WORLD OF RADIO #1163, produced Dec. 30, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Solomon Islands Broadcasting refuses to issue cyclone warnings without payment from government disaster office, despite Zoe hit *R. Vanuatu heard as late as noon in Europe on 7260 *Sunday January 5 firm date for inauguration of HCJB`s new transmitter in Western Australia, starting at 0700 on 11755, but may test during previous days *V. of Indonesia active two days in a row on 11784.86, 11784.83 for English at 2000; mailbag Sunday at 2030 *Bangladesh heard in Pennsylvania on 4880, 7184.98, but not 9550 *Lhasa, Tibet daytime frequencies and others audible in Sweden *Tajikistan puts out 3rd and 4th harmonics of 7245: 21735, 28980 *Pakistan on new 5080, ex-7106v, loud hum obscuring audio; subcarriers interfere with each other. API-4 with 100 kW *Tempest in Sri Lanka over importation of broadcasing equipment for Tamil Tigers; government authorized, but Norway criticised for expediting. See last few 2002 issues of DXLD for several stories *Maldives going into internet broadcasting: http://www.vom.gov.mv -- in fact nothing there but player; any English? *Windstorm blew down some of Israel Radio`s curtain antennas; some frequencies curtailed or changed as a result *Raid on Israeli right-wing pirate/private station, Arutz-7, in international waters or not; see recent DXLDs *Nothing heard yet from Djibouti where US is installing high power relay transmitters; R. Djibouti being renovated as part of the deal including 50 kW SW for it, which used to be on 4780. BBG relay includes 600 kW MW, 1431 kHz, probably Radio Sawa *Zanzibar being heard widely until 2100 on 11734.13, in the clear *R. Uganda signing on at 0300 on 4975.97, but cutting off and on *The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1163, recorded a couple days earlier than usual because of the holidays; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; woradio at yahoo.com http://www.worldofradio.com for DXLD and much more info *Since first SW broadcast of this program is Jan 1 at 2300, not including NY Eve and holiday listening tips, when it would be too late, if hearing earlier via web, check Monitoring Reminders and DXLD *Bob Zanotti reveals he has been silent partner of Alfredo Cotroneo since the outset in 1988 of IRRS, Italy; story in Jan & Feb Monitoring Times *Later item is that IRRS is selling its two SW transmitters due to unexplained `upgrade` -- like depending on sites abroad? see http://www.nexus.org/IPAR/txsale.htm or from sales@nexus.org *FWIW, unconfirmed report that Deutsche Welle will abandon all English to Australia, from March 31 *Croatia moved off 9925 into the 40m hamband, 7285, for North America at 0200-0600; still 9925 to S America at 0000; the rest: 06 9470 to NZ; 08-10 on 13820 to Australia; all relays via Germany. Europeans just won`t stop invading the NAm hamband; intruder watch alert! *Ukraine staying above 7.3 MHz to North America on new 7375 with a megawatt; one other 100 kW transmitter changes frequencies thruout the day: 9610, 7420, 17760, 7240, 5905; English hours at 2200, 0100, 0400, 1200 *TV company in Vladivostok seized at gunpoint by police, Novaya Volna, in ownership dispute *Scandinavian Weekend Radio`s monthly 24-hour broadcast from 2200 UT Fri Jan 3; details at http://www.swradio.net *BBC World Service in English heard relayed on several Norway frequencies; tests, mistake or permanent change? *CBC communique indicates transmitter operation such as Sackville will be outsourced; to Merlin? Union members may wind up working for someone else *CHWO AM 740 in Toronto issuing 2nd anniversary QSLs for reports of reception January 8; at least 10 minutes of program details; to am740@rogers.com *More than 19 percent of Canada`s AM stations have moved to FM; nearly 25 percent have gone silent on AM for one reason or another; and more to come, including CBZ 970 Fredericton NB *WBZ 1030 Boston, Jan 6 at 12-5 am EST will be about oldtime radio, including Lone Ranger announcer; no webcast *VOA seeks lower profie; memo orders VOA sign-on NOT to be played before R. Sawa and R. Farda *WRMI Miami posted new program schedule including addition of Solid Rock Radio, Sun 0500-1000 on 7385, Sun 1500-2100 on 15725 *Cuban MW stations were booming in at sunrise in Holland *One Guatemalan SW station has reacivated, R. Cultural Coatan, 4800 *R. Peru is a station that activates once a year, heard before Xmas on 5637.24 *Sorry, out of time before we got to Frequency Management; see DXLD 2-197 Australia, and bottom of 199 and 201 *Welcome back to Ed Mayberry, revived IL website after a sesquiyear, http://www.internationallistener.com *Wishing you great propagation in 2003, Glenn Hauser, here, concluding World of Radio 1163 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1162, produced December 24, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Kim Elliott guest-hosting VOA Talk to America Jan 1 at 1700-1800, including extra frequencies from USA, 9775 and 17635; and another hour by him at 1400-1500 [not -1700 as I said!], repeated at 2200 *Kim talked me into doing yet another SW Year in Review for these shows January 1 *WJIE 7490, our affiliate in KY, has begun webcast streaming, click on link at http://www.wjiesw.com -- WOR not appearing so much at 0400 *WWRB testing 4th transmitter, 150 kW capable, but low power only so far. FCC and FAA licensed WWRB as aero enroute communications facility: transmitter site Manchester TN, receiver site McCaysville GA; callsign `Nashville Radio` *WWCR`s new station in Memphis, WMQM 1600, 50 kW day, 35 watts night, began broadcasting Saturday Dec 21; unheard here so far, QRM. Best chance just before official sunset, or after official sunrise *Lots of special programming compiled at our Monitoring Reminders, from before Xmas to after New Years, http://worldofradio.com/calendar.html *One such is Alice`s Adventures in Wonderland, new KCRW produxion, narrated by Harry Shearer, repeated Dec 31 at 2200-2400 UT *CFVP, 6030, Calgary, Alberta, usually covered by R. Marti and Cuban jammers, but in the clear early Monday mornings, heard at 0930; in western North America may also be heard in the daytime *R. Imperial, 17835.3, El Salvador, made it to South Africa *Still waiting for R. Habana Cuba to issue updated schedule of its own broadcasts, after frequency changes. 6195 heard with R. Reloj relay after 0800 when BBC closed *R. Nacional Amazonia to carry Lula inauguration starting early Jan. 1 from 0800 on 6180, 11780; probably on many other Brazilians too *Zimbabwe reactivated on SW, 5975, 24 hours? Unsure which service *Jakada Radio Internationl commenced regular service in Hausa M-F 1900-1930 on 12125 and via http://www.jakadaradio.com Site registered as Armavir, may be misleading; mission statement; E-mail jakint2002@yahoo.com *Half-hour of English from Libya heard at 2100 on 11635 *Iceland`s noon news starts at 1220 so people would have time to get home and sit down to lunch *Owner of pirate R. Dublin, Ireland, Eamonn Cooke, once on 6900, convicted of sexually assaulting girls in his home; rather graphic story at http://breakingnews.iol.ie/news/story.asp?j=57402036&p=574xz74z&n=57402796 reminds us of KTBN, where transmitter site also served as sexual rendezvous point *World Music Day Jan 1 on BBC Radio 3, different artist every 25 minutes *Chinese heard on 1557 in Europe: turns out to be test from Lithuania *R. Ukraine International changing Jan 1: 9810 to 7375; 6020 to 7420 *Alex, only private commercial SW station in Ukraine, tested 11980 *4625 kHz buzzer station revealed as UVB-76, west of Moscow; see http://www.geocities.com/uvb76 *V. of Tatarstan says its name changess Jan. 1 to ``New Century``, new IDs in Russian `Noviy Vek`, Tatar `Yanay Gasyr` *R. Bayrak International, Turkish Cyprus, logs on 6150 include English *V. of Liberty, new clandestine for Lebanon on 11515, breaking after tests Dec 22, to resume Jan 6; Chinese music heard instead at 1600- 1700 *V. of Reform, new clandestine for Saudi Arabia, added 9930 to 7590 due to jamming, which followed it *Information Radio, US PsyOps for Iraq, heard on 9715 and 11292, but with difficulty; recording at Media Network website: http://www.omroep.nl/cgi-bin/streams?/rnw/medianetwork/iraq021218.rm *V. of Struggle of Iranian Kordestan reactivated on 4 MHz band, 4260- 4290 varying *R. Farda, new US service to Iran, brings criticism from Iranian foreign ministry after acting Pres. Bush spoke on it; interference in internal affairs *Bank accounts of IRNA in Washington closed by US due to court order *R. Farda schedule includes two MW frequencies 24 hours, 1539 from UAE, 1593 from Kuwait, but could not penetrate very far into Iran in daytime. 1539 listed previously as Sharjah, rather than registered Al Dhabbaya. 1593 transmitter may be moved in from Holzkirchen, Germany, coincidentally on same frequency *R. Farda heard relayed in Auckland, New Zealand on 107.1, despite few Iranians there *Afghan publication criticises transmitters of foreign stations there, including planned VOA MW relay at Pol-e Charkhi *India plans to phase out SW for FM; see DXLD 2-199 *Myanmar changing SW operations with three frequencies at once, 4725, 5040.6, 5985.0; and later 6570 Defence Forces Station *KSDA Guam still off the air thanks to hurricane and power outages; but some AWR broadcasts resumed via Taiwan, UAE, per website http://www.awr.org *Conflicting info about start of HCJB Australia: Jan 5 or 7 *Standard disclaimer *Thanks this week for financial support go to Chuck Ermatinger; how does he really pronounce his name? *Seasonal greetings and thanks to World of Radio listeners and contributors; without you, no program, no DX Listening Digest. By working together, we get the news out ASAP *Read DXLD at your leisure via http://www.worldofradio.com where there is also lots of other useful info *P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA: or woradio at yahoo.com *Our alternate original website: http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio *Propagation outlook from Boulder, Dec. 24: flux range 140-185 *World of Radio 1162 concludes; I`m Glenn Hauser ### WORLD OF RADIO #1161, produced December 18, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *As expected, Commando Solo is back, this time for Iraq, since Dec 12, from Kuwaiti airspace; see DXLD 2-198, 2-199... EC-130J aircraft from Pennsylvania ANG; 1500-2000 UT depending on weather, openly referred to as propaganda; frequencies 693, 756, 100.4, 9715, 11292 http://www.centcom.mil has transcripts, illustrations of leaflets: http://www.centcom.mil/News/Misc/radioscripts.htm http://www.centcom.mil/Galleries/Photos/leaflets/Iraq_Leaflets/20021216.htm Not much heard here, but in NZ and Europe; 11292 clear, but 9715 also has DW, Russia; see Clandestine Radio Watch for complete transcripts http://www.schoechi.de/crw/crw122e2.html ID translates as ``Your source of information, Information Radio`` Is this really necessary, since numerous US-controlled transmitters are nearby on the ground, notably Kuwait? but military, not civilian *Funding withdrawn for a R. Hurriyah pro-democratic station to be set up for Iraqi National Congress *V. of Reform, new clandestine for Sa`udi Arabia, more background in past week of DXLDs; transmitter site determined to be Norway; soon bubble-jammed *V. of Free Lebanon`s objective is to oppose Syrian control of Lebanon Same time and frequency on Dec. 8 had RFI in Persian, so site there? *V. of Turkey`s weekly live call-in continues Tuesday evenings to Europe, including Xmas eve, 1930-2020 on 9890, plus webcast *R. Bayrak, Turkish Northern Cyprus, confirmed on 6150, in 2200-0400, partly in Arabic *R. Gardarika, St. Petersburg, returns to SW Dec 20-31, 20-23 5920 *Pirate scene in Russia: mostly in these frequency ranges: 1610-1800, 2850-3150, 3900-3930, 6600-6660, 10450-10470 *R. Ukraine`s megawatt on 9810 much better in New York than here; but plans to move it to 7375, despite interference, from January *R. Sweden`s special programs for the holidays *The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1161, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA: woradio at yahoo.com Check our website http://worldofradio.com including Monitoring Calendar, replete with holiday specials mainly from webcasting US public radio stations *Thanks this week for financial support go to Gerald T. Pollard *Radio Enlace, on RN, plans special from Patagonia, Dec. 24 and 27 *Laser Radio resumes weekly SW broadcasts from Dec. 22, Sundays 1800- 2300 on 100 kW 5935 via Latvia, of interest to SWLs http://www.laserradio.net [watch out: swoosh audio launches automatically overriding whatever else you may be realplaying] *Obligatory annual mention: Festival of 9 Lessons & Carols, BBCWS, Dec. 24 at 1502 and 2230; Queen`s Message to the Commonwealth, this year on Americas stream, Dec 25 at 1506, Thu 0106; Europe 1906, 0106 *Canary Islands Full Gospel Church on 6715-USB likely pirate; clashes with Halifax Military *Previous report that Malawi was back on SW 3385 was mistake; really a spur from BBC 3255 via South Africa *HCJB won`t make Dec. 22 target date for Australian transmitter; delay due to technical difficulties such as US dock strike; now set for January 5; planned initial test schedule *December 8 super-typhoon on Guam knocked KSDA as well as KTWR off the air, power out and KSDA generator broke down *Interesting to listen to Guam`s K57 webcast for local news; was not 24 hours for a while due to power shortages: http://www.k57.com/index1.htm *JSWC 50th annversary schedule on KSDA Dec 15 (not Jan as I said!) could not go on; another scheduled for KTWR, Dec 28 at 21 on 11690, 29 at 12 on 9465 *FEBC`s Hmong broadcaster John Lee died Dec. 7; instrumental in propagating Christianity vs. animism in Vietnam, Laos *V. of Cambodia active again on 11940.3 at 1200, but modluation is bad *BBG criticizes China for jamming, see DXLD 2-195; US does not reciprocate, in keeping with freedom of information *New All India Radio on 4830, turned out to be Jammu, Kashmir with new 50 kW transmitter; 0025-0445, 1030-2310 [should be -1740?]; 0630- 0930 on 5965 *Sen. Helms criticizes R. Farda replacing R. Azadi, and another op-ed piece in DXLD 2-198 *VOA launching new program, not yet service, VOA DC (Direct Connexion) for Indonesian youth, at 1430 *Kim Elliott will host VOA`s Talk to America, New Year`s Day at 1705; also may do earlier hour Jan. 1, at 1400 *Bjoern Malm reactivated listening post in Quito; harmonics (or non) from Ecuador: R. Positiva, La Voz de Santo Domingo, R. Centro *And from Colombia, Ondas del Orteguaza on harmonics 3480-, 2319.72 *Manolo de la Rosa, Cuba still doing DX segment on Ventana Rebelde, UT Sundays around 0430 on 6120 *Habana in Spanish at 0400 on 6275, distorted in AM, clean in FM *University for Peace trying to evict RFPI from its grounds; RFPI expects to prevail in court; new address P O Box 75, 6100 Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica *VO1MRC, Marconi Radio Club in Newfoundland makes more 5 MHz band tests Dec. 20-23: 5260 5269 5280 5290 5319 5329 5400 5405 *Propagation outlook from Boulder, December 27; flux range 200-150-185 *That concludes another World of Radio; Glenn Hauser inviting you back next week. This has been number 11-61 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1160, produced December 11, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Longtime DXer Bill Flynn, Cave Junction, OR, died November 22; was a faithful contributor to WOR; lately he enjoyed exploring new challenge of QSLing Internet `receptions` *RFPI expanded hours on both frequencies: 15040 24 hours, tho not always heard late at night; 7445 2100-1200 or 1300; but Taiwan clashes after 1100 and 2200-2400; so a number of daytime broadcasts of WOR on RFPI have been reinstated, in all versions of our schedules at http://worldofradio.com & http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio RFPI`s new US address: Box 3165, Newburg OR 97132 *New Mundo Radial, including text, on website, and from Dec 13 on WWCR 9475, Fri 2215v, Wed 2200 *Anonymous VOA correspondent decries dilution of VOA brand, with more and more new radios keeping their distance from it; carving up VOA into pieces *In 2-week transition period between R. Azadi and R. Farda, for Iran: half an hour of news, 2.5 hours of music for the time being; VOA Persian service not being abolished, unlike Arabic for Sawa *R. Sawa booming in via Morocco, 0400-0600 on 9665, heavily produced [but DW via 9670 bothers before 0545]. Only use of Greenville for R. Sawa, 1900-2100 on 17740, well audible in C and W North America *Secular Bible Study, imagine that, new on WBCQ, UT Tue 0200-0300 on 7415 *WWRB on 60 meters: 4 frequencies for the price of two, 5015 and 5120 spurs from mixture of 5050, 5085 *WRNO making another appearance, 7355, UT Mon until 0249 [also heard UT Thu] *IBOC on MW led to extensive thread on NRC-AM list and others; a lot in DXLD 2-192, 193, 194; insight from DXer point of view; including what ``IBOC`` could really stand for *RCI second harmonic on 43130 at 1705 *V. of Vietnam at 0100 on 5905: Sackville mixture of 6175, 6040 *Greenland`s reported SW broadcasts on 3815-USB not confirmable from Sheigra, Scotland DX-pedition *Quiet geomag conditions, A index at 7, allowed reception of European LW in Tennessee, including Iceland, 189 kHz *BBCWS 70th anniversary celebration details in DXLD 2-193; Global Party, Sun Dec 15 at 1700-2000 has special frequency for `Caribbean`, and probably audible here, 15190; Play of the Week drama showcase; Dec. 16-20, special 2-hour Newshour at 1200 with interviews of key figures *Another domestic network, BBC Radio 7, launching Dec. 15, 2000-2200 with old comedy shows, at least on internet *Frans Vossen back doing Radio World from RVi Belgium; website redesigned, show ondemand in Windows media instead of Real *Russian regional frequency changes, away from 5290 et al. *Kamtchatka Rybatskaya, for fishermen, Sun 0000-0100 on 5910, 7360, 11975 *Fate of R. Austria International now to be decided in March; in meantime looking for ways to preserve it on SW, such as separate funding or increase in license fees *R. Budapest, Hungary has new schedule from Dec. 16, including new broadcasts in English, Sun 1630, and to S. Africa at 2200; full sked in DXLD 2-194 *In the midst of WOR 1160, our preferred address woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 *Thanks this week for financial support go to George T. Vadino *Standard disclaimer *Radio Studio X advisory about fake QSL replies; the only address to use, with $1 return postage: Radio Studio X, Via Mammianese 687, 51030 Momigno (Pistoia), Italy *R. Okapi, Congo DR, heard just before Methodists at 0600 on 11690; singing Okapi ID at 0553 *R. Togo`s reactivated 5047 steadily improving modulation, -0004* and 0510- *Sawt al-Qarn, clandestine for Sudan, has disappeared from 21550, 1330-1430 M & F only *R. Bayrak, Turkish Northern Cyprus on 6150, logged after 2156, and 0215; in NAm watch out for Dr. Gene Scott`s music from Costa Rica *V. of Free Lebanon, new clandestine, background: originates in Paris; to oppose Syrian domination *New clandestine for Saudi Arabia, V. of Al-Islah, 7590 at 1900-2100; see http://www.islah.org where Bin-Laden referred to as a `good warrior`; name means V. of Reform, also 24h on satellite, from London-based Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia, http://www.miraserve.com ``Sawt al-Islah`` promotes democratic reforms and freedom of speech in SA, headed by Sa`ad al Fagih *R. Pakistan in English at 1600 heard on 4790, 11570, 15070 *In settlement of civil war in Sri Lanka, LTTE allowed to import radio equipment from Norway, FM and/or SW? see DXLD 2-193 *KTWR Guam`s antennas wrecked by typhoon Dec 8, all transmitters off the air; winds reached 184 mph; KSDA still on *RHC forces us to search for new frequencies; English to Europe at 2030-2130 found on 11670; Caribbean 2230-2330 on 6195 *FARC clandestine heard in Venezuela, on 10000 USB until 2108, 1545- *Ondas del Orteguaza, Colombia on 6960 = 6 x 1160 *R. Ideal, Umbita, Colombia on 1613.1 kHz, varying from 1600 *R. San Miguel, Bolivia shifted from 4924v to 4930 clearing 4925 for Brasil`s Radiodifusora Taubate *R. Nacional, Paraguay, turns SW on only for special occasions, 9737.85v until 0257* Was on Dec. 7-8 for important Catholic fiesta, direct from Caacupe for pilgrims, from *0900 *Honduras also reactivated on 4930.6, R. Internacional from *1250 *Plans for format changes at Mexico`s public radio network IMER: raise XERF-1570 power to 100 kW; 710 from ranchera to R. Infantil next August; timesignal La Hora Exacta, XEQK, 1350 to a more ambitious format, R. Ciudadana *Propagation outlook from Boulder, Dec. 10; flux range 170-140 *You`ve been listening to the 1,160th edition of World of Radio. I`m Glenn Hauser and I do hope you`ll join me again next week ### WORLD OF RADIO #1159, produced Dec. 4, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *One new SW frequency being processed in Brazil, not 9820 as chosen by R. Nove de Julho; Tropical is separate band, where two new stations planned, in Amazonas and Rondonia. Ten channels available on SW, with allocations for each state *Brasilia transmitter still used to relay China in Spanish, 0300 on 9665; HFCC shows another hour at 0100 on same *Voz de la Resistencia, FARC clandestine in Colombia, heard again on SW, new 6175.07, Sunday at 1032 immediately following France in Spanish, maybe no accident. Rafael Rodriguez unable to confirm so far *Alo Presidente, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela via Cuba, Sundays from 1400 or 1500 on 15230, new 15570, 17750 *RHC B-02 schedule still missing, but has been changed; no English on 13 MHz at 2030 [but new 11670], Spanish instead at 2100 on 13750; nor English at 2230 heard on 9550 *HCJB moved Arabic service to Africa at 2100-2230 from Merlin UK, to Merlin Canada, still on 12025; little to identify it with HCJB, and closed Arabic with address in Spain expressed in French *El Salvador`s only SW station, R. Imperial, getting out better now, on 17835.3v; our recording around 2230: ``R. Imperial, 810 AM, 17835 onda corta.`` And musica de alabanza *SW on the way out in Guatemala. R. Cultural closed 3300 for lack of a single reception report in a year; trend is toward FM at the expense of AM, SW; FM already widespread *R. Educacion, Mexico, 6185 has media show ``Sintonia Libre`` at 0430, heard at least on UT Mon, Thu; 0530 ID in English *On 3749.75, HIBC, La Voz del Progreso, San Francisco de Macoris, Dominican Republic, harmonic 3 x 1250 around 0100 *A rarity for North American FM DXers to hear a new country; ZBM 94.9 `Power 95` Bermuda heard in Kentucky *Aboriginal Voices Radio, new lowpower in Toronto on 106.5; http://www.buffalotracks.com shows big plans for national network *WWCR`s new 50 kW AM in Memphis TN, WMQM, had target date of Dec 2; not yet heard here on 1600; night power only 35 watts; official sunset, sunrise times in Memphis in December are 2245, 1300 UT, best times to catch it *Militians have `Radio Free Texas` net on 6990-LSB, 13950-USB; lower one heard here around 0100 *Steve Anderson, ex-fugitive, of United Patriot Radio, indicted on 18 weapons charges (but not attempted murder?) *I monitored all five hours of the final broadcast [Nov 27] of KKSU 580; available ondemand at http://www.kksu.org Our recording of the final minute with parting shot by Richard Baker: ``ignorance is curable, but you`re stuck with stupidity``. WIBW then celebrated by moving into a new building *Empire of the Air, Ken Burns film about early radio, back on PBS Monday Dec 9 at 9 pm EST, time varies *The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1159; P O Box 1684, Enid OK, 73702 USA; or woradio at yahoo.com Check our website http://worldofradio.com *MARS gearing up for greetings to servicepersons, veterans, Operation Holidays: free MARSgrams and phone patches available; see DXLD 2-175 under USA [and non], or http://www.netcom.army.mil/mars *Brother Stair back on WBCQ following us Monday mornings, elsewhen *VOA French from Greenville at 0610 heard on 5260, mix between 9480 and 7370; M-F only *R. Farda, new US jazzed-up service to Iranian youth already heard testing on R. Azadi frequencies; recording by Kai Ludwig, closing at 2259 on 7165 *WRN has new M-F program from UN Radio NY, at 2030; North America 0100 *WRMI also relaying R. Prague in English at 1400 on 15725, a few seconds behind Prague direct on 21745 *BBC World Service celebrating 70th anniversary this month, including: Global Party, Sun Dec 15 at 1700-2000 on all streams, but no SW to Americas; actual date Thu Dec 19, Live from Table Mountain, Capetown, South Africa, 0400-1800 GMT *Laser Radio starting regular weekly broadcasts via Latvia 5935, Sun 1700-2300 UT from Dec 22 with shows for hobbyists; also via Live365 *Time for another monthly broadcast from low power Finnish station Scandinavian Weekend Radio, 24 hours from Fri Dec 6 at 2200 on one frequency in each band: 5980, 5990, 6170, 11690, 11720; detailed schedule at http://www.swradio.net *Deutsche Welle announces it will begin regular DRM digital SW transmissions next June, starting with some languages to Europe, Middle East, Asia; Trincomalee, Sri Lanka, transmitter to be converted; maybe to America by 2005; a `global radio renaissance` *V. of Free Lebanon, clandestine at 1600-1700 on 11515, recording by Kai Ludwig *Frequencies to monitor Kabul air traffic control: 5658, maybe also 3467, 10018, 13288; US military uses 17389 day, 4150.5 night with callsign `Luxor` *R. Georgia in English heard well in England, 0630 on 11805, 0830 and 0930 on 11910 with improved modulation and strength *R. Pakistan has tentative requirements for 18920 and 18970 at 0500- 0700, 0800-1104; would have to take regular frequencies off to try *VNG, Australia`s timesignal plans to close down Dec. 31; long article by Rich D`Angelo on it in DXLD 2-189 *New website, Interactive Russian-English Glossary of Radio and DX terms: http://it.domaindlx.com/awh/slovnik/scripts *Plasma TV: mother of all RFI producers, especially on hambands; see http://www.eham.net/articles/4285 *New Sony car SW radio, XRCA440X; see http://www.jackys.com in UAE, http://www.jackys.com/product/default_DET.asp?cat_id=35&cat_name=Car%20Audio for $110 plus $50 airfreight; has radically redesigned futuristic faceplate: http://www.caraudiodiscount.com/acatalog/large/sony2002/xrc-ca430x_l.jpg *Big Lots selling 12 band radio with SW for $8, not high quality, but a way to introduce relatives and friends to SW at minimal cost *Propagation outlook from Boulder, Dec 3: flux range 180-140 *RFPI seems to have expanded use of 15040; look for us also in daytime *That concludes World of Radio 1159; I`m Glenn Hauser ### WORLD OF RADIO #1158, produced Nov. 26, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Standard disclaimer *Our WWCR frequency Thursdays at 2130 changes next week from 15825 to 9475, thru Feb *WOR repeat on WBCQ moved half an hour later to 0545 UT Monday on 7415 *V. of Free Lebanon as monitored on 11515 at 1600-1700 since Nov 22; TDP client; station believes disinformation that it is 250 kW transmitter in Belgium; see http://www.rpliban.org/rpl/index.htm [not as given, nor as in DXLD 2-184: our source omitted the .org] Replies from radio@tayyar.org Frequency was 11515.4, then 11515.0, so two different sites tested? *Lebanon`s own new 837 MW transmitter heard in Finland; megawatt? *Israel announce shift to 6280 already for English at 2000 (and 0500?) instead of December 15 [unconfirmed] *V. of Iran, clandestine, on 11575, ex-17510; seems still via France *US about to start new service in Persian for Iran, Radio Farda, in mid-December, replacing RFE/RL`s Radio Azadi, which ends Dec. 2; name means Tomorrow; to add MW transmitters in nearby countries *Steve Anderson of United Patriot Radio apprehended in Cherokee county, Nov. 22 after 13 months as fugitive; those he threatened, including newspaper editor and her daughter, relieved; see DXLDs 2-183, 2-184 *WMLK 250 kW transmitter delays due to need to make or order parts *Wales Radio International, [Friday] 2130 on 7325, winter timing but summer frequency; and UT Sat 0300 on 9735, clear in absence of Paraguay *Another strike Nov. 26 at R. France Internationale *Nuestro Sello, serious music from the RTVE label in Spain, is M-F at 1010 on 11815, 21570; 1605 on 15125, 21570, 21700; 0105 on 9620, 11815, 11945, 15160 *R. Austria International`s English times include: 1630 on 17865 via Sackville; direct to NAm at 0230 on 7325; also weekends only at 0000 on 9870, 13730; weekly English, My Music, Sun 0905 on 6155, 13730; 2305 on 5945, 6155; Sun 1705 on 1476 *R. Afrika International, Wien, contradictory schedule via Austria *R. Bulgaria`s DX program in English, nominal times: Fri 2235, Sat 0035, 0335, Sun 0748, 1248 *Bulgaria starts internet TV Nov. 27: http://www.bgweb.tv [QuickTime] *via kHz, MHz, GHz and n/a, World of Radio 1158, woradio at yahoo.com --please use that instead of our other yahoo, hotmail addresses. Or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; http://worldofradio.com *Thanks this week for financial support go to Bill Flynn in Oregon, and we hope his recovery is going well *Let us be thankful for human ingenuity and endeavour which have led to so much progress *Weekly English from Pridnestrovye/Moldova is an hour earlier than thought last week, Wed 1700 on 5960 *Novosibirsk and other Russian transmitters subject to harmonics *Tashkent`s new 7185 in English to Europe at 2030 and 2130 is relay via Moscow *World Falun Dafa Radio clandestine to Europe, China, sends multi- colored QSL card, from P O Box 93436, City of Industry, CA 91715. 2100-2200 on 5925 and 2200-2300 on 9945 *Yet another JSWC 50th anniversary special on DX Partyline Nov. 30 *V. of Indonesia again heard on 15150 after two months, English 2000 *New Zealand approves unclassified USAF HF communications station, for better coverage of South Pacific and Antarctic flights, project called `Rightsizing Initiative`, within next year *R. Hargeysa, Somaliland, 7530-RCUSB, running an hour later until 1959* for Ramadan, barely heard in Maine *R. Isanganiro, Burundi, on FM only, not shortwave as speculated *R. Nacional, Equatorial Guinea, getting new FM and SW transmitters installed by Chinese techs *V. of Nigeria mailbag show Sat 0645, Sun 1145, Mon 2215, Wed ???? *Johan Berglund, Sweden, visited Canary Islands including church with 6715-USB station and antenna on roof, just an aluminum pipe *R. America, Paraguay, 7737.1, tentatively heard on Maine DXpedition around 0100 *Carrier with little audio on 15056.5, or 15058.67, believed to be 3rd harmonic of Ecos del Atrato, Colombia; try parallel on 5019v *Costa Rica`s 530 kHz station no longer R. Rumbo but R. Sinfonola, simulcasting FM 90.3 *R. Litoral, Honduras, 4832, varied down to 4830.1 around 1200, 0502* *Mexico City`s 660 station was IMER`s La Candela; now privatised as Comunicacion 660 *6078.7, 6311.2 from BBC at 1030 are symmetrical spurs from BBC Antigua 6195 *MW third harmonics from Canada, CFTR on 2040; CFAN on 2370 *KHPY, Moreno Valley, CA, is new X-bander testing on 1670 *Caribbean FM DX trans-equatorially to southern Brazil, including British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, St. Lucia, Barbados *New optimum frequency table at Tomas Hood`s propagation site: http://hfradio.org/latest_chart.html *Propagation outlook from Boulder, Nov 26; flux range 145-195-140 *Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1158 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1157, produced November 20, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *New edition of my monthly Spanish DX report, Mundo Radial, starts Nov. 22, Fri 2215v, Wed 2200v on 9475; expanded version soon via http://worldofradio.com/espanol.html plus text in Spanish *WIBW 580 Topeka goes fulltime Dec. 2, as 78-year-old sharetime arrangement with KKSU 580 Manhattan ends; due to TG holiday, KKSU`s final broadcast actually Wed. Nov. 27, until 2329:30 UT. Plans retrospective that day at 2000 or 2030; we`ll miss the only public radio station here on AM *WOR 710 NYC IBOC blocks out 690 thru 730; IBOC is a way for major stations to put an end to small stations which can`t afford it *Appeals court rules FCC did not have authority to order descriptive video service for the blind *WINB heard on frequency contrary to schedule, 9320 at 0330 *WWRB won`t QSL, but a program carried by it, issues QSLs itself: Grace in Action Ministries, P O Box 11569, Honolulu HI 96828 *WRMI provides a fine public service with classical music fill on 15725 1400-1600 weekdays, longer on weekends *5 MHz hamband experiments Nov. 22-25, Dec. 20-23, June 20-23, from VO1MRC, Newfoundland *New program schedule effective thru December from RMI, XERMX, has wrong time conversion, but corrected: when to hear Antena Radio Summary, Talking Mexico, Mailbox, DXperience -- spent 17 minutes discussing SINPO --, Radio Correo del Aire, Estacion DX *Two ad-hoc FM stations set up for anti-government demonstrations in Plaza Altamira, Caracas, Venezuela, on 90.7, R. Libertad, and R. Dignidad (recording) *Harmonics monitored in Colombia: 2200, 4800, 12022, 12070 *Asia-Pacific program on R. Australia endangered, as co-producer R. National wants to pull out 1/4 of funding *Station X, Queensland, authorization on 2368.5, is anticipating digital broadcasting, when this cheap licence may become lucrative *Mixing product from Italy appears on Solomon Islands frequency *FCC SW schedule lists KHBN, Palau, but heard with native ID T8BZ *Standard disclaimer *The midpoint of WOR 1157; woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; check our website for total access to DX Listening Digest: http://worldofradio.com *Thanks this week for financial support go to Tim Hendel, Alabama *R. Nepal doesn`t open its mail, nor understand QSLing. Also desperately poor. So let a tape recording be your QSL *China`s jamming of Uzbek language broadcasts may be on behalf of Uzbekistan government, rather than to block in China itself *US PsyOps Information Radio in Afghanistan has second station on 864 from Kandahar; 864 and 8700 still from Bagram; Japanese-band car radios give advantage to stations below 90 MHz, e.g. BBC on 89.0 *R. Payam-e-Doost? Baha`i for Iran, expands to two half-sesquihour SW broadcasts daily, but new one at 0230 on 7460, not 7465. See http://www.bahairadio.org Mixed up with R. Anternational info? *Pentagon prepares PsyWar campaign for Iraq; see DXLD 2-178; radio angle planned, including airborne as in previous wars *Arabic Radio, clandestine for Syria on new 7470 at 1600 *Rally for Lebanon, Free Patriotic Movement, from exile in France, starts SW service to Lebanon, Nov 22, Fri [only?] 1600-1700 on 11515; http://www.tayyar.org asks suggestions for naming this *Turkish Meteorological Radio seems to be active at 0500 on 6900 *R. Bayrak, Turkish Northern Cyprus heard in Europe on 6150 with FM IDs, nonstop music late at night; still the old transmitter? *R. Pridnestrovye supposed to have a weekly English half hour? Wednesdays at 1800 on 5960, but could not be confirmed *Circassian service from Adygey and Kabardino-Balkariya now on 6005 from Tbilisskoye at 1800-1900; four languages, but usage not clear; background at http://hobobob%d0%b8%d0%bb%d0%b8%d1%82%d0%b0%d0%bc%d0%b6%d0%b5.chat.ru/~abazapress/cbacken.htm *V. of Russia, English to Europe at 0700-1000 on 11820, also well heard in eastern North America *R. Ukraine International fired up megawatt transmitter Nov. 15, to North America on 9810 at 0100-0500 or less [quite poor here] *Frans Vossen to resume RVI Radio World Dec. 8 after recuperation *Tunisia spur from 7225 on 7190 shown as a real outlet in PWBR *Best time for R. Okapi, Congo DR, in Sweden is 1900/1930 on 11690 *R. Isanganiro, new station started Nov. 18 in Burundi; previously was awaiting `SW frequency`. [website mentions FM only --Kenny] *CIRAF numerical designators for SW target areas can be found on maps via http://www.itu.int/ITU-R/terrestrial/broadcast/hf/refdata/maps/index.html http://www.itu.int/ITU-R/terrestrial/broadcast/images/broad-ciraf2.gif *Propagation outlook from Boulder, Nov. 19: flux range 165-195 *Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1157 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1156, produced November 13, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *At least for time being, two different encoding levels available for WOR audio files: 44 kbps/10 MB, 16 kpbs/3.6 MB so take your choice [this week however, lower is 20 kbps/4.6 MB] *WRN also upgrading audio on demand quality to 20 kbps, and adding Windows Media as website is relaunched: http://www.wrn.org *No more co-channel QRM from VOA Botswana when we are on WBCQ 7415, Wed 2300, Mon 0515 *Surpirsed to hear Cuban sacred music on RHC, then Top 10, UT Monday *Model identified of SW radios given away by US to Cubans: TecSun from China, R-9701; see DXLD 2-169 at http://www.worldofradio.com and illustrated at: http://www.tecsun.com.cn/english/swdual.htm *Lengthy review of new Freeplay windup radios by Jeff White in DXLD 2-170 *4VEH fighting voodoo in Haiti by giving away radios fix-tuned to their frequency [840], which is also being DXed in North America *Peru on 4627 used to be R. Cosmos, now R. San Agustin; also mentions R. San Isidro in greeting that station *R. Educacao Rural, Tefe, Amazonas, Brasil changed to 4925 Oct. 12 *RAE, Argentina, dropped 6060 in evenings; English coming in OK on 11710 at 0200-0300 UT Tue-Sat *Malawi reported on 3385 instead of 3380, but poorly heard *R. Okapi, DR Congo, reported on all three: 6030, 9550, 11690; beware of 11690 at 0600-0800 when Methodist R. Africa International is on there from Germany *Nigerian DXer Emmanuel Ezeani reports R. Nigeria, Enugu on new 4775 *La Voix du Sahel, Niger, 9705 best heard Saturday evenings on late *Former major signal from Africa, Lome, Togo on 5047, gone two years, now is back, but undermodulated, hard to ID, 1800-2400 http://thenationalanthems.net allowed matching anthem at closing *Best bet for African MW DX in North America is Mauritania on 783, especially on east coast; all night for Ramadan and as early as 2035, \\ 4845 *Medi Un, Morocco, jumps back and forth between 9575 and 9595, but station claims to be only on 9575 *Yoido Full Gospel Church broadcast from Canary Islands, 6715-USB, best chance Fridays until 2230 or 2330; recording by Guido Schotmans in Belgium *V. of Mediterranean, Malta, via Italy, Russia, in English; includes DX program on Fridays *R. Tatarstan, new schedule to rest of Russia on SW *Best chance to hear English from Ukraine is 2200 on 5905; only two transmitters operating [but 9810 1000 kW to fire up for NAm Nov 15] *R. Prague on 15725 is not direct, but unscheduled relay by WRMI at 1400, 1500 *R. Austria International to be closed by March if management has its way; but there is some parliamentary opposition, and Listener Relations Department is asking listeners who don`t normally write, to show their support: roi.service@orf.at or Radio Austria International, z.H. Hr. Michael Kerbler, Argentinierstr. 