by famous
 singers; mailbag hopes for increased hours; archive of a previous
 broadcast at http://www.radiofreesyria.org says the Syrian president
 has been assassinated, which has not yet happened. Plans to broadcast
 cynical and humorous programs, plays by dissidents; brokered by WRMI
*Radio Isis is a Palestinian station online, http://www.radioisis.net
 at 0700-2200 with news in English Mon-Sat at 1600, 1800; also FM 95.9
 in Bethlehem
*Republic of Iraq Radio caught in English at 1102-1103 on 603, 1026,
 1071, 98.3; how about firing up SW?
*English from Iran remaining on SW, 57 min each: 1030 on 15600 17660,
 1530 on 9635 11650, 1930 on 9800 11750
*InterNews for Afghanistan [not InfoNews as I said here and in
 billboard]: Programs are from Kabul at 0130-0300 and 1330-1500, on
 Hotbird satellite, to be increased. Booming signal in NH at 1330 on
 17700, movie music and sound bites; the 0130-0300 on 11795 heard in
 PA, switching from Pashtu to Dari at 0215
*RFE/RL Media Matters current issue has several articles about
 Afghanistan; InterNews funded by USAID OTI, also by Germany; but most
 Afghan radios are tuned to two Afghan independent radio stations;
 another article points out how vital R. Free Afghanistan is
*InterNews, 17700 is Rampisham, UK; 11795 is Dhabayya, UAE
*R. Aap ki Dunya, VOA Urdu, added to FM 101 network in Pakistan
*R. Pakistan`s token English at 1600 on new 15070 [not 11570 as I
 said, which is also used], // 15725
*Beautiful QSL and other cards from V. of Mongolia, 12085, once
 followed up by e-mail; English at 1007 had Mongolian rap! with same
 YL heard for years
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1238,
 P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA, or woradio at yahoo.com  Much more
 at http://www.worldofradio.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Pete Bentley, NY
*Standard disclaimer
*Following from Grayland WA DXpedition with Beverages, July 9-11:
*RPDT Manggarai, Indonesia, 2959 variable, with RRI IDs at 1223, but
 never caught a local ID. Armchair copy at local dawn; still at 1400
*RRI Gorontalo, 3266.416, has Kang Guru English show of language
 lessons from Australia, Sat instead of Sun at 1130-1145
*Easiest Indonesian is Suara Indonesia, 9525, external service in
 Indonesian at 1300-1400, very nice signal in Oklahoma. If only would
 also put English on same at 1400 for a true external service to North
 America; 9525 intended for SE Asia, but we are in same direxion
*Catholic Radio Network, Vanimo, Papua New Guinea, 4960, heard with
 lots of ads now, including a $23K car, a lot for a poor country; Sun
 at 1005 Catholic service in Pidgin; IDs scarce until 1333
*RVi Radio World this week about Clear Channel tentacles reaching into
 Belgium; but CC also deeply involved in Australian and NZ network
 ownership. David Ricquish never imagined 35 years ago hearing WOAI
 that one day it would own half his local NZ stations
*VHF DX really hopping: Portugal on 43660 = 2 x 21830 at 0915 in UK;
 Spain 21570 plus 21610 on 43180 at 1155
*New service starts July 15 from Nice, Radio Orient in French, Arabic,
 300 kW on 1350, 1 kW from Nimes on 1602
*Eric Wiltsher back with Media Zoo, on
 http://www.offshoremusicradio.com at UT: Mon 0130, Tue 0930, Thu
 1630, Sat 2030 -- lots of music and chat, nothing too serious, from
 Telstar to Ding-a-Ling
*Tony Allan, beloved former offshore broadcaster, died of cancer at
 54; was with R. Scotland, R. Northsea International, R. Caroline,
 V. of Peace off Israel; since then land-based in Ireland; see DXLD
 4-104, 4-105, 4-106 for tributes and links to more
*Norway shortwave sites are definitely closed down, not staffed, and
 could not be used for new clandestine services from unknown sites
*R. Vilnius, Lithuania, nice in Finland at 0830-0900 in English on
 9710, ``the biggest English language service in the Baltics` ---
 but in USA, RTTY on 11690 blocks it at 0000, as it does Jordan in our
*Rai Italy deleted 9670 at 2025, 9675 at 0055 for English, still 11800
*Two new 100 kW transmitters at R. Tirana, Albania, go into service
 August 5; should improve English to us at 0145-0200 and 0230-0300
 [except UT Monday] on 6115, 7160, and no longer vary
*New x-bander in Dominican Republic [WTFG? on 1640!! I omitted]
 identified as Radio Juventus Don Bosco, by Salesian Order of Catholic
 church, 1000 watts day, 500 night; thanks to $80,000 grant from
 Japanese embassy, tho it`s not Shinto
*Another new x-bander authorized, not on air yet, on 1680, 5/3 kW, for
 20 years, by Sendas de Vida religious group in San Pedro de Macoris,
 Dominican Republic
*DR FM DXed in New York on 88.1, La Primera
*Turks & Caicos low-power FM stations listed in DXLD 4-107
*CRTC denied licence renewal to CHOI 98.1 in Quebec City, charged with
 promoting piracy, bad language, stereotyping African students,
 harrassment of competing station. To close August 31, applications
 already coming in to replace it. But owner will fight to save his $25
 mega business, ``an act of censorship against freedom of speech``
*On air testing in Toronto, CJSA 101.3, multi-cultural including Sri
 Lankan; application caused controversy because of alleged links to
 Tamil Tigers, violent separatist gorup
*Situation worsens at VOA following demotion of Andre De Nesnera, with
 petition, squabbling between staff and BBG; check latest issues of
 DXLD. Revolt underway with nearly half of staff signing petition
 against BBG, protesting piece by piece dismantling of VOA
*WRMI Miami hit by serious interference on 7385, but unseems Cuban
 jamming; could be Navy/Marine Corps MARS, one of their frequencies
 which has priority, so WRMI may have to move
*Features on WBCQ 17495 at 1800: Mon, Allan Weiner Worldwide; Tue,
 Marion`s Attic; Wed, Radio Timtron Worldwide, Thu, Lost Discs Radio
 Show, Fri Operator`s Choice
*Evening of July 6, extremely intense sporadic E opening past TV
 channel 13, once-in-a-lifetime experience; MS, AL and LA stations
 IDed in NY, topped by WLOX 13 Biloxi
*Trans-Atlantic multiple-hop Es July 7 from four Puerto Rican TV
 stations identified in UK
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, July 13; flux range 140-95-125
*That concludes World of Radio 1238; Glenn Hauser inviting you to
 hear me again next week ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1237, produced July 7, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*In case you are listening to a station which cuts off our first few
 words, I reiterate, this is World of Radio 1237
*Versions of our schedule have been updated at http://worldofradio.com
*July edition of Continent of Media [04-05] is available via our
 site and http://www.DXing.com
*And webcast on the WBCQ After Hours stream, 1600 UT Saturdays and
 Sundays at http://wbcq.com -- World of Radio at same time weekdays
*VOA News Director Andre DeNesnera, quoted last week, was relieved of
 duty the next day, causing a major crisis among VOA staff. Extensive
 coverage in DX Listening Digests 4-100, 101, 102, 103... Management
 trying to refocus the way VOA covers news, to great opposition by
*`The Hill` publication reports nearly half of VOA staff signed a
 petition calling for investigation of the Broadcasting Board of
*Andre DeNesnera calls on the VOA news staff not to give into pressure
 against journalistic independence
*International Press Institute, Vienna, worried that VOA`s news
 structure is being dismantled; credibility is hard to achieve, easy
 to lose
*The Music Man, Leo Sarkisian, is quitting VOA at yearend; State
 Department release about him in DXLD 4-101; spends his own time and
 money trying to keep up with fanmail
*WWCR music specialty program timings in July schedule
*Since WHRI abandoned 5745, WWRB has glommed onto it, and claims many
 new listeners with cheap radios which can tune there, unlike WWRB`s
 other frequencies
*Intense sporadic E opening the afternoon of July 5, exceeding 200
 MHz, over eastern North America; Bermuda 89.1, 94.9, 106.1, heard by
 several DXers; another listed in WRTH somewhere around 98 MHz
*ZNS-FM 104.5 Nassau, Bahamas, heard next morning in Ontario [and
 record-setting ch 7-13 sporadic E openings that evening]
*R. Nacional, Paraguay going 24 hours, including 9736.9
*R. Nacional da Amazonia, Brasilia, jumps from 6180 to 6190
*Henry Wood Promenade Concert series via BBCWS from July 17, to NAm
 Sundays 0501, 1901; Europe 2101; weekdays, Thursdays 2100 to Am; but
 all are live and archived on BBC Radio 3; BBCWS Pick of the World
 gets into Proms mood July 10, Sat 0306, 1306, 2306 to Ams
*World Music Radio, new SW in Denmark, off 15810 since June 17 due
 to antenna problems; and 5815 went off July 5, hoping to return in
 early August
*Another station or program via 100 kW Latvia 9290: Kiss Radio, Sun
 July 4 0800-0900; perhaps will be back with classic soul, R&B, disco,
 etc. See http://www.kiss9290.net [website now says hopes to start
 Sunday July 11 at same time]
*New head of English service at R. Sweden is Mark Cummins, from
 Australia; he does mailbag on first Sunday; wants listener input on
 what program changes to make
*Sudwestrundfunk, 7265, Germany, QSLed to Australia, saying SW service
 will be shut down at end of 2004
*Radio 10 Gold, 1008 kHz from Holland, causing lots of excitement in
 Europe, especially UK, where there is a slight power null, more so
 toward the north. Also on 1395 kHz with 20 kW, null to north
*Via satellite, internet, AM, FM and shortwave, this is World of
 Radio 1237, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA or woradio at yahoo.com
*Check our website for much more info, http://www.worldofradio.com
 where on the homepage you will find a reminder that you may
 contribute to WOR via PayPal
*Or send a personal check, as Gerald T. Pollard has done, to whom
 thanks go this week for financial support
*V. of Armenia changed schedule July 1: English now 1825-1845 Mon-Sat
 on 9960, 4810, good in Sweden, even more difficult in NAm
*All for Peace, Israeli/Palestinian station starting an English
 service. Wants to use 5 kW on air, but so far only on Internet,
 http://www.allforpeace.org including shows by Mike Brand, in UK
*Arabic on 4790 may not be in lists, since is one half of 9580 from
 Saudi Arabia, reactivated, positive ID at 2200
*BBC Monitoring analysis of broadcasting in Iraq after the handover,
 in DXLD 4-100; says US broadcasts hit the wrong tone, not trusted by
 Iraqis; hope media crackdown will not be forthcoming. US is spending
 very little on revamping broadcasting infrastructure
*Iran`s airwaves assault, trying to keep foreign ideas out, while
 propagating its own abroad via SW and satellite TV; even prevents
 interviews by VOA with Iranians abroad
*New service to Afghanistan on 17700 at 1330-1500 is InterNews Radio,
 Salaam Watandar, also at 0130-0300 on 11795; is involved in many
 countries, nothing found about this SW at http://www.internews.org
*R. Japan finally expanded its webcasting capabilities, with audio
 archive of weekday newsmagazine ``44 Minutes`` for one week; wish
 R. Japan would make more effort to produce interesting programming
*Craig Edwards moved to Townsville, Qsld., enjoying MW DXing, and
 nearby 1161 from Papua New Guinea, but whence? Maybe Kavieng, Radio
 New Ireland which had funds go on MW. R. Sandaun, West Sepik, Vanimo,
 3205, getting Japanese aid package
*V. of Liberty, clandestine to Eritrea, added Wed 1700-1800 on 12120,
 probably via Samara/Armavir/Krasnodar site in Russia; also Sun 0400-
 0500 on 15675, half in Tigrinya, half in Arabic
*V. of Democratic Eritrea added Sat 1500-1600 on 15715 via Germany
*R. Ethiopia, external service at 1600-1800 heard on 9410.85, very
 good in Sri Lanka; since back varying around 9560
*V. of Nigeria resumed normal schedule in early July after weeks of
 chaos; 15120 very strong in the mornings; 17800 at 2000; second
 transmitter in afternoon on 11770; English schedule at least 0800-
 1100 and 1450-1900 on 15120
*Union at Gabon`s Africa Number One threatens strike over grievances,
 switching off SW transmitters also relaying RFI and R. Japan
*South African Broadcasting Corp. in turmoil, key staff leaving in
 droves, close to revolt over news control; fraud and corruption
 alleged, producer guilty of fraud of 1 megarand
*NPR program Justice Talking sponsoring a live debate between Ralph
 Nader and Howard Dean sometime on July 9; venue sold out, and NPR
 website no help on when to hear it. Is 90 minutes instead of usual
 60 so usual scheduling may not apply. We are supposed to ask our
 local affiliate
*Missed the Capitol Steps Fourth of July special, lots of fun at the
 expense of politicians of all persuasions? Available at website
 http://www.capsteps.com plus one or two previous shows
*More political movies coming, such as ``Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch`s
 War on Journalism``; also see http://www.cablenewser.com
*Major broadband over powerline pilot test in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has
 been shut down, following complaints from ARRL sticking to technical
 evidence; See QST July editorial: Manassas, Virginia city council
 granted BPL franchise last October, but withdrew it six months later
*Propagation outlook from Boulder July 6: flux range 80-115-80
*With a standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser concludes World of Radio 1237  ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1236, produced June 30, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*AFGE Local 1812 website, representing VOA workers reports: House
 appropriations committee approved [FY2005] budget for BBG of
 $610.3 mega; VOA $160.8 mega, up 5; news budget $20 mega as
 requested, but:
*``Management wants employees to stink and starve`` -- give up privacy
 rights to take sick leave; no food, bathing or sleeping provisions in
*VOA to close editorial funxions at London bureau September 1; Tokyo
 closed earlier this year
*Brother Scare off WBCQ after June 30, opening up many hours on 5105,
 7415, 9330, 17495, mostly in daytime
*Anti-Stair sites with inside info on behind the scenes in Walterboro:
*WYFR got religion, moving Taiwan relays out of aero and maritime
 bands: 0000-0200 to India 15060 to 15195; 1100-1600, 2100-2400 to
 China from 6300 to 6155
*Lower and Upper California MW situation: XESS 780 Ensenada moved to
 620 as `La Tropical 620` between KOGO and KFI; inactive 920 to move
 to 1030, right next to US station on 1040 with same owner. High-
 level negotiations between FCC and SCT over resolving interference
 issues; 560 also moved, to 1700. See DXLD 4-099 for official
 documents about these and many other interference issues
*From Key West, 14 Cuban FM frequencies were audible. While getting
 FM DX from Florida, check 96.7 for R. Rebelde in Cuba since there
 are no 96.7 stations in Florida
*Where is Commando Solo? Exiles impatient for airborne relays of Radio
 and TV Marti to start. Department of State hesitating over legality;
 and very expensive to implement, including escort by fighter planes.
 Bush may be waiting until closer to the elexion
*Radio Marti has new MW relay on 1620, Sat & Sun 1400-0400; it`s WDHP
 in US Virgin Islands, licensed for only 1 kW at night, and not that
 close to Cuba
*Dominican Republic station heard on 1640 until 0300*, sounded like
 ``Radio Bufay`` [could it be the listed 1620 station, moved to avoid
*New Argentine X-band list in DXLD 4-099 via http://worldofradio.com
*List of Brazilian MW harmonics in same issue, including a sesqui-
 harmonic on 1754 of a station on 1170
*Peruvians identified: 5949.78 is R. Bethel, Arequipa, at 1130,
 relaying CPN Radio for hours and hours, religion, no IDs; 5930.27 is
 R. Melodia, also in Arequipa, at 0030
*Lack of new Peruvian SW stations may be due to crackdown on pirates,
 mainly FM, 93 stations cancelled
*V. of Biafra International, clandestine from South Africa, Sat only
 on 7380 2100-2159, in English and vernaculars, heard in Pennsylvania;
 southern winter gives it a good head start toward the Equator
*R. Okapi, Congo DR, heard in Australia on 6030 as late as 0030 UT,
 10:30 am local with no QRM from Marti
*RTV du Congo, Brazzaville, QSLed after 22 years of trying by Terry
 Palmersheim, spending over $53; schedule: 0600-0830 & 1700-2030 50 kW
 on 6115; 0700-1700 9610; 0430-0700 & 1700-2300 100 kW at 50 on 5985
*David Ricquish in New Zealand commentary ``Let`s dump DX and kill the
 QSL from our vocabulary`` in DXLD 4-099; even radio stations now say
 we are strange
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, this is World of Radio
 #1236, woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Brock Whaley
*African Union summit special broadcast June 27-July 5, including
 English on 7165, 9560, 1700-2100, from R. Ethiopia
*V. of Ethiopian Unity, clandestine, now 1830-1930 Sun & Wed on 15565
 via Germany
*R. Free Syria, new clandestine mentioned last week, is brokered by
 WRMI; Sun 1800-1859 on 13650 via Germany; undecided who will QSL:
 R. Free Syria itself, DTK or Jeff White
*Arabic Radio, clandestine to Syria, reconfirmed, 1507-1530 on 7460,
*Coalition maritime forces outlet on 15500-USB, 1600-1730+, known as
 Information Radio, or Radio One, or Radio Ma`lumati, including some
 English on drug smuggling; 0300-0800 6125, 1400-1900 15500; unclear
 if from Bahrain or a ship
*China expanding Bengali service from July 15 to one hour at 1300,
*Degar Voice, clandestine for Vietnam, on behalf of Montagnards: for
 background see DXLD 4-098; 1300-1330 Tue, Thu, Sat via Chita, Russia
 site on frequencies variable to avoid jamming: 7125, 7250, 7350, 7420
*Indonesian heard on 3385, presumably RRI Kupang, Timor, which was
 thought to be inactive; clash with PNG before 1300, then in the clear
 until 1457*
*Catholic Radio Network, PNG, still being DXed as far as Washington
 state on 4960, 0910-1050, to the chagrin of the Vanimo station
*From July, new AXO429 on 6676, AXO421 on 11387, with aviation weather
 on hour and half hour, Australian VOLMET, 6 kW
*In German, R. Slovakia International announced another reprieve for
 SW, until August 1 instead of July 1; study group to develop proposal
 on how to operate foreign service
*Of use only to those hearing our very first broadcast Wednesday at
 2200: Scotland`s Radio Six International makes first test from US, UT
 Thu 1 July 0000-0200 on WBCQ 7415, live from Glasgow, with unsigned
 musicians, special QSL. See http://www.radiosix.com
*R. Six also on IRRS; Tony Currie visited Milan but they would not let
 him go to site and is not sure whether transmitters are really in
*KRSX, pirate in Victorville, California, on 660 and 91.3, despite FCC
 fine, is still operating. Next step may be seizure and jail time
*Unusual stations being sold: WKLU 101.9 Indianapolis, owned by former
 pirate Bruce Quinn, Jolly Roger Radio, for $6.2 million with $1
 million of that to Quinn. New owner Russ Oasis says he will bring it
 into the XXI century
*WCTM, 1130, Eaton OH, which played big band music, sold to group
 which will adopt classic country. 81-year-old owner retired
*Sirius adding an Elvis-only channel 24 hours from July 2, originating
 in Memphis, trying to avoid repetititivenessness
*DirecTV repositioned satellite without permission; $87,000 FCC fine
*FCC turning blind eye in BPL proceeding, ARRL charges; White House
 relying on NTIA to make BPL interference issue go away
*Worldwide TV-FM DX Association convention July 30-August 1 in Omaha;
 see http://www.amfmdx.net/WTFDA2004/
*Another instance of trans-Atlantic FM DX via multiple-hop sporadic E
 June 19 at 1310-1330 UT, heard by Paul Logan in Northern Ireland on
 88.5, American accented signal, but source not identified; audio
 file at: http://www.geocities.com/yogi540/unid
*Propagation outlook from Boulder June 29; solar flux range 85-115-90
*And so concludes World of Radio #1236. Glenn Hauser; I hope you`ll
 hear me again next week ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1235, produced June 23, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*More on World Harvest Radio purchasing WSHB, South Carolina: WHR
 press release appeared after Christian Science one, but vague about
