This is the newest page, 2001 in reverse chronological order, latest additions at the top. Next-newest page is here. ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| December 31, 2001: WKY-930: I went to http://www.google.com and typed in a search for WKY Oklahoma City and went to one of the links provided regarding the loss of their 70 year old tower in 1998 to a tornado. There are some very dramatic photos here. This was the tower they were broadcasting from when I logged them in So. Cal. in 1990 during a KRTH SP. They provided a nice QSL card featuring a classic EKKO stamp. On the subject of Oklahoma City, I have been trying to arrange for a IRCA convention there the last weekend in July back to back with WTFDA. Don`t yet know if it will happen!? (Mike ---, Dec 30, IRCA via DXLD |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| December 23, 2001: Update on Enid`s LPFMs: occasional checks of 104.7 have produced no further evidence since two months ago that KUAL still exist. 94.3 KLCB has been on most of the time; just checked at 1930 UT Dec 23, just open carrier with hum. Forgot I had left a radio on it, and suddenly appeared Bing`s White Xmas at 2022. Typical (gh) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| December 23, 2001: Show to broadcast in Cherokee Tahlequah (AP) – A new radio show in Tahlequah will be produced in a different language. The show will provide the public with information about Cherokee Nation programs in Cherokee. ``It is also a statement about the continuing strength and value of the Cherokee language and culture,`` Chief Chad Smith said. The show will have different hosts and topics each week. ``It`s an evolving thing,`` said Robby Robinson, who helps produce the show for the tribe. ``We`re finding what works the best, taking feedback from the listeners and adjussting as we go along.`` (Enid News & Eagle Dec 23 via DXLD) This story raises as many questions as it answers, such as the *name* of the show, in either/both languages, the *time* it is on, what *station* and *frequency* it is on, so I asked Mike if he could find a more complete version (gh, DXLD) Cherokee Nation launches radio show (Tahlequah-AP) -- The Cherokee Nation is on the air. The tribe has launched a new radio show, produced in the Cherokee language. Chief Chad Smith says the show will get information about tribal programs out to the public. Smith says the show also preserves the Cherokee language and culture. The show airs at 9:30 A-M Sunday on K-T-L-Q 1350 A-M and K-E-O-K 101- point-7 F-M in Tahlequah. Each week, the show will have a different host and topic. A segment on basic conversational Cherokee will be implemented in future shows. The prerecorded shows include regular segments from the Cherokee Nation Children's Choir and an update on news at the Cherokee Heritage Center, as well as current events in the tribe (AP Oklahoma broadcast wire Dec 22 via Mike Cooper, DXLD) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| December 23, 2001: Enid`s lowpower TV station, renamed KXOK-TV, ran an animated full screen ID slide all day long for several days after its change of ownership, as all kinds of promises were made about new local programming, then disappointingly reverted to MTV2 in the daytime, and excruciatingly boring local auctions in the evening, as when it was K32DZ. Then we see a full-page ad in the TV Spotlight weekly listings supplement to the Enid News & Eagle, Dec 23, which says in a variety of fonts:
32 TV KXOK 2711 W. Owen K. Garriott, Enid OK 73703 242-KXOK (5965) Your Local Station Let`s Talk Auction with Anita! Sunday thru Friday Nights Call & Become a Member ~~Coming Soon~~ News, Sports, Your Local Weather, Talk of Enid, Cooking Experience, Real Estate Walk of Homes & more. ~Now Hiring~ In All Areas Production - Engineering - Master Controller-Operators - Graphic Design - Sales/Marketing - Retail Sales - Warehouse/Stocker/Delivery - Information Technology Apply on line: @KTOX.TV [SIC] or in person, 2711 W. Owen K. Garriott. No Phone calls please. EOE
The website http://kxok.tv in faraway, sucky, Tuvalu merely displays the Nov. 19 Enid News & Eagle story previously here, and at http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio/Oklahoma7.html about its new owner and his big plans, along with an E-mail link as kxoktv@yahoo.com However, if you click on it, mail is actually bounced from kxok@yahoo.com Note the street address in the ad above is 2711, while in the previous newspaper story below it was 1711 (gh) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| November 19: Attorney Faulkner purchases Enid television station By: Robert Barron, Staff Writer, November 19, 2001 Enid's TV32 has a new owner with a vision for expanding the low-power television station into new types of programming. Enid attorney Rex Faulkner purchased the station, KXOK, which broadcasts over the air on Channel 32 and on Cox Cable at Channel 18. Faulkner and former owner Chuck Pearson finalized their sale agreement Friday. Faulkner said negotiations had been ongoing for 18 months. He did not disclose the purchase price. Faulkner plans to take over operation of KXOK within 10 days. Among the changes planned are local programming and developing alliances with other business. The station currently broadcasts MTV2 during the day and a televised auction at night. "We will be hiring several people within the next six months in programming, marketing and original programming," he said. Faulkner will attend a trade show in Las Vegas in January to look for independent programming. He would like to develop an affiliation with other television networks. He also plans to spend a lot of resources updating station equipment and facilities, located at 1711 W. Garriott. "This is my first venture in communications, but I have been interested for several years and I thought it was a good time," Faulkner said. "My greatest asset is that I know absolutely nothing about TV." Faulkner plans to integrate the station with Internet services. He also would like to do cross promotions and use the Internet to do live bidding on auctions. "It's a rich resource for content. The auctions will continue, but we will continue to go to higher-ticket items," he said. "It's also an opportunity for people to get true value at affordable prices." KXOK operates at 1,000 watts, giving it a limited broadcasting radius, plus it is carried on Enid and other local cable systems. Faulkner said he was thinking of trying to bring the station to full power, expanding its reach. The station also could be used to help promote Enid's sports teams, Faulkner said, particularly the new National Indoor Football League team, the Oklahoma Crude, and the Oklahoma Storm of the U.S. Basketball League. He discussed pre-game and post-game shows and promotions of games. "I think we can complement each other," Faulkner said. "We can't be a large-market station, but we can be more professional." He envisions the station as "people's TV" for Enid. "I want to have the kind of television people want so they have an attachment to it," he said. Faulkner, an Alva native, graduated from Northwestern Oklahoma State University and the University of Arkansas Law School. He has practiced law in Enid since 1988. "This is an exciting venture, not just for me, but for the people of Enid as they see things develop," he said. (©Enid News & Eagle 2001 via DXLD) I wasn`t aware they were rid of the original calls K32DZ. Remember when KXOK was a big rocker in St. Louis on 630? This thing has a been a big waste of spectrum for years unless you love clumsily produced local auctions hour after hour, or MTV2. For a very brief period a few years ago it did have a weekly half-hour local news production, and then carried some minor network programming such as America One, mostly old movies, and comedy from Edmonton. The ERP is supposedly much greater than 1 kW. It`s hard to tell here within a mile of the transmitter where it blocks reception even on adjacent channels (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| October 30: I`ve kept checking 104.7 and 94.3 for the Enid LPFM stations which were on in July but missing lately. 