30A, A-1040 Vienna, AUSTRIA *DX programs in German from ORF best chance to hear in North America: Sunday 1730-1800 on 13730 *This is the non-commercial, non-communist, non-capitalist, non- corporate, non-club, non-Cumbre, non-clandestine, non-Cuban, and non Canadian DX program, WOR 1156, http://worldofradio.com Please use this address instead of the others: woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 *Radio Marabu, German pirate, plans 24-hour broadcast this Saturday *European Music Radio plans legal broadcasts via IRRS, Italy, or somewhere, Nov. 23-24, Dec. 14-15 at 0830-0930 on 13840 *Hopes for R. Bayrak, Turkish Cyprus reactivation on 6150, but a number of other stations on frequency *R. Jordan, English now at 1400-1730 on 11690; RTTY omnipresent but can be avoided on LSB; Jordan Weekly Saturdays at 1700 *V. of Mesopotamia, Kurdish clandestine, heard in Wisconsin on 11530 around 1400; full schedule *Don`t confuse with different station, Mesopotamian Radio and TV *R. Anternational, clandestine to Iran via Norway at 1730-1815 on 7490, also has morning broadcast at 0230-0315 on 7460 via Moldova *Yemen seems to have two different transmitters and antennas, one below 9780, the other slightly above with different coverages *R. Afghanistan via Abu Dhabi, new frequencies 6000 and 9655 *English news from Kyrgyzstan came in well in Newfoundland at 0024 on 4010 *Hit Music station on 4050 from Kyrgyzstan moved to 4939.95 *English from Uzbekistan at 2030, 2130 heard on 5025, 7185, 11905 *Latest changes at R. Pakistan include new 15070, old BBC frequency; 9290 at 1700-1900 moved to 9400 due to jamming *English news from Pakistan at 0800 and 1100 on 9645 home service too *Sri Lanka moving around 7 MHz: 7190 to 7440 to 7115 to 7049 *V. of Korea, P`yongyang monitored schedule of some English hours, to Central, North America, Europe *V. of Khmer Krom, clandestine to Vietnam, from *1359 on 11560 *V. of Indonesia changes frequencies from one day to the next; for English at 2000-2100 always check 9525, 11785 and 15150 *Sam Voron QSLing for his clandestine R. Independent Mekamui, 3850, 80 watts, from Bougainville; details in DXLD 2-175 *How Sam Voron is introducing ham radio in Solomon Islands: DXLD 2- 175 *Mark Koernke may be in jail, but pirate on 90.7 from his property in Dexter MI raided by FCC, along with ATF finding weapons *MW harmonics: WSGB, WV, 2980; WHKT, VA, 4950 clashing with VOA *CJRN 710 Niagara Falls broadcasts Ramadan show just before sunset *Every serious listener should access the huge zipped HFCC frequency file, B-02, at http://www.hfcc.org public data section *Propagation outlook from Boulder, Nov. 12; flux range 175-160-185 *Let`s hear from you at our preferred new E-mail address, woradio at yahoo.com *Glenn Hauser, here with a standard disclaimer, concluding World of Radio 1156, and inviting you back next week ### WORLD OF RADIO #1155, produced November 6, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Last week WOR was missing from 15825 Thursday at 2130, but still supposed to be on at that hour *If in doubt, check http://www.worldofradio.com for our schedules in various formats *RTE Ireland`s new schedule of English broadcasts via relays *BBC presenting its original 2LO transmitter to Science Museum Nov. 7; and 80th anniversary commemoration at Museum Nov. 14 *BBC apologizes to Antigua P.M. Lester Bird for libel and pays 100 kilopounds in damages; where BBC relay station happens to be *Special cross-band ham event Nov. 8-9, German National Weather Service longwave station DDH47, 147.3 kHz, with hams calling DL0SWA/DDH47 on 3565, 7025, 14052 *R. Vilnius, Lithuania, new English schedule *R. Ukraine International cuts back to only one frequency for each English hour, none for North America; maybe maximized January 1 if funding permits; at 0400, 6020 clashes with Turkey *R. Kavkaz (Caucuses), clandestine for Russia, tentatively heard on 7182 in absence of R. Bangladesh *R. Romania International`s new English schedule *V. of Greece clash with WRMI on 15725 resolved by move to 15650 *IRRS-SW Italy testing 100 kW transmitter on 6280, site unknown but unlikely Italy; DXers challenged to figure out the site; all we need are three to triangulate with direxional antennas; further tests planned for R. GAP but soon changed to European Global Forum reports from Firenze, Nov. 7-9 *Obscure pdf file on swissinfo website gives remaining SRI SW schedule, including English to Near East/Africa, and South America *Arabic Radio, clandestine for Syria changed one 12 MHz frequency to an hour later at the beginning of October, the other at the end, implying two different sites, now back in sync at 1600 *Leaflets dropped on southern Iraq, perhaps precursor to broadcasts *Iran`s B-02 schedule for English involves time, frequency changes *VOA heard on new MW frequency 1593, from Kuwait in Farsi; the 1500s crowded in Kuwait with R. Sawa 1548; Twin Rivers on 1566 *Misspoke last week on starting date for Ramadan: really Nov. 6 or 7 *New on 4890-USB interfering with PNG seems to be new home service frequency from Armenia *V. of Armenia English schedule announced on wrong frequency *Standard disclaimer *The midpoint of WOR 1155, wghauser@hotmail.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; website http://worldofradio.com *Thanks this week for financial support to John Carson whom we enjoyed seeing at the Enid hamfest *R. Pakistan and Azad Kashmir observations on 49 and 60 meters, plus V. of Jammu & Kashmir Freedom *R. Kashmir, Srinagar on winter schedule; and specials for Ramazan *Spur on exactly 10 MHz from All India Radio, 9950; also 9850, 9900, 10050 [and beyond] *SLBC Sri Lanka moves back into 7 MHz band; still on 15745 *SLBC`s weekly hour in English via UK remains Sat 1900 on 6010 *IBC Tamil, for Sri Lanka, new schedule *Bhutan heard on 6035 in Europe after Abu Dhabi closes at 0100 *R. Dat, clandestine for Kazakhstan, an hour later at 1600 on 9925 *V. of Vietnam via Austria, 5955, monitored schedule includes English at 1800 *Comprehensive new schedule of broadcasts from or through Taiwan, in DXLD 2-173 *Station X, Queensland, planning to use 2368.5 could be digital in a few years, with FM quality, reach of MF or HF. Australia endorsing DRM for all HF broadcasters, not MF; and trying Eureka 147 system DAB in L-band, Sydney *S. Pacific hunting season in Spain has begun, Vanuatu heard on 7260 *East African Report from Chris Greenway: only SW outlet from KBC, Kenya, 4915, is M-F only on extended schedule, signing on at 0300 when DX chance is best *R. Uganda has become unreliable on 60m; Red channel worse than Blue *R. Tanzania on 7 MHz only in daytime; 5050 from 0200 despite WWRB *No transmissions on SW observed from Malawi, Burundi, Comoros, Djibouti, Lesoto, Mauritius, Mozambique, Reunion *New R. Cairo schedule includes new frequency for English at 1215- 1330 for S. Asia, 17775, same as used by Tashkent in summer *R. Horizonte, Peru heard on 10 MHz second harmonic; *10354.2v, R. Willkamayu, Cuzco, heard in Peru; could be eleventh harmonic of 940v, but station says it is testing with 20 watts from *1000 *R. Cosmos, Peru, 4627 is now R. San Isidro until 0300* *Don`t be surprised if HCJB is missing, e.g. 9745, due to power outages caused by volcanic ash *RFO, Guadeloupe seems to have inceased power to 50 kW on 640, heard in North America *WS2XTR, experimental Nov. 4-8 daytimes on 1680 from Virginia, testing antenna design; will QSL; report to ws2xtr@star-h.com *WI2XAM, 1700, Lucent Offices in NJ, testing IBOC DAB with 50 watts, interfering with adjacent channels *David Letterman TV show simulcasting on some CBS/Infinity radio stations *Ventana a Cuba, new VOA program, a no-show UT Monday Nov. 4 due to mislabeled tape box; may play back this UT Sunday along with new edition at normal time *Kim Elliott becomes a regular guest on VOA`s Main Street, talking about media, UT Suns 0233, 0433, 0633 and 1033; welcome back! *VOA starts new Housecall program for Africa call-in about health, Tuesdays at 1900 *R. Africa International, Methodist, new schedule via Germany *Propagation outlook from Boulder, Nov. 5; flux range 185-160 *That`s World of Radio 1155; I`m Glenn Hauser ### WORLD OF RADIO #1154, produced October 30, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *RFPI got last week`s WOR without delay; no direct streaming, but reactivated stream via SW feed picked up in USA; see http://www.rfpi.org *WJIE posted schedule including WOR: M-F 1300, daily 0400; but often running open carrier; plus Sun 0630, Mon 0700, Tue 0630 and/or 0700 *All versions of our schedules updated at our websites: http://worldofradio.com and http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio *Printouts of our schedule available by P-mail for SASE or 1 IRC to P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 *WWRB mixing product on 5015, from 5085 and 5050 *V. of Greece on new 15725 in our mornings, clashing 20 Hz from WRMI; HFCC did not forsee this when coordinating *Cuban government intelligence operation inside Radio Marti: http://www.lanuevacuba.com/nuevacuba/notic-02-10-1811.htm [Spanish version:] http://www.lanuevacuba.com/nuevacuba/notic-02-10-1811esp.htm *Details of VOA`s new program in Spanish for Cuba, Ventana a Cuba, UT Mondays 0100-0130 9480 9590 9885 11700 11990; plus Ritmo Beat 0130 *Radio Sawa offers screensvers to E-mailers: comments@radiosawa.com *KCAF, 990 in Dallas, began new format for women, lasted only three days as financing fell through *KTRB, 860, Modesto, plans move to San Francisco; and replacing with an 840 station in Modesto *Trucker who spotted sniper`s car heard about license plate over Truckin` Bozo show on WLW; and the host is a ham; making hay See these stories via Artie Bigley: http://www.fox19.com/Global/story.asp?S=985349&nav=0zHF6vxI http://www.activedayton.com/ddn/local/daily/1028dale.html *RCI testing DRM from Sackville thru Nov 15, 1600-2000 M-F on 9590 towards Montreal *Canada Post issuing two new stamps Oct 31, for Pacific Cable opening, and Marconi Follow the links off the homepage at: http://www.canadapost.ca Picture of the stamps: http://www.canadapost.ca/business/corporate/about/newsroom/pr/bin/images/marconi.jpg Pacific Submarine Cable site (including some radio links) http://www.pacific-cable.org/ *Some radio philately groups are: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/radiostamps/ http://www.u-e-f.net/philaradio/ http://perso.club-internet.fr/f6fna/Doc17.html http://pierrot-fr.net/timbres01.php3 http://members.tripod.com/~hanigro/radiofil/rarmenia.html *In Austin at Texas History Museum, performance of Border Radio, Out on the Porch, Nov 2, Dec 7, Jan 4. (KXAN-TV report has expired] *Strange new topic from Habana, essays invited on: What are three sexual rights that should be respected by a society: prize; trip to Cuba for the 16th World Congress on Sexology, next March *Reporters without Borders evaluates press freedom, ranking Costa Rica above USA; see: http://www.rsf.org/article.php3?id_article=4116 *HCJB`s new English schedule, includes timeshifts for DX Partyline, and Ham Radio Today resumes as half hour on UT Sundays *Radiodifusion America, Paraguay, weak even in Argentina, but reported one night on 7737.2, another on 9983 *R. Mundial, Brazil, heard on 6650 = 2 x 3325 *Brazil`s shift to summertime, from November 3 affects eastern coastal states to UT minus 2; so three more zones remain to the west, UT -5, -4 and -3 *Antarctic 2-way frequencies should be warming up now in spring: 4123, 4718, 4770, 5726, 6835, 7995, 8867, 9032, 10639, 11256, 11553, 13251 *The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1154 *Thanks this week for financial support go to Tom McLaughlin, in memory of Gigi Lytle *Medi-Un, Morocco, moved from 9575 to 9595 briefly, back to 9575; beamed ESE *Radio UNMEE, via Abu Dhabi to Eritrea and Ethiopia, new schedule *Coup attempt in Central African Republic: radio station goes to music only; believed inactive already on SW 5035-5038 *R. Okapi, Congo DR, tentatively heard on 9550 *A number of 100 kW SW transmitters installed in South Africa, but never used; now five of them bought by AWR, most being installed in Guam at KSDA to replace older transmitters *SIBC, Solomon Islands, missing from 5020 from October 17; may have been what was heard around 5004 for a while; from October 29, back on 5019.95 *Station X in Queensland, http://www.stationx.com.au claims to have allocation for 2368.5 kHz, 1 kW; Bob Padula denies any such license and Department of Defence is nearby *BBCWS major North American relay frequencies in evenings have made winter change to 0100-0400 9525 Okeechobee, 0400-0600 6135 Delano *France DRM test on 25775 has sent QSL to Scott Barbour, Jr *Deutsche Welle still hasn`t moved out of abestos-contaminated building in Cologne to a newer building in Bonn, which has also been damaged; maybe next year? *R. Polonia new schedule shows drastic reduction on SW; only two hours in English on two frequencies, more via satellite; expires Dec 31, let`s hope then starting external relays *R. Romania International designates Nov. 3 as Day of the Listener, at least in Portuguese; listener writings on conditions of life on the planet to be broadcast *R. Bulgaria plans to convert to world news format like CNN in German; English too? Staff objects *R. Yugoslavia`s winter schedule in English *Prime Time Shortwave provided that; see website in different formats for English schedules: http://www.triwest.net/~dsampson/shortwave *It`s All Greek to Me, in English retimed to Sundays 1900 on 17705 *R. Europe, Italy, specials for Japan Nov 1-2-3-4 on 7306-USB *Dates for Ramadan this year are Nov. 7 to Dec. 5 to 7, depending on New Moon [not from November 11 as I misspoke!!] *R. Jordan back on 11690 in English; RTTY on high side can be avoided by tuning to LSB only *Rumen Pankov`s presumed locations for Kurdish clandestine SW frequencies; see DXLD 2-164; some from ex-USSR, China, Iraq, Northern Iraq *Iranian clandestine via Norway 7490 at 1730-1815 is R. International, formerly via Moldova *R. Pakistan`s new English schedule, includes some in 1700-1900 Urdu to Europe on 11895, 9290 *Vietnam`s English via Sackville, Austria relays *Propagation outlook from Boulder, Oct. 29: flux range 155-180-160 *And that concludes another edition of World of Radio, number 1154; I`m Glenn Hauser and I hope you`ll join me again next week ### WORLD OF RADIO #1153, produced October 23, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *October 27 brings frequency and/or time changes at many SW stations *World of Radio shifts one UT hour later on WWCR, WBCQ, and probably WJIE; WWCR: Thu 2130 on 15825 [not 15685 as I still said], Sat 0700, Sun 0330 on 5070; 0730 on 3210; Wed 1030 on 9475; WBCQ Wed 2300 on 7415, and I hope still 17495; Mon 0515 on 7415. *Observed times on WJIE have been weekdays 1200, 0300 on 7490... *RFPI times stay at the same UT; hope to have high-speed internet and streaming back by Nov 7 *World Radio Network: WOR Sat 0900 to rest of world, Sun 1500 to North America; and new airing to Europe, Sun 0530 *Latest DXLD quick link: http://www.worldofradio.com/dxlatest.txt *WOR times on WJIE above are pre-timeshift, so should become 1300, 0400 weekdays *WDJD, 580, American Samoa changing calls to KJAL, no doubt the J still standing for Jesus, ``King Jesus...`` *KWHR site in Hawaii subject to reactivated Mauna Loa lava flow *Lobby pushing for SW broadcasts from Fiji for expats *R. Korea International merging Sat and Sun listener shows to one longer show on Sats, Worldwide Friendship; same for Spanish *V. of Indonesia using one of three frequencies for English, never sure which from day to day: 9525, 11785, 15150 *United Lao Movement for Democracy clandestine is in Hmong language, St. Paul, MN address; Radio Hmong Hope; anticipated change to 12070 *RTV Hong Kong weather special broadcast widely heard in Europe, not North America (recording from Japan); see last few DXLDs *Interference from WEWN not a problem for Sri Lanka in South Asia; and WEWN schedule about to be reduced *Intriguing unID on 4050 from Kyrgyzstan, not state radio anymore, but in English `Hit Music on Shortwave` *New opposition website in Uzbekistan: http://www.veritas.org.ru *Uzbek State Radio website not updated since last year: http://www.teleradio.uz *Frequencies used by US to Iraq in Gulf War I: 1134 and 8962 *Iraq better prepared this time, with broadcasting equipment aboard trucks spotted in Arbil; Saddam already recorded speeches *V. of Rebellious Iraq heard in Finland on new 711 kHz *Merlin takes half a sesquihour from Denmark via Norway at 1730 for broadcast to Iran on 7490; identity to be determined *R. Denmark issued new QSL card October 21 *V. of Mojahed, clandestine to Iran, as monitored on numerous out- of-band frequencies: 5350 5650 6750 6990 7020 8250 8350 8600 8850 8950 9350 10250 10450 13450 for one program; 7072 for the other *R. Afghanistan music-loop fill again (still?) heard via Norway; also heard for morning broadcast on 15485 via Abu Dhabi; beware: can infest your brain *Clandestine to Syria identified by BBCM as The Arabic Radio, not V. of the Homeland; see http://www.arabicsyradio.org with audio; schedule on SW. Condemns Syria`s human rights record *Above site registered to Bashir Kyle, Oslo, Norway *UAE starting first English-language Islamic TV station, Glory, on satellite from beginning of Ramadan, Nov 5; already testing *Israel Radio`s new English schedule, and December 15 change *R. Bayrak, Turkish Northern Cyprus tentatively reported on 6150 *V. of Greece new schedule to and from North America *R. Bulgaria maintains strange policy of every SW frequency ending in -00. Some English to Europe reduced to half an hour; schedule *R. Prague, English one hour later to North America *R. Sweden 2nd harmonic on 37920 heard in Illinois *Sat. Oct. 26 at 1230 on 15400 and 17670 is the final R. Finland SW broadcast in English; every day this week doing retrospectives; also at 0630 to Europe, Asia, Australia on 21670, 15135 *RVI, Belgium, English via Bonaire makes usual switch to 13700 and 11985 at 2230, 0400 respectively *Frans Vossen broke foot two months ago, but Radio World still not resumed *Laser Radio has another special via Latvia, Sun. Oct. 27 0900-2100 on 5935, 576 *BBC Somerset Sound finally escapes co-channel interference from V. of Russia via Germany on 1323, by moving to 1566, thus blocking what had been a good DX channel in Europe, with India, Korea heard *KNR, Greenland, update on SW broadcasts, on 3815-USB at 1500-1600, 2100-2200, 100-200 watts; darkness paths may make DX possible, but still difficult; maybe expanded for Dec. 3 election *KNOM, 780, Alaska, special DX test Sat. Oct. 26 0800-0900 UT, but also with day power all night through 1745 of 25 kW *KXOK-LP, channel 32, Enid, now 24h with Dr. Gene Scott *``Jesse Helms killed internet radio``; new bill delayed by recess, but Senate may consider again in November *Increase in SW pirate activity around Hallowe`en: try 6925, 6950, 6955 *WD2XXM, Frederick MD, testing on 650 with WTOP digital relay daytimes *AFRTS has been carrying National Sequence on 6458.5 et al; see DXLDs *VOA plans to resurrect Cita con Cuba under new name, despite Radio Marti dedicated to Cuban service; turf war symptom *Ana Belen Montes, spy for Cuba with SW numbers, sentenced to 25 years *Bush`s new appointment to BBG is Blanquita Cullum, `BQ`, far-right talk host *Ivory Coast rebels set up website: http://www.supportmpci.org *Propagation outlook from Boulder Oct. 22: flux range 175-150-180 *And so concludes World of Radio 1153; Glenn Hauser, here, hoping you`ll join me again next week ### WORLD OF RADIO #1152, produced October 16, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Standard disclaimer *New edition of Mundo Radial now available at our website and on WWCR, Fri 2115, Wed 2100 on 15825; but from Oct 30 one hour later on 9475; WOR will also shift one hour later, on same frequencies *Mysterious Korean church service heard since last year on 6715-USB is finally located: a Yoido Full Gospel church in Las Palmas, Canary Islands, for fishermen [much more in DXLD 2-160] *Uganda says it plans to go digital on shortwave; not held together by rubber bands *Anyone still getting program schedules in English from Radio Cairo? Please forward if current *Media Network hitlist shows another, unofficial, R. Cairo, apparently no relation, http://radiocairo.cjb.net including English, webcasts *R. Sana`a, Yemen, partial monitored schedule *BBC closed Mashirah Island relay station October 7, replaced by new one on Omani mainland; B-02 schedule in DXLD 2-159 *New 1 Megawatt transmitter on 837 installed in Lebanon *Radio Ibrahim on 1170 with gospel in Arabic, via Russia; also on SW per website http://www.radioibrahim.com *Sri Lanka chooses new SW frequency, already used 24 hours by 500 kW WEWN, 15745; will it last? Also moves out of non-ham band to 7440 *R. Thailand`s B-02 English schedule from October 27 *Cambodia heard in South Australia on 3rd harmonic, 35821.2 *RTV Hong Kong special weather broadcasts confirmed on 3940, Oct 16- 23; see DXLD 2-157 [and 2-160 for many loggings] *BBC complains that China jams its Uzbek, apparently because it can be understood by Uighurs in western China; nothing new, says VOA, which is also jammed in Uzbek *V. of Mongolia winter schedule in English *R. New Zealand International schedule from October 27 *Thanks this week for financial support go to Bill Flynn, and we hope his recovery is progressing well *World of Radio 1152, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or wghauser@hotmail.com Website: http://worldofradio.com *Chile is now on DST, UT -3 until March *R. America, Paraguay, now testing on 1480, 2300, 7737, 9983; report to ramerica@rieder.net.py *R. Educacao Rural, Tefe, Amazonas, Brasil, frequency change to 4925 delayed but imminent now *New Peruvian from Huancabamba, Piura on 6419.2, R. Tropical; history *Government closed down Nicaraguan stastion, La Poderosa on 560, run by former president; see DXLD 2-158, 2-161 *R. Habana Cuba signals have deterioriated in Latin America *Veil of secrecy lifting in Mexico, about broadcast concessions *CKLW 800 Windsor will have special on its former rock days, Saturday 19th at 7-10 pm EDT *CBC Radio 1 launches `That Saturday Show` October 26 from Vancouver *KNOM, 780, Nome, Alaska, plans special DX test Sat Oct 26 at 0800- 0900+ UT, with higher power, Morse IDs *FCC has adoped iBiquity standard for so-called in-band on-channel digital radio, subject of much concern among listeners; daytime only for now; hear a buzz aside WOR 710 New York. Fortunately, this is optional and may not catch on; see DXLDs 2-157, 158, 159 *Ray Briem, LA talkhost who did some shows on SWL, has retired from KRLA-870, but then offered a weekly show on KPLS-830 *DXLD 2-159 has copy of a letter to Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison from ex-VOA staffers complaining that IBB is purchasing transmitters from Thales in France instead of America`s Continental in Dallas *However, Continental criticised for selling SW transmitters to China, facilitating jamming *Advisory commission recommends $517M for US international broadcasting, and a higher proportion for TV *VOA needs $65M to bring TV to Mideast, MTN for Mideast Television Network, promoted by Norm Pattiz of R. Sawa *US-funded station to young Iranians starts early next year, in Sawa pattern; RFE/RL Farsi service merged into it, but not VOA *VOA`s Nightline Africa assigns imaginary train seats to listeners *AFRTS SSB frequencies still active, 6458.5 and 12689.5 at least *WWRB duplicating 5050 and 5085, sandwiching WWCR *RTE turns down R. Nova proposal to reactivate Ireland`s LW 252 kHz; more at http://www.longwaveradio.com *Isle of Man International Broadcasting wants it back on, to promote LW listening *VT Merlin signs deal to run Kvitsoy, Norway SW site; would reduce Norway and Denmark home services *R. Sweden, only Nordic broadcaster left with continuing commitment to SW broadcasts in English; B-02 English to North America *Unidentified Russian on 4876 computed to be mix of 5965 minus 1089 *Propagation outlook from Boulder, Oct 15; flux range 175-140-180 *Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1152 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1151, produced October 9, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *RFPI expects to lose hi-speed internet connexion Oct 18, so can no longer stream out; nor download programs timely; hopes to still get WOR without much delay; needs $3000 for wireless bridge net *But WOR well heard in Queensland on RFPI 7445, Wed 0700 *May also hear WOR when least expected on WJIE 7490, as filler, but running 2 or 3 weeks behind; encourage them to download latest each Thursday; most reliable time is M-F 1200; also heard in Australia *New WBOH in North Carolina testing on 5920, still low powered in noise (recording) *Harold Camping of Family Radio says churches are irrelevant and apostate; God is now on the radio. Some ministries cancel over his censorship *WBCQ has new website http://www.wbcq.us replacing wbcq.net and webcast is available for 7415 even when not on air *Colloidal silver, frequently advertised on US SW stations, turns Montana Libertarian blue, argyria *House approves bill reducing small webcasters` fees for copyrighted music; Senate still must approve. 8-12% of revenue *But major webcasters see it differently: WFMT discontinues streaming Oct. 14; will remain on C-band satellite *iBiquity standard about to be adopted by FCC for digital audio broadcasting *CBC Radio`s new morning show from Oct. 14: `Sounds Like Canada`; preceded by another new one, `The Current` but not until Nov. 18; see http://cbc.ca/soundslikecanada *Jane Chalmers new VP for CBC Radio replacing Alex Frame *R. Imperial, El Salvador, 17833.2 audible as early as 1700 or even 1200, but so far no reports from Europe *Also I hear unidentified around 17837; may be Latin American 3rd harmonic of 5946 *Advance schedules for B-02 season have been running in DX Listening Digest; check recent issues as we may not mention all on WOR *HCJB B-02 to Europe and South Asia in English *Peruvian station name corrected: not La Voz del Vecino, but Destino on 6323.9, Nueva Cajamarca *R. America, Paraguay, now heard by South American DXers and prompt QSLs by E-mail; on 7737.1, 7386 to be replaced by 9980; later on 120m, 2310 *Illustrated story about R. America at http://www.dxing.info *4759.1 has a R. Nacional from Argentina; may be 4th harmonic of 1190 [Tucuman, already heard on 2nd harmonic] *Channel Africa, B-02 English schedule; South African Radio League; R. Sonder Grense *World of Radio MCLI, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or wghauser@hotmail.com by fax if really necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser. Our website http://worldofradio.com *R. Nacional Angola reactivated on 11955.7 *From WJIE This Week, which often follows World of Radio: High Adventure SW transmitter from Lebanon, stored in Nigeria, now on way to Liberia *R. Caroline heard on unexpected SW frequency 7140, seems from Ireland; management knows nothing about it, prefers no relays; cannot and will not verify [but they did, by mistake?] *Mystery tests on 25775 and other 11m frequencies are field trials for DRM consortium, 200 watts from Rennes, Brittany *Last week`s item about R. Finland cancelling English early was incorrect; off WRN, but still on SW, 1230 on 15400, 17660; quality improving as about to be canceled at end of October *Elsewhere in Finno-Ugria, new B-02 schedule for English from Budapest *Intermedia, DX program from Austria, will continue, but modestly, no longer produced by Wolf Harranth after October 25 *Austria`s Arabic and Esperanto will also terminate; message from Esperanto Department on its finale Oct. 25; plus a week on web *R. Rasant, Germany, another special in German on children and war, via IRRS, Oct 12 and 13 0730-0830 on 13840; site not known *NEXUS/IBA has cooperation agreements with unnamed external sites, tests already begun; powers will be up to 500 kW *Vatican Radio starts broadcasts in Hausa, some produced in Nigeria *Pres. Putin revokes decree of Pres. Yeltsin about R. Liberty`s status; see DXLD 2-154, 2-155 *V. of Turkey changes frequencies and times for B-02; English *Israel Radio SW broadcasts should be one hour later since October 7 *Sawt al Watan, clandestine for Syria, went on new schedule October 1, perhaps due to DST change in country of origin or Syria *US to provide two MW transmitters to Afghanistan, one for VOA/RFE/RL and the other for R. Afghanistan; but really outside Afghanistan? *Orzu transmitter in Tajikistan on 801 has started IBB programming to Afghanistan, VOA, RFE/RL, also in Hindi *Pakistan off DST as Azad Kashmir service signing on an hour later *Sort-of clandestines for Sri Lanka: TBC no longer heard, and IBC- Tamil schedule has changed *Time for another China Coast Race from Hong Kong, involving weather broadcasts on 3940; http://www.rhkyc.org.hk/chinacoastraceweek.htm Oct 12-19 and later; see DXLD 2-157 *Lhasa, Tibet being heard at sunset in Georgia, grayline *Tibetan language service closes at 1650 after English *Mongolia reactivated on 4866v, drifts, bad modulation and power seems low *WJIE has plans for a SW station in the Marshall Islands *New Zealand started summer time of UT+13 on October 5 *Hard Core DX site redesigned: http://www.hard-core-dx.com *R. Taipei International live coverage of ROC national day celebrations UT Oct 10 at 0200 via WYFR *Propagation outlook from Boulder Oct. 8; flux range 170-190-140 *And so concludes, with a Standard Disclaimer, WOR 1151, brought to you by Glenn Hauser ### WORLD OF RADIO #1150, produced October 2, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Starting early Oct, like now, WWCR moving one of our times one hour later: UT Sat 0600 ex-0500 on 5070, changing coverage *WJIE more powerful on 7490; WOR weekdays 1200, and around 0030; also heard in England with Arabic 0740-0830 *Thanks to new collaborator Bill Brady, updated DX Programs listing at http://www.worldofradio.com/dxpgms.html *WTJC Newport NC, has permit for second station, WBOH, already heard with low-power test on 5920; http://home.ec.rr.com/fbn says it means Worldwide Beacon of Hope *WWRB Tennessee testing 5050, to replace 5085 *NASA frequency 10780 becoming active before shuttle launch, not earlier than Oct 7 *E-QSL from WCNZ, 1660, Marco, FL; lightning in June knocked power down to 4 kW; now back to 10 kW (daytime) *WFMT, 98.7, Chicago, added subcarrier, gets complaint of degraded main carrier; see DXLD 2-152 *This Jukebox Will Play Aaron Copeland, Oct 1 Wall Street Journal; http://www.newmusicjukebox.org *Two kilofoot TV tower of KDUH, ch 4, Nebraska, falls, killing two *Annual item about tracking burrowing owls migration across central USA on 150 MHz band; details at http://www.homingin.com or specifically: http://members.aol.com/joemoell/owl.html *R. Southern Highlands, 3275, is latest Papua New Guinean off for not paying electrtic bill *V. of Korea heard in Western Australia on 37340, 4th harmonic *Chinese classical music jammer on several 13m channels vs VOA, RFA, BBC, V. of Tibet; techniques observed *Tibet services believed transmitted from within, but two different sites, not Xi`an, China *English from Tibet on 7385 expected to be blocked at 1630 in B-02 by VOA Sri Lanka *unID on 5040.58 sounds like Myanmar moved from 4725, vernaculars *Pakistan reports confirm new 100 kW on 936 kHz for Azad Kashmir Radio, Mirpur; more of same in Rawalpindi *Radio Dat, clandestine for Kazakhstan, from Lithuania all along *Suspect Lithuania also source of other clandestines *Standard disclaimer *WOR 1150; wghauser@hotmail.