 what becomes of the original WHRI in Indiana: ``Angel 1 and 2 will
 be added to WSHB`s signal``. Appears Noblesville facility will be
 decommissioned, and Cypress Creek renamed WHRI, but waiting for FCC
 approval. WHR website still refers to ``WHRI`` but IDs on air say
 ``World Harvest Radio International via WSHB``. Were originally 500
 kW, now supposedly run at 250. Sounds like less, as does WHRA in
 Maine, ex-CS 500 kW, sounds like maybe 100 kW; old WHRI lucky to put
 out 25 kW. WSHB just what WHR needs to keep from fading into oblivion
 until WSHB breaks down and might be too expensive to fix. Schedule
 is now a mix of old WHRI and WSHB frequencies, but WHR now says WHRI
 is off the air, all programming on WSHB
*KTBN Salt Lake City still on 15590, June 23 at 2015 check; looks like
 it`s about to close. Not much point in simulcasting TV audio; KTBN
 not a real radio station, just a transmitter site, with vapor-cooled
 Harris SW-100. Most cost effective solution might be to scrap the
 transmitter and sell the land. When Trinity purchased KUSW, lots of
 hype about worldwide coverage, but KUSW was really engineered to
 cover North America
*Steve Cole`s final weekly Different Kind of Oldies show on WBCQ 7415
 is UT Sunday June 27 at 0000; from July The Peacock Project occupies
 timeslot, independent producers rotating, including DKOS on July 25;
 also, first Saturday night, Golden Age of Oldtime Radio; second,
 The Voice of Savage Henry (garage rock); third, Down Under DX and
 Music Fest with Tim Gaynor
*Ever since Rush Limbaugh condoned mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners,
 there has been a petition campaign to get him off AFRTS; now Sen.
 Tom Harkin, Iowa, has amended DOD appropriation to ensure balance in
 AFRTS` ``uninterrupted voice`` talk stream, tho retaining Limbaugh
*AFRTS heard on new 9980-USB // 7590, perhaps Iceland ex-13855; 9940
 was actually coordinated for AFRTS Iceland this season
*IBB update on leasing trends over past year: longer time blocks,
 more TV, FM, satellite; less SW and leased facilities --- the exact
 figures. But IBB is still a major SW broadcaster [IBB = Voice of
 America and other US government services]
*Why some major AM stations devote so much time to paid religion: KAAY
 1090 has miserable ratings in Little Rock, but prints money with very
 little overhead, $90-100K per month revenues, $4-6K expenses; just
 one program Friday night with oldies for an hour
*Pirate on 660 and 91.3 in Victorville CA, ``KRSX``, busted by FCC
 after 3 years; Route 66 Radio was best run and most visible; now
 legal station on 1590 honors it by adopting callsign
*Yosemite and Crater Lake National Parks not good for DXing due to
 local electrical noise just about everywhere
*Yet Dave Valko heard CRN, Papua New Guinea, 4960, from Crater Lake,
 1214-1425 fadeout
*R. New Zealand International relay via Australia heard at 2130 [UT
 Sun-Thu] on 15515
*Richard Cuff thinks RNZI won`t really make much use of DRM once it
 gets new transmitter; mostly analog for the rest of the decade
*New MW relay of BBCWS to northern India, 1630-1800 UT on 576, but
 BBC does not say whence. It`s Surkhet, Nepal, 100 kW
*UAE Radio Dubai still lacking English at formerly scheduled times,
 0330 on 13675, 15400, 12005; 1330 and 1600 on 15395; 21605 was off
*Standard disclaimer
*The Media Magazine you Monitor with your Mind, World of Radio 1235;
 woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; our website
 has much more: http://worldofradio.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Gerald T. Pollard
*Radio Free Syria started SW broadcasts June 20, Sundays 1800-1900 on
 13650 via Germany; see http://www.radiofreesyria.org  Says Syrian
 exile businessmen support it; 13650 had a bit of DW audio before RFS
 opened. Heard in Latin America and Europe, perfect in Bulgaria
*Radio Georgia external service reconfirmed, 0630 in English on
 11805.3, with better audio than before, but sidesplatter
*Another test of the Alexandersen Alternator in Sweden, SAQ, 17.2 kHz,
 July 4 at 0830, 1030 and 1230; see http://www.alexander.n.se/sa6q.htm
*YLE Radio Finland denies report two weeks ago that SW may close at
 end of this year; to continue until end of 2006 at least
*July 1 is postponed deadline for end of SW from Radio Slovakia
 International. Still nothing definite whether 50 megacrowns will be
*DW refuses to publicize it, but DW World DX Program still airs on
 last Sunday of month, confirmed May 30, toward end of these English
 hours: 08, 11, 13, 16, 18, 20, 22; for frequencies see
*BBC Radio 4 decided against replacing Alistair Cooke`s Letter from
 America. Sundays at 0750 UT from July will bring State of the Union,
 setting scene for US election; later, Letter, postcards from
 worldparts, as already on WS. Christopher Hitchins had been mentioned
 as possible successor, but never offered the job. Radio 4 believed no
 one but Cooke could sustain an argument over 15 minutes
*MC-1 no longer on MW 1467 from Monaco, just low power FM 98.2, the
 only station actually transmitting from Monaco, all others from
 French soil; http://www.one.mc
*Radio Europe, 7306-USB, presumably in Italy, more or less pirate, to
 test powerful new 600 watt transmitter June 26-27 0600-1100; reports
 wanted to radioeurope @ iol.it
*Unrelated clandestine stations confuse with similar or even identical
 names, as last week. 21550 is V. of Democratic Path for Ethiopian
 Unity, Sun 0700-0800, supposedly cancelled, but they also air Wed
 1830-1930 on 15565; the other one, V. of Ethiopian Salvation, heard
 Thu 1600 on 15670 also via Germany
*Sentech, South Africa will no longer issue QSLs. Supply has run out
 and will issue verification letters instead
*Libya`s service in Arabic to Iraq schedule: all start and end 3
 minutes past the hour, so is their clock off? Rounded off here:
 12-13, 18-19 and 21-22 on 9605, 9745, and new 11180, all USB; plus
 16-22 on AM 11660. V. of Africa, English news 1920-1923 on 15205,
 15315, then French
*RFI relay via French Guiana during the 1300 hour on 15515 has had
 heavy buzz every day for a week, not so on \\ 17860. Is nobody
 monitoring in Montsinery? Same transmitter might be doing the same
 at other times on other frequencies
*Mexican radio fans not pleased about closure of Radio Mexico
 International without adequate justification; see Spanish items in
 DXLD 4-095. Prof. Rocha in Chihuahua wrote a letter to Pres. Fox and
 includes links to political parties in order to lobby to revive it; 
 Roberto Gomez says final close was at 2300 UT June 1. Site had 5
 transmitters: 1 x 100, 1 x 50, 3 x 10 kW but one of the latter had
 been destroyed by someone with a hatchet so it could be sold for
 scrap metal. Let`s hope that was the blobmitter
*XEPE, 1700, near Tijuana operating sporadically, often off in
 afternoons, evenings. Licensed for 10/1 kW, but has 20 kW transmitter
 and owner has exceeded power at KURS 1040, Jaime Bonilla Valdez.
 ABC and 550 station have petitioned FCC to revoke his US licenses,
 for causing interference to their US outlets. Needs permission to
 feed his US programming across the border
*RCI added more French and English programming to SE US, especially
 1900-2200 English on 17765, including CBC programs not on SW before:
 M-F 1900-2100 The Roundup; Sat 1900-2200 DNTO; Sun 2000-2200 Cross
 Country Checkup
*CBC Radio One and Two launch summer schedule June 28 with 19 new
 shows; see http://www.cbc.ca/radiosummer
*International Radio Club of America convention in Boise, Idaho,
 July 23-25. Inquiries go to IRCA2004 @ aol.com
*Propagation outlook from Boulder June 22; flux range 110-85-115
*World of Radio 1235 concludes; I`m Glenn Hauser  ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1234, produced June 16, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Thanks to Ralph Famularo for inviting us back on Radio Lavalamp,
 Osaka Japan with mp3 files off WWCR or WBCQ, UT: Sun 1100, 1500, Mon
 0900, possibly also Sat 2000. See http://www.radiolavalamp.org and
 stream via Live365.com
*New June-July editon of Mundo Radial from June 18 on WWCR 15825:
 Fri 2115, Tue 2130, Wed 2100; also on Radio Enlace Fri and Sun,
 and via http://www.worldofradio.com
*New x-bander from Baja California on 1700 is XEPE, ex-560, ex-550,
 ex-1600, ``Romantica, Amor 1700``
*20 kW borderblast expected soon from Ensenada on 920
*Questions raised in Mexico about closure of XERMX; IMER does not
 explain why, but apparently SW considered obsolete, to be replaced
 by webcast? But no sign of it yet. 10 kW transmitters should be
 turned over to XEYU 9600 and XEXQ 6045 so Mexico can retain the
*HRMI Honduras inactive for weeks on 3340 and 5010; Elmer Escoto says
 talked about producing short program in English for DXers, but off
 apparently due to a faulty tube; simple dipole antenna. Same
 organization licensed for new SW in New Mexico, KIMF, but yet to be
*Voz de la Resistencia, Colombian clandestine, heard again on UT
 June 10 at 0000 on 6239.83 and // 6120, jammed; higher one also
 heard in Sweden June 8 at 0037. Recording on Bjoern Malm website
*And of new Bolivian, Radio Virgen de Remedios, in Tupiza; relays
 Radio Catolica Mundial until sign off around 2230
*R. Nacional, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea until around 2304*, varying
 down from 6251.0 to 6249.8
*V. of Nigeria observations: 15120 back in regular use, *0800-1100*,
 *1450-1900* in English; *0445 on 7255 in French; nothing heard in
 early morning on 15120 in English, nor on 11770, 17800
*R. Peace, Sudan, still being heard on 4750, June 8 at 0302-0315 in
 vernaculars, English, full ID
*New schedule for V. of Ethiopian Salvation via DTK T-Systems,
 Germany: Sun & Thu 1600-1700 on 15670
*UAE Radio Dubai, English at 1330 on 21605 no longer propagates here,
 but on June 6 in Pennsylvania, only Arabic heard // 15395.23 with hum
*Georgia switching timezone June 27 to UT+4 summer, UT+3 winter, ex
 +5/+4; previous change to distance themselves further from Moscow?
*New tests from Latvia from Junend, Radio 945 AM, 24 hours with
 oldies, Latvian and English, 2.7 kW, up to 20 kW in prime time
*Radio officer on Lindblad`s MS Endeavour in Antarctic area uses 6310
 and for intership 6224 SSB, but latter has interference from Deutsche
 Welle around 2230/2330. DW passed the buck to Russian relay. 6200-
 6525 supposed to be exclusively maritime, so broadcasts are illegal.
 DW uses 6225 in B seasons but not in A. HFCC coordinates them
 nevertheless, also Albania, China, Czech Republic, Iran, Monaco,
 Pakistan, Poland, Egypt, Vatican, Israel; and in East Africa, 6209.75
 R. Kahuzi, DR Congo; R. Fana, Ethiopia, 6209.9 // 6940; V. of the
 Tigre Revolution, Ethiopia, 6350 // 5500
*FriendShipRadio, Euro-pirate pretending to be in International Waters
 mentioned last week, apparently heard with very weak signals on
 13865v last weekend; E-mail confirmation received; P-maildrop is
 P O Box 2702, 6049 ZG Herten, Netherlands
*As Pete Bentley says, you can count on it: World of Radio 1234,
 woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA
*Thanks this week for financial support to Dave Hammer, on behalf of
 the Miami Valley DX Club
*R. Ezra already changed frequency to avoid China 17490, to 17590,
 Sundays 0900-0930 via Russia; loud & clear in UK
*Switzerland 15220 had folk music at 2050 after German, but not in
 former English block, nor French; not interested in visitors either?
*China also forced Democratic Voice of Burma to move from 17495 at
 1430-1530 to 17625; very weak in Greece
*Bangladesh Betar new address: rrc at dhaka.net -- English at 1230-
 1300 is 60 degrees on 7185, 140 on 9550; 1745-1900 at 320 degrees
 to Europe on 7185, 9550; also 15520 during last half-sesquihour
*CRI joined DRM throng on 12080, 1700-2200 to Europe, alternating
 analog and DRM every 15 minutes, big mess for Brandon, Australia and
 VOA Botswana; but no DRM tests heard on June 15-16. Also changing
 languages: 17490 and 17650 started out straight thru in English;
 but 17650 now alternating French and Chinese
*South Korea has stopped clandestine broadcasts to the North, Voice
 of Liberty, as well as propaganda loudspeakers along DMZ
*Catholic Radio Network, Papua New Guinea, by June 12 no longer heard
 in British Columbia on 4960, while NBC 4890 was same; may have
 adjusted antenna to minimize distant reception
*FCC Media Bureau calling for public comments on transition schedule
 to digital TV. Comment date is July 12; reply comments August 5;
 see DXLD 4-091 for full details on how to file; docket 04-210
*Clear Channel reaches indecency settlement of FCC fines: $2 million
 to resolve past complaints, and those not even reviewed yet!
*Sens. McCain and Leahy introduce bill to assist rollout of LPFM
*FCC becoming efficient in granting translators after huge filings
 early this year; may grant 10,000 in 2004, says FM Atlas
*KTBN, Salt Lake City, announced it will go off the air if does not
 receive response from listeners
*New AFRTS frequency 4815 last week, only lasted a few days, whence?
*V. of the NASB via WRMI 7385 in June not in English, but Spanish and
 Portuguese, as well as DRM via UK; after those end July 18, NASB DRM
 will switch to Sackville 11900, Sats 1700-1730, date not set
*Bob Padula`s comments on DRM occupying far more bandwidth than it is
 supposed to, causing major interference on the other side of the
 world to analog broadcasts, yet DRM is inefficient beyond single hop
 service area, a lemon. Example: Luxembourg on 5990 and 6095. And
 DRM receivers have to be programmed individually: no dials or keypads
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, June 15; flux range 110-85
*With a standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1234 ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1233, produced June 9, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*RFPI QuickTime stream last Sat had WOR just before 2330, but from
 last April 20, so on automatic or problems downloading new shows?
*WSHB, Christian Science SW station in South Carolina has been for
 sale; now we know to whom: World Harvest Radio via WSHB heard at
 0500 on 7535; 1859 on 15665; WHR website does not mention it, just
 WHRI but mixed with some WSHB frequencies: 00 7315, 13 15105, 17
 15665, 22 9495; 00 7535, 12 11670, 15 13760, 21 13770. Awaiting FCC
 approval, so CS still own it while WSHB uses it with disclaimer; are
 some broadcasts still from Indiana? Were ailing, may be closed down.
 Price was $2 million per CS press release, and most of former staff
 will be retained, not including C. Ed Evans
*Hal Turner, from the far-white extreme, formerly on WBCQ, has closed
 down website, radio network, due to lack of support
*New frequency with AFRTS, 4815 at 1140-1218+; from where, Pacific?
*RCI weekly Portuguese on Fri at 2000 adds repeats on Sat & Sun at
 2330 on 11825, 15455 when Brazilians are home
*CBZ 970, Fredricton NB, to close down June 22, completing transition
 to FM 99.5
*Marconi Radio Club in Nfld, VO1MRC to experiment 19-20 June with CW
 beacon on 5269.5 comparing high and low radiation angles; also
 contacts from 00 UT, simplex 5260.5 CW; duplex USB 5327.5, receiving
 5346.5, LSB 3807.5
*Special ham activity in Greece for Olympics; SX2004 or SY2004
 prefixes; see http://www.athens2004.com --- and special ops from each
 of 9 regions, in format SX1A thru SX9A. See
 http://www.qsl.net/sv2ngct/sx.htm [music launches automatically]
*EuroPirate, FriendShipRadio called a hoax by detractors; says it will
 use 13865 1700-2100 on Fri-Sat-Sun June 11-12-13; already used by
 Iceland 1755-1825 [if no one hears it, we agree]
*World Music Radio, Denmark, adjusted dipole antennas on 5815, 15810,
 hoping for better reception, less interaction
*European Music Radio, 9290 via 100 kW Latvia, next broadcast Sunday
 June 13 0800-0900, 1800-1915
*YLE Radio Finland may close down SW and MW, remaining on satellite
 and internet only to cut expenses; to be decided later this year.
 Protests from DX listeners will be counter-productive, since it is
 only for expat Finns. (Then we should lobby to close it down, so they
 will keep it on to spite us ;-))
*Radio Polonia reception is so poor that it is noteworthy to be heard
 in NH from 1159 on 11820 in English, but brutal audio quality
*Moldova`s schedule cut to 10 minutes in each language at 1600 on 5960
 clashing with Turkey; this is DMR/PMR from Pridnestrovye
*The true transmitter site of IRRS in Italy? Now in ordinary AM
 instead of USB/reduced carrier, so no longer Siemens transmitter from
 a farm in Italy. Why not from Romania, as suggested? Saftica would
 match the output levels of 20 and 100 kW
*In the midst of World of Radio 1233, woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA, http://www.worldofradio.com
*Radio Ezra`s weekly broadcasts on 17490 blocked by China, 0900-0930
 Sundays via Russia; how long till they move? [already, to 17590]
*China`s new 17490 as early as 05 and as late as 18 continuously in
 English; same for 17650, *0357-1700* from same site, says Olle Alm;
 see DXLD 4-090 [and 4-091] for more of these. After 0800 relays 91.5
 FM Beijing
*What is it with CRI, going out of their way to collide with existing
 frequency users? Not a good neighbour
*Bangkok Meteorological service on 6765-USB at 1207 in English, Thai
*New Catholic Radio Network, Vanimo, Papua New Guinea, 4960, did
 start June 4; only 1 kW but heard as far as western North America.
 Only interested in covering local area, and not set up to verify. At
 1005 relayed Vatican Radio; also in schedule EWTN from USA. Antenna
 is omni delta with high-angle radiation for 300 km radius, 24 hours
*NBC Papua New Guinea taking back control of the 19 provincial Kundu
 radio stations to save the network from total collapse; big problems
 at HQ: NBC clamps down on drink and sexual harassment, financial
 irregularities, no audit since 1996
*Correxion to last week: on R. Australia, Bush Telegraph not at 1130
 UT, but other programs including Innovation on Mondays
*Parliamentary inquiry urges increased funding for Radio Australia to
 resume full-scale SWBC to Indonesia; audience 20 million in 70s and
 80s, now down to 5.4
*When RNZI gets new DRM transmitter, analog broadcasts will continue
 for some time, perhaps redirected at Asia, North America, Europe
*Sudan Radio Service added M-F 0500-0600 on 15325 via UK; others are
 0300-0500 on 11665, 1500-1800 on 17660 repeating the 0300. Also has
 new website with audio files: http://www.sudanradio.com  Funded by
 US, based in Nairobi, broadcast via UK
*Check BBC Monitoring reports about media in Arab world and Saudi
 Arabia in particular, in DX Listening Digest 4-089
*R. Illimani, Bolivia, reactivated 10 kW after more than 2 years, on
 6025, thanks to Canadian aid; wants recordings to evaluate quality
*XERMX, Radio Mexico International, finally closed down June 1, from
 9705; last logs reported at 0431 and 2231 UT June 1, but not since.
 Station thanks listeners and staff. Sign-on recording I made in
 April for posterity; and bilingual ID clip from Dave Kernick`s
*This is to save 2 megapesos; plans to invest more in border stations
 such as XERF, 1570; I heard them promoting `La Victrola` UT Thu 0100-
 0300; power may be improving, but nowhere near the original 250 kW
*Activity atop Havana`s tall buildings believed to be installation of
 new antennas to jam anticipated airplane broadcasts of R&TV Marti
*New York Radio weather broadcasts on HF out of service as funding is
 being reviewed; Gander still uses same frequencies part of hour:
 3485, 6604, 10051, 13270; Honolulu VOLMET from Honolulu, San
 Francisco and Anchorage still going on 2863, 6679, 8828, 13282 USB
*KOTA-DT channel 2 in Rapid City DXed again with better capture by
 Kentuckians, sporadic E skip; other lowbanders believed active with
 DTV: channel 2 in Tallahassee, Kalamazoo, Cleveland, Forence SD; 3
 in Roanoke, Chicago; 4 in Harrisburg
*Analog KGFE, Ch 2 in North Dakota may be off all summer due to
 equipment damage
*Propagation outlook from Boulder June 8; flux range 90-110-95
*That`s World of Radio number 1233; I`m Glenn Hauser ### 

