WORLD OF RADIO #1214, produced December 30, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*We`re pleased to be back on WRMI, since it is provisionally running
 WRN1 North America during most of the hours previously occupied by
 IBC Radio: Sat 1300-2200  15725, Sun 0400-1000 7385, Sun 1500-2100 on
 15725 starting with WOR at 1500; Mon 0500-1000 7385. So many other
 international broadcasters now heard on these two WRMI frequencies;
 see schedule for WRN1 North America at http://www.wrn.org
*Another Continent of Media produced, 03-06, available at
 http:/www.dxing.com and http://www.worldofradio.com -- and may also
 appear during WOR slots when this program needs to take a one-week
*WWCR confirms new Tamil music program, Ragam, starts this Sunday,
 Jan 4 at 1300-1500 on 12160
*Off-the-wall website with rants, kooks, pirates, inside info about
 WBCQ, such as what`s on the webstream and what`s not, Hal Turner:
*QSL received from new El Paso x-bander, KBIV, 1650, says 8.5 kW day,
 0.85 kW night, at same location as 1150 station, 70.1 meter tower
*WBZ 1030 Boston testing IBOC; listen for buzz on 1020, 1040 [so now
 we know what `WBZ` stands for!]
*Caribbean pirate heard in Washington DC near FCC on 93.5, `WEFM`
*KNLS makes another monthly frequency change, Dec 29-Jan 25: 0800
 English on 11765, 1300 still on 9690; Russian and Mandarin mostly
 on 7355 or 7365 0900/1800, except 1000 Mandarin on new 5955
*CBC Radio One program changes in January include Sat 11:30 am local:
 What a Week replaced by The Irrelevant Show for nine weeks
*CHWO, 740, Toronto, marks 3rd anniversary on January 8 with special
 QSL that day only; details in DXLD 3-234; reports to: Special AM 740
 QSL, c/o ODXA, P O Box 161, Station A, Willowdale, ON Canada M2N 5S8
*More on new 560 station in Tecate, BCN, interfering in Alta
 California: XEKTT, 20 kW day, 10 kW nite, non-directional, 448 foot
 tower, Harris DX-25U transmitter
*The voice of James Latham, symbolizing RFPI, can be heard in an 8-
 minute talk at http://www.rfpi.org
*Advice to RFPI that it get back on air by purchasing time on US SW
 stations, but reluctant to do that. Jeff White of NASB says some
 members would be happy to sell airtime, but would not accept all
*R. Apintie, Surinam, 4990, E-QSL in 10 hours gives antenna info:
 6-element log-periodic beamed south; explains poor reception to the
 north; Chuck Bolland`s recording of ``armchair copy``
*4427.83v said ``La Voz de Santa Cruz`` but it`s actually Radio
 Bambamarca, Peru
*R. Uncia, Bolivia, background info obtained by Henrik Klemetz from
*Brazilians visiting Buenos Aires got warm reception when visiting
 RAE, ``unforgettable``. Work out a visit when you`re there
*R. Ecclesia, Angola, via South Africa, audible now in North America,
 7205 until 2000, on an Icom but not a Drake
*Correxion to last week: 6045 station is Zimbabwe, not Zambia
*R. Bukavu, Congo DR, trying to expedite shipment of two new SW
 transmitters which have reached Goma
*Only when our sun sets earliest: in Pennsylvania, first 60mb fade-
 in at 1855 was R. Uganda on 4976, 5026, audio by 1925; second was
 Madagascar 5010
*Sudan Radio Service, 15530 1500-1700 in English, announced expanded
 four hours of service from Dec. 30; original B-03 schedule showed
 other broadcasts so far unheard: check 03-05 on 9760, 17-18 on 15275,
 18-19 on 12015; relays via UK
*V. of Nigeria disappeared, not heard Dec. 24-29 at least, on 7255,
 11770, 15120, 17800
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1214, P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or wghauser at yahoo.com or woradio at
 yahoo.com  Check http://www.worldofradio.com
*Thanks this week for financial support via PayPal go to Johnathan
*RTE Ireland continued running announcement that SW was about to
 close. ``Realignment of distribution platforms``, acknowledges
 greatest interest in analog SW in North America, where more WRN will
 replace SW. 200 replied to survey, but decision was already made!
 African listeners will be given free WorldSpace radio on request
*Holzkirchen site in Germany of IBB closing Decemer 31, after long
 battle by locals to get rid of it. To be dismantled, demolished and
 replaced by golf course. Transmitters to be moved to Tinang,
 Philippines See http://www.sender-freies-oberland.de for background
*If you`re hearing this before Dec 31 at 0900 UT, check schedule of
 last Holzkirchen broadcasts in DXLD 3-232
*R. Prague special Dec. 31, ``Radio Radio Prague``, parody of own
 broadcasts; best here at 1400 on 21745 [+UT Thursday to NAm]
*Another SW service going off as of Jan. 1: Radio Maryja, Poland via
*V. of Mediterranean, Malta, demise expected at yearend, but now
 Libya reported to have renewed financial support for another ten
 years. It`s all about politics, fight over whether manager Richard
 Muscat has done anything wrong
*V. of Turkey English to Europe at 1930-2030 has moved to 6055,
 blocking Rwanda, but should still get through at 1900-1930 and 2030-
*Arutz-7 producers get jail sentences for piracy, maybe commuted to
 community service, in Israel; meanwhile, government proposes
 licensing such stations
*Nothing heard Dec. 24, 26, 27, from Iran at 1930 in English to
 Europe; nothing heard since Dec. 22 except two Arabic frequencies
*Most All India Radio stations extend broadcasts Dec. 31 for New Year;
 midnight is 1830 UT. 10330 will stay on until 1900 instead of 1740;
 also check 6085, 7140, 9575, 9425, 9470, 9835
*Unidentified in Burmese on 5770, not to be confused with Brother
 Scare from WWCR, at 0130, and 1330 [not 1300]-1630. It`s Burmese
 Defence Ministry, ex-6570 which had been off for some time
*On 21570, at 0500-0600 in Chinese, ``China`s Business Radio`` --
 apparently a domestic service serving as jammer to VOA Tibetan via
 Sri Lanka at 0400-0600; how jamming works, nothing to do with CRI
*China National Radio`s Taiwan service changed December 29 into two
 very different services, one with news, the other cultural
*Finally rid of co-channel interference to RCI, 17820 at 1400-1500
 from R. Japan, temporarily via UK while Sri Lanka down; as of Dec
 29, SL is back, on 17755 [But 17820 still clashing Dec 31!]
*Rare logging of ARDS, Australia, 5049.99, at 0921 with Xmas story,
 heard in Auckland, NZ; quick E-QSL from dale at ards.com
*I will not be doing a SW Year in Review this year, but several others
 are in or linked from DX Listening Digest: Northeast Radio Watch,
 BBC Monitoring, Media Network, AWR Wavescan
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Dec 30; flux range 100-85-135
*With a standard disclaimer,
*And best wishes for 2004, Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio
 1214 ###

      WORLD OF RADIO #1213, produced December 23, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*WOR is available on multiple platforms, including telephone: Laser
 Box availablizes new edition Sunday mornings, 1-206-333-5096, from
 Seattle, subject to toll charges
*Check latest DXLDs for full details of perishable Xmas specials, via
*Fun thing to do New Year`s Eve, if you are not otherwise occupied, is
 to follow arrival of 2004 timezone by zone, on SW radio, but that is
 increasingly difficult; or by internet. Lou Josephs accumulated
 links for doing this; see http://www.medianetwork.nl
*R. New Zealand International has improved new website
*RNZI Mailbox off for five weeks, resuming Jan. 19; new 9870 includes
 UT Mondays broadcasts of it, at 1330 and 1530
*Both Buddhists and Moslems want better access to broadcasting in
 Thailand; see stories in DXLD 3-227, 3-229
*R. Pakistan heard in English at 1635-1650 on 5080.3 --- that`s the
 new Current Affairs Program, in Urdu and English, 0200-0400 on 6205,
 1300-1800 on 5080, both 100 kW Islamabad; but when exactly are the
 English segments?
*Confusing situation in Iran re status of SWBC in different languages.
 Had reduced Spanish, but resumed more Dec. 22; but German no longer
 being heard, said Dec. 22 would be last day. Complete new schedule
 from Observers in Bulgaria includes German at 0730 and 1730
*Israel planned to drop most foreign language broadcasts, with the few
 remaining including English on different network, times, frequencies;
 http://israelradio.org no longer warns of cutbacks, but Bezeq still
 does, as of January 1
*Zimbabwe (NOT Zambia as I misspoke!!) running 24 hours on 6045, for
*Sudan supposedly repairing SW transmitter; seemed to be heard on
 15170 at 1500 with ID in Arabic; but could be R. Sawa instead, also
 scheduled there and then
*European Music Radio`s next broadcast on 9290 Latvia is Sunday Dec.
 28 at 1400
*At least one Romanian transmitter puts out spurs plus and minus 60.55
 kHz from fundamental, e.g. 9560 in French at 0600 on 9499.5, 9620.5
*RRI adding broadcasts via World Radio Network, satellite and internet
 in New Year, Jan. 1? Europe 1530 and 2000; North America 1600, 2230;
 elsewhere, 1230, 1930
*Austria resuming Spanish on SW Jan. 1, but only 5 minutes: Eur 2155
 5945, 6155; S. America 0000 & 0030 13730; CAm 9870, ENAm 7325 at 0100
 & 0130
*7265 regional SW frequency in Germany changes overnight station
 carried, no longer Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg, replaced by MDR Info
 service, 2200-0500, which used to be on 6085
*Final R. Denmark SW broadcast, via Norway, Dec 31 at 2230 UT, just
 before local midnight, repeat of farewell starting hourly at 1230; at
 2230 on 7465 Kvitsoy, 7560 Sveio; some techs at K. dismissed, but
 future of equipment not decided yet
*Duane Fischer in Michigan having fun with homemade crystal SW
 receiver; heard Belgium via Bonaire and QSLed it for 0500 on 9590
*Competition to BFBS: Army`s Garrison Radio online, just in time for
 Xmas, http://www.garrisonradio.com
*Having heard about WOR via phone, Queen Elizabeth decided to make her
 Xmas message available there, as well as internet, as fewer listen
 and watch on radio and TV. Thru January 6, 44-871-271-3100, and text
 via http://www.royal.gov.uk [actually links to BBC, including video
 version, different, including interviews with soldiers, volunteers]
*Iceland`s longwave 189 audible in Massachusetts at 1000-1040;
 darkness this time of year as late as 1130 to most of North America
*New frequency for AFN Iceland, 7590-USB at 1500 past 1700, \\ 13855;
 the two registered as different sites
*North American FM DXers have a needed possible country target in St.
 Pierre & Miquelon, 100 to 1000 watts from R. Atlantique on 102.1, RFO
 94.9, 101.5, 103.3, we think
*With a standard disclaimer,
*This is the 1,213th edition of World of Radio, P O Box 1684, Enid OK
 73702, USA; wghauser at yahoo.com or woradio at yahoo.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Gerald T. Pollard
*``Standard disclaimer`` means, i.a., if you hear ads before or after
 WOR relating to SW, that does not imply we are endorsing those
 products tho we are grateful for the indirect support they offer in
 encouraging stations to continue our broadcasts
*CBC workers vote to join different union, Media Guild, instead of CEP
 = Communications, Energy and Paperworkers
*Newest US X-band, on 1660 in Charlotte NC, is now WFNA, The Franchise
*On Dec 18, after a 4-week break, KMMZ, 1640, Enid, OK returned to the
 air, again with All-Comedy format; South Americans may find it
 blocked by WTNI Biloxi; in Houston take your pick by rotating radio
*National Rifle Association considers broadcasting from Mexico, if it
 can get a 50-kW `clear channel` station; or even from a ship offshore
*Overcomer Ministry website now shows a remarkable amount of output
 via Juelich, Germany, nine frequencies at 1000, eleven at 2200
*Kim Elliott will host VOA Talk to America, Jan. 1, about future of
 international broadcasting, 1705-1755; try 13710, 15240, 15445,
 17895, and live webcast via http://www.voanews.com
*Al Hurra is name chosen for Middle East Televsion Network, new US
 Government service in Arabic, under construction in Springfield VA;
 means ``The Free One``. Logo: Arabian horse; see entire story:
*Founder of Guarani program at R. Habana, Dora Guillen, has died, with
 full Communist honors in Asuncion
*New Bolivian SW station on 4722.86v is R. Uncia, irregular, in town
 of same name, owned by municipality, 2312-0100+
*R. Monte Carlo and R. Oriental IDs both heard on 9595 at 2346-0012
 from Uruguay
*Re new secret broadcast from HCJB mentioned last week: clues point to
 Chechen, perhaps embedded in HCJB via UK at 1700-1800 on 11760; HCJB
 wants to turn these Moslems, who have enough problems already, into
*R. Apintie, Suriname, reactivated on 4990, heard at 0355-0450, E-mail
 to apintie at sr.net verified in a sesquiday; on the air all night,
 fadeout 0700 in Denmark, 0815 in Pennsylvania; Peruvian, R. Ancash
 on 4991 QRMs after 1030, but not in evenings
*Stig Adolfsson, Sweden, explains how he measures kHz frequencies to
 three decimal places; requires phase lock to DCF77 and visual display
 on CRT of lissajous figure to ensure exact tuning
*Change in standards for Digital Radio Mondiale December 15, upgrade
 requiring all users to download new software; may be reason for delay
 in Mayah DRM-2010 receiver until late January
*SWLs and hams have renewed hope against the spread of powerline
 communications, a.k.a. broadband via powerlines; FEMA opposes it:
 and so does the Disaster Emergency Response Association
*Propgation outlook from Boulder, Dec. 23; flux range 150-85
*With Solstitial greetings, Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio
 1213 ###

      WORLD OF RADIO #1212, produced December 17, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*IBC Radio no longer via WRMI on SW, but still webcast, including
 World of Radio, Sat 1900+, Sun 1600+ UT
*See our latest schedule not only on SW, but other media:
*Sonnet Radio in Cyprus planned test via Latvia 9290 Dec 15-19, but
 cancelled due to problems uploading program to Merlin, they say on
 http://www.rtidigital.com  Hopes to do it just before or after Xmas
*Original plan was to test via Norway, but that ruled out too. Sveio
 may be closed down at yearend, but not Kvitsoy site 
*R. Denmark verified with full-data card; reports in English OK, with
 return postage. Get them before closing Dec. 31
*World Music Radio, planned for inside Denmark, delayed again: new
 offices and studio ready in January; new 10 kW SW transmitter in late
 January, official relaunch in February, on 5815, 15810, internet
*BBC On Air shows hardly any special programming for Xmas on BBCWS;
 just Festival of Nine Lessons & Carols, an asterisk at page bottoms,
 Dec 24 at 1502-1630 on all streams, but nothing about Queen`s Xmas
*Richard Cuff has that info: Dec 25 at 1606 on American stream; FONLAC
 repeated at 0132 UT Dec 25; also on numerous public radio stations,
 live and repeats. Check my Monitoring Reminders Calendar
*R. Romania International explains cutbacks: transmitters obsolete but
 being upgraded; remaining English broadcast schedule
*Review of RRI program quality: some announcers don`t read well, but
 trying hard. Best show is Sunday Studio, answering mail, as well as
 on Listeners` Letterbox Thu, DX Mailbag Sat
*V. of Nigeria had African quiz Tue at 2030 on 17800, ex-15120
*Pres. Mugabe plans to spend gigadollars-Z to monitor and censor
 internet; and a 24-hour propaganda radio station on SW and MW
*Surrogate services from outside Zimbabwe continue: VOA Studio 7, M-F
 1730-1800 on 17895, 13600, 909; SW Radio Africa, daily 1600-1900 on
 6145; V. of the People, 1700-1800 on 7120
*SODRE, Uruguay, 9620.7 at 2245 heard in Germany, classical music;
 in Italy full ID heard at 2203; in Sweden, 2155 classical
*R. Cielo, pirate in Chiclayo Peru, named for policeman who operates
 it, active again 5628.80v at 2355 (recording by Bjoern Malm, Ecuador)
 Also heard in New York on 5626.8v, multiple echo IDs at 1121; and in
 Florida, ID at 2310 on 5630.32; 5632.8 at 0019-0059 in NY
*Million speakers of a major language in North Caucausus region in
 Russia have new Christian SW broadcast for first time, from outside
 by HCJB; name of language and details classified; some of our experts
 can uncover it
*Radio Centinela del Sur, Loja, Ecuador, reactivated, on 4772.86 at
 1055; varied from nominal 4770 (recording by Bjoern Malm, Ecuador);
 widely heard since on 4773.6 at 1100, 2305; sign-off around 0008
 to 0013
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1212;
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; wghauser at yahoo.com or
 woradio at yahoo.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Tim Hendel
*Ecuadorian harmonic, La Voz de Naranjal, 4559.81 at 2350, 3 x 1520
 from near Guayaquil
*On 2619.94, La Voz de la Patria, Barranquilla, Colombia, HJAK at
 0300, 2 x 1310, also at 2353 heard in Venezuela
*On 2559.76 at 2321, harmonic from San Juan del Cesar, Colombia, HJHO,
 Impacto Popular
*Occidente AM, Tovar, Merida, Venezuela, 2200.04 at 2246, 2 x 1100
*Suriname back on SW map, with reactivation of R. Apintie on 4990,
 heard at 0210; 2230, 0445; no official IDs on the hour. Better than
 before and no longer off-frequency; as late as 0448 with ID in Dutch
 heard in Brazil; 4989.99 English and Dutch. Charles Vervuurt at the
 station says they have new Omnitronix 1000 watt transmitter testing
 at 500 watts since Dec 12
*Mixing product on 6230 until 0457 is from Bonaire, 6165 RN English
 and 6100 DW in German
*Reactivated Guatemalan at least briefly, R. Maya on 3324.79 at 0330;
 other inactive Latins may come back temporarily for holidays
*XEKTT, Tecate BCN appeared unexpectedly on 550, QRMing stations in
 CA and AZ; 560 allocated 30 years ago, just now built, but smudged
 figures put it on 550 by mistake; then shifted to 560, where it
 interferes with other stations, especially KSFO San Francisco; KBLU
 in Yuma
*XEMO 860, Tijuana, running 4 to 5x its previous 5 kW power, hashing
 KRLA 870 in Orange County
*Special MW DX test on short notice, Sat Dec 20 at 0600-0700 UT, WMOX
 1010 Meridian MS, with Morse IDs in Coast to Coast AM
*WWVA 1170, Wheeling WV, news department axed by Clear Channel; see
 DXLD 3-223
*VOA heard with commercial underwriting credits just like public
 radio, e.g. at 0529 weekdays on 6035, Royal Caribbean
*Worker unrest at VOA: http://www.afge1812.org
*New expanded service to Pakistan, R. Aap ki Dunya, not up to speed
 yet, still only 3 hours a day for VOA Urdu at 0100, 1330, 1700, but
 new ID already heard at 1330 on 15540
*WWCR`s new Tamil show Sun 1300-1500 on 12160, Ragam, is musical, but
 not expected to start until January
*WJCR, KY, back on 7490 instead of 13595. The two 100 kW transmitters
 from FEBA Seychelles have arrived; huge, industrial, with massive
 water pipes, quite a while before on air. One is for KVOH, California
*V. of Mojahed profile in DXLD 3-223 from BBC Monitoring; in Dec the
 Iraqi governing council announced that the MKO, sponsoring the
 Iranian clandestine station, will be expelled from Iraq
*Updated English schdedule from V. of Islamic Republic of Iran a.k.a.
 V. of Justice
*English from Turkmenistan: Program 1, R. Vatan, Mon-Sat 1305-1315 on
 5015; Program 2, Mon-Sat 1640-1650 and 1745-1755 on 4930
*Classical music tests from new SW site at western tip of China,
 Kashgar, also testing on MW 1422; since Dec 17, regular service with
 English at 1400 on a clear frequency for India. Listed as 600 kW,
 main lobes at 140 and 320 degrees; also check 1197, 1539 kHz
*CRI program says expanding broadcasts for morning and evening both,
 explaining need for more transmitter sites
*CRI again using 7405 to W&CNAm 1400-1600, mixing Marti and jamming
 first hour, in the clear after 1500
*Morse code character proposed for @ symbol, AC run together: .--.-.
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Dec 16; flux range 130-90
*That`s World of Radio 1212; I`m Glenn Hauser  ###

      WORLD OF RADIO #1211, produced December 10, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*IBC Radio suspended SW transmissions via WRMI on weekends, so two
 airings of World of Radio no longer available; maybe still
 webcasting? http://www.ibcradio.com
*Thanks to Allan Weiner, another WOR airing on WBCQ: UT Sun 0130 on
 9330-CLSB; and UT Mon 0515 not only on 7415 but parallel on 5105
*Final Radio Enlace of the year on R. Nederland this Fri and Sun Dec
 12 and 14 with lots of DX news from yours truly and Gabriel Ivan
*WINB dropped not only World of Radio, but also AWR Wavescan, DX
*WWCR-4 testing 5770 this week instead of 7560 at 0400-1200, Brother
 Scare service, and may stay there
*Check 5770 earlier in evening for R. Miskut, Nicaragua, since other
 US stations may start using it too
*Willis Conover, legendary VOA broadaster, not getting the respect due
 him; twice nominated and twice ignored for Presidential Medal of
 Freedom; from book ``Friends Along the Way``, by Gene Lees
*Some California SW transmitters aimed right across central US, with
 very strong signals, and spurs: R. Marti, 17670 at 1535 from Delano
 on 17538.3, 17801.7; KVOH, Los Angeles, plus and minus 147 kHz
 intervals from 17775 at 2230: 17922, 17628, 17481, 18069, 18216
*One night around 0700, R. Marti heard on 1700 kHz, leading to quite a
 discussion on NRC-AM list; could WJCC 1700 Miami have been relaying
 Marti, even if by accident? See DXLD 3-218, 3-219, 3-220 via
*New LPFM on 107.9, WCTI for farm workers around Immokalee, FL
*As of December 11, KMMZ, 1640, Enid, has not yet reappeared
*New KBIV, El Paso TX, on 1650, on as of Dec 5 with country music
*X-band stations were originally supposed to broadcast in AM stereo;
 KBPS, 1450, Portland OR, has just started, public schools station,
 738 watts; turn on your AM stereo receiver, and enjoy!
*Paul Winter Solstice concert, mostly the week before Xmas, on public
 radio [some scheduling is at:]
*Holiday special pages from public radio stations at Monitoring
 Reminders calendar http://www.worldofradio.com/calendar.html#advance
*Special event ham station W4B commemorating Wright Brothers, on SSB:
 3860, 7260, 14260, 21330, 28460. Espeically 14260 continuously from
 1700 UT Dec 12 until 2000 UT Dec 17; see http://www.ncseg.org
*Canada Calling, commercial newscast for snowbirds in S Florida, S
 Texas [and AZ], celebrating 50th anniversary; station list and times
 at http://www.canadacalling.com
*RNZI new frequency schedule from Dec 21, abandoning 6 MHz band:
 From 1751 on 11980, 1951 on 15265, 2238 on 17675, 0400 on 15340, 0800
 on 9885, 1100 on 15530, 1300 on 9870
*R. Australia programs go on summer vacation for a month or more in
 Dec and Jan; details in DXLD 3-220. Further distuptions Dec 10 due to
 24-hour strike at Radio National, over ``mis-management``. Can`t
 imagine big strikes in the US any more
*Sad state of broadcasting in Papua New Guinea; provincial stations
 were supposed to be under NBC, but turned over to provincial
*R. Sweden having a problem with jamming from Vietnam, since it is
 using 9920 at 1300, same frequency used by FEBC to Vietnam before
 that hour; despite Swedish aid to Vietnam
*Luang Prabang, Laos, heard a month ago on 4649.10 at 0955-1230 and
 from 2300
*Western classical music tests mentioned last week, discussed in last
 several DXLDs, from 3-217, at first unidentified, then under China,
 since direction-finding puts it in extreme SW Xinjiang province,
 probably at Kashi = Kashgar; propagates more like a European than
 Chinese signals much further east
*This is World of Radio #1211; our address wghauser at yahoo.com or
 woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Dave Hammer, on behalf
 of the Miami Valley DX Club
*Yet another China relay via Canada we found: 1600 on 17735 in Chinese
*Real Time Beijing, from CRI, great signal via Sackville at 1100-1200
 on 5960; CRI also well heard at 0400 and 0500 on 6190
*China National Radio 1 will be renamed Voice of China, ``Zhong guo
 zhi sheng``
*About time American Forces Network originates some programming from
 Baghdad, rather than just relaying Los Angeles; on 107.7 at 6-9 am
 and 3-6 pm local from Convention Center studios
*``Baghdad FM Radio 98.3`` heard on AM 657, part of Iraq Media Network 
*African news from Chris Greenway, Kenya: only active SW there is
 4915, M-F 0300-0700, 1300-1905, all other listed frequencies silent
*Station at 1553-1605* on 5066.3 heard in Finland is very likely R.
 Candip, Congo DR; stable on 5066.32
*French on 7125 until 0920 is likely Guinea, now operational all day,
 no more mid-morning breaks
*Sonnet Radio in Cyprus was going to test SW via Norway in late
 December, but due to brokerage problems, and imminent demise of
 Norway transmitters, Sonnett will use Latvia 9290 instead, Dec 15-19
 at 1900-2000. QSL competition, see website http://www.rtidigital.com
 Full-time service from Febend, daily 1900-0100
*R. Studio, a.k.a. R. Gardarika, St. Petersburg, Russia, Dec 24-31 at
 1900-2200 on 6245, 200 kW, quarterly broadcast; again in March
*Swiss Radio International was a great station, especially for
 Italians, better than Rai; leaflets promoting website are casualty
 bulletins, with SW to end in less than a year. Even satellite Swiss
 Mix will disappear March 31
*Swissinfo to lose 35 out of 147 full-time jobs; subsidy reduced from
 18 to 5 megafrancs Swiss, and eliminated in 2005
*Dec 9-10, World Summit on the Information Society in Geneva; RSF set
 up pirate radio station there, Radio Non Grata, on 95.8 FM
*R. Netherlands fending off bad press in Holland. NRC Handelsblad
 accused RN of engaging in commercial activities at Bonaire; nothing
 amiss, says RN
*Mark Byford promoted to Deputy Director General of BBC, no longer
 director of World Service; got much of the blame for cancelling SW
 to North America. New job involves handling complaints, buffering
 between Greg Dyke and the public, political parties
*``Cubanola`` on R. Marti, old 78 records, retimed to 1800 on Sat,
 17670, 15330, 13820, 11930
*Visitor to Guatemala reports on SW activity there and in Honduras:
 Honduras: 3250, 3340, 4832; Guatemala: 4845, 4800, 4780, 4052.5
*R. Verdad, Chiquimula, Guatemala, says it`s back up to 1 kW instead
 of 280 watts, scheduled until 0500, but heard until 0558 with Xmas
*James Latham of RFPI visited San Francisco to drum up support from
 progressive groups, appeared on KPFA. New site in mountains is at
 10K feet, good for FM coverage too; new RFPI might have program
 production by groups around Costa Rica, serving as local station
*Paz the Cat, RFPI`s mascot, disappeared when staff had to evacuate;
 searched for but unfound, hope got new home; University for Peace
 guards have been known to shoot dogs
*Opposition growing to powerline communications in the US; check
 toward end of DXLDs 3-218, 3-220, 3-221
*Declining sunspot count predictions for 2004: Jan 58, Feb 55, Mar 53,
 Apr 52, May 51, Jun 48, Jul 46, Aug 44, Sep 42, Oct 40, Nov 38, Dec
*Propagation outlook from Ottawa Dec 4: least unsetttled Dec 16-17,
*Outlook from Boulder, Dec 9: flux range 90-145-95
*Standard disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1211  ### 

      WORLD OF RADIO #1210, produced December 3, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*More and more difficult to find WOR on SW: fewer airtimes and fewer
 stations; not only lost RFPI, but WINB no longer has time for one
 broadcast of WOR. WOR on IBC via WRMI missed last week, but now
 scheduled Sat 1900 and new Sun 1600 on 15725
*Repeat on WBCQ last week was late at 0522 UT Mon on 7415; first
 airing anywhere is Weds 2300 on 7415, 17495-CUSB
*WOR times on WWCR: Thu 2130 on 9475 for three months, ex-15825; Sat
 1130 on 5070; UT Sun 0330 on 5070; UT Sun 0730 on 3210; Wed 1030 on
*Also on World Radio Network via satellite, internet, Sat 0900 to most
 of world; Europe only Sun 0530; North America Sun 1500; also
 available on demand
*And on demand via http://www.worldofradio.com/audiomid.html
*Also pleased to be on WSUI, WPKN, SIU Edwardsville Web Radio, Radio
 Studio X in Italy, among others
*Complete schedules at http://www.worldofradio.com/radioskd.html and
*CHU, Canada, timesignals erratic, often missing from some or all
 three frequencies 3330, 7335, 14670
*CFVP, Calgary, Alberta, 100 watts on 6030, audible here at 1448 after
 Marti and Cuban jammer are off; still interference from China
*Cuba is jamming the Voice of America, not just Radio Marti, since VOA
 has its own Ventana a Cuba program, daily 0100-0130; all five
 frequencies have bubble jamming: 9480, 9560, 9885, 11700, 11990. But
 jamming continues during Buenas Noches, America, which follows. By
 putting the programs next to each other, VOA gets itself jammed for
 all its Latin American audience. Main blame goes to the dentrocubanos
*Cuban broadcast and print media not carrying complete Castro speeches
 since Sept. 28, unusual; we keep hearing Sept. 28 speech fragments on
 RHC at 1400; maximum leader losing total control over media?
*Besides closing down Radio for Peace International, Maurice Strong is
 getting award from US National Academy of Sciences, Public Welfare
 Medal [grrrr]
*Timeline for reviving RFPI is not carved in stone; depends on long-
 term commitment from partners. $10,000 is only the cost of buildings
 and equipment
*R. Imperial, El Salvador, 17835v, missing the past week
*R. El Salvador webcasts available via
*Plans in Del Rio, Texas for museum honoring Wolfman Jack, who was on
 XERF; but now two groups are fighting over this; see DXLD 3-216
*Confusing situation in middle of 10 MHz band; XERMX blobmitter has
 been here, but distorted Spanish could be something else, such as
 La Voz del Llano, Colombia, [on 10315v at 2300]
*All India Radio, 10330 is subject to variation; one day on 10256
*New Colombian, La Voz de tu Conciencia, about to get licensed for
 second frequency, 5910, but will keep 6010 too for which 500 fix-
 tuned radios have been distributed. Also plans to buy another
 station, La Voz de la Pampa, which will allow it to get SW
 frequencies on 9 MHz band
*R. Panamericana, Quero, Ecuador, heard on 4767.81, at 0100, a third
 harmonic, also on 2nd and 4th
*David Gleason advises Americans not to try to QSL Venezuelans for now
 due to the stressful, dangerous situation there
*On 2550v, Radio Uno, Chiclayo, Peru, heard in Ecuador, best for now,
 quite good signal, from MW 1280, varies 2545 to 2560; at 1115
*Radio Huarmaca, Huancabamba, Peru, 5384.23 at 2350, on until 0200,
 reactivated; also heard in Florida at 0130
*Profile of La del Chaco Paraguayo, ZP30 on MW 610, Mennonite station
 broadcasting in nine languages including English; says it is
 ``accessible`` via HF 6884-USB, but this may be for 2-way
*Namibia very nice in England on 6060 in English, news at 2000
*Zimbabwe not heard on recently reported 6045
*Zanzibar missing from 11734.1 and 6015
*Mainland station, 5050 in Tanganyika, is on and heard in New
 Hampshire until 2101 sign-off; best time of year for tropical East
 Africans to be heard in Eastern North America around sign-off
*R. Uganda on 4976 as early as 2010, both in Swahili
*Kenya on 4915 signs off relatively early, 1830-1905* over Ghana
*Slovakia left 6055, clearing channel for R. Rwanda, 1912-2100*
*Madagascar`s 5010 transmitter sometimes out of adjustment sounding
 like jamming up to 5015
*V. of Nigeria no longer heard on 17800; seems on 15120 in English all
 day from 0500 to 2300; modulation worsens
*Full Gospel church in Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Sunday at 1950 on
 6719-USB, up from 6715 due to interference, with Korean preaching
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1210;
 our address, woradio at yahoo.com or wghauser at yahoo.com or P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA
*Our thanks this week for financial support go to Bruce MacGibbon, in
 memory of Bob Bodell
*Standard disclaimer
*Re V. of Mediterranean, Malta, closing down: SW apparently continues
 for now, including English Sunday at 0900 on 9630 via Italy, but
 VOMi, the internet stream has stopped tho website remains open
*At least three new transmitters testing somewhere in Europe, playing
 classical music in the 1000/1400 UT period: 21730, 21460, 17480,
 13570, 11640, 9410
*RTE Ireland instead of regular half-hour SW broadcasts has been
 running tape loop asking for listener contact, as SW is being
 reviewed: sw@rte.ie  Do listeners also have access to internet,
 satellite? Survey continues until Dec. 12, to inform future SW
*Lauch of longwave 252 from Ireland put back another three months to
 April 1, 2004; see DXLD 3-214
*R. Slovakia International turned off one of three SW transmitters;
 remaining English frequencies: 1730 and 1930, 5915, 7345; NAm 0100 on
 5930, 9440; 0700 to Australia 13715, 15460
*V. of Justice, from Iran, monitored via satellite by Loren Cox, in
 Kentucky; see DXLD 3-216; Islamic to the core, but frequently
 features American progressives, such as Molly Ivins, Michael Moore.
 Paramaters: Telstar 5, Ku 11830, SR 20781, horizontal
*US-led coalition distributing 200,000 windup SW radios in Afghanistan
*Frequency for Tajikistan`s English at 1645 is 7245
*New website of Kyrgyz State Radio, shows English at about 0110 and
 0310 M-F on 4010, maybe also 4795, part of 20-minute news in Kyrgyz,
 Russian too
*Nov 26 only [not Nov 6], Port Blair, Andaman Islands, was on 4750
 instead of 4760 at 0000; Dec 1 at 1130 booming into New Hampshire on
*Laos resumed international service on 7145 at 1130-1400, final half-
 hour in English
*Nigel Holmes of Radio Australia has been to Solomon Islands repairing
 MW transmitter and getting SW 9545 back on air. Will be 24 hours like
 5020, with low dipole at first, then a 4-element co-linear
*Dale Chesson at ARDS, Aboriginal station on 5050 in Northern
 Territory, says from Dec 1, new antenna system will focus signal on
 Arnhem Land, 1/2 wavelength dipole array, making it even harder to DX
*Radio Aap ki Dunya, new 24 hour American service to Pakistan, means
 Radio Your World
*Radio Free Europe dropping seven languages at yearend: Slovak,
 Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Croatian (tho
 Romanian language still on Moldavian service)
*WWCR schedule shows new Tamil broadcast Sundays at 1300-1500 on
 12160, ``Ragam``, perhaps more music than politics?
*Radio TimTron Worldwide features ``Stair`s Way to Heaven``, maybe
 repeated Sat Dec 6 at 1900 on 17495; check UT Wed 0030 on 7415 for
 interesting fill programming
*WBCQ 5105 transmitter has been putting out spur around 4847
*Precious little activity on 11m broadcast band, but KSL, Salt Lake
 City heard with good FM signal at 2030 on 26190
*Our new X-bander in Enid, KMMZ, 1640, still not back on air as of
 Dec 3; has QSLed reports for initial test period fourth week in Nov;
 tight figure-8 direxional pattern 160/340 degrees
*Newest X-bander in US is now WBHE, 1660, Charlotte NC, since Dec 2,
 sports simulcasting 610 much of the time
*HFCC has a new program, IRUS, to detect unused and unregistered
 ``wooden`` transmissions, which were deleted from schedule
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Dec. 2: flux range 100-150
*Thomas Giella foresees degraded conditions, but not a total collapse
 as in the past two months
*That`s World of Radio 1210; Glenn Hauser, hoping you`ve enjoyed the
 program and will hear me again, next week  ###

      WORLD OF RADIO #1209, produced November 25, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*This is the last WOR on 15825 until March; December thru February, at
 2130 Thursdays, WWCR is on 9475
*WINB missed WOR last week, hit by lightning; should be back now, UT
 Thu 0230 on 9320
*Three or four NASB members, including WRMI interested in transmitting
 DRM themselves, but exciters are expensive so far; full DRM
 membership costs $10,000 a year, but associate membership is free;
 non-proprietary, and no license fees
*WSHB ending its Far East relays after Dec 13, including Russian at
 1000 Weds on 11780
*Not only Arab world and Iran have special US government services, R.
 Sawa and R. Farda, but Pakistan is next, from Jan, 24 hour
 bombardment, with another new name in Urdu, Radio Aap Ki Dunya
 [means: Radio Your World]; VOA is not saying why Pakistan was chosen.
 AFGE Local 1812 launched a strong protest, against traditional VOA
 services being dismantled. Bush administration does not believe in
 public diplomacy but the barrel of a gun; and is flouting US law on
 code of ethics at VOA; 0400-1600 on SW, 24h on MW via Tajikistan,
 already hired young Pakistanis to make the conversion
*Pakistan itself has a new external service, Pashto to Afghanistan,
 1445-1515 on 4955; new frequency already heard in Finland, until
 1700; is API-2, 100 kW 35-year-old transmitter in Islamabad; also
 with Balti and SHeena news 1350-1428; Dari 1515-1545 after Pashto
*V. of Justice, new service from Iran, must be payback for R. Farda,
 but bumbled into it; heard at 0130-0230 on 9580, 6120; 0230-0300 V.
 of David on 6010, 6120 in Hebrew; in Moscow VOJ heard at 0130 on
 9580, announcing wrong 9835 and 6085; surrogate service of Iranian
 radio targeted to US listeners: heard at 0128 on 6020, announcing
 9875 and 6025; claims both are on 9580 and 6120 at 0030-0230
*R. Voice of Iran, clandestine from outside, had been via France on
 15750 but now heard until 1700 on 11520 via Uzbekistan, and spurs
 plus and minus 46, 92, 138 kHz
*New program schedule from Kuwait, from P-mail, in DXLD 3-211 via
 http://www.worldofradio.com -- some of the programs at 1800-2100 on
 11990: 1802, GCC March; 1815 Islam show; 1830 main newscast; 2050
 news in brief
*Tajikistan`s token external service in English heard at 1645-1700
 [What's the frequency, Glenn? 7245!]
*R. Georgia has external service in English, but difficult to hear;
 even in Germany was very poor due to heavy interference from both
 sides of 11805.13v at 0630
*Nagorno Karabakh Autonomous Republic on 9677.7 at 0600-0635 Wed and
 Fri; 1500-1535 Tue & Thu in Azeri
*R. Ezra starts a new series on Sundays from Nov 30; via Lithuania,
 1900-1930 on 7560; now with World Karaite Movement see:
 http://www.karaites.info --- a.k.a. ``the first and only counter-
 missionary radio station``. Possibly audible in extreme eastern North
*Latvia`s SW transmitter, 9290 activity: final broadcast of R. Seagull
 Sat Nov 29 at 1100-1600, since now licensed in Holland; European
 Music Radio, Suns Nov 30, Dec 28, Jan 14 at 1400-1600; convoluted
 nature of this arrangement, subleasing, sub-subleasing, sub-sub-sub-
*No more English on SW from Finland, but printed program guide uses
 English to describe Special Finnish; and Nuntii Latini! now scheduled
 Sun 1655 NAm 13665; 1845 EEu 7135; 1955 Eu 11755 6120; Mon 0945 As/Au
*Thanks to John Carson in OK for sending that schedule on to us by P-
 mail, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; or woradio at yahoo.com
 or wghauser at yahoo.com
*Many thanks this week for financial support go to James D. Strader
*This is World of Radio 1209
*TDP Radio, Belgium, adding DRM, Sat 1100-1200 on 9850 in English;
 site must be Flevo, Holland
*Increasing concern at R. Netherlands over further financial cuts;
 straight talk from Andy Sennitt, his own opinion on the Media Network
 blog: comparing to BBCWS; RN should not be financed by general
 taxation, but by Ministry of Foreign Affairs so it will not be
 dismantled piece by piece
*V. of Greece program titles translated n DXLD 3-210; It`s All Greek
 to Me, music presented in English moved to Sun 1105-1200, just before
 Delano 9690 comes on, so only on direct 15630, 11645, due to soccer
 taking priority, 1505-2000; maybe temporary preeemption and will
 return to 1900, if soccer season is ever over; Hellenes Around the
 World still scheduled Sat 1700-1800 via Delano 17705, but football
 may pre-empt it too
*Despite successful conference in Malta, where V. of Mediterranean
 planned to add languages, Libyan co-sponser is pulling out, forcing
 VOM to close December 31; Libya is behind on payments; Malta really
 needs a better partner
*Sudan Radio service, via UK, 15550, 1500-1700, in six languages
 including news in English at 1515, 1615
*Two different Ethiopian clandestines on 6350; until 0351, V. of Peace
 and Democracy; from 0356, V. of Tigre Revolution, also on 5500
*Northern winter peak of reception on 7530 for R. Mogadishu, Somalia,
*Bhutan, 6035, now opening every day at 0100; actually 0055 with
 bells, fade by 0120 [not 0020 as I misspoke]
*Final editon of Feedback on Radio Australia, Nov 22; to be replaced
 by a different listener contact show early next year
*5952.47, Emisora Pio XII, Bolivia, blown away by WYFR 5950 at 0957,
 perfect metaphor for the state of the world these days
*Correction to last week, Brazilian Pres. Lula`s fortnightly radio
 talk, Mondays [such as Dec 1] is at 0800, 0900, 1030 and 1300 UT
*Alo Presidente, Venezuela, via Cuba, monitored from 1400 Sunday on
 11670, 11875, 13680, 13750, 17750. Amazingly, everything matches on
 RHC website, so may have been updated! But still missing the 2300
 hour in English on very strong 9550
*Steve Waldee analyzed squealing transmitter in Cuba: bad STL. See
*CODAR sweep radar had bothered only WJCR on 13595, now reaching up
 to 13655, interfering with Canada at 1500
*Hydro Quebec to use powerline communications for broadband internet,
 without public discussion
*KNLS changes schedule again November 30; all to 7 MHz, except English
 at 0800 on 9795, 1300 on 9780; why?
*WGN, 720, Chicago, will be silent for maintenance early Sunday Nov
 30, opening frequency for DX, 0705-1100 UT, especially 0900-1030 as
 carrier and test tones may be before and after
*New KMMZ, 1640, Enid, after testing went off the air Nov 21 past 25;
 when resuming may be a third format. I visited site and put up a new
 webpage including photos: http://www.worldofradio.com/enid.html
*NY Times expects fireworks on the Sun at Thanksgiving [DXLD 3-212]
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Nov 25: flux range 170-95
*That`s World of Radio 1209; I`m Glenn Hauser  ###

