October 1, 2000: Guymon, OK, is a minor oasis in the high plains lacking public radio, with translator of KANZ 91.1 Garden City, on 88.9. Unfortunately, there is a new gospel-huxter translator in Guymon on 90.9, which bleeds over into the pickup of 91.1 for relay. That is, the QRM from 90.9 is heard on the 88.9 signal. Since KANZ has a satellite feed to Amarillo, all they have to do is switch to that downlink in Guymon rather than 91.1 off air pickup. [KANZ soon replied they would do exactly that.] Goodwell, OK, has a low-power college station at Panhandle State University, KPSU on 91.7. It is normally inaudible when I go through nearby Guymon in the summer, and assumed to be silent, but it was on and heard well at 1800 UT Saturday Sept 23, unfortunately carrying a stupid ballgame. |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| October 1, for the record: ** OKLAHOMA. In place of "Dateline" this week, VOA News Now is airing a series of special reports under the title "Oklahoma Focus". The ten minute reports air during odd numbered hours throughout the day beginning at 35 minutes after each hour. Here is a press release from VOA describing the program: "VOA GOES TO OKLAHOMA BROADCASTING LIVE FROM THE STATE FAIR Oklahoma, Sept. 20, 2000 ? Voice of America (VOA), the U.S. Government’s overseas broadcasting service headquartered in Washington, D.C., has assigned a six-member team to report to the world on life in Oklahoma. The team will be based at the Oklahoma State Fair, where they will broadcast live reports on VOA from Sunday, Sept. 24 through Thursday, Sept. 28. This week, the reporters will fan out across the state to collect stories and conduct interviews for special features on urban and rural life in Oklahoma. VOA's special features on Oklahoma City will include interviews with Governor Frank Keating and Feed the Children's Larry Jones, and visits to the Oklahoma City National Memorial, the Underground Chinese City, and the Cowboy Hall of Fame. With a VOA reporter, listeners will venture outside of the capital city to a traditional Native American ceremony in Checotah, to the National Severe Weather Forecast Center in Norman, to Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, and to learn about life in Wewokah [sic]. VOA listeners will also spend an evening at the rodeo and at an American high school football game in Jenks. During the State Fair, VOA will spend time with the Oklahoma Teacher of the Year, competitors and innovators in the agriculture business, and musicians from around the state, along with many others. The coverage of the State Fair will be broadcast live in English on VOA's 24-hour all-news program News Now, and will be made available for translation into VOA's 52 other broadcast languages." For frequency information or to listen via the web, go to http://www.voa.gov (John A. Figliozzi, Editor and Publisher, ``The Worldwide Shortwave Listening Guide`` All new 2000-01 Edition Now Available! For Details and Purchasing Information: http://www.anarc.org/naswa/swlguide/rsguide (via swprograms via DXLD; see also under USA) Several VOA News Now reporters are in Oklahoma for a week of special programs from that state. These will be heard this Monday through Friday at half past the odd hours Universal Time. Oklahoma was chosen for no particular reason other than that it is in the heartland of America, we don't often get there, and the Oklahoma State Fair is happening this week. Recent Congressional legislation has called for more programming on VOA about U.S. foreign policy and Americana. The managers of VOA News Now maintain that these topics are included in the News Now content mix. This week of special programs from Oklahoma, however, will make VOA's Americana coverage more conspicuous. (Kim Elliott, VOA Communications World Sept 23 via John Norfolk, DXLD) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| September 20: KWTV blew away its entire CBS prime-time schedule Tuesday evening, September 19, to cover wildfires, apparently arson, in northern Oklahoma, southern Logan county, which ultimately destroyed a number of homes. Lots of great flames shots, many of them framed by towers in the OKC antenna farm nearby. If the wind had been blowing in