        WORLD OF RADIO #1232, produced June 2, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Time change for WOR on WBCQ 9330-CLSB: Sat 2000 ex-Sun 0300; just
 before 2030 on 17495-CUSB
*WOR no longer carried after that at 2100 Sat on Different Kind of
 Oldies Show, Live365; DKOS lasting only a few more weeks on WBCQ SW
*WBCQ upgrading computer connexion with live streaming, remote control
 in a few weeks
*WBCQ after hours stream via http://wbcq.com when 7415 is not on the
 air continues webcasting, including WOR now M-F at 1600; COM Sat &
 Sun 1600
*SIU Edwardsville Web Radio summer schedule has WOR, COM and Mundo
 Radial in automated rotation Mon-Thu at no specific times
*More disruptions than usual on R. Habana Cuba, due to fire at Radio
 Progreso building, May 27, where CMBC, COCO and RHC also have
 studios; air conditioning being installed in basement when short
 circuit caused fire to break out, but building evacuated via fire
 ladders. R. Progreso website story on this:
 Progreso moved to R. Rebelde in another building; RHC cut back to
 Spanish and English only until May 31; Arnie Coro finally mentions
 it on his June 1 DXers Unlimited; available at Alex`s pirate radio
 archive of DX programs; much more in DXLD 4-087 [in Spanish]
*R. Verdad, Guatemala, 4052.47, back on air UT May 29 at reduced
 power, as late as 0420 including full ID in Japanese, not English
*Voz de la Resistencia, FARC clandestine in Colombia, back  on 6239.83
 UT June 1 at 0030 to celebrate 40th anniversary; audio clip at
*Ecos de la Miel, Samana, Colombia, heard on 4770, 3 x 1590
*La Voz de la Liberacion program heard on 2239.97, believed to be
 Columundo Radio 24, 2 x 1120 in Cucuta, Colombia
*From Ecuador, 3450, La Voz de Riobamba, 3 x 1150
*New SW station in Bolivia on 5500, Radio Virgen de Remedios, until
 2228 closing, Catholic; believed to be at Villa Montes
*R. Illimani, Bolivia, back on 6025, heard in Russia
*R. Pio Doce, 5953, Bolivia, heard as early as 2300 in Russia
*Brazilian on 6945.11 at 1015 identified as Radio Rio Mar, Manaus
*R. Nacional, Paraguay, 9736.9, not only in Spanish, but at 0120 in
 Guarani; 0300 ID in Spanish and English, off at 0358
*Benin unheard on 7210 in West Africa; Parakou still on 5025
*V. of Nigeria, 7255 might as well be turned off due to poor audio
 quality; opens at 0458 in French
*Religionists busily building FM stations in Africa; ham contact
 reveals there is one on SW, 4585 in DR Congo, 30 km west of Arua,
 Uganda, with 50 watts to be raised to 500
*R. Rhino International Africa suspended in early May, now reported
 canceled; was via Germany to Uganda Tue-Fri 1500-1530 on 17870
*Jamming no longer heard on R. Sawa, 1431, Djibouti; had been audible
 in Europe as late as 0500, more than a sesquihour after sunrise so
 doubt it was in Mideast
*R. Tanzania Zanzibar, active on 6015 from 0300, not 11734.1
*Arabic station on 11180 USB at 1800-2200 is Libya`s service to Iraq,
 also on 9745, 11660, but 11180 is unannounced; 11180 was also active
 in late 1980s with clandestines believed from Sudan
*This is the 1,232nd World of Radio, woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; much more at http://www.worldofradio.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Jim Wishner
*BBC Monitoring updates Iraqi media once a month in a lengthy report,
 now availablized at http://www.w4uvh.net/mediraq.txt --- the latest
 being 19 May
*1979 hostage-taker promoted to head Islamic Republic of Iran
*Radio Pakistan on new 15100 at 0800-1104 ex-21465, WS to Europe in
 Urdu, and English news at 0800 expanded to 8 minutes; // 17835.
 Unscheduled news conferences may include some English
*More and more English from China thanks to new transmitters; add:
 19-23 9430, 1730-1830 12080, 15-17 13640, 16-1730 13730, 17-19 on
 13830, most conflicting with other stations
*Korean domestic service heard around 1000 on 19195; it`s the third
 harmonic of 6398v, so doubtful it lands exactly on 19195.0
*Catholic Radio Network in Vanimo, Papua New Guinea, plans initial
 tests of new SW 4960 by Saturday June 5; reports attn Wayne Wilson
 wwilson @ tepng.com Look out for interference from Ecuador on 4960,
 and 90m is being assessed instead
*Programming changes at R. Australia include RNZI`s Pacific Dateline,
 UT Sun-Thu at 2130; Bush Telegraph at 0410, Margaret Throsby at 1610
 weekdays in swap; Bush Telegraph also at 1130 Mon-Thu
*HCJB licence terms including carrying news from ABC National Radio
 and Radio Australia, but not doing so, at least not on regular basis
*HCJB Australia modified schedule May 30; English now with new one to
 EAs 2230-0100 on 15525 and 1200-1430 on 15435; SEAs 1000-1200 15425;
 SPac 0700-1000 on 11750; SAs morning only 0100-0230 15560; DX
 Partyline now Sat 0730 11750, 1100 15425, 1230 15435
*R. Ezra about to resume from UK via Krasnodar/Armavir, Russia,
 counter-missionary station, from June 6, Sun 0900-0930 on 17490 to Eu
*I`m Sorry, I Haven`t a Clue, an antidote to panel games, new series
 has started on BBC Radio 4, Mon 1730, Sun 1100, on demand too; and
 old editions on BBC7, Mon 1100, 1800, Tue 0430, all times UT
*BBC has new director general, Mark Thompson, replacing Mark Byford
*R. Netherlands editor in chief Freek Eland, leaving in Sept, and
 more budget cuts announced; RN doing utmost to avoid further cuts in
 core journalistic activities
*Antena Hungaria closed down 500 kW MW 1188 June 1, no more relays of
*Hungarian Catholic Radio is new service from May 26 on 1341, widely
 heard in Europe, interfering with Northern Ireland
*What is true location of IRRS, Milan, Italy? Station won`t say, but
 hints that 5775 is a relay via Romania, or so says a client, Reformed
 Bible Church in Southern California; or just confusing Romania with
 Rome? Audio consistent with old Romanian transmitters
*The best is no longer yet to come: Radio Africa International service
 by United Methodist Church via Germany reported canceled
*Petition to get Rush Limbaugh off Armed Forces Radio, since he pooh-
 poohed the Iraqi prison scandal:
*New website to help identify the different types of radio noise:
*Propagation outlook from Boulder June 1: solar flux 90-110-95
*A new edition of my other program Continent of Media 04-04 is now
 available at http://worldofradio.com/commid.html
*With a standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1232 ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1231, produced May 19, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*If you prefer mp3 format, WOR is available thanks to Alex in Ontario
 at http://www.piratearchive.com/dxprograms.htm [not /media], also
 linked at http://www.worldofradio.com/audiomid.html
*Jean Burnell in Newfoundland heard WOR at 2300 Friday on 1584 kHz,
 from Studio X in Italy; repeats Sundays at 1900
*New summer schedule for WOR on SIU Edwardsville Web Radio: Fri 1430,
 followed at 1500 by Continent of Media alternating with Mundo Radial,
*WQMA, 1520, Marks, Mississippi, which carried out successful DX test
 a few months ago, on May 6 ended its unique on AM Top 40 format, the
 last such station in the US; reminiscing about the beginning of Top
 40 by Todd Storz on KOWH, 660, Omaha, 50+ years ago
*1620, formerly in Atmore AL, about to come back as WBUB, Ocean Breeze
 FL, not yet confirmed
*WCEE, 93.1 LPFM in Melbourne FL, complains of harassment by Clear
 Channel employees putting a pirate on 92.9; FCC inaction
*Former talk host at KNUS 710 Denver, Marty Nalitz charged with
 felony theft, mortgage scam; is Associate Director of Christian
*Gang radio in Chicago: warned when police are on way, Black Disciples
 gang, on 104.7, raided by feds and FCC
*Internet-only adjunct to WAMC, http://www.thepublicradiostation.com
 [whew!] has some excellent programming, such as Brazilian Hour; and
 Interfaith Voices, not from the far religious right, scheduled in
 UT: one hour Mon 2130, Wed 0930, Thu 0100, 2130, Sat 1130, Sun 0430,
 1330; archive at http://www.interfaithradio.org -- ought to be on SW
*Meet the Press adding radio from May 23, Sundays at 1600, 1900, 2200
 UT via Westwood One/NBC, including WTKK-FM Boston; WTNT Washington,
 KTRH Houston, KSL Salt Lake, KMBZ Kansas City
*FCC proposes allowing unlicensed wireless services to use `vacant`
 frequencies between TV stations, channels 2-52 in each market,
 including internet, WiFi in rural areas, ruining weak signal and DX
 reception; TV viewers don`t have standing to object as non-licensed
 users of spectrum; RecNet objection:
*Remnants Hope Radio Broadcast plans anti-Brother Stair expose, UT Sun
 May 23 at 0000 on 9330-CLSB, WBCQ
*Stefano Valianti, Italy, laments the end of VOA reception in Europe,
 on 1197 via Germany, just half an hour of Special English left, no
 more great American music
*New times for DX program in Porruguese from R Portugal, Tue and Wed
 at 2330 on 9715 13660 13700 15295 15480 [but not confirmed Wed 2330]
 and also 1640 (Wed?) on 15445 15525 13770 21655 21800
*World Music Radio, new private SW from Denmark, first tests on 15810
 widely heard, even North America; and now also testing much higher
 powered 10 kW on 5815, since May 15 with carrier, May 18 with music
*Standard disclaimer
*The Media Magazine you Monitor with your Mind, World of Radio 1231,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA or woradio at yahoo.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Brock Whaley
*European Music Radio next broadcast Sunday May 23 at 0800-0900 and
 1800-1900 on 100 kW 9290 via Latvia
*FriendShipRadio planned to test from North Sea from Thursday May 20
 starting at 0700, all day between 17.4 and 17.5 MHz; avoid tone thing
 around 17.45 [really land-based pirate, or hoax?]
*Iceland`s correct SW schedule: Europe 1215-1300 15775, 1755-1825 on
 13865; NAm 1410-1440 & 1835-1905 15775, 2300-2335 on 13865
*Bulgarian National Radio and Radio Bulgaria new website
 http://www.bnr.bg with text, sound and pix in 11 languages
*V. of Greece mailbag in Greek weekdays changed time to 1230 on 15650;
 letters written in English are acceptable and read on the show
*Rai in Italy closed down many MW transmitters, opening up
 frequencies, notably the big one on 846, off since 2210 May 14
*Now Europeans may pick up Kenya, India, South Africa on 846
*Kiribati on other side of world is also on 846, heard well in Samoa
*At 1200 UT Friday on 15665, Radio For Peace, a new program via IRRS/
 NEXUS in Milan, http://www.radiokcentrale.org/radio4peace.htm which
 is for Western Sahara, in Arabic, Spanish, Italian, so clandestine?
 Schedule Fri 1100-1200 15665, Sat 1900-2000 on 5775; but NEXUS says
 1930-2030 instead; also has audio files; Arabic show includes brief
 opening in English (recording) ``Free Waves in the Desert``
*Schedule changes in surrogate services for Zimbabwe: Studio 7 from
 VOA now daily 1700-1800 in 3 parts: Shona, Ndebele, from 1740 English
 on 11975 Sao Tome, 17895 Morocco, MW 909 Botswana
*SW Radio Africa, back on 4880 for winter, 1600-1900, via South Africa
*Radio UNMEE service for Eritrea & Ethiopia via UAE, heard in NH until
 1130 on a Tue on 21550, barely audible
*New Radio Sawa frequency 1431 via Djibouti on 1431 now has a jammer
 audible in Europe and Egypt; lower side, approximately same direction
*Tajik Radio 4635 heard on harmonics: 1850 on 13905, 2001 on 9270
*Voice of Korea, 7140, heard at 2200 on third harmonic, 21420
*New frequencies for English from CRI, mostly clashing with other
 stations: 1600-1700 9440, 1500-1900 9795, 1600-2100 11940, 1500-1900
 13640, 1800-2000 13760
*Iraqi embassy in Cuba jammed American satellite traffic during
 Operation Iraqi Freedom; US space assets also vulnerable to China`s
 anti-satellite systems
*DirecTV changed encryption, inadvertently impossiblizing Cubans from
 continuing to eavesdrop on US TV, which was actually desirable
*Canal Educativo-2, new UHF network in Cuba could be DXed from
 southern US; best options channels 15, 44 in Habana; 20 and 25 in
 Pinar del Rio
*V. of Guyana, reported missing last week, is back on 3291.11, 24h
*Radio Peru, San Ignacio on 5637.23 at 0145-0515 sign-off; Radio La
 Poderosa, 6536.06, from 0115 to 0204 or 0211 closing
*RAE, Argentina, off the air May 13 when vandals stole coaxial cables
 connecting studio to transmitter; soon back
*NZ government to purchase $2.7 million digital SW transmitter for
 RNZI, eventually to replace the analog, which still booms in here
 such as on 9615 at 0500; RNZI considers itself a feeder to Pacific
 stations, so why not do this via satellite and retain analog SWBC for
 direct listening by the public?
*HCJB Australia gets local approval for 31 new towers at Kununurra,
 after a long dispute; residents not happy about environmental
 effects and Kununurra becoming an Islamic target
*BBC Radio 4 docu on Northern Lights, Songs of the Sky, Monday May 31
 at 1930 UT, and later on demand
*Propagation outlook from Boulder May 18; flux range 120-95-115
*That`s World of Radio 1231; I`m Glenn Hauser  ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1230, produced May 12, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*My monthly Spanish DX report Mundo Radial is now available via
 http://www.worldofradio.com and also on WWCR 15825, thrice weekly,
 Fri 2115, Tue 2130, Wed 2100; also serialized on Radio Nederland`s
 Radio Enlace, Fridays, repeated Sundays
*BBCWS wrapping up Letter from America with tribute to Alistair Cooke
 May 14-15; may be same show aired upon his death, split into two
 parts at LFA times, such as Euro stream, Sats May 15 & 22 at 0330,
 1030, Letter to Alistair; still some more LFAs on BBC Radio 4
*Write On will give way to a new BBCWS letters program from Mayend,
 with presenters from non-Western world, such as Ghana 
*World Music Radio, Denmark, finally on the air testing from May 9,
 500 watts on 15810, first heard by Jari Savolainen, Finland at 1405;
 next to test 10 kW on 5815, and formal inauguration in a few weeks.
 Transmitter near Karup, western Denmark; http://www.wmr.dk e-mail
 wmr @ wmr.dk or P O Box 112, DK-8900 Randers, Denmark
*News in Latin from Radiophonia Finnica Generalis, Sundays 1555 on
 15400 to North America; several repeats to Europe on SW and MW; UT
 Mon 0855 to Australia and Asia 17660; other days of week at same
 times, special simplified Finnish at slow speed
*Latvia`s 100 kW on 9290, Sunday May 16 at 1100-1500 with Radio Marabu
*Journalists` union in Slovakia calls for Radio Slovakia International
 SW service to continue after July 1; needs 75 megakronor or 1.9
 megaeuros to continue; Foreign Affairs Ministry budget might cover
 it, to promote Slovakia abroad
*Czech state almost certain to prolong rent contract for RFE/RL to
 stay in present Prague building despite terrorist danger; has not
 been able to find another one yet
*Czech commies call for law requiring announcers to speak pure,
 grammatically correct Czech, but Lower House MPs vote it down
*Paris Live Radio is new English station in France, not yet with a
 transmitter, but hopes to get FM license. Not banned, surprisingly,
 but must play 40% French music. http://www.parislive.fm
*Voice of Greece, English at 1830 fair to good in eastern North
 America daily on 12105, direct, not a relay; also mailbag in Greek,
 M-F 1200-1230 on 15650
*Croatian Radio plans to add DRM, French, German, and more good
 Croatian music
*One RFE broadcast in Serbo-Croat is relayed from Botswana, until 1800
 on 15245; closer sites may be fully occupied at that hour
*World Christian Broadcasting, KNLS, expects to get 42 ha of free land
 in Madagascar to build SW station
*Kenya`s radio wars -- rivalry between Kiss FM and Radio Citizen has
 escalated to jamming; full story in DXLD 4-079...
*At our website http://www.worldofradio.com  In the midst of WOR 1230,
 woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA
*Thanks this week to Dave White who provides web space for most of our
 audiovisual files
*World Bank reports plans for Yibekal, ``That`s Enough`` in Amharic,
 a station or service from or to Ethiopia about HIV/AIDS
*Radio Saint Helena is finally sending out QSLs for its final
 broadcast in October 1999; DSWCI member Robert Kipp has been helping.
 Now caught up with cards in mail, but can still QSL reports from 1999
 and 1998, perhaps 1997, but not 1996 or earlier
*R. Nacional del Paraguay, 9736.9, may not be heard in evening, but
 check for sign-on around 0800
*Two Bolivians reactivated: R. Ballivian, 4788, and R. Integracion,
 El Alto on 5986v
*Peru on 6956.89, La Voz del Campesino, usually off by 0300, but May
 9 running past 0600
*R. Frecuencia, San Ignacio, Peru, at 0140 on 5699.76, reactivated
 after two years, and plans to stay on; mostly nonstop Peruvian music
*V. of Guyana, missing from 3291v for a few days as of May 7
*R. Apintie, Suriname, no signs of life for a few weeks on 4989.99
*R. Nacional, Venezuela, SW schedule shown on website, but with
 confusing local times in target area (some wrong, ignoring DST); so
 believed now really to be: 1900 on 13740, 2000 on 9550, 15230, 17705;
 2100 on 6000, 11875; 2300 on 9820, 11760, but the last two may be 5
 minutes apart. These are relays via Cuba, but not admittedly so 
*Renewed plans to broadcast Radio Marti to Cuba via C-130 Commando
 Solo type aircraft, TV too; $18 million allocated for this;
 recommended in a 500-page report to the White House May 6; naturally,
 Cuban government objects, yadda3
*Professor of History at U. of Michigan denounces replacement of VOA
 Arabic Service with Radio Sawa: http://www.juancole.com
*Yet another surrogate service [for Pakistan], Radio Aap ki Dunya,
 officially started May 10, ex-VOA Urdu; full SW schedule, and now
 also on 972 MW via Orzu, Tajikistan, at 1400-0200
*WJIE, Kentucky, again heard on both 13595 and 7490, good on 13595
*WJIE has sold KVOH in California to the Restoration church in
 southern California; so what became of the third former FEBA
 transmitter WJIE obtained, originally destined for KVOH?
*R. Kiribati says it will soon resume SW on 9825, targetting the Line
 Islands; had been off for years. Previously heard as early as 0530
 in North America, and frequency clear at 0700-0800 now; had also
 used 9810 or 9815
*More on Coalition maritime SW broadcasts on 15500-USB; heard at 1730,
 ID sounds like Radio Ma`ulumat, just like the previous Information
 Radio service the US carried out for Afghanistan, Iraq; audio clip at
 http://www.intervalsignalsonline.com  Or Radio Maulumati, as the ID
 differs slightly depending on language. mail @ rewardsforjustice.net
*Kol Israel source says Reka network to be reorganized by mid-May or
 first of June at latest; He network for SW with French at 0345 and
*Gloria Lalumia`s website leading to leftish talkshows, not just Air
 America: http://www.zianet.com/insightanalytical/radio.htm
*Ralph Brandi disillusioned with Digital Radio Mondiale; signal has
 to be so strong that you could just as easily listen in AM; and DRM
 signals are huge bandwidth hogs, bad citizens versus AM signals
*Outgoing president of National Association of SW Broadcasters, Jeff
 White becomes chairman of the USA DRM Group; new president of NASB
 is Doug Garlinger, formerly with LeSEA
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, May 11: flux range 100-85
*And that concludes WOR 1230; until next week, and beyond, me? I`m
 Glenn Hauser   ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1229, produced May 5, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*New edition of Continent of Media now available online, 04-03, via
 http://www.worldofradio.com and http://www.dxing.com
*Also at our site, new versions of John Norfolk`s Nets To You, and
 DX/SWL/Media programs
*WBCQ sold weekend daytime on 17495 to Brother Scare, so we may not
 still be heard Saturdays at 2030 UT; but still at same time on WWCR
 12160; some other WOR times on WBCQ 9330: UT Sun 0300, Mon 0100
*US government soliciting shortwave broadcast expertise for PsyOps
*AFGE Local 1812 at VOA obtains document on long-term plans to
 privatize and convert VOA into a television and internet service
*Air America has some start-up problems, change in management, and
 lost some initial affiliates; but http://www.airamericaradio.com
 shows more and more affiliates currently and coming soon, including
 KPOJ 620 in Portland which is owned by Clear Channel; and WMQM 1600
 in Memphis under same ownership as WWCR; AA ought to outbid Dr.
 Scott or Bro. Scare for a SW transmitter to fill coverage gaps
*CKY 580 Winnipeg already closed as of May 1
*R. Cultural, Guatemala, gave up on SW, but being heard again on 3300
 and maybe 5955
*Radio Miskut, Nicaragua, reported back on 5770-USB at 2245
*Six new SW transmitters for R. Habana Cuba at Bauta plus one for R.
 Rebelde, thanks to $200 million of Chinese credit; also upgrading two
 other SW sites Bejucal and Titan; no mention of SW jamming
 transmitters. Could it be Cuba is ashamed of them?
*R. Marti heard testing on 1620 April 25, via WDHP in US Virgin
*ZBVI, 780 in British Virgin Islands heard near Chicago by Neil
 Kazaross with phased beverage antennas on ground at lakeshore,
 minimizing signal of WBBM on same frequency
*Radio Amazonas, Venezuela, 4939v, has QSL manager to be used instead
 of own address; with 2 IRCs or $2, in English or Spanish, text,
 cassette or CD, to: Sr. Jorge Garcia Rangel, Radio Amazonas, QSL
 Manager, Calle Roma, Qta. Costa Rica A-16, Urbanizacion Alto
 Barinas, Barinas 5201, Venezuela
*Many more reports of extended relays of Radio Nacional, Venezuela via
 Cuba, which neither admits. Schedule given in 1228 is more or less
 but not completely reliable
*Via shortwave, mediumwave, FM, satellite and internet, this is World
 of Radio 1229, woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702
 USA; http://www.worldofradio.com for much more, DX Listening Digest
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Michael Beu in Texas
*R. Senado, Brazil, heard on 5990.3 but also spur on 6366.8 at 1000
*R. UNAMSIL, Sierra Leone, 6137.7v, not heard lately, but now sending
 out QSLs after two years, with T-shirts, from verie signer Sheila
*Voice of Nigeria off the air for a week when a transformer exploded,
 until April 27; back on but schedule as unreliable as ever; workers
 allege 3 meganaira of allowances are unpaid
*No English, but RTT in Tunisia has great Arabic music at 0400-0500
 on 7275, 9720
*Direction-finding from central Europe indicates Libya`s services to
 Iraq are actually from Libya, old utility sites, i.e. 1203-1300 on
 11890 and 1800-1900, 2100-2200 on 7425, 11890
*Monitored times for English news bulletins from Libya: 1140, 1730,
 1820, 1920, 2030, 2120; frequencies via France, from one to four at a
 time are: 21695, 21675, 17880, 17695, 17635, 15660, 15610, 15315,
 15205, 11635
*R. Tanzania, Dar-es-Salaam definitely active on 5050, but nothing
 from Zanzibar on 11734.1
*Mark Connelly from coastal location near Boston claims first North
 American reception of Radio Sawa, Djibouti, on 1431 kHz; at 0034,
 6800 miles, 600 kW beamed this way, so more may hear it
*Radio Sawa Djibouti 1431 has different programming from other R.
 Sawa services, such as Kuwait on 1548, but they join at 15 past the
 hour for newscasts
*R. Kuwait in Arabic at 1900 on 9880, but no more English on 11990 at
 1800; still in Arabic on 11990 until 1800
*Coalition maritime forces have SW broadcasts since April 15, per
 navigational warning to Persian Gulf; pop music, info in six
 languages including English, on assiting forces to ID terrorist
 activity at sea: 0300-0800 on 6125, 1400-1900 on 15500; National
 Geospatial Intelligence Agency involved. These and nine other
 frequencies were published in Merlin schedule for A-04 as Radio
 for Peace. These two listed for Dhabayya, UAE, and Rampisham, England
 respectivley. It`s MARLO, Maritime Liaison Office, in Bahrain doing
 this but not clear if presently from Bahrain, as Merlin deal is not
 yet in force, and using only 250 watts, difficult to DX. Jari
 Savolainen in Finland succeeded at 1556 on 15500-USB, hearing phone
 number offering monetary rewards for terrorism tips, the Coalition
 Rewards for Justice program; Kuwait interferes from 15505 [and
*Israel Radio has not closed English on SW yet, still heard since May
 1, such as 0400 on 11590, 15640; 1700 on 17535; 1900 on 15640
*Voice of Turkey, English at 1230-1325 moved from 15405 to 15535,
 ending collision with HCJB Australia
*Two Iranian clandestines changed frequencies in May: Radio Voice of
 Iran, KRSI, Radio Seda-ye Iran, 1530-1730 from 11520 to 17525; R.
 Pedar, 1730-1830 from 17735 to 15585
*R. Pakistan has a third frequency for English news at 0800 and 1100,
 besides 17 and 21 MHz: 7130, 100 kW Islamabad on domestic service
*Sri Lanka`s All Asia Service frequency slipped upwards to 15748 at
 1430, oldies music
*R. Thailand dropped direct frequency to North America 15395 around
 April 18, since new relays via USA on 5890 work well
*Signals on 4960 are not yet the new Catholic network from Vanimo,
 Papua New Guinea. Organization says not yet installed, but hopes to
 be shortly with 1 kW; two more on 90m will be 10 kW
*Sad to hear of the death of Rudi Hill, who kept R. New Zealand going
 during the years it was off SW, April 30 at 83; also check
 http://www.rnzi.com for audio file of special about POW monitoring in
 World War II
*Reprieve until July 1 for R. Slovakia International dropping SW, and
 perhaps beyond due to all the controversy
*World Radio TV Handbook put up 62 pages of new A-04 schedules in pdf
 at http://www.wrth.com
*North American SW Association files with FCC to keep broadband over
 powerlines off SW, and use vacant TV channels instead; see DXLD
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, May 4: flux fluxuating 90/100
*And so concludes yet another World of Radio, #1229
*With a standard disclaimer, Glenn Hauser, here, hoping you will hear
 me again, next week  ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1228, produced April 20, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*Radio for Peace International again carrying World of Radio via
 webcast http://www.rfpi.org -- Thu 2000, repeated 4-hourly thru
 Fri 1600; Sat 2130 and 2300, each repeated 8-hourly thru Monday
 1500; may run a bit late; subject to downloadability of our files
*Israeli newspaper reports that V. of Israel SW broadcasts will cease
 in near future, to save money; foreign languages to be heard on
 Internet only. Will it actually happen this time?
*Andy Sennitt on the illogic of broadcasting only on the Internet
*Rumors that R. Slovakia International would close down shortwave  May
 1 are true; little mention of it on their English broadcasts, unlike
 German and Spanish; protests faciliated via http://www.ratzer.at
 English to North America: 0100-0130 on 5930, 9440, both with
 interference. Background on this has to do with converting Slovak TV
 networks to commercial funding, overlooking radio
*Recording of Swiss Radio International, Berne, ID and music-box
 interval signal, from final English broadcast audio file at
*Why bother to fill with music instead of English for six months?
 Director admits ``sliding out of shortwave was a huge mistake`` but
 now there is no alternative. Final English was April 9, not 12; back
 in 1966 Switzerland Calling was 75 minutes at 0115 on 9535
*DW cancelled its English on SW to North America; now it`s starting
 a new one-hour program for the US, primetime radio news magazine --
 not on SW, but satellite distributed by WFMT to compete with BBC
*On the contrary, Radio Netherlands is committed to continuing SW in
 English to North America, but news on the 0000, 0100 and 0400 UT
 broadcasts has been dropped, as overnight shift abolished. News
 analysis instead; still news at 1100, also available via web, and
 even by E-mail; sign up at http://www.rnw.nl
*Voice of Greece`s English: daily except Tue 0930 on 9420, 15630,
 15650; daily Orientations at 1830-1855 on 12105; two weekly shows:
 Helllenes around the world, Sat 1600 on 17705 Delano, direct on
 15630, 9420, 7375; It`s All Greek to Me (music), now inconvenient for
 us, Sun 0805-0900 on 9420, 15630, 15650
*A-04 schedule of IRRS, Italy, includes 100 kW transmitter, which they
 would like us to believe is in Milano: Fridays only, 1100-1200 on
 15665, 1900-2030 on 5775
*R. Exterior de Espana has a new politically correct name for Lenguas
 Espanolas: Lenguas Cooficiales, i.e. Catlan, Galician and Basque, M-F
 1240 on 21700 21600 21570 21540 15585 15170 13720 11910-via China;
 Costa RIca 11815, 9765
*RVi in English at 0700 on 5985 via Germany is ruined by DRM from
 Luxembourg on 5990 to a minute audience; Mike Barraclough on the
 drawbacks of DRM vs. analog in the 49m band, becoming more crowded;
 exaggerated sales predicted for DRM receivers
*Wales Radio International via England added a relay via Austria,
 Friday at 2030 on 7150, providing better reception back in the UK
*KVOH, Los Angeles, 17775, no longer La Voz de la Esperanza (Hope),
 but opening at 1500 as La Voz de Restauracion, now run by a southern
 California sect; http://www.restauracion.com does not mention KVOH
*WSHB may be coming back under new ownership: letter of intent signed
 with an unidentified buyer; why not Brother Scare, to get his own
 SW station nearby to Walterboro?
*Cantonese service of Radio Free Asia, duplicating VOA, will not be
 dropped, following intense lobbying of congress by RFA Guild Unit
*More than half of the 1228th World of Radio has now been heard; P O
 Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA or woradio at yahoo.com  Check our
 primary website for a great deal more info: http://worldofradio.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Michael Gorniak
*KNLS, Alaska, next schedule lasts two months; English 0800 11765,
 1300 11870
*AMs moving to FM in Canada, but the reverse for CBC Dawson, as FM
 coverage inadequate; wants 560 kHz with 400 watts, then turn off FM
*In Winnipeg, time running out for CKY AM 580 50 kW; overlap with FM
 replacement to end in mid-May
*Job actions at CBC may lead to strike/lockout, causing programming
 disruptions at RCI
*XERMX, Mexico, still heard April 19 opening before 1200 on 9705
*XEROK, Ciudad Juarez, 800, plan to triple power to licensed 150 kW in
 February did not happen, as would brown out neighborhood; who should
 pay for rebuild?
*Cuba relay of Radio Nacional Venezuela not only on Sunday mornings,
 but also daily for several hours now; obviously Havana as all the
 frequencies are also used by RHC; schedule announced, all in Spanish:
 1900 on 17720 (but heard on 13740), 2000 9550, 15230, 17705; 2100
 11875; 2200 6000(?); 2300 11760; 2315 9820, but the last two both
 start around 2300 tho 1.5 minutes out of sync
*FARC clandestine for Colombia again heard in Venezuela on 10 MHz,
 despite WWV, from 0006 April 11, and again at 2207, Voz de la
 Resistencia, etc.
*La Voz del Llano, Colombia heard between 11895 and 11900; maybe
 nominal 6115 is on 5947 putting out second harmonic?
*Radio Familiar Cristiana, Colombia moved from 4916 to 4933 at 1100
*Radio Melodia, Arequipa, Peru, back from 5907 to 5996.65, football
 evenings, religion mornings; heard in Pennsylvania at 0800
*Also adjusting frequency, R. Victoria, Lima on 9720 ex-9722, at 1100
*R. Pioneira Teresina, Brazil, 5015, stronger than before from 2320
 past 0145 in New York; since April 1 is 24 hours, relaying Radio
 Aparecida overnight
*Radio New Zealand Inernational very good here at 0500 on new 9615;
 already changed at 1750-1950 to 9845
*Special program on Spectrum, National Radio, ANZAC Day, Sun Apr 25 at
 0033, reminiscenses of POW monitoring, maybe repeated Thu 29 at 0806
 and maybe on RNZI SW
*New Catholic Radio Network of Papua New Guinea, mostly FM, but
 authorized for three SW stations, first due on shortly, Vanimo on
 4960; others in Rabaul, Alotau; see DXLD 4-067; carrier already heard
 in Australia on 4960 around 0800; not to be confused with Vanuatu
*Rare English from Indonesian regionals is Australian-produced Kang
 Guru Radio English show, heard Sun 1130 on RRI Gorontalo 3265
*V. of Han BC, Taiwan found on second frequency, 6105, besides 9745
*China Huayi Broadcasting Company, CHBC, a private station: 2230-2400
 and 1300-1700 on 4830; 0000-1300 on 6185 except silent Wed 0400-0830;
 new live stream http://www.chbcnews.com and used to have some English
 and DX program in Chinese
*China Sea Yacht Race did have weather broadcasts from Hong Kong, but
 on 8749 USB, heard in North America; it`s all over now; maybe another
 chance in October
*R. Tashkent A-04 English: 01 9715 7190; 12 & 1330 17775, 15295, 9715,
 7285; 2030 & 2130 11905, 9545, 5025
*Zimbabwe`s National FM left 4828 again, for 5975; R. Zimbabwe on 3306
 night, 6045 daytime
*Sam Voron back at Radio Galkayo, Somalia, 6980, 04-06, 10-18 with
 English at 1730; only 15 watts currently but heard in Europe
*Glimmer of hope against BPL: ARRL says SWLs do have standing with FCC
 to file interference complaints if it interferes with international
 rather than domestic shortwave broadcasters
*Propagation outlook from Boulder April 13; flux range 120-100
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1228 ###