104.7 KUAL is still absent, but early UT Oct 30, 94.3 was back playing gospel music tracks with long pauses. Forced myself to listen around 1400 UT, and at 1401 came an ID that KLGB was still ``equipment testing`` in stereo --- but it was in mono (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| October 27: We had a round of unpleasant correspondence with KOSU a few years ago over their policy of turning off the stereo pilot during Weekend Edition, which while primarily non-stereo in content, does include musical bits and some longer segments about music which are produced in stereo and ought to be broadcast that way. So we were surprised to enjoy `full` stereo during the first hour of WESAT Oct 27, but it was apparently a mistake (like, the remote control operator oversleeping) as the pilot went off at 1259 UT and stayed off, even tho there were musical segments during the second hour. Turning off the pilot does assist weak signal area listeners using receivers with non-defeatable stereo, such as my Sony boombox, where the stereo-pilot-hiss on KOSU is always evident -- but we feel stations have a greater responsibility to transmit content produced in stereo, in stereo! (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| October 24: Hey it's Jake the Snake, I didn't know that you were gonna put my e-mail on your website. I have no prob with that. Let me let you know what is going on in Clear Channel country: CC's vice president John Moen has moved on and they have hired someone new. We do not know who this is, since the meeting is tomorrow. Could this mean a change for Clear Channel OKC radio?? Who knows? Here is a little station that wants to make a comeback. Whatever happened to the Groove 1340? A part of the clear channel leased station KEBC 1340, was the Spanish of Radio Caliente during the day, and the Urban oldies format of The Groove at night. The reason for the Groove being mentioned was they were the only radio station to beat out KJ-103 at #1 back in their hayday at night. Today Radio Caliente still remains on the air, but after 7 pm, it's the urban of Perry Broadcasting's Power Jammin' 1140 & 1340 combo. After Feb. of 2000, strangely enough, the same week Wild 97.9 began its new format, that weekend the Groove 1340 left the airwaves on Saturday. KXY [KXXY 96.1] was simulcasted on Sunday night and that Monday night, the KVSP line was sent to the KEBC studios and The Power Jammin' Network was on the air. The reason for their departure was bad management. The Groove was the only station in OKC, that the dj's volunteered and they could play what they wanted. That is what got them #1 ratings. The Groove tried to make a comeback in the summer of 2000, by making a deal with Fox Broadcasting out of Norman that owned KNOR 1400 & KOKC 1490 out of Guthrie. Your page mentioned that KOKC was silent for a couple of months. When they leased it from Fox in May or June 2000, they set up in OKC at the old KATT studios off I-235 over by where that propane tank blew up at that propane place. The problem was with the weak signal; in Guthrie they were getting down, but further south you traveled into OKC, the weaker the signal got. By the summer, The Groove 1490 was off the air. Today some of the air personalities are getting back into the scene. Sonja Vaughn, host of The Saturday Morning Sunrise, has published an entertainment magazine like the Gazette called Usik, and does the entertainment reports on The Jack Bowen morning show on KTOK. Charles Hightower "The Tower of Power" of the nightly Tower of Power show has picked up some gigs at the club known as Sliders in Bricktown. Charles has recently told me that all the old Groove DJ's would like to make a comback to OKC radio. So if anybody out there needs a new format for their station, we got the staff right here. Hopefully a Jammin' urban oldies format will rise in OKC in the next few years. Before I go, Glen[n], my girlfriend & I are experiencing this problem with late night television, if you can do research in why this happens, tell me. We recently bought a TiVo recorder to record our favorite shows; unfortunately a lot of the shows we watch come on late at night. We watch Seinfeld, Blind Date, and SNL. The problem that I have is TiVo gets the schedule, but when we watch what we recorded it's not what we want. If you look on the TV guide for Seinfeld on KWTV 9, it lists 11:35 on a regular weeknight. If you stay up and watch it, you'll see Seinfeld comes on at 11:40?? 5 minutes big deal, the only problem is that TiVo cuts off the last 5 minutes of the show. Channel 9 needs to get their schedules right. As for channel 5, they need to keep Blind Date on at a regular time, every night it seems to be on at a different time. Just letting you know about that. [one more reason stations and guides should stop fooling around and give us precise times. The problem with channel 5 is that Nightline often runs 60 minutes lately instead of 30 -- fine, but you never know which it will be. That bumps everything after it later (or not). In addition on Monday nights, stupid ball games always delay the ABC latenight schedule somewhere between 60 and 90 minutes. On a normal night, Politically Incorrect starts precisely at 12:07:30, but will you ever see it listed as such? -gh] Also, I think everyone in OKC knows that KOKH 25 & KOCB 34 are owned by the same company, but they need to keep the shows they run one station. It seems strange to watch Just Shoot Me on one channel, then later on the other channel. I have to give praise to KAUT 43. I was working down at the Sliders club in Bricktown, when I saw this guy with a DV-8 camcorder filming the place. I asked who he was, and he was the account executive for Channel 43. His name was Richard Yeager, brother of Kathy Yeager formerly of Magic 104. I was amazed that he didn't have one of those bulky betacams. I asked him about the DV camera, and he said they produce all their commercial digitally on computer. I was impressed. That made we wonder about how they get their commercials on and etc. He told me, their station is sort of like a radio station that is automated. They have a bunch of servers that run through a computer system, and when they have a program, for instance let's say Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. They take the tape of the show and convert it into an MPEG which is like what DVD uses, and stores it on the computer. Then they tag the end of the scene to go into commercials, then automatically it will go into the commercials and so on. If you are ever watching UPN 43, you'll see a clearer image and no tape problems. Why? Computer technology. I hope this e-mail isn't very long, LOL. I enjoyed the story on the guys who went to look for the Memories 96.9 tower. That cracked me up. Keep the Oklahoma broadcasting news going!! Thanks! Take care. Jake |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| October 24: Area tropo was intense late Tuesday evening, with KLHO-LP 17 booming in. At least around 10-11 pm CDT, it was certainly not generically RELigious as in Doug`s database, but still HTVN -- Hispanic TV Network with one of those wacky variety shows including a clown, frequent shots of muscle-flexers, no class act. And I do mean booming, as the audio was really loud, to the point of distortion, compared to other stations, just like some `real` Mexicans do. Constant non-standard CCI, possibly from KDOR Bartlesville, implying KLHO is not exactly on frequency. On the other hand, there was NO trace of a signal from its former sibling on 22, KTOU-LP, listed with HTVN and double the power, both from sites a few miles apart on the south side of OKC (so I normally don`t see them at all). Enid`s two LPFMs are still missing as of UN Day. I had never got around to visiting or even locating studios of ``Cool 104.7`` KUAL, but I did drop in on the home of KLGB 94.3, Covenant Life Worship Center. No one could be raised, knocking on all the doors (including one which was ajar). The main sign is homemade and a second one has the lettering removed but still detectable. The transmitting antenna is remarkably crude, a short vertical, with 4 horizontal elements of similar length in ground plane, maybe 10 meters above ground. (gh) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| October 21, 2001: I haven`t been paying much attention to Enid`s two(!) LPFMs, the first on the air in the nation -- but this afternoon, Saturday, October 20, both of them are missing, 94.3 and 104.7. I noticed this, when driving around the outskirts, I found on 104.7 instead, KIXR Ponca City, with IDs confirming that frequency, so their CP to move from 100.1, is now on. KIXR signal is marginal here, but still, would that have been enough to deny the LPFM on 104.7 if the FCC realized the CP was pending?? KUAL`s coverage, if it comes back, will be further degraded. Checked again on Sunday, Oct. 22, and both were still missing. If KLGB 94.3 were to be on at all, it would be during Sunday church hour. BTW, this info may not be used by Christian Community FM unless it be explicitly attributed to Glenn Hauser, and no subscription charge be made for it. ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| October 14: Those curious about how public radio funding works may find this example from KCCU Lawton enlightening: (gh) KCCU ESTABLISHES NEW STATIONS TO SERVE WICHITA FALLS & WESTERN OKLAHOMA KCCU is excited to announce that the FCC selected KCCU to build a full power station on 88.7 MHz to serve Wichita Falls and a second full power station on 89.1 MHz to serve Western Oklahoma. KCCU is also excited to announce that the NTIA, a federal agency which funds construxion of new public radio stations, will provide 75% of the funds necessary to purchase the equipment to build these stations. The WF and WO communities will provide the additional 25% of the funding necessary. The NTIA program is a 75% federal, and 25% local matching grant program for the purchase of equipment to build stations. Mark Norman, KCCU GM, said, ``The expansion helps meet the goal Congress established over a sesquidecade ago to bring public radio to all citizens. We believe having KCCU on the air serving the WF and WO areas will be a major step for the station. KCCU will have a separate computer system at each station, as we currently do in Lawton, Ardmore and Altus. These computers will provide local announcements intended just for WF and WO. We will also have the option to air announcements in WF or WO which will promote activities relative to all the areas where KCCU provides service.