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; lots more including full archive of DXLDs at our website http://www.worldofradio.com *Thanks this week for financial support go to Pete Bentley, NY *CRW correspondent in Kabul on Information Radio: still heard on 864 and 8700, not 6100 as reported elsewhere; broadcast content and impact *Iraqi jamming reported on MW against Radio Sawa; and Two Rivers? *R. Sawa via Cyprus still on 981, not 990; change now planned for October 25 *R. Tanzania reactivated on 7280, at least in daytime *R. Okapi, DR Congo, firing up 10 kW transmitters Sept. 30; one confirmed on 11690, but beware of other stations on that frequency *Strife in Ivory Coast leads to `jamming` of local FM relays of BBC, RFI, ANO; really meaning closed down, as `unheard`? -- But still available via Worldspace -- and SW *Vatican Radio, English to Asia retimed to 1530-1555 on 12065, 13765, 15235; difference between the last two is 1470, where Bulgarians heard it *R. Bulgaria heard on 30000 kHz, 4th harmonic of 7500 *B-02 registrations for 18 MHz band include Bulgaria on 18900, 19000 *R. Prague heard yet again on USCG 5696-USB, 10 seconds behind WRMI *Mystery signals on 25775, 25765 with recordings in English and French, acknowledged by TDF as from Rennes, leading up to DRM tests *R. Caroline mystery relay on 7140.0 heard in European daytime; but station knows nothing about it *Laser Hot Hits heard on 9384.96, http://www.radiolink.net/hothits *Sensation AM, Europirate, heard on 15785, same as Galei Zahal earlier *YLE R. Finland reportedly stopped English, French and German a month early [not so, despite WRN delisting YLE; still heard on SW] *European MW signals reach west coast North America, 1314 Norway and others *Nexico still on DST, despite earlier plans to end by Sept 29 *Brazil delays start of DST until Nov 3, instead of Oct, for political reasons *R. America, Paraguay, moving 7385 to 9980; also heard on 7301.1v; tests on 120m band also planned; 7300 angle changed to 40/220 degrees *La Voz de tu Conciencia, Colombia, heard on new 6010.1v; don`t confuse with others such as Korean clandestine; latest info: off again, awaiting better crystal *Propagation outlook from Boulder Oct. 1; flux range 140-190-140 *Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1150 ### WORLD OF RADIO 1149, produced September 23, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Standard disclaimer *One of our broadcasts on Studio X, Momigno, Italy, 1584 kHz moved to Sunday 1930 UT; still Friday 2230 UT *Individual back issues of DX Listening Digest before July 2002 via: http://www.dxing.com/dxrold.htm *R. Imperial, El Salvador, again being heard on 17833.16 variable; low power requiring selectivity and sensitivity *Something else is around 17837v, weak and unID for months [maybe 3 x 5946v] *Banda Oriental, Uruguay, reconfirmed active on 6155 from 0135 sign-on *BBC Monitoring publishes another exhaustive study of broadcast, print and internet media, this time about Madagascar, in DXLD 2-149 *Media Network dossier about hate radio in Africa and elsewhere updated via http://www.medianetwork.nl *Millennium Voice, clandestine from Britain to Sudan and vicinity still on air but only two days a week, half clashing with Chile *B-02 season advance schedules starting to come in; including Salama Radio, religious/clandestine for Nigeria; 15365 to be transmitted from Sackville, if not sooner; March moving to Rampisham, England *R. Afrika International has enjoyable program from Vienna Saturday 1530 on 17875; r.africa@sil.at [not .au, surely], r.afrikas@sil.at *Not to be confused with R. Africa International, the Methodist station from New York via Germany; two DXers have now managed to QSL the Vienna station by reporting to the wrong station, which also doesn`t know the difference; see DXLD 2-147, 2-149 under Austria *Methodist RAI heard on 15265 at 1700 in English *R. Yugoslavia quickly resumed SW broadcasts after last week`s announcement; not all language services ready: recording of interval signal, then turned off [at 1631]; English to North America at 0000 except Sundays when Serbian is extended, on 9580; recording of return-to-SW announcement; repeat at 0430 daily has some adjacent interference *Gain some, lose some: Bayerischer Rundfunk plans to cease SW 6085 January 1; maybe back in two or three years with DRM mode; don`t confuse with DW also on 6085 *Higher frequency propagation improving with autumn, such as travel info station in France on 25775.1 with English/French tape loop about Normandy; not TIS FM on 11m heard last year from La Rochelle; even I heard traces, so a lot more than one watt; also heard in Finland and Sicily, too close to France for 11m propagation? Gave phone number starting with 33- for France *Radio Free Europe Czech language service closing Sept. 30 after 52 years, lately domestically, not SW *The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1149, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA or wghauser@hotmail.com Fax if really necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser; check our website for info on all our broadcasts, access to DX Listening Digest: http://www.worldofradio.com *Thanks this week for financial support to Gerald T. Pollard, NC *Radio Maryja, contoversial Polish Catholic station, recording of English ID giving schedule via Russia *Radio Sawa, Cyprus, moving from 981 to 990, not heard on either by some Europeans, but yes heard by others; has a deep null at 320 degrees, near Istanbul, Bulgaria, Central Europe, Prague, Amsterdam, Glasgow, Goose Bay, Detroit, Austin *US PsyOps operation for/from Afghanistan: definite IDs are sorely lacking on 8700 and 6100; we are only making assumptions *18940 running continuous 24-second dramatic musical loop; filler for missing R. Afghanistan feed via Norway? Recording *Radio Dat, clandestine for Kazakhstan, changes to 9925 for 1500 UT broadcast; 0100 seems still on 9775 when 9925 has Croatia via Germany *Members of Falun Gong cult convicted and jailed in China for disrupting cable and satellite TV broadcasts; several stories re in DXLD 2-148 including how they accomplished this *Echo of Hope, clandestsine from South to North Korea, QSLed by KBS; automatic, or admitting they are responsible for it? *V. of Russia plans to use 2300 kHz for Southeast Asia, Australia? this winter, 250 kW from Irkutsk, 150 degrees, 0600-0900; or mistake? *V. of Vietnam, Son Tay site plagued by spurs plus/minus 15 kHz from 6 and 7 MHz nominals *Provincial governor of Gulf province, PNG, prepared to take over from NBC, R. Gulf, 3245, which has been off the air for a month; back on later this week *Report in June that SW from Greenland is active on 3812, should now be rechecked as fall has arrived and possible propagation; see reports at DXing.com in DXLD 2-093, 2-095, 2-101 *R. Marti, Delano, 15330, strong in Texas on third harmonic 45990 *KPM556, Portland OR rasta groove station on 25950, reactivated *KIMF, new SW station authorized for New Mexico, no further news on construxion, but tentative schedule registered on 11885, 5835, 50 kW southeast into Mexico and beyond *Wondering if WRNO gone for good, but heard again, 7354.9 variable, poor modulation but strong; watch out for WYFR later in eve on 7355 *PanGlobal Wireless new piratish show on WBCQ from Sept 27, Fri 2100 on 7415, Sat 1900 on 17495 *Another report of digital buzz, IBOC tests interfering with adjacent frequencies: WTOP 1500 Washington heard testing, buzz on 1490, 1495, 1510 *Ultra Wideband may change the world: using all frequencies at once; see http://www.pbs.org/cringely/pulpit/pulpit20020124.html *For propagation outlook, see Thomas Giella`s site emphasizing MF, Daily Solar Space Weather Geomagnetic Data, http://www.kn4lf.com/kn4lf5.htm *Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1149 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1148, produced September 18, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *On RFPI, the WOR time Sunday 1830 now is dependable, UT Mondays 0030, 0630; frequency schedule now 21-05 15040, 00-08 7445 *After 11 years, Joe Bernard leaving RFPI in October for Oregon, but will run US office *WJIE 7490 missing again since Sept 13 *Mundo Radial, new Spanish DX report from Sept 20 on WWCR 15825, Fridays 2115, Wednesdays 2100 or earlier; also audible and viewable on website http://www.worldofradio.com/espanol.html *VOA gets tepid endorsement from Tomlinson; more joint ventures with RFE/RL, RFA, beginning with combining Farsi, like Sawa for Arabic *WCPE, North Carolina all-classical station, giving up BBC news *WCAL, Minnesota, now `Music and Ideas`, more classical than before *No funding for another Chicago Lyric Opera broadcast season on WFMT *Michael Dorner on sad state of classical radio in US: DXLD 2-144 *Spirited and informative thread on IBOC in NRC-AM, also in DXLD 2-144, 2-146 and subsequently *WHO-1040, Des Moines, using standby tower, lower power for 6-7 weeks *US MW harmonics heard: WGFY NC x 3, WGVA NY x 2 *CBC Radio One has new Saturday 11:05 am program, Stranded, another Desert Island Discs clone *XEDD, Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon changed from 1560 to 800, big signal *IBB relay near Punta Gorda, Belize, ceased September 15; 1530, 1580 *R. K`ekchi, Guatemala, back on air; R. Amistad operating 4698 only during daylight *Prime frequency for Hurricane Watch Network: 14325-USB *NBC, St. Vincent closed down split frequency 705, hopes to revive *St. Vincent website has story of the demise of Windward Islands Broadcasting Service: http://www.nbcsvg.com/wibs.htm *R. Amazonas, Venezuela, reactivated but irregular on 4939.65 *La Voz de tu Conciencia, Colombia, off the air again; MinCom SNAFU requires move off 6060, to 6010; maybe instead 5905, 5925, 6170, 6115 *unID on 4834.92 likely to be R. Maranyon, Peru, reactivated *R. America, Paraguay, exchanged antennas for two frequencies, and now 24 hours daily, 800 watts: 7300 north, 7373 south *Brazilian on 4845 changed ID from R. Ibatinga or R. Meteorologia Paulista to R. Ternura FM; don`t confuse with much higher powered Manaus station on same; Ternura unseems eveningly *R. Nove de Julho, Sao Paulo, plans to add SW 9820 by next March, despite Cuba and others *MW 2nd harmonic, LRA15, R. Nacional de Tucuman, Argentina, 2379.58, heard in Vermont *LTA, army feeder on 29810-USB, heard relaying R. Continental sports *One of our most faithful contributors, Bill Flynn in Oregon, had no forest fire damage, but suffered respiratory arrest, heart attack; lengthy recovery expected, no DXing. Best wishes to him *Standard disclaimer *Middle of WOR 1148, P O Box 1684, Enid OK, 73702 USA; or wghauser@hotmail.com See our website for much more: http://worldofradio.com *Liberian Communications Network again being heard on 5100 *R. Veritas, Liberia, 5470, off the air again; schedule to be 0600- 1700 6090, 1700-2300 on 5470 *Extensive BBC Monitoring Guide to Kenyan media in DXLD 2-145 *V. of Mediterranean, Malta still plans to add French, Spanish; waiting on new, larger studios *R. Slovakia International plans to open Spanish section at Marchend *Right-wing Hungarian journalists claim they will operate V. of Freedom from symbolic asylum in Austria (or elsewhere?) *R. Yugoslavia reaches agreement with Bosnia to resume SW broadcasts on longterm permit; date not set *Cardinal Glemp not shutting down national Radio Maryua Polska, but only a local station; much more in DXLD 2-145 *R. Krishnaloka, new Hare Krishna pirate(?) for Russia, too close to WBCQ; maybe actually Ukraine, only 300 watts *R. Sawa MW relay with 600 kW in Cyprus on 981 already shifting to 990 due to interference complaints *Cyprus also location of British over-the-horizon radar, interfering with 14, 16 and 20m ham frequencies *Reshet Bet, Hebrew service from Israel, moves from 15 to 9 MHz *UAE Radio Dubai on 13610 ex-13630 in English at 1330, 1600 *Seda-ye Iran, clandestine, rescheduled to 1529 on 17510; and at 0230 bubble jammer hets KWHR *Winter time in Iran starts Sept. 21, UT +3.5 instead of 4.5 *Information Radio, Afghanistan, on 6100 unseems 24 hours; tentative loggings of it, but not heard in Kabul; still on 8700 *VOA relay for Afghanistan on 801 will really be in Tajikistan *Radio Dat, Kazakh clandestine, says it must lay low as Nazarbayev jackals hunting for it; 1000 kW transmitter cost prevents sending cards; info@datradio.com *New 100 kW 936 kHz at Mirpur, Azad Kashmir Radio from Sept. 20 *Some of Tibet`s English program frequencies seem to come from outside such as Xi`an or Baoji, China, 7385 and 9490 *V. of Vietnam may abandon all overseas relays for B-02; enjoy Canada relay on 6175 while you can *Japan has resisted DST, but pressure growing, and UT +10 may arrive *RFA and VOA parallel transmissions from Tinian site have delays intentionally inserted to avoid power surges on local grid *Propagation outlook from Boulder Sept 17: flux range 180-145-195 *Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1148 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1147, produced September 10, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Perpetual clash between WBCQ and VOA Botswana on 7415 affects both our World of Radio broadcasts, Wed 2200 and Mon 0415; worst around equinoxes *Many more opportunities to hear WOR, on WJIE 7490, especially M-F 1200; also during the 0000 and 0500 UT hour; especially Sundays around 0515 *Favorite DX programs recorded off the air, Cumbre, WOR and Cuba: http://members.rogers.com/alexsradio/ *OK for CO2KK to have a houseful of SW radios, but head of US Interest Section in Habana incurred ire of Castro government by handing out thousands of SW radios; now Vickie Huddleston has a new assignment: US Ambassador to Mali *R. Reloj, Cuba, heard on extraneous 9 MHz frequencies after RHC closes *V. of Guyana fortunately available on SW, now with better modulation *La Voz del Campesino, Sipe2, Bolivia, heard in middle of 6 MHz band, running all-night? *Another Voz del Campesino, Peru, at top of 6 MHz band, also runs late *Contrary to last week, R. Nacional, Paraguay, is active again on 9736.1, at least for ballgames *R. America, Paraguay, boosts power to 800 watts on 7370 toward north, 7300 toward south *R. Cancao Nova, Brasil, seems to reduce power during required government show Voz do Brasil *Only Brazilian currently active on 19m band is R. Gazeta, 15325 *R. Roraima has wake-up program with letters, phone calls, 4875 *R. Nacional Angola heard in middle of night with basketball game, 4950 *Media Network has new article about R. Ecclesia, Angola, via South Africa, new frequency 7205: http://www.rnw.nl/realradio/features/html/ecclesia1020906.html *Chadian Radio claims to have resumed SW broadcasts; on 4904.5?? [a clandestine for Hungary? as in billboard omitted; see DXLD 2-142] *Sawt al Watan, Syrian clandestine on 9950 et al., not operated by Syrian Human Rights Committee: they don`t know about it *Radio-TV Mezopotamia, heard testing via Russia on 12115, perfect reception in Bulgaria *VOA relay in Afghanistan plans to use 801 kHz *Peshawar newspaper says new powerful SW transmitter for R. Pakistan at Skardu; doubt it is on yet *In the midst of WOR 1147, input welcome to P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA or wghauser@hotmail.com Much more at our website: http://worldofradio.com *Too many stations on 6100, newest being R. Nepal. Signs on at 2315; also audible at 1200, blocked after 1300 by Malaysia *SW situation in Sarawak: waiting for 6050 transmitter to fail *Typhoon damaged two MW stations of FEBC in Korea *Kimjae SW transmitter site of R. Korea International had 10 of 17 antennas damaged; two awaiting repair are for Europe and North America, temporarily replaced by non-directional antennas *Story about `Tokyo Rose` and injustice done to her, in DXLD 2-137 *Another 50th anniversary special for Japan SW Club, on R. Japan Hello from Tokyo Sept. 14-16; special QSL for $1 or 1 IRC to JSWC, P O Box 138, Yokohama Port 231-8691, Japan *R. Taibei International has at least 2-hour delay in satellite feeds to relays, so can`t cover breaking news; minor league *R. Free Vietnam to expand to one hour via Merlin, Tajikistan, 1400- 1500 on 15235 *Democratic V. of Burma no longer relayed via New Zealand *Indonesian broadcast bill to kill press freedom, preventing relays of foreign news from R. Australia and others *R. Pilipinas, 15270 at 0200, opening English broadcast (recorded in Thailand) *NBC Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea back on 9675 instead of 4890 *R. New Ireland, 3905, heard well in Illinois, over Indonesian on almost same frequency at 1130-1200* *WWRB refuses to verify despite promises; so try QSL via one of the ministries carried, Grace in Action, Honolulu *WWCR posted new program schedule and specialty guide: times for The Old Record Shop, Ken`s Country Classics, Rock the Universe; and Technology Hour UT Sat 0200-0300 on 3210; really secular? *Background on sudden resignation of Robert Reilly as VOA director; Clinton-appointed Broadcasting Board of Governors blamed; Republicans threaten 25% cut in VOA budget unless satisfactorily explained *VOA started Sept. 10, TV to Iranian youth, ``Next Chapter``, Tue 1800 *VAX498, Ontario [not Nova Scotia], Herb Hilgenberg broadcasts weather to Atlantic yachts, 12359- USB at 1900-2000; see http://www.hometown.aol.com/hehilgen/myhomepage/vacation.html *People in Dawson succeed in saving AM CBC relay; must be low power on 560 *Best-of-week new show on CBC Radio 1, Richler on Radio, Fridays after the 8 pm news local time *Propagation outlook from Boulder Sept 10; flux range 235-155 *Hoping you`ve enjoyed WOR 1147 and will join me again next week, Glenn Hauser concluding with a *Standard disclaimer WORLD OF RADIO #1146, produced September 4, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Standard disclaimer *RFPI, Costa Rica about to celebrate first sesquidecade on the air; hope to have exact date and time of annual Fiesta on the Air next week; new frequency schedule 2200-0600 15040, 0200-0800 7445 *WJIE running World of Radio weekdays 1200 on 7490, but missing lately [back September 5] *VOA Director Robert Reilly resigned, replaced by ex-foreign correspondent David Jackson; dispute over closing foreign bureaux may have led to change; agency was in turmoil *Grass fire in WWCR antenna field on Labor Day quickly controlled, but all four transmitters off for two hours *Lots of special programming for first anniversary of 9/11; no great detail here, but see Monitoring Reminders calendar at WOR website *Charlie Puckett of Kentucky State Militia Radio sentenced to 30 months in prison on weapons charges *William `Rabbit Ears` Flippo, Florida, received 15 month sentence, huge fine, for deliberate interference to hams; not enough? *KKSU, 580, Manhattan, KS, only noncommercial AM station around here, agrees to close down in 3-months in settlement with WIBW, with which it had been sharing time; hope KSU will put a new public radio station on FM to replace it *KXMS, Fine Arts Radio International, Joplin MO, announces it will cease streaming before end of September due to royalties issue, replacing with some ondemand material; until then try to hear i.a. PDQ Bach series, Saturdays 1600 UT; http://www.kxms.org *RTE Ireland special sports finals, Sept 8 hurling, Sept 22 football 1430-1630 from 5 sites: 13730, 15500, 17885, 21645, 15275 *Brain of Britain back for new series on BBC Radio 4, and soon also on World Service *Sunday Sept 15 is another Heritage Open Day, with tours possible of BBC Monitoring, Caversham Park, Reading; pre-book ticket by phone 0118 948 6448 or see http://www.heritageopendays.org/ed/berkshire/all_properties.shtml *Scandinavian Weekend Radio monthly broadcast Sept 6-7, 2100 UT for 24 hours; details at http://www.swradio.net *YLE Radio Finland confirmed phasing out English, French, German; weekend English hours already canceled? Off by Octoberend; until then archive highlights with familiar voices, including Eddy Hawkins? *EDXC Conference Report with illustrations, links at http://www.dxing.info/articles/edxc2002.dx *R. Sweden heard on 4 frequencies with only 3 transmitters; spur or what? Mixing with Poland; see DXLD 2-135, 2-136, 2-137, 2-138 *New leadership of R. Polonia decides to keep own SW transmitter site going thru winter, not relays abroad; and may reduce output *Russian Foreign Ministry and Interfax launching interactive website on policy from October; http://www.interfax.ru/press_mid_newv_en.html *V. of Russia SW schedule revised Sept. 1; English to North and South America, Europe *The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1146; your input always welcome to wghauser@hotmail.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702; USA; fax if really necessary, 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser; http://www.worldofradio.com with lots more info *R. Prague in Spanish heard on another US Coast Guard frequency, 5696; inconceivable coincidental spurs, but instead deliberate relays *R. Yugoslavia`s future status still uncertain; might be renamed R. Serbia & Montenegro if funded, or just R. Serbia. Still on internet only, dispute with Bosnia over SW transmitters not resolved *R. Sawa now testing new 600 kW mediumwave 981 from Cyprus, null toward Europe but DXed there *Syrian clandestine Sawt al Watan, backed by Syrian Human Rights Committee, its material quoted on broadcast, http://www.shrc.org also with English translation, based in London *DXLD 2-138 has several stories on Afghanistan, including Good Morning and Good Evening, Afghanistan; struggle over whether women should be allowed to appear on radio and TV *R. Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek heard with 5-minute English newscast at 2325 *R. Dat, clandestine to Kazakhstan, reported to broadcast from Russia, not the West; Bigeldin Gabdullin, political refugee in US was anchor. Another report says Society for Democracy in Asia, Brussels, is behind it *Last week`s report of AIR Bangalore changing to 9450 lasted only one day; back to 9425 *Bhutan has excellent program on IT and internet, Sundays 1100 on 6035; http://www.bbs.com.bt *One Tibet English frequency mentioned last week, 7185, should be 7385; heard in Denmark and Thailand: Erik Koie`s recording *Clandestine from Uzbekistan to Laos heard on 17540 at 0100-0200, mentions ``United Lao Movement for Democracy of Minnesota``, also Cambodia *Han Hee Joo becoming new executive director of R. Korea International and relinquishes on-air duties *Two Indonesians from Flores Island below 3 MHz identified differently by two DXers *R. Australia specials on 9/11 and 9/12, including live 3-hour show from NYC at 1130 UT Sept 11 *R. Mozambique reports pylons stolen from transmitter site, affecting MW and SW *V. of the People`s studios and offices in Harare, Zimbabwe, destroyed by bomb August 29, but continues on air with recorded material via Madagascar; see DXLD 2-135, 2-136 *New peace station in Burundi, R. Isanganiro awaits SW frequency *R. Bunia, Congo DR, 5066, changes hands to anti-Ugandan group *King of Morocco consents to end state monopoly on broadcasting *R. America, Paraguay, DXed from Australia on 7737, but frequency now changed to 7370 northwards, still 7300 southwards, nighttime hours on weekends the best chance *R. Nacional del Paraguay inactive on 9737 *Paraguay already went to summer time UT-3 on September 1 *R. Cultural Coatan, Guatemala, 4780, reactivated after 2+ years *R. K`ekchi, Guatemala, back on 4845 after briefer absence *CFVP, Calgary, turned SW 6030 [not 630 as I said] back on after Hans Johnson notified them it was off *Propagation outlook from Boulder Sept. 3; flux range 165-220-165 *World of Radio 1146 concluding; I`m Glenn Hauser ### WORLD OF RADIO #1145, produced August 28, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *RFPI has converted 7445 from SSB to AM and raised to 30 kW; plans to split schedules so this and 15039 not on at same time; may mean additional times to hear WOR *New Continent of Media now running on RFPI, i.a. times Saturday 0100, 0700, 2330, Sunday 0530, Wednesday 0200; plus additional webcast times in 6-hour rotation; COM 02-04 also available via http://www.DXing.com *WOR repeat time on WBCQ at 0415 has moved from UT Thu to UT Monday, late Sunday night in North America *Spectrum Radio 558, London, is temporarily relaying WRN during longer hours, including World of Radio Saturdays at 9 am BST; greetings to all our new listeners *New Mundo Radial, monthly Spanish DX report, from end of August on WWCR, 15825, Fridays 2115 and Wednesdays 2100 or a bit earlier *WJIE, 7490, is back with a much stronger signal since August 26, including World of Radio weekdays at 1200; and also heard one day at 1600, and some days at 0030 *New SW station authorized for remote town of Pinyon, New Mexico, KIMF; George Glotzbach visited site and found nothing except a small building, no construction, antennas or water *VOA director plans to cut five news bureaux in order to finance Sawa-like service for Iran: Hong Kong, Mexico City, Tokyo, Brussels and Geneva, to objections of VOA employees *New story in the press every day about Radio Sawa; see DX Listening Digests for them, or links to them; gets lukewarm reviews in Mideast: young people like the music, but distrust news *Site promoting museum at VOA Bethany site: http://www.veteransvoa.com *ZDK radio, CTV in Antigua transmitters destroyed in arson attacks, politically motivated *4VEH, ex-shortwave in Haiti, one MW station there audible in Florida despite Cuban *R. Mil, Mexico City, has new SW antenna for 6010, reports wanted; seems worse here, due to directionality? *Tijuana`s 540 station has new 6-letter callsign, XESURF, ex-XEBACH; wonder if related to Los Angeles` 1260 *http://casabautista.org has news of volunteer engineers helping Central American stations; R. Amistad, Guatemala, SW frequency serves as feed to low power MW relay in Santiago Atitlan, instead of out-of-range FM *HRHZ, 1160, Honduras may put new 60mb SW station on next year *Peruvian government website reveals lots of info about Catholic stations, including some on SW; 5030 is now supposed to be Radio Virgen de la Alta Gracia, Huamachuco, OAZ2A, ex R. Los Andes *Another new listee on 4795, 1 kW, Urubamba, Cuzco, OAW7D, Teleducacional, not yet on? *R. America, Paraguay, got one definite report on 15185 with 5 watts from Michael Schnitzer in Germany; now testing on 7300 and new 7737, the latter beamed 4 degrees; nighttime only on weekends; 7 MHz DX reports from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Canada, Norway *Argentina has new law requiring stations to play national anthem at sign-on, or if 24 hours, at local midnight *New address for RAE, Argentina, rae@radionacional.gov.ar *Channel Africa with specials for World Summit on Sustainable Development, in South Africa, Aug 26-30, Sept 2-5 at 1100-1500 on 21765, 17725, 11720; not heard here, and not very good in Germany *Radio Earth Summit may be from same, half hour program hourly via http://www.radioearthsummit.org *R. UNAMSIL, Sierra Leone, still heard on 6137.83 *Used to be a Peruvian on 5470, but no longer listed; that clears frequency for R. Veritas, Liberia, again being heard, first by Rafael Rodriguez, Colombia; Catholic station began new season Aug. 22, increased to 18 hours per day; sign off 2300 or 2400; Box 3569, Monrovia, was previously known address *V. of Africa, Libya, English news times monitored on 15435 *Standard disclaimer *World of Radio 1145, wghauser@hotmail.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; http://worldofradio.com for our schedule, DX Listening Digest, Monitoring Reminders calendar and much more *A few stations still make seasonal SW frequency changes the first Sunday in September, such as Voice of Russia; *And V. of Turkey`s English at 0300 to North America moves to 9650 *Saut al-Watan, V. of the Homeland, clandestine for Syria, 12115 site listed by Nagoya DX Circle as Samara, Russia, same as for Ethiopians at 1700 *0330 broadcast of same in the clear on 9950 in British Columbia; 1500 broadcast on 12115 well heard in Alberta, not sync with 12085; could it be a black clandestine, with hidden meaning? *US Psyops operation in Kandahar, Afghanistan reported to be using 6100 kHz, per Charlotte Observer; DXers hear what seems to be this *But Korea and Malaysia are also on 6100; what is then on 8700? *Radio Nepal has also moved onto 6100, from 41m band; parallel to 5005 including English news at 1415; both close at 1545; on as early as 2350 *V. of Holy Tibet, Lhasa, English at 1630 on 4905, 4920, 5240, 6130, 7185 *New 500 kW service from Bangalore, All India Radio national channel, 9450 ex-9425, 1320-0041 *Kazakhstan now has a clandestine, Radio Dat, meaning I Demand; http://datradio.com/indexeng.htm on 9775 at 0100-0200, 1500-1600; anti-Nazerbayev, info@datradio.com -- 0100 blocked here by VOA; CIS site in Europe assumed; recording of opening music, ID in Russian; one half hour program played twice in each hour *BBCWS special programming plans leading up to 9/11 start 9/7, joint productions with PRI; and 12 hours straight on 9/11 itself *CBC Cross Country Checkup on same topic, gets special RCI SW relay on 9800, 15375, Sunday Sept 8 at 2000-2200 *50th anniversary of CBC Television celebration starts Sept. 6 with The Joke`s on Us; and in coordination with VIA rail, live events starting at Vancouver train station *CBC Tower, the `Eiffel on Jarvis` in Toronto, site of first Canadian TV signals, demolished in 3.5 seconds to make way for `Radio City` *Miami about to regain classical station, but only on AM 1360 *Besides digital test on WLW, illustrated on current Continent of Media, iBiquity has experimental license in northeast on 1700 [not 1710 as I said!], and now another on 650 kHz in Frederick, Maryland, probably daytime only *Greetings to all other NRC`ers at the Labor Day [weekend] convention, Lima, Ohio; webcast of festivities planned: mms:// *4BC, 1116 kHz, Brisbane, Queensland, has one of strongest Australian signals in Oregon; might make it inland *Propagation outlook from Boulder, August 27; flux range 155-125-190 *And so concludes yet another World of Radio, Number 1145; Glenn Hauser, here, thanking you for listening, and hoping you`ll join me again next week ### WORLD OF RADIO #1144, produced August 14, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Unidentified Arabic on 12085, 12115 and 9950 monitored further: still unsolved, but seems to come from Russian sites, aimed at Syria despite being on two Syrian frequencies; recording of opening, always with same music: Watani Habibi, also available at: http://gamal.topcities.com/songs/watani1.html ID Sout al Watan, Voice of the Homeland, on behalf of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Movement, but BBC Monitoring never heard this or any ID given; check last few and next few issues of DXLD for all the info we have on this *Israel`s webcast news two days old *Vatican Radio relays Lebanese station Voice of Love/Charity, in Arabic, part of World Family of Radio Maria *Takahito Akabayashi gets verification for R. Afghanistan relay via Norway; still uses old P O Box 544 of ex-Taliban outlet, Kabul *Kyrgyz Radio on new frequency, 4795 *Nothing further from Laser Radio about resuming SW via Latvia; but R. Festival 2002, London, plans Latvia 5935 broadcast August 24-25; more info from Eric Wiltsher, eric@tesug.cix.co.uk *Terrible floods in Europe, so try R. Prague`s numerous English SW broadcasts, or http://www.radio.cz/en but maxed out *Another special for 50th anniversary of Japan SW Club, from R. Europe, Italy, 7306-USB Aug 16 and 17 at 2100-2200 with 500 watts, Japanese, English messages and jokes, special QSL card *BBC investigating allegations that government hacked into its news computers *QSLs emerging from AFN for brief operation from Iceland on 3903 *Special series four Fridays from Aug 16 on RTI, Tales of Dutch Formosa *Bougainville clandestine on 3850 again reported, but not IDed as R. Independent Makumui *The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1144, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA or wghauser@hotmail.com Fax if really necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser. Check website for our latest schedules, DXLD: http://worldofradio.com *Latest on African countries` SW activity in DXLD 2-126 *R. Candip, Bunia, DR Congo, back after a week off for disturbances *Not much on SW from Cameroon, but Communications Ministry starts daily internet bulletin, http://www.mincom.gov.cm *Mali back on one of its 60m frequencies; and other bands active *Guinea difficult to verify, but Paul Ormandy got E-mail verie after mailing a CD; issaconde@yahoo.fr *WJIE`s Doc Burkhart back from Liberia after putting FM on the air; plans SW by end of October; WJIE itself on the back burner *A View From Europe, quirky commentaries by Harvey Thomas on WWCR, now at more convenient third time: Sunday 1710 on 12160 *WMLK heard with a fabulous signal on 9465, testing 125 kW? *Brother Stair back to usual routine, changes name for checks to be made out to; how many of his flock have fallen away? *WBBR-1130 New York silent period deferred, perhaps to this weekend *WLW-700 Cincinnati testing IBOC digital audio this week; check for buzz on adjacent channels; WOR-710 New York also planned to do so *Two Idaho stations exchange frequencies: classic country KFXD now on 630, newstalk KIDO to 580 *Jazz format station in Long Beach, KLON changes calls to KKJZ *FCC orders switch to digital TV, requring tuners in TVs, in steps from 2004 to 2007; see DXLD 2-127 *R. Educacion, Mexico, Sintonia Libre DX program around 0330 UT Thursdays and Mondays on 6185; resuming 6 hours of SW production separate from MW *Ana Cristina del Razo leaving directorship of R. Mexico Internacional *Owner of XERTA quite a characer, making wild promises, mostly dreams *2.5 page English report on Mexican DX convention in DXLD 2-126 *Colombian pirate still heard, Radio Nueva Juventud, Pasto; and a rosary harmonic above 6.2 MHz *La Voz de tu Conciencia, Colombia, says 6 kW on 6060, and antenna changed to favor reception toward the north; QSL cards pending *R. Union, Lima, Peru, reactivated on 6117.4v, near nominal *Congratulations to Joe Talbot in Alberta, first to DX and QSL Radio America, Paraguay, on 7300, running 25 watts, capable of 2.4 kW; is third harmonic of 1610 on 4830 getting out? 7300 also reported from Norway; Argentines and Paraguayan cannot hear it *Almost 10 percent of world population can now access internet: see DXLD 2-129 or http://www.nua.ie *Propagation outlook from Boulder, August 13; flux range 190-235-180 *Attention: our repeat on WBCQ has moved to UT Monday 0415 on 7415 *Standard disclaimer *Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1144 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1143, produced August 7, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Standard disclaimer *New Mundo Radial available: http://www.worldofradio.com/espanol.html and on WWCR, Fri 2115v, Wed 2100 on 15825; *Even newer Spanish DX news on R. Nederland Radio-Enlace, Fris & Suns *Neighbors of Aurora Communications` SW site under construxion in Ninilchik, Alaska, concerned about environmental impact, try to delay; ex-KGEI transmitter. Aurora minimises impact *Aeronautical Radio, Inc., set up new HF station in Barrow, Alaska, long needed for polar route flights; frequencies *Robert Arthur updates us on Brother Stair case; says he is out of jail on bond, but charges, even more of them, still pending. Website http://www.overcomerministry.com now removed all references to his ever having been in jail *Kenneth Tomlinson, former VOA director, confirmed as new chairman of Broadcating Board of Governors, overseeing all USG-supported, non-military, international broadcasting *Radio Sawa, ex-VOA Arabic service, name is teen