     WORLD OF RADIO #1208, produced November 19, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Attention WOR listeners on SIU Edwardsville Web Radio: will be off
 for Thanksgiving and Xmas holidays, so hear us elsewhere. See
*Construxion permit for new station on 1640 here in Enid, Oklahoma, is
 finally on the air since November 14; first with Unforgettable
 Favorites network, then All Comedy Radio, so far 24 hours, but we
 have heard no local IDs at all, at hourtops. Call registered as KMMZ;
 no reports from overseas known yet, but bound to be heard all over
 the world eventually like all other X-banders. However, this one is
 directional favoring SSE/NNW; format could change again without
 notice [but off the air on Nov 21]
*Las Vegas, Nevadans, get new public radio station as KNPR splits into
 two, KNPR with news and talk, moved to 88.9, and new KCNV classical
 on 89.7; similar plan in Tulsa for KWGS to add a classical outlet on
 88.7, still not happening
*VOA News Now website finally explains new program format, following
 drastic cuts at Octoberend
*WWRB testing ``full digital``, but not DRM. AOR system, details at
 http://www.aorusa.com for the ARD-9800 decoder; at least on 6890-LSB
*CBC/RCI`s As It Happens special on Nov 18, 35th anniversary; should
 be audible via website:
*CKZN, 6160, morning show originates from Happy Valley/Goose Bay from
 0952 UT on weekdays; sign-on 0924 from CBN, St. John`s on weekends
*Noise on 1100 kHz heard in eastern US is R. Cadena Habana, Cuba,
 carrier chaotically oscillating plus or minus 5 kHz at times
*Out of the blue, a new Cuban harmonic on 2060, R. Musical Nacional,
 Villa Clara at 0148, classical and operatic music
*Lengthy discussion in DXLD last few issues about cause of squeal
 heard on RHC and CRI relays, under CUBA and Radio Equipment Forum;
 [and see Steve Waldee`s fascinating web page:]
*XERMX blobmitter heard again around 10450, varying down to 10330, up
 to 25 kHz wide
*Franklin Seiberling`s Copy Exchange 
 http://copyexchange.com/_wsn/page3.html main source of up to date
 news about RFPI, in contact with James Latham by phone: less than
 $10,000 will bring RFPI back to life, upgrading hydro plant at new
 location, initial buildings; timeline includes 2-3 months for live
 streaming; 6-12 months to restart SW with 10 kW; likely in 6 MHz
 range, licensed; funds need to be raised: see http://www.rfpi.org
*Dr. Scott from Cahuita Costa Rica, is getting 4 extra frequencies
 from 13750, spurs plus and minus 30 and 60 kHz
*Standard disclaimer
*In the midst oif WOR 1208, woradio at yahoo.com or wghauser at
 yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA
*Our thanks this week for financial support go to Dave Hammer on
 behalf of the Miami Valley DX Club
*V. of Guyana, 3291.3, heard with strong fully modulated signal for a
*Bjoern Malm`s unID on almost 3205, recorded, Radio Mia, from where?
 Unlikely a harmonic, but could be a pirate
*R. Libertad, Cajamarca region, Peru, 1999.26 variable is sesqui-
 harmonic of 1332.85v at 1030 with Alegria en los Andes
*Pres. Lula of Brazil starting a fortnightly radio address of 6
 minutes on Mondays from Nov 17, originally at [times in DXLD 3-207
 and on WOR 1208 were mis-converted! UT should be 0800, 0900, 1030,
 1300] see http://radiobras.gov.br
*R. Oriental, Uruguay, reactivated 9595, at 2330 Nov 18 for futbol
*Zimbabwe on 6045 instead of 5975, rather weak
*R. Galcayo, Somalia, shifted back to 6980 DSB from 7335; had been
 measured by Stig Adolfsson, Sweden around 1630 almost daily on
*Don`t you believe BBC program listings in so-called 2004 Passport to
 Worldband Radio, reprint of info in 2003 edition including typos:
 more evidence PWBR is grossly over-rated, yet some are apologists
*Journalists worried about changes in news management at R. France
 Internationale, now headed by political editor and publications
*Portugal putting out more spurs, from 21655 at 1100-1300 heard on
 21486.9 and 21823.1
*World Music Radio, new private station in Denmark, asks native
 speakers of various languages to record liners to make it truly
 international. Plans to begin in December
*Let`s hope on air before R. Denmark ends its SW service at midnight
 New Year`s eve. Expanding internet service from Dec 15; and from
 Jan 1 expatriates can get a free CD instead of SW programs
*In Europe, 1179 kHz synonymous with Sweden, but now with South
 Carolina?! as Brother Scare says he`ll be on two hours a night
*R. Polonia will continue in 2004 from SW transmitters near Warsaw
*Bids due in by end of November to take over Iraqi Media Network;
 contract worth $100 million; bidders include BBC, ITN, Rendon,
 Harris, Lebanese Broadcasting Co., for complete rebuild of
 broadcasting infrastructure, news service
*V. of Justice, English service from Iran mentioned last week, seemed
 on SW by mistake at 1130. IRIB websie shows only a few English times
 and frequencies, reduced: 1030-1130 15550 21470 15480; 1530-1630 on
 7190 9610; 1930-2030 on 6110 7320, none for North America. Dave
 Kernick monitored via Hotbird 13: 1030-1130 regular English, 1130-
 1230 V. of Justice, but announced as 0130-0230! Engineers often very
 tardy in changing frequencies or switching off. A nice clip of VOJ:
*Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corp. [not Service], 9770 puts out spurs on
 9650, 9690, 9730, 9810, 9890, 9935, 9975, etc.
*All India Radio, Port Blair, 4770 signs on at 2355; Hans Johnson in
 Florida hears it regularly with an ID at 1130
*China relays via Canada doubling up: at 1400 on 9755 and 13675, seem
 Canada rather than direct; 2300 on 6040 and something on 13 MHz
*R. Australia started new frequency schedule; 9580 now closing at 1400
 but continues on new 9590 until 1600
*R. Australia has cancelled Feedback, last airing this week, Nov 21
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Nov 18; flux range 180-95
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1208   ###

      WORLD OF RADIO #1207, produced November 12, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*WOR heard in New York, Sun at 0843 on Europirate Ozone Radio
 International, 6200+
*We`re on four US SW stations, WBCQ, WINB, WWCR and WRMI
*But we and everyone else have lost Radio for Peace International;
 University cut off power as we recorded last week, November 5, so
 7445 is off the air. RFPI is taking legal action for compensation,
 while equipment is being moved out to a new transmitter site in the 
 mountains, donated by a supporter. Already has office in downtown San 
 Jose. May be able to resume internet streaming shortly, but several 
 months before SW could be back. James Latham & Co. are not going to 
 let this setback put an end to RFPI; best wishes to them
*XERMX again heard on proper frequencies, 9705 and 11770
 [but blobmitter is also back, varying around 10450]
*Digital tests on Mexican AM and FM; IBOC on XEN 690, 100 kW from
 Mexico City, producing loud noise on 680 and 700 in north Texas
*R. Rebelde, Cuba, has two services; the FM side relayed on SW 6120,
 Musica Viva 96.7, Frecuencia Super Stereo, while AM service is on
*Ecuadorian on 4200 is not third harjonic, but 5 x 840 in Quito, R.
 Vigia, La Voz de la Policia Nacional; Bjoern Malm also heard 2609.95,
 R. Cristal, Guayaquil; 2859.84v, R. Guaranda
*unID on 3204.99 at 1150 called Radio Mia, seems Peruvian
*From DX Camp in Bavaria, 150-watt SODRE, Uruguay heard on 9620.6
*R. Nacional Angola runs all night on 4950.10, heard at 0200, and
 with morning news magainze from 0400, fade by 0430; 4949.98 in
 another measurement
*Voice of Democratic Eritrea, 1700-1800 UT Mon & Thu on 9820 ex-
 15670; on Sat still on 5925 to Eu, time not given
*Radio Ethiopia heard better in Spain than Germany, English at 1600-
 1700 on 9559.6 variable (recording at 1630, bongs and news)
*R. Ethiopia closed Arabic at 1500, drifting upward 0.7 kHz per
 10 minutes, such as 9561.2
*Ethiopia also on 9705, but Niger is there too, La Voix du Sahel heard
 around 1400 in New York
*V. of the Saharan Arab Democratic Republic, Polisario clandestine
 from Algeria to Western Sahara, heard on 7460 by several in North and
 South America, Arabic to Spanish at 2300; starts at 1700 on 7460 and 
 1550; Moroccan jamming worse on MW from 1840. Much stronger and more 
 professional than before, thanks to Algeria?
*It`s official: Denmark decides to cut off shortwave broadcasts by
 yearend, so could be earlier. Frequencies via Norway for Americas,
 not in English: 1230 18950, 1330 17550, 1430 17735, 1530 17525, 1630
 15705, 1730 18950, 1830 15735, 1930 13800, 0030 7560, 0130 7560 9945,
 0230 7560 9590, 0430 7465; full schedule in DXLD 3-184 at
*R. Budapest, Hungary, reception terrible in North America, English
 at 0200 and 0330 on 9835; blocked at 0214 by India in Pashtu
*Another sporadic broadcast via Latvia 9290 planned for Sun Nov 23,
 relay of R. Marabu, German alternative music, 1300-1600
*New PWBR somehow missed 9290
*V. of Russia to broadcast George Poppin`s WW II story, Fri Nov 21
 1645, Sun 0345, 0845, Mon 2145
*The Media Magazine You Monitor With Your Mind, World of Radio 1207,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or woradio at yahoo.com or wghauser
 at yahoo.com
*Thanks this week for generous financial support to James D. Strader
*Don`t you believe RFI`s own website for English at 1400 showing
 17515, now replaced by 17620, adequate for us
*REE Spain consolidates services into one stream, so only one M-F
 broadcast for minolity languages, 1340-1355 Eu 15585, NAm 17595, SAm
 21570; weekly Judeo-Espanol show is separate, Mon 1825-1855 ME 17770,
 UT Tue 0115 SAm 11795, 0415 NAm 9690
*REE launched a weekly program Nov 9 for soliders in Iraq, Aqui
 Espana, Sundays 1405-1500 on 21610 to ME, and others
*IRIB, Iran, sent E-mail form to English listeners, saying in near
 future plans to cut off SW, just listen on internet,
 http://www.iribworld.com --  opinions wanted on quality of reception
 there, and on removing SW
*V. of Justice, Teheran, new Iranian service heard in Tasmania, around
 1100 (or 1200?) on 15550, anti-American and anti-ZIonist bias [maybe
 it`s just a program on the English service]
*Contrary to last week`s report, Arutz 7 ship still at anchor off Tel
*Turkey and Vietnam were using 7100 on border of ham band, but both 
 have moved. Turkey agreed to leave Nov 10 for 9840, but that clashes 
 with R. Liberty, VOA, then CRI during most of 1800-2255
*Revised sked from Vietnam in English shows 7280 instead of 7100 at
 1600, 1800, 1900, 2030
*V. of Burma is another clandestine, mentioned in WRTH 2003 on page
 518, different from Democratic VOB; now scheduled M-F 1200-1300 on 
 9875, via Kazakhstan
*Bangladesh to refurbish old 100 kW SW transmitter at Savar
*All India Radio, Port Blair, Andaman Islands, running only 5 kW due
 to exciter failure until repaired, directional N-S for outlying
 islands in the long chain. 2330-0300 4760, 0310-0340(Sun 0500) 7115,
 0730-0930(Sun 1000) 7115, 1030-1700(S/S 1900) on 4760, mainly Hindi,
 little English, and several other languages
*All India Radio, Gangtok, Sikkim, 0100-0400, 1030-1600 on 3390,
 mainly in Nepali; English Sat 1400
*500 kW Bangalore, India, frequency jump from 10330 to 10245
*Falung Gong broadcast in Mandarin heard at 0200-0255 on KWHR 17510,
 not on WHR schedule, just 1500-1600 on 9930, blocked here by WINB
*Since the Chicoms are so upset by Falung Gong, we can only wonder if
 the next Pearl Harbor could be called Naalehu
*New relays of China Radio International via Sackville: 0400-0600 on
 9560 and 6190; other program Real Time China heard at 1130-1200
 on 5960
*Cuban jamming on 9560 against VOA Spanish until 0200 continues after
 0200, bothering R. Korea International via Canada
*Frequency collision on 6040 at 0200 between Canada and Spain
*All comedy format tried at low power Saint John, NB, CFHA, plans
 web streaming
*Daring format change in Denver market, Colorado`s Underground Voice, 
 KCUV 1510, to Americana, mix of folk, blues, bluegrass, rock, gospel, 
*Full time BBCWS relay KZPN 91.5 in Bayside CA, sold to JPR in Oregon,
 to carry that network instead
*New York VOLMET off the air from SW 3485, 6604, 10051, 13270 USB,
 formerly at hour top and bottom; Gander still at :20 and :50; NOTAM
 says NY VOLMET off the air tfn; still works aircraft on 13354
*160m hams complain of WWRB spur on 1805 kHz: 6890 minus 5085
*Nov. 4 solar flare the largest ever, rated X-28 per ESA
*Last week`s Boulder forecast Nov 4: solar flux peak 190 Nov 23-25
*Tomas Hood forecast: polar and high latitude paths may be shut
*With a standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1207 ###

      WORLD OF RADIO #1206, produced November 5, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Since Nov 3, HFCC schedule B-03 available at http://www.hfcc.org in
 Public Data section, but is incomplete; more specifically, zipped at
*Scheduled times for WOR on some stations flexible, so stay tuned:
 last week on WINB, 7 minutes late at 0237 UT Thu on 9320 [this week,
 4 minutes late]
*WINB missing from 13570, abandoned for 9930, including the other DX
 programs AWR Wavescan and DX Partyline, Sats 1800-1900; full sked is
 1100-1300 9320, 1300-2300 9930, 2300-0600 9320; 9930 also used by
 KWHR until 1700, in a 4-hour overlap including clandestine
 programs for Vietnam and SE Asia
*Another oddity: WHRI heard on 4920 at 1230,  0.5 x 9840
*Dave Frantz forbids promotion of webcasting on WWRB, competing media
 hurting financial support for SW stations
*Kim Elliott`s appearances on Main Street, VOA, no longer weekly, but
 occasional, not longer than 2 minutes each, non-technical, on UT
*VOA program changes not yet finalized; VOA Guide not in listeners`
 mailboxes until December
*CKLW, The Big 8 on 800 kHz, Windsor, Ont., completely rebuilding 5-
 tower antenna system, temporarily 10 kW non-directional
*Montreal`s pioneering SW station CFCX, absent from 6005 for several
 years, but its license just renewed until 2010 along with parent
 station CINW; hope that it will come back? Was CRTC even aware it has
 been off the air?
*CBC faces more cuts after pension shortfall catches up next year, $43
 mega worth; could not be good news for RCI either
*Radio Cook Islands, no longer on SW, recorded in 1993 from MW on a
 visit there; two 45-minute 5 MB zipped mp3 files available for
 http://home.comcast.net/~guyw.atkins/files/R_Cook_Islands_2.zip or
*R. New Zealand International made programming time changes; Mailbox,
 alternate weeks, now scheduled Mon 0830, 1130, 1330, 1530, UT Tue
 0330; need to be confirmed during DST
*R. Australia making program adjustments, and becasue of maintenance
 at Shepparton, new schedule not available until November 17
*Mix of various domestic services on 6150 from Singapore, such as
 Perfect 10, but now MediaCorp plans to put only Newsradio 93.8 on
 there, 2300-1100, 1400-1600, except external service RSI 1100-1400
*R. Thailand`s English at 1400 on new 9560, with news one hour
*Hmong Radio, ULMD, clandestine for Laos, now via Taiwan 15260, Wed
 and Fri only 0100-0200, 100 kW beamed 250 degrees
*Correct name for ``crash and bang`` music jammers from China:
 advanced method with traditional Firedrake music
*CRI`s only direct English to North America, 1400-1600 on 7405 is no
 longer scheduled, conflicted with Marti anyway; now heard well at
 1300-1500 on 9755, tho HFCC says beamed WSW. Also too close to VOA
 Philippines 9760
*R. Japan`s English via French Guiana at 1400 on 11840 not heard, but
 at same hour on 17820 clashing with RCI in English; HFCC says this is
 Rampisham, England relay, good signal way over here
*V. of Mongolia`s English pieced together: 1500 and 2000 on 9720, 1000
 on 12015
*B-03 English from R. Tashkent, Uzbekistan: 0100 on 7160, 5975-6165;
 1200 and 1330 on 9715, 5975-6025, 5060; 2030 & 2130 11905, 7185, 5025
*Akashvani, an ID of All India radio heard on 9292.0 with timesignal
 at 0030; suppose transmitter previously reported wandering from 9425
*R. Pakistan`s new schedule, English at 1600-1615 on 15725, 11640,
 11570, 9320, but unheard on the last; another version adds 17820;
 brief English news at 0800 nad 1100 on 17835, 21465
*Standard disclaimer
*World of Radio #1206, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA or woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support to Tom McLaughlin, Lubbock,
 Texas, in memory of Gigi Lytle
*New FM station for women set up in Herat, Afghanistan; several
 stories about it in recent issues of DX Listening Digest, via
*R. Amani service into Afghanistan now Fri 1630-1730 on new 7350
*Mystery continues about missing SW broadcasts from Iran; a few have
 begun to reappear, including English 2030 on 7320; 1930-2030 on 6110,
 7320, unheard on listed 11695, 15140
*German service of IRIB says winter frequencies were intentionally not
 put in service
*Masshad regional in Iran heard on 5050 at 1600 in Dari; 4000 at 1700
 in Tajik
*New 100 kW SW transmitter under construxion in Afghanistan, financed
 by aid from India; in Kabul, also satellite links
*Owners of Israeli pirate Arutz 7 sold their ship for scrap, already
 on the way to Izmir
*V. of Greece, English at 0930-1000 on 12105, 15630, 1930-2000 12105;
 at 0930 also scheduled on 9420
*Romania`s new English to NAm: 0100 on 6040, 9510, 9530, 11740; 0300
 on 6040, 9515; 2200 on 9550, 11830
*B-03 English from Serbia & Montgenegro same as last winter: 1330 Au
 11835; 1930 & 2200 Eu 6100; 0100 exc Sun 7115, 0200 daily 7130 to NAm
 but European broadcasts were unheard until Nov 3; 1330 still unheard
*R. Vilnius, Lithuania English: Eu 0930 9710; NAm 2330 9875, 0030 7325
*Another SW service may be running out of steam at yearend: R. Polonia
 announced that agreement for use of SW site valid until end of
 calendar year only; English: 1300-1400 on 9525 11820, 1800-1900 on
 5995 and new 7150
*Roma, or Gypsy language rare on SW, on DW originating with R. Multi
 Kulti in Berlin, Sun 1130-1200 on 11905 15275
*12-minute wave audio file of transmnissions from the last flight of
 the Concorde: http://www.kidscanfly.org/chris/concorde24.10.03.wav
*Former Dublin FM station ABC plans to return to air on SW only, this
 Sun Nov 9 1000-1400 on 6940; reception reports wanted to evaluate
*New government in Liberia allows Star Radio to resume, unknown if
 including SW; was on 3400 at 0500-0800, 5880 at 1700-2100
*V. of Nigeria seems to be using only one transmitter, 0500-0800
 English 17800, 0800-1700 unknown, 1700-2000 English 15120; 2000-2300
*R. Ndeke Luka, Central African Republic, relay changed from England
 to UAE, and from 15545 to 11785, daily 1900-2000, 245 degrees
*R. Congo, Brazzaville, clear new frequency 6115, news in French 1810
*UNMEE, for Eritrea and Ethiopia, including English segments, now Tue
 1030-1130 on 21550, Sun 0900-1000 on 21460, via UAE
*As of Nov 5, RFPI, Costa Rica, still heard on 7445, after UFP cut off
 telephone and water; firends brought in buckets to gather the rain
 [but on Nov 5, we later learned, electricity was cut off and RFPI
 forced off the air since]
*On Nov 4, James Latham interviewed on Democracy Now (recorded
 excerpts). Staff staying in building to protect the station; calling
 on UN and UFP to honor UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19.
 Costa Rican government tried to intercede to help RFPI, provide
 mediation, but UFP claims immunity as international body. RFPI filing
 an injunction to try to stop this. Check http://www.rfpi.org [and:
 http://www.saverfpi.org and http://copyexchange.com/_wsn/page3.html ]
 Needs funding for legal defense, help in getting word out to peace
 organizations; pro-bono attorneys in US
*Also can E-mail Secretary General of UN urging him to intervene:
*R. Melodia, Bogota, Colombia, reactivated, quite good around 0600 on
*Unrelated R. Melodia, Arequipa, Peru, moving around, to 5906.3 around
*Brazilian tropical band station for sale: R. Por um Mundo Melhor,
 Governador Valdares, MG, on 4855; details via
*Anker Petersen projects that at present rate of attrition, there will
 be no more tropical band stations by the year 2014
*Boulder late in putting up the propagation info; more and more solar
 flares and CMEs the past week, expected to subside for the time being
 as active face of the sun rotates out of view
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1206  ##

       WORLD OF RADIO #1205, produced October 29, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*October 31 is the deadline for negotiations between Radio for Peace
 International and the University for Peace in Costa Rica; but the
 vibes are bad; UT Oct 29 at 0330 on 7445, RFPI had live broadcast
 including: need pro-bono lawyer in US dealing with international law;
 march in front of UFP Nov 20 with Friends of RFPI. Someone donated
 land for station to build on; fears that UFP would damage equipment
 during ouster. RFPI might have to go underground, without protection.
 UFP has plans for its own use of RFPI studios and transmitters, but
 offers little in compensation. Moral support, at least, to
 info@rfpi.org  Calling for more mail to UN Secretary General, and
 Costa Rican president; check around same time for more live
 broadcasts. Best of luck to RFPI for peaceful and positive resolution
*Except on RFPI, look for World of Radio one UT hour later than
 before; another time not mentioned last week, on WBCQ: UT Mon 0515 on
 7405, but no longer 5105
*Unique way to hear WOR and others: via internet, but recorded off SW
 by Alex Draper in mp3; also DXers Unlmited, DXing with Cumbre, DX
 Partyline: http://www.piratearchive.com/dxprograms.htm
*Not all politics at R. Marti; ancient Cuban recordings on Saturday
 mornings, perhaps now 1405 UT, on 7405, 11930, 13820, 15330; title
 is ``Cubanola``
*R. Marti new frequency probably from Delano, 17670, already jammed,
 1500-2200; no longer on 21 MHz this season
*At least one Cuban transmitter puts out whistling sound on sidebands,
 mostly relaying China, but also heard on RHC 9820 at 0542; and just
 open carriers most evenings on 9550, 9600
*Steve Waldee, retired broadcast engineer, comments on Cuba`s poor
 SW transmission quality
*Dominican Republic revived on 4959.86 now called Cima Sabor Navideno,
 at 0336 past 0530, clashing with VOA Sao Tome
*Venezuelan reactivated with better audio, R. Amazonas, 4939.67 at
*XERMX blobmitter no longer heard on 9 MHz band in past week
*R. Imperial, El Salvador, again heard around 17835, as strong as 10
 over 9 at 2245, but very weak modulation
*Harmonic on 3160 is Celestial 1580, San Francisco, Estado Zulia,
*Latest Latin American mystery from Bjoern Malm in Ecuador, is on
 4200, probably 4 x 1050, at 0130, Radio La Voz de --- something with
 an X in it
*New X-bander heard in Argentina, on 1610, Radio Buenas Nuevas,
 Laboulaye, Cordoba province, wide variety of instrumental music,
 sounds like the Guatemalan of same name
*New African Medium Wave GUide published by James Niven, via
 http://www.angelfire.com/tx5/dxamtexas plus a yahoogroup
*English from Channel Africa, South Africa, B-03, expanded from 30
 to 55 minutes: 03 on 9770, 05 on 11710, 06 on 15215, 15 on 17770,
 18 on 15265; also `English plus various` at 03-05 on 3345, 05-16 on
 9525, 19-22 on 3345
*R. Rhino International Africa, clandestine to Uganda confirmed on new
 17870 from 1500 in English [except Mondays]
*Sudan Radio Service on 15530, English news at 1515; scheduled by
 Merlin under different name, Educational Development COuncil, for
 East Africa via Wooferton, UK, 03-05 on 9760, 15-17 on 15530, 17-18
 on 15275, 18-19 on 12015
*Post-Taylor era radio situation in Liberia; see two articles, in
 DXLD 3-187, 3-193
*Polisario station for Western Sahara on 7460 is very strong as far
 away as California at 0654, beautiful vocal music with oud,
*Midpoint of WOR 1205, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or woradio
 at yahoo.com See http://www.worldofradio.com for much more including
 DX Programs, Ham Nets, large archive of DX Listening Digests
*Thanks this week for generous financial support go to Dave Hammer on
 behalf of the Miami Valley DX CLub, which celebrated its 30th
 anniversary in August -- http://www.anarc.org/mvdxc
*R. Netherlands` only remaining morning broadcast in English to North
 America, 5965 via Canada, fades out by 1230 in St. Louis
*Try the Madagascar relay instead, at 1400-1600 on 12080, 15595,
 adequate here tho not intended for us; also try 1900 via Madagascar
 on 11655, better than Bonaire to Africa on 17810
*RVi Belgium is yet another country relayed via Canada, in Dutch at
 1800-2000 on 13790, back to SW Europe, but good here off the back
*RCI and CRI clash on 9755 at 0400-0420, as R. Monte Carlo relay in
 Arabic is an hour later, and China via French Guiana stays at 0400
 on 9755; why they moved from 9730 is beyond me
*Wales Radio International, weekly English half hours: Fri 2130 on
 7110 to Europe, UT Sat 0300 on 9735 NAm, 1130 on 17625 Australasia
*R. Austria International English segments include: As 1315 & 1345 M-F
 on 17855; WNAm via Sackville 1610 & 1640 on 17865; SAm 0015 & 0045 on
 13730 Tu-Sa; ENAm 7325, LAm 9870 at 0115 & 0145. Weekends, Insight
 Central Europe starts at :05 and :35
*Low power Ukrainian transmitter on 11980.26 varying to .38, around
 0700, Dniprovska Volna, relaying Ukrainian Radio, local ID at hourtop
*V. of Russia says it plans to be 100% digital in five years,
 gradually phasing out analog, to save transmission costs. Listeners
 will have to spend more on receivers. Programming improvements will
 encourage them to do so
*R. Tirana, Albania, new English: Europe 1945-2000 9510 7210; 2230-
 2300 on 7130 9540; NAm 0245-0300 & 0300-0400 on 6115, 7160 (not 6165,
 we think as in another verison, optical scanning error?)
*R. Bulgaria new English: WEu 0730-0800 11.6 13.6; 1230-1300 11.7 and
 15.7; 1830-1900 and 2200-2300 5.8 7.5; NAm 00-01 and 03-04 7.4 and
 9.4 MHz
*Intruder watchers in Europe concerned about two broadcasters now
 using 7100 kHz, impinging on 40m hamband: V. of Turkey 1800-2300 and
 V. of Vietnam 1600-1830 or so; objections sent to administrations
*Arabic Radio, clandestine for Syria, a.k.a. V. of the Homeland,
 shifted time to 1600-1630 on 12120, maybe // 12085; also on sked at
 0430-0500 on 7510
*Several stations issued B-03 schedules effective only until Dec. 31,
 rather than until Marchend; Israel: From 1 Jan, overseas network
 ceases, English, French and Persian interlaced in Reshet Bet net,
 and all other languages for overseas discontinued
*Denmark & Norway schedules also expire Dec. 31, SW to close
*Adventist World Radio will make 50 percent cut in airtime starting in
 2004 due to severe budget constraints
*Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia, much in news lately, almost
 every recent issue of DXLD, because of efforts by Saudi government to
 suppress this dissenting voice via satellite; V. of Reform, 1800-2000
 on 15705 seems to continue; head of station was on The Connection
 from WBUR; listen:
*Iran issued extensive new SW schedule, but for now is on very limited 
 emergency schedule, due to Ramadan? or power problems? Only a few 
 transmitters actually monitored; some languages not heard at all on 
 SW, including German and English. English to NAm is scheduled 0030-
 0230 on 6120, 9580
*R. Pakistan using new 6785 for Qur`an 1800-1900, Ramadan special?
*Yearly Ramadan special from R. Kashmir, Srinagar, 2315-2358 on 4950 
 and 1116, resuming regular morning programming at 0025
*Complete new SW schedules from India include English GOS:
 1000-1100 7270 15260 13710 15020 15235 17510 17800 17895;
 1330-1500 9690 11620 13710
 1745-1945 7410 9445 9950 11935 11620 13605 15075 15155 17670
 2045-2230 7410 9445 9575 9910 9950 11620 11715
 2245-0045 9705 9950 11620 11645 13605
*Single English quarter hour from UN Radio, M-F at 1730 on: 17810 
 Ascension, 7170 South Africa, 15495 England
*Solar flares, coronal mass ejections, SW blackouts this past week, 
 covered in detail in every issue of DX LISTENING DIGEST
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Oct. 28: A and K indices 
 incredible 120 and 9 Oct 30; Flux range 270 Oct 29 to 120 Nov 9
 to 180 Nov 21
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1205  ###