the other direction, the antenna farm might have been threatened. Only Big Brother at 7 pm was worth tape-delaying until after 3 am. Was there anything new on 60 Minutes II? KFOR missed the first half hour of Olympic coverage at 6 pm for the fire, claiming somehow that we would not be missing any of it (played back too late at night??), but let most of the Olympics run after that. KOCO and KOKH stayed mostly with normal programming. So was KWTV`s coverage excessive? We checked KTOK 1000 Newsradio after midnight, and the signal was missing, tho its site is on the other (south) side of OKC. (gh) September 16: Hi Glenn, I see KGLH [sic] is on the air with tests with the light 105 and they sound pretty good. I heard them in Midwest City and Mustang. Their address is 7725 W Britton Road, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73132. I always enjoy your reports. When is KNID going to boost their signal into Okla City? Right now 99.7 is a translator for KYLV 88.9 in Oklahoma City. Pure 100 percent duplication. (Bill Eckart) Here's the entry for the new 105.3 station in Chip Kelly`s OKC market listing at: http://www.metronet.com/~chipk/fm/OKC.html KLGH 105.3 MHz Format: contemporary Christian "Light 105" ID: Kingfisher OK Facilities: 840' .798 kw A Transmitter: 35° 43' 38" N 97° 52' 30" W app: 328' 6 kw A 7.5 mile radius coverage area Transmitter: 35° 43' 45" N 97° 52' 15" W Map generated shows site east of Kingfisher but outside OKC. I am hearing music test Saturday afternoon, nothing on portable, but fine on roof antenna, a bit too close to Perry 105.1 for comfort. Yes, Bruce, stereo pilot is on. 99.7 tho now KNID, is not the frequency expanding to OKC as explained below, but 96.9, currently KMYZ. I do not have any new info on their target date (gh) September 14, 2000: We asked Rich Fisher of KWGS 89.5 in Tulsa if they were still going to give us an alternative to Quicktime streaming, and remarked about their having to drop BBC overnight during the Olympics. His reply: Glenn, Glad you asked..today as a matter of fact, we're completely overhauling our computer systems, updating hardware and software at the same time. Wish us luck. Once that is up and running, we will be installing a decoder which will allow us to switch over to Windows Media. It's taken a lot longer than I thought. And I hesitate to tell you when it will be complete, as that may not happen until after we install our new transmitter and back-up generator at the transmitter site. We will probably be off the air for better part of a weekend day for that. But, after that, our off-air problems will be a thing of the past (knock on wood.). As for the BBC, I couldn't believe it either. Apparently, they hold some sort of foreign broadcast rights, but no Internet rights at all. Here's the text from our BBC contact: ``As you are probably aware, the International Olympic Committee has banned the INTERNET streaming of ALL audio and video material originated from Olympic venues during the games. This, according to clarification the BBC received from the IOC this week, includes clips in news programs. This is a universal ban applying to every website, including ours and yours. So because our programs will carry include such material, I'm afraid I have to ask you to stop streaming the BBC for the duration of the games. There will be an army of lawyers checking websites around the world for copyright infringement, and any breaches could have serious legal and/or financial consequences. This does not of course apply to our radio service, which will be providing comprehensive Olympic coverage throughout. As for our own wesbite, we will be replacing normal news and sports programs with an on-demand, Olympic-friendly service.