slang for "together" *WNNY, 1380, New York City, abandons expensive all-news format in Spanish for ranchera music, La X-1380, despite most Spanish speakers in NY being non-Mexicans *WBBR, 1130, New York expects downtime for maintenance, perhaps late Sat Aug 10 / early Sun Aug 11; check Monitoring Reminders *Stirling Heights, Michigan has 1700 kHz relay of NWS, WPTC-520 *International Radio Club of America convention Aug 16-18 at Tukwila, Washington, includes tours of KJR, KIRO, Craig Siegenthaler of Kiwa electronics; info from phil_tekno@yahoo.com *Clear Channel group makes commitment to pushing RDS technology, no doubt for ads and song titles, not just IDs and slogans *CJWI, new 1610 from Montreal, back on air August 1 *CFRX, 6070, Toronto, currently active; get it while you can before it breaks down again; perpetual co-channel Voz Cristiana, Chile since neither station cares *R. America, Paraguay, closes 15185 5-watt tests after no reports at all; may raise power and come back; tentative reports received for 1610, 7300 *R. Educacao Rural, Tefe, Amazonas, plans move from 3385 to 4925 by end of September *R. For Peace International, Costa Rica, depending on listener support, now has PayPal link at http://www.rfpi.org *R. Verdad, Guatemala, hit by lightning and operating only half its transmitter at 270 watts; reports wanted; adding English at 0415 *R. Liberty site in Pals, Spain, closed May 2001, but now talk of reviving it with increased US need for facilities to reach Islamic world; murky about how this could be done. See Catalunya in DXLD 2-122, 2-123 *Great music on R. Portugal`s North American service, not in English, 2300-0200 weekdays on 11655 *European DX Council conference in Pori, Finland, August 15-18, includes tour of YLE SW site in Pori; more info at http://www.sdxl.org/edxc/edxc2002.html *Scandinavian Weekend Radio plans 24-hour special from EDXC; details at http://www.swradio.net/edxc *You`re listening to the 1143rd WOR; http://www.worldofradio.com and address P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702; wghauser@hotmail.com *Thanks this week for financial support go to Bill Flynn, Cave Junxion, Oregon, who when last he wrote us was close, but far enough away, from those terrible fires *TWR may move all Russian broadcasts from Albania, lacking hydro power, to Austria *Turkey decides to allow Kurdish language broadcasting; see DXLD 2-124 *Security guard says he was stabbed outside US FBIS monitoring station at Nicosia, Cyprus *Mystery Arabic service heard on two Syrian and another frequency: 0330 on 9950; 1500 on 12085, 12115; clandestine? *Another time for English from Turkmenistan on 4930, 1940 UT *RFE/RL/RFA and VOA coordinate their services to Afghanistan for continuous 24-hour service on FM and shortwave *New station in Afghanistan, with German aid, is R. Voice of Freedom; ambiguous report about frequency, FM, and/or SW 9905? *Another time for English from Tibet, 0700-0715 UT on 9490 et al. *Democratic V. of Burma via Madagascar at 2330 on 9760 ex-11715 *Inside Burmese stations favorite DX targets for music, etc.: R. Myanmar on 5985v; Defence Forces Station on 6570; their gongs featured on Victor Goonetilleke`s RKI report August 4 *R. Japan special, Peace Prayer to the World, Thursday, Aug 15 on 44 Minutes show at 0615, numerous repeats *Japan SW Club 50th anniversary special, in Japanese, some English, on KSDA Aug 18 at 2100, 19 at 1300 on 11980 et al. Special QSL *Powerline communications nixed in Japan, to relief of users of shortwave spectrum *V. of Indonesia seems to have restricted foreign languages to weekdays only on 15150; weekends extremely distorted, Indonesian? *R. Pilipinas, English at 0200-0330 now on 15270, 15120, 11885, says Roland Schulze [not Rumen Pankov as I said!] *R. Independent Makumui, Bougainville on 3850 was active July 16- 22, but not since? *International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend ham special event Aug. 17-18 for 48 hours; see http://www.rsgb.org for link *Listeners to KORB fall for tattoo practical joke, lose jobs, then sue *Sunspots keep growing, up to 323, suggesting a third peak in this cycle; maybe F2 will be back on 6 meters this winter, but absorption not good for MW DX *Propagation outlook from Boulder, August 6; flux range 130-215-140 *Glenn Hauser, here, concluding yet another World of Radio, number 1143, hoping you`ll hear me again next week ### WORLD OF RADIO #1142, produced July 31, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Radio Polonia plans for foreign relays instead of domestic shortwave transmitters; head of station replaced *Kaliningrad 171 kHz resumes relay of Radio Rossii *Laser Radio tests via Latvia; plans programming for radio hobbyists and music from 60s, 70s, 80s; other options, maybe more tests *Executive salaries at BBC concealed, while lower ranking staff get bad pay deal *Five 5 MHz frequencies authorised in Britain for ham experimentation; see DXLD 2-121 at http://worldofradio.com *TeamTalk 252, Ireland, closed July 31, off the air pending new owners such as possible relaunch of Radio Nova, from Isle of Man *Radio Portugal has fado music show Saturdays 1805-2000 on 21655, 21800 *Interviews with ex-broadcasters at Angolan clandestine VORGAN, via Media Network: http://www.rnw.nl/realradio/features/html/angola020726.html *Mali again heard on 9635 in daytime *R. Liberia International heard again on 5100 after 2-month absence *Dominican Republic back on 4960v, Radio Villa, a.k.a Cima Cien; R. Global Internacional planned per http://www.cima100fm.com where streaming also available [maybe; and slow flash introduxion] *Young Cubans in Toronto to see Pope, defected; maybe that`s why Arnie Coro, with Cuban government, not allowed in *WRMI specials from Mexican DX Meeting August 3-7, schedule *La Voz de tu Conciencia, Colombia shifted to 6060.2, better modulation, less fading; antenna changes to favor North America *HCJB definitely moving transmitter site from Pifo to Santa Elena *The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1142; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA or wghauser@hotmail.com *Thanks this week for financial support go to Chuck Ermatinger *Standard disclaimer *Plans for SW transmitter by the government of Goias state, Brasil *R. America, Paraguay, has received zero reports so far on 7300, 15185 tests; submarine-like power supply. Fax: 595 21 963 149 or Casilla de Correo 2220, Asuncion, Paraguay; e-mail: see last week *Story about Liberty radio, Argentine station in Malvinas war, now in English via DXLD 2-119; excerpt *New Australian maritime weather SW stations heard in Illinois morns *R. Independent Makumui, 3850, Bougainville clandestine, QSL info: cassettes OK, 4 or 5 IRcs, to Sam Voron, 2 Griffith Ave., Roseville, NSW 2069, Australia *R. Bougainville, PNG government station, back on air already, 3325 *RTM Radio 4, Malaysia heard well in Wisconsin; many Malaysian and Singapore frequencies again making it to Finland as summer ends *English from Tibet on 9490 audible in Georgia; should improve *KRSI, clandestine to Iran, 15740, 17510, on website plus instructions for anti-jamming antenna: http://www.krsi.net/us-en/antijamming.asp *Difficulties faced by Arab stations broadcasting in Hebrew to Israel in DXLD 2-121; excerpt about Iran`s Voice of David [non-Arab] *Israel Radio put Romanian on frequencies supposed to be in English; English at 1030-1045 moved to 1015-1030 *WJIE confirmed using 100-watt exciters, not two 50 kW transmitters contrary to website claim; High Adventure staff moving to Kentucky; cooperation with WJIE on African plans *In DXLD 2-118, Robert Arthur finds anti-Brother Stair broadcasts just as incoherent, schizophrenic as he is; rational arguments not allowed *New X-band station in Dallas/Fort Worth on 1630, KNAX, Spanish gospel -- maybe full day power 10 kW at night initially *Propagation outlook from Boulder July 30: flux range 230-170-230 *And so concludes nother WOR, 1142. Until next week, Glenn Hauser inviting you to keep in touch by visiting http://worldofradio.com ### WORLD OF RADIO #1141, produced July 24, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *In northern summer, let`s dream of monitoring some Argentine Antarctic bases; communication frequencies on HF *DXLD 2-117 has fascinating article on R. Liberty, Argentine station to demoralise British during Falkland Islands war; in Spanish, but I am tempted to translate it *List of Argentine X-band stations, mostly unlicensed *R. America, Paraguay, writes us with SW testing technical info on 7300 and also 15185; reports to ramerica@rieder.net.py *R. San Antonio de Padua, Callalli, Peru sent message to DXers about winter storm emergency in Arequipa, putting it off air *R. Esperanza, Chile, heard regularly in windows when Anguilla and Japan are off 6090 *New Colombian La Voz de tu Conciencia back on air, but on same frequency as before [shortly afterwards confirmed on new 6060.2] *unID on 5064.77 may be pirate in Cuba, R. Cienfuegos *La Voz de la Fundacion resumed SW to Cuba via WRMI July 24 *Radio Habana Cuba`s Arnie Coro denied visa by Canada, so his trip to Toronto and Vernon is off; blowing up to major diplomatic incident; recording of CBC news item from British Columbia on this *William Pierce, neo-Nazi broadcaster of American Dissident Voices, died of cancer; final broadcast as virulently anti-Semitic as ever *WJIE Kentucky to become WPBN, World Prayer Broadcsting Network along with KVOH, KHBN, AM and FM stations, V. of Liberty, Liberia *WJIE heard again on 7490 day and night, but still very weak *WOR 1141, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; wghauser@hotmail.com *Tip for Rational Living: Public Interest from WAMU and NPR July 22 had discussion on Atheists and Secular Humanists, archived indefinitely at: http://www.wamu.org/ram/2002/p2020722.ram *House votes $135 million to boost broadcasts to Muslim countries, in Freedom Promotion Act of 2002, passed July 22; Senate next *VOA makes vague remark about relaying R. Rwanda *Copper coils from R. Mozambique`s MW transmitter stolen, off the air *Only active Kenyan SW frequency is 4915 *No SW from Gambia, but increased audio/visual content at http://www.grts.gm *V. of Iraqi People, clandestine from Sa`udi Arabia comes back on precise rather than off-frequency; but its others are still off *R. Afghanistan, latest schedule for relays via UAE, Norway *V. of Armenia schedule last week, tho official, was wrong; 9960 heard instead of 11625 *Special broadcast from India, July 25 0350 on all AIR frequencies, swearing-in of new President of India, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam *Democratic Voice of Burma, clandestine, celebrates 10th anniversary in Norway; would like to be independent of exile government *R. Prague heard relayed on Coast Guard frequency 8983 *3AC, Monaco coastal station seems to have log-periodic antennas inside Monaco itself; schedule for weather broadcasts *Europeans startled to hear Chinese music on 1062 kHz; from Paris *Death of offshore broadcaster Howard G. Rose July 18, a.k.a. Crispian St. John, Jay Jackson; see obit in DXLD 2-115 *BBCWS failed to secure full commentary rights for Commonwealth Games, disappointing many; as African, Asian stations got full rights *R. Australia has extensive CG coverage on special frequency 11650, starting with opening ceremony 2000 UT Thursday July 25 [not 2200!] *RNZI adds special webcast for elexion returns Sat July 27 0700-1100 as well as SW 9885. See http://www.rnzi.com *Sam Voron will confirm correct reception reports of Bougainville clandestine [R. Independent Mekamui, 3850]. See http://www.h44a.com on his current ham project in Solomons: absolutely no QSLing there *V. of the Sunrise, or Maus B`long Sankamap, the official Bougainville station off the air for nonpayment of power bills, 3325 *New American Samoa station confirmed on 580 instead of 585 [WDJD] *Randy Michaels kicked upstairs from radio division of Clear Channel; stock immediatley fell; controversial figure blamed for CC programming tactics *Original webcaster KPIG in California stopped due to royalties, ``a sad day in the cyber-sty`` *Very disturbed propagation conditions lately; outloook from Boulder July 23; flux range 195-165-190 *With a standard disclaimer, *Glenn Hauser, here, concluding another World of Radio, No. 1141 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1140, produced July 17, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Past two weeks, our UT Mon 0000 on WWCR 9475 missing, but not sure yet if permanent *New contributor from Taiwan sends schedule from V. of Armenia: English portion *R. Voice of Afghanistan suspends broadcasts for three months due to ``painful scenes... not able to broadcast the truth``; see founder`s complete speech in DXLD 2-114 at http://worldofradio.com *Afghanistan items in almost every issue; 2-112 has roundup of Afghan broadcasting situation *Head of Afghan broadcasting dismissed for banning female singing *Three 1000 kW MW transmitters coordinated for Bahrain, with different directional lobes; to relay western services? *New BBC MW transmitters on Omani mainland: location, same frequencies that Masirah used, power and patterns *DXLD 2-112 under Middle East has BBCM analysis of 9/11 plus 10: Changing Trends in ME Media *Israel Radio`s English change from July 21; DST theoretically ends October 6, but don`t count on it *New relay of AIR FM-II service via Bangalore 9425 includes some news in English *R. Sri Lanka reported on new out of band 9970; typo? *Tibet`s 1100 UT English broadcast monitored on 9490, hard to follow *V. of Korea, P`yongyang has new website hosted in China: http://www.hikoryo.com/ser/vok.htm *V. of Vietnam director-general fired in purge linked to corruption *Indonesian regionals reactivated on SW: RRI Bukittinggi, Serui *Clandestine in Bougainville now known as R. Independent Makumui, means ``holy land`` on 3850, and reported from Tennessee, Wyoming, Australia, BC; stronger than previously. (Recording) by Don Moman, Alberta, includes ID [probably at 0935]; listen over and over *More than half of this week`s WOR 1140 has now transpired; our address wghauser@hotmail.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA *Regular PNG stations also heard well in North America despite summer: R. New Ireland; R. Enga *New AM station in American Samoa, 585 kHz, believed on air and heard in New Zealand; another report says WDJD shifted to 580 for lack of 9-kHz-spacing receivers; ITU registered technical parameters *DXing Idaho on MW difficult in much of US; KGEM, 1140, Boise, we heard sesquidecades ago, still has same calls; just resumed non- directionality until local sunset, now 0330 UT, so chance to hear it eastwards *Excessive RF levels at Mt. Wilson transmitter site, Los Angeles, caused FCC party inviting many station CEs *WNET 13 New York ran both primary and aux transmitters at same time, interfering with itself *Intrigue in Columbus, OH, over public radio ownership changes, and sports, commercial involvement; see: http://www.columbusalive.com/2002/20020704/070402/07040203.html *Museum Ship Weekend, July 20-21, special ham event, sponsored by K1USN; see http://www.qsl.net/k1usn/event.html *KNLS, Alaska puts surprisingly good signal into lower 48 during 1300 UT English on 11565; http://www.knls.org has nice virtual tour. Back of beam crosses Bismarck, Des Moines, St. Louis, Nashville, Fort Pierce; tactic to make evangelization as palatable as possible; includes DX Tips for Beginners by Carl Mann, 2.5 minutes without DX or station news; English usage feature *Another beloved Canadian broadcaster died, Gord Sinclair of CJAD; see obits in DXLD 2-113 *CBC tower on Jarvis Street in Toronto to be dismantled, landmark *Ten temporary 10-watt FM stations authorised in Toronto for World Youth Day, July 22-28; multi-lingual, frequencies *Montreal 1610 CJWI off the air for time being, but two applications compete for another 1610 in Toronto, one Latin American, the other English commercial in Markham *Mexico City`s R. Transcontinental de America has new website with streaming, http://www.misionradio.com -- converted to gospel rock; frequency varies widely from nominal 4810; something on 4670 *Channel 4 in El Salvador destroyed by fire; stayed on air from transmitter site *La Voz de tu Conciencia, ID text for new 6060 frequency, but not yet heard there; not religious, but `philosophical` for combatants *Voz Cristiana, Chile, heard on 5674.7: difference between 11745 and 6070 *Still no SW from WJIE in Kentucky, but turning attention to Liberia where V. of Liberty to be on FM, later SW and TV as well, anti- Islam *R. Okapi, Congo DR lists three frequencies now, 9550, 6030 and 10690 -- the last corrected to 11690; FM expanding, and SW power 100 watts *Luxembourg SW test on 6090 widely heard; plans more sometime *Laser Radio test on 5935 confirmed via Latvia; hard to hear outside Europe; see DXLD 2-113; again 1400-2200 UT Sundays July 21, 28 *R. Caroline denies any plans to broadcast via Kaliningrad 1386, but instead possibly a low-power British station on same frequency *Propagation on HF quite disturbed the past week; outlook from Boulder issued July 16; flux range 185-135-175 *That`s World of Radio 1140; I`m Glenn Hauser ### WORLD OF RADIO #1139, produced July 10, 2202 by Glenn Hauser *WOR missing from two times on WWCR last week, always possible when time needed for something else; still officially scheduled Thu 2030 on 15825; future less certain UT Mon 0000 on 9475. Latest info we have at http://worldofradio.com *But WWCR added second play of Mundo Radial, Wed 2100 on 15825 *DXers Calling no longer via live365.com but Tim Gaynor does it another way: DXLD 2-110 or see http://www.geocities.com/nri3 http://www.angelfire.com/myband/tjg http://nrin.hypermart.net *New Zealand`s stay on 9515 was short, perhaps due to Sackville QRM; moved to 9850 *R. Free Bougainville barely audible in NAm on 3850; allegedly powered by coconut oil *DXJR, Philippines, 1575 kHz, heard for an hour at Grayland WA *R. Free Vietnam clandestine changed 15235 site from Uzbekistan to Tajikistan *Democratic V. of Burma clandestine moved from 9490 to 9850 via Germany; 11715 returned from Uzbekistan to Madagascar site *Full data QSL from Bhutan, on ``traditional handmade paper from the Daphne plant'' *Tibet English broadcast at 1630 audible in Austria; but another time for it, 1100 reported from India, should be better in NAm *China really upset with Falungong over hijacking satellite feeds; see DXLDs 2-107, 2-110, 2-111 *V. of Mongolia moves from one to another favorite 12 MHz frequency *V. of Mongolia verification letter encloses a bone, antelope? *V. of Israel reorganization July 21; two of the four English SW broadcasts change timings *R. Mogadishu, V. of the Republic of Somalia, off air in business dispute over supply of generators; 6 MHz outofband? *R. Hargeysa, Somaliland, 7530, heard with news in English *R. Sagalee Oromiya, clandestine to Ethiopia, heard again on 12110, after inactivity; another one, Netsanet not audible *Police raid V. of the People, Harare, Zimbabwe, confiscating tapes and files, but found no transmitters; don`t they know the broadcasts are via Madagascar? Still heard as usual *Salama Radio, from UK to Nigeria, in Hausa, Fulfulde, and others; Calvinist sermons included *First? QSL from R. UNAMSIL, Sierra Leone; see report at http://www.dxing.info/profiles/6138_unamsil.dx and still reported in North America *Fires R Us at R. Nederland; another Flevo transmitter, but should be back in a week: http://www.rnw.nl/realradio/html/flevo020708.html *Flemish National Day ham special July 11, publicized 4 months ahead, just reminded, OS4VRA on 3620 *The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1139, wghauser@hotmail.com or PO Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA. Website growing fuller: http://www.worldofradio.com *Thanks this week for financial support to E. Everett Edwards, in memory of a longtime listener who died in March, Leslie Edwards *Special test from Luxembourg announced too late for last week`s WOR, happening too early to tell you in advance, July 10; assessing 500 kW transmiter in preparation for conversion to digital; blocked in the Americas; widely heard in Europe, but modulation not up to par; notification well in advance was in DXLD and MONITORING REMINDERS *Laser Radio test scheduled July 7 was no-show, but rescheduled via Latvia July 13 and 14 [+ 21, 28]; see http://laserradio.net *Latvia still hopes to persuade RFE/RL to move there; and head Thomas Dine visited Riga *RFE/RL cancelled broadcasts in Czech, language of current host; see DXLD 2-107 *Radio jamming by USSR from Estonia, with sensitive photographs: http://www.okupatsioon.ee/english/mailbox/radio/radio.html *R. Polonia says SW is far from dead, but will close obsolete transmitters in Poland, transmit via Germany, Slovakia instead; time running out to hear and QSL Poland via Poland *Foreign relays to start October 1, but sites not decided *Listening in Lapland, for two sesquidecdes, achieving astounding MW DX from North America: article in DXLD 2-110 *July 8-12, R. Sweden broadcasting live from Gotland *This year`s BBC Prom Concert season begins July 19; webcast on BBC R3; BBCWS has 54-minute weekly special on Weds/UT Thurs *Dissatisfaction with American conductor Leonard Slatkin, and controversy on how to handle Last Night of the Proms: DXLD 2-110 *CBC spur on 17920 weekends only is mix of 17800 and 17860 *CJWI is call of new 1610 station testing in Montreal; as soon as publicized in local newspaper, tests ended, to resume in August; From International Radio Report, recording of test loop in French *New low power, airport station at Dorval, Montreal, CHDO, by August 1 on 89.7 FM, non commercial, unlike Toronto`s AM commercial *New United Nations Radio SW schedule to Africa, with sites, one hour total weekdays *Brother Stair case: Sister Stair says two of four charges dropped, and judge laughed at the remaining two; but he`s still in jail *Remnants Hope Ministry, Stair detractors, broadcasts via Germany canceled *Another KPH, Bolinas CA special UT July 13: DXLD 2-109 *Grosse Point, Michigan, has classical pirate on 1170 *WOAI-TV callsign to resume on channel 4 in San Antonio, after years as KMOL, to match radio, again co-owned by Clear Channel *Official callsign registered for Dr. Gene Scott`s SW facility at Cahuita, Costa Rica, never given: TIRWR, informally called `TIDGS` *La Voz de tu Conciencia, Colombia, planned return this weekend or next week on new 6060; slight correxion to address given last week: Calle 44, No. 13-69, Barrio Palermo, Bogota, DC *Another major anti-Chavez demonstration scheduled July 11; monitor stations or check http://www.auyantepui.com *R. Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte, Brasil in growth phase, with a new transmitter, heard well on 6010 *R. Nacional, Sao Gabriel do Cachoeira, Amazonas, heard on 3375 *R. Cancao Nova, Brasil, Alem Fronteiras listener contact program also invites chat July 13, http://www.cancaonova.com/dx *SODRE, Uruguay, confirmed still active on 9620.8 relaying CX6 *July 18-24, CE0Y/7K1WLE, Japanese ham visiting Easter Island *Radio Shack discounting DX-399 = ATS 606, # 20-229 for $70 including AC adaptor, case; no SSB *Tony Mann, Western Australia, has now received 19 US UHF TV stations by moonbounce, and one from Australia; see DXLD 2-109 *Propagation notes on solar cycle from Ken Fletcher; flux dropping, on downside of cycle *Propagation outlook from Boulder, July 9; Flux range 130-145-130 *Glenn Hauser, here, concluding World of Radio 1139 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1138, produced July 2, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Standard disclaimer *RFPI frequency schedule modified: 21815 off the air; 7445-USB and 15039 both running 2200-0800; affects when you can hear WOR: Fridays 1930, Saturdays 1800, Tuesdays 1900; also special time Sunday 1830 [or rather repeats 6, 12, hours later in this frame] *DXers Calling cancels audio streaming service, including World of Radio, on Live365.com *Confusion about whether WOR should be on 17495 from WBCQ, during first airing Wednesdays 2200 as well as 7415; latest from Allan Weiner is yes, so always check both [foulup July 3: no 17495 again!] *New Colombian on 6064.5 [La Voz de tu? Conciencia] plans shift to 6060 to avoid WYFR, and add English. Other plans for AM 1530, HKI81. Reports to Russ M. Stendal rms05001@neutel.com.co or Carrera 44, No. 13-69, Barrio Palermo, Bogota, D.C., Colombia [note correxion] *R. Super, Cali, Colombia, heard on 2nd, 3rd and 4th harmonics of MW *La Voz de Saquisili y Libertador, heard in Ecuadorian daytime *R. Cosmopolita, Quito, still heard sporadically; new address caused reports from abroad to bounce; now use: Morales 1224 y Garcia Moreno, Quito. Attn.: Sr. Alejandro Yautibug. No E-mail *R. Paraiso, Peruvian harmonic on 2 MHz band *R. Imperio, Chiclayo, 5 MHz frequency is mix of SW and MW frequencies *Website about Aymara language of Bolivia: http://www.aymara.org *LR9, R. America, Buenos Aires, heard on 10 MHz aero channel LSB *Millennium Voice filed under Tunisia [non] as that is one announced target; curtailment of Chile on same frequency 21550 should make it audible here after 1400 *Laser Radio testing Sunday, July 7 on 5935, 1400-2200; Reports to BCM Aquarius, London WC1N 3XX; via Latvia? Wants $5 for limited edition QSL cards [and plans weekly broadcasts thence, but publicized website crashes our computer: warning] *Deutsche Welle website improved for ondemand audio, but still needs work: http://kleist.dwelle.de/english/dpradio/audio.html *R. Jordan missing from 11690, but heard in English instead on 15290, at least on one occasion *BBG chairman Marc Nathanson, spoke to National Press Club about US aid to broadcasting in Afghanistan; includes 2 x 400 kW MW transmitters; FM in Kabul; SW hours increased *R. Afghanistan missing from 18940 relay via Norway *Azad Kashmir and All India Radio now synchronized on exactly same 60m frequency, eliminating het *AIR Bangalore testing new 500 kW with National Program on 9425 *Via subcarrier, USB, AM and FM, WOR 1138; wghauser@hotmail.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; http://www.worldofradio.com has much more info via links to DX Listening Digest *Democratic Voice of Burma flexible with sites; one broadcast just moved from Madagascar to Uzbekistan on same frequency 11715 *New article on DXing and Broadcasting in China at dxing.info site: http://www.dxing.info/articles/chinese_dxing.dx *Grayland DXpedition loggings by Walt Salmaniw in DXLD 2-106 including *Laos relatively strong in French and English on 7145 *Also just about every Papua New Guinea station and *PNG aero beacon 'KUT' on 1737 kHz *PNG provinces extended election polling until July 6, so more extended transmission hours expected; some all-night and special frequencies or spurs: 4880, 4910, 4960 *Francis Ona`s rebel radio, R. Free Bougainville reported back on the air after 4 years; press omits frequency, but used to be 3850 at 1000 *R. North Solomons, a.k.a. R. Bougainville, official station on 3325 *PNG opening extended to Nashville, caught by David Hodgson *Solomon Islands themselves planned to reactivate 9545; not yet heard *R. National website http://www.abc.net.au/rn surprised John FigLiozzi with new live audio, and ondemand; not all are available via Radio Australia *July 1 was 70th anniversary of the ABC *Telstra coastal radio stations closed down June 30; replacement has two new sites, VMC, Charleville, Qsld., and VMW, Wiluna, Western Australia; frequencies *Robert Arthur received a reply from Brother Stair in jail; says he was put in maximum security after another inmate got saved and was joyous all night: B.S. too `charismatic`; hopes to get out soon *Yet another website on the Stair cult: http://rickross.com/groups/rgstair.html including Walterboro story: *Father claims son`s death was foul play, Stanley Bean; and links to TV audio reports on arrest: http://www.thenetteam.net/newspt1.ram http://www.thenetteam.net/newspt2.ram *Plan for two-step shift of ham/broadcast boundary on 7 MHz: in 2007y, 7200/7450; by 2010y, 7300/7550 *Yahoo closes down broadcast.com service *KCRW Santa Monica has continuing commitment to webcasting including July 4-5 specials, Let the Good Times Roll on the golden age of R&B, 13 different hourlong programs; details in DXLD 2-104 *Many other public radio stations have special jazz programming on the holiday *New Capitol Steps and other special programming at Monitoring Reminders: http://www.worldofradio.com/calendar.html *WKBR, Manchester, NH is 1/2 kHz off-frequency, increasing DXability *New 1610 station testing in Montreal, for Haitian community; see DXLD 2-105, 2-106, 2-107; CJWI with 1000 watts; expects DX reports: Maitre Jean Ernest Pierre, CPAM Radio Union.com, 10 St. Jacques St., Suite 807, Montreal, QC H2Y 1L3 *Not much hurricane activity yet, but Bill Snyder`s Hurricane Frequencies List updated: http://www.hurricanefrequencies.com *Propagation outlook from Boulder July 2: flux range 145-140-145-140 *Your input always welcome to WOR: P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702; wghauser@hotmail.com Fax: 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser. Website http://worldofradio.com *That concludes another edition of World of Radio, #1138; Glenn Hauser, here, hoping you`ve enjoyed the program and will join me again next week ### WORLD OF RADIO #1137, produced June 26, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *New edition of my other program CONTINENT OF MEDIA now available; on RFPI Fri 1900, Sat 1730, Tue 2000 plus 6, 12 and 18 hours later on some of: 21815-USB, 15039, 7445-USB and via http://www.DXing.com -- it is COM 02-03 *New June-July edition of my monthly Spanish DX report Mundo Radial also available from WWCR Fridays 2115v on 15825, and at http://www.worldofradio.com/audiomid.html *Updated WOR/COM/MR schedules at website too *Congo DR relay via Gabon tentatively heard on 9770 *Djibouti signs agreement for new MW relay of R. Sawa on 1431; FM *R. V. of the People, clandestine to Zimbabwe via Madagascar on 7310v has been free of WHRI 7315 QRM, with that transmitter off the air, but still Vatican on other side *Angel 1 schedule of WHRI, also missing from 9495, 15105 [now back] *WWRB testing new 340 degree dual feed rhombic, toward SE Asia, altho unreliable path, on frequencies of other US SW stations: 5070, 5085, 7315, 9495, 12160, 12172, 15825, 17495, 26800 [sic] http://www.wwrb.org or http://www.worldwidereligiousbroadcasting.org *WWRB heard testing already on 5070, once a WWCR exclusive *Nothing further on Brother Stair, assumed still in jail; broadcasts as usual with old tapes. Robert Arthur`s full remarks in DXLD 2-103 *Andre de Nesnera, VOA news director, gets award for resisting White House pressure not to broadcast Taliban interview: Constructive Dissent award from American Foreign Service Association *WYFR signs agreement for expanded relays via Merlin facilities in UK, Ascension, UAE, South Africa *Chris Bickerton, Focus on Africa presenter on BBCWS died of cancer; BBC tried to get rid of him earlier, now forced to honour him *Scanner buff breaches royal security in Britain, monitoring and publishing frequencies. Further restrixions on scanning feared *DW mistakenly broadcasts Swahili instead of English to North America *Alexandersen Alternator testing again from Sweden June 30, SAQ on 17.2 kHz; plus ham special event SA6Q; see DXLD 2-096 or http://www.alexander.n.se *R. Rasant, German student station via IRRS on 13840 June 29-30; site? *IRRS` reduced schedule due to high fees in Italy; AWR Forli too *If these June 30 specials are too late for you, make a point of listening to the earliest broadcasts of WOR each week *R. Nord, ex-pirate from Sweden, celebrating 40th anniversary of closedown June 30 via Lithuania on 9980 *R. Bulgaria reviving second transmitter July 1, including English *Kol Israel affirms there will be no cuts in SW broadcasts; but schedules may change July 1 *V. of Iraqi Kurdistan heard by FM DX in Bulgaria *R. Afghanistan`s expanded relays via foreign sites contracted after Loya Jerga; but 18940 is no longer via Norway *WOR 1137, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; or wghauser@hotmail.com *Much more at http://worldofradio.com *Thanks this week for financial support: Gerald T. Pollard *Tip for Rational Living: The Pledge of Allegiance, as amended *V. of Tibet, clandestine, frequency changes observed during half- sesquihour broadcasts [due to Chicom jamming] *Frontline Soldiers Radio, North Korea, reactivated on 2 and 3 MHz *Intermedia this weekend from R. Austria interviews Ed, P5/4L4FN, ham station in North Korea -- Listen to program 275 via http://roi.orf.at/intermedia perhaps partly in English *VOA Poro, Philippines, calling for up to $5 mega of work in overhaul, erecting new megawatt mediumwave, 5-tower array *Papua New Guinea stations running past usual sign-off due to elexion results, and some outlets reactivated, 3325 and 3385 *VNG, Australia`s timesignal station, gets 6-month reprieve to give users a chance to make other arrangements, until December 31 *VNG`s CW 8638 is blocked in Europe by DAO5, Kiel on 8638.5, PACTOR *New Zealand moves to 9 MHz for final daily broadcast to Timor *Jim Bohannon Show is webcast the following morning; see Monitoring Reminders at http://www.worldofradio.com/calendar.html *Iowa`s 1700 kHz station had WSJZ call for only 12 days, till FCC realized mistake and resumed KBGG *Clear Channel amends application for KGYN Guymon OK on 1210 to move to Tulsa instead of OKC *KSTR, K-Star is new 1540 student station in Las Cruces, NM, low power? See DXLD 2-102 *Arizona wildfires lead local AM stations to run daytime facilities at night in emergency; FM too could be DXed *2182 kHz is new book reviewed in NY Times; David Masiel, author *New webcast royalty ruling by Librarian of Congress pleases no one; see DXLD 2-101 or http://www.kurthanson.com *Military and RCMP authorised to jam radio and cellphones during G8 summit now in Calgary, and during pope`s visit to Canada in July *World of Telephones: US House declares A. G. Bell did not invent the telephone, but Antonio Meucci; Canadian House retorts with declaration that Bell did invent it, so there! *Basic Black`s final edition is this Saturday June 29 on CBC Radio One *Cumbre tried to give CHNX Halifax a 500 watt transmtiter to keep SW on the air, but rejected *Cuba prohibits PCs to individuals; just cafes and educational institutions where usage can be controlled *Teleonda Musical, El Salvador, background subscription music service is on 72.5 MHz, between TV channels 4 and 5 *Colombian on 6064.5 is La Voz de [tu?] Conciencia; location still not certain. In FARC-controlled area hostile to religionists. SIL had to close a missionary station at Puerto Lleras earlier *Peruvian around 5500v is R. San Miguel, San Miguel, Cajamarca *Presidential elexions June 30 in Bolivia, so look for expanded hours or reactivations on 60 and 49m bands *R. Pio Doce, Bolivia, 5953, heard with much stronger signals than before in Finland *@tividade DX bulletin has lots of Brazilian info not seen elsewhere; R. Brasil, Campinas is back; R. Anhanguera no longer with previous religious network; R. Educacao Rural schedule; R. Nacional Amazonia received large grant to revive three SW transmitters; R. Senado to use 25m as well as 5990 *Outback station on 5025 heard earlier than usual instead of 120m *R. Central, PNG, very good with new transmitter? on 3290 *Propagation outlook from Boulder June 25: flux range fluxuating 145- 135 *With a standard disclaimer, *Glenn Hauser, here, concluding another World of Radio, Number 1137; hope you`ve enjoyed the program and will hear me again next week ### WORLD OF RADIO #1136, produced June 19, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *YLE Radio Finland to end English, German and French on SW Oct. 27, part of development plan; official decision expected in late August; listeners may still object to Director Seppo Haerkoenen, PL-100, 00024 Yleisradio, Finland *R. Sweden increasing its SW languages, relaying domestic services in Arabic, Kurdish *Lithuania testing high-power MW transmitter to assert its claim to frequency against Russia, also still using it; see DXLD 2-097, 2-100 *V. of Orthodoxy, France to Russia via Kazakhstan heard in UK *Special midsummer program from R. Sweden Friday June 21 *Macedonia`s new 1200 kW mediumwave on the air and widely heard *New 300 kW SW transmitter on the air in Portugal, and new curtain antennas, but modulation problems; schedule to Europe, Brasil *IRRS Italy drops 3 and 7 MHz, only on 13, but streamed 24h at http://mp3.nexus.org But is 13 a foreign transmitter site? *RAI frequency changes in English from Italy *Industrial action threatened June 21 by staff of Team Talk, sports LW station from Ireland *LW frequency in Germany planned for conversion to digital *Armenia heard on new frequency not in their schedule *Israel starting new cable/satellite Israel-Middle East TV, to include English news moved from broadcast network *Only one SW channel active from Qatar, off-frequency, weak and clashing with four other stations *R. Afghanistan SW relays via UAE and Norway expand hours *Standard disclaimer *You`re listening to the 1136th WOR (not 1135th as I said!), wghauser@hotmail.