      WORLD OF RADIO #1204, produced October 22, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*B-03 season gets underway Sunday Oct. 26 when most but not all of
 the world`s SW broadcasters change frequencies and/or retime programs
 with the end of DST in much of the world. Can be quite confusing. See
 all the new schedules in DX Listening Digests, published almost daily
 for past couple of weeks at http://worldofradio.com/dxldmid.html
*Tentative new times for WORLD OF RADIO: WBCQ: Wed 2300 on 7415, and
 17495 CUSB [and UT Mon 0515 on 7415, 5105]; WINB: UT Thu 0230 9320;
 WWCR: Thu 2130 15825; Sat 1130 & Sun 0330 5070; Sun 0730 3210; Wed
 1030 9475; IBC Radio via WRMI, Sat 1900+ on 15725
*WOR appearances on Radio for Peace International stay at same UT, but
 have been disrupted lately; in final stages of negotiations with
 University trying to force RFPI to leave its buildings and
 transmitters. Listeners needed to write to the president of Costa
 Rica; see DXLD 3-186
*With thanks to Bill Brady for handling it the past year, John Norfolk
 has resumed responsibility for the DX Programs list at World of Radio
 .com -- already new edition anticipating changes:
*Kim Elliott will be guest on Talk to America Fri Oct 24 at 1706, re
 program changes from this weekend on VOA: mainly, News Now reduced to
 1200-0700 UT only; remaining hours filled with Music Mix. Still news
 on the hour with only one overnight person to cope with crises
*Main Street, including appearance by Kim Elliott, UT Sundays, will be
 reduced to Sat & Sun only from Nov 1, at 0033, 0433, 0633, 1233,
 1633, 2233
*NASB special 23-week series, each by a different station or producer,
 in DRM via Merlin, England, Sundays 1330-1400 on 9785, from Oct 26;
 WRMI will air them in ancient analog, 0330 UT Suns on 7385, instead
 of Viva Miami. Starting with AWR Wavescan, offering special QSL
*Projected new SW station in New Mexico, KIMF, registered 24 hour
 schedule for a few years, but still under construction, to be
 finished by late spring, 2004
*Alistair Cooke suffered a fall in NY, missed last week`s Letter from
 America; he`s OK, expected back shortly. But BBC WS no longer
 schedules LFA when SW transmitters are on the air to Americas! Sat
 0915, 1845, Mon 0932
*Following up last week re Brother Stair on 7465 to Europe: site is a
 pirate in Ireland, which also carries Laser Hot Hits on 4025, 6219,
*R. Netherlands B-03 schedule shows all the details. Some still useful
 frequencies offbeam in NAm; 1000-1100 to Pacific via Bonaire 9785;
 also via Russia on 12065, 7260, 13820. South Asia 1400-1600 via
 Madagascar should also reach here, 12080 and 15595. Africa daily
 1900-2100 via Bonaire 17810; Sat & Sun to NAm 1900-2100, Bonaire on
 17725, 15315; Sackville 17875 
*Bonaire has another new client, R. Japan to South America at 2300-
 2400 on 17605; 9895 in Spanish from RN had been from Holland, but
 B-03 moves it to Madagascar from 0000 to 0400
*Deutsche Welle English broadcasts which might be heard in NAm; only 
 DRM is to us, via Canada at 2200 on 9800; best analog should be 2100-
 2200 via Rwanda 15410; some other possibilities
*R. Finland wants reports from South Florida, where there is Spanish
 interference 1200-1300 on 15400, 17670; B-03 shifts to 1300-1400 on
 17660; nothing in English
*New TDP Radio Belgian Dance Music Show, Sat 2000 on 7560, probably
 via Russia, with too much distortion and bass in transmission
*V. of Russia, English to NAm 0200-0600 15595 15445 7180; 0200-0400
 6155; 0200-0300 9765; 0300-0500 7350; 0400-0600 12010 7240 7125
*VOR English to Europe 0400-1000 is on MW 603, site not given, but
 also in Spanish 0100-0300, via Germany, listed only 5 kW
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1204, woradio at
 yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; see our website for
 much more info: http://www.worldofradio.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Chuck Ermatinger
*R. Prague, Czech Republic, resumes morning English to North America
 at 1400 on 21745; others include 01, 02 and 04 all on 6200, 7345;
 2230 on 7345; 2330 on 7345, 5915
*R. Slovakia International may cut its usual three frequencies to two
*Great sadness in France over killing of RFI correspondent Jean
 Helene, in Ivory Coast, murdered in front of national police HQ
*Besides new MW on 700, Polisario station for Western Sahara is
 putting out much better signal on SW 7460, until 2400* and in
 mornings; we wonder if new transmitter or even a new site other than
*B-03 English from R. Cairo, Egypt: 1630-1830 9855 SAf; 2115-2245 9985
 WEu; 2300-0030 11725 NAm; 0200-0330 11780 NAm, no changes there; 2030-
 2200 15375 WAf; 1215-1330 17670 or alternate 15445 to SE Asia
*Israel Radio B-03 English: 0500-0515 9435 11605 7475 17600; 1100-1120
 15640 17545; 1800-1815 17545 11605; 2000-2030 13720 9435 11605 7520;
 15640 to SAf. 7 MHz frequencies shift to 6280 in mid-Dec
*Arutz-7, settlers` right-wing station has closed down; may be
 publicity stunt designed to get it legalized
*V. of Turkey B-03 English, one UT hour later, 50 minutes each: 1330
 on 15155, 15195; 1930 on 5980; 2130 on 9525; 2300 on 6015, 9655; 0400
 on 6020, 7240; one frequency on the last two is for North America
*V. of Vietnam still using Canadian relay on 6175, English 0100, 0230,
 0330; new 7100, encroaching on hamband, scheduled in English to
 Europe and Asia at 16, 18, 19, 2030
*Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club plans weather broadcasts twice daily from
 Nov 4 to 7, but `from the club`, so not via RTHK 3940, on marine band
*R. Japan new English schedule mostly the same except: 0600 to N&CAm
 on 11690 direct; 1400-1500 via French Guiana on 11840 to Oceania
*Bjoern Malm, Ecuador, heard South Korean numbers station on 6215,
 briefly at 1130 (recording)
*R. New Zealand International is indeed back on SW, supposed to be 24h
 but with some breaks so far; 1650 on 6095, 1751 on 11980, 1851 on
 15265, 2240 or 2245 on 17675; 0400 on 15340; 0706 on 11675; 1106 on
 15530 with beam change; 1300 on 6095. Adrian Sainsbury rounds off the
 times and gave 0800 as the switch time from 15340 to 11675
*Argentine pirate last week in middle of 49m, R. Argentina Libre or R.
 Bosques, moved to 6192.74, where it is supposed to stay, around 1000-
 1100 and from 0100
*Big story this week: transmitter of Radio Pio XII, Catholic station
 in Bolivia, blown up, but not the SW on 5952.5; see last few DXLDs
*Summer time in eastern Brasil started oct 19, UT-2 in Sao Paulo, Rio,
 Brasilia, etc.
*R. Los Andes, Peru, 5030, reduced SW schedule, 1100-1300, 1730-1930,
*Carrier on 4990.9 with weak modulation confirmed as R. Ancash,
 Huaraz, Peru, reactivated, heard at 2345
*R. Naylamp, Peru, never mentions SW, but heard on 4626v (recording)
 and 1575v; sounded like they mentioned 1180
*Another unID Latin on 6108.24, all evening with no IDs heard, 2355-
*The blobmitter, XERMX, Mexico City, way off frequency from 9705,
 1300-1400 as high as 10035, as low as 9950, some mornings varying
 downward, others around 9955, blasted away by WEWN at 1400
*FCC finally raided San Francisco Liberation Radio, which enjoyed a
 great deal of community support; see DXLD 3-182
*Lot of labor dissent at WAMU, Washington DC; manager criticised for
 running a large deficit; low morale in newsroom; Diane Rehm is
 against her; see DXLD 3-185, 3-186
*Threat to funding of Space Environment Center, providing propagation
 info: House subcommittee holds hearing Oct 30 on funding bill;
 letters and comments from public to be entered into record; write
 Member of Congress to support SEC; see DXLD 3-187
*Propagaton outlook from Boulder Oct 21: flux range 165-120
*With another Standard disclaimer, Glenn Hauser, here, thanking you
 for listening to World of Radio number 1204   ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1203, produced Oct 15, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*From Sun Oct 26, all our WOR broadcasts except those on RFPI shift
 one UT hour later, for the most part on the same frequencies; the end
 of DST in North America, and beginning of the B-03 season; schedules
 to follow
*RNZI still awaiting spare parts, unable to say when will be back on
 SW; but Oct 15 at 0719 open carrier on 9885, possibly RNZI testing
*Philippine Broadcasting Service on new 31m frequency, 9619.20, ex-
 9582.3; another day on 9619.08, 0230 past 0930
*All India Radio, Andaman Islands, heard in Philippines on 7115, 0815-
 0930*, in absence of RRI Fak2 which normally blocks it
*Maybe one-time event, but: AIR 9425 heard on 9277 variable instead,
 1925-1945 including English news at 1935
*Ramadan runs from about Oct 27 to Nov 25; Islamic world stations may
 extend schedules all night, move news times; more opportunities to
 DX them
*Tarek Zeidan in Cairo monitoring mysterious MW station Eastern Radio,
 on 756, perhaps from Israel, for Lebanon and Syria, 0430-1300 UT only
 in daytime. Criticizes Syrian troops in Lebanon; also webcast via
*Lots of clandestines for Ethiopia and Eritrea confusing to straighten
 out, but one less to deal with: Tigrayan Solidarity reported off for
 not paying bills; was a 10-member group in Washington DC. Presumably
 was on 12120 via Russia
*Rivalry causes closure of station in Garoowe, Puntland, Somalia;
 involved with R. Galkayo, 7335, so where does that leave Sam Voron?
*Radio Ndeke Luka, Central African Republic, 1900-2000 on 15545 via
 UK: one half hour program airs twice in the hour
*RVi Belgium B-03 English includes: 1830 to Europe rom Russia 7330,
 Germany on 5910; 2030, 7330 Russia. Via Bonaire to Americas: 2200 on
 11730, 0500 on 9590
*New SW service originating in Belgium came up on short notice, TDP
 Radio, Sats 2000-2100 on 7560, `the best Belgian dance music`. All
 House, site not given, but may be Russia; poor audio like Samara or
 Bulgaria. Even Romanian audio is better
*Radio Seagull, via Latvia, Sat 1000-1500 on 9290, continues, with
 problems resolved. Name change in parent organisation, Euronet Radio,
 for SW side only, http://www.euronetradio.com whilst non-SW remains
 branded http://www.laserradio.net
*R. Ukraine International, new B-03 English hours: 2200 on 5840; to
 NAm 0100 & 0400 on 5905 with a megawatt -- still with RTTY
 interference? And 1200 on 15520
*R. Pridnestrovye, Moldova, extended SW service on 5960, now English
 M-F 1600-1620, followed at 1620-1640 by: M & W German, T & T French,
 Fri more English
*R. Romania International cutting back as new transmitters are being
 installed. Most English broadcasts moved one UT hour earlier instead
 of later. 0100 on 6040, 9510, 9530, 11740; 0300 on 6040, 9515; 0700-
 0726 on 11775, 15105; 1300 on 15170, 17720, 17745; 1700-1726 on 9570,
 11940; 2030-2056 on 6110, 7105; new broadcast at 2200-2256 on 5975,
 7250, 11830; still at 2300 on 11840, 11940, 15145, 15370
*R. Budapest Hungary, B-03 in English: Europe Sun 1600-1628 6025, 9585;
 rest daily: 2000 3975 6025; 2200 6025; to S Africa 2200 on 11965; NAm
 0200 & 0330 on 9835 --- a frequency dating back sesquidecades, once
 actually 9833, = 9 and five sixths megacycles
*In the midst of WOR 1202, our address woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702; http://www.worldofradio.com for our latest
 schedules and complete access to DX Listening Digests of the past few
*New B-03 for Austrian Radio, presumaby alternating German and
 English: SAm 0030-0130 on 13730; CAm 0130-0230 9870; ENAm 0130-0230
 7325; WNAm via Sackville at later hour, 1630-1730 on 17865
*R. Prague tests via Ascension, gave three contradictory frequencies,
 heard on 11665 at 0000-0030 but only Merlin test loop in English; has
 dumped the one made famous on missing R. Afghansitan broadcasts, now
 classical guitar with some strings
*Brother Scare on new 21590 1400-1600 via Germany; and website shows
 another new broadcast from unspecified site, 7465, Radio Mission
 International, 24/7 to Europe, Scandinavia thru France, heard on
 Javaradio at 1500
*R. Municipal, Panao, Peru on 3172.69 at 1006-1009; another staion on
 3027 or 3037 may be different rather than the same; Bjoern Malm is
*MW DX pipeline from Ambato, Ecuador to Finland, Oct 12 at 0400 with
 stations on 1509.79 and 1380.35, plus a couple others
*Takayuki Inoue Nozaki visited Venezuela, found out that Ecos del
 Torbes remains active on SW 4980, but only in daytime around 1400-
 1900 UT, so no DX reports
*R. Tachira, Venezuela, 4830, may stay on later than usual to reach
 all Nueva Granada, UT Mondays for Musica y Costumbres de Colombia,
*Tidbits about RFPI: planning on moving out of premises on University
 for Peace campus; has a new office in downtown San Jose, there to
 resume live stream
*Info on Mexican broadcasting: new portal http://www.radiomexicana.com
*And lots of Mexican TV DX info at Danny Oglethorpe`s sites; search on
 ``The TV DX Exposition`` for how to ID stations, screen shots
*Sad news of two well-known, departed DXers: Danny Weil, noted ham
 DXpeditioner of Yasme fame, VP2VB, died Oct 3 at 85 in San Antonio
*Andy Rugg, Quebec, of CIDX, died Oct 9 at 58, MW and SW DXer
*Adventist World Radio resumes Spanish in B-03, 2300-0100 on 6165, via
 Bonaire, replacing curtailed R. Netherlands broadcasts, which start
 at 0100
*Kim Elliott`s media segment on VOA`s Main Street may be caught on
 Sunday webcast if not SW; and on-demand for 24 hours until the Monday
 show goes up, http://www.voanews.com/Webcasts/index.cfm
*Calls swapped in Augusta GA: WRDW now on 1630, WTEL on 1480
*MW DX test from California last week was no-show; rescheduled early
 Sat Oct 18 0700-0800 UT, KTNS, 1060. Listen for Morse code IDs during
 Music of Your Life format
*Late Oct is best time of year for sunset skip DXing on MW, and
 sunrise, explained at end of DXLD 3-178
*Pirate in Milliken, CO, on 103.9, High Country Radio; FCC not
*Tim Vasquez` site Tallest Structures State by State, mostly
 communications and broadcast towers:
 http://www.weathergraphics.com/tim/tower.htm  And check recent DXLDs
 for further discussion, correxions and updates
*73 Amateur Radio Today, Wayne Green`s magazine, published last issue
 in September
*46th annual Boy Scouts of America, Jamboree on the Air, Oct 18-19
*Bills in Senate and House to eliminate cable franchise fees, taking
 gigadollars away form cities across America and closing public access
 channels; see http://www.alliancecm.org for further info on S 150 and
 HR 49
*More to be concerned about; per FCC Commissioner Copps, the Internet
 is at risk. Entrenched interests are lobbying to control its choke
 points, replacing open with closed networks, discriminating against
 users rather than equal treatment
*F2 layer back in business, and Tim Bucknall in UK is again hearing
 low-power broadcast harmonics between 23 and 32 MHz, from Greece,
 Russia or Kyrgyzstan, Antigua, Romania, Israel
*The F layer splits into F1 and F2 layers; now F3 layer discovered:
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Oct 14; flux range 100-130-110-130
*And so we arrive at the conclusion of yet antoher WOR broadcast,
 number 1203. Glenn Hauser, your host, inviting you back next week,
 and saying
*Standard disclaimer ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1202, produced October 8, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*We`ve managed to get the new edition of WOR on WINB without delay the
 past two weeks, UT Thu 0130 on 9320, and will keep trying [but NOT
 this week, it turned out]
*WBCQ, UT Mon 0415, WOR not only on 7415 but also 5105; last week at
 very low power so not audible very far
*UK pirate R. Ozone International, testing Sundays from 0645 UT on
 5965 or 5925 or 5870, including World of Radio on ``Ozone Live`` show
*Merlin on Ascension Island relaying another country, Czech Republic;
 R. Prague testing 11665 at 0000-0030 in Spanish, Oct. 6-12, and in
 daily use from Oct. 26; reports wanted from South America
*Many schedules for B-03 season starting last Sunday in October are
 now coming in; in recent and upcoming DX LISTENING DIGESTS
*Croatian Radio, via Germany B-03 returns to 40m ham band 7285 for
 North American broadcasts, 2300-0600, three overlapping broadcasts:
 2300-0400 230 degrees to SAm; 0000-0400 300 degrees to ENAm; 0200-
 0600 325 degrees to WNAm; also on 9470 0500-0800, 0600-1000 to Au/NZ
 230/270 degrees; includes segments in English and Spanish, times
 not specified
*R. Netherlands B-03 schedule: 40 percent cutback in SW transmission
 hours; English cut to one hour each, Newsline and feature, starting
 at hourtop instead of hourbottom, including: NAm 1200-1300 on 5965
 via Sackville, 15220 later dropped. 0000-0100 9845 only, 0100-0200
 6165, 0400-0500 6165 and 9590. New Sat & Sun afternoon, 1900-2100 on
 15315, 17725, 17875. Europe, only 2200-2300 on 1512 Belgium. Asia/FE/
 Pacific, 1000-1100 7260, 9785, 12065, 13820; sites not specified.
 Africa daily 1900-2100 17810, 11655, 9895, 7120, some audible in NAm
*RN program changes coming too: mailbag Sincerely Yours about to end;
 Sound Fountain and Aural Tapestry merging into Vox Humana
*R. Sweden B-03 English includes: 1330 & 1430 on 18960 to NAm, 17505
 to As/ME; 1330 also 9430; evening NAm via Sackville 9495 0230 & 0330
*UKE-Senderen, Trondheim, Norway, will not be on the air this October;
 BOD of UKA nixed it. Listener support wanted to bring it back next
 year; see http://www.stud.ntnu.no/studorg/ark/ukesenderen/
*Laser Radio via Latvia, 9290, scheduled Sats 1000-1500 UT; plans name
 change to something else; developing studio in Riga for live
 programming. R. Seagull, the Dutch station actually relayed, says it
 is completely legal, ex-Radio Caroline in Netherlands. One DJ does
 his show from Canada, whilst running B&B http://www.royalgazebo.com
*Problems arose Oct. 8. Laser says SW broadcasts may be suspended due
 to sacking of Latvian executive over digital TV scandal!
*Kai Ludwig, Germany recorded opening of Oct 4 broadcast, 1000 on 9290
*Yet another setback for Isle of Man International Broadcasting,
 planned on LW 279. Paul Rusling, founder, frustrated by ongoing court
 battle. Petitioner granted adjournment in proceedings, already
 delayed a sesquiyear, so IMIB remains on hold. Beacons around 279
 have made plans to move away
*Standard disclaimer
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1202;
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or woradio at yahoo.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Larry Guerrera, and
 Lyall G. Fordyce
*Check our website for much more info http://www.worldofradio.com
*R. Tanzania Zanzibar, 11734.1, in English already before 1800, from
*R. Veritas, South Africa, dropped 3230 in evening until November 2,
 but extended 7240 to 1000-1600
*Namibia item two weeks ago about charging 50 cents to fulfill
 requests could actually have been referring to rap artist 50 Cent
*R. Argentina Libre, inband pirate on 6151.72, until 0254 when relayed
 R. Rivadavia untl 0321; related to R. Bosques
*R. Nacional Paraguay, irregular at best on 9737v; Diario ABC says new
 Gala Nacional music program UT Fridays at 0000 [or Thu 2300 if DST]
*Peruvian on 6536 at 2300-0200 was R. San Miguel, Sondor, but now IDs
 as R. Difusora Huancabamba, La Poderosa
*YVTO, Venezuelan timesignal on 5000 kHz, received $282,000 grant to
 improve timekeeping services, also via telephone
*HIBC, La Voz del Progreso on 3749.77 around 1000, third harmonic from
 San Francisco de Macoris, Dominican Republic
*TGNA, R. Cultural, Guatemala, confirms they have quit 5955 and 3300
 due to electricty expense, not much audience on shortwave
*WWRB`s fourth transmitter fully operational; maybe why they were
 heard not only on 6890 but also 6980 around 0500
*Johnston City IL deprived of new X-band station in favor of Chicago:
 WRLL, 1690, first heard testing Oct. 1; program testing began Oct. 7,
 actually licensed to Berwyn, IL. Recording of jingle ID ``Oldies
 1690`` as heard in Janesville WI by Dave Zantow. Prime target,
 listeners aged 45-54, playing songs no other station does
*Special AM station at Bolling AFB, DC active during Hurricane Isabel,
 on 1660; range somewhat beyond base perimeter
*Special MW DX test scheduled three hours before local midnight, not
 exactly kosher, KTNS, 1060, Oakhurst CA, 9 pm Pacific Friday Oct. 10,
 presumably meaning UT Oct 11 at 0400-0500, non-direxional full power
 daytime facilities with Morse IDs
*South Florida has new all-news station, WFTL, 850; see DXLD 3-174
*Early history of WOI, 640, Iowa, Bill Smith`s original article in
 same issue
*R. New Zealand International still awaiting part from Europe to
 resume SW any time now; new show on the arts, What`s Going On,
 weekdays 0606-0630 UT, or is it an hour earlier now due to DST? B-03
 frequency at both times will be 15340
*ARDS, Aboriginal station in Northern Territory, definitely IDed by
 Walt Salmaniw at Grayland WA DXpedition, best at 0900 until 1000 when
 blocked by China; day by day frequency varied upward in 20 Hz steps,
 from 5049.94 to 5049.98 -- details in DXLD 3-176 plus bandscan of PNG
*unID private Indonesian, pirate? on 3785 variable 1200-1252* sounded
 like R. Suara de Bodol, Kendari
*Prasar Bharati plans 24-hour radio news station for India on SW with
 transmitters diverted from external services, such as Burmese,
 discontinued with no complaints; ``resorting to SW since it covers
 the whole country``
*R. Seda-ye Kashmir, clandestine from India to Pakistan, schedule:
 0230-0330, repeated at 1430-1530 on 6100; 0730-0830 on 9890. First 40
 minutes in Urdu, rest in Kashmiri? Signs of it under Malaysia from
 1425, says Hans Johnson, Wyoming
*US PsyOps station in Bagram, Afghanistan, ex-Information Radio, on
 9000, now called Peace Radio, Radyo-e Soleh, best around 1530-1630
 in Finland but heavy RTTY, off around 1830
*Israel`s English one hour later now at 0500, 1110, 1800, 2000, the
 latter heard here on 15640 with Spanish at 2045
*Israel and some other broadcasts via World Radio Network may now be 
 heard on cellphones (not wired phones???) via Mobile Broadcast 
 Network http://www.mymbn.com for details; 615-727-9201
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, October 7; flux range 100-135
*That`s World of Radio 1202; I`m Glenn Hauser  ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1201, produced October 1, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*Answer to last week`s mystery, `HDL` on 15545, 1900-2000: stands for
 Hirondelle Foundation, which set up R. Minurca in Central African
 Republic, but now it`s Radio Ndeke Luka on FM, with a broadcast via
 Merlin UK, from Sept 24, in French and Sango; Our recording at 1902
 UT October 1, ID in French, news theme; see http://www.hirondelle.org
*R. Rhino International Africa, finally audible here, Sept 30 at 1500-
 1530, recording during excellent conditions. Asks for E-mail, phone
 calls with listener opinions to be broadcast on weekends; favours
 former Pres. Milton Obote. See http://www.radiorhino.org
*More clandestine is V. of Sudan, from Eritrea, 7999.3 at 1542 in
 Arabic, Sawt al-Shaab al-Sudan
*R. Ethiopia has split frequency, 11802.5, heard in Illinois and
 Finland at 1400-1457*
*Salama Radio, for Nigeria, used to be on SW a couple years ago; Nick
 Batchelor updates info in DXLD of July 14, 2001. Still headed by Dr.
 Jacob Abdalla, with same aims. August 2002 moved to Jos, Nigeria,
 on FM only
*High frequency conditions improving with autumn, such as UAE Radio,
 Dubai, again audible here in English at 1330-1348 on 21605, with
 4 minutes of news and weather, Islamic feature
*US MW transmitters in Kuwait no longer carrying Iraqi programming,
 but music fill instead, seems from a 105 FM station, on 1575, and
 1584; surely the CIA could come up with a better use for these
*R. Amani, from Russia to Afghanistan, heard Fridays only 1632-1730
 [WTFK? 15615!], ending with a bit in Russian
*Voice of Indonesia added Korean service at 1200-1300 on 9525; new
 October schedule shows one English broadcast moved, from 0100 to
 0200-0300 on 9525, 11785; also 0800 on 9525, 2000 on 15150; but all
 could be on any of these frequencies
*Richard Alston quits as Communications Minister, and Senator; wanted
 to kill Radio Australia a few years ago
*R. Sarandi Sport, Montevideo, Uruguay, 6042.5, heard after dark until
 2305, in Portugal
*MW harmonic from Argentina on 2760 is AM 1380, La Voz, but location
 unknown; heard in Uruguay
*Second edition of Brazilian MW list, free pdf download via
*Peruvian conditions improving in North America; 4485.6, R. Frecuencia
 [VH], Celendin as late as 1100
*Peruvian reactivations heard in Quito: R. Onda Imperial, Cusco, on
 5055.19 at 0135; http://www.ondaimperial.pe.nu
*R. Panorama, Recopampa, Peru 5459.00, also reactivated
*R. Oriental, Tena, Ecuador, heard in USA on 4781.32 at 1010; and on
 4781.33 until 1105, blasting into Florida, too close to new Bolivian,
 R. Tacana, which fades out earlier
*World of Radio 1201, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; or woradio
 at yahoo.com  Check our website for Nets to You; huge research
 archive of DX Listening Digests --- http://www.worldofradio.com
*Some of the stations carrying World of Radio are commercial and you
 may hear SW-related products advertised before or after WOR; altho
 the ads help encourage stations to carry this public-service program,
 please understand that they are of no direct financial benefit for
 WOR nor do we necessarily endorse the products
*Report of La Voz de Yopal, Colombia, on 5040 could have been similar-
 sounding La Voz del Upano, Ecuador; check around 1000-1100
*Get Latin Americans while you can: HRMI, Honduras, disappeared from
 3340 but plans to reactivate 5010 and 5890 as well, reports wanted,
 and QSLs in stock; missing from all when checked Sept. 13-14-15
*XERTA, 4810, Mexico City, also disappeared by Sept. 24 after being
 widely heard for a week; seems old transmitter repaired, not new one
*Another Cuban MW harmonic, on 2140 = 2 x 1070, Radio Trinchera
 Antiimperialista, Guantanamo, ID at 0900
*MW DX test season underway in North America, with Sat Oct 4, 0400-
 0500 UT, WJTO, 730, Bath, Maine
*Oldest ham in US getting publicity, W5BQU, Byrl H. Burdick, Sr.,
 [El Paso TX]; ``Tex`` was 103 on Sept 25, daily on 21314 +/- SSB
*David Brudnoy, WBZ Boston talk host, evenings 7-10 pm ET survived
 AIDS but now has a rare form of cancer
*Bernard H. Kamenske, former VOA chief news editor, fought for
 objective reporting, later with CNN, died at 75
*Bob Bodell, DX editor in Oregon has died; was friend and mentor of
 Bruce MacGibbon, both edited SPEEDXGRAM
*WJIE back on air, 13595, but ID reverted to WJCR; reports wanted to
 wjcrsw@yahoo.com Doc Burkhart no longer with station and Morgan
 Freeman is trying to improve quality with new STL and remote control
*Reflections Europe, Irish pirate, transmitter and antenna details:
 3910, 500 watts, full wave dipole and reflector; 6295, sesqui-
 wavelength colinear; 12255, 200 watts, 4-element directional east
*R. France International, English at 1400 excellent here on 17515
*RFI heard on 25820 until 1256 in French; English at 1200-1230
*Spain`s 11890 transmitter puts out eight spurs at 90 kHz intervals
 at 0500-0655 on: 12250, 12160, 12070, 11980, 11800, 11710, 11620,
*IRRS Italy says it`s testing 100 kW on 5775, Friday Oct 3, at 2000-
 2100 following 20 kW at 1900-2000, reports wanted. Regular 100 kW
 broadcasts to start Oct 10. Dario Monferini, also in Milano, thinks
 in reality this is via Deutsche Telekom. We wish IRRS would confirm
 or deny such reports, and tell us where their transmitter site is
*Laser Radio UK, tested Latvia 100 kW on 9290, Sat Sept 20 1800-2200
 with programming from Radio Seagull, Holland. Plans to begin
 regular Saturday relays at 1000[-1500] UT October 4
*Radio Natalie, pirate celebrates 7th annivesary Oct. 5, plans to
 broadcast Oct 3-7 after 2000 on 3916, daytime on 7473. via Power41,
 pirate in Ytterby, Sweden with 1000 watts; wants $, IRC or Euros for
 QSL, pennants; also via R. Europe, Italy, 7306, thruout October.
 Natalie is not in Russia but Estonia
*V. of Russia series ``Bless the Lord, O My Soul`` is concluding, 
 about Russian church music, with Karamanov`s ``It Is Finished`` 
 symphony, Thu 1631, 1831, Fri 0331 from Oct. 10
*If power companies have their way, broadband over powerlines will
 ruin radio reception. They have important ally, FCCommissioner
 Kathleen Q. Abernathy who views it as `nirvana`. ARRL and others
 are fighting it; see last few issues of DXLD at the end under
 Powerline Communications
*BBC just published a scientific study of BPL and radio reception,
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Sept 30: flux range 125-95-135 
*And with that, we arrive at the conclusion of yet another weekly
 media review with Glenn Hauser, known as World of Radio 1201 ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1200, produced Sept. 23, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*WPKN, 89.5 in Bridgeport CT is no longer delaying World of Radio a
 week; now you can hear the latest edition each Saturday at 2:30 pm
 ET, 1830 UT, also webcast via http://www.wpkn.org
*RFPI again testing 15115, now on USB, supposed to run 1880-1100 UT
*Thanks to Shawn Axelrod, Manitoba, congratulating us on another
 milestone, our 1200th program; see his site
*RNZI revised schedule of relays via Australia on 9580
*RNZI decides that lightning strike caused their only SW transmitter
 to go down; replacement parts ordered from Switzerland, hope back on
 air by Oct. 1; maybe government will get them a new digital
 transmitter earlier than planned
*Myanmar home service frequencies unheard: 4725 and 6570
*R. Tashkent, Uzbekistan, English programs at 1200 and 2030 have same
 content; 1330 and 2130 same; and third lineup at 0100. Including
 Listeners Letters Sat 1200, 2030; Friendship Bridges, Thu 1330, 2130,
 and alternating on Sat 1330, 2130 with Program for SWLs which is also
 Fri 0100. Nine mp3 music files also on at http://ino.uzpak.uz/
*Afghanistan`s new 400-kW MW transmitters often heard in Finland,
 1630 on 1107; and 1700 on 1296, Azadi Radio with VOA relays
*V. of People of Kurdistan on 4027v as early as 0135, maybe shifting
 one hour later after DST
*Iraqi Broadcast Corporation to be launched with TV; radio as
 afterthought. List of principles adopted, including cheerfulness
*New frequencies for LJB, Libya in Arabic to Iraq (via France?),
 1202-1303 on 11890-LSB; 1800-1800 on 7425-LSB; interference problems
*R. Galkayo, Somalia heard on new 7335v in Sweden, only 800 watts,
 and promptly e-QSLed; to be only 100 watts from Sept 26 until Sam
 Voron returns November 1; poor reception in Egypt
*V. of Biafra International again audible until 2159* Saturdays only
 in English, vernacular on 7380, from South Africa? R. Maryja, Poland
 at exactly same time via Russia, in the clear on a Friday
*NBC, Namibia back on SW, with daytime frequencies 24 hours, 6175 and
 6060; plan to resume 3270 and 3290 soon. 6060 audible after 1800.
 Unresponsive farmers the main audience for SW
*Latest new mystery broadcast, thanks to Merlin secrecy: `HDL`,
 whatever that means, with tape loops 1900-2000 to West Africa from
 Woofferton, England, on 15545
*RTE Ireland`s MW transmitter carrying Radio 2FM, back on air, 100 kW
 on 611.78, off frequency causing heterodyne, from Athlone
*BBC website for Just A Minute has link to a fan page with lots of
 background info, statistics, even transcripts of more than 400
 episodes and growing; impressive, and obsessive:
*BBC Radio 4 resurrects Hitchhiker`s Guide, with new series next year,
 adaptations of Restaurant at the End of the Universe
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1,200
*Thanks this week for financial suport go to Gerald T. Pollard
*Our address, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA or woradio at yahoo.com
*Check our website for much more info in DX Listening Digest via
*Another coastal station about to close down, SPH, Gdynia, Poland,
 December 31; schedule for communication with ships
*V. of Russia celebrating World Radio Day Oct. 3 with EBU special
 programming also on other Russian outlets; something in English?
*Ostankino TV Tower to regain elevator by end of this year, after
 disastrous fire three years ago; workers have had to climb narrow
 spiral stairway for at least two hours
*100-watt experimental DRM transmitter in Nuernburg, Germany on
 15822.5, 24 hours, BitExpess campus radio
*R. Denmark has posted its B-03 schedule of relays via Norway at
 http://www.dr.dk/rdk -- Norway to leave SW by yearend; decision
 about R. Denmark probably made Oct. 7
*WJIE Kentucky about to return to SW, with one transmitter, special
 QSL, on different schedule: 7490 155 degrees Spanish 2200-1000, 13595
 55 degrees English Christian patriot programming 1000-2200; WJIE
 calls were never authorized by FCC, so may go back to WJCR
*VOA`s own half-hour to Cuba made daily at 0100-0130 is now jammed on
 9885, 9560, 9735
*Lots of reports of XERTA, 4810, Mexico City, claiming 50 kW, but bad
 modulation. On air all night, new transmitter and antenna
*In Europe don`t be fooled by romantic music on 4810, which could be
 Armenia, as heard in Sweden at 0355
*R. Amistad, Guatemala, 4698.7 was back on air briefly, off again
 when power surged; volunteers going back to fix it again
*R. Tachira, Venezuela, reactivated on 4830, but maybe not for long;
 heard as early as 2130, as late as 0305, including Chavez show,
 program about Colombia
*Voz do Brasil, official radio program, transformed, out of the
 office, onto the streets, since Sept. 1, M-F 2200. But some senators
 would like to end the fixed timing and make it into 3-minute news
 spots to be broadcast at various times on 3000 stations
*Uruguay`s Radio Monte Carlo made it to Japan, at 0943-0958 on 6140.1
*Juan Fernandez Islands off Chile, setting for Robinson Crusoe, have
 maritime station on aero band, CBF on 8900, best heard at 1200
 contacting ships
*CFDR, 780, Nova Scotia, seems to run 50 kW day facilities into the
 evening, perhaps all night, more DXable
*New 24th edition of the essential NRC AM log now available; ordering
 details at http://www.nrcdxas.org/catalog/amlog
*New edition of Pacific Asian Log pdf file free to download, 3800 MW
 and LW stations, http://qsl.net/n7ecj
*And so concludes the 1,200th almost consecutive World of Radio. Glenn
 Hauser thanking you for listening, and saying
*Standard disclaimer ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1199, produced Sept. 17, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Last week released advance-recorded program, Extra 44, from end of
 June, but some material inevitably outdated: could not know then that
 RNZI transmitter would fail and still be off the air; or that North
 Korean clandestine V. of National Salvation would unilaterally close
*In 1198 two weeks ago, I did not yet know the true frequency for WINB
 during retimed World of Radio, UT Thursday 0130: 9320 [not 12160]
*Two stations [and more] heard on 6105 from South America, Radio
 Primero de Marzo, Paraguay, and Radio Cultura Filadelfia, Brasil; one
 relaying the others?
*Radio Nacional do Brasil, resumed external service to Africa, 9665,
 schedule clarified: M-F, 1900-2200, 0500-0700; weekends 1800-2200,
*Bolivian off the air, R. Eco San Borja, 4702, due to death of Freddy
 Espinosa Cortes in power plant accident August 6
*Peruvian with new name on 6895.57, Radio La Voz de San Miguel,
 previously heard as La Nueva Radio Superior
*Colombian reactivated after seveal years, La Voz de Yopal, 5040 at
 sign-on 1030 to fadeout 1045
*Sept. 16 was 16th anniversary of Radio for Peace International, Costa
 Rica; no Fiesta on the air then but instead an open house this Sunday
 Sept. 21, with call-ins welcome after 0000 UT Monday on 7445
*Radio Tapachula, XETS, Chiapas, Mexico, plans to resume on 6120 in a
 few months; used to be active sesquidecades ago
*unID on 4810 turns out to be reactivated XERTA, Mexico City, at 0845,
*On 1198 mentioned special station Sept. 10-14, anti-WTO in Cancun,
 Mexico; indeed active Sept. 11-14, Radio Free Cascadia International,
 on 15045 at 1700-0500, quite a good signal here, 20 over 9. Hope you
 were able to hear it, or read all about it in DXLD 3-161 thru 168,
 always under Mexico {non]. [Recording by gh of RFCI] [also a Spanish
 clip on Mundo Radial for Sept-Oct]. See their website:
 or http://www.tree-sit.org/~y2wtko/rfci.htm
*In 3-164 and 3-166 several stories about Steve Anderson of United
 Patriot Radio, now sentenced to 15 years in prison; but he`s cool
 with the situation, since he`s got religion
*WWCR (which transmitter??) relayed on 103.7 FM in Duluth MN
*Follow-up to 1198: Ken Berryhill still on WRVU Nashville schedule,
 but at a different time, Wed 1700-1900 UT
*Mandatory transition to digital TV costly in human lives: three more
 tower workers killed in collapse Sept. 4 at WAAY-TV 31, Huntsville AL
*See DXLD 3-166 and 3-167, for lots of info on monitoring Hurricane-
 related communications; best news in Washington DC is WTOP stream
*Senate votes 55-40 to rebuke FCC`s Michael Powell, against relaxing
 rules on multi-station ownership, but not enough to withstand acting
 presidential veto if he dare
*KAAY, 1090, Little Rock, heard on harmonic 2180, due to wacky output
 tuning on old rig to be replaced
*Experimental WV2XOA on 700 kHz in Syracuse NY, daytimes, leading up
 to a real station to be on 720
*Latest new X-band station is WSWK, 1690, nothing but promotion for
 Wild Adventures theme park near Valdosta, GA, later to be moved into
 Atlanta metro
*1690 also to be a new Clear Channel station in Chicago reviving old
 WLS personalities such as Lujak
*A Canadian also on 1690 unintentionally, CKWX, 1130 Vancouver, heard
 on a cruise up the BC coast, mixing product with CFUN 1410
*This is the non-commercial, non-corporate, non-communist DX program,
 World of Radio 1199, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; or woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Dave White, W4UVH, who
 provides webspace for our audio archive, just moved to a new server
 with greater capacity. You may find which programs are currently
 available at Our Current Audio via http://www.worldofradio.com but
 older links with k4cc in them will no longer work
*Neil Kazaross in Illinois hearing Tahiti on 738, Marshall Islands on
 1098 before local sunrise, using phased beverages on the ground
*R. New Zealand International still off the air two weeks later, still
 unknown what the problem is with transmitter. But purchased time from
 R. Australia for local mornings only, from 1700 to 2115 UT on local
 M-F [UT Sun-Thu], -2015 local Sat [UT Fri], on 9580
*ARDS 5050, not satisfied with coverage in Arnhem Land target area,
 and not raising power yet; reports wanted to dale@ards.com.au
*R. Galkayo, Somalia, moved from 6980 to 7335v, 800 watts 0415-0730
 and 1600-1755; wish list includes generator. CHU not considered
*Cologne station on 17555 confirmed as new clandestine for Uganda, R.
 Rhino International Africa, reported widely tho I can barely hear it,
 from 1500 UT except Mondays; much more in recent DX Listening Digests
*RTE Radio 1, Ireland again heard on LW 252 kHz; planned to begin
 regular broadcasts Oct. 1, but postponed to Jan. 1 or never
*As every September, special SW broadcasts from RTE via transmtiters
 abroad to cover football finals, Sunday Sept. 28 at 1425-1625 on
 21590, 17860, 15275, 13785 to North America, 7485
*Special on BBC Radio 4, off the air or internet, Sat. Sept. 20 at
 1900-2000, Archive Hour on BBC Monitoring, ``Listening to the War``
*Latvia`s only SW transmtiter to be back on air Sat. Sept. 20, Laser
 Radio UK, sub-renting to Dutch-based Radio Seagull, progressive rock,
 9290, 1800-2200 UT
*Best time to listen to English from R. Minsk, Belarus`, 7210, at 0200
 is UT Mondays when hams go to bed early Sunday night
*Boris Belitzky died Sept. 3 at 82; best known as author and presenter
 of `Science & Engineering` on Radio Moscow, Voice of Russia
*Residents close to Holzkirchen, Germany, IBB SW relay station are 
 determined to be rid of it; maybe expendable, as antennas only cover 
 30 to 70 degrees toward former Soviet Union; four 20+ year-old 250 kW
 transmitters may be worth installing elsewhere
*Thales gets IBB contract for new antennas in Middle East, including
 shortwave curtains for Kuwait [presently MW-only]
*English broadcasts from Israel move from Reshet Aleph to REQA network
 in mid-Ocotboer, at 0430, 1045 and 1700 UT; listener reaction desired
*See Jerusalem Psot Sept 4., Losing Our Voice, going into the poliics
 behind English broadcasting in Israel in DXLD 3-161 or [requires free
*New frequency for Information Radio, PsyOps for Afghanistan 24 hours:
 9000 kHz per IBB remote monitoring
*English newscast from All India Radio, Goa, 11740, still heard at
 1530-1545, co-channel China
*Hmong Lao Radio, via Tashkent 17540, also testing via Taiwan 15555,
 heard Sept. 7 at 0100-0200, but not on Sept. 12 [HCJB Australia now
*Very useful web resource provided by Eike Bierwirth in Germany,
 comprehensive SW schedules in all languages by time, now also sorted
 by frequency: via http://www.eibi.de.vu
*Annual SCADS meeting Sat. Sept. 20 in Central Park, Huntington
 Beach, CA, 8 am to 4 pm PDT; use Edwards Avenue entrance
*Space Environment Center in Boulder, which provides propagation info
 for WOR, WWV and many other places: drastic funding cuts recommended
 by House committee; elimination by Senate committee. Space weather
 possibly taken up by NASA or USAF, but uncertain. Much more in DXLD
 3-167 at bottom. No funds provided for solar observation
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Sept. 16; flux range 120-95
*With a standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1199  ###