`` What's interesting is NPR's lawyers have said, the Internet use is considered fair use, and can't be banned. Apparently, the BBC's lawyers are a bit more risk adverse. Sorry about the inconvenience. I would add in fairness to the BBC, if in fact, a lawsuit was brought forward by the IOC; British or European courts may have a very different view of what constitutes "fair use" in news and sports broadcasts. For example, I love soccer and like to watch Fox Sports World, which is basically Rupert Murdoch's Sky Sports. As far as I can tell, they have a 24 hour ban on showing highlights of the actual soccer match. Imagine a British version of ESPN's NFL highlights show on Sunday evening, where the only highlights that are shown are the players warming up on the field, or shaking hands after the game, while the announcers voice what actually happened during the match!?!! Very strange. That's what happens on Sky Sports for English soccer. In view of that, perhaps the European sport broadcast rights are far more restrictive than here in the US. Regards to You, Rich September 11, 2000: OETA CANCELS CHARLIE ROSE AGAIN, AGAIN. Late-night talk just does not cut it on OETA. Charlie Rose is gone again from his 11 pm Mon-Thu slot (OETA always dumped the Friday show to run its sacrosanct old movies). Did Charlie come in last on OETA members` ballots? Now we have even more old British sitcoms. Thanks, a heap. For a while he was on OETA`s secondary channel KTLC-43, but did not survive the transition to the main network when KTLC was sold off, - until he was brought back for a while. Okies who really want to hear stimlulating conversation, if not see it, can get Charlie Rose an hour earlier, anyway on WHYY`s webcast from Philadelphia, and his guests may even appear on their daily program schedule, or more likely on the CHARLIE ROSE site. Go to http://www.whyy.org (Glenn Hauser, Enid) September 11: This is Jake Robnett (known as Jake da' Snake Skinner) on 101.9 The Twister on the weekends in OKC. Your page is awesome, I like when you update them, cuz for some reason I like what happens around the radio dial in Oklahoma. I'm gonna let you in on some radio news. The Groove 1490 KOKC, I know some DJ's there, and I was talking with Charles Hightower "Tower of Power", I make him cd's off old vinyl recordings & put them on cd. He told me they got their LP-FM application passed and The Groove will be on 101.1 FM, its call letters will be KYEI-LP-FM, The new FM Groove will be a radio station/ club. The owner owned a club before leaving the club business, and leasing the Groove 1340 from clear channel in 1997. Perry Broadcasting who owned 1140 bought out the lease for more money, so Edwards Broadcasting (The Groove) knew they could get it for a larger price, so they didn't pay the rent for their last 3 months. They moved to 1490, got knocked off the air because of their phone lines to the transmitter in Guthrie. Well, now the lease for KOKC? Don't really know, it's currently off the air, so who knows? Perry only leased 1340 for a year, while Clear channel is trying to but KLLV 1220, so they can move 1340, to 1310 for a better signal. As for the Twister 101.9 & 96.1 KXY, we are a part of Clear Channel radio but they have not moved us up to 50 Penn Place yet. We are still on NE 28th street, but we are expected to move and have all new equipment in Sept. 2001. I'll keep a check up on for you. Thanks for this webpage. Jake gh: Thanks, Jake! First news I had of any LP FM being approved. In fact, I thought LPFM was still not a done deal? September 7: ** OKLAHOMA. The latest edition of Oklahoma Magazine, Sept 4 on the OETA Network (very well produced I must admit, despite my frequent criticism of OETA), was ``Una Vida Mejor`` about the burgeoning Hispanic (mostly Mexican) population in OK, and Tulsa in particular. Prominently featured was the 1530 radio station, ``La más buena`` (¿is that good Spanish, instead of ``La mejor`` ?), which is run by one Blas Gaytán, who evidently arrived in the US a few years ago without proper admittance like so many of his compatriots. Incredibly, no one asked him and nothing was said about leaving his daytimer transmitter on the air 24 hours, as we have reported previously in Oklahoma Broadcasting News. Nor was it mentioned that OKC counts with its own LPTV Spanish stations on 22 and 17. Lacking listings in the Daily Disappointment, or cable carriage, I`ll bet most OKCOKians are unaware even of their existence. And locally with antennas they are likely to be overwhelmed by all the RF from the concentrated OKC UHF and VHF antenna farm (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) July 25: Letter from us to OETA, the only PBS affiliate net in OK: I could hardly believe my ears