        WORLD OF RADIO Extra 46, April 14: same as COM 04-01 below

        WORLD OF RADIO #1227, produced April 7, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Resources at our website http://www.worldofradio.com include
 DX/SWL/Media programs updated frequently and
 Monthly update to Nets to You
*WOR schedule change on WBCQ; Sat 2330 UT shifted to 0300 UT Sunday on
 9330-CLSB; all our other broadcasts are one UT hour earlier than in
 the winter
*Right after WOR on WBCQ 7415, Wed 2230, new is Music Download Scene;
 Sun 2000-2200 UT on 9330, medley of programs: Northern Lights,
 Science Rocks and Radio Weather with evangelism
*Escalating electric bill at WBCQ; new fund drive to raise $100K for
 large wind turbine to provide most of the power needed
*WBCQ`s new time-shifted schedule also at http://wbcq.us
*As is WRMI`s at http://wrmi.net with new musical block Sat 0900-1000
 on 9955, rotating programs, some in German, disco music from Austria;
 three airings of Voice of the NASB, UT Sun: 0230 7385, 0930 9955,
 2130 15725; Wavescan now Sun 2100, UT Mon 0400
*Radio Free Asia has different labor union than VOA: Washington-
 Baltimore Newspaper Guild, http://www.wbng.org with current
 bargaining including schedules, work week, safety and health; does
 cutting the Cantonese service violate federal labor law?
*More spurs from Delano transmitter; weak signal on 9561.75 was not
 Ethiopia, but spur from 9690, V. of Greece relay until 1459*, also
 matching on 9818.25
*R. Sawa has four high-power MW outlets, 500 or 600 kW, with different
 streams: Cyprus 990 and Rhodes 1260 with Egypt/Levant stream, 24h and
 1500-0800 respectively; Kuwait 1548 24h Iraq stream; newest Djibouti
 1431 24h Sudan stream; last two beamed NW; first two SE
*R. Sawa, Djibouti, 1431, in regular service since April 1, but until
 2000 UT, V. of Russia in Arabic on same frequency
*R. Congo, Brazzaville schedule: 5985 0430-0700, 1700-2300; 9610 0700-
 1700; 6115 0600-0830, 1700-2030
*Channel Africa, South Africa, English schedule [see DXLD 4-061, 062]
*R. Rhino International, for Uganda, suspended until May 3; schedule
 was Tue-Sat 1500-1530 on 17870 via Germany
*On April 2 at 0530-0700 DW programming replaced by music. It was a
 strike at 0300-0800; trade unions vs salary negotiations, royalties
 for freelancers, pensions. More severe measures threatened
*DRM schedule has very low powered SW outlets in Germany; now one DXed
 across the Atlantic by Mark Fine in Virginia: 15896, Bit Express at
 2255-2305, brief peaks of 100 watt campus station, with excellent
 audio in stereo
*Belgian station adds SW via Germany, Maeva FM, first in DRM on 5985
 at 1400-1500; then 5975 in analog 1300-1400, later changing to 6015
*Radio DMR, external service from Moldova, 1600-1640 on 5960, heavy
 interference, including English certain days, of Tiraspol government,
 a.k.a. Radio Pridnestrovye
*Easter Sunday April 11 specials from 100 kW Latvia 9290: 0900 Radio
 Caroline, 1400 European Music Radio, 1700-1900 Mi Amigo Radio
*Michael Grade appointed BBC Chairman for four years from May 17;
 other vacancy, Director General not to be filled until then
*Standard disclaimer
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1227,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702; woradio at yahoo.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Dave Hammer, Miami
 Valley DX Club
*Wales Radio International, weekly half-hour in English: Fri 2030 on
 7325; UT Sat 0200 9795; Sat 1230 17745, all via Rampisham, England
*Temporary DX window in Europe on 1386 kHz, clear of any high-power
 signals after 1900, a chance to hear 1-watt LPAM stations in UK;
 and higher powered Guinea, Kenya. Closes April 17 when R. Baltic
 Waves, Lithuania, starts relaying China with 500 kW, 1900-2200 UT
*R. France International, new English schedule [as in DXLD 4-064];
 still on 11m, 25820 at 1200-1230 until first Sunday in May, to
 resume in September; only service to NAm is in French 1100-1200 on
 17570, the second half being marine weather
*REE Spain has resumed last summer`s schedule of Nuestro Sello,
 classical music on their own RTVE label, when we can hear it, M-F
 after the news at 1400 on 15585, 17595, 17760, 21570, 21610; also UT
 Tue-Sat after news at 0100 on 6020, 6055, 9535, 9620, 11680, 15160
*Weekly Sephardic half hour from Spain to NAm, UT Tue 0415 on 9650
*R. Slovakia International has made cost-saving cuts, by reducing
 frequencies and power; but now a more drastic cut is in the offing:
 plans to close SW service completely May 1; several language services
 ask for listener letters opposing this to: Jaroslav Reznik, Director
 General, Slovak Radio, Mitna 1, P O Box 55, 81755 Bratislava; or e-
 mail reznik @ slovakradio.sk  English to NAm is 0100-0130 on 5930,
 9440, both with adjacent interference
*Swiss Radio International closing SW at end of October, but days for
 English are already numbered, replaced after April 12 by music. Until
 then historical features; see also http://www.swissinfo.org and Media
 Network feature article. SRI`s entire remaining English schedule:
 0730-0800 13650 15445 21770; 0830-0900 21770; 1730-1800 13750 15515
 17870; 1930-2030 11815 13645 13795 15220; 2330-2400 9885 11905.
 French Guiana relay is on 15220, 11905; Sottens, Switzerland on
 21770, 17870, 13795, 9885; the rest are Juelich, Germany
*Croatian Radio, 9925 via Germany, now has English at 2215-2230, 0215-
 0230; will add newscast in Italian
*Not only Croatia but now San Marino and Norway authorize their hams
 to use 7100-7200 kHz, tho primarily still occupied by broadcasters
*English from Voice of Greece 0930-1000 9420 15630; 1830-1900 12105;
 weekly hours in English audible in North America, Sat 1600 and Sun
 1800 on 17705; also direct from Greece on 15630, 9420, 7475
*Radio Free Syria, new clandestine backed by CIA, still lacking a
 frequency, but has started on Internet, http://www.reformsyria.net
 and http://www.radiofreesyria.org --- ``Sout Syria Alhurra``
*R. Pedar, Los Angeles, new Iranian clandestine heard at 1730-1808+
 on 17735
*R. Pakistan new English schedule: 1600-1615 11570, 11850, 15100,
 15725; Assamese in English, 0045-0115 9340, 11565; 0800 and 1100 on
 17835, 21465
*All India Radio postponed debut of 24-hour SW news channnel from the
 beginning of April to sometime in June, for political reasons
*AIR`s new English schedule includes: 2045-2230 9910 11620 11715; 7410
 9445 9950; 2245-0045 9705, 9950, 11620, 11645, 13605
*AIR testing FM Gold service on SW, including some English news, 0025-
 0430, 0700-1330, 1530-1740 on 7420, maybe 7270
*Malaysian on 4895 reactivated, heard 2215-2300 in Philippines, and
 also 1345-1557* in Washington state, more than two hours after local
*Another China Sea yacht race, April 8-14 from Hong Kong to Subic Bay,
 Philippines; maybe with special weather broadcasts on SW 3940; check 
 [where we`ve been able to find nothing about such broadcasts so far]
*Japan`s private commercial SW station Radio Tampa/NSB since April 1
 changed name to R. Nikkei, audible here mornings on 9595, 6055
*Former director of XERMX says IMER turned down her proposals to
 refurbish facilities for much less than excuse given for closing it
 down instead
*Peruvian reactivated after more than a year, 6047.14, Radio Santa
 Rosa, 0859-0939+
*Chile continues to block 6070, CFRX Toronto, 2200-1200, but CFRX has
 spurs plus and minus 13.3 kHz heard around 1900 in NJ
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, April 6: flux range 115-100-120
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1227   ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1226, produced March 31, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Summer time changes go into effect this week. UT is the timezone we
 use, 4 hours ahead of EDT, 5 CDT, 6 MDT, 7 PDT, etc.
*From Sunday April 4 our times will be: Wed 2200 on 7415, 17495-CUSB,
 Sat 2030 17495-CUSB, Sat 2330 9330-CLSB, Mon 0100 9330-CLSB, Mon 0430
 7415. Last week final broadcast moved a quarter hour later by local
*On WWCR: Thu 2030 15825, Sat 1030 5070, Sat 2030 12160, Sun 0230 
 5070, 0630 3210; Wed 0930 9475
*Large and smaller audio files of WOR on our website from early UT
 Thursdays at http://www.worldofradio.com/audiomid.html
*Also mp3 files available later, recorded from SW by Alex at
*New edition of Continent of Media available at http://www.DXing.com
*Eike Bierwirth in Germany compiles new seasonal schedules in time
 order, in progress: http://eibi.de/vu
*Any day now, the High Frequency Coordinating Committee should post
 its A-04 schedule, but it is incomplete. Look in http://www.hfcc.org
 public data section
*English broadcasts audible in North America:
*R. New Zealand International went to A-04 frequency after 1300 of
 6095, but March 31 it was back on 9870 temporarily
*V. of the Philippines, 0200-0330 in Filipino and English on 15120
 15270 11885; 1730-1930 in English (really Tagalog) 17720 15190 11720
*Son La, Vietnamese regional presumed on 4740 at 1320-1400+, sounds
 higher powered like 10-20 kW
*We`ve been urging Thailand to use VOA relays in the US, and this has
 finally started on 5890, English at 0030 via Greenville, 0300 via
 Delano, each followed by an hour of Thai; direct also on 15395.
 Both US frequencies are aimed south, oddly
*China Radio International relays in Western Hemisphere in DXLD 4-058
 showing many, many hours via Sackville, some via Havana and other
 sites. Includes English at 1300 on 9650, 15260, 0100 on 9790. Havana
 17720 replaced by 13740 1400-1600 in English
*R. Korea International may be renamed KBS World, like NHK World
*Iran in Spanish, not English, at 0030-0330 on 9905
*UAE Radio Dubai, 1330 English scheduled on 21605, but March 30 was a
 blob of buzz 21608-21609; next day 21597.5 with excellent audio
*WYFR confirmed clashing with Radio Cairo in English at 0200 on 11855;
 one night Cairo was on top, March 31; they ought to move plus and
 minus 5 kHz
*Three different stations scheduled at 1730 on 17660 via England;
 heard on Sunday was Voice of the Eritrean People, re-running previous
 week`s news
*R. Centrafrique working conditions are catastrophic, workers falling
 ill due to heat and humidity, air conditioner broken (no worse than
 summer in Oklahoma); needs to be modernized. Inactive on SW
*Radio Ndeke Luka, for the CAR from UK, audible again in Florida,
 15470 at 1900
*Nigeria bans radio stations from relaying foreign news; affects
 among others some FM stations carrying VOA and BBC in several cities
*BBG/IBB QSL initiative: Wants reports confirming carriage of VOA,
 RFE, RL, Radio Free Asia, Radio Aap ki Dunya via 1400 affiliates, and
 will QSL (not shortwave); verify @ ibb.gov
*VOA closing down its Tokyo bureau, budget cuts. Gave glowing sendoff
 to correspondent Amy Bickers
*Looking for Radio Sawa, the ex-VOA Arabic service, which used to be
 all over shortwave? Gone from SW, now only FM, MW, satellite
*You`re listening to the non-commercial, non-communist, non-corporate,
 non-Christian, non-capitalist DX program, World of Radio 1226,
 woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK, 73702 USA
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Brock Whaley
*WWCR is expanding its DX Block Saturday night around centerpiece
 World of Radio on 5070. Sunday UT once DST is in effect (one hour
 later this week only): 0145 Ask WWCR, 0200 DX Partyline, 0230 WOR,
 0300 Radio Weather, 0330 DX Radio School, 0405-0500 Cyberline
*Radio Weather also scheduled on WBCQ, Mondays at 2200 per
*Zappahead`s WBCQ Anomaly Page for programming change info:
*Hal Turner has taken his show off WBCQ; was Mondays 8 pm EST on 7415;
 told Allan Weiner that after seeing Mel`s movie, he could no longer
 do business with a Jew; replaced in that hour by a rabbi
*Alistair Cooke died March 30 at age of 95; many tributes like those
 a month ago when he had to give up Letter from America; see recent
 issues of DX Listening Digest; BBC Radio 4 had a one-hour tribute
 to be repeated Saturday April 3 at 1902 UT, also webcast, [and
 probably archived]
*Another casualty at BBCWS is East Asia Today, as of March 26; not
 dumbed down like other news programmmes; reordering priorities
*Dutch Info Radio won`t come true this summer either as hoped via
 Germany, WRMI, and low power from Holland
*Complete new schedule of Deutsche Welle in 4-056 taking up 10 pages;
 best English for us is 2100-2200 on 15205, 11865, for West Africa
 from Rwanda, since we are a bit further in the same direction
*Radio Slovakia International new English schedule: 01 Ams 5930 9440;
 07 Au/Pac 7440 15460; Eu 1630 5920 7345; 1830 5920 6055; cutting
 costs by further reducing power from 200 to 150 kW
*Austria already moved Sackvile relay an hour earlier, now English
 at 1510 and 1540 on new 13775; also direct around 0130 on 9870
*Radio Budapest, Hungary, English: NAm 01 on 9590, 0230 on new 9790;
 Eu 15 Sun only 6025 9715; daily 19 on 3975 6025 11720; 21 6025 11830
*IRSM, ex-Radio Yugoslavia, should be at 0000 exc Sun, and 0430 daily,
 English to North America, on 9580; one hour later until April 4
*Voice of Russia new English to North America: 01-05 17660 15595;
 additional: 01-02 11825; 02-03 9860; 03-04 9860 9880; 04-05 9880
*V. of Greece relays via US transmitters: 06-08 to Pacific via Delano
 on 17705, rather high; same at 1600-2200; 1200-1500 9690; Greenville
 2000-2200 on 17565
*BCE Luxembourg added second DRM frequency 5990, 0600-2400, as well
 as 6095; 5990 destroys 5985 Russia via Germany and 5995 RCI via
 England at 1945
*R. Polonia`s remaining two English hours: 1200 on 9525 11820; 1700
 7265, 7285; interference on 11820 and 7265
*Peruvian on 6329.1 is back on, now IDing as Radio la Voz de El
 Faique, instead of Estacion C
*new unID, Radio Familiar Cristiana at 1100-1125 on 4916.0 variable,
 probably Colombian since there is such an FM network there
*Two harmonics on almost same offset frequency below 1820 kHz;
 1819.93, Ondas del Porvernir, Samaca, Colombia around 1000; and
 Radio 91, Dominican Republic
*Radio Mexico International still heard as of March 30 on 9705 at
 1300 with VOA off the frequency, but quite weak [and April 1]
*Air America, new liberal radio network started March 31; and via
 webcast http://www.airamericaradio.com including Al Franken, M-F
 12-3 ET; WLIB 1190 New York; also 950 Chicago, 1580 LA, 1050 Loma
 Linda, 620 Portland OR, 1330 Minneapolis
*New station in Dallas on 26450, remote pickup auxiliary, with
 classical music, ``Radio Diva``, WPZA598; is licensed, also on
 26430, 26410; heard by skip in Reno; says will convert to female
 pop rock artists. 26450 to feed unidentified affiliates
*Attention London: someone is retransmitting WRN in northeast US,
 on 1710 kHz, e.g. with VOR at 0200 heard in Michigan
*FCC`s AM applications window in January resulted in some very strange
 requests, if correct, stations wanting to move all the way across
 the country, such as WAMI 860 Opp, Alabama, to 1540 in Kanab, Utah!
 and apps for new stations in major cities such as 1400 in Phladelphia
*Special MW DX test scheduled from WNNR, Jacksonville FL, 970, Sunday
 April 11 at 0400-0500 UT
*FCC inviting public comment about powerline communications, via the
 elecronic comment filing system http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/ecfs/ and
 specify docket 04-37
*Propagation outlook from Boulder March 30; flux range 135-110
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1226  ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1225, produced March 24, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*The Week of Confusion from last Sunday in March to first Sunday in
 April when most SW broadcasters have made their A-04 seasonal changes
 involving time and/or frequency changes, altho most US stations do
 not do it until one week later due to the one-week gap before we
 start DST
*World of Radio will be one hour earlier by UT from outlets outside
 North America, and then from April 4 also from North America
*World Radio Network already posted schedules with summer timings, so
 WOR one UT hour earlier, either this week or next: to North America,
 Sunday 1000 UT; rest of world, Saturday 0800 UT
*New Continent of Media 04-02 available soon at http://www.DXing.com
 --- and http://worldofradio.com 
*Details of English cuts at VOA from March 28, and more to come in
 October when it will be reduced to 14 hours per day; News Now name
 may have to be changed
*A number of DX programs cover the Winter SWL Fest, such as Voice of
 the NASB on WRMI 7385, 0330 UT Sundays, same time as one World of
 Radio broadcast, 0230 from April 10; upcoming guests Allen Graham,
 Alan Heil, Dan Robinson; Adrian Peterson, Allan Weiner, Larry Magne,
 Gary McAvin of WMLK, Frans Vossen. Check http://wrmi.net for possible
 uploading of mp3 audio files
*R. Mexico Internacional closedown not confirmed yet, as even when it
 is on, reception on 9705 is quite poor. Radio Enlace on Radio
 Nederland will deal with this April 2-4
*XERTA, 4810, Mexico DF, says its schedule is weekends only, from
 2300 UT Fri straight through until 1300 UT Mon
*Just below 2980, HJAG, R. Garzon, Colombian harmonic of 1490 heard in
 Vermont, despite local 1490 harmonic 5 miles away, at 1005-1039
*Bjorn Malm`s audio clips include La Poderosa, Huancabamba, Peru, on
 6536.11; and R. Bambamarca, 4420.33 announced as 4418 (recordings)
*Community radio station on 4900, announced as 5010, until 2208 sign-
 off, R. Comunidade das Gerais, Brazil, apparently unlicensed
*New A-04 schedules show Santiago, Chile as transmitter site for
 stations other than Voz Cristiana, now availablizing their site for
 relays: BBC 1900-2030 on 17605 in Portuguese; ``China Radio``, 1200-
 1500 on 17625, 2200-2300 on 11720; same via Okeechobee, so does this
 mean Radio Taiwan International? Or could be China Radio 
 International. It`s also shown via KWHR, Hawaii, 11565, 0900-1000 & 
*Argentine feeder heard again, 20276-LSB at 1940
*Schedules from more than one source often make for contradictions:
 Calling the Falklands from BBC, 2130-2145 Tue and Fri only on 11680,
 or 11720? See DXLD 4-052 for complete BBC schedules
*BBC relays for Americas in our evenings will include: 0000-0300 on
 9825 Ascension, 11835 Okeechobee, 12095 England; 0300-0500 11835
 switches to Delano
*Bonaire is site for morning English to North America on 11675, at
 1100-1200 from April 4; previous week 11675 at 1200-1300 [actually
 1100-1300 for that week]
*Spain in English at 0000-0100 moves from 6055 to 15385, not so good
 at first, but usually improves in May
*Swiss Radio firing 26 employees of SwissInfo = Swiss Radio
 International, due to 15 megafranc subsidy loss
*Albania`s English schedule last week: add that it`s daily except
 Sundays into UT Mondays
*Radio Bulgaria`s A-04 English: 0630-07 11.6, 13.6 MHz; 1130-12 on
 11.7 15.7; 1730-18 9.5 11.5; 21-22 5.8 7.5; NAm 23 & 02 9.7 11.7
*R. Varna, Bulgaria, weekly for mariners, from 2100 Sun to 0300 Mon
 on 7.4
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1225;
 woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA  Check our
 website http://www.worldofradio.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Gerald T. Pollard
*R. Romania International, A-04 English: 0700-0726 11830 15150; 1300-
 1356 11830 15105; 1800-1856 11940 15380; 2130-2156 7285 9725 15285
 17735; partly for NAm: 2300-2356 7280 9590 9645 11940; 0100-0156
 9690 11940 15430 17760; 0400-0456 11820 15140 15235 17860
*Israel Radio: terrible financial problems may mean dismissal of many
 staff, strike threatened; may have to vacate IBA house. Plan to
 merge radio networks may affect English and other foreign languages
 on SW; summer time starts April 7, when all SW broadcasts shift one
 UT hour earier; from March 28, original UT English will be, and
 (alternate) frequency shifts May 1. 0500-0515 11590 9435 17600, alt
 15640; 1110-1120 15640 17535; 1800-1815 15640 17535 11605; 2000-2025
 15615 17535 11605, alt 15640
*R. Pedar (Father Radio), Iranian clandestine from Los Angeles, 9740
 M-F at 1830-1930, will switch to 1730-1830 on 17660 or 17735; is
 actually simulcast of TV Channel One, where `father` lectures, with
 lots of commercials
*Welcome back to Supratik Sanatani, Kolkata, resuming DXing after 10
 years; Sedaye Kashmir, 9890, 0530-0630 is `soft` clandestine in
 Urdu, Kashmiri from 0610, clearly an AIR operation; confirmed as
 Delhi by Jose Jacob, 100 kW on 9890, other times on 6100
*Bangladx yahoogroup posting says special programming on independence
 day March 26 in Bangla and in English, the latter at 1230-1300, 1815-
 1900 on 9550, 7185, 15520; not clear which frequencies at which
 times; and all regionals nonstop that day 0030-1710 
*National Radio of Laos, English at 1330-1400 on 7145, well heard in
*Special program from New Zealand on early history of SW service is
 available on website for only one week, Shortwaves and Long Memories,
 under Mailbox at http://www.rnzi.com
*Evening transmision of Radio Peace, Sudan, 4750, at 1600-1747; over
 here try to catch it from sign-on 0230
*R. Shabele, 6961, Somalia, not heard March 10-14; what happened?
*R. V. of Eritrean People, from March 28 at 1730-1830 on new 17660;
 also new website from ELF Revolutionary Council, http://adal61.com
*R. Cairo, Egypt`s new 11855 for English at 0200-0330 to NAm will
 clash with WYFR on 11855 to Central America; unconfirmed report that
 this and some other English broadcasts from Cairo will be canceled
*Allan Weiner of WBCQ, was one of many filing for AM changes in
 January; to move WREM from 710 to 780, 5 kW day, 60 watts night
*Clear Channel applied to move WWVA 1170 from Wheeling WV to Stow, OH
 as a Cleveland market station, 50 kW day, 27 kW night; competing
 applications so not clear if this will be approved
*Radio Free Brattleboro, unlicensed 10-watt community FM station in
 Vermont wins in court temporarily against FCC closing them down;
 claims authorization to broadcast comes from citizens of the town.
 Could be landmark case; read more in DXLD 4-052, 4-051 among others
*In Kent, Washington, neighborhood station on 1700 AM, part 15
 compliant, antenna less than 3 meters, power less than 100 milliwatts
 so no problems with FCC. Range half mile, East Hill Radio
*Bob Edwards, host of NPR Morning Edition forever, forced out of his
 job six months before his 25th anniversary
*Bill Westenhaver and Sheldon Harvey giving up the International Radio
 Report on CKUT Montreal, but show will continue with Janice and Steve
*New developments every week in powerline communications, which has
 the potential to ruin our reception on MW and SW. Urge you to read
 the reports about it at the end of most DX Listening Digests, most
 recently 4-050, 4-053, 4-054
*Propagation outlook from Boulder March 23: flux range 120-95-120
*And that`s World of Radio 1225; I`m Glenn Hauser ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1224, produced March 17, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*The times for WOR on WWCR: Thu 2130 UT on 15825; Sat 1130 5070; Sat
 2130 12160; UT Sun 0330 5070; Sun 0730 3210; Wed 1030 9475. All
 shift one UT hour earlier from first Sunday in April to stay at same
 local time in most of North America, probably on same frequencies
*Newest WOR time on WBCQ has already changed from Sun 2330 to UT Mon
 0200 on 9330-CLSB; also one hour earlier from April
*Our affiliate in Momigno, Italy, Studio X, 1584 kHz, is 10 kW but
 plans upgrade to 50; heard well already in Stuttgart; WOR is UT Sat
 0000, Sun 2000, one UT hour earlier from last Sunday in March
*RFPI has issued new program schedule for webcasts, in two formats,
 doc and pdf at http://www.rfpi.org showing World of Radio: Thu 2000,
 repeated every 4 hours thru Fri 1600; Sat 2130 and 2300, repeated
 every 8 hours thru Mon 1500; you can figure out the intervening
 times if needed [however, not yet started due to downloading
*Radio New Zealand special about early years of RNZ International:
 Sun March 21 at 0030 UT; and during Mailbox slots Mon Mar 22 at
 0830, 1130, 1330, 1530, Tue 0330, on old B-season frequencies, not
 upcoming A schedule I gave last week. 9870 at 1330 and 1530 for
 now but back down on 6095 for A-04, not penetrating nearly so well
 into NAm; add another, 11725 at 1951-2051 to schedule given last week
*Strike at ABC Melbourne March 15 over sports show affected newscasts
 on Radio Australia
*Wantok Radio Light, new Christian SW station for Papua New Guinea,
 expected on air by May on tropical band; to be built in April and
 May; HCJB is involved, but run by Life Radio Ministries in Griffin,
 Georgia. Frequency still not chosen
*First of many A-04 schedules this week, effective Sunday, March 28:
 R. Singapore International, English at 1100-1400 on 6150 and new 6080
*New SW service to China from Taiwan, mainland service of Voice of
 Han on 9745 from Kuanyin; curtain antennas, power unknown but
 probably low, schedule 2255-1705 UT. Already heard in UK at 1920,
 confirmed by matching to delayed online audio stream, via
 http://www.voh.com.tw/english/top-e.html See WRTH under Voice of
 Kuanghua on MW. 1845-1930 is a window when when China and Sawa are
 absent from 9745
*Radio Pedar, meaning Father, is a new clandestine to Iran, M-F 1830-
 1930 in Farsi on 9740 via Merlin UK; originates in Los Angeles. May
 change to 17660 in A-04. See http://www.channelonetv.com
*Jeff White reports on his visit to the UAE and Moscow, for the HFCC
 meeting in Dubai; see DXLD 4-048
*Reps of IRIB confirmed that Iran discontinued English and French SW
 to North AMerica, for budget reasons, but still on internet 
*Iran A-04 will have English at 0030-0330 on 9905 to South America,
 which should also be audible here if frequency clear; remaining
 English: 1030-1130 15600, 17660; 1530-1630 9635 11650; 1930-2030
*V. of Turkey A-04 English, one UT hour earlier: 1230 15225 15405;
 1830 9785; 2030 7170; 2200 NAm 9830; 0300 NAm and else 6140 7270
*FEBA, ex-Seychelles, A-04 via Russia: slow English 1400-1415 daily 
 on 9495 via Novosibirsk; 1500-1515 on 7350 via Irkutsk, plus 45 
 minutes more in regular English
*R. Cairo, Egypt, A-04 English to NAm 0200-0330 on 11855, any
 improvement? [no, will collide with WYFR!]; also has Arabic to NAm
 0030-0430 on 7115 in the ham band! Where Yugoslavia also has been.
 Others: 1215-1330 SAs 17670; 1630-1830 C&SAf 9855; 2030-2200 WAf
 15375; 2115-2245 Eu 9990; 2300-0030 ENAm 11725
*More on Radio Peace, newly discovered Christian station for southern
 Sudan on 4750: heard near Chicago from 0237 past 0400, English and
 vernaculars, poor strength, deteriorating after 0300. Power seems
 only 1 kW; http://www.persecutionproject.org website has a lot about
 it including propagation studies centered on a place called Waw, at
 8 N, 28 E, but not actually mentioned as site. Also called Nuba
 radio since it`s in the Nuba mountains. First day on air last June
 22, tho not discovered by DXers until 6 months later
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1224;
 woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Pete Bentley
*Standard disclaimer
*Mali, 4835 still has news in English, Sat 1905-1917 mixed with music,
 difficult to copy
*R. Romania International dropping several languages from March 28.
 Major reorganization into two international channels as Romania Live.
 RRI-1 for diaspora in Romanian; RRI-2 in English, French, German,
 Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian, Serbian
*R. Tirana, A-04 English: Europe 1845-1900 7210 9520; 2130-2200 on
 7130 9540; NAm 0145-0200, 0230-0300 both on 6115 7160
*Rai International, Italy, A-04 English: 0055-0115 NAm 9675 11800;
 0445-0500 6110 7235 9875; 1930-1955 5970 9605; 2025-2045 6185 9670
 11880; 2205-2230 11895
*Croatian Radio, A-04, mostly in Croatian but English and Spanish
 segments: SAm 2200-0300 9925, overlapping: ENAm 2300-0300 9925;
 WNAm 0100-0500 9925; Au/NZ 0400-0700, overlapping 0600-1000 both
 on 12110, all via Germany
*Croatian Radio has a TCI 611 curtain antenna for sale, 5.9-12.1 MHz,
 at 100 kW, 5 slews with accessories, original price $300K, delivered
 in 1995; was to serve North America but never installed
*R. Prague`s new schedule in DXLD 4-050; English to NAm: 2230 7345
 9415; 0000 7345 9440; 0100 6200 7345; 0300 7345 9870; no more
 1400 on 21745, but shifted to 1300 on same, for EAf instead
*R. Ukraine International, A-04 English hours: 2100 7420 Europe;
 0000 & 0300 7545 NAm; 1100 15415 WEu; 7545 to shift in summer to
 9810, fall back to 5910
*Latvian 100 kW on 9290 has special Sun Mar 21, European Music Radio
 with birthday program at 1400-1600
*R. Sweden, A-04 English to NAm: via Sackville ex-9 MHz to 6010 at
 0130, 0230; direct 1230 & 1330 on 15240; easterly at 1230 13580;
 1230 and 1330 on 15735
*Battle for the soul of the BBC, Independent (UK) article about Mark
 Byford, says news staff are against his becoming permament Director
 General. See DXLD 4-047
*R. Vlaanderen Internationaal A-04 English: NAm via Bonaire 2200 and
 0400 on 11635; elsewhere: 0700 5985; 1130 9940; 1730 9925 11640; 1930
 9925, some via Russia, others via Germany, none direct from Belgium
*R. Netherlands A-04, English to NAm at 1100 on 11675 Bonaire, ex-
 5965 Sackville which was not cutting it; also 0000-0200 9845; 0400-
 0500 6165, 9590; Sat/Sun 1900-2100 15315 17735 17660 Bonaire; also
 daily same hours to Africa 17810 11655 9895 7120 some Madagascar;
 in NAm also try As/FE/Pac partly Madagascar, 9890 11835 12075
*HCJB A-04 English: 1100-1330 12005 N&SAm; 15115 changes to Spanish
*R. Altura, Chaupimarca, Peru, on new 5014.4, heard in Japan at 1125
 ID as ``Somos Altura``
*R. Guaruja Paulista, Brasil, testing on new 5930; DX program is UT
 Sun 0030, also on 3235, 5045
*R. Amistad, one of Guatemala`s few SW stations seems back on 4698.77
 at 1100; volunteers from Chattanooga replaced plate transformer with
 microwave oven unit at 250 watts; also heard at 0250, and at 0906-
 0922 on 4698.09 but no IDs; usually breaks down quickly again
*R. Nacional, Paraguay, 0924-0938 on 9736.8 between DW and BBC
*R. Mexico International, soon to close, still heard March 17 around
 0600 and 1500, very poor [WTFK??? 9705 of course]
*Ukrainian service of RCI reprieved until fall pending negotiations
 with Ukraine`s national radio company [but not on A-04 SW schedule;
 perhaps at 1530-1600 on 11935, 15325 via UK]
*Bad week for free speech in US: House passed bill 391-22 for heftier
 penalties against indecency, raised to $500K; not passed Senate yet
*KCRW Santa Monica fired commentator Sandra Tsing Loh over one
 accidental naughty word, then invited her back, but she refused
*KPCC Pasadena cancelled LA Theatre Works` ``The Play`s the Thing``
 over naughty words; PBS censored upcoming documentary on Emma Goldman
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, March 16; flux range 120-90-120
*That`s World of Radio 1224; I`m Glenn Hauser ###