`` WF was one of the last large markets in the entire US without a full power, full service public radio station. KCCU will provide the service as soon as possible with an expected on-air date sometime before the first of the year. When driving south toward Wichita Falls, KCCU listeners will be able to switch to 88.7 MHz on their dial and continue to listen to KCCU while driving toward WF and on toward Dallas. The station in WO will be built in the next year and we hope to have it on air by spring. Why does KCCU want to expand to Wichita Falls and Western Oklahoma??? As the general manager, I have been asked several times about our expansion of service to Altus and Ardmore and how it will impact the station. Now that we have plans to expand to two additional communities, I think it is important to let our current members know why an expansion is a good thing for KCCU. Public radio programs are priced in tiers. The first tier is 0 to 25,000 listeners in a market. The second tier is 25,000 to 300,000 listeners. KCCU falls into the second tier. The fact that we have been in the lower half of the second tier has made it difficult for KCCU to reach the membership and funding goals necessary to purchase the quality public radio programs our listeners have wanted us to air. In 1989 KCCU signed on in Lawton serving about 85,000 listeners. We added Altus and Ardmore for an additional potential 60,000 in 1991 and 1992. Since that time, we have not increased the potential listener base. Our membership has leveled off since about 1996 and we have maintained level membership support, for the most part, until this past year when we had our first decline in funding in the 11 years we have been on- air. By adding Wichita Falls and Western Oklahoma to our service area, we will increase the potential listeners by double. The prices that we pay from programming will not increase unless we go over the 300,000 total listeners in our metro listening areas. We hope that these two new markets will provide KCCU with at least 500 to 1000 new members. If these members support the station financially, more than the cost of operation, those funds will be utilized to purchase additional programs. We feel certain the financial support will be a major asset to our listeners. At this time we do not see any other communities in our region that we plan to serve. All of our expansions have been initiated by citizens in the various communities we serve. Any community that will help fund the establishment of a station or even a translator will benefit both their citizens and KCCU. At this point the KCCU staff is excited about bringing public radio to an additional 140,000 potential listeners who have never [sic] experienced the joy of hearing classical music on the radio daily or the quality of National Public Radio News (Mark Norman, From the Manager, KCCU Fall 2001 ``The Classic`` via DXLD) Only from a coverage map do we learn that the new 89.1 in Western Oklahoma will be sited near Clinton, tho that name is missing from the map! just north of the recently tornado-devastated Cordell. These totally arbitrary tiers, evidently mean that it would be disadvantageous for a station to poke through the 300,000 mark as its costs would automatically increase, a point left unstated. {and from the map, the coverage radius of 89.1 will be significantly larger than KCCU itself. Ardmore is second, Wichita Falls 4th, and Altus a much smaller 5th} As for fourth-quarter programming, we are reminded that KCCU`s own new production ``The Mantovani Hour`` has now started, Fridays at 2 pm CDT (1900 UT now, 2000 UT in winter). Other changes: National Symphony Orchestra with Leonard Slatkin, Sundays 5-7 pm. Sunday morning lineup has changed to: 9 Classical Guitar Alive, 10 Bravo Baroque, 11 Filmscapes (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) October 14: [The KOSU Weekly] Week of August 26, 2001 On-Line Changes http://www.kosu.org Based on your feedback and careful analysis of our streaming services we are making the following changes effective August 31, 2001. KOSU will no longer stream audio side channels or offer the custom designed Personal Public Media Player. These changes will decrease streaming costs and remove the requirement for the branded player. We tested side channels to see if they might provide a wider selection of programming and sub-genres to offer our listeners. After reviewing the statistics, costs and feedback, we have concluded that the current market conditions will not sufficiently support the service. Instead, we will focus our efforts to assist you in maximizing your primary streaming activities. As always, KOSU will stream in both Windows Media and RealAudio formats. Because we will no longer be streaming side channels, we will not continue to offer a custom media player (which essentially masked the generic Windows Media player so we could offer side channels through a common user interface). What will this mean for you? Fewer problems listening to your live stream and the ability to bookmark your live stream in the player. KOSU is committed to bringing cost-effective, state-of the art Internet tools for you (KOSU weekly Aug 26 via WORLD OF RADIO 1094, DXLD) We`ve never liked the Personal Public Radio setup, with all its commercials and irrelevance, not really designed properly for public radio, and an obstacle to audio streaming. Glad they`ve seen the light. BTW, KGOU/KROU at OU have started testing streaming wm and rm, apparently without PPR either; see Special Announcements at http://www.kgou.org (gh, OK, DXLD) October 14: I seldom listened to it before, and will even less now, but for those who care about keeping track of formats and networks, per local newspaper ads, KCRC-1390 Enid will be going with ESPN Radio starting August 27, including overnight. Not sure what all they were doing before except for Art Bell, but the ``Smart Radio`` slogan must be abandoned for obvious reasons. Log and FCC editors are encouraged to pick up this item, posted only [sic] here to IRCA and NRC lists. 73, (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| August 13: We had thought K45EJ Enid, the unnecessary translator of KSBI-52, was off the air, but with our exterior UHF antenna hooked up, we find a weak snowy signal on 45 \\ 52, so it appears to be on the air at extremely low power (transmitter site about a sesquimile away), or it has moved/there is another 45 KSBI translator some distance away (gh) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| August 13: I have discovered a new LPFM info site that is much better (IMO) than CCFM ever was, and it's free. It even includes coverage maps for LPFM stations that have been assigned call letters. The new site is called "LPFM Station Data Base" and it's at http://www.stratuswave.net/~bryan27/lpfm/ It provides virtually 100 percent coverage of all LPFM stations (as far as I can tell) and coverage maps of stations that have been assigned call letters. Something of interest to TV DXers may be the TV DMA guide maintained by the same individual at http://www.stratuswave.net/~bryan27/tvdma/ It indexes TV stations by Nielsen DMA. (Something for your Oklahoma Broadcasting News page.) Looking at the Oklahoma page http://www.stratuswave.net/~bryan27/lpfm/ok.html I see that there are maps for both of Enid's LPFMs. KLGB: http://www.stratuswave.net/~bryan27/lpfm/klgb.gif KUAL: http://www.stratuswave.net/~bryan27/lpfm/kual.gif I hope you find the above interesting and useful. Feel free to use it in DXLD or any of your other publications. -- (Johnathan Grant, August 9, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| August 13: We made another check of christiancommunityfm.com on August 7 to see if they had added KUAL 104.7 Enid to the list of LPFMs on the air. Instead we found this: ``ChristianCommunityFM becomes Christian Community Broadcasters a professional trade organization for all Christians interested in LPFM broadcasting All the information previously available on this web site . . . and much, much more available on a membership basis. For complete information including details on our sponsors go to: http://www.ccbroadcasters.com A Professional trade association for all Christians interested in community (LPFM) broadcasting Churches, ministries, and Christian schools represent the largest group of LPFM applicants. Many more Christians are involved in civic, community, public safety, and government groups who have applied. We believe that most people seeking to operate community radio stations are Christians. Throughout history people have joined together in associations and clubs based on their shared interests and goals. The time has arrived for Christian Community Broadcasters (CCB). More than 3,250 total LPFM applications have been filed nationally from groups of all types, but the majority of these will never be granted. Nearly 100 construction permits have been issued; even though this number grows almost daily it will take the FCC nearly ten years at the current pace. Who can you turn to for information and support? Not NAB, NPR, or NRB. They each offer many services and much information to broadcasters, but they are each on record as opposed to LPFM. Due to personnel constraints, the FCC is slow and inconsistent, with no clear-cut support from its leadership. Consultants and equipment suppliers have a valuable role, but there is a critical need now for our own trade group. Even though we are one in Christ, we in the church are divided by denominations and labels. In order to affirm our unity we have chosen The Apostles Creed as our common Statement of Belief. It is nearly 2,000 years old and precedes all modern divisions and denominations in the church. In fact, some believe that it was written on the Day of Pentecost!