when numerous times during American Experience about Miami Beach you censored out ``damns`` in direct quotations of the words of Carl Fischer. I am greatly offended that you think it necessary to protect us from such language. OETA is not a religious institution, but a public institution supported by all OK taxpayers and should not reflect the censorship values of certain religionists. The cuts (which also cut the background music) were obviously made after the program was produced. The producers obviously felt the language was OK and presumably it was heard intact on other PBS stations. Your cuts only drew attention to the naughty words, and to the fact that OK is one of the most backward states in the nation, no thanks to OETA. Grow up, and start treating your viewers like adults. I also object to your starting part 2 of 2 part programs before the top of the hour. Thus I missed the first few minutes of this show, since I had already seen the Coney Island portion and only wanted to get the MB part. It would not be so bad if the actual start time were published in listings (e.g. 8:55 pm) but it never is, and we sometimes make the mistake of believing your listings are accurate. Sincerely, Glenn Hauser, Enid July 16: KSPI not a hit with area teens By Michael Criswell Staff Writer A revolution is brewing among some Stillwater teen-agers. The students are decidedly unhappy with radio station KSPI's decision to switch formats from rock and roll alternative to top 40 hits. Heather Phillips, 17, said, "They didn't even ask us." David Beckstrom, 15, had a more definitive complaint. "They now feature local bands and give them a chance." Beckstrom who is, or perhaps was, a big KSPI fan, may be the station's most distant listener. He and his family live in Egypt, where his father works and Beckstrom tunes in via the Internet. Katie McCollom, 17, mentioned with the old format listeners, "Can win some contests " and Eric Davis piped in, "(KSPI) is one of a kind, totally unique." McCollom, 17, criticized the station's decision to play only the top 40 format. "You can only have a great experience so many times." As a group, the teens ticked off stations "103.1, 102.7. 98.9, 104.1, 106.9," they said are already using the top 40 format. All seven had plaudits for the alternative rock and roll disk jockeys. As the rest of the group nodded agreement, Phillips said, "The deejays are totally unique. They actually talk to with you and don't make you sound stupid." The teens, not content to loll about and complain, drew up and circulated a petition at local businesses, protesting the change. The petition with 683 signatures was delivered to the station Wednesday afternoon. Frank Baker, KSPI general manager, who received the petition, said, "It's honestly one of those things that I think, long term, is best for the radio station and best for the audience and makes good business sense. I do respect the very courteous and obviously caring manner in which the young people presented their petition." Undeterred, the teens are considering organizing a sit in. (Stillwater News-Press July 13) [Baker is well-known in Enid as former top personality at Chisholm Trail Broadcasting; he comes back to emcee. gh] July 14: Well, KSPI Stillwater is now "Hot 93.7" with Today's Best Music, pop format..no word on where Ferris O'Brien, the morning show host and the rest of the airstaff went. (Ronald Steele) July 14: The busy Hiram Champlin, head of Chisholm Trail Broadcasting, returned my call today with info on his three-way station switch in Enid and the new tower going up near Crescent. At this point he hopes to have it up and running by the end of August. It is not the tower going up I described previously, N of Crescent, but 6 miles west of Crescent near the blacktop road toward Dover. His reasoning about the swap is: KNID should remain an Enid station, so moved to 99.7 with the biggest signal. KMKZ, his most recent acquisition, which has been moved from 95.7 to 96.9, has a format not closely identified with Enid and the most flexible for change, so that is going on the new tower, and may well change calls and/or format to whatever makes the most sense in the OKC market at the time. That leaves KXLS for the third