       WORLD OF RADIO #1223, produced March 10, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*WOR now at 5 different times on WBCQ, newest Sunday 2330 on 9330-
 CLSB, and previous broadcast moved to UT Sun 0030 on same; also
 a newish one is Sat 2130 on 17495-CUSB
*Winter SWL Fest almost upon us March 11-13; WBCQ will broadcast a lot
 of shows from the Fest, not just Allan Weiner Worldwide, UT Sat 0100 
 on 7415; some on other frequencies, 5105, 9330, and especially 
 Saturday daytime on 17495
*WBCQ to broadcast from motorsailor Katie, fitted out with studio,
 this spring; and also complete ham station aboard
*VOA cutting shortwave broadcasts in English by two thirds at the end
 of March, so will be tougher to hear; includes English to Americas,
 0000-0200; also Africa, Asia
*Enamored with ill-conceived services instead like Radio Marti, Sawa
*AFGE Local 1812 at VOA says budget shortfalls are not the reason for 
 cutting English, but change of priorities. Budget has actually
 increased slightly the last few years. Radio Free Iraq to be 
 integrated into METN/Sawa, eliminate RFA in Cantonese; reduce 
 English from 19 to 14 hours daily
*WWRB`s new transmitter Global 5 now in use on 5050, 2300-0500 UT on
 150 degrees to South America; another antenna reconfigured, 45
 degree rhombic, changing vertical takeoff angle from 46 to 8 degrees
 at 12 MHz, to put better signal at a distance, such as Europe, by
 raising cables higher above ground
*FCC A-04 frequency schedule available for private US SW stations;
 WSHB still on schedule just in case; as is WWBS, Macon, GA, actually 
 off the air since owner died last year: Sat & Sun 2300-0100 on 11910
*KIMF, Pinyon, New Mexico, still not on air, 5835 2200-1800, 11885
 1600-2200; an overlap allowing flexibility in changeover time
*WMLK, Pennsylvania shows 250 kW 1600-2200 on 15265; and new 9955 with 
 half power 125 kW 0300-0900, but not on air yet either; 9955 also 
 used by WRMI so will have to coordinate with them. WMLK still on 9465 
 with old 50 kW, 1600-2200, 0300-0900
*KNLS, Alaska, changes frequencies monthly; March: 0800 11765, 1300
 on 9655; from March 28 0800 still 11765, 1300 on 11870
*Radio Canada International, main evening to US then at 0100 will have 
 CBC World at Six, instead of RCI Canada Today, but the RCI weekly 
 programs including mailbag will be retained at 0130
*Another SW station destined for extinction shortly: XERMX, Radio
 Mexico International. IMER says it would cost too much to replace
 ailing transmitters, and hey, BBC already cut SW to North America.
 But IMER will invest more in internet broadcasting. Staff was told 
 in mid-Feb but just now coming out thru anonymous source. No date 
 given for closure, and I am still hearing it as of March 11; 9705 and 
 maybe 11770. March 10 at 1400 in the clear, [but VOA Saipan in 
 Cantonese normally blocks]; call-in discussing 1954 CIA coup in 
*Radio Huayacocotla, Veracruz, 2390 kHz, lengthly feature article in
 DX Listening Digest 4-044, via http://www.worldofradio.com
*XERTA, 4810, Mexico, what a strange station, terrible sound quality
 yet uses operatic background music, English station breaks claiming
 continental coverage; review by Steve Waldee
*Radio Maya de Barillas, Guatemala, 3324.8, nice morning show with no 
 echo chamber, no hype and hysteria, like circa 1939
*The 1223rd edition of World of Radio, woradio at yahoo.com or P O 
 Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Michael Beu
*Bjoern Malm in Quito has his own website now with audio clips of hot 
 SW DX in Latin America, and local MW stations, Voces de America 
 Latina http://www.malm-ecuador.com
*Radio Nacional del Paraguay reactivated on 9736.9v, irregularly 
 between 2200 and 0200 mostly with sports
*RTV Malagasy, Madagascar, 5010 was on late March 6 past 2330; due to 
 cyclone hitting the island; usual sign-off is 1900
*Cyclone caused power shortage and Radio Nederland relay off
 temporarily tho no danage; not heard March 8 at 1700 but back at 
 2000 on 11655
*Radio Peace, a mystery station heard on 4750, at 0315, English IDs
 and African vernaculars, but no location given; also at 1612-1655. 
 Solution seems to be via http://www.persecutionproject.org --- new
 Christian station for Sudan. More at 
 http://www.missionvisionnetwork.org [not missionnetwork as I said]
*New Somali SW station, Radio Shabele, ajusted from 6961 to 6960;
 heard in Sweden almost every evening around 2015-2100*; tentative
 in Michigan opening at 0357
*If R. Mexico International imagines internet is a suitable 
 replacement for SW, they must have had a very tiny audience; Swiss 
 Radio International, now known as Swiss Info, page won`t load for 
 days in a row, so no text or audio
*Switzerland about to close SW permanently at end of October 2004;
 so their last SW transmitter, 500 kW ABB at Sottens is for sale,
 either whole or as spare parts; covers 5.9 to 26.1 MHz, built in 1989
*A third Albanian MW frequency for relays of China, 1215, as well as
 1395, 1458; also high-power; 1600 Albanian, 1700 Esperanto, 1800
*CRI says it is broadcasting in Finnish on FM, in Helsinki: a local
 company translates the English program and broadcasts it in Finnish
*Fan site for Radio Tirana, under construxion: 
*Chief of Radio Kontynent, Ukraine, had to flee the country to avoid
 arrest; another station chief, Yuta Radio, on way to negotiate with
 Radio Liberty, was killed in mysterious auto accident
*Non-identifier on 6025 with Christian programming to Iraq at 0030-
 0330 turns out to be Bible Voice Broadcasting via Germany; same on
 7340 at 2230-2325+
*Lao National Radio, 7145, heard with English at 1330-1359* but is
 irregular, weak modulation; better signal in Philippines on 4660
 Luang Prabang, listed with much less power
*Plans to axe the Radio National network of the ABC in Australia, 
 upon which Radio Australia relies for much of its programming
*Radio New Zealand`s new schedule from March 28: from 2051 on 15720; 
 0459 to 9615; 0706 to 9885; 1100 9885 on different beam; 1300 6095, 
 1851 on 9885; [1951 on 11725]
*Air America, the new Liberal radio network, signed up affiliate in
 New York City, WLIB -- coincidentally already its call letters; 
 with Al Franken, Janeane Garofalo, Randi Rhodes
*Travel info station at LAX authorized to increase power on 530 to
 100 watts, in case of terrorist emergency, but is even that enough 
 in the greater LA area?
*World Radio TV Handbook will publish no more Shortwave Guides in 
 summer: not enough sales; hope they continue with monthly udates on 
*Propagation outlook from Boulder March 9: flux range 125-90
*Did you know that DX stands for ``I am sinking`` in an Argentine
 military code?
*Glenn Hauser concluding with a standard disclaimer, World of Radio 
 1223 ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1222, produced March 3, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Our first airing on WWCR now back on 15825, Thursdays at 2130
*Liangas in Greece heard WWCR 12160 well Sunday at 2130, so we hope
 also Saturdays at 2130 when WOR is scheduled, all over Europe
*Pitcairn Island schedules for ham operators: VP6YL, Wed 1700 on
 21325; VP6TC, Fri 1700 21248; VP6DB, most days 2200-2300 14226.5
 or 14247; VP6TC, Tue 2330-Wed 0100 on 21348 or 14181
*R. Australia plans to replace 10 kW Brandon, Queensland transmitters
 with new 100 kW units early next year, but still run them at 10 kW
*NBC Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, 4890, had perfect clarity when
 taking a telephoned report from correspondent, tho in-studio mike
 was muffled, absolutely indistinct
*Best 60m signal from Indonesia used to be RRI Ujung Pandang on 4753;
 apparently reactivated on 4750 from renamed Makassar, but difficult
 to ID for sure, heard until 1600 sign-off
*Aum Shinrikyo cult leader in Japan, Shoko Asahara finally convicted
 of chemical terrorist acts, could get death penalty; broadcast via
 Russia on shortwave
*R. Taiwan International has new program schedule:
*All India Radio starting all-news channel [from April], and already
 testing, 0025-0430, 0700-1330, 1430-1740, on 7195/7194 Mumbai, 7270
 Chennai, 7360 Delhi, 7420 Guwahati
*A-04 schedule from last Sunday in March, for Kashi/Kashgar in extreme
 western China, both 100 and 500 kW transmitters; may be two separate
 sites. See DXLD 4-036
*Several European language services of China announcing new relays via
 Albania on MW; transmitters were originally supplied by China and
 relayed until relations were broken. More recently time for sale even
 to Christians such as TWR. Part of CRI relay schedule: 1700-1800
 Bulgarian on 1458; 0700-0900 English on 1395, starting with Real Time
 Beijing; 2230-2330 Czech on 1458; 2130 Polish on 1458; -2100
 Hungarian on 1458
*New from Monaco on 1467, MC-One testing daytimes 0530-1725, but only
 the ID may be in English
*Radio Liberty lost the FM station relaying it in Ukraine, but soon
 found another one, Kontynent. Now the owner of that station has fled
 the country after threats, and police seized the transmitter on 100.9
*Full data QSL card from Radio Marabu, via Latvia, 9290, says next
 broadcast will be Sunday March 14 from 1300 to 1700
*RTE Radio One to commence LW 252 on March 17, covering most of UK and
 Ireland; allows maintenance on MW 567, temporarily suspended July-
*After 58 years, Alistair Cooke is retiring from Letter from America
 on the BBC; was 95 last November, stopped smoking in his late 80s.
 2,869 letters in all. Many are archived at BBC website and will keep
 running repeats for a few more weeks
*Standard disclaimer
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1222,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA, or woradio at yahoo.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Dan Srebnick
*R. Okapi, DR Congo, launching new website March 8:
*R. Shabeelle, new Somali station on 6961, heard in Finland and
 Denmark; already has website http://www.shabele.com Schedule is
 0400-0600 and 1000-2100; QSL by e-mail from maalik @ shabele.com
*Schedules of the two Oromo clandestines for rest of March: Radio
 Voice of the Oromo Liberation Front, 7560, via Samara, Russia, on
 Mon and Thu only 1700-1800; V. of Oromo Liberation, 9820 via
 Juelich, Germany, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun 1700-1800, both in Oromo at
 1700, Amharic at 1730
*Plans for a new clandestine, Radio Free Syria, backed 100% by Syrian
 businessmen in Washington, starting March 31 from Cyprus. On what
 frequency by whom? IBB`s Radio Sawa is on 990 there. Reform Party
 of Syria, anti-Baathist, is involved: http://www.reformsyria.com
*Unidentified on 6025 between 0025 and 0330 in American English and
 Arabic, Christian programming for Iraq, but no IDs, and site unknown
*BBC Monitoring published another comprehensive review of the media
 in postwar Iraq; see DX Listening Digest 4-037 via
*[Two] megawatt Saudi transmitter on MW 1521 booming into New England,
 overriding WWKB and other US stations, 0200-0330 and 2230-2255
*Call and format change at KQXX 1700 Brownsville, TX: no longer oldies
 but newstalk as KVNS
*Three simultaneous MW DX tests early Sunday March 14: two in
 Jacksonville FL, WNNR 970 and WVOJ 1570, from 0500 UT for at least
 an hour; and WTOP 1500, Washington DC
*A bit later that same morning, March 14, KEVA 1240, Evanston,
 Wyoming, 0700-0800 DX test including Morse code IDs
*VOA reported not to be cutting Ukrainian in half after all, keeping
 two hours a day instead of one; February 27 was final day for ten
 other VOA languages
*AFGE Local 1812 union at VOA asks: who is Alfred J. Finch and why is
 he investigating VOA employees? For speaking to an Egyptian
 reporter about Al Hurra TV and Radio Sawa
*Pakistan paper says VOA plans to cancel 17 foreign language services
*Local 1812 also says VOA plans to cut English on shortwave this month
 to the regions where that medium is most popular: Africa, East Asia,
 Middle East, South Asia
*WSHB`s final broadcast was UT Monday March 1 on 7535 until 0800
*Ukrainian from RCI is a different story: management abolished two of
 the four positions, and another in the newsroom
*Who really gives a crap any more? From Sheldon Harvey about RCI
 mismanagement, in DXLD 4-035
*Radio Apintie, Surinam, 4990, well heard in Tennessee, 0650 ID
*Ecuadorian reactivated, on 4869.93 variable, La Voz del Upano with
 Radio Maria programming at 0745 which is also on 3279.54, La Voz del
*La Voz del Napo, 3279.55, at 0700 praised for carrying Bizet,
 Vivaldi, classical music in good fidelity: appreciated in Ecuador,
 unlike the US
*Radio Uncia, Bolivia, 4722.89 variable, heard with programming from
 Radio Pio Doce, 5952.4, 0950-1000
*The fire at RAE, Argentina last week caused some damage to the
 antennas, but they were back on the air in less than 24 hours
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, March 2; flux range 120-95
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1222   ###

     WORLD OF RADIO #1221, produced February 25, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Censorship is not an Option initiative has brought Radio for Peace
 International back, to webcasting, at first Quicktime only with
 capacity of 6000 at once; see http://www.rfpi.org  Later mpeg-4; no
 schedule yet, not clear if carrying WOR or COM 
*New Somali station on SW: Radio Shabeelle on 6961
*Two different clandestine stations run by OLF: R. Voice of Oromo
 Liberation Front, and Voice of Oromo Liberation: see
*EDC program in Somali, Al Mustaqbal is actually for Somali Region 5
 of Ethiopia, on 17565, Mon, Tue, Thu 0630-0700 via UAE, 1202-1232 via
*Zambia Radio One on 5915 at 0515-1555, 4910 before and after; Radio
 Two on 6165 throughout; still using two MW frequencies, 729 and 927
*R. Zimbabwe on 3306 at night, 6045 day, maybe changeover at 0530,
 1630. Now also reported on 4828, parallel all night, but 100 seconds
 delayed from 3306; every half hour plays song in praise of
 government`s land reform program, Our Land is Our Prosperity; result
 of Iran aid; also to beef up external SW broadcasting
*Brother Stair blocking Namibia at 2200-2300 on 6175; is via Germany
 to China and Mongolia; only NBC frequency heard, with 3270, 3290,
 6060 silent
*R. Nacional, Angola heard in NYC on 7216.8 at 2100-2300  
*Schedule change for Radio Ndeke Luka, into Central Arfrican Republic
 from UAE on 11785, 1830-1930 instead of 1900-2000; best in first half
 hour in UK, French and Sango
*CAR itself used to have good signal on 5038v, as did Togo on 5047v;
 now 5046.6 has weak signal, or 5046.87, tentatively Togo around 2100
*First QSL for V. of Liberty, Monrovia, 11514.4, issued by Morgan
 Freeman at WJIE, to whom reports should be sent; jpg, later P-mail
*Madrid won`t QSL, but REE program Espanoles en la Mar, produced in
 Canaries, will verify; full schedule: M-Sat 1510 on 21700 21610 21570
 17755 15585 15385; M-F 2105 11625 7275; Sat 2205 17850 15125 15110
 11625 9765 7275 7270, some of which are Costa Rica relays; address:
 Apartado 1233, 38080 Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Islas Canarias, Espana
*Isle of Man International Broadcasting finally won court challenge
 against setting up longwave 279 station; so now can proceed
*Dutch Info Radio to broadcast April-October via Germany and WRMI,
 unlike last summer; and asked for license for small SW transmitter
 in Holland itself
*World Music Radio, Denmark, delayed and delayed; transmitters
 expected from Canada in February, on air by late Feb; 10 kW on 5810,
 1 kW  on 15810, stream via http://www.wmr.dk and on Live365.com 
*Sun Feb 29 1600-1800, Radio Mi Amigo via 100 kW Latvia on 9290
*Ukrainian pirate/private on 11980, Radio Dniprovska Khvylia
 (Zaporizhia), schedule Sat and Sun 0600-0800 and 0900-1130, with 100
 to 250 watts, DSB/reduced carrier, N-S dipole; but inaudible in Kiyiv
*WOR 1221, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA or woradio at yahoo.com
 For much more: http://worldofradio.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Ulis Fleming
*International Radio of Serbia & Montenegro anniversary on March 8;
 special QSL, and if reported by March 10, a station flag; address:
 GORA  http://www.radioyu.org
*R. Romania International not only cancelling Portuguese, but four
 others to close at Marchend: Hungarian, Bulgarian, Greek and Turk-ish
 Brazilians and Portuguese campaigning to keep their language, but
 decision was to be made by Feb 24
*Turkmenistan president plans foreign satellite TV channel in English
 and others; but domestic TV is cult of his personality, no comedy,
 analysis, discussion, or western music; gold profile of Nyazov in one
 corner of screen
*Turkmenistan English news at 1500-1510 heard on 5015 except Sundays
*New time for English from BBS Bhutan 1400 already changed to 1500,
 daily on 6035
*Why can`t I get more reports like Steve Waldee`s audiovisualized
 logging of Magadan 7320
*Station under China on 5050 around 1030 in California suspected to be
 ARDS, Australia
*84 percent of AM stations in New Zealand controlled by four companies
*Argentine X-band station nominal 1660 is heard in Brasil on 1654, so
 we might have chance, R. Contemporanea, at 0439
*Fire threatened General Pacheco SW site near Buenos Aires Feb 24,
 caused RAE SW to close down, and move MW and FM to backup sites; not
 clear how serious the damage
*R. Nacional Paraguay SW site reported in newspaper to be under
 refurbishment after years of neglect, and expected back on air (was
 9737v), end of Feb or beginning of March
*New Bolivian discovered in Argentina: R. Television Chicha, 4763.3,
 in Tecla, nom. 4760, since Feb. 20, heard until 2400*; schedule 1030-
 1700 and 2100-2400
*R. Difusora de Taubate, Sao Paulo, 4925, may reactivate now following
 Carnaval; had been off for maintenance
*unID on 4960.5 by Bjorn Malm is R. La Hora, Cusco, Peru, also on
 4856v at 1051, 0130; we IDed from sound clip on his new website:
*R. Melodia, Bogota, Colombia, sporadically active, is back again on
 6139.79v at 0730, and earlier
*R. Rebelde, Cuba, new improved signal on 5025, holds up two hours
 past sunrise in Atlanta, all day in Naples
*Sat Feb 21 on 20851.6 at 1500-1520 I heard a pirate, identified on
 fundamental 6950.44 as WBST, allegedly in Salem, Massachuseetts
*WWRB wants DXer help in choosing new 3 MHz frequency to avoid QRMing
 stations abroad they would like to hear. Contact http://www.wwrb.org
*AFGE Local 1812 at VOA now reports 11 positions in English service to
 be elminated in October with cut from 19 to 14 hours per day; protest
*X-bander in Enid on 1640 changed calls from KMMZ to KFNY, as in funny
 heard first by Morris Sorensen in Manitoba
*Buzz on 1670 came from IBOC experimental WD2XXM, Frederick MD, Feb 18
 at 2200-2300
*Bill Harms rebuilding his Ultimate TIS site
*FCC decides Low Power FM can safely operate on 3rd adjacent channels;
 so LPFM applicants should get another chance
*Noise on your SW radio not too much fun unless it`s coming from
 Jupiter, 18-32 MHz; radio storms there expected to peak March 1 at
 0800-1000 UT [less probable March 7 0600-0800]; more at
*Largest meeting of SW listeners, Winter SWL Fest is approaching March
 11-13 near Philadelphia, Best Western Inn at Towamencin; see
 Early registration ends March 1, then prices increase
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Feb 24; flux range 120-95
*Reminder that from March our Thu 2130 broadcast on WWCR moves from
 9475 to 15825
*Glenn Hauser, concluding edition 1221  ###

     WORLD OF RADIO #1220, produced February 17, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Two weeks since the last new WOR, so lots of catching-up to do
*Ozone Radio, Irish pirate carrying WOR on Sunday mornings, cutting
 back to first Sunday of each month due to lack of response
*Sometimes WOR is on webstream leading up to Different Kind of Oldies
 Show, Saturday evenings http://dkosmedia.com
*Radio NewYork International webcast adding WOR, Sundays at 2100 UT,
 4 pm ET, http://www.radionewyorkinternational.com
*But IBC Radio has suspended WOR while reconfiguring
*WOR on WWCR, Thu 2130 on 9475, three-month season about over. From
 March back on 15825 at this time
*Mundo Radial remains on 9475 until first week in April, since it`s in
 the 2200 UT hour; new edition from February 17 thrice weekly
*(Recording of WSHB interval signal)
*WSHB soon to disappear, on Feb 29, closing down if not sold at last
 minute; CS Church has been divesting broadcast operations. Church
 restructuring laying off top level managers. WSHB told Don Putnick
 that it would close. A pity: two 500 kW transmitters in South
 Carolina with very good coverage, but wasted last few years on
 nothing but CS teaching. Full schedule at 
*IS just before hourtops (another recording, then ID, opening Russian)
*Inside info at stations by monitoring labor unions, if any; at VOA
 AFGE Local 1812 claims that BBG will cut VOA English further in Oct
 from 19 to 14 hours a day; real cuts will be in broadcasters thrown
 out of work, [apparently 11 positions]: http://www.afge1812.org
*Instead USG broadcasting money going into new initiatives like Al
 Hurra, new TV service in Arabic, mixed reviews; see DXLDs from 4-027
*R. Rebelde, Cuba, much stronger than before on 5025, humongous signal
*New article about what really happened at RFPI:
*Kofi Annan asked UNDP to intercede, but University for Peace refused
 to negotiate and UN backed off
*R. Miskut, Nicaragua, silent on 5770 for six months but about to be
*Recent report of Radiodifusora Nacional de Colombia reactivated on
 9635 at 2230-2300 is probably mistaken, as Voz Cristiana, Chile is
 on same frequency at same time
*DST in Brazil ended Feb 14; coastal states resume UT minus 3; as if
 we went off in mid-August, a very good idea
*R. Nacional Amazonia off-frequency again, 6183.2 and 9668.2 at 0730
*Wind gusts caused shorting and fires at R. Australia Shepparton site;
 two aerials off the air, but 21740 also missing here sometimes in the
 2100-2400 period
*There are two separate programs called Radio Free Vietnam via KWHR,
 9930 Hawaii; one from California, Tue and Thu 1600-1700; the other in
 Washington DC, but with maildrop in Louisiana, Mon-Sat 1230-1300 with
 same ID: ``Dai phat than Viet Nam tui do``
*R. Pilipinas, one of the most obscure external services in English,
 0200-0330 on 11685, 15275, and heard in Colorado on 15120 only
*R. Veritas Asia, Catholic station, had listeners` meeting in Bengal,
 80 attended, Swopan Chakroborty honored as Best DXer of 2003
*BBC Hindi service has two-month road show in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar
 thru March 26 [schedule in DXLD 4-024]
*About 200 Malaysians, Indonesians and Thais travelled to Singapore
 for 10th birthday bash of R. Singapore International; Chinese service
 listeners send perishable gifts, help out visiting correspondents
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1220,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA, or woradio at yahoo.com  Check our
 website to read much more in DX Listening Digest via
*R. Nepal was off 5005 only briefly, back Feb. 7 with reduced power on
*BBS Bhutan, now in English daily 1400-1425 on 6035, no longer
 weekends at 1000-1100
*BBS has new FM network and expanding hours to 0100-1600 from Feb 21;
 we can only hope they retain SW to fill in the gaps
*All India Radio, considering cancelling foreign language broadcasts,
 now wants reception reports from UK and Europe, Middle East, SE Asia,
 China, offering QSL cards. Schedule at
*English from Pakistan at 1600-1614 heard on 4795, 5027, 5080, 9395;
 1530-1600 on 4790; 1614- on 5080
*Station on 6240 not V. of Mojahed, but V. of Iranian Revolution, from
 1455, also on 4371, 3875
*EPLF-DP startinng new clandestine for Eritrea, Voice of Liberty, Feb
 22, Sundays 0400-0500 on 15675; via Germany? in Tigrigna, later in
 Arabic; http://www.eritrea1.org
*Al-Mustaqbal, service in Somali sponsored by EDC, is actually for
 southern Ethiopia; 17565 Mon/Tue/Thu only 0630-0700 via UAE, 1200-
 1230 via South Africa
*ZBC Zimbabwe reactivated old frequency 3306, early mornng and eves;
 daytimes still 6045, but irregular, with Radio 2 not in English; 3306
 heard all-night when on; remeember this is the mouthpiece of one of
 the most evil, repressive regimes in Africa
*In absence of Dr. Scott Costa Rica 5029, Burkina Faso heard on 5030,
 0630 with charming indigenous music; Cuban on 5025 now the problem
*R. France domestic network journalists on strike Jan 27 for pay
 parity with TV colleagues; RFI journalists did not join strike until
 Feb 11, but domestic strike settled Feb 13 as RFI strike continued
 [a few more days]
*Proposals in Britain to break BBC up into regional services are
 nothing new, not such a great threat, tho played up by press
*Network in Ukraine carrying R. Liberty has dropped it. RL adding MW
 via Hungary 1188 at 1800-1900, 2000-2100, but not yet confirmed; also
 still has SW broadcasts
*VOR dropped webcasting of non-Russian language services
*R. Romania International to close Portuguese and other services in
*RCI resuming Portuguese at Marchend, not so positive a development:
 may not be on SW; paid for by cutting Ukrainian service. Advertising
 for a Brazilian section announcer-producer.
*RCI Action Committe takes a very different view of RCI repositioning:
 http://www.geocities.com/rciaction -- Portuguese probably weekly 15 
 or 30 minutes; cut Ukrainian to weekly, without news. And elminate 
 all RCI-produced programming to Americas, nothing but CBC relays; 
 some positions unfilled, and $4 million of $15 million budget 
 unaccounted for [absorbed by CBC domestic?]
*Steve Waldee reports on Computer Noise Effects on Shortwave Radios:
*That will pale in comparison to powerline communications. FCC has
 agreed to go forward with notice of propsoed rulemaking, the next
 step. 5100 hams filed comments about it. BPL providers may mitigate
 interference to hams, but no recourse for SWLs
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Feb 13; flux range 100-85-120
*And so we come to the conclusion of World of Radio 1220; I`m Glenn
 Hauser with a
*Standard disclaimer ###