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702; http://worldofradio.com *Standard disclaimer *Remember our new time for very first broadcast on WBCQ, Wed 2200 on 17495 and 7415 *Democratic V. of Burma via New Zealand on new frequency; Pakistan also moved there at earlier hour *Frequencies for English from Tibet; all too low for North America in summer *V. of Khmer Krom Radio, clandestine for Cambodians in southern Vietnam, changes day of broadcast and frequency *Korean evangelical on 6715 linked to Seoul church with a website, http://english.fgtv.com/default.asp *Vanuatu slightly off frequency on 7 MHz *Australia`s timesignal station VNG closes June 30 but will QSL thru yearend; frequencies and schedule; one IRC with reports to Dr Richard Brittain, Secretary, National Time Committee, National Standards Commission, P O Box 282, North Ryde, NSW 1670 *If RNZI sounds a bit weak, one frequency sometimes goes to half power *Broadcasting in Hawaii thread in DXLD 2-094, 2-095, 2-096 *1700 kHz station in Iowa, KBGG, has new owners, new format, and new call, WSJZ, for Smooth Jazz, despite west of Mississippi *Univision purchases Spanish radio network; see DXLD 2-098 *Sen. Feingold preparing a bill against broadcast consolidation; see DXLD 2-098 *Satellite radio on the Road to Oblivion, says John C. Dvorak; article and discussion group via http://www.pcmag.com/article/0,2997,s=1500&a=27904,00.asp *Jewish Radio Network on WBCQ abandons 17 for 7 MHz in daytime *Winners of gender discrimination suit against VOA want tax law to be changed to allow averaging income over the years covered; see DXLD 2-097 *TV Marti starts prime-time UHF broadcasts to Cuba *Cuba revives Habana channel 4, Canal Educativo, N.B. TVDXers *DXLD 2-100 has two long stories about Ana Belen Montes, who got spy instructions via Cuban numbers stations on SW *Wall Street Journal story on two R. Habana announcers: one is a former San Francisco travel agent, ``Simon Wollers``; and ``Langston Wright,``, a.k.a. Michael Finney, who hijacked a plane from Albuquerque in 1971; see http://online.wsj.com/article_email/0,,SB1024357492496569200,00.html *XELA, Mexico City classical station off the air but still webcasting http://www.xela.com.mx/xela.ram *R. Paz Internacional Peru, new station heard out of band *R. Huarmaca, Peru, also heard testing *R. Tacna, Peru still heard on 9 MHz, reporting on civil disturbances in Arequipa *Voz Cristiana, Chile, drastically reduces schedule, especially 21 MHz *R. Rivadavia, Argentina via SW feeders, declares bankruptcy; may be sold and format change *R. Educacao Rural, Tefe, Amazonas, Brasil, struggling to survive *R. Anhanguera off-frequency on 11 MHz band, sounds stronger than listed *World Radiocommunications Conference June-July 2003 will be in Geneva instead of Venezuela; on the agenda, separating hams from broadcasters on 7 MHz, in two stages; all broadcasters would move above 7300, so would American out-of-banders expand further up? *David Bobbett no longer editor of World Radio TV Handbook; publisher taking on more and more regional experts to improve it *Propagation outlook from Boulder June 18; flux range 145-170-135 *And so concludes yet another WOR, 1136 (not 1135 as I said again!!); hoping you`ve found it interesting and helpful, I`m Glenn Hauser, hoping you`ll hear me again next week ### WORLD OF RADIO #1135, produced June 11, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Standard disclaimer *New time for our first broadcast on WBCQ because WBAI moved Off the Hook into our timeslot, Weds 2300 UT: a sesquihour earlier, Weds at 2200 on 7415, but also on 17495; how is reception from both in your area? Next repeat continues, UT Thursdays 0415 on 7415 *Greenland`s KNR has 100-watt relay on 80m band; considering higher powered SW on Cook Island to replace 5 MW; see DXLD 2-093; 2-095; audio of previous SW: http://www.dxing.info/audio/index_greenland.dx and http://www.knr.gl has no info on SW *CBC claims CKZN transmitter is in Labrador but really in St. John`s, insular Newfoundland *CBC summer programs include: Say It With Music during June, tribute to Richard Rodgers [Sunday at 4 pm on CBC Radio 2; webcast 2000 UT]; also is BBCWS Composer of the Month, and public radio stations have a Rodgers special this month as in Monitoring Reminders [June 28 1500-1700 UT] *CBC Radio Two has Time Traveller replacing The Transcontinental, with Lowy`s death, Sun 1:05 pm, webcast 1705 UT, also gone from CBU *Thanks to World Cup, Brazilian stations may run SW later into the night than usual, e.g. R. Gaucha, R. Guaiba; but most play-by-play is done from Brazilian studios, not including Brazilian games *R. Tacna, Peru, reactivated on 31m to carry World Cup game *Already publicized June 6 in DXLD: June 12 festival in Cusco, Peru may lead to SW stations on late *Colombian 6 MHz frequency reactivated but from new location with new owners; how Rafael Rodriguez is researching it. MW ID as Alcaravan Radio or on SW Sistema Radial de Alcarabanga, from Puerto LLeras, Meta *The midpoint of WOR 1135, the non-commercial, non-corporate, non- communist, non-musical, non-religious, non-apolitical DX program; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA or wghauser@hotmail.com and our website is back in service, http://www.worldofradio.com *Venezuela backs out of hosting World Radio Conference 2003, so ITU looking for a new site, and may be delayed from July 2003; one agenda item is `harmonization` of 7 MHz amateur and broadcast allocations *R. Tachira, Venezuela, reactivated on 60m, at least in daytime *Catholic Radio Stations in the Americas lists a 9 MHz shortwve in Nicaragua, R. Universidad, HTA; very old, or very new info? *Mexican media mogul in Miami Angel Gonzalez buying up stations, controls lots in Guatemala and elsewhere, `threat to free speech`; see DXLD 2-095 *Belize rejects US request to put R. Marti on VOA MW transmitters; no go either via S. Florida, Grand Cayman, Turks & Caicos, Bonaire *R. Sawa, [VOA] Arabic signed agreement with Cyprus for 600 kW MW relay at Cape Greco from August; already via Kuwait, soon Djibouti *R. Afghanistan via Norway shifts schedule half an hour earlier to match offset timezone there for evening broadcast at least *V. of Islamic Republic of Iran starting Hebrew service, V. of David *Mystery Korean evangelical station on 6715: direction-finding shows somewhere along this Great Circle: 224/44 degrees from Europe: Canary Islands, Argentina, Chile, Wellington, Seoul, Irkutsk; timing suggests audience in Europe or South Atlantic fishing fleet around Brazil; confirmed produced from Yoido Full Gospel Church, Seoul, well-known pastor Yong Gi Cho *WRNO`s new owners have website http://www.goodnewsworld.org with same old `rocky` logo, schedule severely disconnected from reality *Brother Stair`s imprisonment finally mentioned on his own show, but mostly old tapes on sin and damnation; court says one charge is `criminal breach of trust`, using the word ``brainwash``. If B.S. believed his own BS, he would be innocent: unfair concept, says Robert Arthur *Afternoon of June 15 is Kid`s Day on ham radio, 20, 15, 10, 2 meters See http://www.arrl.org/FandES/ead/kd-rules.html *Field Day is June 22-23, for the first time expanding scope to all of the Americas; then see http://www.arrl.org/contests/soapbox *Upcoming DX conventions per DXLD 2-093 i.a.: Worldwide TV-FM DX Association, Yukon near OKC, July 26-28, http://www.fmdxweb.com -- IRCA Tukwila near Seattle Aug 16-18, TBA --- National Radio CLub, Lima OH, Aug 30-Sept 2, http://www.nrcdxas.org/convention/02nrccon *Special 5-day broadcast of Radio Gap, from Milan June 9-13, via IRRS on 13 MHz *Congo DR heard in South Africa: Lubumbashi yes, Okapi no *That`s it for World of Radio 1135; Glenn Hauser, inviting you to hear me again next week ### WORLD OF RADIO #1134, produced June 5, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Monday repeat of our Spanish DX report Mundo Radial was there June 3 at 2130 on 15825; still to be deleted? *WBCQ cancels our first broadcast time Wed 2330 from next week, but still at 0415 Thu on 7415 [to be replaced by Wed 2200 on 7415 AND 17495] *Jewish Radio Network added Sundays to WBCQ with real rabbi, including music programs, on 17, then 9 MHz; next Sunday trying simul on 7 *Offshore radio project at The Planet being revived, asking for donations *Sister Stair sends out more rambling, incoherent circulars. Brother Stair phoned her June 3 that he had been put into maximum security *May 29 a young man, Stan Bean, at the Overcomer farm, died; coroner says foul play nearly conclusively ruled out *Construction permit granted for new SW station in Pinyon, New Mexico, KIMF, International Fellowship of Churches; coordinates; same owner as Honduran HRMI *As we hypothesized sesquidecades ago, UHF TVDX from one side of the world to the other is finally reported via moonbounce, Oklahoma to Western Australia; see DXLDs 2-089, 2-090 *This Week in Amateur Radio, and WA0RCR Gateway 160 meter bulletin service closed down on 1860 kHz *In expanded AM band station article in Radio World: http://www.rwonline.com/reference-room/special-report/1_rw_ex_am.shtml WRNC admits to running illegal 10 kW at night *Are X-band stations required to run AM stereo? No, only got priority by promising to *Special ham AM operation June 7-8, W5A from HAMCOM, Arlington, TX on 40 and 80 meters *Seattle station stunts with 7-second song snippets for two days as `Quick 96`, then settles into classic hit format *Waukegan station marking Jack Benny`s 100th birthday, Saturday afternoon, June 8, also webcast via http://www.wdcb.org [original article from Robert Feder Chicago Sun-Times column] *Texas students do clandestine radio project on R. Rebelde, Cuba, and compete at University of Maryland, College Park, June 9-13, using material from Don Moore`s website http://members.tripod.com/donmoore/central/cuba.html *R. Americas, Swan Island 1962 QSL card sold for $358 on E-bay; debate on ethics of this in DXLD 2-092 *HRN, La Voz de Honduras, long gone from SW, available via webcast, http://www.radiohrn.hn including programs La Tremenda Corte, Honduran Music Saturday mornings, La Noticia sin Malicia *Mexican Pres. Fox has started weekly 5-minute address to Mexicans in the US on Saturday mornings via R. Unica network; time? *Mexico bans TV and radio cigarette ads from 2003y *US Southwest and Mexico do not understand `emisora`, but instead `estacion` for radio station *Dr. Gene Scott upgrading Cahuita, Costa Rica facility with new 100 kW transmitter on order, antennas from HCJB, new frequencies planned to put good signal into Europe *I myself made up the callsign `TIDGS` to refer to that station *World of Radio 1134; our main website unavailable for `upgrade, http://www.worldofradio.com so remember to check our other site, http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio starting with Anomaly Alert *New Peruvian monitored on 5 MHz band, Radio Santa Rosa *R. Bandeirantes, Brasil and where its three SW frequencies are aimed; does soccer coverage from its own studios, while R. Guaiba [I said Gaucha by mistake] actually sends its correspondents to Japan and Korea; measured to three decimal places; time pips on quarter hour *R. Baluarte, Argentine pirate, schedule and address: Casilla de Correo 45, 3370 Puerto Iguazu, Provincia de Misiones, Argentina; E-mail QSL from icnfuturo@hotmail.com *Pirate other than Argentine military feeder, Radio Fox 48, heard on 15820 next to WWCR, location unknown *Middle-of-night World Cup games may put rare SW stations on the air and DXable, such as Uruguay June 11 at 0630 on 6120, 6140, 6150 *Port Moresby reactivated on 90 meters, R. Central *Jembatan DX has monitoring list by frequency of the few remaining Indonesians active on SW; in DXLD 2-092 *R. Nepal QSLs are arriving, but laser-printed letters fall off slick stock and stamps stolen *Chinese station in Lhasa, Tibet, heard with English program; six days a week for tourists, but also on at least two SW frequencies *Last week`s unID on 18940, recordings of test music, and then opening of regular service from May 31; proved to be official R. Afghanistan, Kabul, relayed back to country via Norway; and another broadcast in the mornings on 15240 via Abu Dhabi *New frequency in English from R. Sultanate of Oman, avoiding HCJB *R. Liberia International missing from its 5 and 6 MHz frequencies *V. of Greece morning relay via USA moved from 9 to 11 MHz *Xinhua reports that Greek parliamentary committee approves extension of RFE and VOA relays there for another 6 years, despite communist opposition *Villagers at Valley, Bavaria, win suit to rid themselves of US relay station because of high cancer rate. See DXLD 2-092 (in German) *Laser Hot Hits, Europirate, audible all evening in Pennsylvania on 9 MHz *R. Baltic Waves International test June 10-11-12 2030-2130 UT with 700 kW nondirectional on 1386 kHz, R. Liberty in Russian; reports wanted to: Vivulskio 7-405, LT-2600 Vilnius, Lithuania; E-mail: riplei@takas.lt Fax +370-2-652532 *Ostankino broadcast tower in Moscow, which caught fire almost two years ago, refurbished and now insured for $114 million per year *International Chaikovsky Competition in Moscow this month, as usual coinciding with World Cup; VOR reports about it and also check CBC Radio 2 *Propagation outlook from Boulder, June 4; flux range 160-185 *Remember our address wghauser@hotmail.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA *With a standard disclaimer, *Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1134 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1133, produced May 29, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Reminder to check 9475 instead of 3210 for WOR UT Mondays at 0000 on WWCR the next three summer months *Second broadcast of WOR on WBCQ 7415 changes immediately to 0415 UT Thursdays ex-0500; as does Radio DC, vintage music, 0445 ex-0530 *WJIE reveals slogan ``Where Jesus Is Exalted`` *KTBN, Utah made first frequency change in years, 7505 ex-7510 to avoid RTTY between them *Brother Stair case continues; still in jail as of May 27; Christians are already judging him; what ex-follower Pastor Tim says; WCSC-TV report that bond rejected, as a flight risk with lots of money *Daughter, wife testimony via Remnants Hope website: http://home.bellsouth.net/personalpages/s/community.dll?ep=87&subpageid=21721&ck= http://home.bellsouth.net/personalpages/s/community.dll?ep=87&subpageid=21723&ck= *Charlie Puckett, ex-Kentucky State Militia Radio, plea agrement for 3 years instead of 10; and report from WKYT [video now removed] http://www.wkyt.com/Global/story.asp?S=795551&nav=4CAK9EXP *Another story on Clear Channel, Mega Hurts in Washington: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A23996-2002May28.html *Reporters Without Frontiers criticises FBI for undermining internet confidentiality; US government over press restrictions *OK Mozart International Festival starts June 7 in Bartlesville; last year`s replayed June 2-July 21 on KCCU Lawton, plus webcast *Tool displaying FM stations receivable in any zip code by strength: http://www.v-soft.com/NBT/default.asp *FCC Travelers Info Service station info moved to: http://www.fcc.gov/mb/audio/bickel/tis.html *Strike against CBC French service ended May 22; see http://www.canada.com/montreal/montrealgazette/story.asp?id=D633B62B-9432-4030-A999-C8F18B895695 http://www.scrc.qc.ca/sections.php http://qt.cam.org:8000/radiolibre/broadcast *RCI and CBC Northern staff did not get as good a deal as others *CBC Radio One morning programming changes not ready for September *Expect CBC summer replacement changes soon; Radio Donair already http://radiodonair.com *Otto Lowy, CBC broadcaster died at 81; of The Transcontinental *Two CBC stations on 6160 interfere with each other, but overlap CBC Overnight programming for only half a sesquihour *YLE Radio Finland expected to drop more SW languages, even English and Swedish, but not Russian. See DXLD 2-088 *Specials on R. Sweden for 750th anniversary of Stockholm on Thursdays May 30, June 6 *Strange sounding signal on 18940 identified as Merlin test from Norway, to Afghanistan? requiring cancellation of Norway/Denmark transmissions for three hours *Radio Netherlands webcam changed URL to http://www.rnw.nl/holland/html/webcam.html *BBC GMR, Greater Manchester Radio, on new webcast already in runup to Commonwealth Games coverage starting July 25 http://www.bbc.co.uk/manchester/2002/radio/index.shtml http://www0.bbc.co.uk/england/realmedia/commonwealth/live_stream.ram *BBC Radio Two plans musical specials for Queen`s Jubilee *Ham specials for Jubilee from Windsor Castle until June 9; see http://www.gb50.com and also from Scarborouogh, GQ0OOO, see DXLD 2-085, 2-087 *GB4ASP at former Aspidistra site, Crowborough, June 1-2-3 *BBC director general Greg Dyke orders staff to wear silly hats in awayday team-building exercise: http://media.guardian.co.uk/Print/0,3858,4421076,00.html *Standard disclaimer *In the middle of WRO 1133, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA, or wghauser@hotmail.com Check our website for much more info: http://worldofradio.com *R. France Internationale revamps portal to be more user-friendly: http://www.rfi.fr *Sea radio station planned for Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts of France next year *RDPI Portugal has started testing new 300 kW SW transmitter, on 15 and 13 MHz *V. of Russia South American service in English well heard in the Adirondacks *V. of Iran, clandestine from site in France, new schedule *Over 11K satellite dishes confiscated in Teheran by anti-vice squad *V. of Turkey new frequency for English to Europe *St. Helena celebrates restoration of full British citizenship *And R. St. Helena QSLs have finally started arriving more than 2.5 years after final broadcast; not answering E-mail reports? *V. of Oromo Liberation, new schedule from Germany to East Africa *R. Rainbow, clandestine to Ethiopia, on additional frequency *R. SPLA not heard lately, but Sudanese clandestine plans to resume Africa-wide radio station, as well as own bank, Nile Commerce Bank *Plans for a democracy station in or to Burundi *Voix de la Resistance Congolaise planned internet and SW service; http://www.congodefensefund.org/vrc.html http://www.mediascongolais.com/radio.html [audio later found, latest being a 14 minute show from Jan. 14] *MBC Malawi has new website http://www.mbcradios.com *Lots of DX on 5010v: Madagascar blocks Honduras which was blocked by Dominican Republic; besides Peru *Rafters adrift south of Cuba included two hams, CO7HU, CM7KS; see DXLD 2-085 *Jimmy Carter tried to get Castro to reject offer from China to take over Russia`s abandoned electronic spy base at Lourdes *New site on Central America, Caribbean DXing: http://www.stevenwiseblood.com *R. Bethel, Arequipa, Peru, moves down 10 kHz *New Bolivian on 6883 is R. Bartolina Sisa Radio, named after heroine of liberation of Quechua/Aymara nation *Broadcasters and listeners at odds over requirement to broadcast government`s Voz do Brasil show; one court rules it must be; another makes exceptions *R. Cultura, Sao Paulo, measured on 16m band to sign-off parallel 31m *R. Nacional Amazonia`s reactivated frequency stays on later than announced *R. Nacional, Rio, extinguished, turned into Brasilia relay *R. Beluarte, Argentina, has no authorization for MW, FM frequencies, either in three countries *R. Parinacota, Chile, reactivated, relaying Cooperativa *R. Western Highlands, Papua New Guinea, launches new FM station instead of reviving SW *VNG, Australian timesignal to shut down at end of June *Anker Peterson compiled previous SW operations from East Timor, all in 2 and 3 MHz bands; worth checking for new country *R. Veritas Asia, Philippines, frequency changes in Tagalog services *R. Taibei International news was far out of date on plane crash *V. of the Golden Bridge, Sichuan, heard with English ID *Propagation outlook from Boulder, May 28; flux range 185-160-185 *Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1133 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1132, produced May 22, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Standard disclaimer *WOR Sunday evenings, UT Mon 0000 on WWCR on 9475 ex-3210 during June, July and August, greatly improving reception *We have heard WOR on WJIE, but still on low power; check 7490 *Stay tuned after WOR on WBCQ 7415, 0530 UT Thursdays on 7415 for great vintage music on D. C. Radio *Brother Stair has vanished from WBCQ and WINB schedules; still on WRMI schedule but frequency missing; still on WWCR 24h *Bro. Stair arrested for sexual misconduct, jailed without bail in South Carolina, per Walterboro newspaper, AP; see websites of his former followers such as http://www.thenetteam.net but story even posted on http://www.overcomerministry.com itself. Another former follower site Remannts Hope Ministry: http://home.bellsouth.net/personalpages/pwp-remnantshope http://www.wistv.com/Global/story.asp?S=787534&nav=0RaP95zh http://www.americanfreedomnews.com/afn_articles/afn_stair_arrested.htm See recent issues of DXLD for much more *KNLS, Alaska, changes one of its frequencies in English *CBC Northern and RCI listeners hard-hit by strike, lockout *CBC strike settlement refused by union, 3-vote margin *CBC Radio and TV special Sunday morning May 26: Foreign Correspondents, Bringing the World Home *Vatican electromagnetic radiation case re-opened by Green Party *R. Europe, Italian pirate 1 kHz from Vatican regularly heard in USA when Vatican off *Laser Hot Hits, Europirate on 9 MHz, relays others *Alfa Lima International general schedule info on 6, 15 and 21 MHz *Danish Foreign Ministry has new site with news in English, other foreign languages: http://www.denmark.dk *DX-Antwerp 20th anniversary special May 25 on 4 frequencies from 4 sites in middle of North American night; special QSL *R. Metropole, Moscow, relayed on USB, 12 MHz maritime band *Eurovision Song Contest from Estonia, May 25, on BBC Radio 2 i.a. http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/eurovision and see http://www.eurovision.tv Last year webcast was available at http://www.songcontest.com *R. Ezra suddenly changes time, frequency and site *V. of Korea trying inband 19m band frequency for many broadcasts, but lots of co-channel *China Huayi Broadcasting, Fuzhou, English program heard, locally produced for V. of Strait *Thai DJ threatens to sue Prime Minister for intruding on her show *R. Veritas Asia, Philippines, new schedule from June 2 in Filipino, maybe including English; but frequency may change again *Edition 1132 of WOR, wghauser@hotmail.com or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA. Check http://www.worldofradio.com which includes DX Listening Digest with much more about the stories we mention *East Timor, newly independent, may be left without national broadcaster for lack of funding; US Dollar is currency, and stamps being issued again *Lingua Franca this week on R. Australia about languages and broadcasting in East Timor, Fri 2305, Sat 0530 *Three very long articles about E. Timor in DXLDs 2-080, 81, 83 *NBC Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, back to full power *Mexican Pres. Fox to appear on R. Unica network in US Friday morning taking calls from Mexicans in US *La Voz de la Fundacion, formerly on WRMI, WHRI, back on MW only, weekly Friday morning show on WQBA 1140, Miami, ``Entre Cubanos`` *R. Marti started streaming, and new website http://www.martinoticias.com *R. Marti refused to broadcast Pres. Carter`s historic speech live from Habana, but delayed to next day. More at Crisis at Radio Marti: http://www.cubapolidata.com/rmo/archive/200205.html *R. Marti did broadcast live Pres. Bush`s anti-Castro speech; he promises to modernize R. and TV Marti *Guatemalan shifts to 1615 kHz, R. Maria, La Voz de la Familia, TGML *Two Latins on 5010 heard in Venezuela; first, R. Pueblo 1510, Dominican Republic; later in evening, R. Altura, Pasco, Peru *R. Melodia, Peru, back close to its former frequency *R. Atlantida, Iquitos, Peru, reactivated on 60m; used to be one of most reliable Peruvians *CPN Radio, Peru, shifts 10 kHz, and overrides Dr. Gene Scott *R. Amazonas heard above 5 MHz, probably transmitter trouble of Venezuelan station below 5 MHz *FARC may be off the air, but website remains: http://www.radioresistencia.com *R. Dif. de Roraima, Brazil, off frequency and distorted *R. Nacional da Amazonia, Brazil, reactivated on 11 MHz, also on 9 and 6 *R. Educadora de Limeira, Brazil, reactivated on 120m band *R. Maranatha, Argentina, is MW ID, but SW frequency ID is actually in Portuguese R. Baluarte; and heard in NAm, Europe *RAE, Argentina, actually heard in English on 6 MHz *R. Veritas, South Africa, heard every evening in Europe *V. of People, clandestine from Madagascar to Zimbabwe, off-frequency *R. Uganda returned to 60m after two days off; typical *National R. of the Saharan Arab Democratic Republic, regular in Europe on 7 MHz *New article, Voices, Explosions, Silence, on Middle East radio: http://www.medianetwork.nl *Galei Tsahal, Israeli Defence Forces, well heard on night and day frequencies tho missing from WRTH *R. Jordan`s English broadcast confirmed *Qatar Broadcasting Service not found on any scheduled frequency *R. V. of Afghanistan remains on Moldovan frequency as well as new one via Austria; recording of the former *Islamic Broadcasting Network, V. of American Muslims, in English on WWTL, 700 in Washington; also http://www.ibn.net *Larry Glick return visit to WBZ early May 24 *Florida pirate on 1610 plays old tapes of KQV, Pittsburgh *Register of Copyrights and Librarian of Congress reject CARP recommendation on webcast royalties; new decision in 30 days; see RAIN, http://www.kurthanson.com *Puerto Rican FMs sporadic-E skip into Florida, as the season is underway. Keep an eye on lower open TV and FM channels *Propagation outlook from Boulder, May 21; flux range 165-190 *That`s World of Radio 1132; I`m Glenn Hauser ### WORLD OF RADIO #1131, produced May 15, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *WJIE officially began May 13 after tests, ex-WJCR, Upton, Kentucky *WJIE invited WORLD OF RADIO to be added to their schedule, 15 times per week on weekdays, plus more on weekends: M-F 1245, 1845, Tu-Sa 0645 *All on 7490, but not up to full 50 kW yet; suppose about 100 watts. Try for it as DX catch now; wjiesw@hotmail.com and new website is http://www.wjiesw.com *WJIE co-channel interference problems from Khabarovsk, Norway *WOR schedule on all other SW outlets remains the same, except WWCR replaced with something else, UT Monday 0500 on 3210 *Gene Amole has died, Denver media fixture, and I used to work for him at KDEN-FM; Harry Smith interviewed him for A&E *KVOO is history; replaced on 1170 from Tulsa by KFAQ, dumping classic country for newstalk, mostly far-right; C-QUAM stereo pilot still on, but not for long? See http://www.1170kfaq.com for program schedule; `clear` channel 50 kW, heard in western US *Oklahoma Broadcasting News page updated: http://www.worldofradio.com/oklahoma.html *WTTM, 1680, New Jersey, changes format from sports to South Asian; new CE Neal Newman, KA2CAF is interested in DX reports: 456 Middlesex Ave., Metuchen NJ 08840, groucho@skyweb.net http://www.ebcmusic.com *David Crawford`s Greater Florida Ethnic Radio website updated: http://it.domaindlx.com/awh/FLEthnicRadio.asp [or is it?] *FCC website has public comments on AM IBOC DAB; see DXLD 2-075 for instructions: http://www.fcc.gov/e-file/ecfs.html *Strike/lockout at CBC Quebec drags on, but union was to vote on CBC`s final offer May 15 *Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth provokes special ham prefixes in Canada for two months, X- instead of V- *Harris Corp. shipping new 100 kW transmitter to XEN-690 Mexico City, but directional south *Havana`s wizards of frequency management put Alo Presidente on 17 MHz frequency already occupied by WYFR; no excuse for SW stations in countries adjacent to USA ever using same frequencies *Guyana heard again on 3 MHz band in Australia *Another Voz de la Resistencia FARC clandestine station `dismantled` in Colombia`s Lusitania sector *HCJB`s Spanish service includes a specialized slow English program *Allen Graham of DX Partyline also doing Aventura Diexista in Spanish *Peruvian hams may use special OC prefix May 13-19 for ITU World Telecommunications Day May 17; see http://www.qsl.net/oa4o/oadx.htm *La Voz del Campesino, Sipe2, Bolivia, in middle of 6 MHz band, heard in South America and Finland, not to be confused with Peruvian *Radiodifusora Tropico, Bolivia moves from 4 to 6 MHz band *R. America, Paraguay, still unheard on 7 MHz; licensing delay *The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WORLD OF RADIO 1131, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702, USA or wghauser@hotmail.com *Complete free public access to DX LISTENING DIGEST, new schedules including WJIE times, and new edition of DX Programs at our website, http://www.worldofradio.com *R. Gazeta, Sao Paulo, replacing religious programs with journalism students doing music and news, 5, 9 and 15 MHz bands; spur above 10 MHz also heard *R. Cultura, Sao Paulo has real sertaneja music show on 6 MHz; and has reactivated 17 MHz channel, heard in Brasil and Georgia with interference from Romania *New SW station in Argentina, legal status unclear, on 6 MHz, ``AM 1610 Maranatha``, already on MW for some time, from Misiones province. Also heard in Finland. (Recording). Are they really giving location as Puerto Iguazu' or something else? *All four Namibian SW frequencies back on in good working order *R. Ecclesia, Angola, dropped relays via Germany now that they transmit via South Africa; harder to hear abroad *R. Okapi, Congo DR, again being heard with hilife music overnight *Latest on flexible SW situation in Madagascar: RTM now running late into the night; opposition station on 7 MHz relays FM stations *Diesel rationed in Madagascar, curtailing R. Nederland relays in Dutch, and some moved to South African site *R. Uganda missing from 60 meter band *Abrupt change in website for Jakada Radio International; now http://www.geocities.com/nac6015/webs/jakada *R. UNAMSIL, Sierra Leone, monitored on election day May 14 *Train wreck in Britain killed former BBCWS director Austen Kark see obit and tribute (via Kim Elliott): http://media.guardian.co.uk/broadcast/story/0,7493,714572,00.html http://www.guardian.co.uk/Archive/Article/0,4273,4414420,00.html *Toasters speak Russian: villagers near Rampisham, England get BBCWS on appliances http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-2002211241,00.html *Uncertain status of Israel broadcasting leadership *Qatar`s satellite channel Al-Jazeera viewed by Bahrain as Zionist- controlled! *Afghanistan media situation update: plans to feed RTA Kabul signals via satellite to Norway, Gulf for SW broadcast back to country on RFA and VOA facilities; or do they really mean Merlin? *IBB USA providing two 400 kW MW transmitters for Kabul, one for own use; FM too *R. Voice of Afghanistan duplicated a few days via Moldova, Austria; central Europeans prefer the former. Also tested via Norway *US Psyops station still reported on 8700 *IPS has redesigned propagation website: http://www.ips.gov.au *Propagation outlook from Boulder May 14; flux range 165-155-190 *Glenn Hauser, here, concluding WORLD OF RADIO 1,131 with a *Standard disclaimer ### WORLD OF RADIO #1130, produced May 7, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *New winter schedule for R. New Zealand International; possible alternate for Forces portion *Kalimantan interior allegedly underserved by broadcasting; call for more RRI transmitters; shortwave? *V. of Vietnam 13 MHz frequency has spurs every 10 kHz *R. Sri Lanka`s `Early Bird` program has enjoyable moldy-oldy music including `Kiss Me, Honey`, also used by jammer against clandestine Peyk-e Iran *All India Radio harmonic heard on 10m band *Update from Afghanistan by Martin Hadlow, UNESCO, for NZ DX Times: British, Italian, and US forces services, and bringing back RTA; satellite internet. See http://www.unesco.org/webworld/ and http://www.unesco.org/afghanistan *Iraqi National Congress` Liberty TV ceased satellite broadcasting; hangup over accountability in continuing US State Department funding *Israel steps up foreign language webcasting; 1900 UT English now ondemand at http://bet.iba.org.il *Reorganization of Kol Israel effective at Junend: under Reshet Aleph, maintaining two French SW broadcasts; two English, too? *Madagascar: MBS Radio is pro-Marc station; RTM on separate SW frequencies *See DXLD 2-074 for 11.5 page BBCM report, Madagascar Media Environment Assessment *Zimbabwe clandestines V. of the People, SW Radio Africa, reported from Australia, Europe *Frequency abandoned by WWCR has Europirates, and now R. Lubumbashi, Congo DR *Standard disclaimer *Via USB, AM, FM, subcarrier, satellite, shortwave, mediumwave, internet, this is World of Radio 1130; http;//www.worldofradio.com address P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA or wghauser@hotmail.com *R. Jakada, more info about new service to Africa; recording from http://www.intervalsignals.net a.k.a. Jakada Radio International *Log reports of Jakada; Nigerian paper claims it operates from Spain: maybe studio location, not transmitter, which seems same as V. of Biafra International, i.e. Armavir, Russia, same frequency on weekends; Headed by ex-ambassador Yusuf Mamman with four other investors, and Jakada means ambassador in Hausa; also a Folgers coffee brand name *Mega Radio, new 500 kW German on MW interferes with co-channel Italy; also bothering our affiliate R. Studio X, Italy on adjacents? *Aspidistra 60th anniversary exhibition during May and