frequency, now 95.7. He shares the view of most professional broadcasters that LPFM would be nothing but a nuisance, and the entire idea is likely to be abandoned. The CP for X-band 1640 in Enid will be his next project to complete, perhaps by next spring. July 11: YOU ASKED FOR IT, YOU GOT IT! KOSU.ORG polled its users to find out what additional services you would like to see on the web site. We've responded by creating a "new" KOSU.ORG that will be up-and- running this Friday, July 14. The new web site boasts over fifty times the content you currently find, including news, arts, and intelligent chat. Log on to KOSU.ORG this Friday and experience the new site! (KOSU Weekly newsletter) July 11: We have more info on the three non-religious LPFM applications in Enid, from Scott Clark, consulting engineer for all of them: The transmitter site is not the Broadway Tower, but another tall building 3 blocks away, Continental Tower South. Due to the height, the power must be 83-84 watts instead of 100. Coverage area will include about 59K people in Enid, and as far out as Carrier OK. Each is non-profit, with separate BODs, and different programming plans: Enid Public Radio Association (104.7) plans to be along the lines of local cable-access TV Pegasys, perhaps including help with homework. Enid Fine Arts Radio Association (97.5), plans jazz and classical in the public domain, 24h. Enid Educational Radio Association (101.5, with a competing mutually- exclusive religious application) plans to concentrate on programming for children under 11 or 12 years old with education and entertainment; overnight 2300-0500 perhaps with ``soothing sounds`` such as waves crashing, rain forest. July 9: Three way-swap in Enid has been confirmed. IDs are now monitored: 95.7 : "95.7 KXLS" 96.9 : "KMKZ, Mix 96" 99.7 : "Great American Country, KNID" If there was a ceremonial three-way handover at midnight, I missed it, without much regret. KMKZ was also Mix 96 when on 95.7; how convenient, but will they slide into "Mix 97?" This must be the station/format destined for the OKC market from the hightower near Crescent. Yesterday`s newspaper story did not make it clear, but evidently the swap was made before the tower has been completed and in use. Legal ID at hourtop only for 99.7 is now "Great American Country 99.7, KNID Alva-Enid". This is a laugh, as 99.7 never had anything to do with Alva except city of license. We had thought that the country format was the one going into the OKC market, following the demise of KEBC on 94.7. I don`t keep up with ratings, but I suppose KXLS format was deemed the least important since it has been demoted to the 10 kW outlet on 95.7. BTW, in the good old days of a few years ago, Enid had five commercial FM stations (including KBVV 91.1) each under different ownership. Now there are only three owners, and the two AMs are each co-owned with FM stations. KBVV's transmitter has been going haywire with the 100 degree temps again, putting out spurs, the main victim KOSU 91.7 from Stillwater. Similar things happen at the opposite end of the scale during icing. As for the LPFM applications in Enid, as I suspected, the three "Fine Arts", "Public", "Educational" tho with different mailing addesses appear to be closely related and all propose to be on the same mast at slightly different elevations on the Broadway Tower* downtown, same site as KBVV and all the gospel huxter translators on 88.3, 89.1, 89.5, 90.3 and 98.3 (plus mixing products such as 105.5). *NOT; see above. Regards, Glenn Hauser, ibid. July 8, 2000: WHAT`S THE FREQUENCY? 3 Enid stations changing places on radio dial | By Janna Ogden, News & Eagle Staff Starting Sunday, station presets on your car radio or home stereo will need to be adjusted to listen to local stations KNID, KXLS or KMKZ. The stations are a part of Chisholm Trail Broadcasting, owned by Hiram Champlin. A new tower is being built for KNID, which will, after Sunday, be found on 99.7 FM, allowing the country station to expand into the Oklahoma City market. ``They were thinking at the end of July, they`ll be finished,`` said Sandy Daniels, general sales manager for CTB. In order to expand into that market, the frequency has to be changed. ``We`re going to go ahead and change frequencies now,`` she said. KXLS now will be found at 95.7 FM and KMKZ is going to 96.9 FM. The format of the stations will remain the same. ``These changes will allow us to serve our clients and listeners,`` Champlin said. ``With 96.9 FM moving onto our new tower, some changes had to be made in order to compete in the Oklahoma City market. We wanted to make sure that the long tradition of KNID and KXLS serving Enid and northwest Oklahoma continued.