    WORLD OF RADIO Extra 44, released Sept 10: see bottom of this file

      WORLD OF RADIO #1198, produced September 3, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*No longer a Saturday evening DX block on WINB; DX Partyline moved
 to Sat 1730 on 13570; WOR moved to UT Thu 0130 on 12160 effective
 immediately [actually 9320]
*Ask WWCR this fortnight has guests Kim Elliott, gh, and Larry Van
 Horn about the present and future of SW: http://www.wwcr.com
*WRVU at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, gives priority to students
 on air, so Ken Berryhill`s music shows Country Classics and Old
 Record Shop may be endangered, Fri 1900-2100, http://www.wrvu.org
*Firesign Theater new on WBCQ, UT Mon 0000-0100 on 5105
*WBCQ program schedule by automated reply from schedule@wbcq.us
*Planet World News now on 5105 M-F 1945; 21-22 Allan Weiner Worldwide
 5 days a week; 2200-2300 M-F Radio Caroline
*UN Radio`s limited resources, in Atlantic article, July 28
*Hurricane frequency info at two major sources:
 http://www.ominous-valve.com/hurricne.txt [correct] by Hugh Stegman
 http://hurricanefrequencies.com by Bill Snyder
*One of many links in the new September edition of Nets to You:
*Layoffs at iBiguity digital, 1/4 of work force, while 800 mega analog
 radios await transition; see
*One of Cuba`s new transmitters supposed to be on 11760 at 0500-0700,
 but not as of September 3
*Opponents to globalization plan counter coverage of World Trade
 Organization meeting in Cancun, Mexico; see
*And special SW broadcasts Sept. 10-14, 1700-0500 on 15045 primary;
 secondaries: 1700-2300 17552.5 variable; 2300-0500 9310 variable;
 band change takes one hour off the air; [could be 1900-0700 instead]
 No connexion with RFPI, near its inactive channel
*XERMX 9705 transmitter again putting out distorted spurs, strong
 around 9300-9277; and weak around 10110; same thing a couple of years
*Morning reception of XEXQ-OC 6045 San Luis Potosí improving from
 variable sign on 1200
*R. Amistad, Guatemala, 4698.71v, apparently reactivated, strong
 carrier but little modulation, 1015 and 0030 UT
*El Salvador`s only SW station again being heard, R. Imperial on 17835
 around 2315-0145; despite co-channel Japan after 0100
*R. Virgen del Carmen, Huancavelica, Perú, 4886, restricted schedule
 to mornings only from 1100, first program agricultural
*R. Tacana, 4780.9, new Bolivian, also new schedule 1000-1700, 2100-
 2200 but not after dark due to unstable electrical supply
*R. Cançao Nova, Brasil, special celebration Sat Sept 13, live all day
 also with chat on internet, 100 percent QSL, R. Cançao Nova, PO Box
 57, Cachoeira Paulista, SP 12630-000; http://www.cancaonova.com/chat
 Beyond Bouindaries = Além Fronteiras, Sat 2200-2300 6105 4825 9675 
*New external service of R. Nacional do Brasil to Africa, is on 9665,
 not the other frequencies, [times corrected: M-F 1900-2100, 0500-
 0700; Sat & Sun 1800-2200, 0500-0800]; recording of opening
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1198,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702; woradio at yahoo.com Lots more on our 
 website, http://www.worldofradio.com archive of DX Listening Digests
*Namibia starting new radio channel for ancient Bushman community;
 WTFK? FM probably, but we can hope for SW like Australian Aborigines
*Sam Voron reports on R. Galkayo, Somalia, which he set up, 6980 AM;
 Galkayo may become command center for multinational African
 peacekeeping force; he has been doing English half hours at 1200 and
*V. of Nigeria on another new frequency, 17800 replacing 15120 until
 2300 and in morning at 0845, but also heard changing from 15120 to
 17800 at 1958; not yet mentioned on website, so experimental?
*Polisario station in Algeria measured on 7460.31 at 2100, 0700
*Saturday, Sept 13, Euroradio 2003 in Calais, France, with ex-pirate
 broadcasters, from 2 PM; see http://www.offshoreechos.com [correct]
*Saturday, Sept 20, open houses at BBC Television Centre in London,
 and Bush House, home of World Service; tours 10 am - 4 pm, first
 come, first served; see http://www.londonopenhouse.org and
*No sign here of scheduled first broadcast from Germany of
 Allerweltshaus Köln broadcast, Sept 3 [nor 4] at 1500 on 17555; keep
 checking. Speculation it could be for Kenya or Uganda, projected R.
 Rhino International Africa service [later: confirmed by Kai Ludwig!]
*DRM test on 693 MW from Germany during International Funkaustellung,
 Berlin, causing heavy interference in Britain to BBC Radio 5 analog
*Again a serious threat in Europe to broadcasting below 30 MHz from
 powerline communications; allowable interference level proposed 55.5
 dB/µv at 3 meters from powerlines, blocking all but strongest local
 stations, and drowning out SW
*Plans to build a new LW station in Norway set back; Northern Star 
 told that Norkring will not plan Sveio usage of 216 kHz; will try to 
 find another location
*Scandinavian Weekend Radio, Finland, low power on 6 and 11 MHz bands,
 due for another monthly broadcast, 24 hours from 2100 UT Friday Sept.
 5; schedule at http://www.swradio.net
*New frequency 9810 for Ukraine got off to a great start Sept. 1,
 English at 0000 and 0300; B-03 plans to use 5905 instead
*Israel re-expands English broadcast at 1700 from 5 to 15 minutes
*Arutz 7 responds by adding more English, 0330 UT on 1143, 105.2;
 plus 1800 on 1539, 98.7 Listen: http://www.israelnationalnews.com
*Al-Islah clandestine TV from London to Saudi Arabia put off satellite
 by Saudi government pressure, but still heard on SW 15705 at 1800-
*UAE Radio Dubai English retimed from 0330 to 0300 on 13675, 12025
*Al-Jazeera, Qatar satellite TV station, relaunched English website:
*Enjoying reception from India in North America: nice music from 0035
 for about an hour on 10330, 500 kW from Bangalore; also 0300 on 13620
*Tibet`s English program heard again on 9490 at 1100, ending at 1114
 one day, 1130 another day
*Answer to last week`s question: Atamanovka site in Russia near Chita
*R. New Zealand International`s sole SW transmitter off the air since
 Aug. 30 due to serious technical fault; still off Sept. 3 [& 4]
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Sept. 2: flux range 110-130-110
*You may think I have all the answers, but please don`t ask me for
 advice on receivers or other equipment
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1198   ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1197, produced August 27, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*World Music Radio, Denmark, receives license to broadcast on 5815
 and 15810; low power 400 watt tests soon; regular 10 kW from late
 November, 24/7, current chart music and oldies; later internet, FM,
 MW, satellite, DRM too; New QSL: P O Box 112, DK 8900 Randers,
 Denmark; http://www.wmr.dk
*History of WMR from 1967, via Netherlands, Andorra, Milano, Dublin,
 South Africa
*European Music Radio also coming back, via IRRS Italy, 5775, from
 Sun Aug 31 1900-2030, repeated within 7 days; thence on 3rd Sunday
 of each month from Sept. 21
*New T-Systems a.k.a. DTK Germany schedule shows a new service from
 Sept 3: AWH = Allerweltshaus, Cologne, Germany, an intercultural
 organization, Tue-Fri 1500-1530, Sat & Sun 1500-1559 on 17555 via
 Juelich, beamed southeast toward East Africa; in German only?
*Strong spurs from RDP Portugal, 15525, heard on 15358.5 and 15691.5
 at 1600-1800; also from 13720 on 13554.1 and 13886 around 2000
*RTE Ireland resumed testing longwave 252 from August 20; and plans
 to launch regular service from Oct 1, for Irish in UK; also internet
 feed at http://www.rte.ie
*Clandestine radio symposium, Defence Electronics History Society, Fri
 Sept 12 9:30 am - 4:30 pm at Bournemouth University Talbot campus;
 registration fee of 16 pounds needed ASAP, by August 29; details at
*R. Romania International is only using 6 of its 12 SW transmitters;
 $15 million designated to modernise national radio network, starting
 with two SW sites; new weekly show on Wednesdays for Romanian forces
 in Iraq, along with one already to Afghanistan
*R. Polonia only has two English SW broadcasts left at 1200 and 1700;
 including Multimedia Show, Tue 1730, Thu 1230
*R. Ukraine International not making it to North America on 12040,
 so changing from September to 9810; jamming QRM from 9805. Includes
 English hours at 0000 and 0300
*V. of Turkey plans frequency change, English to North America at
 0300, from 11655 to 9650, as of August 31
*Damascus, Syria, heard with program for Syrians in Jordan Valley
 occupied by Israelis, at 1330 on 13610, presumably in Arabic; also
 uses 13610 at 0500-1600 to North Africa; 1700 plus in external
 services; and 0100-0300 to North America -- presumably in Arabic;
 anyone hear it then?
*Another lengthy summary of the media in Iraq from BBC Monitoring,
 in DXLD 3-154; Simon Haselock new media commissioner; first
 independent music station, IQ-4, Radio Iraq on 104.1. New Iraq Radio
 on 657 is voice of Iraqi Media Network. R. Free Iraq on new 102.4
 in Baghdad; still no shortwave resuming from Iraq
*Mongolian Radio and TV website being transformed including English at
 http://mongol.net/vom/mnr2.htm with history and plans, including 
 Japanese aid for new 50 kW SW, and two new 10 kW in Altai and Murun
*Plans to airlift radios into North Korea via balloon thwarted at last
 minute by South Korea, to avoid offending NK as 6-power talks loom
*Very welcome reactivation, National Radio of Cambodia, on 11940v,
 at 2355 and 1200, in Cambodian only; presumed
*Frequency change already for new service for Montagnards in Vietnam,
 Degar Voice, 7115 to 7380, Tue/Thu/Sat 1300-1400 via Atamanovka,
 Russia; wonder where that is
*Standard disclaimer
*World of Radio 1197, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA or woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Pete Bentley
*Radio Australia making programming changes Sept. 1, cancelling some,
 such as unique Blacktracker with Aboriginal music. See DXLD 3-154 at
 http://www.worldofradio.com -- and promises to keep own website up-
 to-date, http://www.abc.net.au/ra
*ARDS, 5050 in Northern Territory, subject of another story in The
 Australian. Now has name in local language, Yolgnu-matha, meaning
 town crier, ``Djawarrkmirr``. Special dialect required for teaching.
 Not getting support from governments, regarding it as an alarming
 free-lance intrusion into their spheres
*Could be more such stations, as law changed to allow up to 1 kW
 stations below 5 MHz, for domestic broadcasting only
*Plans for new Ugandan military station, perhaps on SW, less likely,
 as criticised for spending on this for officers, instead of ordinary
 soldiers` welfare; use R. Uganda instead
*Bjoern Malm`s recording of new Bolivian, R. Tacana, 4781v
*Bjoern Malm`s recording of reactivated Peruvian, R. Los Andes, 5030
*Another reactivated Peruvian is R. Naylamp, 4335v
*R. Amazonas, Venezuela, on air later than 0130, now until 0300, on
*Third website about RFPI: http://copyexchange.com/_wsn/page3.html
*Including exclusive report on situation at RFPI; guards no longer
 armed and sometimes open gate, but not always there. RFPI`s Institute
 for Progressive Communcations income lost due to lockdown; staff
 exhausted by having to be there 24 hours a day
*RFPI`s signal on 7445 was quite weak for a while due to a parts
 failure, but by August 25 increased to 15 kW which is half power;
 replacement part expected September 7
*R. Reloj, Costa Rica, starts new service for Nicaraguans resident in
 CR, on 730, La Radio Sin Fronteras; and revamped own format to
 emphasize the family
*R. Misiones Internacionales, Honduras on 5010, again heard on exactly
 2/3 of that on 3340, also in tropical broadcast band, probably not by
 accident; heard at 0400 and 0004
*R. Mil, Mexico City on 6010, not heard much lately, but now
 officially listed by HFCC, so other stations may avoid blocking
*R. Educacion, Mexico City, well heard at night on 6185, has Sintonia
 Libre media program, weekly first broadcast on Wednesdays, repeated
 nightly: UT Thu 0330, Fri 2330, Sun 0130, Mon 0330, 2330, Wed 0130
*Read all about the Mexican DX Meeting, two reports in Spanish in DXLD
 3-143, 3-144; and now one in English by Jeff White in 3-155
*CBC Radio 1 and 2 special programming Labour Day Mon Sept 1, best
 of summer and previewing new fall season
*Sony store in San Juan, Puerto Rico selling SW-77 for $300 vs $469 in
 mail-order catalogs
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Aug 26; flux range 120-135-115 ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1196, produced Aug. 20, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*We removed World of Radio from WJIE until they can be more reliable
*V. of Turkey gives away half an hour of 500 kW airtime, Tue 1845-1920
 on 9785 to Europe, ``Turkey Live``. David Crystal in Israel takes
 advantage of it when no one else calls; pirates should go legal this
*Israeli infighting takes its toll on the few minutes of English on
 shortwave still remaining. Still 0400-0415; 1015-1030 changed to
 1010-1020; 1630-1645 to 1700-1705; still 1900-1925. Despite protests
 from listeners in Israel and abroad; complex situation also affected
 by what is done on TV
*Al-Asr website registered to Anglo Media Systems, London; one of many
 such satellite stations; translation of station`s objectives from
 website; the name could mean era, or a sura in the Kor`an, one of the
 daily prayers; Tarek Zeidan hears it on satellite, and is expected on
 SW in September; no females or music heard
*V. of Iraqi Kurdistan, 4085, strong on 2nd harmonic 8170
*R. Amani, new service to Afghanistan, confirmed on 15615 Fri at 1628-
 1730 with breaks; site believed Armavir-Krasnodar, Russia
*All India Radio splurging on shortwave, with new transmitters,
 despite phase-out strategy; even plans 24h news channel on SW
*Another story on plans to float radios into North Korea via balloon
*KCBS, official NK station now heard on frequencies formerly carrying
 clandestine Voice of National Salvation
*Degar Voice is a service for Montagnards in Vietnam, Tu/Th/Sa 1300-
 1330 on 7115 via Russia; http://www.montagnard-foundation.org
*RSPK Ngada on new 3516.7, ex-2899 where it was known as RPDT2 Ngada,
*RRI Wamena strong in Florida on 4869.96 around 1100; crazy frequency
 choice for RRI Sorong to be so close on 4870.9, but may have no
 choice with old transmitter
*Lots more info on new aboriginal service ARDS in Australia; see last
 few issues of DX Listening Digest at http://www.worldofradio.com
*Heard by a few DXers down under, but not North America; China also
 on 5050, and WWRB authorized as late as 1200, but so far off before 
 0930 when ARDS might be heard (recording: ID clip from RA Feedback)
*Death of Idi Amin provokes memories of Uganda`s external service
 under his regime, UBC (recording of 9515 from David Kernick`s
 http://www.intervalsignals.net website)
*Catholic station in Liberia, R. Veritas back on the air, but on SW?
 Had been on 5470
*The 1,196th World of Radio in a row; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702,
 USA or woradio at yahoo.com  Check our website for much more info:
*Thanks this week for financial support via PayPal go to Larry
 Guerrera, NX2V
*Burkina Faso in the clear from 0500 on 5030 in the absence of Dr.
 Scott via Costa Rica [but he`s back since]
*R. Los Andes, Perú, reactivated on 5030 after 2,613 days, but
 previous reactivation was only brief
*New Bolivian is R. Tacana, in Tumupasa, Iturralde, 4781.5 at 0202
*R. San Miguel, Bolivia jumped around from 4930 to 4734 and lately
 on 4905.6, with cu-cu ID at 1000
*Brazil resumed 9665 around 0600-0700v; external service to Africa
 at 0500-0800, 1900-2100 on 6180, 11780, with programs already
 produced for internal consumption, except Giro Afro, news of
 Portuguese speaking countries
*LRA36, Antarctica, may have special broadcast UT Aug 28 at 0100 for
 DXers on 15476; planned as of July 20 but not reconfirmed lately
*Not much news from Radio for Peace International; met on Aug 18
 with University for Peace; next conversation scheduled for Sept 4;
 RFPI supporters urged to keep up letter-writing and e-mailing
*Last week`s report of Spain via Costa Rica on 3359: next night back
 on 3350
*R. México International`s new schedule of reduced English
 broadcasts not confirmed -- in Spanish when I checked. May not be
 any English left. In a state of flux: cancelled Portuguese, and
 producers of English and French have departed
*R. Havana Cuba has three new 100 kW transmitters testing on 9600,
 11875, 9550, 11760 evenings; 11705, 9550, 11760 in the mornings;
 9550 afternoons; reports wanted
*TV Martí to be beamed into Cuba via satellite from September, a
 `bone tossed to Cuban exiles` per NBC6 Miami
*R. Martí turned out to be an intruder in the 20m hamband, 14010,
 a mix of 13630 and 13820
*WPAD, Paducah, Kentucky, 1560, heard on 2340, a sesqui-harmonic!
*San Francisco Liberation Radio, 93.7, gets endorsement of Board of
 Supervisers by a 2-1 vote
*radio free brattleboro, Vermont, shut by FCC June 24, plans to
 return Friday Aug 22 at 5-8 pm ET, justified by 2000 petition
 signatures, on new frequency 107.9
*Roy Neal, one of the best space reporters, for NBC News, a.k.a.
 K6DUE, died at 82 in North Carolina; see tributes and obits in
 last few issues of DX Listening Digest
*Blackout effects include at least one SW station, CHU, Canada,
 timesignals; still off as of Aug 20, generator and other
 equipment failed
*Lots of stories about how radio suddenly became a vital means of
 commmunication when electricity was off, surprise2
*Hams also quick to pat themselves on the back for providing
 emergency communications
*Unexpected geomag storm Aug 17 [or 18] led to propagational 
 blackouts, visible auroras
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Aug 19: flux range 100-135
*With a standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1196        ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1195, produced August 13, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*New edition of my other program Continent of Media 03-05 now 
 available for download at http://www.dxing.com or 
 http://www.worldofradio.com and broadcast on Radio for Peace 
*Schedule changes on SIU Edwardsville Web Radio, from Aug 30: COM to
 UT Sat 0300; WOR to Sat 0330 and Tue 0300
*On RFPI, WOR tends to appear one hour later than scheduled [due to
 power outages, etc., not permanent changes]
*On IBC Radio via WRMI, 15725, we were missing last Sunday at 1800,
 and times vary widely around 1800 Sat & Sun, so hang loose
*Spectrum, which used to follow WOR UT Sun 0300 on WWCR 5070,
 disappeared July 26, replaced by Cyberline for two hours, plus three
 hours UT Mon 0205 on 3210
*My own compilation of WWCR speciality progams is in DXLD 3-145
*WWCR-3 new step-up frequency 9485, 1200-1300 only, including Rock the
 Universe on Sundays
*New DX Partyline times via WWCR: Sat 1430 12160 (confirmed), Sun 0200
 5070, Tue 0930 9475, Wed 0830 3210, Thu 2000 15825; last week
 repeated old program Thu 2000 rather than first airing of new show
*Sing for Joy, sacred choral music: WWCR Sun 1400 12160, Wed 0300 3210
*As of Aug 12, WBCQ shifted from 5100 to 5105 to avoid RTTY 5097
*More Canadians vanishing from AM band: CFAN 790 Newscastle NB closed
 July 30, replaced by FM 99.3; next NB to close: CBZ 970
*Counter to usual trend, AM stereo resumed on CKBD 600 Vancouver BC
*R. Insurgente, Zapatista clandestine in Chiapas, started Aug 9 on
 5800, at 1900 UT (=1500 `Southeastern War Time`); see
 http://www.ezln.org and http://chiapas.mediosindependientes.org with
 lots of audio files. Own site http://www.radioinsurgente.org or
 http://www.radio-insurgente.org [neither works Aug 14]. Very weak, 
 and one tentative DX report from California at 0317-0340*
*RFPI says keep up the letter-writing campaign, but no public
 statements to be issued during negotiation period with UPaz until
 October 31; supporters at http://www.saverfpi.org not pleased with
 the gag-order, feeling that everything concerning this should be in
 the open
*Spain`s relay in Costa Rica heard on 3359, punch up error? [Yes, next
 night we heard back on 3350]
*Dr. Gene Scott via Anguilla back on 6090 at night, but stuck on lower
 frequency and not heard on daytime channel 11775
*Reactivated Peruvian on 5500.21, Radio San Miguel, de Cajamarca, at
 2350, ``Buenas Noches, Perú`` program after 0000 (and Björn Malm`s
*R. Emisoras Cajamarca on 3391.5, ex R. Cutervo on 3390
*R. Victoria, Lima reported heard on 15480 at 0400
*Quite close to latest new frequency for R. América, Paraguay, 15483;
 and they now have three SW frequencies, 9905, and reactivated 7370
*Argentina items: On 5400.00, La 101, Bs. As., at 1030, a.k.a. Canal
 26, and Power 101
*R. Nacional, San Miguel de Tucumán second harmonic on 2380 heard in
 Sweden, and strong in Uruguay
*R. Provincia Buenos Aires, 2nd harmonic on 2540 at 0005
*R. Nacional Buenos Aires at 2110 on another strange frequency 5650
*Brazil`s 3235 where R. Clube de Marília reactivated now occupied by
 R. Guarujá Paulista, which has acquired Marília transmitter; next to
 take over 5045 from R. Presidente Prudente, and looking for a 9 MHz
*R. Nacional do Brasil resumes external broadcasts, in Portuguese to
 Africa on Amazonian frequencies, 0500-0800 and 1900-2100 on 11780,
 6180; are the antennas really toward Africa then?
*ELWA is only radio station on air in Monrovia, Liberia, but FM only
*Voice of the People of Eritrea keeps running same news (rather olds)
 week after week
*Website of V. of Ethiopian Medhin, a.k.a. V. of Ethiopian Salvation:
*Sudan Radio Service widely heard elsewhere, such as Ontario and
 New Mexico with news in English around 1618 on 17630, 1718 on 17660,
 M-F only; reply from Jeremy Groce, jgroce@edc.org  Plan to originate
 from Nairobi, but initially from Washington, via UK transmitters
 [Aug 14 on 17660: no English other than IDs in the 1715-1720 period]
*In the midst of World of Radio 1195, woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Mike Barraclough
*V. of Mediterranean, Malta, adds to SW services via Italy and Russia
 a 24-hour internet broadcast, VOMi, at http://www.vomradio.com
*Isle of Man overcoming environmental objections about the view, and
 RF, but now about audible noise from the generators, fans, unlikely
 4 km from platform to shore; see http://www.longwaveradio.com
*Irish church broadcasts on CB monitored in Spain: 27 MHz plus:
 010, 025, 155, 185, 255, 265, 275, 285, 350, 380, 405
*New SW service in Arabic, Al-Asr Radio, on TDP website but no details
 and own website entirely in Arabic: http://www.alasr-radio.com
 Tarek Zeidan says it`s vague with no specifics about political or
 religious orientation; already on Hotbird 13E, 11938 H
*New service from Afghanistan Peace Association, Fri 1630-1730 in Dari
 and Pashto on 15615. See http://www.afghanistanpeace.com
*Bob Padula explains why Taiwan frequency coordination is poor: not
 involved in HFCC and will not allow Beijing to regulate; does not
 even recognize A- and B- season dates
*Pyongyang central radio to be relayed in (to?) South Korea from
 Aug 15; no details on frequency or site
*V. of Russia has had programs in Pekinese, Japanese, Korean, produced
 in Khabarovsk, but the eastern office to be closed. Staff there want
 listeners to protest to HQ in Moscow: vostok@vor.ru
*New aboriginal SW station for the Yolgnu in Arnhem Land, Northern
 Territory, 24 hours on 5050 with 400 watts, Aboriginal Resource &
 Development Service, ARDS, with the radio-browsing concept; see
 http://www.ards.com.au  X-band MW frequencies pending. Weak signals
 heard elsewhere in Australia, co-channel from China. Not ham
 equipment, but former civil aviation transmitter at Humpty Doo, a
 Darwin suburb, helical whip antenna centered on 100 degrees true
*New program to compete with Car Talk: Philosophy Talk. Pilot on KALW
 91.7 San Francisco Wed Aug 20 at 2000 UT [also webcast]
*Labor troubles at other public radio stations: layoffs at KQED San
 Francisco; picketing at KOPB in Oregon; union announcers only fired
 at WMHT Schenectady; controversy in Yellow Springs, OH over the
 direction WYSO should take: see DXLD 3-145
*KBFR, 95.3 is pirate in Boulder, CO, run by `Monk`; see DXLD 3-145
*Something stange about the carrier of KFI, 640, Los Angeles; on an
 Argo scope it stands out from all the other 640 stations, allowing it
 to be identified on the East Coast even tho not audible; lots of
 discussion on this from NRC in DXLD 3-143, 145
*Bob Cooper recommends this to keep up with DTV developments:
*Owner of construction permit for new X-band station here in Enid OK
 on 1640 tells me: construction underway at new site east of Hennessey
 OK, directional covering both Enid and OKC; maybe on air by end of
 September, CP deadline December
*International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend upon us [with special
 event ham operations] UT Sat & Sun Aug 16-17; details at
[following two items on WBCQ version only, neither audio archive:]
*National Radio Club annual convention Aug 28-Sept 1 at Holiday Inn
 Select DFW South, Irving TX, reservation deadline Aug 15; specializes
 in MW, well-organized, and non-members should be welcome; details at
 http://www.nrcdxas.org and click on Convention
*Two reports in Spanish on the Mexican DX meeting in early August are
 at the end of DXLD 3-143 and 3-144
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, August 12: flux range 125-95-135
*That`s World of Radio 1195; Glenn Hauser inviting you to hear me
 again next week   ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1194, produced August 6, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Repeat time on WBCQ confirmed as UT Mon 0415 on 7415, ex-0445
*Updated schedules of our broadcasts, all DX programs, and new August
 Nets To You all available to everyone via http://www.worldofradio.com
*RFPI situation: eviction deadline of August 4 passed; negotiations
 with university scheduled for August 11
*RFPI tried new 15115 July 31-August 1, but brownout caused component
 to fail; when returns should no longer be on 15039 but 15115 or some
 other low-15 MHz frequency; still on 7445 [and see bottom]
*RFPI has been talking about station problems at 0300-0500 UT
*AM Costa Rica reports that RFPI went over the head of Martin Lees,
 University rector, to 17-member UFP council, which is believed to
 have been unaware of the eviction effort
*Zapatista SW broadcast for Sat Aug 9, plus or minus a day, around 5.8
 MHz; to be musical program around 1100 UT, already on FM
*XERMX, Mexico`s official international broadcaster, changed URL
 again, via http://www.imer.gob.mx with new grid in pdf revealing
 that most English programs have vanished; `DX 21` in Spanish,
 mailbag `Linea Abierta`: 2030-2045 UT, Tue/Fri, and Mon/Thu/Sat
 respectively; bullfighting other days. Only English remaining:
 Antena Radio summary of news, M-F 1400-1430 (but still in Spanish
 when we checked), and 2200-2230; Talking Mexico Sat & Sun 2200-2230;
 Regional Roots and Rhythms, M-F 2000-2015; new address: Mayorazgo 83,
 Col. Xoco, 03330 Mexico, DF. On 9705, 11770 with weak signals and
*R. Bandeirantes, Brasil heard on 6090 at 0200 with Caribbean Beacon
 a.k.a. 24/7 Dr. Gene Scott, missing from Anguilla; since then 6090
 still missing nights, 11775 days, so now is your chance to hear other
 stations on or around those frequencies
*The real R. Anguilla has started streaming, including local news at
 2305: http://www.radioaxa.com
*R. America, Paraguay, now trying tropo scatter to reach Argentina,
 326.4 MHz, 252 watts, 180 degrees, FM 100 kHz bandwidth, vertical
*Last Thursday at 2000 on 15825, was not last airing, but first
 airing of next DX Partyline, followed by World of Radio; Aug 2 DXPL 
 audio still not available on website, at this tiny URL we created:
 http://tinyurl.com/j7g7 Schedule finally updated for own
 transmitters, but not showing WWCR and WINB airings
 [and Aug 7 at 2000 was a repeat of July 31, not a prepeat of Aug 9]
*IBC Radio via WRMI 7385 carrying Dreamland, UT Sun & Mon 0300, M-F
*KNLS Alaska, English in August: 0800 11765, 1300 11870
*Jane Barbe, telephone recording voice queen, and voice of WWVH,
 died July 18 at 74
*Solomon Islands getting internet E-mail via shortwave; to add search
 by E-mail, no www access yet; see http://www.peoplefirst.net.sb
 -- also applicable for the blind, anywhere?
*ABC, Australia gets US$17 million budget cut; Sen. Alston rejects
 suggestions this was due to government charges of bias; the politics
 behind it, by Craig Seager: dumbing down the ABC and nobody cares
*Standard disclaimer
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1194;
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA, or woradio at yahoo.com
*Check our website http://worldofradio.com for much more info on the
 stories we mention [in DX Listening Digest archives]
*Thanks this week for financial support go to: Gerald T. Pollard
*Donations to WOR via PayPal available via our website
*Falun Dafa Radio via KWHR Hawaii confirmed, at 1500 [Sat & Sun] on
 9930; WHR just calls it `Dafa Hao` in effort to be low-profile
*China Radio International is doubling the program time of certain
 languages: German, Italian, Spanish; and also English at least at
 0900-1100 to Australia, 15250, 17690, two hours rather than one hour
 repeated. Same for North America at 1400-1600 on 7405, 17720??
*Meanwhile, R. Taiwan International sounds out listeners about halving
 its English output daily from two hours to one
*R. Korea International 50th anniversary celebrated Aug 15: special
 website http://rki.kbs.co.kr/50yers/e_index.html [yes, 'yers']
*V. of National Salvation, clandestine from North to South Korea,
 confirmed closed August 1; S. Korea not yet reciprocated
*Mongolia reactivated on 4830, 4895, from around 2100
*Bangladesh has only one SW frequency left, 7185, with English at
 1230-1300, and 1815; no longer on 15520, 9550, 4880
*India`s independence day August 15 has special broadcast from AIR
 at 0135 on 4860, 6030, 9810, 13620, 15050 in English; regional
 stations shift earlier this date to daytime 6-7 MHz frequencies,
 from 0130
*English from Turkmenistan heard well in Finland at 2035-2045 on 4930
*Ahmed al-Rikabi, head of Iraqi Media Network quits in disgust at
 its ineffectiveness
*Suggestion that dull and repetitious IMN should broadcast soap operas
 for better communication from the US administration to the people
*New target radio (don`t call it clandestine) for southern Sudan, M-F
 1600-1700 17630, 1700-1800 17660, believed via Merlin, Woofferton,
 England; sponsored by Office of Transition Initiatives of US AID, in
 English and Sudanese languages; mostly music tests at first
*Not only is ELWA compound filling up with IDPs -- internally
 displaced persons, but also the old VOA Careysburg, Liberia, facility
*Korean church on Canary Islands still heard on 6715-USB, Wed 2008
*Both Romania and Armenia have Sunday-only services at 0800 on same
 frequency 15270, tho there are plenty of empty spaces nearby!
*Scott Woodring, KC8JNG, Christian Identity member, shot police
 officer in Michigan, escaped and tracked in manhunt with assistance
 of 40 RACES hams
*RF ID tags to be used by Wal-Mart and others to operate around 13.5
 MHz shortwave; hams hope little impact to lower end of 20 meters
*Fruitless to write the FCC about powerline communication; instead,
 write to the big boys, Clear Channel, Infinity, etc., who have the
 most to lose from noise blocking AM reception; much more about PLC in
 the next Continent of Media
*I meant to mention earlier in the RFPI portion, that if you hear a
 station on 15040 it may be something else: pirate KIPM was on USB
 there last Saturday at 2100
*Tomas Hood has added forums on propagation and other topics to his
 website http://hfradio.org/forums
*Propagation outlook from Boulder August 5; flux range 145-100
*If you have not yet contacted me about your favorite station to hear
 World of Radio, please do so now to woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1194  ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1193, produced July 30, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Big trouble was brewing for R. For Peace International last week;
 eviction 2-week notice received July 21. But the building and
 equipment belong to RFPI, not the University for Peace
*Democracy Now interview with James Latham, inside RFPI. An act
 against Freedom of Speech. Supporters are holding vigils outside
 the locked gates; deadline August 4. New university administration
 has ideological differences with RFPI, unlike previous harmonious
 relationship. Not sure if UFP council is aware of this. Maurice
 Strong, founder of World Economic Forum, heads university now. RFPI
 programs are critical of social justice issues of globalization
*Much more about this in DX Listening Digest issues starting 3-132
*Open house August 4 for supporters to witness what happens
*Maurice Strong`s chequered and strange background, from Forbes
 and at http://www.sovereignty.net/p/sd/strong.html
*Besides http://www.rfpi.org there is a new site with message
 boards, http://www.saverfpi.org
*How and when did the university`s mission and goals change?
*RFPI has stayed on the air continuously on 7445 and 15039, until July
 30, when 15039 was missing, but a parts problem soon fixed and
 looking for a new frequency above 15100 [heard July 31 testing 15115]
*Contributions to RFPI`s legal defense fund needed to P O Box 3165,
 Newberg, OR 97132 or via PayPal at website
*This has received lots of publicity worldwide among peace and
 progressive organizations, and thanks to RFPI `graduates`
*Also requsts RFPI supporters write to Kofi Annan, sg@un.org or
*Tico Times had a story about it last week, [temporary URL?]
 and another one due this Friday August 1
*We support RFPI, quite apart from the fact that they have carried
 World of Radio from the beginning
*WOR times have been disrupted and delayed on RFPI
*World of Radio on IBC Radio via WRMI 15725, nominally Sat and Sun
 1800, sometimes as much as 10 minutes late, so stay tuned
*Radio DC cancelled by WBCQ due to anti-Semitic remarks to Allan
 Weiner; so World of Radio may move half an hour earlier to 0415 UT
 Monday on 7415
*Area 51 is new ``best-of`` show on WBCQ, Sun 2200-0400 Mon on 5100;
 requests encouraged to area51@wbcq.us
*NPR has started new mid-day program from LA, Day to Day; first airing
 at 1600 UT weekdays, and on other stations hourly thereafter via
*Check Monitoring Reminders Calendar at http://www.worldofradio.com
 for the latest on this and much other excellent listening, primarily
 via the internet
*House voted last Wednesday 400-21 to overrule FCC decision to
 increase TV ownership cap from 35 to 45 percent of audience; still
 pending in Senate, and presidential veto threatened; another
 amendment to kill the entire FCC ruling was rejected
*Radio-TV Marti being watched closely by White House now that there
 is a new head; will not stand for any more irregularities
*Mexican Zapatista rebel movement announces SW broadcasts, Radio
 Insurgente on August 9 around 5.8 MHz -- tune around like shaking
 your hips in a cumbia
*Licensed Mexican on 120m, R. Huayacocotla. 2390 kHz, has page with
 four brief audio clips of national anthem in local languages, and
 singing IDs (recordings); best heard around sign-on/off 1200/0100
*9th annual Mexican DX meeting the first weekend in August; agenda
 times mentioned last week have changed. Check
*1193rd World of Radio, woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid,
 OK 73702, USA
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Jim Wishner
*Dominican on 4959.86 is HIJQ, Super-Q between 0130 and 0400
*V. of Guyana has true grit, says Michael Lijewski who visited the
 country, but a tough catch even inside Guyana; Chuck Bolland heard 
 it in Florida, 0930 on 3291.07
*Unidentified on 5121.11 is R. Suroriente, Quillabamba, Peru, moved
 from 5067.11 [to avoid WWCR 5070??]
*Brazilian reactivated on 3235 is R. Clube de Marilia, schedule
 2100-1000, and reports wanted from at home and abroad
*Another frequency change for very low powered Paraguayan, Radio
 America: 15483 replacing 15185 [allegedly 24 hours \\ 9905]
*R. Independent Mekamui, clandestine from Bougainville, heard in
 Australia and Alberta on 3850, 0915 past 1000
*Solomons villages burned and people killed because of ham radio
 station set up by foreign volunteers, suspected of snitching
*SIBC has not been off the air, plus/minus 200 Hz from 5020, with
 BBCWS relay 1100-1900; now with ``Talking Truth`` appeals to
 cooperate with Australian intervention force; featured on RA`s
 Asia-Pacific: http://www.abc.net.au/ra/asiapac/programs/s904932.htm 
*Since HCJB Australia decided not to follow Bob Padula`s advice, most
 of their new frequencies are not working, he says
*R. New Zealand International expanding to 24 hours as of Sept. 1
*KWHR, Hawaii, now carrying World Falun Dafa Radio, Sat-Sun 1500-
 1600, M-F 1600-1630 on 9930, ``Dafa Hao``; antenna beam changed
 from 285 to 300 degrees to favor China more after 1600
*N. Korea admits V. of National Salvation is from North, not South,
 at Haeju, as it announced it would stop broadcasts August 1; South
 Korea urged to follow suit; or is August 15 the deadline? VONS still
 heard July 30 at 1252 on 4120.5, and V. of People at 1255 on 6600
*Also see NY Times story mentioning this goodwill gesture:
*Joint Israeli-Palestinian initiative to re-establish V. of Peace on
 Nov. 4; but two different groups dispute over which should do it;
 only one is endorsed by Abie Nathan; Palestinian Info Ministry
 denies VOP has been licensed
*New frequency for 100 kW Latvian transmitter will be 9290, aimed at
 UK, available for Laser Radio UK and other customers
*World Music Radio [Denmark] to test in August on 15810, and a 6 MHz
 range frequency
*R. Afrika International, Austria, stopped SW broadcasts in June,
 still on internet
*R. Abeokuta, Nigeria, via IRRS, address is A. O. Akande, 12917
 Latchwood lane, Austin, TX 78753; original scheduling Friday and
 Wednesday at 2000 on 5780
*HCJB issuing press releases about growing number of refugees taking
 shelter at ELWA in Liberia, reaching 2100 by July 27; remains on air
 about 3 hours each morning and evening
 [following item only on low and WBCQ version:]
*Iranian advisors in Zimbabwe to resuscitate broadcasting and
 `protect` from VOA and others; does that mean jamming?
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, July 29; flux range 105-140
*Standard disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1193  ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1192, produced July 23, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*Since last weekend, World of Radio on IBC Radio via WRMI 15725,
 Saturday and Sunday a few minutes after 1800 UT
*9th annual Meeting of Mexican DXers and SWL Clubs, July 31-August 3,
 in Tizayuca, Hidalgo: details at http://www.aer-dx.org/encuentro/
 includes presentation by Manolo de la Rosa of Radio Habana Cuba,
 archaeological site visit, DRM demonstration including DTK Germany
 12080 at 0015-0100
*Honduran MW harmonic last week on 2860 is not R. Cultura, but R.
 Futura, HRSJ, 2 x 1430, ex R. Mundial
*Another one is on 2200, HRVA, R. Tiempo, San Pedro Sula, 2 x 1100
*Hondurans on 4820 and 4832 missing
*But R. Litoral, 4832, sent verification letter and info to Takeshi
 Sejimo; 1100-1600, 2200-0500 in Spanish, Miskito, Garifuna; and
 English weekends 0400-0500, music and Searchlight; no news at all on
 Spanish schedule, preoccupied with the afterworld
*Cuba denies jamming US satellite broadcasts to Iran, deliberately,
 maybe accidental, looking into it
*Company that pinned it on Cuba is Transmitter Location Systems in
 Virginia, http://www.tls2000.com
*Cuban jamming demands a firm response, Heritage Foundation:
*Panamericana, Peru`s main TV network, put off the air as government
 suspends its license; see also
*Pirate broadcasts at short notice; R. Cochiguaz, South America, had
 Easter island show, R. Mahute, last weekend, on 11430-USB, heard as
 far away as Alberta and Germany
*R. Veritas building in Liberia shelled by rebels, the 5470 Catholic
 station; third time it has been destroyed
*Hundreds of refugees sheltered at ELWA campus in Liberia, still on
 the air as long as diesel fuel lasts
*Last week`s coup on Sao Tome was peaceful, no disruption to VOA relay
 station; see 3-128, 3-129
*Other DX programs rarely quote World of Radio; once it`s on here,
 it`s no longer news
*AWR Wavescan reported last week that Madagascar has approved SW
 station owned by WCBF, same organization as KNLS, but work not to be
 started until second transmitter on air in Alaska
*R. Rhino International Africa (RRIA) will be new clandestine from
 August for Uganda, based in Cologne, Germany; new DTK client?
*UPDF, Uganda People`s Defence Forces, to open new army radio station
 this financial year, to reach all forces, since R. Uganda is
 ineffective; R. Freedom was taken over by R. Uganda; on FM or SW?
*Another strange one: Somali website in Canada, Balcad, says an
 American FM station `DOY` is heard in Mogadishu, in English and
 Spanish to `demoralize Somalis`; no further details
*VOA correspondent in Eritrea who disappeared is claimed to have been
 conscripted after dodging the draft
*I`ve been enjoying the new season of Prom Concerts via BBC Radio 3
 webcasts; and during first fortnight also video; more info at
 http://www.bbc.co.uk/proms  Main time for live evening concerts is
 1830 UT, repeated a few days later at 1300
*Former Radio Caroline ship, Ross Revenge, has moved to Rochester, and
 will be open for visitors August 2-3; 5 pounds boarding charge; Call
 07890 279049 evenings or weekends for advance bookings; also see
*R. London tested July 22 via 1008 kHz Flevo, Holland transmitter to
 assess reception in Britain; not very good beyond the coast; seems
 used directional antenna away from Britain! Recording of test ID with
 excellent local reception:
*Antje the Walrus, NDR mascot, died of old age at 27; see
 for pictures, and video stream including mascot `interval signal`
*R. Sweden from July 27 changes 1230 to Australia and New Zealand from
 17505 to 13580; but 17505 still on air to Asia, 17840 NAm
*You`re listening to the non-commercial, non-communist, non-corporate,
 non-Cuban, non-Cumbre DX program, World of Radio 1192; P O Box 1684,
 Enid OK 73702 USA: or woradio at yahoo.com
 Check our website for much more info: http://www.worldofradio.com
*Every so often I receive a reception report requesting a QSL from
 this program, but I have none, not even a letterhead; stations
 carrying the program are expected to do the QSLing if any
*I also sometimes receive a request for a sample or subscription to DX
 Listening Digest or Review of International Broadcasting; but have
 not been published in print for several years; everything I have to
 offer is free via website
*Reporters Without Borders on the Iraqi media 3 months after the war:
*V. of Korea sends lots of goodies to British listener, including
 complete English schedule; also on satellite Taicom 3, 3424.5 [MHz]
*VOA Philippines on new 1170 via Poro, English at 1900-2200; in
 addition to usual 1143 at 1100-1800, but two different transmitters;
 leads to speculation about which is which in DXLD 3-129 and 3-130
*IBB also uses 1170 from UAE for R. Farda, and 1143 from Tajikistan
*More about new Christian SW station in Papua New Guinea: journals by
 Joe Emert of Life Radio Minitries,
 Assured of granting SW license as well as FM around the country
*HCJB Australia has posted new program schedule, including DX Party
 Line retimed from Sat to Tue at 0830 to Pacific on 11750; to Asia
 still Sat 1430 on new 15390; also has regional news daily at 0900,
 1400; Destination-- M-F [UT Sun-Thu?] 1800-1830 on 11765, M-F 0200 on
 15420; Music of same areas, M-F 0800, 1230
*IBB Leasing had highest budget ever this year, $13 million, to
 decline after Iraq war: 150 hours per day on non-IBB facilities, 90
 RFA, 60 VOA and RFE/RL; 86 percent on SW; trends in relays
*New General [not `Government'] Accounting Office report on US
 international broadcasting, concerned about amount of language
 overlap among different IBB services:
 complete pdf report: http://www.gao.gov/cgi-bin/getrpt?GAO-03-772
*House approves new Middle Eastern TV Network, but may not pass
 Senate, due to inclusion in foreign aid bill
*iBiquity fires three top managers, including Glynn Walden, who
 developed the IBOC system, ``the face of digital radio``; see also
 Could it be DOA? Maybe Walden could not figure out a way to put a
 positive spin on the test results
*House moved closer to blocking FCC from allowing more media
 concentration, vote was expected Wednesday; but TV/newspaper joint
 ownership upheld
*Michael Powell and top staff want out of FCC by fall, but would be
 replaced by another Republican
*FCC vote on media concentration backfired, since it has given
 renewed energy to those promoting low power FM; see
*Last week`s item about Toronto station granted FM 101.3, despite
 accusation of Tamil Tigers links: upheld
 [following item is 30 seconds longer on low and WBCQ version:]
*Suggestion that DRM be used for local coverage on 21, 26 MHz
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, July 22: flux range 150-120-150
*That`s WORLD OF RADIO 1192; I`m Glenn Hauser       ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1191, produced July 16, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*DX/SWL/Media programs list updated, and links to three others at
*WOR heard on 7485 in Europe, Sunday 0935, via Irish pirate R. Ozone
 International, now moved to 6200
*WOR on WBCQ UT Mon 0445 last week on 5100-CUSB in addition to 7415,
 due to tests of 4th transmitter; simulcasting 9330 [not 9335] more
 recently; tests were 3 kW of 50 kW transmitter; RTTY interference
 around 5097
*WBCQ 7415 during summer runs oldtime radio, UT Sats 0100-0200
*IBC Radio buys much more airtime weekends on WRMI from July 19, Sat
 1200-2200, Sun 1400-2000 15725; UT Sun and Mon 0300-0900 7385; and
 IBC would like to include World of Radio, putting us on WRMI for the
 first time [tentatively Sat & Sun 1800 on 15725]
*Sao Tome coup July 16 involved taking over national radio; what about
 VOA relay? See schedule in DXLD 3-127, and still heard at 1630 on
 15730; also try 4960 0400-0500 in English, 6080 0300-0700 in English;
 VOA could substitute other sites and we`d never know the difference,
 lacking any local IDs [VOA confirms ops normal]
*VOA stringer in Eritea, Aklilu Solomon, arrested for being too
 truthful in reporting a sensitive issue; CPJ protests, and VOA
 demands his release [later report claims he was just conscripted]
*R. Galkaayo, Somalia, heard on 6980, calling for Puntland peace;
 R. Hargeysa audio worthless on 7530
*R. Rwanda, 6055 puts strong summer signal into Europe 1730-1800, 2027
 -2100, interrupted by Slovakia
*V. of Liberty in Liberia, 11515v, says it`s off air for lack of fuel
 and banks are closed; plans to resume
*High Adventure newsletter confirms they are setting up SW transmitter
 in Uganda instead of Liberia, partnering with a bishop
*Updated sub-Saharan Africa List, selected by Thorsten Hallmann:
 http://africa.coolfreepage.com/africalist in pdf and doc
*Libya in Arabic to Iraq on USB heard at 1203-1303 on 17600; 1800-1900
 on 11660, both presumably via France
*Media in Post-war Iraq, by BBCM in DXLD 3-126, including new stations
 and FM and AM bandscans in Baghdad
*Some DX and station news reaches us in other languages before or
 instead of English, such as:
*Iran announced in Spanish it may eliminate SW in favor of internet
 to save expenses, asking for quick listener input. Slightly
 premature, but they probably need more transmitters for jamming
*Jamming of US satellite carrying programming for Iran pinned on Cuba,
 probably from Bejucal spy site near Habana; Cuba paid off by Iran to
 do this; Iranian PTT minister criticizes such jamming; US BBG
 condemns Cuban jamming for Iran
*IBA freezes planned changes in broadcasting hours until a committee
 report in two months; may bode well for SW; PM Sharon told a press
 conference he is against cutting Kol Israel`s SW service
*Radio A-Shams is new Arabic language radio station in Israel, WTFK?
*Saudi Arabia refuses to put English on shortwave, but has started
 webcasting it via http://www.saudiradio.net/indexen.php at 1000-1300,
 1600-2100, but short on news (recordings)
*Standard disclaimer
*The media magazine your monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1191,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA, or woradio at yahoo.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Pete Bentley
*New schedule for All India Radio in DXLD 3-126 includes 9445 at
 1745-1945, 2045-2230, a frequency once associated with Turkey
*RRI Fak Fak on 4790 runs repetitive music loop at 2030-2100, why?
*V. of Indonesia main website is only in Indonesian, at
 http://www.rrionline.com --- but for English and other languages go
 to http://www.rri-online.com
*HCJB Australia`s new English frequencies and times from July 21
*Niue, ZK2, has country-wide open Wi-Fi link to internet; the atoll
 has no natural earth ground, like a giant capacitor-resistor; more
 at http://www.niue.nu
*R. Ondas del Pacifico, Ayabaca, Peru on 13565.62, a second harmonic
*R. San Nicolas, Peru acive again on 5470.82; also reactivated is
 Ondas del Suroriente, Quillabamba, 5067.11
*Peruvian on 1610.11, R. Sabor is in Paucarpata, Arequipa
*R. Anhanguera, Brazil, reactivated after a sesquiyear, on 6080
*Emisora Ciudad de Montevideo, Uruguay, heard with tangos at 0205 on
*R. Universidad de Costa Rica reactivated on 6105
*unID on 2860 is R. Cultura, from Honduras, but no listing on 1430
*R. Rebelde, 670, Cuba, heard in daytime in south Texas, so must have
 raised power from 50 to 150 or even 500 kW
*LAX TIS on 530 wants power hike from 10 to 100 watts, but opposed by
 540 station
*House committee votes to block FCC regulation raising TV
 concentration to 45 percent, but unclear whether will succeed
*National Association of Broadcasters reverses position on this, to
 head off formation of new competing trade group --- now favors
 relaxing media ownership limits!
*FM pirate in Rochester NY, ``100.9 The Pirate, Rochester`s Rock``,
 heard well on east side, west side
*Report on low-power FM posted at FCC: no interference beyond 100 feet
*LPFM in Canada: no license required under 100 watts AM, 50 watts FM;
 so there will be lots more unIDs
*Big flap in Canada on whether Al-Jazeera should be allowed on cable
 networks; and controversy in Toronto over authorization of a new FM
 station to Tamil group, accused of association with LTTE terrorists;
 see DXLD 3-123, 126, 127 [later: Tamil authorization affirmed]
*BBC in a world of political trouble; see DXLDs 3-123, 3-124
*BBCWS claims 70 percent increase of audience in North America since
 dropping SW two years ago; figures don`t tell the whole story
*R. Baltic Waves International, Lithuania, on 1557 with China Radio
 International 1800-2200 UT; channel marker with music on 1386 at 2000
 -2100 with 25 kW
*Russian International Radio, new MW service in Russian via
 Kaliningrad, schedule; also via St. Petersburg
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, July 15; flux range 115-140
*Time to evaluate WOR affiliates; in order to continue on this station
 I need to know you are listening to it; an ID should follow shortly;
 please drop me a note at woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid
 OK 73702 USA
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1191   ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1190, produced July 9, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Another airing of my monthly Spanish DX Report, Mundo Radial, on WWCR
 15825, Tuesdays at 2130; new edition from around July 15
*World Radio Communications Conference wrapped up July 4; extensive
 reports in the last week`s DX Listening Digests
*Broadcasters to move out of 7100-7200 in regions 1 and 3, by March
 29, 2009, so 7000-7200 will be amateur worldwide -- except some
 countries will have fixed services sharing; broadcast boundary moved
 up to 7450, but already de-facto to 7600
*Morse code not internationally required; up to each country
*Other areas where changes have been made; see DXLD 3-122 for IARU
 report; and 3-121 for summary, and other issues
*Background on the programming from LRA36, Antarctica, 15476, M-F 1800
 -2100 UT, for each of the three hours; 2.5 to 4 kW
*Latest frequency change for R. America, very low power Paraguayan,
 9905, ex-9983, 24 hours \\ 15185
*New times for DX Partyline via WWCR: Sat 0900 on 5070, Sun 0200 on
 5070, Tue 0930 9475, Thu 2000 on 15825, two of them next to WOR; last
 Sunday UT the latest edition did not air, but the previous, same on
*La Voz de Tu Conciencia, Colombia, back on 6009.78; what about plans
 to broadcast to North America on 5910 in English?
*La Voz de los Centauros, Colombia, adjusted frequency to proper
 5955.0, after a jump to 6007, ex-5958v
*High noise level prevents Henrik Klemetz from much DXing in Sweden
 but enjoys hearing Latins via internet such as
 http://www.panamericanabolivia.com with stream at 1130-0330 only
*R. El Salvador, long gone from SW 9555, has webcast, quickly fixed
 for Henrik Klemetz; via http://www.radioelsalvador.com.sv
*La Voz del CID, former anti-Castro clandestine, confirmed to have
 broadcast from El Salvador 1983-1997, location specified
*Those R. Marti tests on MW 1020 did come from the Christian station
 on Turks & Caicos, but not very successful; announced that also
 tested from Cayman Islands; check 1205 and 1555 kHz, the islands`
 only two MW frequencies which were closed down years ago
*R. Rebelde, Havana on new 15570 \\ 11655 at *1630
*Bill Nollman in CT had Cuban-sounding station on 92.9; as we
 mentioned recently, a new one on 92.9 is R. Manati, la Voz del Faro,
 Victoria de las Tunas; 4 hours per day, CMLD; more at
*Dominican Republic SW transmitter on 4959.87 carried Super-Q FM,
 from 100.9 at 0241; you never know which one of group will be on
*New stations authorized for Montreal area, including one on MW 1570,
 Laval frequency vacated a few years ago, French nostalgia format
*Summer replacements on CBC Radio One include Connexions, Mon and Fri
 7:30 pm local; Best of Dispatches Wed 7:30 pm. Saturday mornings:
 9:05 City States; 10:05 Go; 11:05 alternate weeks, Grooveshinny;
 11:30 National Passtime, satire on sports, broadcasting
*WSAI, 1530, Cincinnati, carrying out more IBOC digital tests [at
 night], causing hisses on 1520, 1540; wants reports to iboc@wsai.com
 or 1111 St. Gregory St., Cincinnati OH 45202
*San Francisco Liberation Radio, 93.7, got FCC visit July 2, carrying
 out campaign for public support; see
*KUAT, Channel 6, Tucson off the air since control link cut by Aspen
 fire, but already has relay in the city on ch 27
*KETV, Channel 7, Omaha, tower collapsed July 4 amidst DTV antenna
 installation, no one hurt; WOWT channel 6 checked its tower too
*Storm with 80 mph winds knocked down tower of WIFR, Channel 23,
 Rockford IL
*Also off the air, due to failed exciter, not quickly replaced, KHSD,
 Channel 11, Lead SD
*In the midst of World of Radio 1190, woradio at yahoo.com or
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; website for much more info:
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Alan Bosch
*WYFR heard on 2630 in Florida, 17845 minus 15215, at 2330
*Army`s PsyOps Media Center at Ft Bragg, NC, holds open house for new
 $8.1 million complex; printed 150 megaleaflets, 20 kilohours of radio
 messages for Afghans, Iraqis
*Iran as DX Target, compiled by Anker Petersen, DSWCI: also in DXLD
 3-120, including V. of Mojahed, back in business
*Iran not only jamming opposition satellite broadcasts on the ground
 but from satellite; destructive interference to Telstar 12, 12595 MHz
 horizontal, transponder 10 comes from 12608.5 MHz downlink
*Israeli law requires TV license fee even for those who use sets only
 to watch VCR
*Libya`s broadcast to Iraq still heard, 1800-1900 on 7245, 11890 ex-
 11660, via France?
*English news from Zanzibar at 1800 on 11734.1 heard by Steve Lare,
*Zambia`s reactivation of 4910 is only morning and evening; 5915 still
 for Radio One in daytime; Radio Two on 6165 throughout, 0250-2200
*Zimbabwe`s only active SW frequency is 5975, 0300-2200, but sometimes
 closing earlier, ZBC Radio 2
*All SW and MW frequencies from Namibia silent for a fortnight,
*V. of Nigeria again heard on 9690 at least in daytime
*National Radio of the Saharan Arab Democratic Republic heard on MW
 1550 in England in June; but missing in July, and instead back on SW
 7459.7 around 2000-2200+, and from 0600; supposedly from refugee
 camp near Tindouf, Algeria
*British DX CLub has website of tropical band African schedules by
 country: http://www.users.waitrose.com/~bdxc/africa.rtf
 by frequency: http://www.users/waitrose.com/~bdxc/africafreq.rtf
 also in DXLD 3-119, plus Ascension relay schedule in 3-120
*V. of Mediterranean, Malta, English at 1730 confirmed on 6185; via
*RTE on LW 252 from Ireland were only tests; no plans for regular use
*R. Africa International, Austria, no longer heard; was Sat 1530-1600
 on 17875 or 17895; is anyone still hearing it?
*R. Yugoslavia still calling itself that in German, July 5
*Pakistan has 41 megarupees for new high-power MW transmitters; also
 new 250 kW SW transmitter for external service
*All India Radio on 10330 heard well in Delaware at 0030 with Indian
 music, 500 kW via Bangalore
*Sri Lanka shifted to 7302.5 again, domestic and external services
*Holy Tibet, English program from Lhasa, at 0700-0730 on 9490, 9580;
 and at 1100 on 4905 4920 6200 7385 9490; letterbox on Saturdays asks
 for reports with two IRCs; suppose a third broadcast still at 1630
*R. Independent Mekamui, clandestine for Bougainville, 3805, heard
 again in Philippines
*Museum Ships special events ham stations on air July 19-20; details
 at http://www.qsl.net/ww2dd/event.html
*Clandestine shortwave schedules in time order in DXLD 3-120
*Brock Whaley enjoys listening to hams on new 5 MHz frequencies, quite
 a change from weather-related rag-chewing or right-wing nets on 75m
 [following two items not on WBCQ version:]
*Some famous people who are hams, listed in DXLD 3-116; website about
 this http://users.tellurian.com/gjurrens/famous_hams.html
 including people who are rumored to be hams but are not really:
*Peter Jennings, VE3SUN, is not the ABC anchor who just became an
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, July 9: flux range 140-115-140
*With a standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1190  ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1189, produced July 2, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*New edition of my other program ready, Continent of Media 03-04,
 at http://www.dxing.com and http://www.worldofradio.com and on
 RFPI, 7445 and/or 15039, Thursdays 2000, Saturdays 2130, plus 6,
 12 and 18 hours later, and in some cases half an hour later than
 that; and also via SIU Edwardsville Web Radio, Wednesdays 1830 UT
*New July edition of John Norfolk`s Nets to You at
*Still hoping to be heard at new scheduled time of 0030 UT Sundays
 on WINB 12160, between DX Partyline and AWR Wavescan; not last week
*DX Partyline to be heard from now on also on WWCR just before us,
 UT Sun 0200 on 5070, with two more times to be added
*Joe Buch and the team at NASWA made an impressive 18-page FCC filing
 against Broadband over Power Lines, suggesting 30-47 MHz should be 
 used instead of HF, at
*BBC World Service no longer carried via C-SPAN on satellite in North
 America; but WGBH puts it on most of the time when there is no DVS,
 via Canada`s Bell ExpressVu channel 74
*First ever live webcast (meaning video), 7 July from Isle of Man
 for Tynwald Day ceremony, Queen presiding, 0845-2200 UT; see
 http://www.manx.net and http://www.manxradio.com
*Certain discrete 5 MHz frequencies now available to hams in US, UK;
 RSGB station GB2RS will broadcast every Sunday at 1130 on 5405; also
 on 3645, 7045 last Sunday, at least; reception reports wanted
*Very sad news from R. Netherlands last week: Harry van Gelder died
 June 24; host of DX Jukebox. Got gh`s SW career going as he invited
 me to do a monthly North American DX Report. For tribute see
 Andy Sennitt and Jonathan Marks attended funeral, which resembled
 DX Jukebox, alternating talk and music
*Andy chatted with Tom Meijer, ex-presenter of Happy Station, who
 looks great at 64, and keeps busy
*Jonathan Marks, 44, leaving RN as of Sept. 1 to start his own media
 company, contracting with RN and others
*Final broadcast of R. Austria International in German until 2208 UT
 June 30 on 6155; see poignant comments of Wolf Harranth about his
 last day on the job at ROI, DXLD 3-117
*Austria still on SW with relays of domestic services in German; and
 in English Report from Austria on new schedule of 15-minute pairs
 half an hour apart, including via Sackville M-F 1510 and 1540 on
 15515; weekends, Insight Central Europe starts 10 minutes earlier
 [I should have said, at 5 and 35 minutes past the same hours, since
 some of the weekday airings are at 15 & 45 instead of 10 and 40]
*French and Spanish listeners to RAI not so fortunate, with all
 broadcasts canceled; but Spanish expects to resume January 1 with
 5 minutes
*Sudden budget cuts at R. Prague put an end to WRMI relays, and its
 own broadcasts curtailed too; no details yet at website
*Laser Radio UK plans to resume this summer on 5935 [via Latvia],
 instead of 9520, and coordinate a better frequency for winter; check
 Sunday evenings in Europe
*Russia extends license of Radio Liberty for another 5 years, to
 broadcast over transmitters within Russia
*R. Yugoslavia name dropped, now only International Radio of Serbia
 and Montenegro; new logo replacing RJ: RSCG, abbr. of station name in
 Serbian; no other changes
*SW situation in Liberia changed in past week: ELWA 4760 facility ID
 as R. Liberia; R. Veritas back on 5470; R. Liberia International,
 LCN, reactivated on 6100
*Another extensive BBCM media survey on an African country: Ivory
 Coast in DXLD 3-115
*July 1 the big election day in Togo, but R. Togo Libre not heard
 since mid-June on either broadcast; still on TDP schedule
*ZNBC Radio 1, Zambia back on its old frequency 4910, and widely heard
 from 0249 and until 2200, ex-5915, ex-6265
*Zanzibar now has English newscast at 1800 on 11734.1, 585
*The media magazine your monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1189,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or woradio at yahoo.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Brock Whaley
*Sa`ad Faqih, of Islamic Movement for Reform in Arabia, and
 clandestine V. of al-Islah, assaulted in London with `message from
 Saudi government`
*Israel Radio broadcasts missing, caused by cable cut in Jerusalem
*Andy Sennitt reorganised Iraq media dossier since start of war,
 into chronological narrative form, via http://www.medianetwork.nl
*Man who runs anti-Iran station from Baghdad abducted, but which?
*V. of Mojahed, anti-Iran station heard on new 9280 plus jammer
*Impact of US-based satellite TV services in stirring up trouble in
 Iran subject of many stories lately via CRW; links in DXLD 3-115
*BBC negotiations with AIR for program exchanges fall through, since
 BBC didn`t really want to put India on the air in Britain, even tho
 it has its own Asian network
*Hmong Lao Radio, Minnesota via Uzbekistan, Wed and Fri 0100-0200 on
 17540 ex-12070, but unintelligible
*Jamming on BBC Mandarin is combination of 5 echoed signals with same
 program content, due to five unsynchronized jammer sites
*R. Monte Carlo, Uruguay, heard in Ecuador at 1035 on 6140.1, not to
 be confused with CPN Peru on 6141v
*R. Parinacota, Chile, heard on 6010, in absence of Colombian;
 recording by Bjoern Malm, Ecuador from SWB website:
*Peruvian on 4825 IDs as `LVS, tu radio digital` -- must be La Voz de
 la Selva, Iquitos
*New Peruvian on 5176.51, R. La Amistad, perhaps from Tayabamba;
 recording also at above site, plus the 1610s below
*Two stations on 1610.10, R. Sabor, somewhere in Peru; and Ecos del
 Portete, Giron, Ecuador
*Ondas del Orteguaza, Florencia, Colombia, reactivated on 4975,
 recording by Malm
*Harmonic on 2879.98, Radio Reloj, Tulua, Colombia, Malm recording
*R. Marti testing new MW frequency from outside the US, 1020 kHz;
 perhaps Cayman Islands or Turks & Caicos
*Sporadic E the afternoon of June 24 so intense that it brought unID
 Mexican(s) on channel 7 to Tennessee, Louisiana
*Mystery last week on 15650, PAB via Germany, stands for Pan American
 Broadcasting, broker of religious programming in California
*AFRTS changed all frequencies from Key West and Puerto Rico,
 replacing 12689.5 and 6458.5 with 7507 from PR, 5446.5 night,
 12133.5 day from Key West; as in website schedule
 Strange they picked 7507, so close to KTBN 7505
*R. Farda has new director, Andres Ilves, who is already head of R.
 Free Afghanistan; but what became of Farda`s previous director?
*Extremely rare double- or triple-hop sporadic E in late June brought
 TV and FM stations from Maritime Canada, NE US to DXers in Scotland,
 England and Northern Ireland; much covered under Propagation in
 recent DXLDs; one confirmed for Paul Logan, NI, is WFRY, Froggy 97.5,
 Watertown NY, over 3000 miles away
*FCC shut down radio free brattleboro, Vermont, on 88.9
*Oops, Nevada Highway Patrol set up new communication system, but
 forgot to get frequencies authorized by FCC; see DXLD 3-113, 114
*Anker Petersen in Denmark evaluated new SW Guide just issued by
 WRTH; random selection of 100 SW broadcasts found 95 percent
 correct, a fantastic improvement over WRTH 2003, 68 percent
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, July 1; major storms with A and
 K indices peaking at 40 and 6 on July 14 and 15; 30 and 5 on July 24
 and 25; 25 and 5 on July 6, 7, 11, 21; lowest 12 and 3 on July 10 and
 17; flux range 155-115
*Glenn Hauser, here, concluding World of Radio 1189  ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1188, produced June 24, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Our new time on WWCR, ex-Sat 0600: Sat 1030 UT still on 5070
*WINB putting together three DX programs into a sesquihour DX block
 early Saturday evenings, UT Sun 0000-0130 on 12160: 0000 DX Partline,
 0030 World of Radio, 0100 AWR Wavescan; first try last week did not
 work, but part of WOR aired at 0107
*WRMI Miami has been for sale at $650K, and now in Business Wire
 notice, one program client, IBC Radio has ``discussions`` with WRMI
 -- presumably about purchasing it
*VOA Museum at old Bethany OH site will add Gray History of Wireless
 Museum, moving from WCET facilities; should be complete by July 4;
 and first glimpse during Freedom Fest June 28-29
*Massive 99.9 percent public opposiiton to FCC media concetnration
 ruling June 2 has led to Stevens-Hollings bill in Senate to roll it
 back; but going may be tough. See NY Times:
*BPL -- broadband over power iines or PLC = powerline communications,
 is another very important issue, but not getting public attention.
 Proposal could put an end to SW radio listening; see DXLD 3-110 for
 ARRL summary of the situation or
 Comments may be filed online, docket 03-104; at
*Illegal high-power cordless phones in Bahamas, Florida, Michigan on
 134 MHz band interfere with air traffic control in Miami, Cleveland
*EuroStar, Czech pirate in Chicago on 87.9 has been 24 hours since
 at least last August; strongest in Czech neighborhood near
 Irving Park Road and Harlem Avenue; phone 773 725 6039; doesn`t
 the FCC care? Seems to be operating with impunity
*``Kenneth, What Is the Frequency`` is playing in Washington DC thru
 July 28, at Source Theater, http://www.cherryredproductions.com
*Long-inactive Mexican SW station is back, XEXQ, Radio Universidad,
 San Luis Potosi, 6045, at least in daytime [1230-0400]
*New FM station in Nassau, Bahamas, Joy FM on 101.9
*New FM station in Manati, Las Tunas, Cuba, Radio Manati, la Voz del
 Faro on 92.9
*R. Rebelde`s new SW frequency 11655 not only at 1100-1300 but also at
 1600-1730; and the unID last week around 15075 is R. Rebelde, also
 heard at 0847
*YVTO, Venezuelan timesignal, back on 5000 after almost a month
*R. Victoria, Peru, around 6020.28v in 0430-0500 period with religious
 show La Voz de la Liberacion, in Spanish with heavy Portuguese
*HCJB`s Portuguese DX program says they may create a transmitter site
 in Fortaleza, Ceara, Brasil
*On 12120, Radio Justice, clandestine for Ethiopia is new program,
 Sundays 1700-1800, = R. Fthi, instead of Netsanet Radio, which is off
 SW for a year; this replaces R. Solidarity via DTK. Heard Sunday from
*Medhin Radio, another Ethiopian clandestine, heard from 1800 Sunday
 on 7520 for Europe; also at 1830 on 12120 for Ethiopia
*Standard disclaimer
*The 1,188th World of Radio, woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684,
 Enid, OK 73702 USA; our ever-changing schedule and complete access
 without any charge to our extensive reference DX Listening Digest:
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Gerald T. Pollard
*Good News for Me, new Cairo FM station Arasbic website corrected:
 http://www.gn4me.com  Its meta-content doesn`t mention Christian
 but practically everything else
*New daytime frequency for R. Madagascar, 7105 USB plus carrier
*Clandestine partly in English, easy to hear in North America is
 R. Voice of Hope, from Madagascar to Sudan, Sunday 0426-0457 on
 12160; also on 15320 but clashes with Taiwan
*European DX Council report continues on DX Partyline, last Sat of
 June; and now also via V. of Mediterranean, Malta, last Sat of
 month at 1730 on 9605 (but schedule shows 6185; which?); see full
 VOM program schedule in DXLD 3-110
*IRRS Italy shifted from 5780 to 5775, 1900-2130 daily, including
 Nigerian clandestine R. Abeokuta recently mentioned; weekends
 still 0800-1200 on 13840
*New site for RFE in IBB schedule, Jaszbereny, Hungary, 0300-0400
 9760, 0400-0500 11710, 0500-0600 11885, 1600-1700 9505
*DTK Germany schedule has mysterious new listing for ``PAB`` but
 what does that mean? Quarter hour blocks Sundays 1445-1600 on
 15650, bearings 100 or 115 degrees
*SAQ, Alexanderson Alternator station in Sweden on VLF 17.2 kHz,
 yearly special transmission Sunday June 29 at 0830, 1030, 1230; also
 ham contacts from SA6Q on 137.7, 14035, 14215, schedule
*Mystery in Europe over who is testing with nothing but music on 1386;
 unseems V. of Russia. Lithuania also claims frequency
*PM Sharon in Israel stepped in to save immigrants` network REKA in
 Amharic, Russian; hope he will do the same to save Israel Radio SW
*Kuwait 1593 kHz [beamed 5 degrees] was 24h R. Farda, but new sked
 with VOA English, Kurdish, R. Free Iraq, VOA Farsi, R. Farda, not 24h
*V. of Iraqi People, from Sa`udi Arabia is still on the air even tho
 it`s anti-Saddam and unneeded
*Two new digital TV stations on Eutelsat W1 for Iraq: IMN = Iraqi
 Media Network, Twin Rivers TV
*R. Tashkent, Uzbekistan, English schedule
*June 20 edition of On the Media from http://www.wnyc.org/onthemedia
 features V. of Tigers, Sri Lanka, and interviews Nick Grace of CRW
*Reply received after 25 years of trying from North Korea, but QSL was
 not enclosed; reminds Ross Comeau of WMFQ pirate station
*RTI Taiwan resumed Instant Noodles of wacky news June 18, Weds on
 hour 1, with Andrew Ryan
*And with that, World of Radio 1188 concludes; I`m Glenn Hauser ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1187, produced June 18, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Our early Sat broadcast on WWCR 5070 at 0600 has been cancelled, but
 another time later in night may be forthcoming [Sat 1030 on 5070]
*Latest World of Radio available by phone at (206) 333-5096, not
 authorized; who is doing it?
*Jose Elias Diaz Gomez has 2-hour Sintonia DX program every UT Sun at
 0000 on Union Radio Portenas, 640, Venezuela; and will include our
 Mundo Radial reports. Audio link via:
*Ecuador ripe for revolution; check active and inactive SW
 frequencies. R. Nacional Espejo, QUito, 4879, looking into resuming
 SW; active lately is R. Saquisili y Libertador on 4899.77 in early
 evenings, late mornings
*DX Partyline announced US station to carry it: WINB, which has also
 added two other DX programs in last few weeks. Will be at 0000 UT
 Sun on 12160, same time as formerly on HCJB itself
*Australian newspaper article about HCJB and Voice International says
``both are phenomenally wealthy``; so why all the cutbacks from
*Radiodifusion America, Paraguay, left 7371 for 9983, 24 hours as well
 as 15185, but only 200 watts each; eager for reports. 9983 direxional
 east/west; 15185 south
*unID on 15075.07, possibly from Panama judging from music style, at
 0129-0200+ June 15, ``Musica Beat 96.7 FM ... El Gran Sonido``
 reported by Adan Gonzalez (not Mur), Venezuela
*Besides XEUT Tijuana on 1630, a new one is in FCC database on 1630
 from Mexico, in Tizayuca, Hidalgo, NE of Mexico City, 10/1 kW
*R. Reloj, Cuba, heard on 2nd harmonic, 1900 kHz
*R. Rebelde, Cuba, continues heard around 1100-1300 on new 11655, with
 ``Haciendo Radio`` show, only reported by Jose Elias, Venezuela
*Jose Basulto, ham who sent TV signals to Cuba, got notice of
 violation from FCC
*TV Marti special to Cuba via Commando Solo May 20 used channel 18;
 now Arnie Coro says new Canal Educativo network, channel 4 in Habana,
 is on channel 18 in Camaguey, with other UHF outlets elsewhere; and
 a new fourth national network is planned
*Webcasting links for Cuban radio and TV: Radio Cuba:
*Cuban TV program listings could be useful to TV DXers:
*Canadian House of Commons committee issued massive report, including
 a recommendation that RCI be strengthened;
 Yet RCI`s integration into domestic CBC continues
*AFN Iceland was off 13855-USB for a few weeks, but heard again June
 16 with weaker signal
*R. Sweden considering dropping its English broadcast at 1130, but
 wants to know if this would ``absolutely devastate`` any listeners?
 Informal DRM tests in local mornings with 10 kW on 6065
*Complete YLE Radio Finland schedule now available in DXLD 3-107,
 including Latin Sun 1555 on 17670, Special Finnish other days
*No English from Denmark on SW, but on MW 1062, five minutes at 1030,
 1710, 2200 followed by several other languages
*New website collects R. Denmark QSL cards through the ages:
*Borderhunter holding a meeting about pirate radio, Sat, June 28 at
 1500 local on Dutch side of Belgian border; directions from
 summermeeting@hotmail.com or http://www.alfalima.net
 [not working when checked June 19]
*Original article in French in DXLD 3-107 by Bernard Chenal, ``German
 Propaganda to the Maghreb in WW II``
*R. Serbia & Montenegro says it will have to close abruptly if
 government does not come through with funds held up for three months;
 Serbian officials claim Montenegro is not interested
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1187;
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA: or woradio at yahoo.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Harry Helms
*Legislation in Angola calls for government to lose monopoly on SW
 broadcasting, allow private SW stations (like Radio Clubes in
 colonial days)
*Photos of V. of Liberty SW station in Liberia at dxing.info under
 the Africa community forum:
*R. Togo Libre, new clandestine is M-F 1300-1400 on 21760 via South
 Africa, and Sundays 2000-2100 on 12125, probably same site. Is
 seeking correspondents in each Togolese prefecture. Second website
 about it is at http://www.togodebout.com [OK June 17-18, not 19]
*R. Hargeysa, Somaliland, seems to have new transmitter ex 7530.0 USB
 + carrier, now 7530.6 USB with carrier suppressed so cannot listen on
 AM; bad modulation
*R. Cairo, Egypt, confirmed in English at +1710-1830 on 9755, but
 terrible modulation, ex-15255? Audio was OK on another day
*Good News For Me is new FM station being set up in Cairo; joint
 venture with government`s ERTU; http://www.goodnews4me.com so far
 does not work. Christian catch-phrase, so could it be Christian, or
 even Coptic?
*Kurdish article in March about R. Denge Mezopotamya for Turkey says
 it is on internet with audio, the one around 0400 on 15675, connected
 with PKK ``terrorist`` organization, http://www.denge-mezopotamya.com
*V. of Southern Azerbaijan, clandestine for Iran, may actually come
 from Azerbaijan, since it was planning to ask the Azerbaijan
 government to change from SW 9375 to MW; audio files included at
 http://www.cehreganli.com/media/radio.html Story at:
 -- perhaps produced in Sweden as Stockholm mentioned on broadcasts
*US-based Iranian satellite TV stations stir up protests in Iran
*US BBG quickly issues a `me too` press release about R. Farda
*Jamming against R. Farda has lessened rather than increased
*Since two 200 kW Harris transmitters acivated for R. Afghanistan in
 Kabul on 1107, will the SW relay back to Afghanistan via Norway
 continue? Still heard June 7 at *1430 on 18940
*V. of Free China keeps changing its name; lately R. Taibei
 International, but from July 1 becomes R. Taiwan Inernational or
 V. of Taiwan; one explanation is that listeners were confused about
 how Taibei relates to Taiwan!
*New X-bander in Seattle, KTFH, 1680, verified in a week saying that
 it`s evenly split 12 hours a day each: noon in Hindi, midnight in
 Spanish paralleling KKMO; changeover at 0700 UT
*Chicago-area pirate on 87.9 in Czech, Radio EuroStar with some IDs in
 English, http://www.eurostarfm.com/lide.html tho it cannot be legal;
 sounds like about 100 watts from west side. Another 87.9 pirate plays
 rap, soul oldies, ads for a bar in East Chicago, maybe 10 watts
*From July 5, WGN 720 will carry Twilight Zone radio series, UT
 Sundays 0500, suppose also webcast if rights available
*K1D special events station for Kids` Day June 21;
*Field Day is following weekend, June 27-29, from 0000 UT Sat June 28;
 W1AW schedule for this in DXLD 3-107
*Public radio talk show The Connection devoted an hour to ham radio;
 audio on demand, and gallery of antique QSL cards, via
 [following item is only on low/longer version as heard on WBCQ...]
*Alternate history SF novel with a shortwave angle is ``Conquistador``
 by S. M. Stirling 
*Blackout occurred June 17 at 2255 UT, with M6 class solar flare
 knocking out all HF on the sunlit side of the earth
*Propagation outlook from Boulder June 17: several dates with A and
 K of 30 and 5; flux range 130-115-155
*With a standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1187   ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1186, produced June 11, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*WOR on Radio Studio X, 1584 +FM, Italy: time change on Sundays to
 half an hour earlier, 9 pm CEST = 1900 UT
*New Mundo Radial starts June 13 [not 14], on WWCR 15825, Fridays
 2115v, Wednesdays 2100; also serialized on Radio Enlace, from R.
 Nederland, Fridays and Sundays
*R. Togo Libre is new clandestine, M-F 1300-1400 on 21760, Sun only
 2000-2100 on 12125, first reported in June 5 issue of DX Listening
 Digest. Site is http://www.diastode.org -- Diaspora Togolaise pour la
 Democracie, prompted by June 1 election. Site typos frequency as
 27760; good quality mp3 file of the broadcast (recordings); in
 sixth minute goes from French to Ewe(?); 21760 site must be South
 Africa, also used from there before 1300 and on Sat and Sun after
 1300 for Channel Africa; RTL [not RTI] has trouble feeding programs
 from Togo to site with internet blockages, electricity cuts in Togo
*June 8 attempted coup in Mauritania caused usual strong signal on
 4845 to be missing, allowing Europeans to hear Malaysia instead, but
 back on the next night
*Renewed violence in Liberia, but R. Liberia International has not
 been heard on 5100 or 6100 since March 28
*IRRS Italy carrying R. Abeokuta, Nigerian clandestine, for Europe,
 Fri and Wed 2000-2030 on 5780; http://www.abeokuta.org
*IRRS entire schedule: daily 1900-2030 5780, Sat & Sun 0800-1200 on
*Salama Radio, another Nigerian clandestine, gone from Juelich,
 Germany; was daily 1830-2000 on 13855
*SW Radio Africa on 4880 puts great signals into Nordic Europe, but
 not into target area of Zimbabwe, even tho from South Africa
*R. Hargeysa, Somaliland, 7530.6 USB + carrier, heard with English
 at 1922-1939
*R. Cairo, Egypt heard with new English broadcast at 1703-1715 on
*Director General of IBA plans to close foreign service of Radio
 Israel, as well as some domestic services
*At the end of June, R. Austria International will cease to exist;
 some remaining SW broadcasts will be relays of domestic services
*R. Liberty celebrates 50th anniversary of broadcasting to USSR,
 helping to bring it down
*RFE/RL will definitely move from Wenceslaus Square to some other
 location, but still in Prague
*Low powered hospital stations in Britain also have link transmitters
 on 48 MHz band close to TV ch E2, DXable by sporadic-E in Italy
*NRK accused of broadcasting programs of a Kurdish terrorist group,
 PKK. Station and details not specified; V. of Independent Kurdistan
 is PKK, but not known to use Norway; more likely V. of Mesopotamia,
 15675 at 0400-0800. Concerns Turkish Kurdistan; also DXed in Peru
*The non-commercial, non-communist, non corporate, non-committal DX
 program, WOR 1186, woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK
 73702 USA
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Jim Wishner
*Tajikistan transmitter on 4635 has problems, bad audio and 2nd and
 3rd harmonics on 9270, 13905
*R. Pakistan English at 1600-1615 now on 17720 ex-17820; also on
 15725, 15065, 11570
*Sri Lanka external service interchanged frequencies for English and
 other languages; English 0030-0430 and 1230-1530 on 6005, 9770,
 15745; with 9770 replacing 11905 and 11930
*About once a month, V. of Indonesia has great signal in English at
 2000-2100 on 15150, as heard in Arizona; how come? May be variations
 both in propagation and transmission
*R. Australia itself archives only an occasional edition of Feedback,
 but thanks to relay via World Radio Network, every edition is
 archived for one week, 32 minutes into the 0800 hour on Sundays
*Program schedule for HCJB Australia, perhaps outdated, still shows
 not only DX Partyline, but also Ham Radio Today: Sat 1030 on 11770,
 1600 on 15480
*HCJB Australia has co-channel interference on 11770 from WYFR to
 Brasil, but well heard in New Zealand
*Correcting last week: WGMS, classical in Washington DC, is not about
 to be replaced by Fox News Channel audio: this was originally a
 parody/rant by Dave Hughes of http://dcrtv.com
*Classical station in Dallas still may lose its prime frequency; see
 very opinionated pieces about this in Dallas Observer:
*New York City pirate on 1620 and 1630; another on 87.9 
*In DXLD 3-101 reports of DXpeditions to Patagonia and Florida Keys
*R. Marti much stronger now in Keys compared to Cuban interference on
*R. Habana Cuba tells French listener its broadcasts to Europe are
 only episodic; English at 2030-2130 heard on both 9505, 11760, not on
 claimed but long evacuated 13660 and 13750
*R. Rebelde, Cuba heard on new 11655 at 1236 with Haciendo Radio
*All three RAE frequencies from Argentina blocked at 2300-0100; a
 waste of money to transmit
*DRM adding more and more participants in official inauguration June
 16, at least fourteen, for World Radio Conference-03 in Geneva
*Latest DRM schedule: http://www.rnw.nl/realradio/html/drm_latest.html
*Powerline Communications a very significant threat to our ability to
 listen to SW; see this heading at the end of DXLDs 3-100, 3-101,
 3-104 and many previous issues
*Digital TV is another form of noise; see DXLD 3-102 about how DTV
 snow compares to ordinary snow, and DXing it
 [following two items only on low version, heard on WBCQ...]
*John Faulkner in UK picked up several Canadian A2 TV audio channels
 June 7 by very rare trans-Atlantic double-hop sporadic E; has a link
 to audio file in DXLD 3-101
*Rocco Cotroneo in Rio de Janeiro again hears around solstice the WYFR
 relay in Taiwan on 1557, thanks to antipodal focusing, i.a.
 see http://www.faiallo.org/taiwan2003.html
*Propagation outlook from Boulder June 10; flux range 150-115-145
*To read much more about everything we`ve mentioned, check DX
 Listening Digests via our website http://www.worldofradio.com
*Hoping you`ve enjoyed this edition, 1186, Glenn Hauser inviting you
 to hear me again next week   ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1185, produced June 4, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Starting June 7, WINB in Pennsylvania carries World of Radio,
 Saturdays 1730 UT = 12:30 pm CDT on 13570
*SIU Edwardsville Webradio is carrying WOR, Mondays 1830, and
 Continent of Media Wednesdays 1830 via http://www.siue.edu/WEBRADIO/
 after E. B. Stevenson`s music shows a sesquihour earlier
*These and other changes are in new compact and detailed versions of
 our schedules via http://www.worldofradio.com which is a
 noncommercial public service just like this program
*Also at our site, updates of DX and Media Programs, Nets To You, and
 all May issues of DX Listening Digest in one html file
*WJIE site has news of latest adventures in Africa; turmoil in Liberia
 and problems in shipping mean change of plans for 100 kW ex-FEBA
 Seychelles transmitter; to be installed in Uganda instead
*V. of Liberty, present low-power WJIE station in Liberia on 11515 or
 so is off the air awaiting part
*V. of Democratic Eritrea, via Germany, 5920, heard 1400-1500 on
 Saturday, presumably for Europe
*BBCM says a new Ethiopian opposition station at 1700-1800 Sunday on
 12130 is R. Justice or in Tigrigna R. Fthi, originating in Washington
 DC; same listed on TDP site under different name, R. Solidarity, ex-
 via Germany Wed and Sat on 15265, unheard
*King of Swaziland, Africa`s last absolute monarch, condemns human
 rights as an ``abomination before God``, especially women wearing
 pants; meanwhile he has 10 wives and another fiancee after
 inspecting topless videos; how cool is TWR about operating from such
 a country?
*R. Botswana going 24 hours; will we still be able to hear dawn chorus
 warmup of humans making barnyard sounds before 0300 on 4820?
*R. Okapi, Congo DR, heard in Italy on rarely reported 6030 at 2210-
*R. Congo, Brazzaville, not only in clear on 5985 at 0430-0455 but
 also 2155-2230, as heard in Pennsylvania
*More on new Libyan broadcast to Iraq at 1800-1900 on 7245, 11660 and
 instead of 9745, on 9605; closest to an ID: ``General Center for
 broadcasts beamed from the Great Jamahiriyah, a message to the people
 of the two rivers``; really from Libya, or relayed from France?
*Last week`s item about R. Free Iraq via Kuwait on 15495 seems
 incorrect; IBB is registered for that via Woofferton, England but as
*Jalal Talabani of PUK acknowleges CIA and other US government
 ``friends`` involved in V. of Iraqi Liberation, clandestine no longer
*New MW transmitter in UAE on 1170 is 800 kW, per Thales press
 release, with 3 switchable antenna patterns [used by R. Farda]
*Israel Radio`s shortwave service still in danger; to be stopped by
 end of year, not *at* end of year, so could be any day now; protest
 letters to Chairman of IBA, Avraham Natan, IBA House, 161 Jaffa Road,
 Jerusalem 91280, Israel
*R. Afghanistan announced 400 kW unit is experimental on 1107 kHz,
 asking for reports from around the country, ``chase the program``
*Wondering if the relay of Afghanistan via Norway still exists on
 18940 around 1300-1600
*R. Pakistan at 0800 back on 21465 instead of 15095
*Jeff Cohen of WRN London explains DX reports of China Radio
 International on MW from eastern Europe: pilot transmissions from
 various sites, times and antennas; final arrangement to be announced.
 Currently Russian 1700-1800 on 1548 via Moldova
*Fang Guang Ming (Falun Gong) now scheduled 2100-2200 on 6035, and
 9625 ex-9945
*Correcting last week`s item, 3rd harmonic from Vietnam on 17925 would
 be from fundamental 5975, not 5925
*New SW broadcast station planned from Sandaun province, Papua New
 Guinea, nothing to do with NBC, to cover entire country. May not have
 anything to do with previous report of two new 7 MHz frequencies
*R. New Zealand International closes 9885 at 1310, but then runs 6095
 for 5 minutes, to tune it up for opening morning broadcast a few
 hours later
*Listeners to HCJB Australia heard classical music fill instead of DX
 Partyline May 31; but not its final broadcast. Aired as usual for
 last time on HCJB Ecuador. One new time will remain from there,
 Saturdays 1230 on 15115. UT June 1 was HCJB`s final English broadcast
 to North America on 9745; still no word of which US SW station will
 carry DX Partyline. Only English broadcast now is 1100-1330 on
 15114.2 and 21455, no more Morning in the Mountains, just syndicated
 gospel, not setting HCJB apart any more [but MITM is to return later
 this summer]. 9745 remains on the air with Spanish service ex-9525
*The 1185th World of Radio, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702, USA; or
 woradio at yahoo.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Mike Barraclough
*DX news from Bjoern Malm, Quito: new HCTP5, Ecos del Portete, Giron,
 Ecuador on 1610.10, mostly music; also heard in Sweden at 0105-0230
 with Andean msuic
*Peruvian catches: 2820.40 harmonic is R Olmos, Lambayeque, 2 x 1410;
 on 4799.99, R. Satelite, Santa Cruz, Cajamarca at 2341, with QRM de
 Guatemala; R. Peru on 5637.24; R. San Miguel de Sondor on 6536.06 at
*R. Melodia, Arequipa usually on 5996, moved to 6106.95, and then
 moved again to 6042.55 variable, heard by several others in this
 area; including near Moscow at 0023-0215
*Artyom Prokhorov gets lots of South American DX before local sunrise
 in the Russian countryside, such as R. Nueva Esperanza, Bolivia, 6585
 at 0036-0143
*Unidentified Brazilian on 6370.00 heard by Malm around 1010 UT;
 unseems harmonic
*KWKH, 1130, Shreveport LA, change to sports format was short-lived;
 back to Classic Country since Memorial Day
*WGMS, Washington DC`s only commercial classical music station, to be
 sold to Fox and converted to Fox news channel audio track! Was a good
 entry-level service to classical; cultural mediocrity growing with
 its demise
*Following up current Continent of Media: agreement signed to put 22
 NYC TV and FM antennas atop new Freedom Tower at Trade Center site by
 2008y; most temporarily on Empire State, Building
*As expected, Republican majority on FCC voted to relax restrictions
 on media concentration, but a big fight brewing with legal
 challenges; and congressional hearing already two days later; DXLD
 3-096, -097, -098 and onward have lots of stories on this
*Steve Anderson of United Patriot Radio won`t go to trial July 28
 since he took a guilty plea. Faces at least 10 years of prison,
 sentencing in September
*Device to avoid government mind control:
*FCC also busy on high-frequency with a detailed report in the Federal
 Register on changes in allocations for broadcasting and other
 services; see DXLD 3-097. Puts in place expanded SW bands which are
 de facto already in use
*Kim Elliott`s audience research at VOA shows which media its
 listeners use: 59% shortwave, 16% local AM and FM rebroadcasts; 15%
 VOA MW outlets; 9% VOA internet audio; everything else 1% or less; so
 74% listen to VOA`s own SW and MW frequencies
*KNLS Alaska claims to be on 11765 for English at 0800, but heard on
 11675; typo or continuing punchup error? Installation of new
 transmitter delayed because last winter was not cold enough
*Banff Park Radio, ALberta, on FM in English and French; English also
 streamed via http://www.friendsofbanff.com/radio.htm
*Anyone heard AFN Iceland lately on 13855? Missing since May 23 or so
*BBCWS annoys us by adding time signals at :15 and :45; why in the
 world? Unless for convenience of Ghurkas
*R. Slovakia International`s 2-month old Spanish service asks
 listeners to be patient in requests for goodies
 [next two items only on low version and WBCQ...]
*Hare Krishna station reported again in Russia/Ukraine around 7437, R.
 Veda scheduled 0100-0300 or later with 150 watts from Orel
*This is time of year for tropospheric ducts between California coast
 and Hawaii allowing VHF DX over extremely long distances; see DXLD
*Girard Westerberg in Kentucky claims first DTV sporadic E DX
 reception, of KOTA-DT Rapid City SD on channel 2
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, June 3; flux range 100-130
*Standard disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1185  ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1184, produced May 28, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*New edition of companion program Continent of Media has been
 produced, #03-03, starting on RFPI May 29: Thu 2000, UT Fri 0200,
 0830; Sat 2130, Sun 0330, 0930 on 7445, 15039; also available at
*WORLD OF RADIO starts airing on WINB, Pennsylvania, June 7: Sats
 1730 on 13570, thanks to invitation from Hans Johnson
*`Bottle banging against concrete` interfering with WWCR 5070,
 including when WORLD OF RADIO is on, UT Sun 0230; some call it the
 ``bonker``, too close for comfort [on 5072], but may have priority
 as this is a utility band
*Sun June 1, 1300-2200 UT, National Hurricane Center ham station
 conducts its first test as WX4NHC; frequencies on HF, VHF
*CheveronTexaco pulls out of sponsoring Metropolitan Opera
 broadcasts after the 2003-2004 season: more about this on COM 03-03
*June 2 FCC vote to ease restrictions on media concentration is
 finally getting publicity; 99 percent of public comments oppose it;
 only Republican majority and big business are for it. See
 Commissioner Adelstein`s comments in DXLD 3-091, i.a. via
*CBC merges web, radio and TV news operations, consolidating
 resources; but will radio then be `cannibalized` by TV?
*BBC to spend megapounds on leadership training courses; Greg Dyke
 already has employees flashing ``cut the crap`` signs at meetings;
 who will save BBC from its management?
*Rai, Italy, provides lots of goodies to its monitor in Newfoundland,
 Sue Hickey
*Rai has decided to close down SW transmitters at Caltanissetta,
 Sicily, on 6060, 7175 and 9515; same frequencies may still be on air
 at times from Roma
*On 17340-USB, Greek news and weather; probably relay by coastal
 station SVO, Olympia Radio, Athens, 17341
*R. Gardarika, St. Petersburg, Russia, back on SW for a week, June 9-
 16, for NW Europe, 1800-2100 UT on 6235
*A 1969 R. Lebanon QSL card just fetched US$787 on an E-bay auction;
 a typical collection might be worth over US$ 50K. All DXers should
 insure QSL collections, make bequest provisions, and be aware of
 their potential value, says David Ricquish, http://www.radiodx.com
*New director of Israel Radio, Ben-Menachem, has close ties with
 PM Sharon, to serve as his proxy?
*R. Kuwait, 15495, heard at 1530 relaying R. Free Iraq service of RFE,
 by mistake? Supposed to be on MW 1548
*Satellite dishes are hot sellers in Baghdad, despite lack of
 electricity; even in flower shops and produce stalls
*Must be getting nervous in Tehran: Iran Democracy Act before the
 US Senate, S. 1082, as in DXLD 3-091, with money for pro-democratic 
 elements to produce radio programs, and requiring reform of R. Farda
 programming to be anti-Iranian government
*V. of Mojahed, clandestine to Iran, disappeared when Basra was under
 attack, but now seems back at *0125 on 6770/6750, 5650/5670, jumping
 around with Iranian-type jammers following it
*R. Nejat (Salvation), on 675 MW mirrors content of Iran`s official
 IRIB, but has subtle differences, not calling Mujahedin e-Khalq
 `hypocrites` and just `Iran`, not `Islamic Republic of Iran`.
 Following on same frequency is clandestine V. of Rebellious Iraq
*VOA and RFE services to Afghanistan now direct from Kabul on 1296,
 new 400 kW transmitter; BBG also installed a 400 kW for R.
 Afghanistan on 1107, for nationwide MW coverage; 1296 was previously
 via Tajikistan
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1184,
 woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Tim Hendel
*Standard disclaimer
*R. Japan temporarily moved relays from Sri Lanka to UK, due to
 transmitter trouble; English at 1400-1500 now on 17870 is
 now heard better in Israel, than was Sri Lanka on 17755
*R. Guangdong, China, is new station via WRN, with weekly quarter
 hour in English, Sat 1600 to Europe and North America; Sun 0800 to
 rest of world
*Sky of BCL, DX program in Chinese from China Huayi Broadcasting
 Station, FuZhou, Sat 0730-0830 on 6185, has added repeat late at
 night when it should propagate further, Sun 1600-1700, but too late
 for North America
*V. of Vietnam heard with home service on 17925, third harmonic of
 5925 [No, it isn`t: fundamental would instead be 5975!]
*R. Pilipinas, English at 0200-0300 monitored on 11885, 15120, 15270
 contrary to outdated announcements
*Solomon Islands had very good signal in New York City, on 5020 at
*ABC is quitting digital TV broadcasting in Australia, due to lack
 of interest, and lack of funding; maybe digital feevee will fly
*R. Cairo testing new frequency for English 1215-1330, 17675, to
 avoid Tahskent on 17775, May 27, 28, 30; audible in New Hampshire
 but in splatter from Finland 17670
*Inadequately identified new service from Libya to Iraq no longer
 heard on 9745, leaving that clear for Bahrain, but still heard on
 7245, 11660 around 2130
*RIZ transmitter factory in Croatia delivered two mobile MW radio
 transmitter centres worth half a megaeuro to Libya`s Info Ministry
*V. of Liberty, Liberia, tentatively heard on 11512.0 at 1730
*Radio UNAM, university station in Mexico City, again being heard
 with improved modulation since May 20; measured on 9597.6 around
 1413, better at 0103, 0300
*Additional frequencies of R. Marti last week had nothing to do with
 solar cycle, just commemorating 101st anniversary of Cuban
 independence; on orders from White House, Commando Solo broadcast
 Marti to Cuba on channels 13, 18, and MW 530 despite Turks & Caicos
*Cuba threatened to retaliate by stepping up power of its MW
 transmitters as in past; 590 had better signal in daytime in
 Clearwater FL, with Rebelde instead of Musical Nacional, then back
 to the classical service
*HCJB DX Partyline has been reprieved, not only via HCJB-Australia,
 but perhaps also on morning service from Ecuador, and relayed by 
 some US SW stations [per DX Partyline last week, not Viva Miami as 
 I said]
*Elusive Paraguyan R. America barely audible in Argentina on 7371.4 
*Current schedule of DRM tests includes BBCWS via Sackville at 23-24
 on 9795, 03-04 11955; RN English from Bonaire, 0430-0530 Sat & Sun
 on 15400; daily 2330-2430 on 15525
*Sky & Telescope Astro-Alert has auroral activity watch May 28-31,
 most likely on 30th, in northern US, Europe, southern Australia, NZ
*Coronal mass ejections to impact earth, worst May 30; A and K indices
 peaking at 35 and 6 on June 3; flux range 140 to 90
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1184   ### 