June in Crowborough, Sussex; hours from RSGB, directions in DXLD 2-072 *Tips on hearing LRA-36, Antarctica *R. Mundial, Sao Paulo, Brasil has AM program on on SW frequency, FM program on another *R. Comercial, Huancabamba, Peru ex Estacion 2 *Latin near Guyana`s frequency is the irregular R. Centro, Ecuador *R. Nueva Juventud, Pasto, Colombia, hobby station plans regular Saturday evening broadcasts out of 5 MHz band, wants reports; see DXLD 2-076 for address *Director of R. Nacional de Venezuela Roberto Ruiz, and host of Alo Presidente fired for alleged complicity in coup against Chavez; not audible all over Venezuela, so try RHC relay on SW which also has 17 MHz frequency to USA *R. Habana`s Caribbean English broadcasts reconfirmed tho missing from schedule *RHC`s essay contest this year apolitical for a change: what do you know about the Habana Club rum museum? *R. Amanecer, Dominican Republic, back on normal frequency, so is the off-frequency signal something else now? *Frecuencia Libre, New community FM station in Chiapas, harrassed as unlicensed; ``no queremos medios de comunicacion, los queremos enteros`` play on words slogan *CFRX, Toronto, reactivated on 6 MHz *NOEL, North American pirate playing Xmas music in May *Digital Millennium Copyright Act due to go in effect May 21, threatening web streaming; see http://www.ruf.rice.edu/~willr/cb/sos/ *Rumors flying that KVOO Tulsa will change from classic country to all-talk after some 50 years *Plans for a fulltime noncomercial classical music station in Indy *World Radio TV Handbook publishing a midyear `Shortwave Guide` in June, format resembling Passport *Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1130 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1129, produced May 1, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Standard disclaimer *Popular time for WOR returned last week after two weeks off for infomercial, UT Sun 0230 on WWCR 5070; unknown whether will continue *See our website for many other opportunities to hear, http://www.worldofradio.com which also has updated DX Programs on Shortwave, Nets to You, Monitoring Reminders *WHRB, Harvard, has resumed Orgies in May, complete output of composers or artists, via M.R.; or http://www.whrb.org -- e.g. Haydn, Saint-Saens *May 1 was a day of protest against DMCA, by webcasters; one station observing it was KCRW Santa Monica; see http://www.saveinternetradio.org *Many major radio stations are marking 80th anniversary this year, including WBAP 820 Fort Worth on May 2, celebrated on air and via webcast; remember the cowbells in share-time with WFAA? *Proposal for 2000-foot tower on Governor`s Island, NY to replace World Trace Center transmitter site *Ernest R. Cooper, mainstay of National Radio Club, died April 28 at 84; tributes in DXLD 2-072 and 2-073 *Crossband contacts allowed May 11-12, a week before Armed Forces Day to avoid conflict with Dayton Hamvention. Details at http://www.asc.army.mil/MARS/afd/mars_afd.htm *Only a fraction of TV stations meet May 1 deadline for digital TV *HDTV an issue in Australia; British advisor says it`s obsolete *Digital audio conference in Canberra provides grist for next few Feedbacks on R. Australia *High-order MW harmonic from R. Sao Luiz, Brazil on 18 MHz band *Frequency of R. Clube de Varginha, Brasil, reactivated on 3 MHz *Peruvian identified as R. Manantial on 5 MHz *Another DX program on HCJB: Aventura Diexista at several airtimes *New schedule for Habana omits English at 2230 [but it is still on] *Alo President Chavez, via Habana Sunday mornings has new frequencies *Three new Cuban MW stations discovered from Exuma; website includes audio clips at http://havana.iwsp.com/radio/exuma2002/ *Mexican broadcasters required to devote 1/8 of airtime to pubaffs; see http://www.commondreams.org *Reinventing CBC, but No one`s ready: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/GIS.Servlets.HTMLTemplate?tf=tgam/common/FullStory.html&cf=tgam/common/FullStory.cfg&configFileLoc=tgam/config&vg=BigAdVariableGenerator&date=20020429&dateOffset=&hub=thearts&title=Arts&cache_key=thearts¤t_row=5&start_row=5&num_rows=1 *Quebec Premier Landry sides with locked-out CBC employees *Little progress in CBC lockout/strike *RCI heard on 35 MHz harmonic *The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1129; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA: wghauser@hotmail.com or fax if really necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser *Thanks this week for financial support go to: Bill Flynn, Oregon *WJIE replacing WJCR still unheard here but one brief test caught April 27 *VOA has new-look webpages virtually identical at http://www.voa.gov and http://www.voanews.com *Radio Sawa never mentions it is administered by VOA, and has its own site: http://www.radiosawa.com *R. Sawa bumps VOA off MW in Rhodes, Kuwait, maybe R. Free Iraq too *House of Representatives panel votes $245 milllion for broadcasting, cultural exchanges with Mideast *USA to finance two FM stations in Afghanistan, one for them, one for VOA relays *More interference to BBC 12 MHz channel, now from Iran *Israel`s superpower MW has been silent; but Arutz 7 heard well in Ukraine, south Russia *One of R. Oman`s two English broadcasts is not being heard *V. of Azerbaijan`s English service confirmed, off-frequency *Republic of Abkhazia Radio stays on same winter/summer schedule *Another monthly broadcast of Scandinavian Weekend Radio, May 3 2100 UT to May 4 2100, including tests toward North America from Finland *We have confirmed correct day of week for Capital Weekend from YLE *Thor Heyderdahl of Kon-Tiki fame has died; used ham radio. R. Sweden two-part special on him May 1 and 9, different days of week, since Norway no longer has external service *Ian `Mycroft` Gillies died, question-setter and arbiter for Brain of Britain; see DXLD 2-070 *Sharan Sandhu, journalist for BBCWS, reaches 50 kpound settlement for race discrimination; `colonial culture` *Modifications to BBCWS schedule via Ascension on 12, 9 MHz *Wales Radio International finally escapes double co-channel QRM on new 17 MHz channel *New commercial service to Africa, M/W/F on 12 MHz, Jakada Radio International; website claims top-notch journalists. Inaudible here but good in Finland. See http://www.geocities.com/nac6015/Jakada/jakada_radio.html *Burkina Faso`s new SW transmitter confirmed by RIZ, Croatia at NAB Las Vegas; BF says SW radio reception now reliable *Latest on Lesotho: waiting for spares from USA; back soon *R. Pakistan`s web audio may be better than SW; English news does not always appear as scheduled; Islamabad Today follows one cast *All India Radio changes several frequencies in English *Mongolian station moves from 3 to 4 MHz band *R. Japan`s Golden Week of holidays may cause program pre-emptions *R. Korea International redesigned website, adding second continuous stream, more chances for English; and programs ondemand including Murtiwave Feedback http://rki.kbs.co.kr *V. of Vietnam 13 MHz transmitter accompanied by spurs *China mixing with Laos explained: regional Houa Phan relays Vientiane off SW which has Tibet/China co-channel *Islamic program from Indonesia, unidentified on 3 MHz outofband *Propagation outlook from Boulder April 30; flux range 175-205-165 *Reminder of our website for much more info: http://worldofradio.com *Anticipating your renewed listening in the week to come, I`m Glenn Hauser ### WORLD OF RADIO #1128, produced April 24, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *New frequency for first broadcast of WOR on WWCR, Thursday 2030 UT: 15825 *WJCR not heard on 7490 lately, but planned to relaunch as WJIE around April 28. WJIE used for separate AM and FM stations already in Louisville KY *WJIE (AM) may be changing calls, now sold to ABC for R. Disney *VOA News Now, new program schedule includes 3 hours of jazz each Saturday and Sunday; unlikely with Willis Conover *VOA replaced traditional Arabic service with Radio Sawa, even on shortwave despite premise of Sawa that SW is useless; appeals to younger audience, abandoning established older audience *Jerusalem Post article about Radio Sawa: http://www.jpost.com/Editions/2002/04/21/Features/Features.47323.html *R. Voice of Afghanistan new frequency and alternative listed for Moldova site, and more hours reserved *Denmark pledges Euros to repair Afghan 500 kW MW transmitter; also a `109 kW` shortwave *Azerbaijan timezone confirmed UT plus 5 in summer; see http://www.worldtimezone.com *See DXLD 2-068, [and 2-069] for more on Assyrian clandestine to Iraq on 9 MHz out of band, V. of the Democratic Assyrian Movement *Israel TV may expand news in English to same time as on Reshet Aleph radio; latter may change time, affecting SW relay also *UN Mission to Ethiopia and Eritrea has new broadcasts to both from Abu Dhabi, Radio UNMEE on Tuesdays and Fridays only, schedule, including English *Radio UNAMSIL, for Sierra Leone active on 6 MHz in runup to elexions *Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service also heard, on 3 MHz band, but with `Power FM 99.9` ID *Vatican moves a frequency inside from lower edge of MW band *Croatian Radio`s times for English newscasts within Croatian blocks *International Marconi Day Saturday April 27; ham specials planned from Austria, Cornwall, California; more at http://roi.orf.at/intermedia http://www.g0mwt.org.uk http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~straff *This is the 1,128th World of Radio; wghauser@hotmail.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; fax 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser. See our websites http://www.worldofradio.com and http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio *R. Ezra marred by QRM from a `666` station *High Adventure via Novosibirsk heard on CB thanks to 2nd harmonic; fundamental clashes with Ukraine *China continues to jam anything the least bit suspicious, including VOA Uzbek, following from one 19 MHz frequency to another with CNR-1 *China also jams V. of Tibet; schedule with alternate frequencies, via Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan *R. Taibei International drops one of two frequencies via WYFR to Europe in English *Exhaustive schedule of MW and SW external services from and via Taiwan, including alternate frequencies to avoid mainland jamming: see DXLD 2-067 *New Zealand confirmed site for Democratic V. of Burma broadcast *RNZI are keen to start digital, second transmitter in two years; DRM reception tests underway in NZ *Papua New Guinea provincial station R. Chimbu reported back on air after two years, bills finally paid by government *R. Santa Maria, Chile, confirmed active, schedule, and has network Red de Emisoras MADIPO = Madre de la Divina Providencia *RAE, Argentina resumes Italian to Europe, bumping English an hour earlier; still same time to North America *RAE also has new `micro-program in aboriginal languages` within Spanish services *Two Brazilians on one 6 MHz frequency: R. Cancao Nova and R. Cultura Filadelfia, but one signs of earlier than other *R. Gazeta, Sao Paulo, back to normal musical programming on SW instead of God Is Love Pentecostal Chuch *R. Guaiba thru April 30 has items about its 45th anniversary *R. Cosmopolita, new SW operation from Ecuador on USB, linking with other stations, 200 watts DXed in Sweden; plans regular broadcast on 4.0 MHz band *R. Amanecer, Adventist in Dominican Republic, 15 kHz away from nominal 6 MHz frequency, identified *R. Mexico Internacional has new fortnightly broadcast in Portuguese on Sunday mornings, unlikely to reach Brasil *RCI puts spur next to RFPI, two 15 MHz transmitters mixing *DXLD 2-066 has Loren Cox`s take on America`s Most Wanted, Steve Anderson, unrelated(?) assassination of Sheriff Sam Catron, and the person arrested for that. Lots of stories about the beloved sheriff at http://www.somerset-kentucky.com/news/index.cfm#1462 *Mysterious Korean evangelical unID on 6715, monitored time-shifted schedule on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday *Propagation outlook from Boulder, April 23; flux range 175-215-175 *With a standard disclaimer, *Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1128 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1127, produced April 17, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *WWCR on 15685 forever, but changing April 22 to 15825, 1000-2200, including WOR Thu 2030, Mundo Radial Fri 2115, Mon 2130 *WOR UT Sun 0230 on 5070 missing last week and this week for infomercial, but not certain after that; adieu to DX block? *New Mundo Radial audio and text: http://worldofradio.com/espanol.html *RFPI running 15039 longer, from 1800 affecting several WORs and COMs *VOA changed program schedule April 8, hard to find on website; the major changes including music. See more and grid at http://www.voanews.com/NewsNow/PrintArticle.cfm?objectID=AF5087B3-D0ED-4CFB-8A1ADC14026AF335&title=Schedule *Steve Anderson was subject on America`s Most Wanted, April 13 on Fox; maybe now he will be caught. Complete transcript in DXLD 2-063 *Same night, Pulaski County KY Sheriff Sam Catron, who appeared on show, assassinated at political rally; shooter caught, not Anderson? *FCC busts FM pirate in the Bronx, Haitian? How many pirates left? ``Problem of unbelievable magnitude`` *DXLD 2-060 and 2-061 have thread from NRC about Hybrid AM-IBOC, ``a disaster waiting to happen`` *CFRX Toronto missing; low priority to repair ``an engineers` toy`` *Montreal 940 and maybe 690 stations to be off for maintenance April 24-25-26 after local midnight *Schedule for Encuentro DX on Radio Mil, Mexico *El Salvador SW, R. Imperial, open carrier heard on off-frequency *La Voz Evangelica, Honduras, reactivated, with ``profane program`` *Venezuelan coup and counter-coup covered on SW by Ecos del Torbes; websites and more in DXLDs 2-061, 2-062, 2-064 *Chavez back in power in time for Alo Presidente via Cuba Sunday morn *R. Melodia, Peru replaced music with Venezuelan coverage, on new frequency *R. Cultura, Sao Paulo heard on 9 but not 17 MHz *R. Ecclesia, Angola has new transmission via South Africa, also heard well in Britain *R. Veritas, new Catholic station to start SW from South Africa May 1, schedule *Channel Africa`s new English schedule; also Radio Sonder Grense *Standard disclaimer *1127th WOR; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; wghauser@hotmail.com Fax if really necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser; consult our two websites: http://www.worldofradio.com and http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio *V. of the People, clandestine for Zimbabwe via Madagascar, heard in BC, but WHRI splash *R. Okapi, Congo DR, still on FM, but SW soon broke down; back in a couple months *V. of Mediterranean, Malta, only via external relays, English sked *Vatican Radio normalizes 5 MHz frequency and uses it both from within Vatican gardens, and from Sta. Maria de Galeria; schedule *Photos of Kvitsoy, Norway, MW and SW transmitter site at http://home.online.no/~tjabauge/radio/pictures/kvitsoy/ *R. Ezra via Russian Far East; clip of first broadcast re equipment *Frequency changes for R. Liberty Chechen service *R. Georgia`s new English schedule *Azerbaijan supposed to have an English half hour external service; time misconverted? *DXLD 2-062, 2-063, 2-064 discuss 9155, associated with Azerbaijan, now carrying Voice of Zowaa, clandestine for Iraqi Kurdistan *R. Familiar Voice, clandestine for Iran, now via Lithuania. See http://www.avayeashena.com *US military psyops broadcasts continue on ground in Afghanistan, 8700 and 980 kHz, SOMS-B, says Media Network *R. Voice of Afghanistan found on new summer frequency *R. Tashkent, Uzbekistan, summer schedule in English *R. Pakistan`s Assamese service in English timeshifted, heard in VA *Laos` English broadcast frequency now clear *New SW transmitters on China`s Hainan island supposed to test DRM *V. of the Strait, China, English segments hard to understand *R. Japan`s new program schedule shows three alternating weekend features: times; best frequencies direct to North America, and via Canada *Myanmar well received at Don Moman`s Alberta antenna farm *V. of Democratic Burma frequency believed to be via New Zealand; to be dealt with on RNZI Mailbox the week of April 22 *Plans for a 100 kW missionary SW station in Papua New Guinea, with HCJB help, for Wantok Radio Light *New Discussion Forum for DXers: http://www.dxing.info/community *Radio Shack starting to sell Grundig SW radios, YB-400PE in US *Propagation outlook from Boulder, April 16; flux range 190-170-215 *Glenn Hauser, here, concluding World of Radio 1127 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1126, produced April 10, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Standard disclaimer *Radio Studio X, Momigno, Italy, our affiliate, is testing second MW frequency 1566, future plans 50 kW; WOR is Fri at 2230, Sun at 1630 UT *Our World Radio Network times now Sat 0800 to rest of world, 1400 Sundays to North America *One World, One Family, is the RFPI program which WOR usually replaces Sundays at 1830; see update at http://www.rfpi.org for notation of what happens each week *Our times on WBCQ and WWCR are now one UT hour earlier, seeming at same local time in areas now on DST *WBCQ`s first two WOR broadcasts now Wed 2330, UT Thu 0500 on 7415 *WWCR`s first WOR broadcast is Thu 2030 on 15685 *Check our website for complete schedule: http://worldofradio.com *Second airing for Mundo Radial each week on WWCR, Monday 2130 on 15685 in addition to Friday 2115 *Buying Shortwave Airtime Q&A, new in the FAQ section of WWCR site should be read by potential buyers: http://www.wwcr.com *New DST schedule of WRMI Miami, the few shows left of interest: The Drive-In Double Feature; Radio Prague relays; Viva Miami *Infighting and scandals continue at R. Marti; see DXLD 2-055, 2-058 and 2-059 *Charlie Puckett, Kentucky State Miliitia Radio, turned himself in, after fleeing from house arrest for weapons charges, obstruction *WSM 650, Nashville, drops ABC news for CBS, which goes to WLAC 1510 *Gaylord lays off more than 75 WSM staffers, including news, online *Nashville now has public radio on AM, WPLN on 1430, after two-day break from former Spanish format as WQDQ *Very bad news for public radio in East Tennesse: the station where I worked a number of years [and WOR started], WUOT, may lose major portion of its funding, from state appropriation. Would have to cease operations *OK Mozart International Festival starts April 13 for 7 weeks on KCSC *WNYC resumes separate programming on AM and FM, revised schedules; including Saturday Nights on AM: Big Band Sounds, Folksong Festival with Oscar Brand; Sunday nights, documentary/specials and Joe Frank; On FM, Spinning On Air is back Friday evenings *V. of Kampuchea Krom, Que Huong clandestines` new schedules *Falun Gong Radio, clandestine to China, not from sites published *Asleep at the switch at RKI, running Saturday programs on Sunday; also double take: Indonesian broadcast supposedly to Europe *V. of Mongolia English schedule shows double azimuths, one into Pacific missing land areas except Aleutians, another across Europe *Pakistan introduced DST same date as North America, so UT plus 6, ahead of India to its east. Shortwave domestic and external times moved one UT hour earlier, including English news *R. Pakistan is a station which can`t stay out of the 40m hamband *US Psyops station now reported on MW, shortwave from the ground in Afghanistan at Bagram *Lt. Shenk at Commando Solo HQ has been replying to E-mail reception reports with a gif `QSL`; plans to issue paper QSLs later *CBC Radio 1 in Canada has special series about Afghanistan [and the USA] this Thursday thru Monday; see DXLD 2-059 *Iranian clandestine R. Barabari still transmitted from Lithuania, and supposedly Moldova *V. of Komala, Kurdish clandestine, new summer schedule, a.k.a. R. Payam in Farsi *Friends Abroad DX Show heard on R. Jordan, Saturdays, timeshift *Special programs in Hebrew, English from Israel April 14-16 for two back-to-back holidays, Memorial Day and Independence Day *Cyprus grants VOA license for MW at Cape Greco; but delayed by environmental and security concerns *The Media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1126; our address wghauser@hotmail.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA *Thanks this week for financial support go to: Pete Bentley *R. Bahrain launches webcast, no longer on SW; http://www.moi.gov.bh *V. of Africa, Libya, airs threatening manifestos from Green Book *Sudan registered long-inactive SW frequencies up to 11, 15 MHz *TISJD sent nice personal reply, Tigrean International Solidarity for Justice and Democracy, Radio Fithi = Justice, schedule *Websites for news from Comoro Islands; http://www.komedit.com and personal diaspora site http://perso.club-internet.fr/elbadano *Madagascar`s clashing shortwave contenders *R. St. Helena manager Tony Leo still promising QSLs for final broadcast 23 Oct. 1999; no need for follow-ups *Paraguay changed to UT-4 winter time on April 7 *R. LTC, Juliaca, Peru, moved twice, latest 5 MHz frequency *Idea Radio, Colombia, months ago on 7 MHz, plans to resume SW eventually; also on UHF TV, and as Bogota Radio at http://www.Live365.com *El Universal, Caracas newspaper has audio link to FARC clandestine on FM inside Venezuela, Resistencia Caribe FM Stereo, [recording] of Voz de la Resistencia. 5-minute file is at http://www.eluniversal.com/2002/04/04/colo.ram *Venezuelan Pres. `Cadena` Chavez threatens the media unless they carry him more and more *El Salvador station on 17 MHz band investigated, and is deliberate, not a harmonic, R. Imperial, Sonsonate, irregular *Classical music in Mexico City bites the dust, XELA converted to sports format, XEITE *Mexico, except Sonora, went on DST same date as North America, so SW programming should be one hour earlier on R. Mil, XERMX, R. Educacion *Capsula DX heard on R. Educacion, presumably one hour earlier now *No longer hearing spur of XERMX but good modulation on fundamental *Very strange situation at Spanish Foreign Radio concerning English: two of three hours to North America missing despite announcements, and frequency shifts from one night to the next *R. Yugoslavia did not come back April 8-9 *V. of Greece adjusts from inside to edge of 17 MHz aero band *R. Bulgaria using only one frequency for all English until July 1 *R. Ukraine International still running Saturday programs on Sunday, and English at wrong hour *R. Liberty to Chechnya, frequencies for new morning broadcast *Belarus` missing from most SW frequencies *R. Polonia revised schedule shows fewer frequencies in English *Scandinavian Weekend Radio, Finland, latest tests with 50 watts heard in western Canada *R. Ezra`s first broadcast from eastern Russia to western North America heard with strong signals, seems 250 kW, not 100 *Emerald Radio`s annual special series via WWCR runs April 22-28 *Out of time, skipping propagation outlook, but in next DXLD 2-060 *Glenn Hauser, here, thanking you for listening to World of Radio 1126, and inviting you to tune in again next week ### WORLD OF RADIO #1125, produced April 3, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Time for WOR to be heard one UT hour earlier for the next 7 months thanks to daylight shifting, especially WBCQ and WWCR: *On WBCQ: Wed 2330 and UT Thu 0500 on 7415 *On WWCR: Thu 2030 15685, Sat 0500 5070, Sun 0230 5070, 0630 3210, Mon 0000, 0500 3210, Wed 0930 9475 *RFPI times stay at the same UT all year *Our US AM and FM station times shift one UT hour earlier; as well as Studio X, Italy. R. LavaLamp, Japan does not shift *WRN1 to North America now has WOR Sundays instead of Saturdays at 9 am Central, 1400 UT; all other areas have WOR Saturdays 0800 and that now includes South America, with new satellite beam for there, Telstar 12, 15 degrees west, transponder 35 *The second 2002 edition of our other program Continent of Media has been available more than a week via http://www.DXing.com *A-02 HFCC SW schedule now available, huge zipped file in frequency order http://www.hfcc.org/data/index.html -- helpful with unIDs *NAB Convention in Las Vegas NV will have digital SW DRM demos from two stations, RN Bonaire and WEWN, April 5-12 *World Beacon, Affiliated Media Group, http://www.worldbeacon.net has closed SW broadcasts, not enough interest in overseas ministry *Merlin schedule for Singapore shows a new `Project FE`, from some ministry called `PAW`, Pentecostal, or Paw Creek, North Carolina *Another website accuses Overcomer Ministry of serious sins: http://prophecy.sinfree.net/stair/stair.html *VOA starts using 19 MHz band, Uzbek via Sri Lanka *R. Liberty just starting Chechen service April 3, despite severe Russian opposition *First broadcast as monitored in Europe; two of three frequencies already occupied by V. of Russia, and other interference *Bombarded by press items from Russia denouncing US broadcasting in Chechen as not objective, infringement on sovereignty, end of RL being allowed to broadcast within Russia? See DXLD 2-053 *Terrible wideband jamming against V. of Iran clandestine on 15 MHz *V. of Islamic Republic of Iran, new English to N. America, Europe *Anker Petersen believes Information Radio on 8700-USB is fed from a US base in Saudi Arabia *Israel shifts frequency for one English broadcast *Other online sources of news from Israel, some including audio: http://www.jpostradio.com from Jerusalem Post; right-wing Arutz 7 has http://www.israelnationalnews.org and Ha`aretz newspaper in English http://www.haaretzdaily.com *The Morali sisters are no longer heard on the Voice of Turkey; VOT directors are ignorant. Sisters hope to resume with internet shows; still contact them via ankayra@yahoo.com *V. of Greece confirmed on 17 MHz aero band; blocks HF communications in Pacific. Includes English at 0930; It`s All Greek to Me confirmed one hour earlier, with Delano relay *The 1125th edition of World of Radio is more than 50% complete. wghauser@hotmail.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA. Check our website for schedule and years of DXLD: http://worldofradio.com where you will also find our frequently updated calendar of Monitoring Reminders *R. Yugoslavia posted schedule effective April 8, leading many to believe it will actually resume broadcasing, but could be automatic update; English portion *R. Romania International, new schedule of English to NAm, Europe *R. Ukraine International`s wish-list of English frequencies *V. of Russia, new schedule, English to North, Latin America *R. Polonia cutting back to two domestic transmitters so it can hire some abroad; English frequencies with degraded audio still *R. Prague, new schedule English to North America and on 21 MHz *R. France International, new English schedule *Titanic special event ham station, GB90MGY April 13-15; details at http://www.gdrs.net/titanic *One QSL received for AFRTS 3903 confirming was from Iceland *R. Benin heard closing and opening on 7 MHz off-frequency *Salama Radio, for Nigeria, new schedule *National Radio, Angola, new 7 MHz off-frequency in English, French *20th annivesary of Falkland Islands War; BBC has webpage including audio, via http://www.bbcmundo.com or specifically http://www.bbc.co.uk/spanish/especiales/0203malvinas/ *Antarctica`s LRA-36 staying on the air an hour later, making a big difference in North American reception *HCJB ceased live streaming, concentrating on audio ondemand instead *First airing of DX Partyline, on retimed 21 MHz service to India *Spain`s Costa Rica relay revived on new 90mb frequency far from WWCR *Democratic Voice of Burma on new frequency listed as Germany, but obviously much further away *V. of Vietnam on new direct frequency to Europe, encountering heavy interference *All India Radio, complete new GOS schedule on SW in English *Hong Kong`s yacht weather specials on 75m this week unconfirmed *New MW station in American Samoa about to start, tests not yet heard *Steve Anderson, United Patriot Radio, due to be featured on April 13 America`s Most Wanted, Fox network *New site http://www.okcityradio.com includes report that Clear Channel wants to move 1210 from Guymon to OKC and raise power, maybe move KTOK newstalk onto it *Propagation outlook from Boulder April 2; flux range 210-170-205 *With a standard disclaimer, *Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1125 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1124, produced March 27, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *New schedules for World Radio Network effective March 31 are posted; WOR heard one UT hour earlier, but to NAm moves from Sat to Sunday: 1400 UT; elsewhere Saturdays 0800 *From April 7 our times shift one UT hour earlier on most affiliates except RFPI *Check http://worldofradio.com for latest updates to our schedules *DXLD 2-048 at end has an April calendar of station anniversaries and radio-related events *R. New Zealand International anticipates further reductions in service as government won`t pay higher electricity bills; revised April SW schedule; includes new forces programme on weekends. See http://www.rnzi.com where also downloadable *NSB, R. Tampa, Japan, reduces second network to weekends only *V. of the Strait, China, heard with two English hours *R. Taibei International`s new frequencies in English via Florida to Europe *V. of Vietnam`s relay via Austria *R. Budapest says it has another DX program on Fridays, with DX news *R. Budapest resructured to become part of program 1, Kossuth Radio, with Hungarian being relays of domestic service *R. Slovakia International, new English schedule *R. Bulgaria`s even-frequency new English schedule *R. Ukraine International revives megawatt SW on 7 MHz, but soon changing to 12; may add another, but not likely to last; some English time shifts *R. Vilnius, Lithuania, new English schedule; [Europe on 9710 is at 0930]; backup frequency available via Germany *Irish 27 MHz Sunday church services heard in Australia *R. Ezra says transmitter site is Russia for new series to western North America, Petropavlovsk/Kamchatky? *R. Thailand`s new English schedule *Grayland, WA, DXpedition nabbed Sikkim for a sesquihour *Tentative log of India on MW long after sunrise *RRI, Sorong, Indonesia, heard on MW 909, very rare *909 also a new high-power test frequency from Yemen, heard in Finland *Standard disclaimer *via GHz, MHz and MegaHausers, World of Radio 1124; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA or wghauser@hotmail.com Fax if really necessary 1-580-233-2948 attention Hauser *Commando Solo back home in Pennsylvania, but 8700-USB is still being heard, so land based, from where? *Israel Radio on shortwave reprieved for one month, then three until July 1; see DXLD 2-049 *Arutz 7, right-wing pirate in Israel, legality reversed *Israel goes on DST two days ahead of Europe, Friday, March 29, so all SW broadcasts including English move one UT hour earlier early *Middle East Radio Network underway on FM in Jordan, Kuwait, West Bank as Radio Sawa, which means together in Arabic; website http://www.ibb.gov/radiosawa is same as http://www.radiosawa.com *Republican Sen. Hyde`s bill to restructure US international broadcasting nixed by Bush administration http://www.washtimes.com/world/20020326-77709460.htm *FCC reorganized, along with website; international bureau now at http://www.fcc.gov/ib/sand/neg/hf_web/hf.html *Private US religious broadcaster High Adventure gets time on US government IBB transmitter in Biblis, Germany; overflow from Deutsche Telekom *Methodist R. Africa International new schedule via Germany *Catholic R. Ecclesia, Angola, new schedule via Germany *R. Okapi, UN station in Congo DR, appears erratic, so keep trying *Burkina Faso keeps coming and going, perhaps on currently due to National Culture Week until March 30 *R. Cosmos, Cochabamba, Bolivia, heard testing on 7, 6 and 3 MHz bands *R. America, Paraguay, reconfirmed about to test on 7300 *R. LTC, Peru, heard on 5 instead of 6 MHz channel *Peruvians R. San Francisco Solano; R. Comercial, Lajas; and R. Americana as logged by Rodriguez in Colombia *DXLD 2-046 has several stories about Colombian guerrilla groups ELN and FARC, notably police destroying La Voz de la Resistencia, Vista Hermosa, Meta, on MW 660; did any DXer ever hear it? *Ana Belen Montes, Cuban spy in DIA, pleads guilty and gets 25 years instead of death for telling all she knows about Cuban intelligence *Carl McIntire, firebrand evangelist, who battled FCC over WXUR, and offshore R. Free America, died at 95; see DXLDs 2-047, 2-048 *Special MW DX test, Monday April 1, WTBQ 1110, NY, 1015-1100 UT http://www.wtbq.com *KVAN-1550, Vancouver WA, starting to test 50 kW for interference complaints *April 1 brings another Capitol Steps comedy special, Politics Takes a Holiday. http://www.capsteps.com/radio/ *One-day strike against CBC French keeps escalating, affecting programming on RCI; see recent DXLDs *CBC determined to shake up Radio One programming, chopping This Morning in favor of more local interest *Johnny Lombardi, founder of multicultural CHIN 1540, Toronto, has died at 86 *Propagation outlook from Boulder March 26: flux range 165-180 *That`s World of Radio 1124; I`m Glenn Hauser ### WORLD OF RADIO #1123, produced March 20, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Standard disclaimer *DST arrives in Europe March 31, when many SW stations change times and/or frequencies, for seasonal reasons *All times here on WOR, u.o.s., are Universal Time, which does not change; responsibility of listener to use UT, or make conversions to local time, which may change depending on DST *Upcoming schedule changes for those stations still having DX programs on SW at http://www.worldofradio.com/dxpgms.html *Daniel Sampson reports new A-02 summer FCC SW schedule now at: http://www.fcc.gov/ib/pnd/neg/hf_web/hfff0z02.txt including new 11 MHz frequency available for WBCQ *WMLK, Assemblies of Yahweh has new site with photos, history, significance of call letters, at http://www.wmlkradio.com *WWRB has sign on gate claiming it`s air traffic communications; rhombic antenna poles visible from outside; FCC still lists as WGTG *WSHB, Christian Science SW station for sale at $6.5 million *Rep. Henry Hyde introduced legislation for another reorganization of US government international broadcasting, see DXLD 2-043, 2-046 to International Broadcasting Agency *What power Radio Marti runs on mediumwave from Florida to Cuba *HAARP ionospheric warming tests underway again from Alaska March 15- 28; see DXLD 2-043 *Yiddish Radio Project, Tuesdays on All Things Considered, ondemand *New 50 kW MW station imminent in eastern Nebraska, daytime power *FM tower felled in Fort Dodge, Iowa, also affecting KWMT-540 *TV tower collapsed in North Carolina when plane hit guys, channel 40 *America`s Most Wanted, Saturdays on Fox, about to feature Steve Anderson, of United Patriot Radio *http://www.timeanddate.com is useful site for dates of DST; still no info on Mexico City, but elsewhere in country not until May 5 *Guatemala`s R. Amistad back, and R. K`ekchi upgraded, heard later than usual *Inactive Venezuelan SW frequency actually bears Cuban harmonic *WCBS and WFAN New York off two mornings in a row for maintenance; northeast DXers cleaned up with Canadians, domestics, Latins, and best of all, St. Lucia *HCJB A-02 schedule moves service to India later in morning, on 21 MHz mostly darkness path, interesting propagational expeiment; most of the other English frequencies *R. Satelite, Peru, reactivated, but not as