	WORLD OF RADIO Extra 45, Feb. 18, 2004 = COM 03-06 below

      WORLD OF RADIO #1219, produced February 4, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*First two 2004 editions of Continent of Media, not yet broadcast on
 SW, available for download or streaming at http://www.dxing.com
*KTRU 91.7 in Houston TX sometimes carries WRN overnight, including
 WOR Sunday at 5 am CST, as on Feb 1
*VOA terminating 10 east European languages Feb. 27: Bulgarian,
 Estonian, Czech, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian,
 Slovak, Slovene; and reducing Ukrainian and Armenian
*AFGE Local 1812, representing many VOA workers, says BBG is
 considering an IBB scheme to all but eliminate VOA`s English news
 service [later: to cut from 19 to 14 hours per day in Oct]
*RFE/RL ended Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovak, Bulgarian, Croat,
 January 31, cutting 100 positions in Prague and capital news bureaux,
 in keeping with Bush administration wish to end broadcasts to NATO/EU
*Bulgaria to continue RFE on its own under new name, Radio New Europe,
 only on FM?
*WMLK still using old 50 kW transmitter on 9465; 250 kW still needs
 some parts
*WINB resumed 13570 ex-9930 at 1300-2200
*R. Canada International repositioning programming at end of March:
 resumes Portuguese for Brazil. English and French tailored for
 target areas rather than worldwide. CBC relays continue for North
*Quirks & Quarks on Sat Feb 7: A Hitchhiker`s Guide to Mars, on RCI;
 and CBC after noon local time
*Private broadcasters in Canada sue CRTC for hundreds of megadollars
 over licence fees as unfair tax
*All Comedy Radio net, on our KMMZ 1640 Enid, added to Mojo Radio 640
 in Toronto, overnights from 2 am EST, and weekends
*Annual Homelessness Marathon available to noncommercial radio
 stations UT Friday Feb 13 for 14 hours from 0000 = 6 pm CST on
 Thursday; among those carrying it are CKUT Montreal, KUNM in
 Albuquerque; on NPR and Pacifica satellite feeds, webcast
*Heads rolling at BBC over Hutton report, fixing blame for
 exaggerating grounds for going to war with Iraq; BBC Chairman Gavin
 Davies quit; next day, Director General Greg Dyke; and after that
 the reporter responsible for the item, Andrew Gilligan. Lots of
 discussion in British, American and world press. See last few
 issues of DX Listening Digest via http://www.worldofradio.com
*World Music Radio, private SW from Denmark, delayed again: delivery
 of transmitters during Feb, first broadcasts late Feb or early
 March; studio ready, transmitter site not certain yet
*Latvia`s SW transmitter on 9290 has no regular schedule, but short-
 term bookings. Two planned for this weekend: Sat Feb 7, European
 Music Radio at 2100-2300 UT, for the world; Sun Feb 8, Radio Marabu,
 1300-1700, http://www.radio-marabu.de [lots of pop-ups]
*R. Ukraine International shifted 5 kHz to 5910 ex-5905 from Feb 5
 to North America 0000-0500, with English at 01 and 04
*RDP International, Portugal resumed DX program, UT Thu 0040 on
 13770, 13700, 11980, 11655, 9715 [the last blocked by WYFR -0045]
*NBC Namibia heard in California on 6060 at 0322-0330, difficult;
 no longer on 90m band
*If you do hear something on 3270, especially in Europe, it could be
 2nd harmonic of a Greek pirate on 1635, actually 3270.39
*V. of Liberty, Liberia, 11514.4 heard at 1545 past 1800 in Finland,
 also announcing as LCBN Radio; 102.3 FM
*Standard disclaimer
*You`re listening to World of Radio, where the times we mention,
 u.o.s. are Universal in the 24 hour system
*Our address, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or woradio at
 yahoo.com  Thanks this week for financial support go to Steven
*R. Galkayo, Somalia, 6980 heard with English news at 1730, closing
 at 1736 on a Saturday, not heard on another day
*Al-Mustaqbal, new service for Somalia, via South Africa on 17565,
 heard at 1205-1233; is Mon, Tue, Thu only
*New high-power MW relay of R. Sawa via Djibouti is finally on the
 air: 1431 kHz in schedules since Feb 1, 1600-0400 in Arabic, non-
 directional, 600 kW, testing; and heard in Finland at 2130, not
 parallel to other Sawa services on SW
*R. Bahrain again being reported on 9745-USB, 1322-1355; 1207-1335.
 But later in the evening, R. Sawa is on 9745
*R. Kuwait English service missing from 15110 at 0500, sometimes
 Arabic instead
*Saudi Arabia has gone to great lengths to prevent opposition
 broadcasts into the country; see DXLD 4-022
*Iranian clandestine, V. of Mojahed, 1550-1600 on 6240 with bubble
 jammer; history and background of the station. MKO no longer welcome
 in Iraq, but still on the air; considered terrorists by US and EU,
 but believed to originate from UK or US, feed via Telstar 12
 http://www.iran.mojahedin.org [very big page in Persian]
*V, of Jammu Kashmir Freedom on 5990 at 0230-0400, defective buzzy
 transmitter in Rewat, Paksitan, same as on 5101 and 4790
*R. Nepal missing from 5005 as of Feb 4, still on MW
*Malaysia still using SW for domestic services, but RTM Radio 6, Tamil
 service missing from 4845 a few days; 5965 and 7295 heard, and
 Sarawak 7270, 7130
*Defectors from North Korea in the South starting a broadcast on
 internet, Free North Korea Broadcasting, http://freenk.com in
 April, testing due already Feb 16 [we got a blank page so far]
*KORL 690, Honolulu, new format, 1600-0400 in Japanese, Radio K-Japan;
 jazz at night and asking for customers, multicultural radio
*Strong harmonic in Ecuador on 6760.14 turned out to be 2 x 3380.07,
 Centro Radiofonico de Imbabura, Ibarra; also heard on SW 3380.7 plus
 MW 1229.92 = 4609.99
*R. Nacional de Colombia heard in Wales at 2230-2255 on 9635; seems
 to be very rarely on the air
*New internet service supported by Venezuelan Pres. Chavez, but based
 in Miami, Radio Revolucion Bolivariana, http://www.bovmiami.org 
 [with lots of pop-ups]
*Guyana`s government TV and radio to merge into NCN, National
 Communications Network, so may hear new IDs on 3291
*Government of Jamaica to sell shares in RJR to the public, from its
 ten percent interest
*Community Radio 1650 AM in Decatur IL, http://www.allserviceradio.com
 says it is operating legally under Part 15
*WFAL, 1630, Overlea High School, Maryland, named for falcon mascot,
 [reported by George W. Jensen], more likely a pirate
*NAB board votes to endorse interim AM IBOC nighttime operation, so
 brace yourself for more noise on MW at night from ``HD`` radio; but
 unclear how FCC will act on this
*Dying breed, CB radio group signs off in Seattle, REACT out of
 business; was to help motorists in distress; cellphones to blame
*Mid-Atlantic Emergency Net on ham 5 MHz band, Wednesdays 2200 ET =
 UT Thu 0300-0330 on 5330.5 USB [but nothing heard here Feb 5]; NCS
 changes call district each month; contact KE4SKY
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Feb 3; flux range 105-130-85
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1219  ###

      WORLD OF RADIO #1218, produced January 28, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*New edition of my other program Continent of Media now available,
 04-01 at http://www.dxing.com and http://www.worldofradio.com  and
 perhaps eventually on this station at this time, substituting when
 World of Radio needs to take a week off [as WOR Extra 46, but COM
 03-06 would appear first as WOR Extra 45]
*And let us hope soon on Radio for Peace International; court case in
 Costa Rica against Univesity turned down for no jurisdiction. RFPI is
 working on resuming internet streaming soon. Will have a lot of old
 favorite shows plus new focus on CR and Central American issues;
 listener support more crucial than ever. Keep an eye on website
 http://www.rpfi.org where PayPal contributions may be made, or by
 check or money order to RFPI, P O Box 3165, Newberg, OR 97132
*Brother Scare bought most of the nighttime hours on WBCQ`s 5105
 transmitter, 2200-1200 UT, except Sunday nights 2300-0500 UT Mondays
 when Area 51 is on, but we are no longer heard at 0515 UT Monday
*We are still on 7415 at 0515 UT Monday, but inaudible here this week;
 also reception problems on WWCR 5070 at 0330 UT Sundays. How well are
 listeners elsewhere hearing these?
*But we have new time on WBCQ, Sat 2130 on 17495-CUSB, which should
 have wide coverage to east?, west and south; coincidentally at same
 time as new broadcast on WWCR, 12160
*WWCR`s new 9985 for time being only on Sundays 1300-1600 including
 Tamil music show Ragam shifted to 1400-1600, with Sing for Joy from
 1500 to 1300; other days of week WWCR-3 remains on 12160
*Two Perfect Pauls heard at same time with different weather
 broadcasts on same frequency 13089-USB, at 2230-2300 from NMN
 Portsmouth VA and NMC San Francisco. Maybe they think no clash in the
 oceans as there is here, but I doubt that; [my full report on this in
 DXLD 4-014; and 4-015]
*US Department of Transportation Coordination Net on Wednesdays 1500-
 1600, with a series of frequencies for 10 minutes each; so far found
 at 1520 on 7419.5 USB, 1530 on 9197, 1540 on 10891. See DXLD 4-016
*Egregious off-frequency operation by KJJR, Whitefish MT on 879.8 for
 umpteen years [heard in CO before sunset, not midday; timezone
*KICA, 980, Clovis NM, has applied for 50 kW days, still 172 W nites
*Bubba the Love Sponge on Florida Clear Channel stations draws record
 indecency fine by FCC of $755,000 for sexually explicit segments;
 $27,500 against KRON-TV San Francisco for a man exposing himself
*Senate adopts TV station ownership limit to 39% of national audience,
 favoring Viacom/CBS and Newscorp/Fox which are under that cap; seen
 as rebuke to FCC Chairman Michael Powell who wanted 45%; compromise
 with anti-media concentration forces who wanted 35% max
*Lots of interesting broadcast history and technical material at
*CKY, 580, Winnipeg, Manitoba now has FM 102.3 in preparation for
 turning off 580 forever after a few months of simulcast. Must be out
 of their mind for giving up huge groundwave coverage with 50 kW on
 580. Canadian radio executives have given up on AM; to be replaced by
 DAB on L-band with deficient coverage
*XEROK, 800, Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua has been running only 50 kW, but
 to be back up to 150 kW by end of February
*The 560 in Tecate BCN was off the air, to move again? Call reportedly
 changed to XEPE, but not heard as such; XEKTT still used on 1600
*XEOI, Radio Mil in Mexico City was on 6016 for a few days, then back
 to 6010
*BBC World Service DRM via Sackville at 0000-0100 shfit to 6015 bad
 for R. Mil on either frequency; this may have been in response to
 Arnie Coro`s complaint that BBC interfered with Havana on 6000
*RHC on new 12000 at 1100-1500 in Spanish, not harmonic of 6000
*Ezequiel Suarez Avendanyo died January 17; is the voice of YVTO
 timesiganls as well as HD2IOA in Ecuador; and on telephone time
 service, government TV and radio stations. Was out of favor
 politically in recent years, and hard to find him
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1218;
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA or wghauser at yahoo.com
 Our website contains a wealth of info: http://www.worldofradio.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to LeRoy Long
*Colombian harmonic on 2020.18, HJZD, Radio Panzenu, Monteria at 1020
*Reactivated Quibdo, Colombia on 5019.64 at 0330 January 27 with
 Radio Net news, from Caracol. Ecos del Atrato ID rarely heard as when
 occasionally active, relays many other Caracol network stations such
 as Caracol Basica, Radio Reloj, Tropicana Estereo, La Vallenata --
 and is one of the worst verifiers that exists
*On 5480.03, 4th harmonic of 1370, also heard on 2nd, 2740.02, Radio
 Mundial, Bogota, at 1100 with national anthem and ID
*New Bolivian has returned, Radio Uncia, 4722.82, from January 21
 heard in Ecuador at 2345; Jan. 22 in Norway at 2310; Jan. 23 in
 Sweden at 2245 on 4722.86
*Brazilian 3375 frequency has only one station now as R. Municipal,
 Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira is off since December 18; now only R.
 Educadora, Guajara Mirim, Rondonia, at 0940-1006 with Brasil Caboclo
*Argentine pirate, Radio Bosques, a.k.a. Radiodifusion Argentina
 Libre, moved from Avellaneda to some place near La Plata, Buenos
 Aires province, per postmarks; 6719.37 for only a couple of days,
 back to 6153.23, but missing again
*Ham DXpedition to South Orkney Islands: http://www.ay1za.dxers.com.ar
*Several Hawaiian MW stations applied to change frequency and powers:
 KAIM 870 to 880; KHCM 940 to 960; KENT 1170 to 1180 clearing way for
 KCBQ San Diego to raise night power; KZOO 1210 to 1230
*Malaysia appears to have abandoned SW for domestic service relays:
 4845, 5965, 7295 no longer heard. Still external service V. of
 Malaysia and V. of Islam
*BBS Bhutan heard in Kolkata with English news Sunday at 1400 on 6035
*All India Radio readies ax for broadcasts in 16 non-Indian languages;
 doubts there are any listeners via 19 transmitters, SW outmoded in
 the TV age. We hope English is considered an Indian language, and
 will continue
*New website by Alok Dasgupta and Victor Goonetilleke,
*Kurdish clandestine, V. of the Conservative Party of Kurdistan,
 4162.6 varying to 4159.7, 0320-0430 fade, Kurdish, and Farsi?
*Sudan Radio Service at 1500-1700 M-F on 15530, not heard on 15290;
 also 0300-0500 on 9625; hopes increase to 6 hours a day in March or
*Similar program for Somalia at 1200-1230 on 17565 via South Africa,
 Mustaqbal, from Educational Development Center, large US NGO; maybe
 also at 0630-0700 on 17565 via UAE
*R. Nacional, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, heard in Brasil on 6249 at
*La Voix de l`Orthodoxie, for Russia via Kazakhstan 1630-1700 on 9355,
 based in France, broadcasts in Russian despite name in French
*Isle of Man longwave radio hearing concluded, decision in 4 to 8
*BBC chairman Gavin Davies resigns in wake of judicial inquiry
 criticising BBC`s role in death of weapons scientist David Kelly
 [then BBC Director General Greg Dyke also resigned! Mark Byford
 becomes acting D-G]
*BBCWS 6-episode documentary Age of Empire, on USA`s new diplomatic
 strategies, in Documentary-1 slot, times to America, Europe, East
 Asia, West Africa, [also on demand each week at
 http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/ram/docu1.ram ]
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Jan 27; flux range 105-135-100
*And that`s World of Radio 1218; Glenn Hauser, inviting you to hear me
 again next week  ###

      WORLD OF RADIO #1217, produced January 21, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*If you understand Spanish, Jan-Feb edition of Mundo Radial is now
 airing on WWCR 9475: Fri 2215, Tue 2230, Wed 2200; and via
*WWCR tested a new frequency this week, 9985, probably replacing 12160
 at 1300-1600, not yet decided. Includes, Ragam, Tamil music show on
 Sundays at 1300-1500, concerned about 12160 reception, per
*WWRB has another 100 kW Harris SW transmitter, with option to buy
 four more if they cease operations, source a secret
*RFE/RL runs multilingual IDs at 1458 UT on 11875 before two-hour
 Turkmen program, including English. Did they remove deleted tongues?
*Oswald G. ``Mike`` Villard, Jr., died; devised ways to combat
 jamming, and over-the-horizon radar
*New website about jamming, from Lithuania:
*DRM signal on 17700 at 0700 from DW, Portugal, was all over the 16
 meter band, blocking many other stations. Would make better jammer
 for Chinese than Firedrake
*DRM frequency changes include BBCWS English via Canada 0000-0100 on
 6015 ex-6010
*Crucial week for Isle of Man longwave project as hearings commenced
*Favorite eastern European SW stations: R. Polonia, especially Letter
 from Poland, rather like Larry Wayne on DW years ago
*R. Slovakia International is another, with handmade quality, sense of
 humor; Pete Miller adds ironic detachment; cooking show on Saturdays
*Denmark no longer on SW, nor in English? True of Radio Denmark, but
 Copenhagen Calling, on WRN, is now on SW via WRMI: 0630 UT Sun on
 7385, 1830 UT Sun on 15725; look under Banns Radio International at
 WRN website; see http://www.euroaudio.dk for audio on demand
*R. France International, 25820, only regular broadcast left on 11 m,
 until 1257 UT; occasionally heard in Montreal. Low-powered signals
 from France: DRM on 25765, analog on 25775. Traveler info station
 from La Rochelle, NBFM, one watt on 25928. 11 years earlier, 19
 broadcasters occupied 24 frequencies on 11 m band; next solar peak:
*On Washington coast DX-pedition, tropical Africans heard as late as
 1725 UT: Lesotho 4800; Kaduna, Nigeria on 4770; Zambia 4965, 4910
*Mixing product making Tunisia a 120 m band broadcaster: 2495 equals
 9720 minus 7225
*R. Cairo Zulu broadcast at 1600-1645 on 15620 in English instead;
 Zulu staff on holiday?
*Sudan Radio Service, 1500-1700 M-F on new 15290 from unknown site,
 plus usual 15530; but 15290 unconfirmed. English news at 1515
*Turkish music on 6900 is presumably V. of Meteorology in Turkey,
 around 1630, but no weather or any talk heard
*R. Kuwait starts regular DRM broadcasts in Arabic: 0930-1305 on
 13620; 1315-1730 on 9880 partly clashing with VOA Uzbek analog at
 1530-1600; 2200-0200 on 11675 to NAm, but oudated codec so upgraders
 receive no audio
*The 1,217th World of Radio, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; or
 woradio at yahoo.com http://www.worldofradio.com for much more info
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Ben Loveless
*Iran heard in English after 1530 on 7190, 9610; also 1030-1130 on
 15480, 15550. Extensive monitoring of Iran by Wolfgang Bueschel in
 latest BC-DX and DXLD 4-013; English: 0030-0230 6010, 6120; 1030-1200
 15480, 15550; 1530-1630 7190, 9610; 1930-2030 11695, 15140; 2130-2230
 not heard
*What brought about this change? Lots of new SW transmitters, but cost
 of operating them? Some as jammers, but heard only against Israel,
 clandestine V. of Mojahed, and 7580 station at 1630. Radio Farda
 seems clear at all times now
*PBC, Quetta, Pakistan, heard on 5027.2 at 0145, 0221 in California
*Burmese Forces station on new 5770, audible in UK at 1610-1630*; and
 on Washington coast at 1605-1618
*Lot of X-band activity in Australia, low-powered, and may be more as
 time is running out for licensed stations to get on the air including
*Four 400-watt licenses for Australian territories: Norfolk Island on
 1611; Christmas Island, Cocos Island, and Lord Howe island all on
 1620 --  last three owned by same company operating 3ME [not 2ME]
 Melbourne; reactivates some radio countries
*KNLS move to hamband frequency 7160 quickly withdrawn by FCC,
 Mandarin at 1000 and 1200, but still listed on website, so where are
 they now?
*Sook-Yin Lee, host of Definitely Not the Opera, Saturday afternoons
 on CBC Radio One, allowed to act in an art film involving nude scenes
 [steamy, controversial film by U.S. director John Cameron Mitchell,
 Short Bus]
*In contrast, an anchor at WKBN-TV, Youngstown OH, appeared on
 internet dancing around nude at a bar in Key West, [Catherine Bosley]
 had to resign, later appeared on Good Morning, America
*Liberal radio network in US taking shape, signed Al Franken to do
 talk show at exactly same hours as Rush Limbaugh, 12-3 pm ET. Major
 market stations lined up, including WNTD 950, Chicago
*IBOC test on KTNQ 1020, Los Angeles, in daylight: analog audio
 degraded and puts hash covering 1010 and 1030; not the engineer`s
*Proposal for low-power AM in the US, rulemaking petition at FCC,
 RM 10803, power limit 100 watts; see Radio World
*SSB net of uncertain name and purpose, at least on Wednesdays until
 1530 UT on 7420.5, with lots of different MARS callsigns, FEMA,
 including WGY908, FEMA regional HQ in Denver
*ARRL asking FCC for new entry-level ham license, including HF phone
 privileges with no CW required; see DXLD 4-012; lots of hams upset
 about this at: http://www.eham.net/articles/7475
*Broadcast harmonic on 1820 kHz, Radio Noventa y Uno, speculated to be
 from Dominican Republic; or La Nueva Ondas del Porvenir, Boyaca,
 Colombia, at 1020
*XERTA, Mexico, making more appearances on 4810, but I`ve yet to hear
 it clearly due to noise on the high side
*R. Imperial, El Salvador, there one day and gone the next around
 2230-2330, on 17834.9
*Two active Brazilians on 4885: R. Clube do Para at 0250-0400* leaving
 R. Difusora Acreana in the clear until it signed off at 0502*
*DX-pedition to South Orkney Islands by LU4DXU, to be there Jan. 26-
 Feb. 29, as AY1ZA; SSB frequencies planned: 28390, 24930, 21190,
 18130, 14290, 7090, 3785
*Two public radio talk shows about RF ID tags, privacy concerns, and
 some will be on SW 13.56 MHz. Archived audio available:
 Forum on KQED Jan. 16:
 Tech Tuesday, Kojo Nnamdi, WAMU:
*Relaunch of http://www.clandestineradio.com
*Space Environment Center will be able to carry on in FY 04 without
 major layoffs. Appropriations bill passed house in Dec, no more
 zeroing-out space weather
*Hams in New England worked Japan on 160 m January 15 around 1130;
 beacons for this are North Korea 2850, Japan 3925
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Jan. 20; flux range 135-110-135
*Standard disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1217  ###