        WORLD OF RADIO #1183, produced May 21, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Special ham prefixes from Canada for two months commemorating 50th
 anniversary of National Library of Canada: CK for VE, CJ for  VA,
 CY for VO, CZ for VY; in effect just in time for CQ WPX CW contest
 May 24-25
*RCI resumes 49mb frequency to USA at 2200-2400, 6140, ex-13670
 since higher frequencies are skipping over Northeast, \\9590
*Due to declining solar cycle; R. Marti also adds 6050, 6040 to
 other 6 MHz frequencies, unjammed for the moment, ex-9755?
*R. Marti, US government station, still violating separation of
 church and state, broadcasting Catholic mass; what about Jehovah`s
 Witnesses and all other sects: aren`t they equally entitled to
 broadcast free of charge via R. Marti?
*Guyana apparently back on 3291.25 or so
*CARACOL via La Voz de los Centauros, Colombia on 5958.45 one time,
 another time on 5958.18, and recorded by Bjoern Malm, Ecuador
*Recording of La Voz del Upano, Tena, Ecuador, 5966.64
*To be announced this weekend on DX Partyline, the show will not be
 ending, but continuing via HCJB-Australia, and some station other
 than HCJB-Ecuador, which can be heard in North America
*Ondas del Rio Maranyon, 6520.31, recorded by Bjoern Malm, Ecuador
*Radio Nuevo Amanecer, 4655.02, ditto
*New on 6585.41, is R. Nueva Esperanza, El Alto, La Paz Dept.; 6586.1
 variable, Bolivia
*Website about those Chilean music stations in the 47-50 MHz area,
 sometimes DXed in North America, http://www.qsl.net/ce3sad/6m.html
*ABC in Australia facing budget cutback, or rather no increase; but
 R. Australia gets A$9 million over 3 years for expansion to Asia,
*Survey of Papua New Guinea stations by Walt Salmaniw at Grayland WA
 DXpedition: see DXLD 3-087 at http://www.worldofradio.com
*R. Taibei International indignant that Argentina and Spain rejected
 mail to listeners there due to SARS; spreads only by close personal
*On 17 MHz band, China`s jammers are stronger than actual Chinese
 broadcasts; old 50 kW Beijing transmitter reactivated
*Nihon SW Broadcasting, Japan, changes to Nikkei Radio Broadcasting
 October 1; later giving up name R. Tampa
*All India Radio, Patna, MW transmitter on 621 failed; quickly
 replaced by Delhi carrying Patna programming on 11620, 9595,
 instead of usual external service; temporary schedule
*Observations of brief English news and weather from Asgabat,
 Turkmenistan on 4930 between 2030 and 2050
*Mystery on 9270 has diverse explanations: 10 x 927 from Turkey;
 but V. of Greece heard \\ 9420; also IDed as Tajikistan, 2 x 4635!
*The 1183rd World of Radio, woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684,
 Enid, OK 73702, USA
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Michael Beu
*Iranian clandestine for Israel, V. of David, heard from 0228 on 9910
 in Alberta and OK
*Swedish Iraqi becomes new head of Iraqi TV; worked for R. Sweden
*Listening to 9745 for Bahrain, another Arabic station is heard;
 originates in Libya, with addresses in Tripoli, but no ID heard;
 especially for Iraq, at 18-19, 21-22, maybe 12-13; could be relay via
 France like other Libyan SW broadcasts
*SW Radio Africa, clandestine for Zimbabwe, has been testing 4880,
 presumably via South Africa, at 1600, 1700, 1800 for up to an hour;
 in addition to usual broadcast via Madagascar on 6145
*Best window for hearing R. Congo on 5985, is 0430-0455 before WYFR
 comes back on
*R. Burundi, reported back on 6140 last week, absolutely unheard
*V. of Nigeria adding more languages, changing schedule, dedicating
 website http://www.voiceofnigeria.org and plans webcasting too;
 language/frequency schedule not yet updated; dedicating two super-
 power transmitters
*British Forces Broadcasting Service SW relays off the air since May
 18; no longer needed with local FM transmitters?
*Sitkunai, Lithuania, SW transmitter no longer carrying Iranian
 clandestines and Fundamental Broadcasting Network relays
*Joe Adamov home from hospital, but unknown when he can resume work
 with Moscow Mailbag
*V. of Russia starting its own 32-language internet webcasting, not
 only audio but online video
*V. of Croatia`s new SW schedule, direct and via Germany, but exact
 language schedule not given; half an hour of English on MW 1134 at
*Dave Kirby ending his Cybershortwave Live program via Live365.com
 May 25 at 1500 UT; see http://www.n1dk.com
*IBOC on AM band suspended by National Radio Systems Committee due
 to iBiquity defects; MW listeners relieved
*As June 2 approaches, opposition is growing to FCC vote to approve
 increased media consolidation; Sen. Feingold called on FCC to delay
*FCC granted 5 spot ``60 meter`` frequencies to hams: 5332, 5348,
 5368, 5373, 5405; NTIA and powerline broadband lobby were opposed
*New Domestic Broadcasting Survey #5 available, http://www.dswci.org
*Propagation outlook from BOulder May 20; flux range 150-90
*A look at the declining solar cycle: not enough quiet days to prompt
 good propagation. See graph at
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1183   ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1182, produced May 14, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*On the WJIE schedule only three times remain for World of Radio,
 7490 and perhaps 13595: Sat 0930, Sun 1030, 1630; only the last one
 confirmed this week, but started at 1625 with old #1179; so WJIE
 only useful for WOR on a backup or contingency basis
*Denmark`s SW broadcasts may be cancelled at yearend; 5-minute English
 news relay from domestic service heard at 0630 on 7180, 11615,
 repeated at 0730 on 9590, 11615, followed by other langauges; all
 relayed via Norway
*AFRTS/AFN via Iceland: other coordinated frequencies might also
 start, 20 kW at 200 degrees: 7590 2100-0800, 0700-1800 15620; 13855
 at 0500-1830 altho has really been virtually or completely 24 hours
*Trish Huizinga, OIC in Iceland sends friendly E-mail replies; site
 is Grindavik, and includes some local announcements
*Dutch pirate radio clampdown: AT agency closed down 68 as of May 6,
 Project Etherflits launched in March, may go on for a year. Pirates
 furious at enforcement, and severe fines, confiscation. Protests in
 cybserspace and at a park in The Hague
*R. Burundi says it is back on SW 6140 in addition to FM
*Hit soap opera on R. Burundi: see
*R. Congo, Brazzaville, heard on 5985 until 2301*
*R. Bahrein has two separate programs on 9745, 6010, sometimes in
 parallel for news; hear clips at http://www.intervalsignals.net
*US pulling out of Camp Snoopy, Qatar, where Commando Solo was based;
 flight operations cease in May, camp closes in June
*But Information Radio already gone from 4500
*R. Farda service to Iran via UAE added 1170, same frequency as Iraq
 Media Network, Umm Qasr; quickly resolved by putting IMN on 909
 instead, formerly in Baghdad; Farda still on 1539 from UAE plus 1170
*Lot of contention about redeveloping TV in Iraq, US role, censorship;
 see DXLDs 3-081, 3-082, 3-083
*Intermittent strikes in Israel affect broadcasts in English, garbage
*Another strike in France May 13 causes RFI to play music instead of
*VOLMET in Southeast Asia on 6676 includes Bangkok at 10 & 40 minutes
 past the hour; Singapore 20 & 50; Sydney? at 00 & 30; music played on
 frequency at 1650
*SARS outbreak causes cancellation of Broadcast Asia, big Singapore
 conference and exhibition in June
*China Radio International says it will cease mailing to listeners
 until SARS is under control; spreadable by P-mail?
*R. New Zealand getting budget increase, part of which, $150K, is for
 RNZI, to increase Pacific language programming from 4 to 10 hours
 daily; only one SW transmitter, so that means less English
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1182;
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK, 73702, USA, North America. Or woradio at
 yahoo.com http://worldofradio.com for our latest schedules and much
 more, especially large archive of DX Listening Digests
*Thanks this week for financial support (via PayPal) go to William
*R. America, Paraguay news: MW outlet R. Villeta moved from 1610 to
 1590; SW 7370 has 1 kW with 25 dB gain towards Buenos Aires, with
 ERP of 316 kW; 15185 24 hours, 200 watts, ERP 1.6 kW
*Two Peruvians reactivated on May 7: R. Nuevo Amanecer, Celendin,
 4655.02, after a year; and Pacifico Radio, 4974.98; connected with
 R. Macedonia, which appeared on 4890 when it disappeared?
*R. Union, Lima, back with beautiful signal and music, on 6115,
 enjoyable early morning listening, heard in Tennessee and Russia
*Alo Presidente, Venzuela via Cuba at 1400 Sundays heard now on
 13680 best in Venezuela; 17750, 11670
*R. Habana Cuba, English at 2030, heard back on 11760; next English
 scheduled at 2230-2330, instead heard at 2300-2400 on 9550, including
 DXers Unlimited, Tue 2341
*Hermanos al Rescate, Cuban exile group, sent amateur TV broadcast to
 Cuba from plane Feb. 24, and plans a repeat on May 20, Cuban
 independence day; on cable channel 58, not the same as UHF 58, so
 connect antenna to VCR or TV tuned to C58, i.e. video 427.25 MHz,
 well below UHF ch 14; callsign on slide was KB4HPV, VOLVEREMOS
*Bahamas rarely DXed on FM in US, tho in single hop sporadic E range;
 Michael Procop, near Cleveland OH, did hear ZNS on 104.5; another
 Nassau outlet to check for is Jamz FM on 100.3
*Florida a hotbed of pirate activity, especially on FM, but FCC is
 cracking down, issuing $10K fines to two or three, and one has also
 been sentenced to 9 months in prison: Rayon Sherwin Payne of Orlando,
 but someone with same name is on a list of convicted felons. Ran 95.9
 and 93.9 pirates in Orlando area; first pirate operator named after a
 synthetic fabric
*Two X-band stations on 1680: WTIR in Florida, tourist info, changed
 to Spanish as Alma Latina; KTFH in Seattle on air with nonstop Indian
 music, ``The Bridge,`` ``Radio Ahwaz?``, noon to midnight local
*Very important vote coming up June 2 at FCC; see DXLD 3-080.
 Republican majority expected to relax rules preventing media monopoly
 in any market. See http://www.moveon.org/stopthefcc and see
 American Prospect Story:
*Flood of 13,000 applications to FCC for new FM translators; but not
 all can be granted; to counter possibiility of more LPFM? See DXLD
*Enid missed all the tornado activity in OK during the past week; see
 DXLD 3-081, 3-082, 3-083; at a distance monitor KOMA-1520 with day
 facilities at night, audible in the east with Buffalo nulled
*Burton Paulu died in March at 92; was pioneer in educational radio at
 KUOM; wrote books on broadcasting in Britain and Eastern Europe,
 taught at University of Minnesota; obit:
*Richard Kotey, originally from Ghana, ``King Kotey, the Gallant
 Ghanaian`` at VOA, has died; many tributes to him at
*R. Africa International, Methodist station in New York, via DTK
 Germany, changed English to 1700-1900 on 13820, 11735 ex-15265
*NPR selling Grundig multiband receivers including SW, YB-400 at
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, May 13; flux range 100-155-90
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1182        ###