`` gh: and they charge membership of $99, $199 or $299 per year for different levels of access! However, it appears they have noted our report of KUAL since it does mention: 3 LPFM stations on air in Louisiana & Oklahoma CCFM info on LPFM was previously shared freely with the DX community, but no more! However, CCB now is free to draw info from the DX community and charge big bucks for it to the Christian Community, where money rules, as usual! Furthermore, secular would-be LPFM broadcasters who need this info will be forced to support the Christian faction, or rather the private proprietor of this ``trade organization``. (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| August 5: NEWS FROM KCCU: Here`s a station which understands DXing, as well as DX as a source of QRM. The Summer 2001 issue of Lawton OK, KCCU`s quarterly mailer, excerpts of which I herewith retype, since they are a year behind in posting these pdf on their website http://www.kccu.org – FROM THE MANAGER, Mark Norman Have you ever turned on your radio to hear some station from another part of the country? Recently, KCCU has had an unusual amount of ``E- skip``. ``Skip``, as it is often referred to, is when stations ride the atmosphere and land in far away places. ``DX-ing``, which is listening to distant stations during ``Skip`` conditions, is a hobby of many radio enthusiasts. For example, on June 19, 2001, James Wallace of Charleston, West Virginia, wrote to say he received our KCCU 90.3 MHz signal from Ardmore from 6:03 pm to 6:15 pm, indicated what was being aired and asked us to confirm the program content, which we did. He said during the same evening he also received KNTU 88.1 in Denton, KSYE 91.5 in Frederick and KFXI 92.1 in Marlow. ``Skip`` can be fun for those like James Wallace who want to hear and log distant stations, but to those of us who just want to hear OUR local station, it can be a problem. What can you do if your station fades? Try tuning or moving your radio. I live in the country near Cache. When ``Skip`` is bad, I can turn my portable bedroom radio 90 degrees and KCCU is loud and clear. If I turn it back, I get a Dallas based station at 89.3. This station does not play classical music but urban contemporary. The addition of a ``T`` antenna can improve the reception on almost any radio that requires an antenna. The last resort, if you have an old dial (analog) radio that does not have a digital tuner, might be to replace the radio with a new model with a digital tuner. In the non-commercial band on your FM dial from 88.1 to 91.9 MHz the stations are close together and they are lower in power than the commercial frequencies from 92 to 108 MHz, which makes it a problem to hear non-commercial stations. The fact that the FCC is in the process of authorizing even more non-commercial stations will only increase the problem. The good news is ``Skip`` lasts only a very short time and it usually occurs in the early morning or early evening. If you wait about 10 minutes, usually the signal will return. If you are having problems receiving KCCU, do not hesitate to call our toll free number 1-888-454- 7800 and I will be glad to discuss a possible solution. THE MANTOVANI HOUR Sofia Díaz is host and presenter of this new program, produced at KCCU. She`s an intern who recently transferred from Central Florida to Cameron University. ``I asked my father if I had been exposed to Mantovani`s music in my childhood. My father said he was a great fan and would regularly lull me to sleep as we listened together --- making this an even sweeter personal experience.`` The new show will air Fridays at 2 p.m. [CDT] beginning in September. [and webcast: http://www.kccu.org ] KCCU TO SERVE WICHITA FALLS KCCU is excited to announce that the FCC has accepted the joint resolution between KCCU and KERA to award KCCU the 88.7 MHz full power frequency to serve Wichita Falls. KCCU is working to purchase the equipment and get it installed as soon as possible. We hope to begin service by the end of the year; however, projects of this type always take more time than expected. Why after 8 years did the FCC decide on KCCU? The FCC has never had a criteria [sic] to utilize to determine who would serve a community like Wichita Falls when two stations applied for the same frequency. In this case, the only available full power frequency was 88.7 MHz. KERA, based in Dallas, and KCCU both wanted to serve Wichita Falls. After an evaluation of the two stations using the FCC`s new criteria, KCCU was selected to be the full service station. The Wichita Falls community will provide the funding to build the station as the communities have in all the markets where KCCU has expanded. The cost to install a transmitter and associated equipment will be around $50,000. Mark Norman, KCCU General Manger, said ``We are very excited about this opportunity. The Wichita Falls community has been without classical music for over 7 years after having the format only a short period on another station. We believe having KCCU on the air serving the Wichita Falls community will be a major step for the station. We have the potential to serve a new audience as large or larger than our current audience. We will have a separate computer system, as we do in Ardmore and Altus, which will provide local announcements intended just for Wichita Falls. We will also have the option to air announcements in Wichita Falls which will promote activities relative to all the areas where KCCU provides service.`` Wichita Falls was one of the last large [sic] markets in the entire United States without a full power, full service public radio station. KCCU will provide the service a soon as possible with an expected on- air date sometime before the first of the year. When driving south toward Wichita Falls, KCCU listeners will be able to switch to 88.7 on their dial and continue to listen to KCCU while driving toward Wichita Falls and on toward Dallas. [end of KCCU notice] gh comments: the rest of the story: KERA has been operating a translator on 88.7 in W.F., as listed in the latest, but now outdating, FM Atlas XVIII, and I recall hearing it myself the last time I was in the area, which must be at least a couple years ago. Is KERA 88.7 translator the ``other station`` referred to above, and by implication now off the air? If KERA was competing with KCCU for a full-power license on same frequency, what exactly was this ``joint resolution`` and how did it come about? What are the ``new FCC criteria``? (Glenn Hauser, Enid, August 5, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| August 1: This may have been going on for some time, since we rarely watch it, but K32DZ, Enid, was noted August 1 with some text-streaming local ads (featuring typos) at the bottom for a locksmith, etc., as MTV-2 was running. ID by those calls also appeared in the lower-left corner. K45EJ, the unnecessary Enid translator of KSBI-52 OKC, which is often off the air for weeks at a time, was noticed back on the air the morning of August 1, but vanished again less than a sesquihour later. Ironically, the first thing we saw on it was a commercial for Memoriez 96.9 KMMZ, the Enid station which has moved into the OKC market from a tall tower near Crescent. We finally visited 96.9 site on July 21, having a bit of time to spare on a return trip from OKC to Enid. It`s on a dirt road about a mile north of a paved road running from the north side of Crescent westward to the south side of Dover –-- a perfectly good country highway which you would never know exists by consulting the official Oklahoma state highway map. Just as many other such roads are inexplicably omitted, making it seem that some small towns have no road connexion to the outside world! The road is unnumbered, which perhaps requires the bureaucracy to pretend it not exist, and as we recall, unmarked. The tower was not visible from State Hwy 74, which runs N/S through Crescent, just north of the notorious ex-Kerr McGee plutonium plant of Karen Silkwood fame. We didn`t clock it, but the tower is considerably closer to Crescent than to Dover. It`s hard to miss once you approach on the paved road. It`s rather impressive, not only as to height (so Enid will barely be in local coverage area as well as OKC), but as to girth. It was a very hot late afternoon, and the area was infested with grasshoppers, threatening to invade the car if we opened the door or window for more than a few seconds, so we did not trespass beyond the gate, which advertised ``tower space available`` along with the well-known phone number originating with KCRC-1390, 580-237-1390. The following may not be accurate since we did not get right up to the tower, but it appeared to be made up of cubical sections, rather than vertical sections, stacked one on top of the other, with a square rather than triangular cross-section, quite sturdy and obviously capable of bearing more than just one FM antenna; strobe lights were flashing in daytime, as they customarily do. Fortunately, grasshopper central did not extend back to the paved Crescent/Dover road, but one hardy hopper clung to the windshield wiper at 65 mph until we stopped and deliberately flicked him off. Cycling the wiper had only made him cling tighter, whee! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| July 31: Both Enid`s LPFMs, KLGB-94.3 and KUAL-104.7 appear to be on the air continuously now, not just testing. The latter has adopted the slogan ``Cool FM``, and even has a jingle package. Sounds like hard rock, not classic rock, to me now. Hey, if ``Kiss`` can be spelt WKQS, why can`t ``Cool`` be spelt KUAL? (gh) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| July 31: Although at one point believed to have expired the CP, after many, many years on the lists, including erroneous showings as an active station, KTTL 105.7 Alva OK is finally on the air. It may have been on somewhat earlier, but first run across here July 25, with slogans such as ``Total Hits 106``, ``More rock, less talk``, ``Light rock, less talk, KTTL``. Stereo confirmed. Legal ID at hourtop: ``KTTL, Alva``. ABC news on the hour. A few minutes earlier had local ads for Alva State Bank; and something in nearby Cherokee OK. Near-local signal in Enid, which is on the strong-signal contour from a site a few miles east of Alva, at 100000watts.com which gives this info: KTTL 105.7 MHz Format: new ID: Alva OK/Enid OK Facilities: 492' 50 kw C2 47 mile radius coverage area Transmitter: 36° 47' 6" N 98° 33' 1" W This signal, which also reaches nearly to Woodward, has long been feared, since it wipes out in Enid our already marginal reception of the University of Oklahoma public radio station relayed from Spencer, KROU 105.7. KGOU/KROU, however, keep promising that web streaming is imminent, and they are also working on a high-power relay in western OK. See http://www.kgou.org : ``•Streaming -- The technology and equipment are in place! We are currently waiting for final clearance on a couple of programs before program streaming can begin. Stand by! An announcement will be placed on our web site when streaming is available.`` (gh) We are pleased to report that the 88.9 translator in Guymon OK of KANZ- 91.1 Garden City Kansas (High Plains Public Radio) has solved its phasing problem and can be heard clearly on US412 eastward from Guymon much further than before (gh) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| July 15: Checking http://www.christiancommunityfm.com on July 9 we found that call letters have been issued to four LPFMs in this state, and the one in Enid is specified as on air. Strangely enough, this came shortly after our posting to the WTFDA list and three others that KLGB had been heard. Could ccfm be using us as a source without the courtesy of a credit? (gh) KCOC-LP Hennessey Church of Christ Hennessey, OK 97.7 KJRM-LP Jr Ministries Educational Assoc. McAlester, OK 93.3 KLGB-LP Covenant Life Ministries Enid, OK 94.3 on air KUAL-LP Enid Public Radio Assoc. Enid, OK 104.7 (christiancommunityfm.com July 8 via DXLD) KLGB was subsequently heard on various checks, sometimes with open carrier, and again with gospel music the following Sunday afternoon, July 15. We understand that it is still only in the equipment-testing stage, which started some two months ago, with a homemade antenna running about 15 watts. Must pay more attention to 104.7 (and 101.5, another possible Enid LPFM). So on July 15 I checked 104.7, and by golly, that one is on too, no telling for how long, as I have not been paying much attention to FM and these get zero publicity in local newspaper. Frequent but irregular IDs as ``Classic Rock 104.7, KUAL, Enid``; appropriate with tracks such as ``Gonna Rock This Town Inside Out``; has stereo pilot; no other announcements noted except for a Recycling PSA. But except for no commercials, trying to sound like a commercial station, despite licensee name of ``Enid Public Radio Association`` as above, misleading at best. One expects a bit more of ``public radio`` even on a shoestring, than classic rock. This is nothing new in Enid, as the commercial religious outlet on 91.1, KBVV, has ``Educational`` in its name! Power is so low that whip antenna positioning for 104.7 is critical only about a sesquimile from licensed transmitter site. There was a sporadic E opening from Florida early in the afternoon, so DXers there and elsewhere have some QRP targets. Now thanks to me, I expect to see 104.7 highlighted in green at ccfm as on the air; this was not yet the case when just now rechecked July 15 (Glenn Hauser, Enid, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| July 14: K32DZ Enid has been off the air since July 12; this apparently correlates with a not serious(?) fire in the basement of the Broadway Tower, where its transmitter is located several stories higher. So at the moment Enid has NO local TV stations, of any power. Later: back on the air July 15 (gh) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| July 8: Enid`s channel 45 translator of KSBI-52 has been missing for about a month, in keeping with previous lengthy disappearances. We hardly miss it since the primary puts such a strong signal in here now that it is really unneeded. It does, however, serve to block DX when it be on (gh) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| July 8: It appears that one of the first low power FM stations is on the air. Sunday morning, July 8, around 1615 UT I was tuning across FM during an intense sporadic E opening, and came upon a local/steady signal on 94.3 with a windy preacher. At certain antenna positionings, this could be overridden by DX from Florida, indicating translator-level signal strength. I could not bear to listen intently for clues about local origin, but he kept on going past 1700 (local noon), until finally at 1723 the station switched to gospel music tracks, no announcements, and long pauses as if a single record were being played. One started at 1759 but cut off as I eagerly awaited an ID announcement. None came forth, tho the carrier remained on. Then phoned Covenant Life Worship Center, Enid, (580) 234-1920 and got their answering machine. See the May 4 and earlier entries in Oklahoma Broadcasting News below. Later: left a radio on the open carrier, and finally, an hour later at 1859 UT announced as equipment test from KLGB, 94.3 Stereo FM. Address all comments to P O Box 884, Enid, OK 73702. And back into gospel music (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| July 3: Subj: KWTV News 9 Headlines 07-03-01 Date: 7/3/01 4:20:53 PM Central Daylight Time From: News9@kwtv.com (News 9 ) Sender: News_9_Headlines-owner@benjamin.kwtv.com Reply-to: News9@kwtv.com To: news_9_headlines@kwtv.com Broadcast pioneer, KWTV co-founder dies The man credited with helping bring television to Oklahoma has died. James Leake died Tuesday at age 85. Born in Chandler, Leake spent most of his life in Muskogee. He started broadcasting in Oklahoma City and Tulsa in the 1940s, moving into television in 1953. He and business partner John Griffin put three stations on the air in nine months. Those stations were KWTV in Oklahoma City, what is now KTUL in Tulsa and KATV in Little Rock, Arkansas. Leake was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in 1979 and was known for his antique car collection. A memorial service will be Monday in Muskogee (via John Norfolk, OKCOK) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| May 31: OUCH!!!! KOSU WAS STRUCK BY LIGHTNING AT APPROXIMATELY 3:00 A.M. MAY 30th. It caused massive damage to our master control, satellite control, and production facilities. With the station`s engineer on vacation, KOSU`s General Manager Craig Beeby was able to rig a single microphone cord to bring the station back on-air at 5:00 a.m. Since that time, we are working around the clock to get the station back to full operation. As of 10:00 a.m. Thursday, we are still operating literally "by a single wire". Some of our services will be down for a while. Thank you for your understanding as we limp along during this repair process. (KOSU Weekly) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| May 22: The 107.1 translator in Perry, originally relaying mono KBVV 91.1 Enid, has switched to relay another Christian station pretending to be non- commercial, KLVV 88.7 Ponca City, and we have confirmed the change, with 107.1 now in stereo, FWIW. A story in the May 20 Enid News & Eagle mentions these other KLVV translators: 99.7 OKC/Norman/Moore, 98.3 Enid, 106.7 Stillwater, 97.3 Guthrie/Edmond (gh) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| May 19: ** OKLAHOMA. After several E-mails back and forth, we have finally obtained from the OK Mozart PR office a press release from January, when KWGS started running the concerts weekly, of the lineup -– now that they are halfway over on KCCU and KCSC; KOSU is running #4 now Saturday May 19 at 1800-2000 UT. If we compute correctly, KCSC is up to #7 on Sunday evening May 20, UT Mon 0000-0200. KCCU is at #6 on Monday May 21 at 1407-1600 UT, and should finish the rest the following weekdays. There is some confusion whether there are ten or eleven programs, but the press release shows only ten. BTW, we may expect bits and pieces of the 2001 Festival to start appearing shortly after performances on NPR Performance Today in June, (and maybe the new SymphonyCast?) http://www.kosu.org http://www.kcscfm.com http://www.kccu.org 4: WOOLAROC OUTDOOR CONCERT (Wed., June 14, 2000). John Dent, trumpeter; Bart Feller and Kathleen Nester, flutists; Solisti New York, Ransom Wilson and Jeff Milarsky conducting. MOZART: Impresario Overture; HUMMEL: Concerto for Trumpet in E-flat; HAYDN: Sym. No. 99 in E-flat; DOPPLER: Rigoletto Fantasy for Two Flutes; HANDEL: Music for the Royal Fireworks [We attended a previous Woolaroc concert; interesting setting, but