      WORLD OF RADIO #1216, produced January 14, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*WWCR has given WOR an additional time, Sat 2130 on 12160, improving
 accessibility and coverage
*Because of different time on WRN to North America, Sun 1100 UT, we
 should be back on WDWN 89.1, Auburn NY, 6 am EST
*KNLS Alaska changes SW schedule every month; new for Jan was 5955 in
 Mandarin at 1000, but already changed to 7160 per website. Guess
 what: 7160 is exclusively for ham radio, not broadcasting in North
 America, ITU region two. FCC mistake or exception? Close enough to
 Asia? Hams justified in jamming it. But only until Jan 25 when
 another schedule replaces it with 9615. Another possibility: leased
 transmitter in eastern Russia, OK for 7160, but nothing about that
 from KNLS. Per Russian page, http://www.knls.net it`s Alyaska
*1570 in Laval, Quebec, testing new station in daytime, R. Nostalgie, 
 directional with main lobe 65 degrees, good for rest of Quebec and
 Europe. Call to be CFAV, 10 kilowatts day and night, from late Jan
*New shows on CBC Radio One Monday evenings from Jan. 19: 8:05 pm
 local, Radio Nomad; 8:30 pm Word Beat
*XERMX blobmitter appeared again Jan. 11, extremely distorted without
 carrier on 9510, audible 9465 to 9540
*Pat Martin in Oregon once again heard Radio Marti on unlisted 1700
 kHz, Mon Jan. 12 at 0930; never hears WJCC Miami at same time, so
 suspects they are carrying Marti. This was during weekly silent
 period of Marti, Mondays until 1000. Need listeners close to Miami
 to check by listening what WJCC is actually doing on 1700 overnight
*Some R. Marti SW frequencies free of jamming for one hour, such as
 11775 and 13820, while VOA`s Cuban program is on, at 0100
*Terrible situation in Haiti has radio angle: vandals smash radio and
 TV antennas, forcing 8 stations off the air
*4830 from Venezuela, R. Tachira, was carrying news from sister 4980
 station Ecos del Torbes until off at 2219; don`t be confused
*R. Melodia, Colombia, reactivated on 6139.79, 0104 news
*Radio Atlantida, Alausi, Ecuador at 1030 on 2960.22v, 2 x 1480, says
 Bjoern Malm; probably unID heard by Mark Mohrmann in Vermont
*Mark heard more distant MW harmonic, LRA15, R. Nacional Tucuman,
 Argentina, 2379.84 at 0923 to 1010, 2 x 1190
*DXpedition in Alberta with log periodic heard R. Monte Carlo, Uruguay
 at 0233-0301 on 6139.81, ID at 0252 --- almost same off-frequency as
 Colombia above, so be careful
*High Adventure transmitter moved from southern Lebanon to Liberia was
 off the air last July, but WJIE says now it`s on at half power 5 kW
 on 11515v; was known as V. of Liberty. No recent DX reports of it yet
*Ugandan SW site endangered in land deal, protected area encroached;
 presumably refers to R. Uganda on 4976, 5026; health risk alleged
*$96 million contract to rebuild broadcasting in Iraq awarded to
 Harris Corp., Florida, not only for transmission equipment, but
 complete media organization, partners from Lebanese and Kuwaiti
 firms; but Iraqi Communications Minister might not honor contract,
 not consulted. Sen. Richard Lugar concerned about American loss of
 control after July 1, if we`re paying for it
*Standard disclaimer
*World of Radio 1216, http://www.worldofradio.com for much more about
 the stories we mention, in DX Listening Digest. Send your info to P O
 Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or woradio at yahoo.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Brock Whaley
*Greece changed 12105 to 5865 for English at 1930, Greek 2000-2100
*Not only do we have KNLS moving onto 7160, but RSGB reports that
 Croatia has authorized hams to operate 7100-7200 on secondary basis,
 1000 watts PEP max. But 7100-7200 is still full of broadcasters in
 Europe and everywhere except Americas. Isn`t this premature? Croatia
 also broadcasts to the Americas on 7285, supposed to be our exclusive
 hamband. Will other European countries follow suit?
*5905 a good frequency for broadcasters to avoid, but Ukraine is using
 it, and suffering a horrible noise on the high side at 0000
*R. Cupid, Euro-pirate to broadcast Sunday Jan. 18 1400 on 21890 with
 50 watts; cupidradio @ hotmail.com Previous test Jan. 4 was on
 21895v, 1346-1520 toward South, and then North America
*Not a pirate: European Music Radio, another broadcast via 100 kW
 Latvia on 9290 at exactly same time for Europe, Sun Jan. 18 at 1400-
 1600; also Feb. 22, Mar. 21; and for rest of world, Feb. 7 2100-2300
*Musical Tales, series for classical music fans on V. of Russia, Tue
 0411, Wed 0331, 2131, Thu 0231, 1831, Sat 0711, 1711, Sun 0511, 1911,
 Mon 0511
*V. of Russia relayed by transmitters in seven other countries,
 including Vatican: 0200-0300 9765, 0300-0500 7350, some if not all
 in English to North America, providing some of its best reception
*RTE Ireland`s schedule on WRN corrected from last week: 1400-1500,
 1900-1930, 2200-2230; already in last week`s WOR 1215 summary
*R. Pakistan, English at 1600-1615 on 9395 ex-9320
*All India Radio, Delhi one night only on 3335 instead of 3365
*AIR special broadcasts for Haj pilgrims in Saudi Arabia underway in
 Urdu: 0530-0600 on 11730, 13620, 17845, till end of season. Do they
 carry transistor radios?
*All India Radio, Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, back to full
 power of 10 kW instead of 4; schedule on 4760, 7115; AIR Leh also
 uses 4760, so don`t be confused
*V. of Tibet, via Uzbekistan, 200 kW, 131 degrees at 1430-1517, was
 alternating 12025 and 11975; now 7525 or 7465
*Niue devastated by cyclone, which may have repercussions: loss of
 population may result in losing independence [back to New Zealand]
 and could affect .nu internet domain, popular in Scandinavia
*Alaska low-power TV station on channel 6 operates as radio station,
 KZND on 87.75; now in Hawaii, another one, K06NC, Coast FM on Kauai
*Emmis 104.1 station in St. Louis tries new concept mixing older and
 newer singers
*John A. Gambling, the middle one, ex-WOR host, died in Florida at
*Savvy Traveler cancelled by Minnesota Public Radio March 26, not
 enough underwriting even tho on 163 public radio stations
*XM Satellite Radio will begin local traffic and radio for 15 major
 metro areas March 1; NAB attacks plans, contrary to FCC intent to
 limit it to national service only
*Religion for Adults: tired of all the one-sided religious programming
 on SW? Look for these: BBCWS: In Praise of God, Reporting Religion,
 Heart and Soul; Radio Australia: The Spirit of Things, The Ark,
 Religion Report, Encounter; RNZI: Spiritual Outlook; Voice of Russia:
 Christian Message from Moscow; MPR/PRI: Speaking of Faith; CBC Radio
 One: Tapestry; WGBH + network, Sound and Spirit; WBCQ: Secular Bible
 Study, UT Tue 0200-0300 on 7415
*Scott Simon essay on NPR Weekend Edition Saturday: Atheists are
 Americans too: http://www.npr.org/rundowns/segment.php?wfId=1592243
*Caribbean trans-equatorial FM DX thousands of miles to southern
 Brazil; details in DXLD 4-006, 4-007, 4-009 under Propagation
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Jan. 13: flux range 140-105-135
*That`s World of Radio 1216; I`m Glenn Hauser  ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1215, produced January 7, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*We`re back on SIU Edwardsville Web Radio at a different time, Mondays
 10 pm CT = UT Tue 0400; followed half an hour later by Continent of
 Media alternating with Mundo Radial http://www.siue.edu/WEBRADIO/
*2004 brings many changes at World Radio Network, including our time
 to North America, Sundays 1500 UT changed to 1100; if listeners find
 this inconvenient, they may tell WRN so. But that may put us on some
 overnight relayers, such as KSFC [91.9] Spokane WA, 3 am Pacific on
 Sundays [and WDWN 89.1 Auburn NY, 6 am Eastern]. Let us know if you
 are hearing us there. Also gone from Sun 0530 UT to Europe; but still
 on WRN Sat 0900 to most of the world except North America
*RTE Ireland greatly increased time on WRN, 2-hour program thrice
 daily at 1400, 1900, 2200 UT [correxion: 1400-1500, 1900-1930 and
 2200-2230!]; R. Romania International added, at 1600 and 2230. RCI,
 RA and DW considerably reduced via WRN
*Hawaii`s 690, KORL, converts from R. Disney to Japanese format, ex-
 KJPN 1370
*HCJB Australia added Hindi, adjusted English, now: 0800-1100 11750
 still to Pacific; 1415-1730 on new 15405 to S Asia; DX Partyline Sat
 0830, 1430
*Another Papua New Guinea station off the air for failing to pay
 electricity bill, R. West New Britain, 3235; had been heard as
 recently as January 1:
*One of numerous stations logged by Sam Dellitt on DXpedition in
 Queensland; much more of his report in DXLD 4-003 at
*Classical music tests from China on numerous SW frequencies, not
 heard since Dec. 24; either off, or into regular service as jammers
 from site in extreme western China, Kashi, further west than New
 Delhi and further south than Ankara or Madrid
*Mongolia on 12085 for English at 1000
*Iran`s English and German to Europe discontinued in late December,
 but another English broadcast still heard in Jan, 1030 on 15480,
 15550, plus Arabic, Turkish, Urdu
*V. of Iraq, 1179 kHz in Baghdad, http://www.voiraq.com in Arabic,
 except for English hour about Islam at 1200
*Fundamental Broadcasting Network on the air in Baghdad with
 `briefcase` FM transmitter, per http://www.fbnradio.com -- also runs
 US SW stations WTJC, WBOH
*Website found for AFN Iraq, called Freedom Radio,
 with aquiline logo surrounded by flags of some 50 countries; several
 FM transmitters of 1 kW or less; phone number is area code 914 =
 Westchester County, NY. A cellphone with roaming capability, via
 towers in Baghdad
*Galei Tsahal, Israeli Defence Forces on 6973 gives transmitter site
 as 20 km SE of Tel Aviv, so near Lod, not same site as Kol Israel
*One Kol Israel site, the Hillel Station, closed the MW transmitters
 on 576 and 738 Jan 1, already out of use; one 100 kW SW transmitter
 closed, but a 500 kW remains in use
*Cutbacks in Israeli international SW not as severe as expected; still
 Romanian, Spanish, Yiddish, Persian, Russian, Ladino, French, Arabic,
 English, Hebrew. See DXLD 4-002 for complete new schedule, including
 English: 0500-0515 on 6280, 7545, 17600; 1110-1120 15640, 17535; 1800
 -1815 11585, 15640; 2000-2025 6280, 11585, 15640
*Norway`s SW transmitters indeed closed down December 31; recording
 by Samuel Cassio of final R. Denmark broadcast at 2230 on 7560
*Goodbye, R. Denmark, one of the first SW stations I heard when I
 started in 1957 --- but this was not actually the last broadcast, as
 they ran one more hour by mistake
*See DXLD 4-004 for first-hand report on closure of Norwegian SW
 transmitters. Still powered in ``black heating`` mode so they remain
 operational in case somebody interested in leasing lots of airtime
 or moving them to other sites. Staff reduced from 13 to 5 until Feb
*Another major closedown last week was the Holzkirchen, Germany site
 used by IBB for VOA and RFE/Radio Liberty, see DXLD 3-235 for a
 German story, `No more Ukrainian coming out of our washing machines`
*Also two summaries of how each Holzkirchen transmission has been
 deleted or replaced [DXLD 3-235, 4-001]
*DX Listening Digest, online, offers a tremendous archive of info
 about SW and other media, if you know how to use a search engine.
 235 issues published in 2003, that`s an average of 4 or 5 per week,
 each about 100k, all freely available via http://worldofradio.com
*This is World of Radio No. 1215, wghauser at yahoo.com or woradio
 at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA
*Our thanks this week for financial support, via PayPal, go to
 Steven Zimmerman
*V. of Croatia via Germany moved one of two transmitters on 9470, to
 13820, the one for Australia at 0600-1000, clashing with China until
 0800; the other 9470 toward New Zealand remains, until 0800
*R. Tre, Italy, heard relayed on 6310 over the holidays, 0200-0415,
 but that legal FM station on 100.3 will not QSL, saying it has no 
 connexion with the SW frequency; speculation about why this happens
*BBCWS announcer John Stone had a stroke in February 2000 and is no
 longer heard; story about his coping with recovering:
*Hopes that V. of Mediterranean, Malta might continue were fruitless.
 It did go off the air, since renewed Libyan support not officially
*V. of Nigeria again heard since December 31, and more or less
 regular schedule from January 3, on 11770, 15120, [and 17800];
 worker once called it `epileptic`
*Optimum time of year for North Americans to hear V. of Biafra
 International, clandestine from South Africa to Nigeria, Saturdays
 only until 2159 on 7380, mostly in English, very anti-Lagos
*Expanded schedule of Sudan Radio Service, via UK, 1500-1700 on 15530
 announced addition of 0300-0500 on 9625, bad news for CBC Northern
*V. of Ethiopia, English at 1600 on 9561.4, heard in California via
*South Africa`s Catholic station R. Veritas, resumes Jan. 11, 1000-
 1400 daily on 7240, 100 kW Meyerton
*R. Italia is new X-bander in Buenos Aires province, on 1620
*R. Uncia, new Bolivian on 4722.9, made quite a splash in December,
 but not heard as of January 1 at 0000 or 0950
*R. Ilucan, Peru, 5678, also has MW harmonic on 4260.42, heard as
 far away as Tokyo at 1050
*Venezuelan timesignal station YVTO, Observatorio Cajigal,
 refurbished and back on 5000, heard at 0500, Spanish mixing with WWV
*TIUCR, R. Universidad de Costa Rica, back on 6105, heard midday in
 Florida, also evening 0035-0105; later at night heavy interference;
 I found website, showing they have a rate card
*Another brief reactivation from XERTA, Mexico City on 4810v, January
 1-3, later heavy noise on frequency
*Farewell to a colleague, tho we hardly knew ye, David Barosoain, no
 longer host of AWR Wavescan due to budget cuts; now two or three new
*WJIE ID again used instead of WJCR, so official change in effect?
 Rather good here around 1500 on 7490 relaying `Praise 95` from
*WWRB to add 3200, 3220 or 3225, close to WWCR; Dave Frantz more
 interested in his avionics repair station at same site, doing better
 business than broadcasting
*WRIB, 1220, Providence, Rhode Island, doing a DX test every morning
 thru March, raising power to 1 kW nondirectional at 0755-0805 UT,
 perhaps adding Morse code IDs too; Spanish music format overnight
*WKDK, 1240, Newberry, SC, doing a 3-minute DX test, Sunday January 11
 at 1057 UT, including code IDs
*KTNN, 660, Window Rock, AZ, heard well eastward around 0400,
 apparently not going diectional, country and Navajo music
*WGN, 720, Chicago turned off AM stereo; and cancelled its noon show
 with Orion Samuelson and Max Armstrong, to the distress of everyone
 in mid-America interested in agriculture, not just farmers
*Low power station in Washington DC on 1640, KJI955, seems to be
 coming from CIA HQ in Langley VA
*Propagation outlook from Boulder January 6: flux range 135-115
*And so we conclude another World of Radio; hope you`ve enjoyed it
 and will join me again next week. This was No. 1215, and I`m Glenn
 Hauser ###


  WORLD OF RADIO Extra 45, released February 18, 2004: same as:
  CONTINENT OF MEDIA 03-06, produced December 29, 2003 by Glenn Hauser
  [with DXLD issues for further reading on each story]

*The final COM for 2003, tho most will be hearing it in early 2004
*RFPI is off the air since early November; COM was produced especially
 for RFPI and hope it shall be again; meanwhile you may hear this
 program in a World of Radio timeslot, when it needs a one-week break,
 instead of a WOR Extra, so don`t be confused
*COM available from http://www.dxing.com sponsored by Universal Radio,
 and also at http://www.worldofradio.com
*Also carried by SIU Edwardsville Web Radio: new schedule from Jan. 12
 is UT Tuesdays 0430, alternating with Mundo Radial [3-227]
*COM sponsored by Universal Radio, offering quality amateur and SW
 equipment since 1942; catalog toll free 1-800-431-3939; or visit
*We hope RFPI will be back streaming in early 2004, before it can
 resume SW broadcasting, and will let you know when COM is scheduled
*RFPI hoping to raise $10,000 at the outset, minimum required to get
 back on air; timeline of up to 12 months to get back on SW is not
 carved in stone. Everything depends on getting partners with long-
 term commitment. The $10K covers only buildings and equipment, not
 staff and licensing expenses. See http://www.rfpi.org and
 http://www.saverfpi.org [3-215]
*COM is about media around the American continent, not especially SW
*Three neighborhood X-band stations in Buenos Aires have very small
 groundwave coverage areas, but heard worldwide at night in near-SW
 propagation, such as BBC relay on 1670; only one station has good
 groundwave coverage of entire city, R. Diez, 710 [3-219]
*ID recorded around 1954 for XEFW, 810, Brownsville, TX, in English,
 but it`s actually Tampico. A would-be border-blaster. That`s nothing:
 XEG, 1050, Monterrey NL, used to announce an address in Fort Worth,
 11, Texas [3-219]
*Excellent propagation beacons in form of Cuban jammer harmonics
 against R. Marti, heard on 23860; also check 30660, 27640, 35340
 [3-217] [also 18090 = 3 x 6030]
*Steve Smith reports on `barn-raising` of new LPFM in Immokalee, FL,
 WCTI, 107.9, mostly in Spanish for farm workers; very limited
 coverage will be even more so when Gulf tropo opens. Another LPFM
 coming soon in Carrboro, NC, near Chapel Hill, 103.5 [WCOM!]. Can
 they be DXed? Difficult but possible [3-219, 3-230]
*Another way to get minority-interest station on air: rent subcarrier
 from existing FM. R. Maria, Houston is on 67 kHz of KPFT, not KUHF
 as claimed. Strange bedfellows, but it`s a business proposition.
 KUHF still has reading service for the blind  [3-225, 3-227]
*Denver`s 1510 Americana format, commercial KCUV; Boulder public radio
 station KGNU had wanted to purchase it with help from Public Radio
 Capital; see http://pubcap.org  [3-218, 3-220]
*National Rifle Association in US thinking about getting Mexican
 border blaster or even an offshore operation. Earlier report said
 looking to buy US TV or radio station, to be treated as news
 organization, exempt from spending limits in campaign finance law
 [3-219, 3-226]
*Handful of US MW stations off frequency for years; FCC enforcement
 not what it used to be, but helps DXing them. KPUR, Amarillo TX,
 still on 1439.7; I also hear het on 1600; NE US DXers are hearing a
 het on 1630.8; and Elk City OK has been off 1240 for years, hetting
 Wichita here in between them in daytime [3-224]
*If postage goes up to 40 cents, proposal that Todd Storz, creator of
 Top 40 radio, should get a commemorative; started with KOWH Omaha,
 added others such as KOMA OKC. Write Terrence McCaffrey, Manager of
 Stamp Services, USPS, Suite 5670, L`Enfant Plaza SW, Washington, DC
 20260-2435 [3-216 Oklahoma]
*This is Continent of Media 03-06, woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702
*From January, Embassy of Ghana in Washington DC, starts daily
 broadcast at 6:30-8:30 pm ET on WAMU 88.5: presumably means via
 subcarrier; already involved in TV show African Lifestyles, Sats on
 Pax, WPXW [3-216]
*Scavenge BI-LO grocery stores in the South, coffee section for cups
 labelled ``Radio Coffee`` [3-215, Radio Equipment Forum]
*Forgotten radio genius: Fr. Josef Murgas, competitor to Marconi, on
 WVIA-TV special, Wilkes-Barre and Scranton. Used two tones instead of
 on-off for sending code; search for a few internet sites on him
 [Radio Equipment Forum in 3-220, 3-223]
*FCC has web history project. Second phase is on mobile radio, after
 TV in first phase. See http://www.fcc.gov/omd/history [3-222 Musea]
*FCC criticised for the way it regulates spectrum, but it could be
 worse: new CSIS study says the White House should replace FCC as
 regulator of airwaves. Guess what: FCC is already under executive
 branch, commissioners appointed by President
*FCC approved spectrum for road hazard notification use; one article
 didn`t mention frequencies! FCC says 5.85-5.925 GHz, so no threat to
 broadcasting. ``Smart cars`` terminology, ``comparable to creation
 of the Internet``. May put an end to flawed Safetycast nonsense, but
 still experimenting on 91.7 in one Florida county, to allow emergency
 vehicles to override all broadcast frequencies [3-228 REF]
*Harper`s magazine has excellent articles on media concentration. See
 Dec 2003 issue in print, not online, for two articles on Clear
 Channel [3-216]
*Plans for Liberal radio network, ASAP in election year. Al Franken
 says it could start as early as March, name not yet announced [3-229]
*CBS should keep Dan Rather to the end, commentary [3-220]
*Pirate in the Fruitvale barrio of Oakland, Radio Sonidera, 102.7;
 sonido style popular in Mexico created by charismatic DJs [3-228]
*ARRL sponsored meeting in November about powerline communications.
 ARINC told a horror story about neighborhood powerline modems
 interfering with their Half Moon Bay, CA receiving station [3-221]
*Multicultural CHIN Toronto expands to Ottawa with CJLL 97.9; but
 uncertain whether bikini contest will be acceptable in the capital
*Glenn Hauser, concluding Continent of Media, 03-06 ###


      CONTINENT OF MEDIA 04-09, produced Nov. 30, 2004 by Glenn Hauser
      [later to be known as WORLD OF RADIO Extra 54]
      [With DXLD issues where you may read more]

*Here comes another COM, 04-09, Nov 30, 2004, about media around the  
 American continent, not especially shortwave, a monthly to  
 sesquimonthly supplement to my weekly program World of Radio.
*COM is made possible by Universal Radio, for quality amateur and  
 shortwave radio equipment. Phone them for a catalog, 1-800-431-3939 
 or check http://www.universal-radio.com
*Universal also sponsors http://www.dxing.com for much more info 
 including the latest edition of this program and DX Listening Digest
*This program to be released later as World of Radio Extra 54
*KHQN, 1480, Spanish Fork UT, resumes Krishna Radio devotional music  
 format after several years as Radio Latina; more at  
 http://www.utahkrishnas.com [4-178]
*KDYL, 1060, South Salt Lake, running Leonard Kahn`s CAM-D digital 
 system, better than IBOC; anybody monitoring it? [4-170]
*Ham radio operators will not assist in the 2005 Rose Parade, after 
 several years of snubbing; White Suits use Nextels instead [4-172]
*Air America brings liberal talk radio to Santa Fe, on KTRC 1260; has 
 been a big success even in San Diego [4-173]
*And Air America to Eugene OR, on KOPT 1450; La X moves to KZTU 660 
*Amy Goodman getting TV exposure as leftwing spokesperson, on Tucker 
 Carlson Unfiltered, Hardball with Chris Matthews; what`s next? 
 http://www.observer.com/pages/story.asp?ID=9886 [4-176]
*See links in the summary for this COM at
*Glad to hear from listeners, to woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684,
 Enid, OK 73702 USA
*IgNobel awards for questionable scientific accomplishments, were on  
 NPR Talk of the Nation Science Friday Nov 26; audio archive via  
 http://www.sciencefriday.com but a more complete video version via
 http://www.improbable.com/ig/ig-top.html  Features little girl 
 interrupting with ``Please stop! I`m bored`` [4-168, 4-179]
*Michael Powell Exposed! The FCC Chairman Has No Clothes, By Tom 
 Shales [4-174]
*FCC`s FM spectrum auction nets 147 megadollars [4-177]
*Nashville 101.7 FM pirate at gay night club busted [4-169, 4-177]
*Radio Gay, Argentina, webcasts: http://www.argentinagayradio.com.ar 
*Another gay program from South Africa, Tue 1800-2000 UT via
 http://www.tuesdaynight.co.za [4-172]
*All Hucksters All The Time: The End Of The Sanctity Of The Hearth, 
 thanks to radio and TV; lament by Mike Dorner [4-178]
*Glenn Hauser, on Continent of Media 04-09, a.k.a. World of Radio 
 Extra 54 ###

   CONTINENT OF MEDIA 04-08, produced October 25, 2004 by Glenn Hauser
   [to be released later also as WORLD OF RADIO Extra 53]
   [with DXLD issues where you may read more]

*Greetings; COM 04-08, produced Ocober 25, 2004. COM is a more or less
 sesqui-monthly supplement to my weekly program World of Radio
*COM is made possible by Universal Radio, for quality shortwave and
 amateur radio equipment; 1-800-431-3939 for a catalog and check their
 website http://www.universal-radio.com --- Universal also sponsors
 http://www.dxing.com where you may hear the latest edition of this
 program, read DX Listening Digest, and much more
*Barbados used to have SW broadcasts via Cable & Wireless, on the 7
 MHz band, but those are long gone. Some stations webcast: Voice of
 Barbados 92.9 via http://stream.caribsurf.com/star1 and BBS 90.7 FM
 via http://barbadosadvocate.com/bbs.ram --- and CBC Radio 900 AM,
 http://www.live365.com/play/307076 per Tom Sundsrom`s Net Notes in
 the NASWA Journal [4-152]
*Barbados the furthest out of the Windward Islands, and most difficult
 to FM DX by sporadic E on the North American mainland; but not so
 hard in southern Brazil via trans-equatorial propagation; three
 stations recently picked up at Cananeia, Ilha Comprida on the coast
 [between Santos and Curitiba]: V. of Barbados 92.9; Hot FM 95.3;
 Liberty FM 98.1 with strong signals [4-159]
*A Venezuelan, Adan Gonzalez, explains and defends the heavy emphasis
 on Bolivar in Radio Nacional de Venezuela broadcasts, and even in the
 name of the country, Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela [4-153]
*Fun & games at Radio Habana Cuba: French program tape run at many
 times normal speed for several minutes on 11760; piles of tangled
 tape on the floor or wound around the capstan [4-155]
*TV and Radio Marti ineffective due to jamming, including from Cuban
 helicopters; has a sitcom about Fidel [4-162]
*FCC fines San Diego company for transmitting programming across the
 border to XEMO, a station which violated international treaties by
 raising power and interfering with KRLA [4-162]
*Ten groups dominate the Mexican radio market: list with percentages
*FM Pirates flourish in the Paraguay/Brazil/Argentina border area but
 nothing in Arabic [4-145]
*Radio Islam is the first program in English about Islam on a US radio
 station, WCEV 1450 Chicago, weekdays 6-7 pm CT; includes humor. No
 webcast known [4-152]
*Come Receive the Light, Orthodox program now heard in Tulsa on KCFO
 970, Sundays 9:30 am CT; Orthodox Christian Network based in Fort
 Lauderdale, http://www.receive.org [4-151]
*Karl Zuk`s commentary on Clear Channel, radio no longer worth
 listening to [4-154]
*Harry Helms on poor quality of some XM Satellite Radio channels, and
 of some HDTV channels compared to others [4-153]
*Global Radio, San Diego, fined by FCC for operating four denied
 temporary FM transmitters during a Super Bowl [4-145]
*540 station in Pocomoke City, Maryland, changes legal call to WGOP
 but continues to call itself WDMV, ``Wonderful DelMarVa``; why?
*Our scenario: WGOP call could be lucrative for trafficking to the
 far right, but station could be owned by Democrats embarrassed to
 utter those letters [4-144]
*That`s COM 04-08, a.k.a. World of Radio Extra 53; I`m Glenn Hauser

     CONTINENT OF MEDIA 04-07, produced Sept. 14, 2004 by Glenn Hauser
     [with DXLD issues where you may read more about each item]
     [to be released later as WORLD OF RADIO Extra 52]