      WORLD OF RADIO #1181, produced May 7, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*After two months, RFPI Costa Rica reactivated second frequency,
 15039, so again audible in daytime, including WOR scheduled Fri 1930,
 Sat 1730, Sun 1830, Tue 1900; last repeats delayed one hour to one
 sesquihour for logistical reasons
*Updated for May via http://www.worldofradio.com : DX Programs,
 and Nets To You
*I put too much time daily into updating Monitoring Reminders
 Calendar also at website
*R. Continental, Argentina, heard on 10490, SSB?
*Peruvian news from Bjoern Malm, Ecuador: R. Imperio, Chiclayo was
 on 4389.92, went to 4757.32 for three days, then back to previous
*CARACOL back on SW 5958.10, via La Voz de los Centauros,
 Villavicencio, Colombia
*Alcaravan Radio, Puerto Lleras, Colombia on 6009.72, a.k.a. La Voz
 de tu Conciencia, which plans to license 5910 as alternate and test
 48-72 hours in about a month, for English to North America at night;
 we hope for anything secular, like Latin American news, in the
 absence of HCJB
*R. France International still heard on 2m hamband, 0100-0200 on 144.3
 MHz, due south from Venezuela; an unsolved mystery for three years
*R. Habana Cuba found on another new frequency for English at 2030-
 2130, 9505, not suitable for Europe
*New head of Radio-TV Marti, Pedro Roig, suggests using aircraft
 closer to Cuba than the balloon for TV Marti; our modest proposal in
 DXLD 3-078: broadcast on all 12 VHF channels at once via satellite
*Despite intoleance of gays in Latin America, there is homosexual
 radio in Mexico, a weekly show on W-FM, one of the major stations,
 also in Guadalajara a 24 hour GDL Gay Radio on internet; and R. 13
 will carry a `Closet` show on 1290
*Status of WRNO New Orleans; FCC allows it to use 500 watt transmitter
 while new owners try to purchase 50 kW transmitter
*Voice of America was investigated by Sen. Joe McCarthy; 5 MB file
 of hearings on this now released:
 Andy Sennitt plans to go into it at Media Network
*Liberal talk-radio network already exists in the US: i.e. America
 Radio Network, with full lineup including Mike Malloy;
 http://www.ieamericaradio.com has webstream, also on Sirius 145-Left
*WBEE, 1570, south side of Chicago, giving up jazz format for lack
 of advertising; to be sold and turned into all-gospel
*WLIB, 1190, New York`s plan to increase coverage after purchasing
 co-channel WOWO Ft. Wayne and reducing its power: denied by FCC
 due to filing technicality; nor can another 1190, WGKA in Georgia
*Latest KNLS Alaska frequency change April 28-July 27, English:
 0800 on 11765, 1300 on 11870
*Hearing Alaska on MW in the lower 48: article by Craig Healy in
 Rhode Island, http://www.am-dx.com also in DXLD 3-079: check the
 grayline for a path from Anchorage to you at sunrise this summer:
 550 590 650 700 750 1080 are the [6] frequencies. Peak times, e.g.:
 Providence, June 14 at 4:50 am EDT; Pittsburgh June 14 5:30 am;
 Chicago June 14 5 am CDT; Denver June 7 5:15 am MDT; Los Angeles
 May 14 5:30 am PDT
*Via a variety of platorms this is the 1181st World of Radio:
 woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA
*Thanks this week for financial support go to: Alan Bosch
*American Forces Network finally active on SW from Iceland: 13855-USB
 may be 24 hours
*OXT, Danish coastal station, also on 13855 with ice floes fax
 broadcasts from long before AFN showed up, at 1218, 1308, 1803; also
 uses 9360, 5850, 17510 at other times
*Keflavik site for AFN confirmed by Trish Huizinga, OIC,
*Clandestine schedules via Norway; greater detail in DXLD 3-079:
 V. of Mezopotamia; R. Afghanistan [not clandestine], R.
 Anternational; V. of Komala; V. of Eritrean People; R. Sedoye Yaran;
 V. of Reform, for Saudi Arabia; V.of Ethiopia, in English
*V. of Croatia heard with expanded Englisha at 0200-0220/0225 on 9925;
 now plans 24 hour expansion to diaspora as of May 15, V. of the
 Homeland, on SW, MW, satellite, itnernet, in Croatian, English,
 Spanish; we heard Spanish at 0230 on 9925
*Call to Prayer stations in UK use 454-455 MHz band from mosques,
 instead of loud hailers from the roof; such as 454.7 scrambled;
 and 454.275; is this done in the US? We never hear a Call to Prayer
 over the air, but then in Enid there isn`t even a synagogue, let
 alone a mosque
*V. of Nigeria again on 11770 despite heavy interference, 1728-1958*
 in variety of languages, ending with French; VOA clash after 1900
*Counter QSL from FEBA: will no longer verify since does not have
 own transmiters, a rather lame excuse
*FEBA heard on 11690 via Rwanda until 1757*
*Scheme to get radios into North Korea via helium balloons, promoted
 by a pastor, but not just to provide Christian radio, which would
 be ``replacing one dictator with another``
*R. Station Pacific ocean, Vladivostok, planned special SW broadcast
 May 7-8-9 only at 0615-0700 on 11760; hopes to get financial backing
 from fishing companies to continue; no QSL
*SLBC, Sri Lanka, tested on 7302.5, then on 7300 parallel others
*R. Pakistan may replace other 0800-1104 frequency 21465 with 15095;
 15095 also may replace 9400 at 1700-1900, all to Europe
*How will Iraq`s media be rebuilt? Independent Media Institute is
 concerned about choice of Grace Digital Media as production house
 for US government TV broadcasts, since it is fundamentalist Christian
 `rabidly pro-Israel`; BBG says no problem
*Info Radio to Afghanistan on 8700 was never airborne, since no
 Doppler shift measured; but Info Radio to Iraq on 4500 does have a
 4 Hz Doppler effect, indicating 500 km/h, now flying 20 minutes on
 a steady course
*R. Bopeshawa, Worker Communist Party clandestine for Iraq, plans to
 reactivate on 5000 and 7000 daily at 1100-1200, 0500-0600;
 frequencies presumably rounded
*Baghdad blogger is back: http://dear_raed.blogspot.com
*Al-Quds Radio, clandestine from Syria on 702 at 0500-1400 may soon
 be silenced, as Syria pressured to clean up its act
*V. of Liberty, clandesine for Lebanon, moved to 11645 at 1600-1700,
 via Samara, Russia
*Bob Cooper predicts a bang-up summer for sproadic E
*Propagation outlook from Boulder May 6: flux range 100-155
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1181       ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1180, produced April 30, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*Some obits in this edition, starting with Bob Kerr of CBC Vancouver;
 see DXLD 3-075
*Jerry Williams, dean of talk radio in Boston died; also see 3-075
*Armed Forces Day is Sat May 17, but celebrated the previous weekend
 May 10-11 with military/amateur crossband contacts
*Steve Anderson, of clandestine United Patriot Radio, trial date
 set for 18 weapons-related charges, July 28 in London KY
*Northern California FM station KZPN relays BBC WS 16 hours a day
*Still no May issue of BBC On Air, probably held up publication,
 since Iraq war totally disrupted schedule; normal programming now
 resumed but with changes; features repeat during a 24 hour period
 instead of spread over 2 or 3 days; see our Monitoring Calendar at
 http://www.worldofradio.com  New times for Play of the Week,
 Write On
*Harry Kliphuis, much-loved former Radio Netherlands presenter, died
*Dutch authorities raiding lots of pirates, forcing them into low
 profile, says Alfa Lima International http://www.alfalima.net
*Sender Freies Berlin ceases to exist May 1 as it merges into
 Ostdeutscher Rundfunk Brandenburg to form RBB Rundfunk Berlin-
*unID on 15780 turns out to be Swedish evangelical via Germany, IBRA
 Radio, 1830 in English to East Africa called Wireless Communication;
 http://www.ibra.se shows two other English broadcasts
*Another monthly broadcast from Scandinavian Weekend Radio, very
 low power Finnish station, http://www.swradio.net 24 hours from
 Fri May 2 at 2100 UT
*Croatian Radio expanding to 24 hour operation from May; DTK
 schedule shows some additional relays via Germany, including more
 than one frequency at some times; already started April 28, and
 English segments no longer heard at previous times
*V. of Nigeria website still not updated since last year; now hearing
 French at 0500 on 7255, but English is still at 0455 on 15120, if
 it is propagating; live mike OK, but worn-out cart machine? inserts
 almost unintelligible
*V. of the Martyrs, Canadian Christians to start broadcasts to
 Eritrea this summer, publisher of ``Jesus Freaks`` -- see
*[Israelis] squabbling again about how to finance radio networks;
 may close down some networks in September, leaving nothing to relay
 on SW; here we go again: may protest to Israeli consulates,
 embassies; they keep jerking us around, usually manage to survive but
 maybe not this time
*R. Sumer, 1584, went back to R. Tikrit name once, perhaps by mistake;
 recording off Hotbird satellite feed had crosstalk with WRN in
 French, and CRI interval signal
*US businessman reported to be putting FM station on air in Baghdad
 without license
*US psyops troops handed out $3 Chinese AM/FM radios in Baghdad for
 people to get relief/emergency info
*Two Rivers Radio, 1566, supposedly via CIA, sounds anti-American,
 but also anti-Iranian
*V. of the Mojahedin, 720, anti-US and pro-Iran, analyzed as Iranian-
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1180,
 woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; check our
 website for much more info http://worldofradio.com
*Get well wishes to Wolfgang Bueschel in Germany, recovering at home
 after another heart attack; and to Will Martin, recovering at home
 from sextuple bypass surgery
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Mike Barraclough
*Iran believed to have been heard in USA on 3985
*3985 also a new frequency for China National Radio-2, Qinghai,
 schedule, also on 7149 [sic]
*New DX program in Chinese, Sat 0730-0830 on 6185 from China Huayi
 Broadcasing Co., ``Sky of BCL``; gifts, new QSL available; but
 before sunset so not propagating very far
*Carbombing by Islamic militants kills five at All India Radio,
 Srinagar, Kashmir
*R. Pakistan on 17825 ex-17835 at 0800-1105, starting and ending in
*RRI Wamena, Indonesia, irregularly active on 4869.92v
*R. Habana Cuba sometimes uses 11760 in English after 0500; before
 2130, 11760 was in Spanish instead of English
*XEYU-OC, Radio UNAM, Mexico City, reactivated on 9600, but very
 poor modulation
*R. Imperial, El Salvador`s only SW station, widely reported on
 17835.2v, but how to QSL? Replied to recording with a faxed QSL;
 their fax number is (503) 450 0189, no E-mail yet
*Special ham prefix in Costa Rica for half sesquicentury of ham
 radio, TE75-, thruout May; see http://www.ti0rc.org -- QSL via
 direct mail and IARU
*More on HCJB`s plans to scale back broadcasts; date not yet set for
 German and Spanish for Europe to end; will not reconsider a shorter
 English release to North America; might resume English once digital
 SW is in use
*Bob Padula negotiating with HCJB Australia for a new DX program there
 to replace DX Partyline, under auspices of EDXP
*Reminiscenses of HCJB as one`s first DX log; its soft-sell approach
 is more listenable than most evangelical stations. Use `filters` to
 sort out useful info from hidden agenda
*R. Perola and other pro-Chavez stations in Venezuela are necessary
 in order to combat the media oligarchy, says Adan Gonzalez
*FCC Notice of Inquiry over Powerline Communications; public comments
 may be filed. see
*British DX Club published new Summer 2003 edition of Broadcasts in
 English booklet, cash 2 pounds, 5 IRCs, 5 Eu, 4 USD to Eu; rest of
 world 6 IRC, 5 USD. BDXC, 126 Bargery Road, Catford, London, SE6 2LR
*Propagaton outlook from Boulder, April 29: flux range 150-100-150 ###

     WORLD OF RADIO #1179, produced April 23, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*RFPI notice says programs after 0600 UT appear half an hour later;
 may affect WOR and COM on new schedule not yet available
*KCBQ 1170 San Diego may have to go of the air Sept. 13, after 54
 years, unless it can find a new tower site. See 
 http://www.savekcbq.org or
*Another major Clear Channel station has started running IBOC
 digital hash above and below its frequency, WSAI 1530 Cincinnati,
 blocking 1520 and 1540 stations
*Instead of KDKA on 1020, Super Power 1020, Caribbean Christian
 Radio, Turks & Caicos heard in eastern US; testing new transmitter
 and/or auroral conditions
*Radio Habana Cuba resumed afternoon broadcast in English at 2030-
 2130, on 11760, but modulation and power deficient
*Pres. Hugo Chavez supporters in Venezuela put on government-
 sponsored pirate stations such as Radio Perola; see DXLD 3-063 or
*R. Tacna, Peru, 9505v with 200 watts remains quite a DX catch but
 now has started webcasting M-F 1200-1400 UT: http://www.rocksur.com
*La Nueva Radio Superior, El Faique, new Peruvian on 6895.34 using
 transmitter of old Radio San Miguel on 6895.41
*5895-5928 variable, is Radio Chasqui, Cusco, Peru ex 5979.1
*This week`s bombshell: DX Partyline announced that the show would
 be ending May 31, and HCJB is cancelling its English broadcasts to
 North America, Europe. New person in charge doesn`t want to do so
 much expensive shortwave radio. Lisen to entire show at
 http://www.hcjb.org or see my summary in DXLD 3-070; lots of negative
 reaction from listeners HCJB is abandoning after 72 years. It`s a
 done deal, so why protest? (Recording of Curt Cole saying it will not
 be overturned). Morning English may continue, not really for North
 America; HCJB Australia will continue in English but not with Quito
 programs. One listener calls this a crime, ``work of the Devil``;
 HCJB not really needed to bring Christian radio to North America, but
 it did provide some Latin American news in English, now left to Radio
 Habana Cuba. HCJB promises to read postings at public access
*Among 6010v stations the rarest is R. Parinacota, Chile, 6009.71,
 separable from Mexico and Brasil or Colombia
*Bolivian shifted from 6085v to 6080, R. San Gabriel, La Paz
*GBC Radio 1, Ghana, back on air, 4915, by cannibalizing parts of
 Radio 2 transmitter, disappearing same day from 3366 and 6130
*V. of Africa, Libya, no longer transmitted from that country, only
 relays via France; times and frequencies as monitored for 5-minute
 English news
*Via multiple media platforms, this is World of Radio 1179; P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA, North America; or woradio at yahoo.com
 Check our website for our latest schedules, and a tremendous
 resource, years and years of DX Listening Digst
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Jim Wishner
*V. of Turkey changed from 11960 to 12000 for English at 2200
*R. Kuwait feels it`s safe to broadcast in English again after the
 war, presumably 1800-2100 11990, 0500-0800 15110; news at 1830
*R. Tikrit, clandestine from CIA transmitter in Kuwait on 1584, has
 changed to be called R. Sumer, with same anti-Saddam programming,
 until 2100
*Al Mustaqbal, The Future signed on at 2130 with same transmitter
 moved to 1575; see Radio for the Future of Iraq, about this station,
 based in Jordan, at http://www.dxing.info Is the radio of the Iraqi
 National Accord
* V. of Rebellious Iraq, on 711, sponsored by the Supreme Council for
 the Islamic Revolution in Iraq
*V. of Liberation of Iraq now on 657, ex-Kurdish service frequency
*V. of Mujahedin on 720 from Iran to Iraq, heard also in Finland,
 affiliated with Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq
*Wall Street Journal reports V. of New Iraq is US-sponsored with
 returning exiles, on 1170, but from Baghdad or Um-Qasr?
*R. Free Afghanistan launched new website including English page:
*Hong Kong yacht race cancelled abruptly by Philippines due to SARS
 fears, but alternate course specified, and weather broadcst on 3940
 heard in Australia, but not by many North Americans who tried
*Exotic ZLXA, New Zealand, heard in Alberta on next frequency 3935
*Momentous event: North Korea quits mentioning Kim Il Sung in sign-
 on announcements, starting on his birthday April 15
*Hans Johnson visited derelict WRNO transmitter site, not on air; more
 overgrown than ever and housing developments encroaching
*Cuba installing new radio and TV transmitters on Isle of Youth to
 block Miami stations, including TV channel 51, thanks to Chinese
 aid, at Radio Progreso site
*Space Environment Center, Boulder, is in extremely difficult
 financial situation, with appropriation suddenly cut; pledges to
 carry on anyway
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, April 22; flux range 150-100
*As I take my leave from World of Radio 1179, Glenn Hauser with a
*Standard disclaimer    ###

     WORLD OF RADIO #1178, produced April 16, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*RFPI changes some of our times on 7445; 2nd and 3rd repeats now: Sat
 0130, 0730, 2330, Sun 0530, Mon 0030, 0630, Wed 0100, 0700
*And Continent of Media moves to Fri 0200, 0800, Sun 0330, 0930
*WJIE moved our M-F broadcast from 1200 to 0730 UT on 7490; also Sat
 0930, Sun 0200, 1030, 1630; also check 13595 now testing
*Australia activates Jindalee HF radar system JORN; Aussies hearing
 machine-gun-like noise on certain SW bands, from Laverton and
*Some active Indonesian RRI SW stations monitored in Japan around
 +1100-1200+: 3266.4 Gorontalo, 3325 Palangkaraya, 3344.8 Ternate,
 3976 Pontianak, 4606.4 Serui. 4753.4 Makasar, 4925 Jambi; 4606.39
 audible in Florida
*Another series of special weather broadcasts on SW 3940 from R-TV
 Hong Kong for yacht race to San Fernando, Philippines: April 18-27
 at 0003 UT; April 17-20 at 1003
*China Radio International relays via Lithuania from April 16, 1900-
 2200 on 1557 MW
*Not only Christians moving into Iraq to convert Muslims when they
 are most vulnerable; Iranian TV channel called Resistance, on the
 air quickly for Iraq on behalf of the Supreme Assembly for Islamic
 Revolution in Iraq
*Towards Freedom, US TV station for Iraq, includes some networks but
 not CNN, initially from Commando Solo airhorne; ready-made TV
 station with 12 transmitters arriving soon from UK
*Margaret Tutwiler, ex-State Dept. spokesperson, now ambassador to
 Morocco, TDY in Iraq as special envoy of acting Pres. Bush
*Iraq radio was to resume April 15, but not heard yet; no radio, TV,
 satellite channels back yet
*BBC Monitoring of Information Radio; The Future; V. of People of
 Kurdistan; Republic of Iraq Radio/Voice of the Iraqi People; R. of
 the Land of the Two Rivers; V. of the Iraqi People; V. of Iraqi
 Kurdistan; V. of Rebellious Iraq; V. of Kurdistan Toilers
*A great deal more about Iraq in DXLDs at http://worldoradio.com
*Americans in Iraq going on ham radio: N5GL at 0500 on 14195; YI/KT4CK
 on 21260 at 1430-1600; upon permission of CO`s, not eligible for DXCC
*Syria`s two English hours are at 2005 and 2105 on 12085 and 13610 but
 very poor reception due to modulation
*R. Jordan teletype interference on 11690 not such a problem in
 Europe; English shifted an hour earlier to 1300-1630
*Israel resumed normal times for English SW broadcasts: 0400, 1015,
 1630 and 1900
*R. Bahrain back on SW, 9745 round the clock; no 6010 English
*WJIE`s Liberia station testing on 11515, heard by Jarmo Patala in
 Finland at 1530; quickly confirmed by E-mail: The Voice of Liberty
*V. of Nigeria has two different services at same time; English to
 1000+ on 15120 only; 2100-2300 has English on 15120, vernaculars
 on 7255
*Jakada Radio International, 15170, 1900-1929, seemed to come from
 same IBB Morocco transmitter as VOA just before it
*TWR starts broadcasts in Cape Verde, claiming only one percent of
 population is Christian; really more like 100 percent, but they
 are Catholics not qualifying as Christians for Trans World Radio
*The Media Magazine you Monitor with Your Mind, World of Radio 1178,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; or woradio at yahoo.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Brock Whaley
*Standard disclaimer
*One English broadcast from Greece last week is at 0930, not 0830 on
 12105 and 15630
*R. Bulgaria`s DX programs in English: Fri 2138, 2338, Sat 0238,
 Sun 0638, 1138
*Time running out for R. Austria International; some English times
 are 0530, 1130, 1330, 1830, 2130 to Europe; not 1530 via Sackville
 15515; 0130 on 9870
*No chance to save R. Austria; but Saturday April 26, International
 Marconi Day, will have OE1M special ham operation on the premises,
 special QSLs for that and broadcasts, r.p. required
*Radio Tre, Italian FM station on 6955, later 6275, but station says
 unauthorized relay, a pirate on long hours, and powerful as heard in
 Europe, North and South America
*R. Netherlands revised reorganisation plan reduces number of fulltime
 job losses to 17; adds Arabic website; cutting Dutch to Europe and
 TV program; reduction of SW transmitter hours in other languages
*Possible closure of R. Denmark by end of this year to be decided by
 May 1; still the second half of every hour via Norway
*More problems for R. Ukraine International, despite megawatt on
 12040, noise from R. Sawa; RUI looking for new frequency
*Laser Radio upset over Latvian choice of new frequency 9520, which
 was not coordinated and already has R. Liberty and Tirana on it;
 broadcasts suspended until this resolved; as well as on WBCQ, but
 continuing on internet, http://www.laserradio.net
*British Forces Broadcasting Service schedule changed to: 03-07 15795,
 14-16 17895, 16-18 17635, 18-20 13760; and 03-04 7260, 04-06 11975,
 06-07 15425, 14-18 13860, 18-20 6015
*Irish longwave transmitter on 252 back on air relaying RTE Radio 1
*New Peruvian expected on 6035, rivalling HCJB: Radio Internacional,
 La Voz de la Salvacion, Arequipa
*RFPI is reading `1984` by George Orwell, M-F 2100, omnibus Sat 2030
*Merida, Yucatan SW on 6105 reactivated, heard at 0802 as Candela,
 one of group`s FM stations; 1100 News, 1200 Chinese interference
*WDHP, 1620, Virgin Islands, heard well in New Zealand from 0515
 with BBC World Service relay until 0900
*50th US X-bander is WTNI, 1640, Biloxi, MS, to replace their 570
 outlet, which is still on; Talk Radio 1640
*WRMI Viva Miami has two specials recorded at SWL Winterfest, UT Sun
 Apr 20 0330 on 7385, 1200 15725; 2nd at 1230, and 2200 on 15725, and
 April 27 0330 on 7385; also a Spanish version
*WBCQ has expanded Planet World News Mon-Sat 1945; plus evenings Tue-
 Fri 0415 on 7415, inviting listener input by E-mail
*VOA added Shona and Ndebele before English to Zimbabwe, 1700-1800
 on 909, 13600, 17895
*New on CBC Radio 1: What a Week, satirical review; plus Grooveshinny,
 Sat 1500-1600 on 9625
*Fri April 18 is World Amateur Radio Day, anniversay of IARU founding
*Radio Shack getting out of radio market, marking down greatly what`s
 left; soon to be just `Shack`?
*Don`t worry about Grundig going bankrupt: this will not affect
 manufacture and sale of SW radios, says Kim Elliott
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, April 15; flux range 90-160-95
*Glenn Hauser here, finalizing World of Radio 1178  ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1177, produced April 9, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*New edition of Mundo Radial starts April 11 on WWCR 15825, Fridays
 2115, Wednesdays 2100 approx.  [audio and script also at:]
*At http://worldofradio.com find DX Listening Digests, Monitoring
 Reminders Calendar, revised DX Programs, and Nets to You
*AFN SW frequencies on USB quite active: 3903, 4278, 4319, 4993, 6350,
 6458, 10320, 12579, 12689, 13362; some +0.5, may not all be currently
*WHRA inviting people to send `Soldier Salute` voice messages by phone
 to troops in Mideast; no scheduling details
*WRMI`s new DST posted schedule shows Viva Miami bilingual Wed 0930
 9955, Sun 0330 7385, 0930 9955; English only Sun 1200-1300, 2200-
 2230 on 15725; Wavescan from AWR a few weeks late: Sat 2230 15725,
 Sun 1300 15725, 2030 15725, Mon 0330 7385
*People keep wondering what`s the US station on 5015; I have to keep
 telling them it`s that WWRB mixing product 5085/5050. Dave Frantz
 [not Doug -- he`s the ex-mayor of Enid...] thinks it`s coming from a
 neighbor`s resonant rusty galvanized tin barn roof
*KVOH Los Angeles, 17775 putting out at least six spurs heard as far
 away as Tennessee, on 17921, 18067, 18213; 17629, 17483, 17337
*R. Africa International, Methodist from New York via Germany has
 English at 1700-1900 on 13820 and 15715 
*Leonard Kahn proposes alternative to noisy IBOC digital system,
 Cam-D, compatible AM digital, in stereo too; already testing in
 several states
*Adrian Mills, responsible for unpopular CBC Radio 1 progammming
 overhaul, has departed; already starting to be undone
*RFPI Costa Rica has not had Spanish for some time, but interns from
 Germany have started a weekly German/Spanish hour, Pura Vida, Suns
 1600, 2200, Mons 0400, 1000 on 7445; also plans weekly Spanish
 block perhaps starting Friday mornings
*Channel Africa, South Africa, A-03 English schedule
*R. Nacional Angola heard in English at 2100 on variable 7217.3
*R. Tanzania reactivated on 5050.1; news at 1700 \\ Zanzibar 11734.1
*Two Sudanese opposition radios active on SW: V. of Sudan, V. of
 Democracy and Peace, Radio of the National Democratic Alliance,
 1530-1600 daily on 8000; and V. of Freedom and Renewal, Voice of
 New Sudan, run by SAF, at 0400 except Fridays on 6985
*R. Cairo, Egypt, heard with 10-minute English segment during Arabic
 at 2130 on 11750
*Hear Iceland in Icelandic only, USB, 1215-1300 15775, 1755-1825
 13865, 1410-1440, 1835-1905 on 15775, 2300-2335 13865
*World Music Radio, Denmark, registered for 10 kW on 5790, 6290,
 15810, and DRM 7700; not yet testing but soon, probably not 5790
 due to Bulgaria 5800
*Via one of multiple media, you`re listening to World of Radio, 1177;
 woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Gerald T. Pollard
*BBCWS in Arabic launched Lifeline program, phone +44 207 557 2535,
 with messages to friends and relatives in Middle East
*BFBS booms into Georgia at 0300 on 7260
*Two BFBS frequencies are via Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 13860 and 15795
*Mixup at Merlin control puts FEBA on BFBS frequency; another mixup
 for 5 days in a row had Israel Radio in Persian via Kazakhstan,
 instead of Democratic V. of Burma
*English from R. France Internationale; involves new site Ascension;
 contradictory info about two Gabon frequencies 9730, 15255 at 1600
 being from South Africa instead
*Spain`s only remaining English to North America at 0000 settled on
 summer frequency 15385; sometimes propagates, sometimes not; rest of
 English schedule to Europe, Africa
*Switzerland`s remaining English schedule on antiquated SW
*R. Tirana, Albania`s new English schedule of four broadcasts
*R. Prague`s new English schedule to North America
*Czech-Slovak anti-chemical unit soldiers in Kuwait (now Iraq?) have
 half-hour program from R. Prague; send messages via cr@radio.cz
*Radio DMR, Dnester Moldavian Republic, weekly English on 5960 moved
 earlier to 1600-1630 Wednesdays
*Nagoya DX Circle posted new A-03 schedule of CIS relays: DXLD 3-059
*V. of Greece` few programs in English
*Mika Maekalaeinen on assignment in Qatar uncovered lots of new info
 about Commando Solo, Information Radio; read all about it at
*British troops launched R. Nahrain in Basra, Iraq on 100.4 and 94.6
*State Department released $4 million for Iraqi National Congress to
 resume Liberty TV, which went off satellite a year ago
*As of April 9, pro-Saddam programming still heard in northern Iraq on
 657, not parallel to 603 which was simulcasting Iraqi TV, Mosul
*Plans to move journalists from Kurdistan to another Iraqi city to run
 new domestic radio station
*Robert Reilly, ex-VOA Director, to be put in charge of Iraqi
*R. Tashkent, Uzbekistan`s new English schedule
*All India Radio`s new English schedule
*New HFCC online schedule not such a goldmine, since a number of
 countries had listings deleted! PNG, Korea, Vietnam, Pakistan, Japan,
 Bangladesh, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Laos, Cambodia,
 Thailand, Singapore, i.a.
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, April 8; flux range 90-160
*That concludes World of Radio 1177; Glenn Hauser, thanking you for
 listening and hoping you`ll hear me again next week  ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1176, produced April 2, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*WOR now available in MP3 format thanks to Tim Gaynor of
 DXerscallingAudiosend yahoogroup... http://www.geocities.com/nri3
*From April 7, WOR times on WJIE 7490 shift one hour earlier to M-F
 1200, Mon and Tue 0600, and new Sat 0900, Sun 0200
*RFPI about to put new antenna on 7445 for better recerption, and
 running 24 hours while 15038 is still off; WOR times unchanged
*Our WWCR times shift one UT hour earlier from April 6 on same
 frequencies; see last week
*From April 7, WOR on WBCQ, Wed 2200 on 7415, 17495-CUSB, Mon 0445
 on 7415
*A-03 HFCC file now available, goldmine of frequency info for new
 season, huge zip file via http://www.hfcc.org
*Much more manageble resource for broadcasts in English is Dan
 Sampson`s http://www.primetimeshortwave.com
*US government schedules at the monitoring page of http://www.ibb.gov
*Philippine Broadcasting Service schedule in English, Filipino via
 IBB Tinang
*Inevitable unanticipated frequency clashes include: V. of Vietnam
 and China both on 11630 at 1800-2130
*R. Thailand`s English schedule via Udorn, includes new 9700 at 1230
*Sri Lanka external English schedule again clashing with WEWN 15745
*All India Radio no longer running 4 different transmitter sites
 simulaneously on 10330; now just Bangalore 500 kW. The others moved
 to 7 MHz band
*R. Pakistan English at 1600-1615, 11570 15065 15725 17820; and others
*Huge 228-entry frequency registration list from Iran, perhaps more
 than actually in use; including English to North America 0030-0230 on
 6135, 9590, 9835, 11920
*Need to follow reaction of Iran to the war next door. Many of the 500
 kW transmitters used for jamming, stepped up against R. Farda
*V. of Mojahed, clandestine to Iran, vanished when BBC forces took the
 Radio TV building in Basra, Iraq, March 28
*Iran also jamming Israel in Persian; and more against Farda
*More clandestines to Iran: R. Anternational, via Norway at 1630 on
 13800; and expanded schedule, also at 0230-0330 7460, 1800-2100 7525,
 1800-1900 7480
*V. of Iran, another clandestine, now via Norway 1800-2057 on 7525;
 and via France 1630-1830 on 11575
*7525 heard as Radio Yaran instead at 1830-2100, meaning `Friends`;
 see http://www.afnl.com for American Farsi Netlink
*New Iranian-based Arabic language TV service Al Alam, with
 transmitters reaching parts of Iraq
*Iraqi Kurdistan begins summer time April 4, UT + 4, but how about
 Iraq? We`ll soon find out from the TV networks
*Kurdish clandestine on 4085 heard with segments in English, American
 instuctions and ``Off we Go into the Wild Blue Yonder``; recording
 from Dave Kernick`s http://www.intervalsignals.net
*Information Radio not yet in Kurdish, but has new frequency for
 Kurdistan, 4500, first reported by Tarek Zeidan, Egypt
*You`re listening to World of Radio 1176, woradio at yahoo.com or P O
 Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; http://www.worldofradio.com for links
 to DX Listening Digest, more pages last week than any time in recent
 memory, there has been so much news
*Thanks this week for financial support (via PayPal) go to Michael Beu
*Information Radio, Iraqi official radio, and a third station all on
 756 kHz, Eastern Radio, clandestine from Israel or vicinity
*Fluxuating media situation in Iraq; on MW, Iraqi main service on 909
 and 603 kHz; known but unheard SW frequencies, says BBCM, are 11788,
 9750, 11765, 15230; last three are news to us
*Information Radio reported not only to come from aircraft but from a
 British frigate in the Gulf
*R. Jordan still broadcasting in English on 11690, +1610-1730* but
 heavy RTTY interference must be minimized
*Israel drops both BBC World and CNN from cable TV
*South Africa dropping CNN but keeping Al Jazeera
*At 1600-1700 on 11520 ex-11515, V. of Liberty, clandestine to Lebanon
*R. Cairo`s new English to Nroth America frequencies no good here:
 2300 on 11725, heavy adjacent interference; 0200 11780 blocked by
 Brazil; Cairo also clashes 11750 at 2000-2100 with KSDA, both to Asia
*FEBA still heard from non-Seychelles sites, 11 of them, 6 in Russia
 plus Ascension, UAE, Rwanda, South Africa, Austria; main English at
 1500-1600 daily now to South Asia on 7460 via Irkutsk
*Embarrassing situation in Swaziland; local reporter claimed to be
 filing direct from Baghdad, really from a broom closet
*R. Lubumbashi, Congo DR, 7435 reported around 1720-1930
*R. Brazzaville, other Congo, active again on 4765; Chinese opera
 tests 0900-0300 and 9610 at 0300-0900
*Jakada R. International, Nigerian clandestine, M-F 1900-1930 on 15170
 is from South Africa, say the Observers in Bulgaria
*From March 28, WJIE testing transmitter in Liberia on 11515 toward
 Israel and northern Africa; unit from V. of Hope; ex-Seychelles unit
 to be installed later
*V. of Mediterranean new English schedule from Malta via Rome, Russia
*R. Romania International, part of new English schedule to Europe,
 North America
*V. of Russia in English to North America frequencies at 0100-0500
*R. Vilnius, Lithuania in English to NAm: 2330 on 9875, 0030 on 11690
*One DW frequency for English to Europe, 6140 is partly in DRM: 1000-
 1300, 1600-1900
*Croatian Radio leaves hamband 7285, returns to 9925 to North America
*V. of Greece relays via US sites, Delano and Greenville; and English
 schedule direct, including music hour Sundays at 1800 on DL 17705
*R. Yugoslavia waits unitl April 6 to revise its schedule, for DST in
 North America, 0000 (exc Sun) and 0430 on 9580; an hour later until
*R. France International has several new relay sties: Ascension,
 Rwanda, UAE, Tajikistan, Singapore, Uzbekistan, MW from Taiwan
*BBCWS still mostly news, but resumed some features at M-F 0830, 0930,
 1930, 2130, talking point call-in at 1530
*BBCWS added windows media streaming capability as war began
*Completely new schedule for BFBS via Merlin and Russia/Uzbekistan
*Radio Marti`s director Salvador Lew resigned for health, scandal
 reasons; new head will be Miami Lawyer Pedro Roig
*WBOH heard on 5920 with regular programming \\ WTJC 9370
*George Jacobs website has fewer clients than before including not yet
 on air KIMF, Pinyon NM: 1800-2245 11865, 2245-1800 5835
*Propagation outlook from Boudler April 1; flux range 155-110-160
*That`s World of Radio 1176; Glenn Hauser hoping you`ve found the
 program informative and will listen again next week   ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1175, produced March 26, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Last week`s World of Radio 1174 was pre-empted on RFPI for Pacifica
 anti-war coverage [and may continue to be]; also bumped from WWCR UT
 Sun 0330 on 5070 [but only a make-good]; and WJIE was still running
 the previous week`s. If you still haven`t heard 1174, listen via our
 website http://www.worldofradio.com or if it`s still there, via
*WRN time changes expected but not confirmed yet: Sat 0800 to rest
 of world from April 5; from March 30, Europe 0430; North America 1400
 (or maybe the latter not until April 6)
*North America goes on DST a week later, after the Week of Confusion,
 when some frequencies have changed, not necessarily times
*WOR on WWCR from April 5: Thu 2030 15825, Sat 0600, Sun 0230 on 5070,
 Sun 0630 3210; Wed 0930 9475 [projected with time shifts]
*WOR on WJIE presumably shifts to 1200 UT M-F on 7490; may clash again
 with Russian Far East transmitter
*Whenever back on RFPI, no time shift, at same UT; 15 MHz off the air,
 so audible only nighttimes on 7445
*WBCQ times from April 5: Wed 2200 on 7415, 17495-CUSB; Mon 0445 7415
*Jakada Radio International, clandestine for Nigeria, resuming Mar 27,
 M-F 1900-1930 on 15170, site unknown
*R. Nacional, Bata, Equatorial Guinea, back on 5005 with great signal
 and modulation
*Thanks to Alokesh Gupta for many new seasonal schedules, including
 from Merlin
*BBCWS to Falkland Islands Tue & Fri 2130-2145 will be on new 11720
*Manager of R. Macedonia, Peru, 4890, Chris Gardner says 1 kW made by
 HCJB; off the air at the moment. Antenna is dipole at 8500 feet ASL;
 to install Lazy-H antenna (vertical incidence); TV audio was
 temporary. His ham call is KC4WHY; gardner@uttermost.net
*R. Maria, Ecuador, heard on 5966.59, old La Voz del Upano channel,
 instead of 3279; but talked about broadcasting from Galapagos
*R. New Zealand International reduces power to 50 kW, and takes breaks
 to save electricity costs; off the air 2220-2400, 0100-0300, 0400-
 0500; expected not to last after March
*V. of Vietnam A-03, portion via Merlin including Sackville 6175,
 English 0100, 0230, 0330; Europe 1700 on 9725 via Austria
*Project Airwaves on Merlin schedule, registered before but never
 heard yet; missionary, or what? 0100-0230 15250 Singapore, 0330-0600
 21510 UAE, 0600-1100 15265 Singapore, 1100-1300 13735 Singapore,
 all headed 13 degrees toward FE and NAm; from UAE due east to S Asia
*All India Radio Chennai on new 7270 ex-10330, tho other sites still
 on the latter; 7270 0630-1730; also uses 4790, 4920, 7160
*R. Sedayee Kashmir started on 9890, now back on that for new daytime
 broadcast at 0730-0830; on 6100 at 0230-0330 and 1430-1530
*Uzbekistan media ordered to cover war from pro-US point of view, not
*Inundated with news about Iraq, especially from the media angle; too
 much to keep up with, especially from BBC Monitoring; see DXLDs from
 3-046 with war news only, and much of subsequent issues
*Only active Baghdad frequency 11787 heard by many but irregular and
 poorly modulated; another frequency appeared unexpectedly, 6175, at
 0500-0800, and 1443-1545+; both slightly on high side
*BBCM found both missing as of March 26, as well as main MW channels
 603 Mosul, 693 Basra, 846 Nasiriyah, 909 Baghdad; but 756 from
 Baghdad reactivated, heard around 1800
*Also check V. of Iraqi Liberation, 4025; Information Radio on 9715
*US tactic probably already in effect, to start broadcasting on
 frequencies formerly occupied by Iraqi radio
*More info at http://www.medianetwork.nl including new separate blog
*Military frequencies around Iraq:
*Also useful, http://www.clandestineradio.com
*Reuters launched internet service of video footage, free for now;
*1175th edition of World of Radio; see http://www.worldofradio.com
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA: or woradio at yahoo.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Kraig W. Krist
*Standard disclaimer
*Just when we need more news in English from Middle East, we get less;
 Kuwait repaced English with Arabic at 1800 on 11990
*Jordan still in English at 1652 on 11690, news at 1700
*War or no war, just to be different, Israel starts daylight time a
 few days before Europe; for emergency, English news at 0500 moved to
 0600 on 6280, 9435 and 17600; after time shift to 0500, and when back
 to normal at 0400 [and 15640 or 17545 ex-6280 --different versions
 conflict!]; A-03 other English: 1015-1030 15640, 17545, 17525; 1630-
 1645 15640, 17545; 1900-1925 17545, 15615, 11605, 15640; also
 on domestic service only, another English news at 2200 not on SW
*Via satellite TV, Mosaic TV brings news from Mideast countries; some
 also web at http://www.worldlinktv.com
*A-03 V. of Turkey in English, one UT hour earlier: 1230 17830, 17595;
 1830 9785; 2030 9525; 2200 11960, 9830; 0300 11655, 9650, 7270
*R. Bulgaria A-03 one UT hour earlier: 0630-0700 11.6, 13.6; 1130-12
 11.7, 15.7; 1730-18 9.4, 11.9; 21-22 5.8, 7.5, 23-24 & 02-03 9.4,
 11.900 MHz
*R. Budapest, A-03 in English 1530 Sun 6025 9715; daily 1900 3975,
 6025 11720; 21 on 6025; and to SAf 11890; NAm 0100 9590, 0230 9570
*Intermedia, German DX program from Austria, ends weekend of March 28;
 1805 5945, 6155; 1930 1476; Sat 2003 (2030?) 5945, 6155; Sun 1730
 6155 and 13730. March 26 was date for final decision on fate of RAI;
 probably closing down June 30 [later via Kai Ludwig; yes, it`s over:]
*Laser Radio, UK via Latvia, skipping March 30 broadcast on 5935, to
 return April 6 on new 9520, 1200-2000; still on WBCQ 9330 Sundays at
 3 pm ET
*BBC World Service dumped all its regular programming for all-news, at
 least until March 28; and more stations relaying it, e.g. KVMR in
 Nevada City, California; WOSU-AM Columbus abandoned jazz for news;
 WDR Radio 5 in Germany relays BBCWS 2300-0500
*Cursing BBC decision to suspend SW to North America; real audio
 server break-dancing like a chicken on nerve gas; why didn`t they
 up the capacity in anticipation of war?
*BBCWS frequencies around North America from March 30; from US very
 strong unless skipping, on 11835: 0000-0300 50 kW Okeechobee; 0300-
 0500 Delano; still Antigua 5975 evenings, 15190 mornings until 1700;
 Ascension 2100-2400 12095, 0000-0300 9825; England 0000-0300 12095
*New summer schedule for Wales Radio International, half hours weekly
 Fri 2030 7325 to Eu; Sat 0300 9795 to NAm; Sat 1230 17845 to Au
*RTE Ireland, daily half hours via Merlin: 1000 Singpaore 15280,
 1800 UK 15585; 1830 Sackville 13640 and Ascension 21630; 0130 UK on
*United Nations Radio, M-F 1730-1745 in English: 7150 South Africa, 
 15495 England, 17810 Ascension
*Kudos to VOA for independent, objective reporting on the war; more
 balanced than BBC which is too much Iraq-all-the-time; other things
 are going on in the world, such as North Korea
*Capitol Steps comedy special around April 1 on public radio see
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, March 25; flux range 110-145-90
*And so concludes World of Radio 1175; I`m Glenn Hauser, inviting you 
 to hear me again next week ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1174, produced March 19, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*As usual recorded on Wednesday afternoon around 2100 UT; in this case
 March 19 a few hours before war might break out against Iraq; keep
 that in mind in case I say something that seems outdated
*Timeline for R. Austria International closure; decision day is March
 26; if the answer is no, may go off air July 1, leaving domestic
 German relays only; a pity to close as Europe enlarges
*DW not closing SW, but cutting North America off from English, and
 dropping German in mornings; suggestions for hearing it still in
 English to Africa, Asia: 2100 via Rwanda on 15205, 11865, Germany
 9440; no more English between 0100 and 0400; 0000 try Germany 9825;
 0400 Germany 15410, Rwanda 7225, 11945; 0500 Rwanda 9700, 12045;
 Portugal 11925; Madagascar 13755, Germany 15410
*Useful websites for converting long URLs to short ones
 http://www.tinyurl.com  and http://makeashorterlink.com
 [! example below may no longer work, probably due to DW change]
*DW website has list of rebroadcasters in North America now via
 http://tinyurl.com/7ayf but huge areas are un-covered; many are low
 power relays; insulting to say these substitute for SW
*From April 6, DW will have 55-minute mailbag show on Sundays
*V. of Russia now has live webcast via windows media
 http://www.vor.ru/Audio/audio_eng.phtml with English at 0400-1000
 only, inconvenient here, taking feed to German relay
*VOR has expanded Arabic to Iraq from 3 to 4 hours per day
*R. Gardarika, St. Petersburg on FM, gets SW relay again March 24-30,
 1900-2200 on 6245, 200 kW
*``Captain`` Eamonn Cooke, of R. Dublin sentenced to 10 years for
 sexually abusing girls; ``evil and perverse``
*Laser Hot Hits, British Isles pirate on 4015 ex-3970v after 0530
*R. Ukraine International tentative A-03 has English at 2100 on 5905;
 0000 & 0300 North America on 12040, megawatt? And 1100 on 15415 to
 Europe, not Australia
*Belarus heard with strong AM signal on aero band, 11196, fluke?
*US having second thoughts about closing down Playa de Pals site
 in Spain; instead of USSR could be useful for Arab world; but
 may be too late to back out of deal. See DXLD 3-040
*For duration of war, BBC FiveLive becomes all-news channel
*Tho BBC faces strike threat over sackings in BBCWS Arabic
*R. Sawa heard with expanded overnight broadcasts on 6185, 7185
 via Greece, Morocco, respectively
*See http://www.worldofradio.com for WUN club listing of western
 military communications frequencies; plus English broadcasts from
 Mideast; exhaustive schedule of all English on SW
*V. of Turkey OK at 2300 on 9655, 6020, but poor modulation, and
 no more news than usual
*Israeli pro monitor Michael Gurdus gets an article whenever war
 is breaking out: see DXLD 3-044
*US base in Qatar to be media capital of the world
*US may try E-bomb test on Baghdad, electromagnetic pulse to
 knock out computers, electronics; hear an NPR reporrt at:
*V. of Iraqi Liberation operated by opposition in Sulaymaniyah,
 messages to soldiers, Iraqi people; 4025.9 variable
*Twin Rivers Radio, 1566 from Kuwait, is a lot like Radio Sawa,
 but getting more serious with speech to Iraqi people
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind. World of Radio 1174,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; woradio at yahoo.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Pete Bentley
*DXLDs overflowing with stories about Iraq and links to more, notably
 3-045; BBCM finds V. of Youth, 1044, station of Uday, Saddam`s son,
 missing, replaced by general service
*From H-hour, NHK adds SW broadcasts, 24h Japanese to Mideast, more
 Arabic and French, less English
*How to tell apart the two All India Radio stations on 4760; IDs
 before and after Delhi news; sign-off; best time is sign-on, with
 Port Blair at 2325, Leh from 0215 (Sundays 0100)
*R. Sedayee Kashmir changed to 1430-1530, 0230-0330 both on 6100
*R. Pakistan on 7570v is 1915-0045 overnight service to Mideast
*V. of Indonesia in English heard with tape running too fast, and
 another time backwards! But has reactivated transmitters, so may
 be heard on more than one frequency at a time; e.g. 15150 external,
 11860 domestic relay
*New A-03 schedule of Feba, no longer via Seychelles, includes Rwanda
 which used to relay only DW: 1700-1757 in Somali, Tigrigna on 11690
*V. of Ethiopian Medhin heard Sunday March 9 from 1750; recording
 at http://www.shortwave.org.uk via the HF Latest page
*R. Okapi, Congo DR, heard in California at 0207 on 9550; in Sweden
 at 0134 on 11690
*R. Gabon reactivated on 4777 at 1735-1800*
*R. Universo, Castillos, Uruguay, still plans to add SW 6155 to 1480
*Active Uruguayans are normally daytime only, but R. Monte Carlo heard
 once until 0045* on 6140
*IBOC spreading to Brazil; testing digital AM on R. Gaucha, 600,
 Porto Alegre, from March 13 for a month; listen for 590, 610 buzz
*R. Macedonia, Arequipa, Peru, run by Crown and Macedonia Baptist
 Institute Outreach (CAMBIO), 100 watts; quit relayng Canal 33 TV
 audio for nonstop classical music
*Rafael Rodriguez reports in Spanish on his trip into the guerrilla-
 infested plains of Meta, in DXLD 3-042, visiting La Voz de tu
 Conciencia, 6010v, and reporting on FM scene, pirate and guerrilla
*Ondas del Orteguaza, Florencia, Colombia, active on 4975, but only
 until sundown 2300*
*Resistencia Caribe FM Stereo, FARC clandestines operating in Perija,
 Zulia, Venezuela on 96.6, 104.3, 105.3
*La Voz Popular, onetime SW clandestine in Guatemala, has a daughter
 still on air, FM? called Mujb`ab`l Yol
*Plans unveiled in Del Rio for a Wolfman Jack museum, ex-XERF; see
*R. Catolica heard on 1670 until 0800* -- seems to be KHPY California
 with format change
*WVMI 570 Gulfport MS closing down and to be replaced April 3 by WTNI
 1640; can be non-direxional, but don`t they know for groundwave
 coverage, 5 kW on 570 trumps 10 kW on 1640 bigtime?
*Phat Rock is 24h pirate in las Vegas, Nevada on 1650
*KXEL 1540, Waterloo, IA, heard with Slavic (Serbian?) at 0300 UT
*Rewind, weekly comedy news review going out of production at
 Marchend; find schedule of webcasts at http://www.publicradiofan.com
*WBOH disappeared again from 5920 after constant testing; it`s 5
 miles from WTJC 9370
*Owner and operator of WWBS, Macon GA, Charles Josey, K4LNL, died
 February 28; will his widow continue it? Scheduled only UT Sat & Sun
 0000-0200 on 11900
*Person trying to establish new SW station in Ninilchik, Alaska,
 facing fines for filling wetlands illegally, attacking federal agent
 with screwdiver [Alexander Kozned]
*Propagation outlook from Boulder March 18; flux range 130-105-150
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1174    ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1173, produced March 12, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Time for a new monthly Spanish DX report, Mundo Radial, from March 14
 Fridays 2215, Wednesdays 2200 on WWCR 9475; also audio and text
 at http://www.worldofradio.com
*New clandestine service for Iraq on 4025v, V. of Iraqi Liberation,
 at 0630- and 1830-2030 UT; calls for military to drop arms and not
 fight for Saddam; Mika Makelainen and dxing.info get lots of
 publicity by speaking about this to mainstream press, including
 article in New Scientist:
 V. of People of Kurdistan on almost same frequency at other times,
 but maybe not same site. See DXLD 3-039, 3-040, 3-041; also both on
 MW 1206; Andy Sennitt identifies sign-on music same as that used
 on East German Soldatensender in the 60s and 70s! Mika thinks the
 Americans are involved, directly or indirectly
*Stif Adolfsson, Sweden, thinks Information Radio SW frequencies are
 actually land-based; aircraft on FM and TV. Very weak on 11292,
 now reported expanded to 1500-0900 UT, and 9715 24 hours
*Websites with lots more info on psyops, including leaflets:
 http://psywarrior.com/index.html and
*Contingency plans for merging Israel networks in event of war in
 Iraq; English newscasts to be retimed except for 2000; DST starts
 March 27, moving everything one hour earlier
*R. Bayrak International, Turkish Northern Cyprus reported on 6150.74
 at 0436, 6150.7 at 2351 in the clear; DJ Denise Phillips ``Radio
 Angel`` invites listeners at 1030-1430, but will not propagate far
*Suggestion that RFE/RL move from Prague to Turkey; seems unlikely
 under present political conditions
*V. of Islamic Republic of Iran phones listeners even if they have
 not given phone number
*Station on 7000 until 1832* turns out to be Information Radio,
 Afghanistan, ex-8700
*Radios airdropped into Afghanistan reported all to have been smashed
 on impact; should use technology from engineering schools like
 Washington University, safely dropping eggs from balconies
*R. Pakistan heard overnight on 7571v
*Hit Radio Shortwave on 4050, from Kyrgyzstan: connected with Radio
 EXTOL, 1467 MW at 1200-1800, from Bishkek, including TWR religion
 at 1530 and 1630; AM1467@hotmail.com  and reports on SW also
 welcome to timskar@pisem.net 4940 at 1300-1600, 4050 at 1600-1900
*China Radio International hopes to produce a second hour of English
 programming in 2 or 3 months, like Taiwan
*One last remaining lowpowered regional SW in Philippines, DUR2, 250
 watts on 9580v, 0000-0930v, relaying PBS services, at Marulas,
 Valenzuela; try for it before R. Australia comes on
*DST in Australia ends March 29, affecting RA programming and
 domestic webcasting
*New Zealand ends DST already March 15, UT +12 instead of +13, with
 some RNZI programs moving one hour later
*KGUM-567 in Guam, `K-57` still carries Jim Bohannon, but retimed
 to 1707-2000, with the only known webcast of this intelligent
 middle-of-the road talkshow; also now on KOMA 1520 OKC, 50-kW
 blowtorch live UT Tue-Sat 0307-0600, covering most of western US
*Via MF, HF, VHF, UHF and SHF, this is World of Radio 1173, P O Box
 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; or woradio at yahoo.com Check our website
 for Nets to You, DX Listening Digest, Monitoring Reminders Calendar
 and much more, http://www.worldofradio.com
*Thanks this week for financial support to Chuck Ermatinger and Mike
*KTFH, 1680, Seattle, new International-format station starts March
 31, but already heard testing at least in local daytime
*Special MW DX tests by same engineer with unusual modulation;
 early Thu Mar 13 0500-0600, WKWN 1420 Trenton GA; Thu Mar 20 0600-
 0700 WEPG 910 South Pittsburg TN with unusual modulations, teletype,
 SSTV; phone the latter during test at 423-837-7577
*Fred Vobbe interviews Leonard Kahn about IBOC, with audio examples,
 via http://www.nrcdxas.org/ra  or better yet, subscribe to the DX
 Audio Service on cassette tape
*Only 3 AM stations in NYC are actually in New York, 660, 880 and
 1560 -- all the others in New Jersey; see DXLD 3-038 for details,
 also FM sites
*VOA museum at old Bethany site in Ohio selling VOA T-shirts for $20,
 http://www.westchesteroh.org/parksandrec/news.html with motto:
 ``Tell the truth, and let the world decide``
*New SW station in Newport NC, WBOH, resumed testing, now with high
 power, widely heard, on 5920 since March 6 with nothing but a tape
 loop over and over (recording by Kraig Krist), heard as far as
 New Zealand
*WWRB`s Dave Frantz will fly around the station measuring antenna
 performance at various azimuths and elevations
*CBC Manitoba, http://winnipeg.cbc.ca has or had an audio promo from
 Finnish listener Jim Solatie who hears CBW 990 and CHFC 1230
 [no longer there, at least not obviously on main page]
*Mystery Peruvian on 4890, mentions Canal 33, relaying TV audio; see
 http://www.televisionmundial.com  Contacting an address there,
 reply said it`s Radio Macedonia, location still not clear; blocked
 in Lima by the other Peruvian on 4890, Radio Chota
*R. Santa Monica, other new Peruvian on 4865 until abrupt 0100*
*HCJB still running South Asian service direct from Ecuador on
 12040 at 0200-0400 March 12; lack of confidence in Australia?
*HCJB English to Europe from March 30 changes to 0600-0800 on 9860,
 2000-2200 on 15185
*R. Habana website http://www.radiohc.cu still useless for RHC`s own
 schedule, but heard on new 11760 in English after 0500; and 2230 on
*R. Rebelde reported to have a third SW transmission, 1700-1830, but
 what`s the frequency, Cuba?
*Onda Musical, Dominican Republic, 4780, heard again after long
 silence, at 1130
*Burkina Faso heard some times on 4815, others on 5030, after 2200
*ORTB, Parakou, Benin, heard on 5025 from *0457, but no news on hour
*Bata, Equatorial Guinea back on 5005 until 1829*, with new Chinese
*V. of Ethiopian Medhin was to test Sunday March 9 at 1800-1900 toward
 Europe on 7520; no reports of hearing it
*R. Cairo, Egypt, tentative A-03 plans new frequencies for English to
 North America: 2300-0030 11725, 0200-0330 11780
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, March 11: flux range 140-105-150
*That`s World of Radio 1173; with a
*Standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser, here, hoping you`ve enjoyed the program and will
 hear me again next week    ###