if you want to hear the music other than thru a PA system, listen on the radio/webcast, where the background noise is also minimised; however, in this one a baby was allowed to wail on ad nauseam -gh] 5: CHAMBER MUSIC CONCERTS #2: (Wed & Thu June 14-15, 2000): Festival Masters Chamber Ensemble. SHOSTAKOVICH: Sonata for Cello & Piano, Op. 40; ELLEN TAAFFE ZWILICH: Trio for Strings; ALFREDO D`AMBROSIO: Suite for Strings, Op. 8; ARNO BABADJANYAN: Sonata for Violin and Piano 6: AN EVENING WITH THE CANADIAN BRASS (Thu June 15, 2000) [no further details] 7: CHAMBER MUSIC CONCERTS #3 (Fri & Sat June 16 & 17, 2000): Festival Masters Chamber Ensemble. MOZART: Divertimento for Strings in D Major, K. 136; FRIEDRICH AUGUST KUMMER: Duet for Two Cellos in C Major, Op.22, #1; MENDELSSOHN: Trio for Piano and Strings No.2 in C Minor, Op. 66; RICHARD RODNEY BENNETT: Sonata for Cello and Piano (1991); GABRIEL SENANES: Tango for Four Strings for Solo Viola (World Première); GEORGES BOULANGER: Avant de mourir (Tango Serenade), Tango Torero; JOE RIXNER: Blauer Himmel Tango; RANSOM WILSON: Chant d`Automne for Viola and Piano (World Première) 8: FESTIVAL CONCERT (Fri June 16, 2000): Misha Dichter, pianist; Solisti New York, Ransom Wilson conducting. MOZART: Serenata Notturna, K. 239; TCHAIKOVSKY: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 1; DVORAK: Sym. No. 8 in G Major 9: SALON CONCERT (Sat June 17, 2000): Festival Masters Chamber Ensemble. MOZART: Trio for Piano and Strings in G Major, K. 564; R. Strauss: Quartet for Piano and Strings in C Minor, Op. 13; SCHUBERT: Quintet for Strings in C Major, D. 956 10: GALA FINALE CONCERT (Sat June 17, 2000): Emanuel Ax, pianist; Ransom Wilson, flutist and conductor; Solisti New York. MOZART: Flute Concerto No. 1 in G Major, K. 313; BARBER: Adagio for Strings; MOZART: Piano Concerto No. 20 in D Minor, K. 466; BEETHOVEN: Sym. No. 2 in D Major, Op. 36 (from a faxed press release, retyped by gh for DXLD) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| May 18: NEW TRANSMITTER PROVIDES SEVERE WEATHER COVERAGE Oklahoma City (AP) -- A new radio transmitter in the Arbuckle Mountains will provide severe weather coverage to weather radio owners in Marshall, Love, Jefferson and Stephens counties. Signal strength tests indicate the NOAA broadcasts can now reach the four counties in south-central Oklahoma. Coverage from the same transmitter will continue for Murray, Cotton, Garvin, Pontotoc and Johnston countries. The transmitter was provided earlier this year by the Ardmore/Carter County emergency mangement office and has been broadcasting information from the NWS office in Norman. When severe weather watches and warnings are issued, an alarm sounds on the NOAA weather radios. The radios turn on automatically to broadcast the information (via Enid News & Eagle May 18) WTFK?! 162 MHz band somewhere ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| May 14: Mr. Hauser, Our OK Mozart broadcasts have been over for a while. We have no more OK Mozart broadcasts scheduled until January 2002 (we do not yet have a broadcast schedule for that). For more info. about the live season, go to: http://www.okmozart.com/artists.htm As for Fridays at 7 pm, the last Tulsa Philharmonic broadcast will be this week -- the finale concert. The folowing Fri. (23rd) will be an NPR special recording from last year's Okahoma Quartz Mountain orchestra. After that, it's back to Performance Today on Fridays until Jan. As for streaming, it is still at the top of our list. We need to purchase a new computer to run the streaming and find the time! Two things you should know: 1) we will employ Real audio; not Windows Media Player. 2) it will definitely be up and running by August of this year. Hope that answers your questions, KWGS Answer Desk, May 14. ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| May 13: OK MOZART FESTIVAL broadcasts produced by KWGS Tulsa, from last June`s concerts in Bartlesville are now running as follows, also webcast: Sundays 7-9 pm from April 8 for 11 weeks on KCSC: http://www.kcscfm.com Saturdays 1-3 pm from April 28 to Junend on KOSU: http://www.kosu.org Monday-Friday 9:07-11 am from May 14 to June 1 (? May 28?) on KCCU: http://www.kccu.org KWGS schedule: Already aired, finished in March. Webcast is still Quicktime only, WMP promised sometime. http://www.kwgs.org KRPS schedule: Unknown! No webcast. Check out their rm audio archive, however! http://www.krps.org/archive.html The 2001 OK Mozart Festival takes place June 8-16. Details: http://www.okmozart.com(gh) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| May 11: From http://www.kwgs.org Ask Guy Wire Our man about electrons steps up to the mike to answer your questions Dear Guy, me and the missus was greatly disappointed about the disappearance of the last two good radio stations in the area. We were wondering about this new Tulsa classical music station. When's it gonna come on the air? What's been the holdup? - Waitin' for Wagner in Wagoner Dear Waitin', You're anxious? Broadcasters have been waiting on the Federal Communications Commission for the last six years to decide the fate of thousands of backlogged radio station applications. When we filed for an all-classical music station back in 1995, shortly after the demise of KCMA, our application was held up because of a potential conflict with another station application. The FCC is moving to break this logjam. Applicants must soon either settle between themselves or claim points based on ownership, service to the community, and other criteria. We hope to receive the Commission's decision by the end of the summer and if our application is granted, there will be a new University of Tulsa classical station on the air at 88.7 soon after that. Guy Guy Wire answers your question about life, the universe, and everything at: guy@kwgs.org ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| May 4: Christian Community FM website as of May 4 shows of all the OK LPFM applications, only one has been granted as previously shown here: 94.3 ENID 124233 COVENANT LIFE MINISTRIES, INC. But a number of others are: ``FCC-approved applicants`` 92.5 GORE 123983 CHEROKEE COMMUNICATIONS COUNCIL 93.3 MCALESTER 124576 JR MINISTRIES EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION 96.7 ADA 123911 PONTOTOC EDUCATIONAL RADIO, INC. 97.7 HENNESSEY 124419 HENNESSEY CHURCH OF CHRIST 101.9 BARTLESVILLE 123916 BARTLESVILLE CITIZENSHIP NETWORK, INC. 103.7 MORRISON 124307 MORRISON UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 104.7 ENID 124554 ENID PUBLIC RADIO ASSOCIATION 106.3 MARLOW 124070 JAMES ALLEN EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION Most of the rest need re-working or are defective, unknown status. ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| May 3: (John Tudenham mentioned hearing three stations in Joplin MO last night that shouldn't have been audible... 1180 KOIL BELLEVUE NE taking out WHAM 1210 KGYN GUYMON OK should be in null, no sign of WPHT 1290 KWFS WICHITA FALLS TX should be in their null Also local daytimer KKLL 1100 is leaving carrier on all night taking out WTAM. Local KWAS 1230 has had carrier on last 5 days with no audio 24 hours a day..) John, here in Springfield I hear KGYN-1210 more nights than not... they seem VERY lax about their night pattern. Also noticed KKYN-1090 PLAINVIEW TX blasting in about 10pm CDT last night (4/23), even with or even louder than KAAY. Thanks for the KKLL ID--I wondered what the open carrier on 1100 was... (Randy Stewart/Battlefield (Springfield) MO, NRC-AM list) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| April 13: From the WTFDA list April 12, evidently an Enid application is among the first LPFM grants. From: John Broomall Subject: LPFM Permits Issued! Today the FCC granted the first 25 LPFM construction permits including Calvary Chapels in Centerville GA, North Edwards CA, and Smith River, CA; *** Covenant Life in Enid, OK**; Evangelical Free Church in Turlock, CA; First Baptist, Mansfield, LA; St. Matthew's Episcopal in Oakland, MD; Book of Life Bible Institute, Valpariaso, IN; and The Good News Church, Augusta, GA. Why only 25? Our personal opinion is that the FCC didn't have time to enter 200+ applicants and they will be listed tomorrow. Watch our website for the latest! In Christ, Jbroomall@email.com http://www.ChristianCommunityFM.com Boy, the FCC sure did keep this one under their hats. I will sheepishly admit to believing that John had mistaken some "accepted for filing" applications for permits. But when you go to CDBS Public Access, select "Station Information", and select "FM Low Power" as the type and "CP Off Air" as the status, you *do* get 25 records, presumably the same ones John was referring to. Unfortunately the only technical information given through the website is the frequency. I am currently downloading the FM Engineering Database and will attempt to extract the technical info on these 25 stations, either to a message here if the size is managable, or to my website if it isn't. I've digested these 25 apparent permits. (they still show up as applications in the Engineering Database) The basic technical details are on my website at http://www.w9wi.com/articles/lpfm.htm. (NOT lpfm.html, which will return a completely different document!) -- Doug Smith W9WI Covenant Life is for 94.3 in Enid, 100 watts, 27 meters (gh) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| April 10: Basically, Paxson is complaining