`` KCRC 1390 AM will continue at its present dial position. For more information call [580] 237-1390. (Enid News & Eagle, July 8) gh comments: as usual in covering local media, this story is not at all clear. We know that the CP for the new tower near Crescent, half- way to OKC, was for 96.9 MHz, previously occupied by KNID from a tower west of Enid. The 99.7 frequency, originally KXLS, is actually allocated to Alva, NW of Enid, and the tower is halfway between near Helena. 95.7, the latest CTB acquisition, has been KMKZ, and is actually allocated to speedtrap Lahoma, and its tower is also just west of Enid. Yet he says 96.9 is moving to the new tower, but that frequency will be carrying KMKZ. That leaves 99.7 to carry KNID, but that is not the frequency CP`d to move halfway to OKC. Clear as mud. Multiple station owners may jumble calls and formats as they like, but each frequency belongs at a specific transmitter site authorized by the FCC. Each has to meet mileage separation requirements between co- and adjacent-channel occupants. There is another Oklahoman on 99.7, Tishomingo in the south-central part of the state, which would presumably prevent 99.7 from moving any closer to OKC than Alva/Enid, but the coast is clear for 96.9 to move. Naturally, no human being answers the phone on Saturday and their websites have no info either. June 24, 2000: Hi! I like your Oklahoma radio news page. I have it on good authority that long time AAA-Alternative KSPI 93.7 Stillwater will be going Hot AC-Pop on July First. Thought I'd pass this on, maybe you can use it. Best wishes, Luke Steele (WTFDA member in Vinita, OK) Too bad, more variety as alternative. I suppose they will be dumping Dr. Demento, Sundays 8 pm? (gh) I assume Dr. Demento will be leaving; I can't think of any hot ac affiliates of that show. It's usually only on classic rockers and such. IMHO, KSPI started badly when Mahaffey came and fired Hugh Foley, April Swinna, and Jim Randolph and put in the satellite network. Mahaffey never owned any alternative stations, and didn't understand the uniqueness of The Spy as it related to the OSU audience, I think. Best, Luke Later, June 25: Dr Demento is already missing from KSPI. Syndicator On The Radio has a policy against providing affiliate list!! How stupid and self-defeating. But there is a fan page which attempts to keep up with such info: http://php.indiana.edu/~jbmorris/ There are a few stations known to webcast, mostly late Sunday eve (gh) June 23: On Oklahoma hwy 74, a few miles N of Crescent, we drove by what is apparently the new KNID 96.9 Enid [non] tower site. Visible about half a mile west of the hwy on a gravel road in a farm field was only the first section, but there was a lot of idle erexion equipment around it. There were no identifying signs. At this stage, it could have been the beginning of a water well or oil derrick to our untrained eye. But we spied nothing else in the area qualifying as the tallest-radio-tower-to-be in OK. (gh) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| [Oklahoma items from 2000 issues so far of DXLD have now been collected following this item:] Posted June 22, 2000: LOW-POWER FM APPLICATIONS IN OKLAHOMA ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Thanks to Mike Terry of British DX Club for pointing out this FCC website which lists all the applications for LPFM received from the several states so far opened for applications: http://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Mass_Media/Public_Notices/Brdcst_Applications/ap000621.txt We have extracted the 61 listings for Oklahoma in seemingly random order, and rearranged them by Enid, Rest of State, Tulsa metro, and OKC metro, each of those subdivided by non-religious and religious. This is based solely on the