good as before, and format now religion *R. Educacao Rural, Coari, Amazonas, Brasil, in the clear for one hour when co-channel Brazilian is off the air *R. Ribeirao Preto reactivated on 90 meters *R. America, Paraguay, plans more 7 MHz broadcasts to Argentina, rest of S and N America; not a hoax. Manager is Jose Holowaty, ex-KGEI *Chile back on UT -4 since March 10 *LRA36, Antarctica heard on a Sunday and later than usual with soccer *The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1123, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; or wghauser@hotmail.com website for a great deal more info, http://www.worldofradio.com *Thanks this week for financial support go to: Gerald T. Pollard *V. of the People, clandestine to Zimbabwe has additional morning broadcast via Madagascar; current and upcoming frequencies *R. Okapi, Congo DR, finally heard by DXers, overcoming Habana *Burkina Faso`s 5 MHz reactivation provides fine signals and music, but lately back to former frequency *Celtic Notes from Wales Radio International, A-02 schedule *BBC WS re-running Hitchhiker`s Guide to the Galaxy in tribute to the late Douglas Adams; see our calendar page *The Greenfield Collection, classical music show, ending on BBCWS *R. Ezra back for a new run April 6, weekly to North America this time from unreleased site *Tourist station at La Rochelle, France, one watt on 25 MHz, recorded by David Hodgson, Tennessee *Irish church service on 27 MHz, recorded by David Hodgson, Tennessee *Norway may rent SW transmitters to Merlin, substituting for UK *Denmark eliminates SW staff, so will only relay domestic programs *R. Budapest, Hungary, new A-02 English schedule; and resumes Spanish, French, Italian *R. Ukraine International English webcasts confirmed at three times; weekends include DX program, mailbag, Music from Ukraine; better ``reception`` than a megawatt on SW ever provided *R. Tirana, Albania, new A-02 English schedule is silent on Sundays; Albanian still daily *Notturno Italiano loses its main MW frequency, and Russia now heard instead *V. of Greece new schedule shows frequency in 17 MHz aero band *V. of Turkey new A-02 English schedule *Iran changing to DST on March 21: UT plus 4.5 *193rd Special Ops Wing of Pennsylvania ANG arrived home March 19, after 300+ missions in Afghanistan: Commando Solo, Information Radio *But when did 8700-USB operation cease, and was it aboard plane? *Canadian relays of foreign stations schedule shows Vietnam staying on 6 MHz even in the summer *Adventist World Radio may substitute Taiwan for Guam during refurbishment of KSDA *V. of Indonesia, streaming confirmed including English via http://www.rrionline.com/streaming/voi.asx *Several 90m Papua New Guineans heard around sunrise in Vermont *Ducie Island DXpedition, VP6DI, underway this week; see DXLD 2-045 *See DXLD 2-043 at the end for report from Mark Fine on Swisher problem, in contact with Rutgers University operator of CODAR system *Propagation outlook from Boulder, March 19; flux range 175-165-180 *And so concludes WOR 1123; Glenn Hauser, here, hoping you`ve enjoyed the program and will hear me again, next week ### WORLD OF RADIO #1122, produced March 13, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *WOR has returned to WWCR, UT Mondays 0100 on 3210 *New edition of monthly Spanish DX report Mundo Radial starts March 15, Fridays 2215 on WWCR 9475 *New SW broadcasting season A-02 starts March 31; but one week of confusion until NAm goes on DST and more schedule changes made *RCI issues one-week schedule, and another for rest of summer; resuming Sweden relay to Europe Ken Fletcher likes; other frequencies for Europe/Mideast/Africa; much more detail in DX Listening Digests *AFRTS on 3903-USB confirmed as Iceland, but unauthorized and stopped *R. Valleri, SW pirate in Ireland, coming back March 16-17 for 30th anniversary [see DXLD 2-040, 041] *R. Denmark/Norway summer schedule shows asterisked broadcasts subject to cancellation if airtime can be sold to others *R. Sweden`s summer English schedule except to Europe [DXLD 2-042] *YLE R. Finland, summer English to North America; but Capital Weekend day of week confusing [DXLD 2-040, 2-042] *R. Ukraine International cannot rely on SW transmitters, so now has started webcasting including English. Check http://router.nrcu.gov.ua/eng/frame.html then select Channels, RUI, and real audio link [but no English at 1200, says Grishin] *R. Prague releases station history book free of cost on request *Switzerland`s complete A-02 English schedule with sites, what`s left of it *La Rochelle, France 11 meter, 1-watt tourist transmitters again heard, and later into the evening *RVi Belgium`s A-02 English schedule with relay sites; no more Brussels Calling but Flanders Today *Still no DX reports of R. Okapi, UN station in Congo DR, not even heard in Africa; but a recording of it courtesy ORF Intermedia *ZBC Radio 3, Zimbabwe webcast mentioned last week disappeared just before election and still missing *SW broadcasts from Zimbabwe suddenly reactivated just before election from Guinea Fowl site, heard in Australia *Standard disclaimer *WOR 1122, wghauser@hotmail.com or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; fax if really necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser. Consult our websites for much more info: http://www.worldofradio.com and http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio *National Community Radio Forum, SW special from South Africa March 21 *NBC Namibia in financial crisis due to mis-management, overdraft *MBC Malawi heard only on 90m, staying there in daytime too? *Madagascar has two stations, one official, one by the self-proclaimed president *Burkina Faso back on 5030; speculation it may be relay from Gabon or even Togo [but see also DXLD 2-043] *Cairo`s awful modulation also applies to Portuguese for Brazil; complain to consulates, embassies *US`s Middle East Radio Network granted FM frequency in Bahrain *Saudi Arabia adds Pashtu language service, in mandate to broaden transmissions; when will they get around to English? *R. Free Chechnya postponed in US goodwill gesture toward Russia; a dangeroous precedent. Should go forth under VOA if not RFE/RL; challenge Russians to broadcast to US in any minority Indian language and see if we care *Pakistan plans to try DST, putting it ahead of India, even tho to the west of it *V. of Tibet, clandestine, latest sked via Uzbekistan, Tajikistan *R. Korea International`s final English webcast repeat ends at 0430, not 0500, including Multiwave Feedback UT Mon *RNZI schedule modification March 17 for standard time; more changes expected in two weeks *``Newzealspeak`` subject of Lingua Franca on R. Australia this week *KNLS Alaska summer schedule starts March 24: English thru October *WJCR Kentucky running both frequencies at very low power with exciters only *Another 120m Brazilian reactivated, R. Cacique, 24 hours; actually increased power from a few milliwatts to 250,000 *Emisora Ciudad de Montevideo, Uruguay as heard in Ecuador [not `Canal 42` but '42' is short for callsign CX42, says Nigro] *Peruvian DX from Malm: R. Madre de Dios, Puerto Maldonado [time omitted: 1030]; R. Peru, San Ignacio; R. Americana/a.k.a. Estereo Americana, Nueva Cajamarca; R. Difusora Comercial, La Voz del Vecino, Nueva Cajamarca *R. Amistad off the air, and R. Kekchi low power in Guatemala *HF distress frequencies: 12290, 16420; simplex calling moved to 12359, 16537 *Propagation outlook from Boulder, March 12: flux range 200-175 *Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1122 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1121, produced March 6, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Our first airing each week on WWCR is now on 15685, Thursdays 2130; and we are back UT Mondays 0100 on 3210; by summer at 0000 will be 9475; and Wednesday 1030 on 9475, instead of Fridays *WWCR filling ex-Communications World slots with other programming, such as Old Record Shop UT Mon 0630 on 3210; New Horizons and Ask WWCR at 0300 UT Suns on 5070 *Wouldn`t you know it: last week when I finally pointed out we are on at 0600 four different nights, one failed to appear. WBCQ ran us by mistake at 0530, but still supposed to be 0600 *WBCQ can now diplex two transmitters into one rhombic: 9335 and 17495 on air at same time *El Dial, Spain, had article about Ed Evans of WSHB, A Diver on SW: summary translation *David Walcutt has left RFE/RL; used to issue verifications, but no one else may do that *On VOA in ex-Communications World slots, a series thru March 23 on VOA history, ASPITTSFOBCW, still with Kim Elliott; topics planned. Still on WRN, but not WWCR or WBCQ [or WRMI] *Petition campaign for FCC to open up expanded AM band for public access use, by demonstrating how underutilized it be; see DXLD 2-038 or check http://www.abfreeradio.org *WJR 760 Detroit has 80th anniversary specials thru April 28 Sundays 7-9 am EST, but no audio streaming *Huge financial difficulties at Vanuatu`s national broadcaster VBTC might force it to close; check 4960 and 7260 *R. Taibei International`s wonderful show Instant Noodles *RTI and R. France Internationale will exchange shortwave relays [despite RFI already having relay deal with Beijing!] *R. Europe, Italy, will have DX special broadcasts during Winter SWL Fest March 8-10; Marconi QSL, stamps via Dario Monferini, Via Davanzati 8, 20158 Milano, Italy. 2 USD or IRC plus 2 more for Marconi 2000 lire banknote if desired *BBC launches 6music, new station on March 11: http://www.bbc.co.uk/6music but who needs it? BBC also to launch digital-only station for blacks this summer, but who can listen? *AFRTS not authorized to SW broadcast via Iceland, but seems site *A bit more than 0.5 of WOR 1121 has already happened; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or wghauser@hotmail.com Websites: http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio/ and http://worldofradio.com which is updated constantly *Thanks this week for financial support go to: Mike Beu *No English on SW from Latvia, but they have been doing weekly half- hour ondemand via internet. Now that too ends March 9. Find via international, Saturday, at http://www.radio.org.lv/program/index.htm *Recording of the closing and opening of March 2 penultimate program, ID both as R. Riga International and R. Latvia International *R. Center, Russia, 10th anniversary SW special last week: cancelled when they found out astronomical charges *RDP International, Portugal, harmonic heard above 31 MHz by two North Americans [oops, forgot to mention second hearer David Hodgson] *R. Okapi, new UN station in Congo DR, still unreported by DXers on frequency with lots of interference *R. Kahuzi, Bukavu, Congo DR, reported active with 30 watts on 6 MHz *Rwanda the lightning capital of the world, twice the rate of Florida See DXLD 2-037 via http://www.worldofradio.com/dxldmid.html *SW Radio Africa`s midday broadcast audible in Kenya; seems to come from South Africa *Zimbabwe elections March 9-10 attract worldwide attention because Mugabe is doing all he can to prevent freedom of the press. See DXLD 2-034 for BBCM`s media profile of the country *ZBC 3 FM has rock-solid internet stream with great music, but news every hour prioritizes Mugabe movements; high literacy rate could be Mugabe`s downfall. Listen via http://www.zbc.co.zw/radio.htm *Eritrean Liberation Front, Revolutionary Council has new website: http://nharnet.com *Israel moves one English broadcast 10 kHz, despite Arabic service *DXLD 2-034 reports confusing situation over two different Voice of Komala clandestines for Kurdistan: http://www.komalah.org and http://www.komala.org following a split in the organization *Voice of Iran, clandestine via France, schedule on 15 and 17 MHz *Mystery on 6715-USB continues, but language identified as Korean, tho unlikely from Far East or Africa; heard Fridays and Sundays *R. Bosques, Argentine pirate, near same frequency elsewhen *WWV and WWVH change format of propagation minute on Radio Day, March 12. Explanation also may help interpret what I am about to say: http://www.sec.noaa.gov/Data/info/WWVdoc.html#samples *Propagation outlook from Boulder, March 5; flux range 170-205-170 *With a standard disclaimer, *Glenn Hauser, here, concluding World of Radio 1,121 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1120, produced Feb. 27, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Standard disclaimer *WOR is on the air every day of the week via one of our shortwave stations or another *And we are heard at 0600 UT four days per week via three stations; see complete schedule at http://www.worldofradio.com *Starting March 7, our first WWCR broadcast is back on 15685, Thursdays at 2128 *R. America, Paraguay, has been testing various 7 MHz frequencies, soon to be regular toward Buenos Aires; seems evangelical. See http://www.radiodifusionamerica.com.py *Three Paraguayan MW stations shift 5 kHz to avoid Brazilians *Chilean FM stereo music stations in 47-49 MHz range are regulars in British Columbia as F2 propagation beacons; see http://www.ham-radio.com/n6ca/50MHz/CE_musicfreq.html *Bjoern Malm`s Peruvian DX: sesquiharmonic heard on 4 and 6 MHz, R. Frecuencia Popular; unlisted R. Comercial, Lajas *R. Union, Lima, varied even further from nominal, then reported back on frequency; to stay? *R. Maranyon, Jaen, Peru, sends beautiful QSL cards and goodies; address: correo@radiomaranon.org.pe *RFPI, Costa Rica, announces live listener participation on Global Community Forum, UT Friday Mar 8 at 0230; internet and phones? *R. Cultural, Guatemala, heard on mix, SW minus MW frequency *Unpublicized, but R. Mil, Mexico City still heard with DX program, Encuentro DX *Ireland has TV news via internet in 15-minute loops: http://www.irelandlivetelevision.tv *Spike Milligan has died, the last of the Goons; look for Goon specials on BBC WS or Radio 2 *BBCWS will make Write On a constant program every week *YLE R. Finland, Capital Weekend is on Sunday afternoons to North America; good in east, poor in central *Mika Makelainen will attend Winter SWL Fest to represent R. Finland *R. Center, Moscow, special 10th anniversary SW test UT March 1-2-3 at 0000 on 7125; limited edition special QSL card, $2 required to R. Center, Nikol`skaya 7, Moscow 103012, Russia. Bilingual site: http://www.radiocenter.net *RFE/RL Chechen service was to start Feb 28, but apparently has been delayed due to Russian objections; projected schedule *Italy v. Vatican: case closed? see DXLD 2-031 for more background, including the sad state of relations between Italians and Vatican *R. Exterior de Espanya heard on wideband FM below 15 MHz; why? *At same hour we enjoy classical music, Nuestro Sello on 21 MHz AM *The 1120th edition of World of Radio, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA or wghauser@hotmail.com fax if really necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser *Lots of info at our website: http://www.worldofradio.com -- always check our Monitoring Calendar and Anomaly Alert pages *Thanks this week for financial support go to: Rod Scribner *Unidentified African evangelical still a mystery on 6715-USB, heard Friday evenings only *V. of Africa, Libya heard with revolutionary program in addition to news in English *R. Okapi, Congo DR, reported to have opened, including SW, Feb 26; confusion about frequency, schedule; power lower than planned *R. Veritas, South Africa, announces May 1 start for shortwave *TWR Africa says it will install 1 kW tropical SW from HCJB in Malawi *Madagascar radio and TV missing from satellite, SW; back with music *R. Baidoa, southern Somalia, heard daily but jammed during news; moved to Iidaale; schedule *R. Mogadishu, pro-government, resumed 12 days after equipment stolen for ransom? *V. of Komala, Kurdish clandestine, jammed, on exactly same frequency as Baidoa, and schedules overlap *Kol Israel 3rd harmonic heard on 47 MHz in Germany, the highest *R. of the Two Rivers, new MW service to Iraq, seems from US transmitter in Kuwait, replacing other clandestines *Mother of Battles Radio, Iraq, as observed *Unidentified on 5775 is reported to be Tajik Radio, Dushanbe, testing with nothing but music *Three times for English news from Turkmenistan *Hong Kong to reactivate weather broadcasts on 75m for March-April China Sea yacht race *CyberShortwave Live this Sunday March 3 at 1600 has Tim Gaynor as guest on matters Australian; details via http://www.n1dk.com *AFRTS reported on new 3 MHz frequency, speculation on site *Arabic station on exactly same frequency, Kurdish clandestine? *VOA has $4 million deal with PR firm, including coming up with a new logo; first try nixed by Sen. Helms *WWRB/WWFV warns that any trespassers will be arrested; NO visitors *Charlie Puckett, Kentucky State Militia, arrested on weapons charges after inteviewed for Unsolved Mysteries; in jail without bond. Was involved with Steve Anderson, United Patriot Radio *Single 26 MHz broadcast auxiliary frequency produces San Francisco and Denver TV stations *KCJJ, Iowa heard on 3rd harmonic, same as Papua New Guinea fundamental *NPR cultural programming put to triage; considering overhauling or eliminating some of venerable jazz or classical offerings *Ultrawideband, approved by FCC, frequency range 960 MHz to 10.6 GHz *Propagation outlook from Boulder, issued Feb. 26; flux range 220-195 *Glenn Hauser, here, concluding World of Radio 1120 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1119, produced Feb. 20, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *A big welcome to everyone now listening to us via Sirius Satellite Radio, launched Feb. 14, including World Radio Network on channel 111, including WORLD OF RADIO Saturdays at 9 am Central; lots more about Sirius in DXLD 2-026. Sirius streams some channels; see http://www.siriusradio.com *WOR Thursday at 2130 from March 7 will be on 15685 instead of 9475 *Pacifica had to drop Pacifica Network News, keeps Democracy Now; see http://www.savepacifica.net *FCC just authorized ``Ultra Wideband`` technology, on unlicensed basis, frequencies not specified but already allocated to other uses; may raise noise level on SW *Time Domain, Huntsville, AL, markets UWB; consumer products this year? Using PulseOn, patented chip set *Court rules that FCC cannot ban ex-pirates from ever getting a broadcasting license; but law may be re-written *Another MW third harmonic: WMFR, High Point, North Carolina *WC2XPF, experimental radio-teletype SW broadcaster, license about to expire, and wants response; see http://www.rtty.com *Sergei Sosedkin reports on visit to WJCR, Kentucky; still on low power but will try to raise it next week *More WBCQ broadcasts opposed to Brother Stair, on 7415, 17495 *Final Communications World by Kim Elliott on VOA this Saturday 23rd plus repeats; our best wishes to Dr Elliott as he goes back to audience research *He is one of the questioners this Saturday on Press Conference USA, with the VOA Director; not archived, so listen live on SW or web *New AFN URL: http://www.myafn.net including inaccurate SW frequencies *Canadian Forces formerly in Germany site: http://badenremembered.com *Special on RFI this Sunday, discussion among international broadcasters, Feb. 24 at 1206 *R. Caroline testing another Latvian MW transmitter this weekend *YLE Radio Finland has new ``Capital Weekend`` English show on FM, and SW, but not to North America *Belarus` Radio heard on five 7 MHz frequencies 100 kHz apart, spurs *Monitoring English from Georgian Radio from both coasts of North America 12 hours apart *Intriguing unidentified on 6715 USB, seems African evangelical *Standard disclaimer *The 1119th edition of the media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702, USA or wghauser@hotmail.com Check our website http://worldofradio.com for DX Listening Digest, Monitoring Reminders, DX Programs, Nets to You and lots more useful info; and our other site http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio *Thanks this week for financial support go to: Tim Hendel *Catholic Radio Update reported Liberia about to allow Radio Veritas to resume SW; Media Network confirms, but not yet heard again *Another R. Veritas, in South Africa, http://za.op.org/veritas wants to get on shortwave [and website says it shall, May 1] *R. Ecclesia hopes to be authorized for shortwave in Angola; equipment already purchased; see DXLDs 2-027 and 2-028 for more on these African Catholic SW stories *Two external stations for Zimbabwe increase hours on air as election approaches *Several stories in the latest DXLDs about opposition mounting to Israel dropping shortwave external broadcasts [evidently successful] *Kol Israel mistake puts it on same frequency as V. of Iran clandestine, which had just moved there and changed time *R. Bopeshawa, communist clandestine for Iraq, off the air for now; See http://www.wpiraq.org and for Iran, http://www.wpiran.org *Iraqi regime installing mobile radio stations in case of air strikes or seizure by opposition *State elections in India will lead to returns specials Feb. 24 on certain SW stations; two Mumbai SW frequencies missing *Myanmar reported to arrest, torture those who send info to foreign radio stations *Cambodia repeatedly denies VOA an FM relay there; but VOA assists opposition R. Beehive, with joint call-in show also on SW and Thai MW relay *26150 kHz broadcast auxiliary seemed to come from Hong Kong *Six pages of info on RRI Indonesia stations in DXLD 2-027 *R. Simbu, Papua New Guinea, still off air, electricity bills unpaid; but R. Eastern Highlands has resumed, both on 90 meters *NPR coming to American Samoa, with FM station to be built at Community College *DST ended in Brazil Feb. 17, now back to UT minus 3 hours *Arequipa, Peru 6 MHz station is back, now relays CPN news from Lima *Finnish DXer creates authorized website for Peruvian station; and more to come? http://www.dxing.info/radio/oriente *That awful distorted 9 MHz spur from XERMX is still there after two months (recording) *Travelers` Century Club for those who actually visit hundreds of countries; see http://www.travelerscenturyclub.org and their country list; minimum requirement for joining: 100 *Propagation outlook from Boulder, Feb 19; flux range 215-180 *That`s World of Radio 1119; I`m Glenn Hauser WORLD OF RADIO #1118, produced Feb. 13, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Standard disclaimer *One of our WWCR broadcasts may be resuming shortly, UT Mondays 0100 on 3210 *RFPI also runs us on Sundays, but times vary; Feb. 10 was at 1800, plus repeats, after COM, before Mailbag; as on Saturdays *Mundo Radial, our monthly in Spanish, February-March starts Feb 15, Fridays 2215 on WWCR 9475, also readable and downloaded via http://www.worldofradio.com/espanol.html *New US Virgin Islands station on X-band, WDHP Fredriksted, simulcasting WRRA Christiansted; very widely reported. See http://www.wrra.vi and latest DXLDs since 2-022 *Aruba has only one MW station left, R. Holland Aruba *Huge demonstrations against Venezuelan Pres. Chavez monitored; calls for his resignation. Keep an ear on Venezuelan stations *MW third harmonic from Colombia heard in Florida, R. Almirante, Riohacha *No trace of FARC clandestine, La Voz de la Resistencia on 6 MHz; perhaps they are on FM *R. Maranyon, Peru, has webpage encouraging DX reports: http://www.radiomaranon.org.pe/oyentes-mundiales.html *R. El Libertador, Bagua Grande, Peru, may be February-only station name *Unidentified 6 MHz out-of-bander may be Bolivian *R. Guanay, Bolivia, extremely irregular on 4 MHz band, but now on *Rdif. Taubate, Brasil, reactivated on 4 MHz, for carnaval *Ham DXpedition to Trindade, off Brasil, PW0T, about to start Feb 18: http://www.trindade2002.com *Brazilian Amyr Klink sailing around Antarctica; see DXLD 2-023 in Portuguese; frequencies used. See http://www.amyrklink.com.br *Newsweek interview with Gerry Jackson, behind SW Radio Africa to Zimbabwe: http://www.msnbc.com/news/698256.asp *Chris Greenway reports on his visit to Ghana Broadcasting Corp.; details of remaining SW transmitters *R. Mogadishu, V. of the Republic of Somalia, attacked by armed men, seizing transmitter and voice mixers; off the air *In the midst of World of Radio 1118; wghauser@hotmail.com or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702, USA; http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio and http://www.worldofradio.com *Latter includes our frequently updated Calendar of Monitoring Reminders; examples of some listings incluindg Pres. Musharraf of Pakistan, Feb 14 at 1800; humorist Al Franken Feb 28 at 1800 on National Press Club. See http://www.worldofradio.com/calendar.html *Includes Shows We Like, weekly favorites *Thanks this week for financial support go to: Jim Wishner *News from Austria: R. Africa International drops one, keeps one broadcast; Everest Radio stopped for lack of budget *Monitored schedule of R. Nepal on 5 MHz *All India Radio, Leh, reported still on the air despite fire *AIR Kohima heard in mornings with Christian music *AIR Bangalore external service far off its 11 MHz frequency *All AIR domestic stations to play music overnight Feb 17-18 to commemorate platinum jubilee. See http://www.allindiaradio.com/fomusic.html *Martin Hadlow reports on his visit to R. Afghanistan: http://radiodx.com/spdxr.com/writing.htm *New press law ends state media monopoly in Afghanistan; see DXLD 2-024 *Israel needs persuading to keep SW, especially in English *Call-in program in Farsi on Israel Radio gets huge response from Iran *AOG setting up new MW station in American Samoa, WDJD, in 7 weeks *New FCC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking affecting high frequency broadcasting, 66-page document with lots of footnotes: http://hraunfoss.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/FCC-02-27A1.pdf *WBCQ program so critical of Bro. Stair is Table of Truth, UT Thu 0200-0300 on 7415 *Third harmonics from 50 kW stations heard including WOR, WPHT, WTOP *Special event ham station for Olympics, W7U *Put off that CBC Radio has suspended most of its streaming because of Olympics; except for Radio 2 and 1 from Toronto only *BBC not so disruptive of its streaming as it was for summer Olympics *CFRB`s new 4-tower array now in use; change in coverage? *Isle of Man granted 10-year license to MusicMann 279 on longwave, on air by end of 2003 from offshore platform *Tom Roche follows up last Feb`s review of Sony car SW radios: Sony Mexico sells them too, for less than UAE. See DXLD 2-022 and http://www.sonystyle.com.mx/site/productos/categories/mx0601.jhtml;jsessionid=OEPHJGEYCJFHDQFIFA0CFEWAVAUDIIV0 *Thread lately in DXLD 2-022, 023, 024, 025 among others at bottom on radio related music *Winter SWL Fest in Pennsylvania Mar 8-9: http://swlfest.com includes forums schedule, hotel reservations, history, swap meet, tourism *Three press stories from Papua New Guinea in DXLD 2-024 show not just equipment problems keep stations off air *Propagation outlook from Boulder Feb. 12; flux range 215-245-190 *That`s World of Radio Number 1118; Glenn Hauser, here, inviting you to hear me again next week ### WORLD OF RADIO #1117, produced Feb. 6, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Ice storm disrupted WOR 1116 last week; not on WBCQ or WRN, but phone fed to RFPI, WWCR. Those who missed it may still hear it via Our Current Audio at http://www.worldofradio.com *DXLD 2-020 reports on our experiences during blackout, under Oklahoma plus our other monitoring *WOR site has new DX programs schedule, and Nets to You by John Norfolk *Kim Elliott announces he is leaving Communications World for audience research post at VOA, and the show will not continue after Feb 23 *VOA journalist Spozhmai Maiwandi who scored an interview with Taliban leader has been kicked upstairs to a ``useless job`` *Committee to Protect Journalists concerned about the above; see: http://www.cpj.org/news/2002/USA17jan02na.html *Brother Stair accused by other WBCQ broadcasters of crimes; see http://www.thenetteam.net for testimonials, police reports *HAARP plans more HF injection experiments from Alaska: DXLD 2-021 *Johns Hopkins University sold WJHU, renamed WYPR *CBC Radio One to make over morning and Saturday programming this fall for more youth appeal *Tokelau Islands to get FM radio stations with New Zealand aid *RNZI Mailbox due back from summer vacation in February *NTL, company operating ABC and other transmitters in Australia is in deep financial difficulties, a gigadollar in debt *R. Bougainville closing for lack of funds; efforts to stop this [presumbly the one on 3325] *R. Station Pacific Ocean, Vladivostok, off SW and LW, cut back to only one MW frequency *North Korea has new Arirang Festival website celebrating Kim Il-Sung 90th birthday: http://www.arirang.dprkorea.com/english *A marvellous set of symmetrical spurs from V. of Korea on 9 MHz *RKI special on future of broadcasting Feb. 16 *CRI special honoring George J. Poppin Feb. 16 *Look for Chinese New Year specials Feb. 11 *The Media Magazine you Monitor with your Mind, World of Radio 1117; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; wghauser@hotmail.com Websites: http://worldofradio.com and http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio *RTI still has Chinese language lessons in English and Spanish *R. Nepal back on 5 MHz band *AIR, Gangtok, Sikkim heard with weaker and stronger signals *AIR, Leh, devastated by fire; if it`s off 60m, hear Port Blair *R. Pakistan`s unpredictable English newscasts *Another English newscast found from Turkmenistan *Denge Mezopotamya on new frequency, still experimenting *Andy Sennitt suggests planned cuts of Israel`s shortwave are a ploy to draw attention to need for a bigger budget *V. of Greece English program heard at wrong time *Bob Zanotti leaving Swiss Radio International; oops, Swissinfo. And will attend Winter SWL Festival; Kim Elliott the keynote speaker *SWFunk, Germany, very weak in North America even when Marti off *RTM, Mali, locked on an off-frequency 7 MHz channel *R. Benin, also off-frequency 7 MHz *Burundi station started webcasting: http://www.studioijambo.org *Malawi reactivated not only on 7 but also 3 MHz frequencies *Zimbabwe claims US backs SW Radio Africa; if credible, could site be Botswana or Sao Tome instead of South Africa? *Madagascar no longer on off-frequency 5 MHz channel; frantic IS *Radio MEC, 1710 kHz in Argentina, significance of name; phone *Carnival season leads two Uruguayan SW to stay on late at night; one`s site is http://www.emisoraciudaddemontevideo.com.uy [live stream at 0517 UT seemed offair pickup with station missing] *R. Frecuencia Popular, new Peruvian from unknown location *HCJB proceeding with transmitter site move from Pifo to Santa Elena, but will take four years; see DXLD 2-020 *Answering my own question last week, Alo, Presidente reconfirmed from R. Nacional Venezuela on SW via Habana, Sunday morning *See website summarizing many of these shows: http://www.el-nacional.com/actualidad/alo/alo_presidente.asp *Hope for tropical band DXers bothered by the `Swiper`, ocean wave radar. CODAR will try to restrict to frequency range avoiding broadcasters; see DXLD 2-021 *Unidentified Mideast station on 5550, music only, morning and eve *This solar cycle seems to have two peaks: DXLD 2-011, 2-020 *Propagation outlook from Boulder Feb. 5: flux range 225-200-255-230 *Standard disclaimer *Glenn Hauser, concluding WOR 1117 and inviting you to hear me again next week ### WORLD OF RADIO #1116, produced Jan. 30-31, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *This edition is being produced under difficult circumstances: major ice storm in OK, electricity browning out, trees damaged, internet access down, delaying distribution *Happy that reception of WOR good in different worldparts: Uruguay on WBCQ *First broadcast on WWCR is also back on 9475, Thursdays 2130 but only for a sesquimonth; second emission also on 9475 good in Queensland *RFPI has been running WOR throughout January at additional unscheduled time as fill-in, Sundays 1830 plus 6, 12, 18 hours [and again Feb 3] *Homelessness Marathon special on RFPI, UT Wed Feb 6 0000-1400, pre- empting other programing; special airing of WOR Tue Feb 5 at 2300; see http://www.homelessnessmarathon.org *RFPI, China and Taiwan keep clashing frequencies: 7445 and now 15040 *Venezuelan Pres. Hugo Chavez more and more a dictator, the media his enemy so passing new laws to control them *Is he still doing Alo, Presidente, via Cuba on Sunday mornings? [yes] *Stereo Carrizal, Calceta is latest ID for an Ecuadorian 90m station *HCJB changed frequency in English to South Asia *R. Estacion Dos, Huancabamba, is new name for Peruvian 6 MHz out-of- band *R. Cielo, Chiclayo, Peru, jumps all over 4-6 MHz area, ``the pirate of pirates`` *R. Piranha Internacional, South American pirate on 11 MHz, is back *El Dial has illustrated article on AM-1630, La Plata, Argentina, at its first anniversary; am1630@red92.com *WSHB expected to be sold this year, and CS broadcasting further reduced *IBB a major lessor of airtime from 20 sites, 17 entities, more than 60 kilohours annually, 10 megadollars; trend toward more MW *AWR Wavescan of Feb 3 features the Marconi special earlier on WRMI *Steve Anderson of United Patriot Radio still a fugitive, and BATF reward quadrupled to 20 kilodollars *Special MW DX test Feb 3 from WKDK-1240, South Carolina; see DXLD 2-014 *Incredible outpouring of grief in Canada over the death of CBC host Peter Gzowski from emphysema; see last few issues of DXLD *Ex RCI head Robert O`Reilly says it should be taken away from CBC and put under Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and shut down CBC English TV *More brownouts, and powerline about to be severed here *Herb, VAX498, marine weather net op from NS on 12 MHz was on CTV news Jan 23; look for it on site *Standard disclaimer *The midst of WOR 1116, Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; wghauser@hotmail.com Our websites: http://worldofradio.com and http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio *Thanks this week for financial support go to Bill Flynn in Oregon *Iceland changes to a 12 MHz frequency, but buried; full schedule *SW coverage maps now at hard-core-dx website including Iceland; spikes in pattern characteristic of rhombics *Beeb.com sacks half its staff, the BBC commercial website *R. Caroline 24-hour test on MW via Latvia this weekend *Macedonia installing 1.2 megawatt mediumwave transmiter by Aprilend *R. Africa International, via Austria, besides two daily hours on 17 MHz, has a Saturday-only hour on 6 MHz, heard in New Brunswick *Greetings to the NZ Radio DX League convention, including guests from abroad such as Dario Monferini *Dario arranged special DX test for NZ from R. Europe, Italy and already heard in NZ *Italy changed frequency for English to Europe, but now it clashes with Turkey *Change in middle of previous item when our AC power finally went out; rest of program recorded the following day on battery cassette *Electricity down several days, and internet access; E-mail accounts likely to overload, but info@worldofradio.com may be used *R. Ukraine International transmitters mostly off the air; only ones remaining are three in Kharkiv; for latest frequency info check http://www.nrcu.gov.ua/eng/program/vsru/world_map.php3 and click on region *Russians upset about R. Liberty plans to start North Caucasus service at Febend; may lose license to broadcast in Russia, in worst case scenario *R. Free Afghanistan just inaugurated Jan. 30, from Prague, under auspices of