        WORLD OF RADIO #1172, produced March 5, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*first weekly broadcast on WWCR now back on 15825 until next December,
 Thursdays 2130 UT; one hour earlier from April
*Nets To You revised March 1: http://worldofradio.com/nets2you.html
*FCC document on shortwave broadcast allocations, also with worldwide
 frequency table 9-28000 kHz, 54 pages in pdf:
*Charlotte Beers quits public diplomacy position to enhance image
 of US among Muslims, for health reasons
*WBCQ not only moved from 9335 to 9330 but from USB to LSB with
 reduced carrier
*WJIE testing second transmitter on 13595 toward Buenos Aires,
 reports wanted; simulcasting 7490 at first
*Montreal area 2-meter net about SWL is no longer in service but
*Tarheel SWL/SIG net in Raleigh NC Mondays 9 pm ET on 146.64; also
 amateur radio newshour Sundays 8:15 pm
*New community FM station in Fort Collins CO, KRFC, 88.9; details
 and stream via http://www.prfr.org for Public Radio Front Range
*WUSF, 89.7, Tampa, Florida claims to be first ``all-digital`` US
 public radio station; widely heard by sporadic E, probably still
 analog too
*X band news: R. Disney has another 1640 station, Lake Oswego/Portand
*KXTR, 1660, Kansas City has page for DX listeners:
*New 1680 starting March 31 in Washington state, KTFH, with an
 international format
*KQXX, 1700, Brownsville TX, too strong at night even in Alberta
*WTIR, 1680, Winter Garden FL, and WPTX, 1690, Maryland, heard in
 Antarctica at Neumayer Station, Dronning Maud Land
*R. Globo, Rio de Janeiro heard on feeder 13240 RCSSB
*Carnaval coverage on R. Bandeirantes, 6090, 9645, 11925, including
 samba school parades
*Guyana gone again on March 1, not heard on 3291 or 5950
*TGNA, R. Cultural, Guatemala, reactivated 3300, including English
 0300; 10 kW for now but will reduce to 1 kW; 1000-1330, 2300-0330
*R. Rebelde, Cuba heard on 6390 = 9 x 710, not unusual for Cuba
*XEPRS, 1090, Baja California was off a while, now back with new
 sports talk format, The Mighty 1090, much stronger than before
*ORTF Reunion, 2446 kHz, verified by follow-up 30 years later
*FEBA Seychelles to close by end of winter season, earlier than
 previously planned
*Three 100 kW SW transmitters of FEBA purchased by WJIE, one for
*ZNBC Zambia left 6265 for 5915; breaks pattern of all Zambian SW
 frequencies ending in -65; but 5915 is halfway between 5865 and
*Channel Africa, South Africa, diversifying with programming produced
 all over the continent; ``The Voice of the African Renaissance``
*Standard disclaimer
*The non-government, non-Cuban, non-commercial, non-communist, non-
 Christian, non-corporate, non-Cumbre, non-musical DX program, WOR
 1172, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702; woradio at yahoo.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Steven Lare
*PayPal available for transfer of funds to WOR; link at our website
*RNA, Angola, listed with foreign languages 2100-0100 in French,
 English, Lingala, Portuguese on 7245, 3375, 945; Anyone confirm?
*V. of Biafra International, Sat 2100-2200 on 7380 reported to be
 from South Africa instead of Russia; contradictory opinions; a rare
 clandestine in English. Only Ludo Maes of TDP knows for sure
*Another anom-Mali: SW frequencies no longer omnidirectional. 11960
 seems to be east-west judging from reports
*Congo DR stations: Bunia stable on 5066.32; R. Kahuzi on 6209.8
 including relays of VOA English
*V. of Democratic Eritrea, 5925, Sat 1500-1600 reported to have moved
 from Germany to Norway; others think it`s still Germany; program is
 mostly shouting with lots of hum
*V. of Sudan, another reactivated clandestine, IDs in English, Arabic;
 1530-1600 on 8000; same newsreader as in past; see
*Algeria confirmed to be off SW, technical problems
*See almost every new issue of DX Listening Digest for new A-03  
 schedules effective from end of March
*R. Austria International being closed by government for refusing
 to be government mouthpiece; new studio and transmitter equipment
 going to waste, no benefit to Austria; see website promoting ROI
 preservation: http://www.radio-portal.org
*IRRS Italy, 5780, monitored with LSB and USB, no carrier
*R. Ukraine International plans to be ``all-digital`` in a few years
 after upgrade; meaning DRM only? Listen UT Sundays 0130 and 0430 on
 7375 for mailbag on this, repeated weekly thruout March
*R. Free Chechnya, from Russia, resumes SW in addition to longwave;
*British Forces Broadcasting Service shortwave schedule from HQ
*R. Sawa finally moved Cyprus 600 kW from 981 to 990 kHz
*Hearing English from Baghdad? Don`t count on it, but try 11787v;
 Carriers heard on 11786.78 and 11787.78 at 2200-2215 sign-off
*R. Free Asia reported to have added MW for North Korea, but nothing
 on their own schedule; probably Ussuriysk, Russia, nearby on 648,
 1 megawatt, already used by VOA; may have other clients; but an NK
 outlet is on next channel 657 with a sesqui-megawatt
*Who`s in charge in Nauru? Telecommunications with outside world cut
 off, so even diplomats abroad don`t know
*Grundig almost bankrupt, and buyout by Sampo, Taiwan, may not go
*Propagation outlook from Boulder March 4: flux range 155-105-150
*That`s World of Radio 1172; I`m Glenn Hauser   ###

    WORLD OF RADIO #1171, produced February 26, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*New edition of Continent of Media 03-02 now available at
 http://www.DXing.com and at http://www.worldofradio.com also with
 summary; on RFPI Fridays, Saturdays, Tuesdays, near WOR times
*WOR schedule on WJIE 7490: Mon-Fri 1300, new one on Friday; and Mon,
 Tue 0700
*WWCR reverts in March to 15825 for our Thursday 2130 broadcast,
 replacing 9475 during the winter
*WBCQ moved from 9335 to 9330 Feb 25, including Laser Radio, Sundays
 2000-2400; because RFE and VOA Afghan services now on 9335 at 2230-
 0230; IBB and WBCQ eager to avoid conflict on 9335, while insisting
 on maintaining the clash on 7415
*Another WBCQ host, Hal Turner, gets nice writeup; `A Voice Filled
 with Hate and Intolerance` http://makeashorterlink.com/?V2A222293 
*WWRB still carrying American Dissident Voices and Herald of Truth
*Ernst Zundel, Nazi show once on WRNO, deported from US to Canada
*CBC belatedly decides to redesign flagship morning show Sounds Like
 Canada, to be built around Shelagh Rogers; coming back from sick
 leave at end of March
*Museum at Nanaimo, BC on Vancouver island, has a radio exhibit, Radio
 Theatre of the Mind until May 21; see end of DXLD 3-030 at
*Feds spending $5.7 mega to expand Tinian SW station, two new antennas
 within a year
*Lots of good material in March Monitoring Times; list of active
 communication frequencies around Antarctica: 16529.4, 14700, 13252.5,
 12630, 12354, 12222, 11554.5, 11256.5, 10641, 9032; see DXLD 3-031
*Active frequencies: Canada 11232; civil aviation in Africa 11300; US
 military: 8992, 11175 primary; 13200, 15016 backup; 4725, 6739 night;
 USCG 5696 kHz
*Many stories past few days about Radio Tikrit, black clandestine
 from Kuwait; see DXLD 3-030, 3-032, 3-033; the latest, a Wall Street
 Journal front page story concentrating on DXer Bjorn Fransson in
 Sweden who discovered it, complete with WSJ-style portrait
*INA opposition group invites reports for R. Tikrit and two other
 stations on nearby frequencies to their own address:
 wifaq_ina@hotmail.com i.e. they are related: Twin Rivers Radio, 1600-
 1900 on 1566; R. Tikrit, 1900-2100 on 1584,  Al Mustaqbal 2100-2400
 on 1575.3
*Astrology show on Tikrit could be coded messages to agents
*Plans in Kirkuk for ambulances to become radio stations once Baghdad
 Radio is knocked off; and for taking Kurds and Turkomans hostage as
 human shields
*V. of Liberty, clandestine to Lebanon, was to resume Feb 25 at 1600-
 1700 on 11515, not yet reconfirmed. Website has daily schedule
 translated into English: titles, including ``Tomorrow`s Whining``
*V. of Russia has added relays via Germany all aimed at Middle East,
 in English, German, Russian; schedule
*World of Radio 1171, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Ben Loveless
*Merlin acknowledges it relays BFBS on SW 12 hours a day, all
 accounted for without official schedule; no sites given, but some in
 UK, some closer to action; doubt that 5945 still St. Pete
*Merlin secretiveness may be related to its becoming part of a
 military contractor, Vosper Thornycroft
*BFBS weather for British bases, recorded by Kai Ludwig before 1800
 on 12040
*Personnel news from BBCWS: Brazilian Lucio Mesquita appointed
 regional head for the Americas; ex-head moves to Africa/ME region
*Row over sackings of two BBCWS Arabic service journalists; read on
 for the other side, in DXLD 3-029
*R. Sweden to start digital via Canada on June 16; now analog 9495
 at 0230 and 0330, renewed for A-03; morning moving to 17840 end of
 March at 1130, 1230, 1330
*R. New Zealand International was on air overnight Feb 26 on 6095
*But blocked after 1550 by DRM test from Luxembourg, ex-6090; really
 scheduled March 3-13 at 1230-1700 on 6095, 40 kW
*Scandinavian Weekend Radio regular monthly broadcast from low power
 Finn, Feb 28 from 2200 UT for 24 hours on 6170, 11720 and others;
 see DXLD 3-032 in English or Finnish
*V. of Croatia adds press review in English on UT Sundays, so English
 news starts earlier about 1:22 into two-hour broadcasts, e.g. 0522
 on 7285; then news and press in Spanish; but not at the beginning of
 the bihour, just news in English and Spanish after 0600
*Kamchatka Rybatskaya, weekly hour for fisherman from Petropavlovsk,
 well heard in Colorado, Sun 0000 on 11975
*VOA English now relayed on MW 981 from Ulan Bator, Mongolia, on 140
 degree beam, i.e. right across Beijing, Tientsin, Shanghai; may not
 be jammed unless Chinese language added; shift from usual UB channel
 990 may be to avoid interference
*New Peruvian in Cusco, Radio Santa Monica, around 0100 on 4964.27,
 drift to 4964.97; could be new SW from MW 1370 station listed
*unID religious on 4890 mixes Catholics and evangelists, mentions
 Guatemala; runs soundtracks of TV shows; recording from Samuel
 Cassio clearly mentions Juliaca, a town in Peru
*V. of Guyana reactivated on 3291 variable, heard in evening and all
 night with usual multicultural programming
*R. Cultural, Guatemala, reactivated on 3300 around 1000
*V. of Ethiopia, Sunday 2000-2100 in English, moved from 7560 to 7520
 for its second broadcast; site might be Norway or Samara, Russia;
 recording of mission statement via Erik Koie; read it all on their
 website given last week
*R. Congo, Brazzaville, reactivated on 4765 around 1800
*R. Lesotho gone last week, back Feb 23 on 4800 at 0400
*Correxion to last week: Arnie Coro will not be attending Winter SWL
 Fest; not enough time for paperwork; accused of being in Fidel
 Castro`s inner circle
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Feb 25; flux range 110-135-105
*That`s World of Radio 1171; I`m Glenn Hauser   ###

     WORLD OF RADIO #1170, produced February 19, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Nets To You back on WOR website, amateur radio voice nets and
 bulletins by time, extensively researched by John Norfolk:
*Also delighted to welcome all our new World of Radio listeners across
 Denmark, thanks to News Radio 24-7 network, now relaying World Radio
 Network overnight including WOR Sundays at 6:30 am = 0530 UT. See
 http://www.nyhedsradioen24-7.dk which also provides WRN/Europe on
 three different windows media streams, one at 96K
*V. of Ethiopia is new clandestine in English, Sundays 2000-2100 on
 7560; reportedly via Samara, Russia; first show was shakey; sponsored
 by Democracy Frontiers, http://www.democracyfrontiers.org
*V. of Democratic Eritrea, Sat 1500-1600 on 5925 moved site from
 Germany to Norway
*R. Lesutu`s comeback on 4800 January 1 lasted a month, but gone
*Site dedicated to Springbok Radio, first commercial statino in South
 America, formerly on SW, http://pumamouse.com/springbokradio.html
*Still an Afrikaans apartheid-era station on the air, FM not SW,
 R. Pretoria, in trouble for not hiring non-whites; see
*CBC Radio One`s The Current had a 13-minute feature on Radio Okapi,
 Congo DR. Audio via:
*V. of Biafra International, clandestine for Nigeria, changing time
 and frequency Feb 22, to Sat 2100-2200 on 7380
*Contrary to last week, Mali is active on 9633.35 at 0800
*Hard to catch English news from Libya, but now has website in
 English, also streaming LJBC TV English news at 1000:
*IRRS Italy heard testing 5780 with Pacifica program; daily 2000-2135;
 alternative 6295 or 6290; no doubt location is Trezzo Dadda east of
 Milano; still on 13840 in mornings
*British Forces Broadcasting Service expanded new SW service, as
 found by monitors, no help from BFBS. Contrary to last week 5945
 at 1500-1800 is not from Austria; believed Popovka, near St.
 Petersburg, Russia; many other sites may be involved. BFBS Radio 1
 and 2 relaying different BBC networks including R. 4 news at 1700
 on 12040. Also 0200-0300 6025, 0300-0500 6135; 15530 best here
 at 1500-1700; 9820 at 0400-0500 blocked here by Cuba; look around
 for more and let us know
*Operation Telic: guess what it stands for: ``Tell everyone leave is
 cancelled``; ``Tinpot evangelist leads Islamic crusade``??
*Major security break at Bush House, BBC World Serivce; during anti-
 war demo 40-50 intruders entered, mounted anarchist flag on roof;
 security procedures to be reviewed
*New on BBCWS in late February: I Love TV, 4 weeks from Feb 24; Made
 for Life, Earth, from Feb 26; times on Americas and European streams
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1170,
 P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; or woradio at yahoo.com
 http://www.worldofradio.com for our audio files, DX Listening
 Digest, Nets to You, and much more
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Harry Helms
*Mixup last week at Latvia causing Media Sound to be heard at 1600
 on 5935 instead of 1500 before Russian co-channel; is Russia
 trying to spoil Latvia`s only SW frequency? Sunday 23rd at 1500,
 European Music Radio
*Ireland`s longwave 252 to be used by RTE, with a compilation of
 its services
*R. Austria International`s time may be running out; European
 listeners appeal to board members for continuation; their reponses
 and poll to be at http://www.radio-portal.org
*Deutsche Welle`s new season schedule showing greatly reduced services
 via pdf at http://tinyurl.com/5xqz
*Time to protest if you care about DW in English
*DW not only cancelling English to North America, but reducing German
 in the mornings; and finally moving out of its asbestos-ridden
 building to the Bonn building intended for parliament, March 4
*Already time for DW`s English DX program, last Sat of month, Feb. 22
 to Asia only at 0935, 2335, UT Sun 0235; also via webcast
*What will become of R. Yugosavia? Now phasing in ID as
 ``International Radio of Serbia & Montenegro``
*Website of Iraq satellite TV channel hacked, replaced by Christian
 fundamentalist message from Florida; still hacked more than 24 hours
 later: http://www.iraqtv.ws -- don`t you believe it`s in Western
*Iraqi Army Corps ordered not to have radio sets in brigade, so
 personnel cannot hear US broadcasts, possibly causing defection
*US expelled one Iraqi journalist from New York, but Iraq is
 expelling 69 foreign journalists
*Defense & Foreign Affairs Daily military website details stations
 run by CIA from VOA transmitter in Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.
 Commando Solo aircraft also broadcast Iraqi opposiiton stations
*R. Sultanate of Oman FM in English heard very well at 1400-1500 on
 15140; recorded in Denmark by Erik Koie
*Radio Sedaye Kashmir, new clandestine, moved to 6135 at 0230-0330,
 clashing with BFBS, and added repeat at 1500-1600
*All India Radio has been official government monitor of foreign
 broadcasts, but from April 1, moved to Indian intelligence control
*R. Australia dumped Feedback from its most convenient time, UT
 Saturday 0005; still Fri 2105, Sat 0605, Sun 0305
*HCJB keeping Ecuador transmitter going to S. Asia, perhaps till end
 of Feb, 0200-0400 on 12040 due to continuing problems with
 transmitter in Australia, also running for 5 nights in a row, 1230-
 1730 on 15480, at 25 instead of 100 kW
*Transmitter sites for Sydney MW stations may have to move due to
 new housing devleopment; see 
*R. Melodia, Colombia, back again, on 6139.82 since Feburary 15;
 best here after 0600 when adjacent interference on both sides goes
 off; but as reviewed in DXLD, not too impressed with programming
*Strife in Bolivia difficult to monitor on SW; see
 http://illimani.comunica.gov:8000 --- paste into the Open Location
 area of your Real Player 
*R. Nacional Amazonia, Brasil has moved back to 6180 from 9665
*Roy Millar, accomplished MW DXer, died last year; see eulogies in
 DX Listening Digests 3-024 and 3-027
*Winter SWL Fest near Philadelphia coming March 7-8; see
 http://www.swlfest.com  Planning to attend are Victor Goonetilleke,
 Arnie Coro and Adrian Peterson [NOT Coro, if we had checked the
 website before quoting this]
*First updater to WRTH 2003: http://www.wrth.com/wrthupdates.pdf
 [as publicized, but not yet available]
*WWCR makes frequency changes from March 1, including our first
 broadcast Thursdays at 2130 back on 15825 from 9475
*New Continent of Media shortly from RFPI, downloadable from
 our website and/or from http://www.DXing.com
*Sunspots way down to only 16 on Monday; better for MW DX, lowering
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Feb 18: flux range 105-150-115
*Hoping you`ve enjoyed World of Radio 1170, with a standrd disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser here, hoping you`ll join me again next week  ###

     WORLD OF RADIO #1169, produced February 12, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Time for a new monthly edition of my Spanish DX program Mundo Radial,
 from Feb 14 on 9475, Fridays 2215v, Wednesdays 2200; also in segments
 on RN Radio Enlace, Fris and Suns, and via
 http://www.worldofradio.com/audiomid.html plus text
*New clandestine for Iraq on 1584 kHz, R. Tikrit (recording), 1900-
 2100 UT only, named for Saddam Hussein`s hometown; announces 1557
 incorrectly; seems to be out of US-run Kuwait facility also on 1556
 before this, but some content is pro-Iraq government. Therefore we
 think it is a `black` clandestine, pretending to be on the other
 side. See DXLD 3-023 for detailed content of one broadcast
*V. of Iraqi People, clandestine, reconfirmed on 9750 ex-9570 at 1822
*8122 and 11300 among frequencies for Gulf military communications
*List of English broadcasts from Middle East at
*Including UAE Radio Dubai, back on 21605.27 ex 21598v, including
 English at 1030, 1330, 1600
*Adding to uncertainty of what we hear on 9715, besides PsyOps
 Information Radio for Iraq is Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, at 0300-0600 at
 least, ex-11820 or 15435. Iraq`s Mother of Battles of Radio also used
 it several years ago
*V. of Reform, clandestine to Saudi Arabia via Norway, back on 7590
*V. of Homeland, clandestine to Syria heard on 2nd harmonic 14940
*Israel Radio has repaired damage curtain and resumed 6280 in English
 at 2000; still waiting on funds to replace two other destroyed
 curtains, replaced temporarily by log-periodics only for Europe
*Afghanistan minister asks for aid; France and Italy agree to help
 Radio Afghanistan
*Kyrgyzstan on 4050 with Hit Music on Shortwave, and Christian
 programming heard in Farsi, not Dari, tho intended for Afghanistan;
 missionaries use Farsi for Afghanistan too
*R. Sedaye Kashmir, 9890, at 0230-0330, clandestine, but from whom?
 Some think CIS site, others not; are all Pakistani transmitters
 accounted for? Not anti-India either, so is it from there?
*British Forces Broadcasting Service starts SW broadcasts to Mideast,
 0200-0500 13720, 1500-1800 5945, but no info on sites. One monitor
 concludes 5945 is Austria [but rebutted by others too late to
 include on this show -- maybe Cyprus, Oman or UAE?]
*Standard disclaimer
*In the midst of World of Radio 1169, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702
 USA; woradio at yahoo.com
*Thanks this week for financial support to contributors via PayPal,
 Johnathan Grant and Bradley A. Bellaver
*Iraq, the World Speaks, BBCWS/NPR co-production, call-in Sat Feb 15,
 1800-2000 UT. talkingpoint@bbc.co.uk
*R. Caroline heard on SW again via unknown transmitter on 7150
*Laser Radio, via Latvia Sundays on 5935, rents out part of time to
 other parties. MediaSound, Feb 16 1500-1600 including National
 Talking Express; Radio Marabu, ex-German pirate, 1600-1700
*Iraq crisis inspires recreation of V. of Peace, to broadcast on SW
 from somewhere in Europe; fundraising. See http://vop.uk.tripod.com
 [beware: automatically launches jingle ID killing your present audio]
*Croatian Radio`s HS-1 SW schedule direct, not German relays
*5796 has not only the 7th harmonic of Bulgaria 828, but also
 difference product of V. of Russia, 7290 minus 1494, so be careful
*Rai heard on 4875 at 0530; this one is 11985 Somali minus 7110
*`Bullring` at US naval station Rota, Spain, being dismantled; really
 a Wullenweber antenna array, for precise direction finding
*V. of Nigeria no longer testing on 11770, good luck for HCJB
 Australia; nor 9690 which was tried for a few days. Back on original
 7255 and 15120 for three days, but never know what they will do next
*Chris Greenway`s monitoring notes from Ghana: Nigeria: Kaduna, Ibadan
 and Lagos services heard; Benin regular; Burkina Faso gone again;
 Ghana on 4915, 3366, 6130, still with many spurs; no MW contrary to
 current WRTH. Mali consistent on two frequencies daytime, three at
 night, so what is third transmitter doing in daytime? Niger not
 confirmed [tho recently reported by others]; Togo on 5047 but audio
 so low it`s pointless
*Updated African listings at http://www.bdxc.org.uk and check articles
*R. Melodia, Colombia, vanished from 6140v after just a few days
*R. Itatiaia, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, had awful program about tree-
 frogs, and sounds of toads croaking
*Big Latin American mystery on 4890, 0725-0900 religion with no IDs;
 also clear after Chota, Peru closed 4890.26 at 0136; speculation
 ranges from Bolivia to Peru to Honduras
*Special MW DX test from WRCR, 1300, Spring Valley NY, Sunday 0500-
 0600 UT including Morse code IDs
*Transmitters atop Mount Washington, NH, destroyed by fire; weather
 observatory [not destroyed]; see http://www.mountwashington.org
*Planet World News on WBCQ M-F at 2050 on 7415 plus 9335-CUSB and Sats
 on 7415 only; from Feb 13, Thursdays 2200-2230, Planet World News
*Interesting info on languages, Arabic, Czech, Inuktitut at the end of
 DXLDs 3-022 and 3-023
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Feb 11; flux range 135-115-150
*And that`s WOR 1169; Glenn Hauser hoping you`ll join me again,
 next week                 ###

     WORLD OF RADIO #1168, produced February 5, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*WRN on Sirius Satellite Radio changed from Channel 111 to 115,
 including World of Radio Sundays 1500
*WOR also now on Media Sound, internet station, Saturdays at 2100,
*VOA and RFE/RL FY '04 budget has $30 million to start Middle
 Eastern TV in Arabic; double Indonesian radio...
*But most VOA and RFE/RL broadcasts to democracies of eastern
 Europe will cease, 98 positions total, including some RIFs; in
 Bulgarian, Czech, Estonian, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian,
 Polish, Slovene, Slovak, Romanian; RFE/RL no longer in Bulgarian,
 Croatian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovak; VOA Ukrainian,
 Armenian reduced; RFE/RL Romanian remains to Moldova only
*VOA and RFE being phased out, as the trend in abandoning our friends
 continues; even VOA in English may be endangered. Needed
 improvements in VOA newsroom still not made. American people do
 not realize their stake in VOA, lacks public support
*Complete VOA language schedule in DXLD 3-018; hear them while you
*Afghanistan`s new interior minister is former head of VOA Persian
 and Pashto service, Ali Ahmad Jalali
*Defense Secetary Rumsfeld trying to merge media and psywar offices,
 endorsed by Britain, opposed by Germany and others: truth vs lies
*WBCQ feels obliged to start a news department, Planet World News,
 Mon-Sat 2050 on 7415; also adding Laser Radio, already via Latvia,
 9335-CUSB from Feb 9, Sundays 2000-2400; and R. Caroline is now M-F
 2100-2200 on 9335
*New on WRMI 7385 is Jupiter 400, UT Mon 0500-1000, international
 melange of live talk and music, variety, comedy; see
*KNLS Alaska has made another odd-date seasonal change, including
 English at 0800 and 1300 now on 11765
*KOMA, 1520, Oklahoma City, finally changed to news-talk format after
 a year of rumors, early on Feb 2 because of Columbia instead of
 Feb 4, so planned rocker retrospective did not air; but airchecks
 at http://www.live365.com/stations/174431
*NYC maintenance outage rescheduled to Sat and Sun Feb 8 and 9 on
 WBBR 1130, WEVD 1050, WWDJ 970, 0600-0900 UT; chance to DX something
 else on these frequencies
*Not only hobbyists apprehensive about IBOC, but Leonard Kahn,
 inventor of original AM stereo system, petitions FCC to halt IBOC
 rollout; another petitioner calls for opening the floodgates day and
*Shelagh Rogers goes on 2-month sick leave frrom Sounds Like Canada,
 for high blood pressure, tho dissaisfied with her reduced CBC role
*Bill McNeil, of Fresh Air and Voice of the Pioneer on CBC, died at
*R. Mil, 6010, Mexico City, has jamming-like interference even in
 Mexico City at 0400-0500: it`s BBC digital via Sackville; I have
 been trying to persuade HFCC to recognize the existence of vulnerable
 lowpowered Canadian and Mexican stations, avoid their frequencies
*XEPRS 1090 Baja California making another format change [to sports?],
 and off the air two Sunday nights around 0600-0800 UT, to avoid
 running La Hora Nacional? Opening another DX opportunity
*Via USB, AM, FM, subcarrier, satellite, internet -- and shortwave,
 this is WOR 1168, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA: or by E-mail
 please use woradio at yahoo.com
*Check our website for latest info on our scheduling and huge stash
 of DX Listening Digests among oher things, http://worldofradio.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Jim Wishner
*Jamaica reorganizing FM band so each station and its relays be in
 certain portion of the band, like in Britain
*R. Melodia, Colombia, back on SW, 6140.5v, duplicating Melodia AM
 730; Jose Valdes in Venezuela made recording mentioning SW. Also
 carries Half Hour with the World, news in Spanish from VOA
*Colombian clandestine Voz de la Resistencia is still heard daily,
 in Panama at 1250 on 6239.80, usually jammed except on Sundays.
 Unfortunately too late to propagate very far, but hurry up and try
*Lots of strife remains in Venezuela; government broadening clampdown
 on TV and radio stations, for opposition ads showing violence during
 children`s hours: fines, sanctions, suspension or revocations
*FM 105.7 in Caracas had equipment confiscated [for planning to
 interview an opposition leader]
*R. Anhanguera, Goias, Brazil, 4915, heard on 2nd harmonic 9830; not
 parallel to 11830 with separate programming
*DST ending in Brasil Feb. 16, so one-hour shift in most scheduling
*VOA Sao Tome on 1530, 600 kW, temporarily on non-diexional pattern
 which could make it easier in North America; on at 0300, off at 2230,
 Sat and Sun 2200; English, French, Portuguese, Hausa
*R. Liberia International, 6100 in the clear around 0700, better
 modulation than R. Veritas at same time on 5470
*V. of Nigeria heard on 15120 until 2305*; and finally activated
 11770 at same time, also at 0700 blocking HCJB-Australia, \\ 7255;
 not on all three frequencies at once
*HCJB Australia mixing badly with Nigeria in UK at 1000+; more
 clashes on 11770 from China, Mexico. HCJB to Asia on 15480 gets into
 Europe much better; direct broadcast from Ecuador ends February 8
*Thales, French transmitter manufacturer, signs accord to supply
 13 more 500 kW SW transmitters to China this year and ALLISS
 rotatable antenna; likely more crash-and-bang musical jammers
*Turkmenistan elder calls for external services in Russian and English
*Big debate in Afghanistan whether cable TV should be allowed,
 becaue of all that corrupting foreign content
*Head of foreign broadcasting in Afghanistan wants to resume external
 service which started 65 years ago; SW transmitter bombed a
 sesquiyear ago has not been replaced
*RFE/RL to Chechnya at 1800-1900 on 7565, 9840 ex 11930, 12130, //9615
*R. Polonia Media Magazine says transmitting company will be
 confronted with reports, recordings of poor quality of SW broadcasts;
 technical problems should be quickly rectified
*European Music Radio did not broadcast in January via IRRS; now
 February show via Latvia, Sun 9th on 5935 at 1500; special QSL
*Gordon Bennett, former contributor to AWR Wavescan, has died
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Feb 4; flux range 140-170-115
*And that`s WOR 1168; Glenn Hauser, inviting you back next week ###

     WORLD OF RADIO #1167, produced January 29, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Big welcome to our new listeners in the Memphis, Tennessee, area
 on 50 kW WMQM, 1600, Saturdays at 10:30 am CST
*Times on this program u.o.s. are Universal, 6 hours ahead of Central
 and in 24 hour system; frequencies in kHz, between AM and FM bands
*Introduction to shortwave is at http://www.DXing.com
*R. Bayrak International, Turkish Cyprus, heard varying to 6153
*WOR is heard all over the world by SW, satellite and internet, so
 some of the material involves other parts of the world:
*Israel Radio testing new frequencies to Australia, New Zealand
 at 1100-1130, 15655, 15640, 17525, the latter through Jan. 30
*Israel Radio no longer plans to start broadcasts in Kurdish
*Lots of clandestines for Kurdistan, including Voice of Komala, and
 Voice of Komalah, after a split; the latter on 7560, Sundays 1659-
 1757 via Norway; recording mentions Communist, in Farsi
*Iraq`s shortwave broadcasts are very unreliable, but scheduled on
 11787 in English, German, French, Turkish, Arabic at 1900-2000 and
*V. of Southern Azerbaijan, clandestine to Iran, heard on 9375 at
 1627-1700* See SANAM site: http://www.cehreganli.com
*If you miss any URL, see summary for WORs at http://worldofradio.com
*Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, English to North America at
 0030-0230 on 9580, 6120, mixing pop tunes with religious talk
*Iran is jamming politically incorrect satellite TV channels from
 seven ground locations in Tehran; health hazard from microwave RF?
*Mystery on 4050, `Hit Shortwave` seems targeted at Afghanistan,
 since language identified as Dari
*Afghan president Karzai replaces Interior Minister with ex-head
 of VOA Pashtu and Persian service
*DXLD 3-014 has lengthy report from RFE/RL, Struggling for News in
 Turkmenistan: only two radio stations; no criticism allowed
*RFE/RL applies to broadcast within Tajikistan, on MW and FM, a
 good prospect with its anti-terrorist cooperation
*R. Liberty wants to expand domestic relays in Russia, but Russians
 ask for parity in exchange, their broadcasts on US domestic media:
 but there is no such thing as domestic broadcasting by federal
 government. Why not let them use Greenville, Delano on SW?
*V. of Russia schedule in English to North America, DXLD 3-011,
 all frequencies at 0200-0600 UT
*The non communist, non corporate, non-capitalist, non-Christian,
 non-Cuban media program, World of Radio 1167, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK
 73702 USA; or woradio at yahoo.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Dan Srebnick
*DW sticking to plan to drop English to North America, Margot Forbes
 replies to complaints; blames German government budget cuts. Press
 release about DW `facelift`, downplaying SW cut; but don`t pretend
 you won`t lose listeners. Promises to send details of rebroadcasters
 but there can`t be many in North America. And why abandon HF at this
 time, when DRM is about to be introduced, a high-frequency service.
 Making the same mistake the BBC made
*Radio Netherlands plan to reduce its output including English has
 brought great protests; now the plan for reorganization is
 temporarily off the table; a new plan to be thought of. A letter-
 writing campaign to embassies and consulates might be
 counterproductive since RN very much values its independence from
 political control
*Maintenance at Bonaire Feb 3-7 means 6165 from Flevo instead, at
*BBC to axe 60 jobs in news department, cost cutting; more to come
*Three special MW DX tests, two overlapping February 2, full
 details in DXLD. CHWO 740 Toronto, with DX test announcements
 including code, 0530-0630 UT Sun Feb 2; -.-. .... .-- ---
*CFAN, 790, New Brunswick, running code IDs between 0400 and 1000
 this week before it abandons AM for FM:  -.-. ..-. .- -.
*VOA adds more broadcasts in Korean, like R. Free Asia has
*VOA begins special broadcast for Zimbabwe, where government
 represses media, M-F 1730-1800, Studio 7, to expand to every day,
 also in Shona, Ndebele; heard on 17895, 13600, 909
*More reasons for FEBA closing down Seychelles site: antennas worn
 out and too expensive to replace; housing encroaching on site; power
 and licence costs extremely high; more economical to buy time on
 other broadcasters. Most transfers to be completed by June
*BBC also finding it too expensive in Seychelles, and also may close 
*LRA36, Antarctica, heard again after summer break, to 2106* on
*McMurdo on 7995, 9032 USB working aircraft and ground around
 Antarctica; callsigns like Skier and Skater
*Not much SW from Venezuela, but text and audio via the web, in
 DXLD 3-013
*New webcasts from St. Lucia and Turks & Caicos in 3-016
*More DX tests, Sun Feb 2 0400-0600 from Puerto Rico, WBMJ-1190
 and WIVV 1370 in parallel, also CW IDs: .-- -... -- .--- and
 .-- .. ...- ...-
*Buffalo 1520 has resumed music format, like old WKBW, from WWKB
*Half of Fiji without service from national broadcaster following
 cyclone; all of Fiji could be covered with one tropical band SW
 transmitter, but SW deemed obsolete there sesquidecades ago
*RNZI has been running all night with cyclone warnings, on 6095,
 1300-1650, excellent in Europe after 1500
*More delays until Feb. 2 in HCJB Australia`s service to Asia, 
 1230-1730; but already heard testing 15480 as early as Jan. 27; 
 Pacific service set to escape Finland clash at 0700-1200 by moving 
 Feb. 2 to 11770; why wait any longer?
*Additional frequency for R. Free Asia in Korean 1400-1700 is 13625
 via Tinian
*New R. Seda-ye Kashmir, 9890 at 0230-0330, very strong in India
*Lot of news this week about SW and other receivers, at the end of
 DX Listening Digest 3-013, 3-014, 3-016
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Jan. 28; flux range 130-170-115
*Standard disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1167 ###