that KOPX-TV is being carried on cable in metro Oklahoma City on channel 62, way out there on the dial - other commercial stations in the area occupy channels 5 through 13 - and that it's difficult to watch the station because in some of the older systems acquired by Cox when they took over the Multimedia franchises in central Oklahoma, channel 62 was considered part of an extra-cost service tier that was routinely trapped out. Cox contends that all the traps have been removed, and that Paxson has not demonstrated that there are substantial problems viewing KOPX-TV on any Cox system. The FCC, as noted, ruled against Paxson; the complete order is at http://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Cable/Orders/2001/da010831.txt ----------------------------------------------------------------- | Charles G. Hill | chaz@doubt.com | http://www.dustbury.com/ | |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| April 9: KOPX-TV. Denied mandatory carriage petition filed by Paxson Oklahoma License, Inc., licensee of television broadcast station KOPX, Oklahoma City, OK. Action by: Chief, Consumer Protection and Competition Division, Cable Services Bureau. Adopted: 04/02/2001 by MO&O. (DA No. 01-831). (CSB via Redding, nrcfmtv, apr 4) What`s this really about? What cable systems were they trying to get on, exactly? (gh) BTW, confirmed April 9, a report by Fernando Garcia, who DXed it last week from Monterrey, NL, that KOPX-TV is carrying ``Newschannel 4 on Pax 62`` one hour delayed at 7-8 am CDT Mon-Fri. This does not appear in any program listings we have checked, just infomercials (gh) Kudos to TV Guide online, which has quickly added five new expanded basic cable listings for Cox cable in Enid, following our note to them. 66 COURT, 67 E!, 68 TRAVEL, 69 FOOD, 70 EWTN, plus another we were not expecting: 71 special events, so far mostly Fox Sports this or that. GIST.COM has yet to update their listings, and since they had COMEDY on the wrong channel for many months, we are not holding our breath (gh) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| March 31: TV Guide woes This concerns the OKC edition, but may well apply to any or all others! The accuracy of listings goes down and down. The March 31- April 6 issue is a new low. CNN listings, which have been unreliable for a long time, show Sunday programs on Saturday! Even obvious ones like ``CNN Sunday`` and ``World Report``. Victims of the CNN bloodbath, such as Gene Randall are still shown as presenters. Somewhere below you will find us remarking on Paula Zahn being the default --newscaster for local listings, and she still is, like at 2:05 am Sunday on channel 9! That`s an awkward time with the DST change, too. In past years, we recall, TVG would simply show no listings for 2-3 am since that hour does not exist by the local clock - - or run the Saturday late listings until 4 am, not the real time change moment, and pick up Sunday at 5 am -- and include a note in the margin about the DST change. Not this year! Saturday listings go until 5 am, and Sunday from 5 am, with no missing hour, so are bound to be wrong, maybe allowing each station and network to cope for itself, not to mention poor readers and VCR programmers. Last week, our subscription copy of TVG never came. We waited dutifully from Monday until Saturday and finally called customer service 1-800-866-1400 which funxions even on Saturday 9 am - 5 pm ET. The actual human being quickly agreed to extend our subscrption by three issues to make up for the newsstand copy I had to go out and buy at a cover price of $2.49 (not to mention a trip to the store I would not otherwise have made -- but no sales tax on magazines in OK if you avoid Boy`s Market in Enid which claims not to know about this law, or too hard for them to program the cash registers to abide). That price is roughly 3x what a subscription copy costs, outrageous. We`ll have to watch our mailing label to see if it really be extended. Speaking of which, since last year, there are no somewhat peelable mailing labels, but address printed directly on a white block on the front cover, deleting a substantial fraxion of the cover illustration, in this case the bottom half of Rosario Dawson in a catsuit, which looks like quite a loss. This is progress? At least the useless UPC does not appear on subscription copies any longer. I`ve long wondered why all magazines aren`t smart enough at least to paste their mailing labels over the UPC rather than some part of the cover illustration. TVG has plied us with warnings to renew early for long term (we already had three years for lowest rate), because it will cost more later. All this nonsense drives us closer and closer to giving up on the hard copy and making exclusive use of free online listings provided by TVG itself http://www.tvguide.com as well as http://www.gist.com which we use mostly, and http://www.clicktv.com -- Does anyone know of any other online TV program listing services which can be programmed for exactly the local and cable channels you want -- or for that matter DX listings to help IDs? And TVG has made its color pages more and more expendable with fan- oriented fluff, hardly ever any articles of substance any more. (gh) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| March 27: Mysterious Downtown OKC station on 99.7: This isn't Tyler's doing. KLVV in Ponca City (88.7) has translators in Oklahoma City (K259AM, 99.7) and Guthrie (K247AH, 97.3); this is what you heard. (See http://www.klvv.com for details.) BTW, "FM 92 Broadcasters", which needled Tyler so in the comparative hearing, is the owner of KMZE (92.1) in Woodward....cgh ================================================================= Charles G. Hill | chaz@doubt.com | http://www.dustbury.com/ To understand recursion, you must first understand recursion. ================================================================= ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| March 23: [see above entry!] Quite by chance as I was trying to listen to another frequency, I heard an image? mentioning ``the new 99.7 FM in downtown Oklahoma City`` along with (translators) on 96.7 and 97.3 (I think, not certain of these frequencies) in Edmond and somewhere else nearby. Anyhow, this confirms the former Tishomingo station has succeeded in getting into OKC, tho supposedly from Tuttle, which is hardly downtown OKC. That will cut into KNID coverage from Alva/Enid on 99.7; see below (gh) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| March 11: Long story about how ch 40 in Fort Smith AR coped with the Xmas 2000 ice storm. Cavanal Mountain, transmitter site, is in OKLAHOMA, west of Poteau! Thanks to John Tudenham, NRC for this reference: http://www.khbs-khog.com/ice/ice.html (gh) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| March 4: OK FM GETS EVEN MORE CRAMMED. KNID 99.7 in Enid has been fighting the other 99.7 station in OK, KTSH Tishomingo in the southern part of the state, which is trying to move into the OKC market. It appears KNID has lost, since in the March FMedia! a final rulemaking is that KTSH 99.7 has been allowed to move from Tishomingo to Tuttle, which is at the southwest corner of OKC. This puts it only about 95 miles from the KNID transmitter site halfway between Enid and Alva, and we would not be surprised if with a bit of tropo, it interferes with KNID in its non-city of license. Look for KTSH to dump its classical format as soon as it becomes a `Metro` station, if not sooner! KNID had also been under pressure to move from 99.7 to 99.9, but FMedia! reports, ``Alva -- denied bid by FM 92 Broadcasters, Inc. [where?] to change 99.7C1 to 99.9C1, affecting KNID.`` However, we may no longer have to put up with interference from KRPT Anadarko 103.7 to Oldies 103.7 KEYN Wichita (a Dr. Demento affiliate), since KRPT is authorized to move to 103.5 -- unless this means something even worse is in store for 103.7. Perhaps this is related to a facility change granted for KEYN, to 94 kW horizontal and vertical and HAAT 307m, versus the FM Atlas XVIII listing of 100 kW, 268m (gh) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| February 10: Stateline, this week from OETA is indeed about digital TV, the expense and problems facing OETA and other stations in converting to it. One more airing is scheduled Sunday at 1700 UT, but will probably rerun in subsequent weeks. [I have yet to watch it straight through.] The one- hour show is also sold on home video for $22.95 including S&H, check or MO to OETA Foundation, P O Box 14190, Oklahoma City OK 73113; 1-800- 879-6382 if using credit card (gh) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| January 23: On January 22, I took a drive in the country NW of Enid, passing by, a few miles north of Carrier on State 132, the old KNID-96.9 tower, and stopped to take a closer look. As it turned out, the CE was there, waiting for a crew to arrive to remove the antenna. He said it was the same crew which had erected their new tall tower west of Crescent (now KMMZ 96.9), and this smaller tower would be no big deal for them, even though I noted a pretty good wind from the south. Plan was to move this antenna down to the primary site for the backup. Later will probably move the KXLS 95.7 antenna from a rented tower a few miles south to their own now vacant tower ex-96.9. (I thought this might be a good spot to put 1640 AM, far enough away from town to avoid overloading Enid with new RF.) The crew were arriving just as I left at midday. (gh) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Jan 21: OKLAHOMA`S FOUR FM STATIONS IN 1947 From NRC FMTV list: http://members.aol.com/jeff560/142fm.html Interesting to see who was around in the old days. (Kevin Redding, Mesa, Arizona) 142 FM Stations Operating in 33 States 53 Added to List Released Last November by FCC This article appeared in Broadcasting-Telecasting on Jan. 20, 1947. A total of 142 FM stations in 33 states and the District of Columbia are now in operation, according to a list released by FCC last Tuesday. The list exceeded by 53 the number reported in operation last November [Broadcasting, Nov. 11], and was six greater than the 136 which FCC announced 10 days ago were on the air as of Dec. 31 [Broadcasting, Jan. 13]. 