USA; we heard one of first broadcasts at 1730 (recording) *Schedule for RFA, includes alternative sites at this hour; sounds a lot like the private R. Voice of Afghanistan *Good Morning, Afghanistan program to start Feb. 25 via Kabul, sponsored by BMC Scotland, Baltic Media Centre; see DXLD 2-017 *PsyOps on 8700 USB expected to be redundant, but we still hear it *Israel threatens to close down external SW except Hebrew and Arabic; see http://www.israelradio.org --- protests go to Mr. Ra`anan Cohen, the responsible government minister, raacohen@knesset.gov.il *Palestinian broadcaster plans to sue Israel for destruction; EU may seek reparations for Israel destroying Palestinian facilities *New tests from Libya: same frequencies are in A-02 schedule for new relays via France; so are they already from France? *Certain distractions prevent further stories billboarded this week *Propagation outlook from Boulder Jan. 29: flux range 260-210-255 *Glenn Hauser, here, concluding World of Radio 1116 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1115, produced January 23, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Standard disclaimer *New edition of my other program Continent of Media, 02-01, is now available at http://www.DXing.com and via http://www.worldofradio.com/audiomid.html *COM also starts airing Jan 25th at 1900 on RFPI, plus many repeats *WWCR-1 resuming 9475 at hours affecting us, Fri 1030, and for Mundo Radial Fri at 2215, already back on 9475, ex-3210 *SW Radio Africa having quite an impact on the Zimbabwe establishment *Malawi back on SW, heard on 7 MHz band *Radio Okapi, UN station for the Congo DR, now plans to start by Feb; lava forces Goma station to move to Bukavu *Burkina Faso heard again on SW, this time on old frequency *Radio Gulf, Papua New Guinea, back after 19 months *Wave-length on CRI domestic service rescheduled 24 hours later, no longer conflicting with WOR; next 3 weeks interviews Tom Meijer of R. Netherlands Happy Station; webcast: http://www.cri.com.cn/english *China Radio International heard on two 7.0 MHz hamband frequencies *Qinghai PBS, China, got one of its own frequencies wrong last week *China steps up surveillance of Internet users *All India Radio, Leh station 40% damaged by devastating fire *Visit to AIR Shillong, the Scotland of the East; schedule *AIR external service 9 MHz Aligarh frequency wandering *AIR Kurseong exactly 1.0 kHz off frequency including English news *January 26 is Republic Day in India, occasion for extended broadcasts also caused by cricket matches vs. England *No DX reports yet of new Kabul MW frequency; now another one from Mazar-e Sharif *Kurdish clandestine identified differently by two different DXers; Komala station, or R. Azadi Kurdistana Irana, on reduced carrier USB *Via suppressed carrier USB, AM, FM, subcarrier, internet, satellite, WOR 1115, wghauser@hotmail.com or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702, USA; http://worldofradio.com and http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio *Thanks this time for financial support go to James D. Strader *Iraqi clandestine from Sa`udi Arabia heard on another 4 MHz semi- harmonic of 9 MHz channel *IBA board approved a budget removing SW transmission of everything but Hebrew and Arabic; Knesset yet to ratify; see protest addresss at http://www.israelradio.org [an unofficial site] *Besides destroying V. of Palestine MW mast, Israel has now destroyed VOP HQ; see all recent issues of DXLD. Some websites including audio: http://www.palestine-net.com/news http://www.tmfm.net http://www.volpfm.com http://amwaj.al-carma.com [last one has not worked for us] *R. Mayak via Belarus` heard on 90 meter band in Virginia *R. Ukraine International NAm service missing again due to unpaid electricity bill *More on church services from Ireland heard on 27 MHz CB: in DXLDs 2-012, 2-013 and 2-014 *Iceland heard on an unscheduled 12 MHz frequency *Fans of defunct CHUM-1050 Toronto may still hear it via http://www.1050chum.com *Strange how Canadians are reluctant to use their own domain .ca *CFVP Calgary reported off air for a sesquiweek Jan 4-16 [not 14-16 as I said], but may vary 5 kHz when on *KNLS Alaska revised schedule effective Jan 27 includes 11 MHz for English, 9 MHz band for all other languages *Old Radio RSA interval signal used by WWRB, Tennessee for tests; one was on 15725 on a Sunday, used by WRMI on weekdays; WWRB says they may use other defunct ISes for fun tests. Multi-verification reception certificate promised, not just a QSL card, for reports to Box 7, Manchester, TN 37349 *KKWY, 1630, Wyoming now getting out with improved equipment, a rare state for many *WSM reprieve may be its last chance; will not be easy to become profitable; ``the next attack will be fatal`` *Three countries getting TV into North America; Kurdistan Democratic Party also via http://www.kurdistantv.net *NTV Mir, Russia, plans TV to NAm, Europe, Israel, but how? *Romanian TV gets digital 2-way link to embassy in Washington, which somehow will allow Romanian TV to be seen throughout the US *R. Villa, Dominican Republic, heard on 2 MHz band sesquiharmonic *Cristal Internacional, DR on 5 MHz, wants reports to Apartado Postal 894, Santo Domingo or cristalinternacional@hotmail.com *R. Sonaguera, Honduras, heard on 2 MHz harmonic *GBC, Guyana, 3 MHz band a multicultural favorite *HCJB terminating its French service at end of B-01 season *LRA15, R. Nacional, Tucuman, Argentina, confirmed on 2 MHz harmonic *Propagation outlook from Boulder Jan 22: flux range 235-195-230 *Glenn Hauser, here, concluding WOR 1115 and inviting you to hear me again, next week ### WORLD OF RADIO #1114, produced Jan. 16, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *New time for WOR on WWCR, UT Sat 0600 on 5070, excellent in Bulgaria; but no longer UT Mon 0100 on 3210 *New Mundo Radial starts Jan 18, Fridays 2215 on 3210; also on website compete script, and translation into Spanish of our SW Year in Review: http://www.worldofradio.com/audiomid.html and http://www.worldofradio.com/espanol.html and http://www.worldofradio.com/swyir01s.txt *Pres. Bush signs R. Free Afghanistan funding bill, to start by end of month, and another new RFE/RL service to Northern Caucasus by end of February *R. Denge Mezopotamia feed or transmission mixed up with R. Voice of Afghanistan *R. Afghanistan, Kabul heard on two new MW frequencies, one of them high power thanks to Iran providing transmitter *Iraqi National Congress losing US financial support unless it improves accounting system *All India Radio starts two-month special broadcast for Hajj pilgrims *AIR plans to phase out domestic SW radio in favor of FM *AIR Kolkata returns to former frequency *Qinghai PBS, Xining, China gives its SW frequencies *R. National and R. Australia programs resuming regular schedules following summer vacations *New Ecuadorian is CRI Internacional, Ibarra on SW; MW ID differs, CRI, Centro Radiofonico de Imbabura; reports will get special gift this month, to: CRI AM, Calle Rio Chinchipe 396, Los Ceibos, Ibarra *Harmonic on 4 MHz band confirmed as 3rd multiple from Barranquilla, Colombia; when national anthem is played *R. Mexico International still has strong distorted spur, moving around lower 9 MHz band *CFVP, Calgary, Alberta reconfirmed 5+ kHz off-frequency *New RCI manager tried to shut down RCI Action Committee, forbidding criticism of CBC; but now it`s back. More and more repeats, less and less original programming. See http://www.geocities.com/rciaction *The media magazine you monitor with your Mind, World of Radio 1114; see our website http://www.worldofradio.com and our other website http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio Your input welcome to wghauser@hotmail.com or P O Box 1684, Enid OK, 73702 USA; fax if really necessary, 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser *Thanks this week for financial support go to Pete Bentley, whose motto is JKDI -- just keep doin` it *WSM reprieved, country music formamt will continue; see recent DXLDs *Grand Ole Opry isn`t the only live country music show on radio; Jamboree USA is on WWVA, West Virginia, but not weekly, next Feb 2; see http://www.jamboreeusa.com *WLW and Cynergy Corp asked by FCC to resolve interference problems from 160 to 2 meters *Shuster, of Wayne and Shuster, Canadian comedy team, has passed away *Talkshow host Jack Cole of Florida and Arizona has died *Forrest Boyd, former Mutual whitehouse correspondent has died *Never a dull moment at Pacifica; despite agreement, some entrenched local managers refuse to take orders from new board of directors *WBBM-DT has started digital TV on channel 3 in Chicago *Telefutura is new Spanish TV network in US, many ex-shopping channels --- see station list in DXLD 2-010 *R. Okapi, UN station in Congo DR, with Swiss assistance, target Feb. 1, including SW *History of SW in France site includes a page on R. Brazzaville, Congo (French Equatorial Africa), at http://home.worldnet.fr/~tvignaud/am/rfi/brazzaville.htm *Ethiopia`s V. of Peace and Democracy / Tigre Revolution on new 6 MHz out-of-band frequency *Libyan test frequencies in recent DXLDs; three on 9.4 MHz band have different signals here, so must use different antenna headings *RaiWay looking for SW monitors in Italy`s target countries; no compensation mentioned. Volunteer via raiway.hfmonitoring@rai.it *To-ing and fro-ing over whether RFE/RL should move out of downtown Prague; Hungary invited move there, and maybe Estonia too *Several more 27 MHz CB FM church services from Ireland *Media Network reports Iceland deciding whether to close down SW; see http://www.medianetwork.nl *R. Netherlands will have special broadcast Saturday, February 2 of royal wedding, in Dutch, Indonesian, English, Spanish, some from additional transmitter sites; see Media Network website above *Chinese New Year will bring special broadcasts up to 1600 UT Feb 11 from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, most of SE Asia, Vietnam, Koreas; and following few days *Atlantic 252, Ireland`s LW station, changing to TeamTalk, sports format, at least for tests already *Propagation outlook from Boulder Jan 15; flux range 250-190-235 *Glenn Hauser, here, concluding World of Radio 1114 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1113, produced January 9, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Our UT Sat 0300 broadcast on WWCR 3210 replaced by other programming but still a semidozen times on WWCR; and many other stations. Latest schedule at http://www.worldofradio.com/radioskd.html *Site for SW Radio Africa, clandestine to Zimbabwe, confirmed as South Africa, per British radio and TV; see DXLD 2-006 *SW Radio Africa blocked in Australia by V. of Russia *RTNC, Kinshasa, Congo DR, new relay schedule via Africa Number One, Gabon *V. of Nigeria on 19m takes long break in afternoon, contrary to continuous schedule *WRTH 2002 Africa section still outdated; but see comprehensive sub- Saharan guide at http://www.bdxc.org.uk *La Voix du Sahel, Niger, as heard only on 31m band *But other stations vary around frequency, such as V. of the Arabs, Egypt [and Ethiopia] *Burkina Faso`s new 5 MHz frequency lasted only one day, but just heard again briefly *Libya has been tone-testing four SW transmitters for a decade; but now showing on many new frequencies with some programming *Target lists for Somalia and Kurdistan pages just updated at http://www.clandestineradio.com/martin/crw/crw-som.html http://www.clandestineradio.com/martin/crw/crw-kurd.html *New head of IBA, Israel wants to drop many languages, and English in the evening; fought by director of Israel Radio International *``KRSI`` [Radio Seday-e Iran], clandestine confirmed via Issoudun-E site in France, not Moldova as reported; now on two frequencies *Besides DXLD, keep up with events in Afghanistan via Media Network dossiers, http://www.medianetwork.nl which recently added links to exile webcasters *US AID distributing 30,000 Hong Kong 12-band radios to Afghans *Local station in Farah Province, western Afghanistan, back on MW *R. Afghanistan resumes using pre-Taliban flute interval signal; listen via http://www.intervalsignals.com *YA5T operation has been a pirate, not Afghanistan, since December 4 *Krasnoyarsk puts a 3rd harmonic on 15 MHz band *R. Yugoslavia in dispute with federal government as well as Bosnian Serbs, over funding. Claims Bijeljina equipment damaged by freezing *The midpoint of WOR 1113; wghauser@hotmail.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK, 73702 USA; check both our websites frequently http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio/ and http://www.worldofradio.com where we continue expanding, especially our Calendar page of worthwhile monitoring, now including a revived Shows We Like; and besides text postings of each DXLD, also html in a growing single file for ease of searching, via http://www.worldofradio.com/dxldtd02.html *Many thanks this week for financial support go to: Jim Wishner *Thanks to Bill Westenhaver for a 2 kilolira note portraying Marconi *Dario Monferini offers to supply them as souvenirs for nominal charge; details in DXLD 2-007 *Pressure is growing to move HQ of RFE/RL out of downtown Prague; but RFE/RL head Thomas Dine resists this as a capitulation to terrorists; reports on this in recent DXLDs 2-006 and 2-007 *The Roma in Europe get a weekly broadcast in their own language, via Deutsche Welle *Norway`s SW arrangement is a silly thing, still costly with abrupt timer-run operation *Irish funeral service heard in Tennessee on 27 MHz *Midwinter best time to hear CFVP Calgary; reported on shifted frequency *Mother Angelica of WEWN still under intensive care, but upgraded from serious to fair condition; besides stroke, broke elbow and arm see http://www.ewtn.org *Seldom Heard Radio has new series from Jan 20 on WRMI, `Drive-In Double Feature`; see DXLD 2-005 *WWFV appears to have been supplanted by WWRB, tho former`s website http://www.wwfv.net still exsits *Tremendous opposition to rumors that WSM 650 Nashville would drop country for sports talk. Listen while you can to Grand Ole Opry and others, also via http://www.wsmonline.com *Special MW DX test from public radio station in Rhode Island, WRNI, 1290, early January 20 *Pacifica BOD ordered Democracy Now reinstated, but WBAI dragged its feet; also on RFPI for one hour M-F 1600, 2200, 0400, [1000] *Boyeros aero station in Habana communicates with Cubana, Aeromexico flights on 13 MHz frequency *F2 TVDX from Trinidad and Venezuela did reach channel 2 audio, recorded by Curtis Sadowksi in Illinois *Argentine MW harmonic tentatively, on 120m band, heard in Vermont *LRA-36 Antarctica about to do usual staff rotation, and may be off a few days, but not closing permanently *Russian ham active from South Pole Station, R1ANM *R. Australia`s Lingua Franca this week about Antarctic Dictionary *Ray Moore in Florida has heard VOA Thailand MW megawatt again, and an unID 100 kHz lower can only be Sabah *AIR Kolkata shifts 10 kHz on 7 MHz band *Blue Sky, Mongolian station heard with Russian program on 60m *Georgia`s 60m band transmitters as monitored in Bulgaria *Propagation outlook from Boulder, January 8; flux range 190-250-190 *Glenn Hauser, here, concluding World of Radio 1113 ### WORLD OF RADIO #1112, produced January 2, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *Whether or not you heard my SW Year in Review on VOA last week, listen to and read an expanded version, via http://www.worldofradio.com/audiomid.html *Also new at our new site, http://www.worldofradio.com/calendar.html *And the January edition of Nets to You, http://www.worldofradio.com/nets2you.html *2002 issues of DX Listening Digest are stored at http://www.worldofradio.com/dxldmid.html *Argentine political strife, but RAE always hard to hear, and on Jan 1 relaying home service anyway *Better luck with SSB feeders of private stations, Cadena Tres, and Radio Continental *Links to Argentine stations with webcasts in DXLD 1-210, viz.: Rádio Cadena Eco http://www.cadenaeco.com.ar Rádio América http://www.amradioamerica.com Rádio Once Diez - Ciudad http://www.oncediez.com.ar Rádio Mitre http://www.radiomitre.com.ar Rádio Rivadávia http://www.rivadavia.sion.com Rádio Continental http://www.continental.com.ar *These WOR summaries are now stored at http://www.worldofradio.com/wormid.html *New Peruvian last week is Radiodifusora Comercial, La Voz del Vecino *Monitoring ``the babbler`` from Cuba *CBC technicians` union CEP ratified strike settlement, back to work *Iceland`s SW schedule, now revived *BBCWS Discovery on Marconi centennial is archived until Friday Jan 4 at 1900, when replaced by new show http://www.bbc.co.uk/cgi-bin/worldservice/sheep.pl/worldservice/discovery.ra *Luxembourg MW superpower started carrying three hours of China including English, via WRN; reduced power or full 1200 kW? See Media Network for a report on this and recording *R. Africa International, Vienna, Austria, complex schedule, English timings *R. Yugoslavia website says ``back in a month due to technical problems``; actually funding cut and can`t pay Bosnian Serb power bills, but Yugo minister says it will be paid from 2002 budget *Samorodinka Radio, Moscow pirate on 75m, schedule from QSL *Learn Greek, from Voice of Greece rediscovered; bureaucratic delays mean 250 kW SW transmitters from US have not even been unpacked *R. Bayrak, Turkish Cyprus, window for reception clear of interference *Israeli proposes US establish a Radio Free Gaza for Palestinians *V. of Islamic Revolution of Iraq, from Iran, heard on three channels at once *Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, PUK started Kurdsat TV to North America -- see DXLD 1-210 for details *R. Sultanate of Oman`s English broadcasts confirmed resumed after Ramadan *Turkmenistan`s only English broadcast, 10 minutes around sunset *New Tajikistan relays of R. Liberty, VOA, on 60 m, but Moscow feed centre mixes up languages and services *Standard disclaimer *You`re listening to the 1112th edition of World of Radio; E-mail wghauser@hotmail.com --- site http://www.worldofradio.com --- fax if really necessary, 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser; P-mail P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA *Standard disclaimer [again, making up for some weeks I forget it] *Many thanks this week for financial support go to: Gerald T. Pollard *BBCM confirms AM and FM frequencies of R. Afghanistan, Kabul; was the FM heard only by sporadic E? *R. Voice of Afghanistan, from outside, offers to run commercials *Imperial Couple of Japan issue waka poems New Years Day inspired by Afghanistan *V. of Jammu & Kashmir Freedom, from Pakistan, reconfirmed with brief English segment, anti-India *R. Taibei International drops daily Chinese lessons *Extensive frequency schedule of all domestic and external SW broadcasts from India in DXLD 2-002 *National Radio, Australia`s ``The Great Marconigram`` can be heard on demand, but only until January 22: http://www.abc.net.au/rn/events/radio100/default.htm *Final half hour monitored of KAIM, Hawaii *Why WTAW, Texas X-band station, gets out so well compared to others *Buffalo`s powerhouse WWKB ignores snow emergency, disgraceful *Rumors flying that WSM Nashville may dump country format for sports *Abrupt and rude format change Jan 1 in Miami, WTMI from classical to dance; see DXLD 2-002 *Comedy shows online including Tom Lehrer http://www.comedycollege.net *Historic days for TVDX, Dec 30-31, 2001, when F2 layer brought Trinidad and Venezuelan channel 2 stations to USA, Canada; see DXLD 2-001; some stills posted by Bill Hepburn at http://members.rogers.com/cyyz1/F2/YVVG.html *1951 issue of White`s Radio Log now visible courtesy WTFDA, includes SW station list showing mostly callsigns, at http://members.fortunecity.com/wtfdamem/WRL.html *Propagation outlook from Boulder: flux range 230-220-260-235 *So concludes another World of Radio, number 1,112 *Reminder of our new active website, http://www.worldofradio.com *Join me again next week for another edition of World of Radio ### ######################################################################## WORLD OF RADIO EXTRA 43, produced by Glenn Hauser released Aug. 21, 2002, between WOR 1144 and 1145 [references to DX LISTENING DIGEST issues for complete stories] *Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran has fascinating programs, some outright anti-Western [2-127, 2-128]; no. 4 in shortwave output, but easier to hear on webcasts; more about Palestine and the intifada than Iran itself. Reviews of broadcasts, by Fred Waterer *Iran proudly makes its own transmitters [2-125] *Former clandestine to Iran, V. of the Sarbedaran, ``Those who have laid their heads on the block, Maoist http://www.sarbedaran.org [2-122] *Arabs try to telecast to Israel in Hebrew; how well Syria does [2-121] *How Sa`udi Arabia censors internet: http://cyber.law.harvard.edu [2-114] *Daring Chinese declare ``self-evident`` citizens` rights for internet [2-123] *China jails dissident for reactionary downloads [2-126] *Newfie gets QSL from North Korea, tips on how to [2-119] *Television in Kenya, networks from abroad, channel usage [2-125] *SkyTower over Kauai, communications relay from remote controlled plane fills gap between satellite and terrestrial coverage [2-118] *Britain`s original satellite site Goonhilly Downs still in business and tourist attraction [2-112] *BBC spending 2.8 gigapounds on consolidating facilities [2-122] *John Logie Baird, Scotish inventor of TV, doesn`t get respect from BBC which sidetracked him, squandering 10-year lead [2-120] *Trying to keep American shows off British TV [2-123] *Floppy TV sets now feasible [2-116] http://stacks.msnbc.com/news/782800.asp [original link no work:] http://www.reuters.com/news_article.jhtml?type=technologynews&StoryID=1223357 *France`s plan for mediumwave includes many new stations [2-122] *Listening from Lapland, where west coast North American MW stations can be heard, low-power Canadians, and Quebec windows [2-110] *A must for really understanding VHF and UHF propagation: ``Beyond Line of Sight`` by Emil Pocock; see http://www.arrl.org [2-127] *And that concludes WOR Extra 43; hope you`ve enjoyed it. I`m Glenn Hauser inviting you to hear a regular edition next week ### ######################################################################## CONTINENT OF MEDIA 02-04, produced Aug 17, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *COM 02-04, recorded in mid-August 2002; the supplement to weekly World of Radio; exclusively on SW from Radio for Peace International, Global Community Radio; see http://www.rfpi.org *COM also made possible by Universal Radio, 1-800-431-3939, or http://www.universal-radio.com *Universal also provides http://www.DXing.com where you may listen to this and some previous editions, and check DX Listening Digest *COM is about media around the continent, not especially shortwave *La Nacion, Argentina, published article about Liberty, psyops station against the British in Falklands War; see our translation in DXLD 2-119: first part of it here *Sad situation of AM stations in Rio de Janeiro: some disappearing, dropping traditional formats, or turning religious [2-127] *Manaus, Brazil SW station on 4845, has had three names [in Portuguese, 2-127] *San Salvador, El Salvador, FM band is completely full; list in DXLD 2-125 includes Lasers and Cool-FM *St. Kitts split MW station ZIZ on 555 heard in New York, confirmed by checking webcast: http://www.skbee.com/zizLive.html *4VEH, Haiti, still has SW license, but no equipment for that; concentrating on FM, MW, soon webcast http://www.sonnysolar.com/sat_info.htm or http://www.radio4veh.org *XERTA, Mexico`s only commercial SW station, rented out to gringo religionists; owner quite a character with unfulfilled promises [2-126] *Queretaro, Mexico has low power FM pirates on 101.9, 102.7 [2-128] *Tijuana stations agree to ban narco-corrido music [2-122] *New classical FM station for Indianapolis delayed by channel 6, WRTV [2-122] *Many major US markets are now without classical radio stations; one holdout in Los Angeles, Saul Levine, was offered $400 mega for KMZT; but switched his San Francisco station to country [2-114] *WUOT survives with mostly classical format in Knoxville, where there are other noncommercials including a pirate on 90.9, KFAR, for First Amendment Radio; see DXLD 2-115 and full story at http://www.metropulse.com/dir_zine/dir_2002/1228/t_cover.html *Conflicts of interest in Columbus OH squabble over management and ownership of public radio stations [2-117] *One-man big-band station in Eaton OH, WCTM, 1130, due back on air Sept 3 as owner is recovering [2-129] *WLW, 700, tested so-called `In band on channel` digital system, putting buzz on adjacents 690 and 710; recording of interference to KCMO 710 *History of KPQ, Wenatchee WA: http://www.kpq.com/history1.htm [2-125] *Harry Helms peeved about PWBR touting SE-3 as miracle cureall for shortcomings of kilobuck receivers [2-128] *Connie Chung dismissed by San Francisco critic as dead weight for CNN [2-115] *PBS kunckleheads sink network in deep doo-doo; and what`s coming in new season [2-122] *CBC specials Sept. 25 for 70th birthday, 20th deathday, of Glenn Gould, including 14 hours on Radio 2 [2-128] *KSLG-FM non-ID in California is K-Slug, after obnoxious banana slugs *Glenn Hauser, here, hoping you`ve enjoyed this COM, 02-04 ### CONTINENT OF MEDIA 02-03, produced June 25, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *A new COM at last; thanks for the patience of our listeners, RFPI and Universal Radio *This and previous editions of COM are available at http://www.DXing.com *Times for COM broadcast on RFPI, 7445, 15039 and/or 21815: Fri 1900, Sat 1730, Tue 2000, plus repeats 6, 12 and 18 hours later *COM is about media around the American continent, not necessarily shortwave *RIP CHNX, 6130, Halifax, private SW station seems gone for good *Besides CBC 6 MHz stations, one private Canadian is still on the air: CFVP, Calgary, 6030 *Off the air lately is CFRX, 6070, Toronto, but not for good, we hope *CBC plans revamp of Radio One morning lineup this fall, dates *Shelagh Rogers staying on as This Morning host *Hams help solve WLW-700 Cincinnati interference problem, Cinergy power line re-radiation; suspect similar cases elsewhere [as below] *One man big-band station in Ohio, WCTM 1130, plans comeback soon if owner`s health permit *40-year veteran Ken Jackson gone from `WLG` 1360 Baltimore, due to voice tracking (really WWLG) *KRLD 1080, Dallas, transmitter site had powerline towers detuning *WPQE577, TIS station on 1580 at Love Field, Dallas, gets out *Terry Krueger`s travel diary includes TIS stations on Ocracoke Island, NC; see Tocobaga DX in DXLD 2-097 at http://worldofradio.com *There you will also find sumaries of each Continent of Media *COM is sponsored by Radio for Peace International; and by Universal Radio, 1-800-431-3939, http://www.universal-radio.com *New site with info on US X-band stations: http://www.dxing.info/lists/x_na.dx *Japanese pilots homed in on KGMB-590 in Pearl Harbor attack; ironically it was on the air at request of US Army Airforce *Media Network has articles on Sirius and XM Satellite Radio via http://www.medianetwork.nl *Points not made include: drawbacks of complex Sirius receiver; reliance on foreign countries for control sites; elliptical orbits go through Van Allen radiation belts, says Joe Buch *Tyranny of the Remote Control: rant against TV by Michael Dorner *Rewind show doubles time at the expense of other, better shows such as Riders Radio Theatre; latest casualty: South Dakota Public Radio *Student station KAYE at Northern Oklahoma College, Tonkawa, runs commercials on non-commercial band, :06 past the hours; webcast down, but linked at http://www.north-ok.edu *Cyber-cafes in Cuba provide `intranet` for Cubans at a hefty price; foreigners get internet access for three times the cost *Belize turns down US request to use VOA MW transmitters for R. Marti; no luck either with Turks & Caicos, Bahamas, Caymans *St. Lucia QSLs 660 during WFAN downtime in March; only 3 kW, relays VOA Music Mix *Ground conductivity so horrible in much of Latin America that MW stations avoid high end of band; absence from 1540 not to protect Bahamas *Guatemalan government wants to give military/cultural TV channel 5 to Catholic church, to keep it Guatemalan, but church reluctant to take on responsibility *Standard disclaimer *This was COM 02-03; your input welcome to P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; or wghauser@hotmail.com ### CONTINENT OF MEDIA 02-02, produced March 26, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *The second edition for the year, produced in final week of March; a supplement to World of Radio, which appears without fail every week *COM appears exclusively on SW via Radio for Peace International *And on the web whenever you want it thanks to http://www.DXing.com sponored by Universal Radio, offering quality amateur and shortwave equipment for the past 60 years; call 1-800-431-3939 or visit http://www.universal-radio.com *Commentary by former FCC Chairman Newton Minow, advocating increased US public diplomacy including international broadcasting http://www.usatoday.com/news/comment/2002/03/19/ncguest1.htm *Former VOA site at Bethany, Ohio: Veterans push for museum; nearby is commercial development named `Voice of America Center`, parks http://www.activedayton.com/ddn/local/0309voa.html http://enquirer.com/editions/2002/03/07/loc_big_retailers_could.html *WWV heard on 30 MHz, so could be 2nd, 3rd, 6th or 12th harmonics *Classical Music on the Wane in US Radio; fewer commercial stations, and public stations also drawn to news/talk instead http://www.andante.com/magazine/article.cfm?id=16078&highlight=1&timeline=1&highlightterms=radio&lstKeywords=radio *Complete texts or links to these stories in DX Listening Digests; one way to find would be keyword search at the 2002 archive http://www.worldofradio.com/dxldtd02.html *Public stations keeping some classical, jazz only due to ``mission issue`` of NPR, e.g. WKMS in Kentucky http://www.usnews.com/usnews/biz/e_friend.php3?goto=/usnews/issue/020311/ideas/11npr.htm *WYSO, Yellow Springs OH, dumping locally-produced jazz, women`s show, and others despite flood of criticism http://www.activedayton.com/ddn/go/0306wyso.html http://www.activedayton.com/ddn/local/0312wyso.html *WCBE, Columbus, OH, trying to shift management to WOSU http://libpub.dispatch.com/cgi-bin/documentv1?DBLIST=cd02&DOCNUM=10952&TERMV=5502:4:15779:4:15814:4:21109:4:26324:4:26367:4:31609:4:36679:4: http://www.dispatch.com/news-story.php?story=dispatch/news/news02/mar02/1127443.html *Unitarian radio show airing in Salt Lake City, ``Bulding a Good Society``, on KRCL, behind the Zion curtain, where webcast suspended due to DMCA, but this and other shows ondemand via http://www.krcl.org/PublicAffairs/ondemand.htm *Sarasota, Florida station pretending to be WLS, but ABC objects, so next pretending to be WGN [not two stations] *WLVA-590, Virginia, transmitter site worth more than station itself, so off the air for a while; fans offer yard space *Clinton, TN, station WDVX in RV popular amongst travelers *That other WOR, 710, New York, about to relocate transmitter site less than a mile away to improve signal with different parameters; interimly 10 kW non-directional; watch website or details http://www.wor710.com/Engineering/technical.htm *This is Continent of Media 02-02; this and many previous editions are available by download or streaming from http://www.DXing.com *Your input welcome to wghauser@hotmail.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA *Unidentified 7-tower array south of Fort Worth last year is actually a failed amusement ride, miniature airplane on cables *Michigan requires permit to listen to SW in a motor vehicle, evidently long-outdated law when police were on 120 meters; See http://www.mpscs.com/com-022.pdf *Michael Dorner, Catholic Radio Update, commentary ``The Public Be Damned``; full text in DXLD 2-041, on Digital TV boondoggle *IBOC, digital radio on FM about to happen, e.g. Crawford Broadcasting about to roll out, including Chicago; MW will benefit more, but take longer; see http://www.crawfordbroadcasting.com/home *DXLD 2-046: Radio Free Richmond, Virginia, trying to stop IBOC DAB: http://www.digitaldisaster.org *IBOC on AM daytime-only for now; engineers just discovered skywave; see http://www.rwonline.com/dailynews/one.php?id=1358 *DAB Digital Radio a big hit at Toronto auto show; totally different and incompatible system to American http://www.worlddab.org/pressreleases/Toronto_car_show-overview.pdf http://www.worlddab.org/pressreleases/DAB_programming_features.pdf *Australians coming to American satellite TV: TARBS pact with PanAmSatCorp -- Television And Radio Broadcasting Services, a multicultural broadcaster, more than 50 channels DTH *Advance schedeles for opera on the internet: http://www.angelfire.com/or3/opnetradio/thiswk.htm http://www.angelfire.com/or3/opnetradio/nextwk.htm *And so, I, Glenn Hauser, now conclude edition number 02-02 of Continent of Media ### CONTINENT OF MEDIA 02-01, produced January 22, 2002 by Glenn Hauser *COM 02-01, the first for year 2002; intention to produce more or less monthly, but longer since the last one. Thanks for patience. *COM sponsored exclusively on SW by Radio for Peace International; and on the Internet by DXing.com that is, Universal Radio, offering quality amateur and shortwave radio equipment since 1942. For info or a catalog call 1-800-431-3939 or visit them on the web at http://www.universal-radio.com or http://www.rffun.com *HF Apex broadcasting stations in the US, 1939y on 26+ MHz AM: http://members.aol.com/jeff560/1939apex.html *If you miss any URLs check these summaries at http://www.worldofradio.com *Sounds of the Far East Network: http://jg3.com/fen/fenra.html including Tokyo Calling: http://jg3.com/fen/tokyocalling.shtml *What happened to XERB-1090 and Wolfman Jack? http://www.440.com/mex.html and http://www.440.com/namesj.html#_wjack http://www.nab.org/Radio/awards/default.asp *Reginald Aubrey Fessenden, inventor of radio, not Marconi http://sask.cbc.ca/toonies/fezzlast.html *CFYZ, airport info station in Toronto, has live drivetime shows, seems increased power *Chicago lakefront gets HAR station AM-1650 *Plans for multi-transmiter low-power AM, Auburn Community Radio, WA *WCBS switchboard can`t find radio station, nor chief engineer *Joint radio-TV call stations make original radio a poor relation *FCC a joke, allowing daytimer AMs like WLBA to operate all-night *Broadcast TV a waste of spectrum, says FCC Chairman Powell *WBBM DT channel 3 on the air in Chicago; coverage and interference problems *East Coast State of Mind Rules TV News, to disadvantage of West Coast [and ignoring Central as usual] *FCC decision allows states to seek new area codes exclusively for cell phones and pagers *Cuba considers internet a high-risk medium; savvy surfers steal passwords to use it after hours *El Salvador TV website updated, with logos to help TVDX IDs: http://www.geocities.com/hmolina.geo/tv.htm *Check out our growing schedule of Shows We Like, mainly webcast, at http://www.worldofradio.com/calendar.html *Lots of good original programming at Boulder`s community station KGNU, including Musica Mundi, UT Thu 0200-0400; http://www.kgnu.org *Tip For Rational Living from Epicurus, thanks to http://www.positiveatheism.org *Seeking out hidden audio URLs -- that would be UXing... *Glenn Hauser, concluding COM 02-01 ###