      WORLD OF RADIO #1166, produced January 22, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Our times on R. Studio X, 1584, Italy are now UT Sat 0000, Sun 2030
*New edition 03-01 of our companion program Continent of Media is
 now available on RFPI, Fri 1900, Sat 1730, Tue 2000 plus 6, 12, 18
 hours later on 7445 and/or 15038.6,  and via http://www.DXing.com
*New edition of our monthly Spanish DX report Mundo Radial now on
 WWCR 9475, Fris 2215, Weds 2200; also ondemand audio and text on our
 website, http://www.worldofradio.com/audiomid.html
*We also have a 4-month archive of previous WOR audio there...
*Fortunate since World Radio Network now has only the current and
 previous show; click on `Glen Hauser` under W in the WRN menu at
*HCJB Australia delayed another week to Jan 26, due to that willy
 willy (tornado) which damaged Asian antennas; other service to
 Pacific DXed in North America, 11755, buzz from Cuba after 1055
*HCJB Australia not so sugar-coated as Ecuador, may lose listeners
*R. Free Asia doubling output in Korean, 14-17 and 22-23 UT;
 frequency schedule
*`Ying Lian` of English section at China Radio International is
 admitted to be a collective name, not an individual
*All India Radio to allow BBC and VOA to broadcast via AIR; swap fee
 or time exchange. Should put AIR on Greenville, Delano SW,
 finally allowing us to hear it loud and clear in the US like the
 Voice of Greece, but don`t expect it
*Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam start legal FM station in Jaffna,
 Sri Lanka, 98 MHz, 4 hours a day, instead of SW clandestine; but
 blocked in Colombo; Indians relieved it won`t reach Tamil Nadu
*Iran`s new frequency 6120 for English to North America 0030-0227
*V. of Southern Azerbaijan, clandestine for Iran, still unheard
 perhaps because Israeli antennas windamaged; unless it`s the unID
 at 1630-1700 on 9375; further monitoring needed
*Commando Solo until 1957* on 9715, had music like R. Sawa; two
 different IDs in Arabic, one calling it Station Radio... the
 other Radio Radio...
*Free Patriotic Movement of Lebanon still not reported again on
 11515 at 1600-1700; about to officially start, one hour in morning,
 another in evening; http://www.tayyar.org received at least 300
 E-mails, but how many were from DXers with no real stake in
 Lebanese politics?
*BBCM analyzes Saut al-Islah, V. of Reform for Sa`udi Arabia; based
 in London, 24h on satellite Hotbird 6; 3 hours 1830-2130 on 9925
 contrary to its own announcements; long talks and discussions, e.g.
 criticizing Sa`udi regime performance during Hajj season; very
 little music; 10-12 minute news and press review. Names in Arabic
 and English do not correspond
*Two Eritrean clandestines: V. of Democratic Eritrea, via Juelich,
 Germany, schedules on 5925, 15670
*V. of the Eritrean People, via Norway, schedules on 9990, 7530,
 7490, 9480
*Standard disclaimer
*Media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1166,
 P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; or woradio at yahoo.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Tim Hendel
*QSL letter from V. of Ethiopian unity, Box 88675, Los Angeles, CA
 with SASE
*Mali varies 9636.36 to 9634.46
*Two new 50 kW SW transmitters going up in Bata, Equatorial Guinea,
 as Chinese team ask for the necessary logistical support; one
 external antenna, one internal
*Guinea getting new FM station, also on SW, R. Guinee Internationale
 in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese; could it be on 7125?
*R. UNAMSIL, Sierra Leone, best heard on 6139.1 at 0307-0358 before
 BBC Delano comes on 6135, but avoid DW on 6145
*RDP International, Portugal made many frequency changes, most of
 them for the worse, co-channel interference with Liberty, AWR, VOA,
 Farda, SLBC, Kuwait, Tashkent
*1467 from Monaco, actually France, back on air with children`s
 format, Superloustic, in French and some Italian
*Staff at R. Nederland upset about upcoming cuts from Oct 24; unions
 find plan `unacceptable`; biggest losses in Dutch language
 department, cut to 3 hours a day except holiday-time; English cut
 from 12 to 8 hours a day; Spanish to only 3 hours, 1 in morning 2 in
 afternoon before primetime in Latin America! From Oct. 24; up to 100
 of the 400 RN employees may lose their jobs
*BBC reported to be broadcasting DRM to North America on 6010 at 00-01
 and 04-05; via Sackville? Has anyone heard this? Just a test?
*More confirmation from Margot Forbes that DW will be dropping English
 on SW to North America from end of March: claims to have lots of
 rebroadcasters, also satellite, internet
*Belarus` new schedule of 150 kW BR-1 homeservice relays to Europe
*Greenland`s SW broadcasts on 3815-USB confirmed, 100 watts to
 fishermen between Greenland and Iceland, 1505-1605, 2125-2225 UT
*R. Tachira is not only active SW in Venezuela; R. Amazonas is too,
 tho also irregular, 4939.8v to 4939.6, goes off air several times
 during transmission; plus timesignal YVTO 5000, without much of a
 news department
*Several Brazilian DX news items in DXLD 3-012, including R. Gazeta
 with 3 hours per weekday of non-religious student programs
*Schedules of Peruvians 5384.3 R. Huarmaca; 6479.7 R. Altura; 6782.6
 R. Ondas del Pacifico; 6956.8 R. La Voz del Campesino; inactive
 for 2 years: 7141.6, R. Real
*VOA doubles output in Kurdish, new hour at 1800 on 6115, 11805, 12030
*KHPY, 1670, Moreno Valley, California started regular service Jan 16,
 9 kW at night, directional toward Hawaii
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Jan 21; flux range 120-195-130
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1166   ###

      WORLD OF RADIO #1165, produced January 15, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*LRA36, Antarctica, inactive recently on 15476v; usual summer break?
*Argentina feeders still going to Antarctica, notably 15820-LSB,
 including a new relay of FM Vivir, unlicensed religious on 87.5
*See DXLD 3-009 for report from Don Moman on recent SWL weekend with
 his log periodic and beverage antenna farm, e.g.:
*R. La Cruz del Sur, Bolivia, 4876.8 unbelievably strong
*R. Nacional da Amazonia, Brasil, booming in on new 9665 \\ 11780,
 ex-6180, displacing Marumby on 9665; rapid-paced announcer UT Sun at
*R. Gazeta, Sao Paulo, has half an hour a day of student programming,
 Gazeta AM Universitaria, at 0930 on 5955, 9685, 15325; otherwise
 relaying religious Cancao Nova
*R. Victoria, Lima, Peru on third harmonic 18060.66
*R. Tacna, Peru, 200 watts on 9505, at 1000-2400
*On 4530, La Voz del ... until 0100*, HKJ93 in Colombia, apparently
 parroquial station in Mutiscua
*Yira Paola Bolanyos, alias Laura, recsponsible for FARC clandestine
 La Voz de la Resistencia, arrested in Cali; transmitter site in
 mountains still unfound
*Pres. Chavez of Venezuela threatens to withdraw licenses of private
 radio and TV networks which oppose him
*On SW from Venezuela, nothing but R. Tachira, 4830, not on every
 night; don`t confuse with Honduran which alternates 4830 and 4832
*R. Nacional de Venezuela still relayed by Habana Sunday mornings for
 Alo Presidente, 15570; sounds more like a clandestine than official
*R. Tachira, 4830 heard until signoff at 0130
*R. Nacional de Venezuela: ondacortavenezuela@hotmail.com replies that
 will soon be on SW, presumably 9540, and already running SW programs
 on MW 1050 at 0500
*Arnie Coro`s wife Olguita rushed to hospital, but now back home with
 daily housecalls, Arnie playing nurse
*R. Litoral, Honduras, sometimes on 4830.1, sometimes on 4832; ID at
 0300; on three dates did not clash with Tachira, one or the other off
*KNR, Greenland: Kalaalit is pronounced galaashlit; 1985 recording by
 Erik Koie of interval signal, ID, timecheck and weather
*Mark Koernke`s wife Nancy says guns were in home in preparation for
 cleaning and appraisal to be sold so husband could return if paroled
*http://www.internationalanswer.org has news of worldwide satellite
 broadcast, Voices of Solidarity, Jan 18 1600-2000 UT, for anti-war
 march on Washington; RFPI may be interested
*Amarillo off-frequency station on 1009.8 is in Spanish
*VOA Cantonese service converted to all-news format, 1300-1500;
 suspect same on agenda for many other VOA language services
*R. Netherlands announces reorganization, cuts in staff of 60 or
 more, mainly affecting Dutch language services [but also cuts in
 English and Spanish broadcast time]; consolidating SW radio
 distribution, whatever that means, by October
*Thanks this week for financial support to Jilly Dybka, one of the
 first to use PayPal to make contributions to us; link at our
 website http://www.worldofradio.com
*We`re in the middle of #1165; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA;
 or woradio at yahoo.com
*2003 the year of MusicMann 279, LW station off Isle of Man planning
 summer launch after overcoming many obstacles
*Laser Radio via Lativa, 5935, moved earlier in evening 1600-2100
 with Media Show moved to 2000; clashes with V. of Russia 1500-2000
*Broadcasting company Alex, Ukraine uses names Dniprovska Hvylya, or
 in Russian Dneprovskaya Volna, meaning Dnieper`s Wave, Sat and Sun
 1000-1300 on 11980v, 100 watts, N/S dipole, mainly relaying UR-1
 national channel; heard by one Ukrainian DXer as early at 0640 with
 carriers, from 1011 parallel to LW [not MW] 207
*Reduced schedule of lowpower relays of Belarusian radio re-expanded,
 program 1 at 0400-2300 on 6010 6040 6070 6190 7110 7145; program 2 on
 7265 at 0500-2200
*R. Finland, not in English, adds weekly one-hour broadcast to NAm,
 Thu 2000 on 9805
*R. Sweden English to Asia changes: 2030 9400 ex-9445; 1330 adding
 17505 to 9430
*Due to lack of electricity in Norway, both SW transmitter sites on
 half power of 200 kW from Jan 15 to March 15
*BBCWS in English via Norway SW also allows us to hear better 128K mp3
 stream at http://media.hiof.no/streams/m3u/nrk-alltid-nyheter-128.m3u
 not only in local afternoons but continuously overnight: Mon-Thu
 2100-0500 UT Tue-Fri; [Fri 2003-0800 Sat]; Sat 1847-0800 Sun; Sun
 1847 0500 Mon
*ELWA gets nationalized, that is run by Liberian nationals instead of
*Libya pulls out of Central African Republic after setting up radio
 station called Peace & Liberty, for Patasse to address the nation
*R. Lesotho/Lesutu reactivation widely heard on 4800, good in
 Melbourne 1800-2000* and sometimes later, with strong interference
 from China; before 1745 4800 also used by AIR Hyderabad; heard in
 Alberta as late as 2240
*V. or Eritrean People now located, via Norway: Sunday 1630 on 9990;
 Sunday 1700-1727 on 7530; perfect reception in Bulgaria
*V. of the People of Kurdistan, al-Sulaymaniyah, varies 4402.3 to
 4415.2, \\ 4025
*Iraq shut down all internet access Jan. 12 after blanket E-mail
 campaign by US military; customers paid 45 cents per hour
*Afghanistan to join global Internet, with US and Belgian investments
*Special Haj broadcasts from AIR in Urdu for pilgrims visiting Mecca,
 Jan 14-Mar 14, 0530-0600 on Bangalore 13620, Aligarh 15770
*Maldive Islands webcast in English is 1200-1400 including news at
 1300; WRTH 2003 says SW occasionally on 5998.5, tho not reported in
 years; and F.Pl. for regular SW on 11 MHz band
*Ray Moore on west coast of Florida keeps logging VOA Thailand relay
 on MW 1575, transpolar; also monitoring 1475 Sabah, and 1098 Majuro,
 Marshall Islands
*HCJB Australia`s service to Asia delayed another week until Jan 19,
 1230-1730 on 15480
*Major receiver news: Grundig no longer in Germany, sold to Sampo in
 Taiwan; details in DXLD 3-006; maybe little effect on Lextronix
 distribution from California
*Universal returns backorder for Sony ICF-2010 because production has
 been discontinued earlier than planned March 31
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Jan 13: flux range 160-115-185
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1165          ###

     WORLD OF RADIO #1164, produced January 8, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*My SW Year in Review was on VOA New Year`s Day; a longer version
 at http://www.worldofradio.com/audiomid.html plus full text
*Also at WOR site, Oklahoma Broadcasting News for 2002,
*DX Programs, updated: http://www.worldofradio.com/dxpgms.html
*Contributions to WOR now accepted via PayPal to wghauser@hotmail.com
 or ghauser@hotmail.com
*Deutsche Welle confirms will cease English to Pacific, and to North
 America from end of March; discussion ensued like that about BBCWS;
 to save 250K Euros by cancelling English to North America
*German TV paychannel in US is far from breaking even
*I decry all-or-nothing approach; reduced times and frequencies to
 North America would be adequate
*But DW website says English service to be expanded, news every hour
 on the hour, and two editions of Newslink daily to North America
*DW just added to WRN satellite/internet schedule, replacing SRI
*Bayerischer Rundfunk did not close 6085; now with all-news service
 B5 Aktuell
*Yugoslavia changed name to Serbia-Montenegro, but R. Yugoslavia has
 not yet changed; S&M has negative connotations in English
*IRRS upgraded SW facilities, powers 10 to 500 kW from Europe, but
 relay sites kept top secret; what`s the point, losing its identity
*BBCWS in English heard on more Norwegian frequencies. This is just
 the Norwegian domestic all-news channel which carries BBC at
 certain times in English, in turn simulcast on SW, not R. Norway
*Laser Radio, UK, via Latvia 5935 Sundays, includes media programme
 during first hour at 1800
*FEBA will close SW station in Seychelles by end of this year,
 transferring programming to other sites; nothing said about previous
 report that housing development is getting too close for comfort to
 transmitter site
*Destitute Djibouti and US aid, including VOA station under
*V. of the Eritrean People, new opposition station, not yet heard on
 supposed schedule; has anyone heard it?
*Caller to Talk to America from R. Kahuzi, Congo DR, confirms it is
 active on 6210
*R. Lesotho has reactivated its only SW frequency 4800
*R. UNAMSIL, Sierra Leone, presumed heard on 6139.1 if separable
*R. Veritas, Liberia heard by several on 5470, but beware of Peru and
 another station on this far out-of-band frequency
*Midpoint of WOR 1164, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA, where it`s
 over 70 degrees in early January and the window is open. E-mail:
 woradio at yahoo.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Brock Whaley
*As of Jan 1, R. Gazeta, Brasil, relaying Catholic station Cancao
 Nova instead of de-religifying as previously planned
*Rdif. Huancabamba, Peru, 6536, heard until 0230* and 0102* Owner
 said had been off due to sabotage by rival political group
*Rdif. Nacional de Colombia, formerly on SW, has fired many of its
 staff to modernize what`s left of the station
*Like to monitor Venezuela, but no longer dozens of stations on
 tropical band. R. Tachira still active but irregular on 4830; Ecos
 del Torbes not heard on 4980 for many weeks
*Barbados columnist calls for news station on SW from there
*R. Habana`s DX program in Spanish, En Contacto, reconfirmed Sun
 2135 on 15230, Mon 0135 on same, also try 9600; scheduled also 
 Sun 1335
*New Democrat on FCC, Jonathan Adelstein opposes Republican drive
 for media concentration
*New WMQM, 1600, Memphis, 50 kW day, has a DX report from Florida,
 sunset 2315, sunrise 1315 in January
*KVAN, 1550, Vancouver WA raised power to 50 kW day, 12.5 night,
 KPAM 860 on same towers with 50/5; inevitable complaints from
 neighbors about interference to appliances
*Amarillo has two MW stations audible off-frequency: KPUR on 1439.7
 and KTNX 1009.8, both with lots of sports
*Special event KM1CC, Jan 11-19, marks another Marconi anniversary;
 site on Cape Cod open to the public 9-5 EST
*Eye-opening story in DXLD 3-003 under Newfoundland about why MW
 stations are reluctant to QSL
*Sa`udi businessman hopes to launch major media projects to present
 true picture of Islam, including radio station in English
*More on windstorm damage to Israeli curtain antennas; have to use
 log periodics instead, and frequency changes at 2000
*New clandestine for northern Iran, V. of Southern Azerbaijan,
 supposed to start Jan 8, Wed and Thu only at 1630 on 9570, but
 nothing was audible; to become daily in Feb
*V. of Maldives heard in English at 1200 on http://www.vom.gov.mv 
*Nick Grace calls for stepped up psyops against North Korea
*Ohio University correspondent calls for R. Free Asia on MW to NK,
 since few North Koreans have SW radios; ``if you can arrange wars,
 surely you can arrange signal towers``
*SE Asian quagmire: three countries using 7145 at 1300: Laos,
 Thailand, Vietnam
*Guam SW stations back on the air; see reports by Larry Fields, in
 recent DXLDs; military communications facility at Barrigada suffered
 greater damage
*AWR resumed Guam Jan 3, dropped temp relays via Taiwan Jan 5
*KTWR back on by Dec 29
*HCJB Australia inaugural broadcast Jan 5 at 0700 on 11755, but
 heavy interference from Finland; HCJB started with only 13 kW but
 should find a better frequency; to Asia 1230-1730 by Jan 12, 15480
 will also have co-channel interference
*Drastic solar activity drop in early Jan
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Jan. 7; flux range 145-175-115
*So concludes WOR 1164; Glenn Hauser inviting you back for 1165 ###


      WORLD OF RADIO EXTRA 44, produced June 30, 2003 by Glenn Hauser
      [with DXLD issues where complete stories may be found]

*Scott Fybush on attempts to visit CBC Toronto, Montreal, and
 elsewhere; RCI Sackville; RFI in Paris; BBC at three locations in
 London [3-107]; to arrange tours of BBC TV at White City:
*``On Air: A History of BBC Transmission`` is a new book, covering
 1920-1997 when BBC quit doing its own transmitting; see
 http://www.onairbook.co.uk or enquire from editors@onairbook.co.uk
 First in paperback, now also hardback [3-113]
*BBC maps: showing DAB coverage by end of 2004y:
 And a map to current coverage linked in this summary for Extra 44
 at http://www.worldofradio.com -- [3-116]
*2002 Annual Report of Broadcasting Board of Governors on request from
 330 Independence Ave SW, WDC 20237 or
 http://www.bbg.gov/bbg_press.htm [3-108]
*Includes an article about IBB Sao Tome facility [3-108]
*Radio New Zealand International is tops for summertime easy
 listening, by John Figliozzi, July Monitoring Times [3-113]
*Bitter Expat Radio Row for Control of Airwaves -- x-band in
 Australia, ``narrowband`` licenses greatly increase in value [3-111]
*This is World of Radio Extra 44
*Voice of National Salvation, clandestine from North to South Korea,
 continues issuing verifications; see
 and http://www.ndfsk.dyn.to Address: Greneir Osawa 107, 40 Nando-cho,
 Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Frequencies include 4557, 4120, mostly
 Korean, but English at 0030 [3-114]
*Sue Hickey in Newfoundland keeps hearing from V. of Korea, unlike
 Americans who would be under investigation [3-116]
*Iraq`s Media Free-for-All, BBC News story; former relay stations
 taken over with ingenuity for local do-it-yourself stations 
*The story of Iva Toguri, unjustly imprisoned as ``Tokyo Rose`` to
 become a movie; see Far Eastern Economic Review June 26; [3-115]
*Powerline communications still a threat to shortwave reception in
 Germany at home level [3-112]
*Chris Mackerell in New Zealand reports on being a DRM pioneer user
*German manufacturer MaYaH coming out with DRM receiver later this
 year, DRM-2010; see
 http://www.mayah.de/content/products/drm2010/content.html [3-111];
 Price about $850 [3-112]
*Sangean in Taiwan working on a DRM chip, receiver by mid-2004 [3-112]
*Methods of telling time diverge, despite leap seconds, with GPS
 time 13 seconds ahead of UTC, 19 seconds behind atomic time [3-114]
*Cause of sunspot cycle discovered: deep meridional flow [3-114]
*That`s World of Radio Extra 44; I`m Glenn Hauser   ###


  CONTINENT OF MEDIA 03-06, produced December 29, 2003 by Glenn Hauser
  [with DXLD issues for further reading on each story]

*The final COM for 2003, tho most will be hearing it in early 2004
*RFPI is off the air since early November; COM was produced especially
 for RFPI and hope it shall be again; meanwhile you may hear this
 program in a World of Radio timeslot, when it needs a one-week break,
 instead of a WOR Extra, so don`t be confused
*COM available from http://www.dxing.com sponsored by Universal Radio,
 and also at http://www.worldofradio.com
*Also carried by SIU Edwardsville Web Radio: new schedule from Jan. 12
 is UT Tuesdays 0430, alternating with Mundo Radial [3-227]
*COM sponsored by Universal Radio, offering quality amateur and SW
 equipment since 1942; catalog toll free 1-800-431-3939; or visit
*We hope RFPI will be back streaming in early 2004, before it can
 resume SW broadcasting, and will let you know when COM is scheduled
*RFPI hoping to raise $10,000 at the outset, minimum required to get
 back on air; timeline of up to 12 months to get back on SW is not
 carved in stone. Everything depends on getting partners with long-
 term commitment. The $10K covers only buildings and equipment, not
 staff and licensing expenses. See http://www.rfpi.org and
 http://www.saverfpi.org [3-215]
*COM is about media around the American continent, not especially SW
*Three neighborhood X-band stations in Buenos Aires have very small
 groundwave coverage areas, but heard worldwide at night in near-SW
 propagation, such as BBC relay on 1670; only one station has good
 groundwave coverage of entire city, R. Diez, 710 [3-219]
*ID recorded around 1954 for XEFW, 810, Brownsville, TX, in English,
 but it`s actually Tampico. A would-be border-blaster. That`s nothing:
 XEG, 1050, Monterrey NL, used to announce an address in Fort Worth,
 11, Texas [3-219]
*Excellent propagation beacons in form of Cuban jammer harmonics
 against R. Marti, heard on 23860; also check 30660, 27640, 35340
 [3-217] [also 18090 = 3 x 6030]
*Steve Smith reports on `barn-raising` of new LPFM in Immokalee, FL,
 WCTI, 107.9, mostly in Spanish for farm workers; very limited
 coverage will be even more so when Gulf tropo opens. Another LPFM
 coming soon in Carrboro, NC, near Chapel Hill, 103.5 [WCOM!]. Can
 they be DXed? Difficult but possible [3-219, 3-230]
*Another way to get minority-interest station on air: rent subcarrier
 from existing FM. R. Maria, Houston is on 67 kHz of KPFT, not KUHF
 as claimed. Strange bedfellows, but it`s a business proposition.
 KUHF still has reading service for the blind  [3-225, 3-227]
*Denver`s 1510 Americana format, commercial KCUV; Boulder public radio
 station KGNU had wanted to purchase it with help from Public Radio
 Capital; see http://pubcap.org  [3-218, 3-220]
*National Rifle Association in US thinking about getting Mexican
 border blaster or even an offshore operation. Earlier report said
 looking to buy US TV or radio station, to be treated as news
 organization, exempt from spending limits in campaign finance law
 [3-219, 3-226]
*Handful of US MW stations off frequency for years; FCC enforcement
 not what it used to be, but helps DXing them. KPUR, Amarillo TX,
 still on 1439.7; I also hear het on 1600; NE US DXers are hearing a
 het on 1630.8; and Elk City OK has been off 1240 for years, hetting
 Wichita here in between them in daytime [3-224]
*If postage goes up to 40 cents, proposal that Todd Storz, creator of
 Top 40 radio, should get a commemorative; started with KOWH Omaha,
 added others such as KOMA OKC. Write Terrence McCaffrey, Manager of
 Stamp Services, USPS, Suite 5670, L`Enfant Plaza SW, Washington, DC
 20260-2435 [3-216 Oklahoma]
*This is Continent of Media 03-06, woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702
*From January, Embassy of Ghana in Washington DC, starts daily
 broadcast at 6:30-8:30 pm ET on WAMU 88.5: presumably means via
 subcarrier; already involved in TV show African Lifestyles, Sats on
 Pax, WPXW [3-216]
*Scavenge BI-LO grocery stores in the South, coffee section for cups
 labelled ``Radio Coffee`` [3-215, Radio Equipment Forum]
*Forgotten radio genius: Fr. Josef Murgas, competitor to Marconi, on
 WVIA-TV special, Wilkes-Barre and Scranton. Used two tones instead of
 on-off for sending code; search for a few internet sites on him
 [Radio Equipment Forum in 3-220, 3-223]
*FCC has web history project. Second phase is on mobile radio, after
 TV in first phase. See http://www.fcc.gov/omd/history [3-222 Musea]
*FCC criticised for the way it regulates spectrum, but it could be
 worse: new CSIS study says the White House should replace FCC as
 regulator of airwaves. Guess what: FCC is already under executive
 branch, commissioners appointed by President
*FCC approved spectrum for road hazard notification use; one article
 didn`t mention frequencies! FCC says 5.85-5.925 GHz, so no threat to
 broadcasting. ``Smart cars`` terminology, ``comparable to creation
 of the Internet``. May put an end to flawed Safetycast nonsense, but
 still experimenting on 91.7 in one Florida county, to allow emergency
 vehicles to override all broadcast frequencies [3-228 REF]
*Harper`s magazine has excellent articles on media concentration. See
 Dec 2003 issue in print, not online, for two articles on Clear
 Channel [3-216]
*Plans for Liberal radio network, ASAP in election year. Al Franken
 says it could start as early as March, name not yet announced [3-229]
*CBS should keep Dan Rather to the end, commentary [3-220]
*Pirate in the Fruitvale barrio of Oakland, Radio Sonidera, 102.7;
 sonido style popular in Mexico created by charismatic DJs [3-228]
*ARRL sponsored meeting in November about powerline communications.
 ARINC told a horror story about neighborhood powerline modems
 interfering with their Half Moon Bay, CA receiving station [3-221]
*Multicultural CHIN Toronto expands to Ottawa with CJLL 97.9; but
 uncertain whether bikini contest will be acceptable in the capital
*Glenn Hauser, concluding Continent of Media, 03-06 ###

    CONTINENT OF MEDIA 03-05, produced August 9, 2003 by Glenn Hauser
    [with DXLD issues where you may read more]

*COM 03-05, the more or less monthly supplement to World of Radio,
 recorded Aug 9, 2003
*Exclusviely on SW via RFPI, UT Fri 0200, UT Sun 0330 plus 6 hours
 later on 7445, prepeated 6 hours earlier when 15 MHz frequency is
 active. Times subject to variation
*As I speak, RFPI`s dispute with University for Peace is unresolved;
 we hope sucessfully in the meantime; listen every week to World
 of Radio for the latest on that and other stories
*COM also Wednesdays at 1:30 pm CDT on SIU Edwardsville IL Web Radio
 [but not Aug 13; moves to Fri 10 pm from Aug 30]
*Also on the web via http://www.DXing.com and http://worldofradio.com
*Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) a great threat to shortwave and
 mediumwave listening, and ham radio; to provide internet via existing
 electrical lines, but also broadcasting a great deal of noise,
 spectrum pollution, as much as S9+10. Some systems already used in
 Germany, Japan threatened again. Comments from DX Listening Digest
 by: David Hodgson; Ed Hare, ARRL; Skip Arey; Erik Koie; Joe Buch; FCC
 reply comment deadline extended to August 20
 [3-123, 133, 136, 137, 138, 139, 142 at the bottom]
 http://www.rsgb.org [PLT]
 http://www.eham.net http://www.qrz.com http://www.arrl.org 
*RF ID tags operating around 13.5 MHz start appearing this year in
 groceries and pharmacies; soon to replace bar codes, despite privacy
 concerns; see http://www.autoidcenter.org [3-123]
*Wal-Mart wants its top 100 suppliers to install RF ID tags [3-124]
*A positive technology story: FAA switched on signal July 10 to
 increase GPS accuracy to 5 feet, greatly improving air traffic
 control and efficiency; ionospheric distortion is corrected [3-123]
*SafetyCast, Jacksonville FL, makes radio transmitters for
 emergency vehicles, locomotives, school buses, overriding all radio
 frequencies to warn motorists: but a very, very bad and unnecessary
 idea [3-135]
*Large metal objects near AM transmitters can disrupt directional
 patterns; WCBG, 1590, Chambersburg, PA conflicts with borough over
 a water tank under construction nearby, causing RF burns [3-124,
*Proposal to use 21-26 MHz band for low power local high-plus fidelity
 digital FM radio service [3-129]
*Continent of Media 03-05; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; or
 woradio at yahoo.com
*COM is sponsored by Radio for Peace International; and Universal
 Radio, offering quality amateur and SW equipment since 1942. For info
 or a catalog call toll-free 1-800-431-3939 or visit them on the web
 at http://www.universal-radio.com
*WMLK, Assemblies of Yahweh, Pennsylvania, working on new 250 or 125
 kW transmitter for 15265; Elder Jacob O. Meyer plans to include
 broadcasts in `Pennsylvania Dutch` from New Testaments he has in that
 German dialect [3-129]
*Radio Sawa propaganda is awfully subtle; review in Toronto Globe &
 Mail [3-140]
*Voice of America: a History, new book by Alan L. Heil, goes into
 techniical intricacies, Washington arcana of broadcasting policies
*A Grand Tour of Radio City, and others nearby:
 http://www.antiqueradios.com/radiocity.shtml  [3-136]
*Boston`s 1150 station changes to its tenth callsign, ahead of some
 others in the market with only 8 or 6 [3-134]
*See DXLD 3-131 for discussion of FCC callsign procedures, suffixes
*Phat Rock 1650, pirate in Las Vegas NV, still well heard
 http://www.phatrock1650.com [3-142] [URL no work Aug 11]
*In Albuquerque on 1640, KOP20, from Sandia Labs with traffic and
 weather emergency info, even DOE meetings [3-130]
*KDKA and its SW, W8XK, Pittsburgh once had Messages to the Far North;
 presenter Bill Beal recently died [3-128]
*Jukebox Radio is satellite-delivered music service for rest homes on
 FM channels supposedly inside buildings only; in Havre de Grace,
 Maryland, audible from one end of town to another [3-129]
*Minnesota Public Radio drops RDS, after testing; found lacking in
 performance, deteriorating main channel audio quality, whining
 noises, interfering with talking book subcarriers; makes multipath
 worse too [3-131]
*Perki system of 50 kW longwave transmitters once planned by US
 government for ConElRad system: http://www.conelrad.com/perki.html
*UPN`s tiny twisted window on America [3-133, 3-131]
*That`s Continent of Media 03-05; I`m Glenn Hauser ###

      CONTINENT OF MEDIA 03-04, produced July 2, 2003 by Glenn Hauser
      [with DX LISTENING DIGEST issues where you may read more]

*Continent of Media 03-04, the more or less monthly supplement to my
 other program World of Radio
*COM is broadcast on RFPI Thursdays at 2000 UT, Fridays 0200, 0830,
 1430; Saturdays 2130, Sundays 0330, 0930, 1530 on 7445 and/or 15039
*Also via http://www.DXing.com and http://www.worldofradio.com
*Also on SIU-Edwardsville Web Radio, Wednesdays at 1830 UT
*Sponsored by RFPI http://www.rfpi.org and by Universal Radio,
 offering quality amateur radio equipment since 1942; toll free at
 1-800-431-3939 or visit http://www.universal-radio.com
*Previous COM dealt only with US stories, so let`s start this one with
 news from elsewhere in the Pan-American continent
*Canada`s Aboriginal Voices Radio Network hopes to expand to more
 cities starting with Montreal and Edmonton [3-113]
*Bahamas` More FM on 94.9 heard in Rhode Island; list of FM stations
 there [3-113]: see
 Bahamas broadcasting history: http://www.znsbahamas.com/about_us.php
*Mexico: one SW station goes inactive, 6105 in Merida, but another
 returns after long absence: 6045, XEXQ, R. Universidad, San Luis
 Potosi, at 1200-0400; very weak 250-watt signal, mostly classical
 music; in first hour children`s chorus [3-113, 114, 116, 117]
*`Rebel Radio: the story of El Salvador`s Radio Venceremos` is a 1991
 partisan book by José Ignacio López Vigil [3-110]
*David Gleason retorts that FMLN made the environment frightening;
 he had to wear a kevlar vest while working in El Salvador, knew
 victims of random violence [3-110]
*Site with MIDI examples of Colombian music, starting with national
 anthem: http://www.geocities.com/fjmejia/english.html [3-108]
*List of 2184 legal radio stations in Peru [3-107]:
*RAE, Argentina, comes in well now Tue-Sat 0200-0300 in English on
 11710; station realizes it has reception problems, and wants
 reports of 20-30 minutes, 3 IRCs rp, no cash. Let them know they
 can be heard [3-114]
*1680 station in Florida with travel info, WTIR, now WLAA, has
 converted to Spanish format; but plans for network of more Travel
 Network stations, with WTIR on 1300 from Ocoee, programming a 10-
 minute wheel; webcast not yet running at http://www.tirn.com [3-113]
*Rick Barton checked out KFHX, 1620, Fountain Hills near Phoenix AZ,
 found limited range of about 8 miles [3-112, 113]
*Tim Hall made another rambling trip throught the western US of
 several kilomiles visiting National Parks et al., with extensive
 notes of TIS stations, in DXLD 3-107; only 6 of the 30 listed
 stations in Yellowstone are active on 1610; and one on 1600 at
 the west entrance in Montana
*On 530, National Elk Refuge in Jackson WY; and also on 530 at
 Arco, Idaho, National Environmental Engineering Lab [3-107]
*This is Continent of Media 03-04; your input always welcome at
 woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73703, USA; links
 to this and previous COMs, and DXLDs at http://www.worldofradio.com
*The old WPTR, 1540, Albany, NY has tribute site for its music
 format of the 70s: http://www.fifteenforty.com [3-109]
*WILM, 1450, Wilmington DE, a very unusual station, dedicated to
 local news and fending off megabux buyout offers; see DXLD 3-112
 [and 3-113] or
*WGRV, Greeneville TN, has noon newscaster celebrating 50th
 anniversary on air, Maxine Humphreys [3-107]
*DJ turns the dial back to the 60s online, Solid Gold Time Machine;
 http://www.60sradio.com [requries subscription] 
 [3-109 at International Internet]
*Fun new website by FCC on history of TV from technical standpoint:
*Something else to worry about: Emergency Alert System full of holes,
 says USA Today; no unified, coherent, warning system [3-109]
*Where Hal Turner is coming from, with a show on WBCQ: attended
 Aryan Nations get-together in Idaho [3-113]
*Council on American Islamic Relations has new satellite talk show,
 Washington Live, on ART, Tue 8 pm EDT [3-107] http://www.cair-net.org
*`The Tick` -- WWV bought by Clear Channel, parody site (recording)
*New York ham cited for having radio gear in his car even tho state
 law agaisnt scanner radios exempts amateur radio licensees; got a
 ticket and judge would not dismiss; max penalty: $1000 and 6 months
 in jail
*For info about HF E-mail service, including WLC, Rogers City MI for
 the Great Lakes, see http://www.marinenet.net or add on /WLC.htm
*Exhaustive explanation of the `windshield wiper` or swish-swish sound
 heard on SW in 4, 13 and other MHz bands; see not one but two
 articles in the July Monitoring Times about CODAR ocean wave radar
 http://www.codaros.com [3-113]
*Radio Free San Diego [3-117]
 has website http://www.pirate969.org/ 
 with coverage http://www.pirate969.org/coverage.asp
 confronting FCC: http://www.pirate969.org/fcc.asp
*And that`s Continent of Media 03-04; I`m Glenn Hauser ###

        CONTINENT OF MEDIA 03-03, produced May 27, 2003

*COM 03-03, a supplement to WORLD OF RADIO, and unlike that weekly
 program this program deals with media around the American continent,
 not especially shortwave; broadcast exclusively on Radio for Peace
 International, Costa Rica
*Also available on the web thanks to Universal Radio at DXing.com:
 http://www.DXing.com For info or a catalog call 1-800-431-3939 or
*New Jersey Radio -- In Tune with the Garden State`s Many Voices:
 Concludes about WTTM, 1680, with South Asian languages
*Plan to build a 2000-foot TV tower for New York City stations in
 Bayonne NJ is on hold due to FAA objections [later: agreement
 signed to put them back on the new World Trade Center building]
*ChevronTexaco ends sponsorship of Metropolitan Opera radio broadcasts
 after 2003-2004 season; hopes to continue with new sponsor; cost was
 only $7 million; see DXLD 3-087, 3-089...
*WRR-FM in Dallas unlikely to accept proposals for three-way frequency
 switch, which would put it on 105.7 with inferior signal; city
 council to decide June 4 whether to forego $60 million bid for this
*KUSC in Los Angeles offering its joint venture with Coloradio Public
 Radio, the Classical Public Radio Network, CPRN, to all NPR stations,
 despite three other such services already
*Cannot recommend highly enough http://www.publicradiofan.com
 especially when used in conjunxion with my lower-tech Monitoring
 Reminders calendar at http://www.worldofradio.com
*Four new radio reading services found to be webcasting and added to
 RAISE AUDIO SERVER http://www.raisewnc.org/
 METROPOLITAN WASHINGTON EAR http://www.washear.org/
 TALKING INFORMATION CENTER http://www.ticnetwork.com/
 in addition to others already known:
 SUNSOUNDS http://sunsounds.org Beware of barking dog killing audio
 WRBH: http://www.wrbh.org
 WHIL RRS: http://www.alaprint.org
 WSRE SIGHTLINE: http://www.wsre.org
*Many other public radio stations have reading services on subcarriers
 only requiring special receivers; let us know of any new webcasts
*Public radio in Miami, WLRN, forms news partnership with Miami Herald
 like Sun-Sentinel has with WXEL, et al
*WTTA, ch 38 in Tampa, soon starts local 10 pm newscast, but as part
 of Sinclair group, national news segments come from WBFF Baltimore
 tho not so identified, just ``News Central``
*WIVB, ch 4 in Buffalo, has master control in Indianapolis as do
 several other stations. Anomalies caused by ``Indiana Stupid Time``,
 staying on EST, not EDT: requires shifting TV programming, but
 outlying viewers get prime time outside prime time; same in western
 South Dakota
*Site with info on DTV stations on air, distances, bearings and
 antennas needed, in any zip code: http://www.antennaweb.org
*KEZZ, 1470 in Estes Park, CO, may be first to try short Kinstar AM
 antenna, only 40 feet high. Check it out while visiting Rocky
 Mountain National Park this summer
*New station in Fountain Hills, near Phoenix, AZ, on 1620, KFHX:
 too strong for part-15, but not in FCC records; supported by Catholic
 Church, St. Dominic`s Food Bank; and webcasts, http://www.kfhx.org
*Tandy Corp. auctioning on E-bay its private subway car which used
 to serve staff at Radio Shack HQ in Fort Worth; item 2414503391 at
*FCC calls for public comments about allowing powerline communications
 -- which are likely to interfere with ham radio and shortwave
 listening. See
 If you wish to comment with the FCC, go to http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/ecfs 
*You know you`re an aging radio DJ when... see DXLD 3-083
*Glenn Hauser, here, hoping you`ve enjoyed this edition of Continent
 of Media, 03-03     ###

     CONTINENT OF MEDIA 03-02, produced Feb. 22, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Continent of Media 03-02; just as I start recording, a train whistle
 goes by
*COM is shortwave broadcast exclusively on Radio for Peace
 International http://www.rfpi.org
*Available on the web thanks to http://www.DXing.com sponsored by
 Universal Radio, 1-800-431-3939  http://www.universal-radio.com
*Recorded Feb. 22, little more than a month after the previous one
*Check our website http://www.worldofradio.com for summaries of this
 program and previous editions in audio
*COM is about media around the continent, not especially shortwave
*KAIM, 870, Hawaii closed down a few months ago from Molokai, but is
 now back with low power from Oahu; future unclear [DXLD 3-017, 3-029]
*New station planned in Alaska, KAGV-1110, relaying KAGV:
 http://www.vfcm.org/kagv.htm  [DXLD 3-026]
*Inuktitut needs official language status like English and French
 [DXLD 3-023]
*About the Inuktitut language; http://www.tununiq.com/masters/iinuk.htm
*Mount Royal transmitter site in Montreal subject of RF radiation
 concerns [3-022]
*CJWI, 1610, Montreal has new address: 3733, Jarry Est, 2e etage,
 Montreal QC H1Z 2G1 and website http://www.cpam-radiounion.com
*Job opening for Chief of Radio closing March 23; details at
*Radio stations in Haiti have big problems with government; Radio
 Metropole silences news for a day in protest; Radio Haiti-Inter
 goes off the air temporarily [DXLD 3-028, 3-029]
*El Dorado for Latin American DXers has been revised:
*R. Mil, 6010, Mexico City, reschedules Encuentro DX to avoid DRM QRM
 from Sackville and has new website:
*In the midst of COM 03-02, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or
 woradio at yahoo.com
*South Florida FM band full of pirates; why doesn`t FCC do anything?
*Rants against FCC`s priorities, hypocrisy
*Palm Beach Post story in great detail about pirates, even with
 frequencies! in DXLD 3-019, or
*FCC sued over towers it permits killing huge quantities of migratory
 birds along the Gulf coast
 http://www.towerkill.com   PCIA: http://www.pcia.com 
*FCC cancels experimental license WC2XZV operating in Antelope Valley,
 California as FM pirate on 104.7, http://www.1047.fm
*FCC still renewing licenses of remote pickup and homing beacon
 transmitters in the expanded broadcast band
*Dissident FCC Commissioner Michael Copps holding hearings on media
 concentration: Feb 27 in Richmond; UOW Seattle, Duke Durham in
 March [DXLD 3-021]
*Bush budget gives no more money to CPB, despite heavy costs for DTV
*TV DXers looking forward to trying to DX lowband DTV stations this
 summer by sporadic E; seven known on air so far, list [DXLD 3-020]
*Mike Cooper commentary on shortwave far more reliable than internet
*Yet I do listen a lot on the internet; see my Monitoring Reminders
*KPBX Spokane has its own poet, Mondays at 1550 UT
*Clear Channel gets a lot of bad press, so here`s something positive:
 providing public toilets for Pittsburgh
*That`s COM 03-02; I`m Glenn Hauser             ###

     CONTINENT OF MEDIA 03-01, produced Jan. 20, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*COM 03-01, at last a new edition of this supplement to World of
 Radio; hope to produce more frequently in 2003y
*COM on SW exclusively via Radio for Peace International, Fri 1900,
 Sat 1730, Tue 2000 UT + 6/12/18 hours later on 7445 and/or 15039
*COM also made possible by Universal Radio, offering quality amateur
 and SW equipment since 1942, 1-800-431-3939 or
*Universal`s DXing.com provides archive of this and [one] previous
 edition of COM: http://www.DXing.com
*FCC about to vote on whether to loosen even further restrictions on
 media concentration, an issue ignored in most media out of self-
*Why WSM Nashville transmitter building has large antique beacon with
 red lens
*New very low power school station in Springdale AR, KEEN, 91.7
*1170 in Tulsa ratings dropped as KFAQ talk format replaced KVOO
 country; same company dumped historic WOW call from 590 in Omaha;
 maybe their original station in Milwukee, WTMJ, is next
*KKSU, Manhattan KS, went off the air Nov. 27; letters to the editor
 lamenting its loss; made living in rural Kansas bearable; can a
 state entity be sold without approval of Board of Regents, or
*KKSU site http://www.kksu.org has expanded archive of programs, at
 least from final month on air; plans to have affiliates download
 new programs
*Santa Fe gets another radio station, by bringing in a frequency
 from nearby Pecos, KENC, Enchantment FM, with booster in SF, from
 mid-Feb; eclectic format like former KLSK, Coyote stations started
 by same entrepreneur; bumped KENW translator off 102.9 into E-band
*Profile of Bill Shirk, ex-commercial broadcaster, who has started
 non-commercial country and classical stations near Indianapolis,
 WIRE 91.1, and R. Mozart, WSPM, 89.1; see DXLD 3-005
*WFUV New York quits streaming or archiving popular show in protest
 to royalties issue, Vin Scelsa`s Idiot`s Delight; see
*Pirates on 27555 AM, the International Silly Calling Channel
*Sirius satellite radio made a number of channel lineup changes,
 including two new talk channels, Left and Right, take your pick
*Also coming soon to Sirius, a gay radio network, in about two
 sesquimonths; with John McMullen, founder of online GayBC
*Toys Ya Us has AM radio transmitter for under $10; range inside the
 house, fix-tuned to 1610
*Radio receiver as a national security risk. Judge rejects shoe-
 bomber`s request for radio; unID components found in cell
*Obscure George Gentry Ministries on WWCR, Sun 1130 on 5070, is
 equal-opportunity hate: white people are the source of all the
 world`s problems, mish-mash of theology, more in common with 
 American Dissident Voices, Kingdom Identity Ministries, Pete Peters
 than they would like to admit
*Why QSLing MW stations is harder and harder: 90% of reports to VOCM,
 Newfoundland, were unverifiable, even faked; boring, rude or
 fragmentary. Jean Burnell will not visit stations any more on behalf
 of QSL-hunters: it`s too embarrassing
*Comments on COM welcome to woradio at yahoo.com
*Glenn Hauser, here, concluding Continent of Media, 03-01   ###