*COM 04-07, produced Sept 14, 2004; in fuzzy future also as World of 
 Radio Extra 52; sesqui-monthly supplement to World of Radio
*Sponsored by Universal Radio, for quality shortwave and amateur
 radio equipment; http://www.universal-radio.com or 1-800-431-3939
 for a catalog; also sponsors http://www.DXing.com where you may
 hear the latest COM, read DX Listening Digests, and much more
*Article about VOA transmitter on the CGC Courier at Rhodes [4-120]
 see gh`s QSL at: http://www.w4uvh.net/voa1.jpg [1270 K, a bit much]
*The Smith-Mundt Act, restricting VOA and other US SW stations from
 domestic broadcasting [4-127, 4-128]
*Univision Radio betrayed staff of Hispanic Broadcasting in takeover
*FM band in Honduras saturated, so government is surveying occupancy
 for possible openings, pirates and unauthorized powers [4-140]
*Colombian Army radio network Colombia Mia AM combats guerrilla
 stations, persuades FARC rebels to desert [4-123]
*Radio Amateurs of Canada inflates actual number of hams; no one
 really knows since licences may apply to group stations, individuals
 may hold more than one, even after death [4-137]
*Website for a phantom TV station in Hamilton, Ontario, ``WJRN``:
 http://www.upn11tv.com  [4-126] [O o, suspended in the meantime]
*In the midst of COM 04-07, about media around the American
 continent, not necessarily shortwave; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK, 73702
 or woradio at yahoo.com
*Lubavitcher pirate in New York on 1710 kHz gets out as far as
 Michigan and gets a pass from the FCC due to political connexions
 [4-132, 4-133, 4-136, 4-137, 4-139, 4-140]
*Purdue University, Indiana, to get student radio station on 1610 at
 last Oct 23, in addition to public radio WBAA; long ago had WCCR on
 600 [4-134, 4-135]
*Plans for WBCR 97.7, low power Berkshire Community Radio, MA [4-130]
*Petition to deny license renewal to two Washington, DC TV stations
 WDCA-20, and WPXW-66 over non-compliance with 1996 FCC requirements
 for children`s educational programming [4-133]
*FCC starts webpage for kids, met with derision [4-140, 4-142]
 http://www.fcc.gov/kidszone [beware: auto sound launch]
*The late Frank Zappa on the ``liberal media myth`` [4-127]
*With that food for thought, standard disclaimer, Glenn Hauser here,
 concluding Continent of Media 04-07, also to be known later as World
 of Radio Extra 52   ###

      CONTINENT OF MEDIA 04-06, August 2004, produced by Glenn Hauser
      [with DX LISTENING DIGEST issues where you may read more]
      [released later as World of Radio Extra 51]

*COM 04-06, a more or less monthly supplement to World of Radio,
 beginning with some technical items
*Doug Smith filed formal complaint with FCC over WNRQ advertising The
 Phazer, illegal radar-jamming device [4-085 Radio Equipment Forum]
*Digital TV time delay devices a nightmare; also used to condense
 radio shows so more ads can be crammed in [4-098 REF]
*Leonard Kahn has a better idea than IBOC, or HD Radio: his own Cam-D
 system from Kahn Communications [4-098 REF]
*Walmart still pushing for RF ID tags by next year, delayed by
 problems; also at Jacksonville airport; and for credit cards [4-090
*``Virtual Fence`` to herd livestock, controller cow collar [4-090
 REF] See ARS National Program 205 at http://www.nps.ars.usda.gov
 One of many articles at the site on this is: 
*Continent of Media 04-06, possiblized by Universal Radio, for quality
 ham radio equipment. Get a catalog at http://www.universal-radio.com
 or via 1-800-431-3939
*Universal also sponsors http://www.DXing.com where you may hear the
 latest edition of this program, and read DX Listening Digest
*NOAA signs agreement with Homeland Security to send alerts thru NOAA
 network; for audio links also, see
 http://www.noaanews.noaa.gov/stories2004/s2245.htm [4-094 REF]
*Houston`s commercial classical FM station KRTS sold for $72.5 mega to
 Radio One, and to change format to urban/black-something. Evolved
 from KLEF, 1964-1986. Listen to KUHF, internet, instead [4-088]
*Trend to put public radio classical formats on weaker signals, such
 as Fort Wayne, Cedar Rapids. Culture war over audience size.
 Consultant pushes for the most listeners, meaning news and talk. In
 Washington DC, WETA reduced classical, but commercial classical
 WGMS did not gain as a result [4-078] See also:
*Media groups fight back against FCC over-reaction on breast-baring:
 rock stations dropping or re-editing songs to be safe [4-086]
*A song by former Python Eric Idle is critical of the FCC, with
 naughty words http://macartisan.typepad.com/fccsong.mp3  [4-091]
*Language museum with samples to help identify them,
 http://www.gengonomori.co3.jp  [4-085 Language Lessons]
*Thales loses contract to regulate Argentine spectrum management due
 to incompetence; government resumes [4-091]
*Cartoon Network`s success with fast-food characters, Fox castoffs,
 in Adult Swim [4-088, 4-100]
*Sinclar Broadcasting so far-right it censors Ted Koppel over listing
 names of US killed in Iraq on Nightline; dumbed down [4-079]
*I have a little page on Graphic Gaffes and Audible Autrocities,
 http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio/grafgaff.html but there`s
 much more at http://www.slipups.com [4-090 Publications]
*And that`s Continent of Media 04-06, a.k.a. World of Radio Extra 51;
 I`m Glenn Hauser  ###

       CONTINENT OF MEDIA 04-05, produced July 6, 2004 by Glenn Hauser
       [with DX LISTENING DIGEST issues where you may read more]
       [later released as WORLD OF RADIO Extra-50]

*COM 04-05, produced July 6, 2004, more or less monthly supplement
 to World of Radio, about media around the American continent, not
 especially shortwave; latest edition can be heard at
*Sponsored by Universal Radio, http://www.universal-radio.com --- get
 their latest catalog; 1-800-431-3939
*George Zeller says SW broadcasters and manufacturers missed the boat
 by not promoting SW car radios, unlike satellite radio [4-092]
*Jeff White of Radio Miami International sees the future as DRM. WRMI
 celebrated 10th anniversary at beginning of June; AWR Wavescan
 references for history of WRMI, appear in DX Listening Digest 4-096,
 an extensive chronology occupying six pages
*More evidence that VOA management is bent on converting it from 
 radio to TV: launched daily 5-minute TV newscast in Spanish, 2100 UT 
 M-F, repeated at 2300, 0100, initially relayed in dozen countries 
*Ex-American Family Radio executive to do time for producing child
 pornography, mandatory 15 year sentence, [4-087] see
*Late night TV DX from Quebec featured nudity, soft-core porn on-air;
 also Ontario, leaking across borders. TQS in Quebec runs blue movies
 every Friday and Saturday night: we`re French, you see; naked news
 from CITY-TV in Toronto, Ed the Sock [4-097]
*QSL situation for 100-watt CFVP, 6030, Calgary, Alberta: CKMX parent
 station is reluctant to verify; declined Ed Kusalik`s offer to
 manage QSLs. They just don`t get it [4-083]
*KIPM, North American pirate by Alan Maxwell who said he was retiring
 from the waves, one of the most emblematic US pirates, extra large
 spectacular QSLs, but a return is possible [4-086 North America]
*Feds shut pirate FM in Philadelphia area, El Sol, 95.3; latino music
 by The Moors, who claim to be outside US jurisdiction, but authorized
 by Queen Ali. Legal station on 95.7 complained of interference. Some
 Moors face federal fraud charges for phony money orders; a.k.a.
 Al-Moroccan Empire [4-083]
*Tocobaga DX Florida pirate reports: Tampa on 1620, may be ex-1640,
 La Primerisima; Lauderhill pirate on 89.1, Flavor FM, after 5 p.m.,
 sped-up hip-hop; 89.3, Land o`Lakes; 92.7 Tampa, Kriyol; 101.1
 Pompano Beach, R. Nouvelle Vision; 102.1, WHGE, Hunter`s Green
 Elementary School, Tampa, part 15 compliant; as of late May [4-084]
*When you get sporadic E TV DX from South Florida, WPBT is not the
 only channel 2; Telefutura network in Spanish is on low-power
 channel 2, WTIG-CA, Fort Myers-Naples; in Telefutura station list.
 -CA means Class A; 3 kilowatts, offset plus, ex-Pax network [4-085]
*Continent of Media 04-05; read much more in the summary at
 http://www.worldofradio.com giving the DX Listening Digest issues
 from which these stories come [i.e., this]
*Monitoring Cuban FM stations from Key West: 88.7 R. Taino (not
 Habana); 90.3 R. Progreso; 91.7 COCO; 93.3 R. Taino; 94.1 R.
 Enciclopedia; 94.9 CMCA; 96.7 R. Rebelde (with no high-power Florida
 stations to block it from DXers); 98.1 R. Taino; 98.3 R.
 Metopolitana; 99.1 CMBF R. Musical; 99.9 Cadena Habana; 101.5 R.
 Reloj; 104.7 R. Rebelde; 106.9 Habana Radio, the only Cuban FM
 without an AM parallel [4-097]
*New 96.5 in Cayman Islands, for Panorama Productions, by mid-August,
 and more planned [4-093]
*Jamaica has low-band, thus DXable TV stations now, but probably very
 low power. WRTH 2004 shows four on channel 4 by CVM TV Ltd.; Bill
 Hepburn`s list says there are also several Love TV network stations
 on ch 2, 3, 6, at least 100 watts [4-085]
 See http://www.iprimus.ca/~hepburnw/dx/tv/tv-car.htm  
*And see Danny Oglethorpe`s Mexico/Latin America TV ID tips and DX
 Photographs: [4-090, 4-097 Publications] 
*I used to DX KBOI-TV, ch 2, Boise, Idaho; changed calls to KBCI
 when ownership separated from radio 670. So it was easy to knock
 out part of the O on their sign! [4-093]
*Nevada Hiway Patrol radio problems: now switched Las Vegas to shared
 statewide communication system in 800 MHz band, with old system as
 backup. Its 150- MHz system never got FCC license, so was ordered
 to get off or face massive fines [4-094]
*FCC granted first CPs for time-shared LPFM operation, on 94.1 in
 Visalia, California, R. Grito, and Pacific Friends Outreach [4-097]
*FCC window until August 13 for settlements and amendments to 550
 mutually exclusive non-commercial applications; waived regulation
 prohibiting applicants from accepting payment for dismissing
 application, so pay-offs OK now [4-097]
*See DXLD 4-099 for Congressional Record excerpt about McCain-Leahy
 bill on low-power FM allowing third-adjacents; S. 2505
*KSRU, Sul Ross State University, Alpine TX on 1670, very low power,
 one tenth of a watt, so it is legal, part 15 [4-090]
*One kW on 1230, WAMM, in Woodstock, VA, last vestige of local
 community programming in Shenandoah Valley/County. Another station
 moved out to Harrisonburg with format change, mostly owned by Clear
 Channel. Local group raised money to buy WAMM, also streaming via
 http://www.radioshenandoah.com [4-095]
*Look up who owns your local radio stations:
 http://www.recnet.com/fmq  or http://www.recnet.com/amq and also
 http://www.recnet.com/lpfm [4-093]
*New age for oldies programming: ABC Radio launched True Oldies
 Channel, 1958-1964, for AM stations where mono is sufficient,
 starting in Cincinnati [4-085]
*Tom Shales quotation on laugh-tracks and happy-talk news [4-093]
*Glenn Hauser, concluding Continent of Media 04-05, equals World of
 Radio Extra 50 ###

        CONTINENT OF MEDIA 04-04, June 1, 2004 by Glenn Hauser
        [with DXLD issues where you may read much more]

*Continent of Media 04-04, a more or less monthly supplement to World
 of Radio, about media around the American continent, not especially
 shortwave, also airing later as World of Radio Extra 49
*Easter Island has longwave beacon IPA on 280 kHz, and verifies with
 full-data prepared card; 3000 watts and heard all over North America
*Possible new anti-drug station in Bolivia financed by US, per Narco-
 News a year ago: Tricolor Radio Station in Chimore, up to 15 kW for
 nationwide coverage, implying SW. See
 http://www.narconews.com/Issue32/article939.html [and 4-066]
*R. Verdad, Guatemala, 4052.5, celebrated 4th anniversary March 7; had
 festivites, parade, dinner, English greetings on air, but with tech
 difficulties; sends wonderful QSL package [4-052, 4-053]
*Radio Huayacocotla, Veracruz, Mexico, 2390 kHz, subject of article in
 towardfreedom.com excerpts; full article at
 http://www.towardfreedom.com/mar04/campesinos.htm [4-051]
*COM is sponsored by Radio for Peace International http://www.rfpi.org
*And by Universal Radio, for quality amateur raido equipment; catalog
 via 1-800-431-3939 or http://www.universal-radio.com and they also
 sponsor http://www.DXing.com
*Radio Marti continues to violate separation of church and state with
 Catholic mass, Sundays 1100 on 9805 and three other frequencies, also
 opening government-sponsored station to demands for equal time by
 countless other sects, such as Jehovah`s Witnesses, if they only knew
*Jeff White`s surveys of SW listeners at Winter SWL Fest, Mexican DX
 meeting, for National Association of SW Broadcasters [4-059]
*A look at US shortwave stations by James Careless; they enjoy their
 anonymity [4-066] 
*Mike Dorner recalling Victrolas and 78s [4-059]
*And so concludes yet another emission of Continent of Media, 04-04,
 a.k.a. World of Radio Extra 49; read much more by consulting our
 website http://www.worldofradio.com  ###

        CONTINENT OF MEDIA 04-03, produced May 4, 2004 by Glenn Hauser
        [with DXLD issues where you may read much more]

*COM 04-03, a.k.a. World of Radio Extra 48, recorded in early May, a
 sort of sesquimonthly supplement to the always weekly World of Radio,
 Glenn Hauser speaking
*COM is sponsored by Radio for Peace International, and by Universal
 Radio; for quality amateur radio equipment since 1942; visit
 http://www.universal-radio.com or request catalog from 1-800-431-3939
*COM is about media around the American continent, not primarily SW
*US government accused of censoring programs for the deaf in deeming
 200 TV shows inappropriate for captioning  [4-069] List at:
*Clear Channel cancelled Howard Stern on a few stations; we are not
 a fan of his, but Roger Ebert defends him: he belongs on radio just
 as much as Rush; Howard Stern`s position [4-070]
*Automated profanity elimination device, from Guardien [4-064 Radio
 Equipment Forum] http://www.fmqb.com
*Obit for pioneer female broadcast engineer, antenna climber, Marianna
 Woodson Cobb [4-058]
*AWACS planes over eastern US interrupt satellite downlinks to radio
 stations with radar on nearby frequencies [4-068]
*AM applications to the FCC include two for stations at Air Force
 bases: KBLU, 560, Yuma, AZ, to move to Nellis AFB, NV; and a new 50
 kW on 1030 at Maxwell AFB, AL [4-068]
*Clear Channel applied to move WWVA 1170 from Wheeling WV to suburban
 Cleveland OH; discussion of why Wheeling and other small cities
 ever had clear channel stations; now Wheeling is `dead` but the
 locals are vehemently opposed to the move [4-058, 4-059, 4-064]
*In the midst of COM 04-03, a.k.a. WOR Extra 48; check our website
 http://www.worldofradio.com for a summary with links to read more
 about each story [i.e., this]
*Turks & Caicos Islands apply to become part of the city of Oshawa,
 Ontario, but not likely to be approved by federal government. Tried
 twice before to become Canadian province. T&C DX stations would then
 be in Ontario [4-055]
*Toronto airport has a TIS station on 1280, CFYZ, also webcasting,
 with live programming during drivetime, and lots of useful info for
 visitors or transitors; audible as far away as Byron NY with phasing
 [4-067, 4-069]  http://www.gtaa.com/index.aspx?Sid=Node19&tpl=7
*WLCM, Charlotte, MI, refuses to carry Tigers games because of beer
 commercials [4-069]
*East Hill Radio, neighborhood radio station in Kent, WA, on 1700,
 very low power and legal under Part 15, 100 milliwatts, 9 m [4-053]
*Another 1700 in Manteca, CA, AM-1700, by Memphis music fan, part 15,
 http://www.am1700.org [4-066]
*KFAR, First Amendment Radio, Knoxville TN, 90.9, closed down by FCC
*KBKH, 92.7, Shamrock TX, owner has had lots of problems with bad
 eggs in local community, even illegally confiscating some of his
 equipment. Wants to move most of the business across the border into
 Oklahoma  [4-067]
*Opposite direction more often: KJON, 850, now on air from Carrollton,
 TX, ex-Anadarko, OK [4-075]; KTAT, 1570, Frederick OK, applied to
 move to 'Smyer` TX, maybe meaning Seymour, or Snyder [4-068]
*Minnesota Public Radio has grant to find new ways of presenting
 classical music on radio; project ideas solicited in April for
 development, deadline unknown. Inquire of mlee @ mpr.org [4-066]
*WQXR hopes to start commercial classical network with ABC next year
 to bring that music to middle and small markets [4-073]
*Many tributes to the late Alistair Cooke, including one from a writer
 in Tel Aviv [4-060]
*That`s COM 04-03; I`m Glenn Hauser ###

     CONTINENT OF MEDIA 04-02, produced March 23, 2004 by Glenn Hauser
     [with the DX Listening Digest issues where you may read more]

*A seemingly less than monthly supplement to my weekly program World
 of Radio, which may also appear as a World of Radio Extra
*COM is about media around the continent, not necessarily shortwave
*Henrik Klemetz on the anomalies of MW propagation in South America;
 in the north, nothing much from the south, across the geomagnetic
 equator [4-017 Propagation]
*RFPI has not resumed SW, but did resume webcasting in mid-February
 via QuickTime, later mp4; and may include WOR and COM; details on
 audio and program schedule at http://www.rfpi.org [4-022, 4-030]
*Revealing article about what happened to RFPI in Earth Island
 Journal/The Edge: 
*Greg Hardison on XEP, 1300, Ciudad Juarez, running 50 kW all night,
 interfering with many US stations as far away as Chicago [4-049]
*XEUT, 1630, Tijuana, university station recommended for its well-
 engineered stereo audio, classical to acid rock to latin music
 styles, daily 6:30 am to 9 or 10 pm PT [4-049]
*KAXX, 1020, Eagle River, Alaska, applied for increase to 50 kW
 non-directional day and night, to become quite a DX target [4-016]
*KVRI, 1600, Blaine WA aims 50 kW at Vancouver for Asian community,
 and on cheap radios, image at 690 interferes with CBC. KVRI gives
 away better radios tho it`s not responsible. Lack of international
 coordination allowed the 910 kHz separation to happen [4-020 Canada]
*Radio Canada International ``repositioning`` news at RCI Action
 Committee website http://www.geocities.com/rciaction/
 Ukrainian staff dazed, betrayed, crying, accused of paranoia by
 management; however Ukrainian got 6-month reprieve [4-029 et al.]
*Similar situation at VOA: John Figliozzi on the crisis there, due to
 conflict between journalists and propagandists; professionals and
 expatriates; turf and ideological war VOA is losing. Those in
 power are trying to eliminate VOA and its chartered integrity [4-031]
*WorldNet and VOA feeds, 37 of them on Galaxy 3R, have all been
 encrypted; why? Keeps citizens from monitoring propaganda [4-018]
*In the midst of Continent of Media, 04-02; much more at
*COM sponsored by Radio for Peace International and by
*Universal Radio, for quality amateur radio equipment since 1942;
 1-800-431-3939 or http://www.universal-radio.com
*Fred Waterer on strange program on WWCR, Exposing the Unexposed
 with George Gentry of Arkansas, Sunday 1130 on 5070, presumably one
 hour earlier in summer, half-hour rant about evils of white race
 versus black race [4-027]
*Jeff White lobbying to get the two 2005 HFCC Conferences held in
 USA, Feb in Miami, Aug in Boulder; visas for Arabs and Iranians could
 be a problem. See http://home.bellsouth.net/p/PWP-nasb
 But site of Aug 2004 conference still undecided, as Russians had to
 withdraw invitation [4-048 Conventions & Conferences]
*ImaginAsia to launch in US in August, new 24 hour TV channel, Asian-
 American network, HQ in NY, subtitled in English, by satellite, and
 on-air affiliates in Las Vegas, Ventura, Denver [4-021 India]
*SW pirates using slow-scan TV, on 6925 and vicinity [4-030]
*FM pirates in Brooklyn NY area: Caribbean on 103.1 ``Bashman? Radio``
 and on 87.5 Spanish religion every morning, no ID
*New lowpower FM in Greeley CO calls itself a pirate but is not, 104.7
 in stereo, KELS-LP ``Pirate FM 104.7`` and also webcasts wide variety
 of music, http://www.pirate1047.com [4-046]
*One less classical music station, WSPM, 89.1, Cloverdale IN, for
 Indianapolis; Hoosier broadcasting gave up for lack of funding, and
 turned it over to Catholic programming. Was 4th attempt at classical
 in the market [4-042]
*Miami`s former classical station, WTMI, 93.1, much more successful
 now with dance music as WPYM, and matter-of-factly promotes gay
 events [4-026]
*KCSC FM in OK resumes band music program from April, Sundays at
 noon, 1700 UT, also webcast http://www.kcscfm.com [4-046]
*KCJJ 1630, Iowa City, protests FCC ``witchhunt`` over indecency with
 continuous anti-FCC announcements for one day [4-046]
*Marie Osmond starting a `safe` radio show, Marie and Friends [4-048];
 and John Tesh is also in this market [4-053]
*Electric mattress pad puts out heavy interference to FM, TV; see
 http://www.eham.net/forums/RFI/161  [4-048 Radio Equipment Forum]
*That concludes this edition of Continent of Media 04-02; I`m Glenn
 Hauser  ###

      CONTINENT OF MEDIA 04-01, produced Jan. 27, 2004 by Glenn Hauser
      [with DXLD issues where you may read more]

*COM 04-01, produced in late January; but you may be hearing it
 later at a WORLD OF RADIO time when that program takes a one-week
 break [as Extra 46 after COM 03-06 as Extra 45]
*COM also on the web via http://www.dxing.com and
 http://worldofradio.com and http://www.siue.edu/WEBRADIO/
*And we hope soon again on Radio for Peace International
*COM is about media around the American continent, not necessarily
*New member of Broadcasting Board of Governors, Veronique Rodman,
 appointed by acting president Bush, a recess appointment so she does
 not have to be confirmed by Congress; need to share Bush`s far right
 ideology; is director of public affairs at American Enterprise
 Institute; helped launch Fox News Sunday; cosmetic foundation VP
*VOA`s 2004 calendar is really nice, with great art from museums
 around the country, but accused of racism for January pick showing
 a black man listening outside to white musicians inside; VOA`s new
 newsroom will deliberately position minority staffers in view of
 tourists [4-004]
*Sesquiyear-old proposals for fixing Radio Marti [4-001] See also:
*Cuba cracks down further on internet access [4-010]
*Cuba reported to have stepped up jamming against Radio Marti, et al.
*And confiscates satellite receiving equipment [4-012]
*Radio Habana sometimes carries Making Contact, US left-wing show
 which used to be on RFPI [4-011, 4-012]; for webcasting links see
*Former RFPI volunteer writes critical letter to Council of the
 University for Peace for expelling station [4-004]
*RFPI plans to resume webcasting soon, and working on month-long
 courses from March on peace journalism and Spanish;
 http://www.ipccr.org and http://www.icadscr.com [4-015]
*Continent of Media is sponsored by RFPI, and by Universal Radio,
 offering quality amateur and SW radio equipment; catalog at
 1-800-431-3939 or http://www.universal-radio.com
*In the midst of COM 04-01, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or
 wghauser at yahoo.com
*WWCR, the most successful of US commercial SW stations, inside look
 and 7-minute video tour at
 http://www.wwcr.com/wwcr_sales_information.html [4-001]
*The Secular Bible Study you might miss on WBCQ since the shows
 preceding and following it are rather despicable, UT Tue 0200-0300 on
 7415; low-key, thorough analysis by Dr. Elliot Lesser in Phoenix AZ,
 author of ``The Gospels and Acts, Questions and Problems``, entirely
 from secular, objective point of view, you`re not likely to hear on
 other US SW programs [4-016]
*Also try `Equal Time for Freethought`` on WBAI, NY, Sundays 2330 UT
 or 6:30 pm ET, also webcast [4-012 International]
*Scott Fybush says American Family Radio and USA Radio Network are
 far more biased than NPR; every American taxpayer subsidizes AFR.
 But too many NPR stations rely on national content instead of local
*Minnesota Public Radio`s WMNN, 1330, has non-conservative talk show,
 The High Ground; but MPR is selling WMNN to Catholic [not commercial]
 interests [4-008, 4-017]
*KCSC in Oklahoma has started a weekday poetry segment at 5:06 pm CT,
 Poem for Today, and webcast, joint production with KGOU Norman at
 unknown time [4-003]
*New X-band station here in Enid, KMMZ 1640, not reported much from
 abroad, probably due to directional pattern with nulls toward NE and
 SW, bad for Europe and South Pacific. Here`s an ID I just recorded
 with All Comedy Radio, start of Carlin routine; all about it at
 http://www.worldofradio.com/enid.html which also covers the peculiar
 case of our low-power TV station, KXOK 
*Another contender for world`s oldest radio station, KUOA in Arkansas
*New low-power station in Boston on 540, Radio Log, by and for teenage
 girls to combat mysogyny in hip-hop and rap, from The Log School
 [4-012, 4-017]
*New NOAA weather station from Largo, FL, with greater range into
 Gulf, 162.450 MHz; not only weather, but fishing info [4-011]
*Bandscan from Freeport, Grand Bahama includes oddities such as wide-
 band FM telephones and housekeeping communications on TV channel 8
*New Tecate BCN station on 560 changed call to XEPE, reduced power,
 perhaps due to interference complaints from 550 and 560 California
 and Arizona stations; rumors of more new BCN stations planned on 780
 and 920, unlikely due to exisiting Mexican and US stations [4-010 USA
 Broadcast Band Update]
*R. Greenland`s interval signal ``The Whaleboat Sonja Drags Whale``
 available at http://www.intervalsignalsonline.com -- recording ending
 with national anthem [4-013]
*Descriptive Video Service staring up in Canada by a Vancouver
 company; already done on certain PBS programs in US, but any use by
 commercial TV or cable networks? Turner Classic Movies and TNT do
 some [4-002 Canada and 4-003 USA]
*To read much more about these stories check the summary for this COM
 at http://www.worldofradio.com/com0401.html [i.e., this]
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