'Nearly all FM stations are employing interim equipment pending completion of full construction,' the Commission said, 'and in some instances operation may be interrupted due to equipment changes and construction.' Almost 50 of the 142 were licensed before the war and some of these are continuing temporarily to operate in the old FM band. In addition to the 142, FCC said, an FM program service is being furnished by a developmental station in Cleveland. The FCC list of operating stations follows. In cases where the old FM band is still used, that frequency is shown in parentheses. Asterisks denote temporary frequency assignments. AM affiliation of the FM stations, if any, is shown in parentheses. ... OKLAHOMA KMUS Muskogee B/c Co., Muskogee 92.1 KTOK-FM KTOK Inc. (KTOK), Oklahoma City 100.5 KOCY-FM Plaza Court B/c Co. (KOCY), Oklahoma City 98.5 WKY-FM WKY Radiophone Co. (WKY), Oklahoma City 98.9 [end] |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| January 14: KCFM replaces classical format with `soft oldies' By JAMES D. WATTS JR. World Entertainment Writer, 1/9/01 KCFM (94.1 FM), Tulsa`s only full-time classical music station, ceased to be at the stroke of midnight Sunday. In its place on the dial is now KTSO, the format of which is contained in its call letters: "Tulsa's Soft Oldies." John Rogers, general manager of Shamrock Communications, the company that owns the former KCFM as well as modern rock station KMYZ (104.5 FM), said the decision to change the format was strictly business. "We decided that it just wasn`t in our best interests to continue with the classical music format," said Rogers, who took over the general manager position in September. "Some people came to us four years ago with this format, and they convinced us that there was a lot of interest in this market for classical programming. "We gave it four years, put our life`s blood into it and ended up discovering that we were reaching only 2 percent of the Tulsa market," he said. Rogers said the company conducted tests of several different formats in the month of October. The "soft oldies" format got the best response from the prime demographic group of adults 25 to 54 years old. The change from KCFM to KTSO leaves the University of Tulsa`s KWGS (89.5 FM) as the only source of classical music on the Tulsa airwaves. KWGS broadcasts a variety of classical music programs beginning at 7 p.m. Mondays through Fridays, including the popular National Public Radio program "Performance Today" and its locally created shows of concerts by the Tulsa Philharmonic and shows from the annual OK Mozart International Festival in Bartlesville. "I`m convinced that Tulsa will always have a classical music station," Rogers said. "I`m sure that someone will come along, pick up the classical format and carry it forward, and I wish them the best of luck in that." Conversely, KTSO becomes the eighth station in the Tulsa market to describe the music it plays -- whether pop, rock or country -- as "classic" or "oldies." (Tulsa World Jan 9 via DXLD) Classical void Regarding your Jan. 9 article, "KCFM replaces classical format with `soft oldies' ": Even though KCFM provided Tulsa with only second-rate classical music programming, it was the only full-time classical music station in the area and we are now left with a radio dial full of various forms of rock and country. The quality of a city can be measured by its music. Perhaps another station will step forward in the future to fill the classical void (Greg Moore, Tulsa, letter to the World, Jan 14 via DXLD) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| January 13: Its syndicated classical (Sony?) would not have satisfied former KVOD Denver listeners, but it was a whole lot better than nothing. Now Tulsa has nothing, as KCFM 94.1 has disappeared. Replaced, as monitored just after midnight January 13, by ``Tulsa`s New Soft Oldies 94.1 FM``. This might have happened a day or two earlier, but nothing is yet to be found about this searching the Tulsa World. The http://www.kcfm.com website is gone, but an old test one is still there, http://test.webtek.com/kcfm/comtul.htm It leads to nothing, nor its sister station 104.5 The Edge. Perhaps it is also kaput; I haven`t tried to hear it. These belong(ed?) to Shamrock Communications, in turn the Scranton Times, which has (had?) a few other stations in Austin, Milwaukee, etc. KWGS *89.5 was off the hook in the few years KCFM existed, to downplay classical and go with news/talk, tho it still had some. KWGS also planned at one point to start a second outlet on 88.7 with classical, but I am not sure of the status of this. The demise of KCFM ought to revive at least the idea. However, KWGS has recently been preoccupied with installing a much-needed new transmitter, which has now been completed, but perhaps depleted its coffers. We wonder if Tulsa cares as much about this as the furore similar losses cause in Denver, Kansas City, Chicago.... (gh) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| January 12-13: KQOK ch 30: defaulted to gem-pushing much of the day, but not all the time; never any genuine entertainment or information seen so far. After 10 pm, instead we were seeing some enhanced confetti/snow on the channel making us wonder if they switched to a DTV test; and with tropo conditions dead by January 13, only a very weak signal was to be seen on ch 30, so KQOK may not really be running anywhere near the rated 5 megawatts. (gh) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| January 11: Jan 11 after around 7 pm Central, on the cable, KWTV-9 went into a fade, and up came the DTV snow from WFAA-9 DFW, heralding the first tropo around here in a long time. I`ll bet the number of Enidites who know the cause of this snow on our only CBS source is in the single digits. (That is when KWTV isn`t pre-empting the network, like they did last night at 7:30 -- Welcome to New York, for a rodeo promotion). And, tonight at 7 it`s a Marlo-Thomas charity promotion instead of Diagnosis Murder. Tuesday night they bumped off 60 Minutes II. We really need a real CBS affiliate in OKC! It`s been foggy, and Bill Hepburn`s map here is blue, so something was to be expected. This encouraged me to check UHF, and besides some weak tropo, I find I have a new unwanted semi-local: Ch 30 with home shopping for gemstones, from ACN TV, which website http://www.acntv.com reveals means America`s Collectibles Network, specializing in loose gemstones. Gee, I wonder if that`s all they do 24 hours a day. And with 5 megawatts! I see in Doug Smith`s online TV database that this was an APP, and a CP, but now it is definitely on, no idea for how long. The only such affiliate on ch 30 is: KQOK Shawnee OK, 5000/255 kW, Z-offset, 35-17 N/97-20 W (rounded off). This is going to cause some trouble for the OETA translator in Alva. Local K32DZ Enid, I have noticed in the last few days running one of the old-movie networks, not sure which one yet, rather than The Box, when not doing their own agonizingly boring auxioning. The new channel 30 shows remarkable diversity in programming, not just selling gems, but in the following hour, 8 pm switched to some gospel huxter, and at 9 pm a weigh-loss infomercial. Oh, how we are blessed with quality programming!! In between, tho, at 8 pm was a nice big high-contrast ID slide with OK 30 in the middle, KQOK at the top, and Shawnee-Oklahoma City at the bottom. Then I found another brandnew station, UPN on 36?? Yes, it`s KSCC Hutchinson-Wichita KS. This is another one that even after Doug`s Jan 7 update, still shows as a CP. Checking website http://www.upnkansas.com they say they came on the air (tho cable- casting earlier) Jan 4 at precisely 3:00:06 pm. Doug sez 36+, 3500/329 kW, 37-56 N/ 97-34 W. As I recall, this one is actually owned by another TV station in the same market, tho that is hardly obvious from the website. At first I thought 36 might be KOKT-LP Sulphur OK, which is UPN and also has a CP for 36. BTW, another listing for K36AJ Strong City OK says it`s licensed, and primary is KOCB 34-UPN. But KOCB is WB, not UPN, which in OKC is ch 43. (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| January 2: ** OKLAHOMA. Hiram Champlin, manager of KCRC-1390 indicates to me that their 1640 CP will not be on for a while longer; the CP has been extended to March 2003. Consideration is being given to locating it away from the 1390 site inside northern Enid, due to RF considerations, 10 kW instead of 1 kW. It was more than a coincidence that the calls KMMZ coincide with ``Memories``, the new slogan where it has been moved, to 96.9 Enid/OKC (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Entries from Y2K can be found here.