name of the applicant; some seemingly secular applicants might be stealth religious in disguise. It has not been unknown for the latter to call themselves something—educational or otherwise nondescript. Order is by frequency in each category, except Rest Of State, by town and then by frequency. Note the logjam of competing applications on certain frequencies, probably mutually exclusive even under LPFM terms, but possibly not if on opposite sides of a metro; notably 94.7 and 103.9 in Tulsa; 94.1 and 101.1 in OKC. (101.1 was the reported spot for an OKC pirate I have never heard.) Some obvious typos in place names have been corrected. Now who are really these educational applicants in Enid??? ENID NON-RELIGIOUS ++++++++++++++++++ OK BNPL-20000608AGJ NEW 124628 ENID FINE ARTS RADIO ASSOCIATION Low Power FM CP New Stn. 97.5 MHZ ENID, OK OK BNPL-20000608AGK NEW 124605 ENID EDUCATIONAL RADIO ASSOCIATION Low Power FM CP New Stn. 101.5 MHZ ENID, OK OK BNPL-20000608AGL NEW 124554 ENID PUBLIC RADIO ASSOCIATION Low Power FM CP New Stn. 104.7 MHZ ENID, OK ENID RELIGIOUS ++++++++++++++ OK BNPL-20000602AFI NEW 124233 COVENANT LIFE MINISTRIES, INC. Low Power FM CP New Stn. 94.3 MHZ ENID, OK OK BNPL-20000531ADC NEW 123923 CENTRAL ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH Low Power FM CP New Stn. 101.5 MHZ ENID, OK REST OF STATE NON-RELIGIOUS +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ OK BNPL-20000601ADA NEW 123911 PONTOTOC EDUCATIONAL RADIO, INC. Low Power FM CP New Stn. 96.7 MHZ ADA, OK OK BNPL-20000601ADE NEW 123965 AUTUS LEE FREDERICK Low Power FM CP New Stn. 100.5 MHZ BARTLESVILLE, OK OK BNPL-20000605ACJ NEW 123983 CHEROKEE COMMUNICATIONS COUNCIL Low Power FM CP New Stn. 92.5 MHZ GORE, OK OK BNPL-20000605AAI NEW 123872 BRUSH CREEK YOUTH RANCH Low Power FM CP New Stn. 105.1 MHZ JAY, OK OK BNPL-20000605ALL NEW 124582 LANGSTON UNIVERSITY Low Power FM CP New Stn. 103.5 MHZ LANGSTON, OK OK BNPL-20000605ACY NEW 124070 JAMES ALLEN EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION Low Power FM CP New Stn. 106.3 MHZ MARLOW, OK OK BNPL-20000530AAA NEW 123392 JIMMIE SMITH Low Power FM CP New Stn. 94.7 MHZ MUSKOGEE, OK OK BNPL-20000605ACV NEW 123778 NOWATA PUBLIC SCHOOLS Low Power FM CP New Stn. 94.9 MHZ NOWATA HIGH SCHOOL, OK OK BNPL-20000607AAQ NEW 124430 NOWATA EDUCATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOUNDATION Low Power FM CP New Stn. 105.5 MHZ NOWATA, OK OK BNPL-20000602AAU NEW 123466 CARL ALBERT STATE COLLEGE Low Power FM CP New Stn. 98.5 MHZ POTEAU, OK OK BNPL-20000605ADE NEW 124076 SEVER STORMS INTERCEPT TEAM Low Power FM CP New Stn. 101.1 MHZ STILLWATER, OK OK BNPL-20000605AEY NEW 124194 OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION Low Power FM CP New Stn. 101.1 MHZ STILLWATER, OK REST OF STATE RELIGIOUS +++++++++++++++++++++++ OK BNPL-20000602AEV NEW 124168 EMMANUEL BAPTIST CHURCH Low Power FM CP New Stn. 92.5 MHZ ARDMORE, OK OK BNPL-20000607AAO NEW 124419 Hennessey Church of Christ Low Power FM CP New Stn. 97.7 MHZ HENNESSEY, OK OK BNPL-20000608AAW NEW 124576 JR Ministries Educational Association Low Power FM CP New Stn. 93.3 MHZ MCALESTER, OK OK BNPL-20000607AAD NEW 124307 MORRISON UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Low Power FM CP New Stn. 103.7 MHZ MORRISON, OK OK BNPL-20000531ABF NEW 123538 EMMANUEL TEMPLE OF PRAISE AND DELIVERANCE Low Power FM CP New Stn. 103.5 MHZ SHAWNEE, OK OK BNPL-20000605AMU NEW 124822 FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH OF SKIATOOK Low Power FM CP New Stn. 93.5 MHZ SKIATOOK, OK OK BNPL-20000605ABR NEW 123438 NEW LIFE CHRISTIAN CENTER Low Power FM CP New Stn. 102.7 MHZ WAGONER, OK TULSA METRO NON-RELIGIOUS +++++++++++++++++++++++++ OK BNPL-20000531ACR NEW 123769 TULSA OIL CAPITAL RACING PIGEON CLUB, INC. Low Power FM CP New Stn. 94.7 MHZ TULSA, OK OK BNPL-20000602ADV NEW 123944 TULSA JAZZ SOCIETY Low Power FM CP New Stn. 94.7 MHZ TULSA, OK OK BNPL-20000602AGE NEW 124358 UNDERGROUND RADIO, INC. Low Power FM CP New Stn. 94.7 MHZ TULSA, OK OK BNPL-20000605ABA NEW 123922 CITIZENSHIP TULSA, INC. Low Power FM CP New Stn. 94.7 MHZ TULSA, OK OK BNPL-20000605ADA NEW 124072 SOUTH TULSA COMMUNITY RADIO Low Power FM CP New Stn. 94.7 MHZ TULSA, OK OK BNPL-20000607ABB NEW 124446 AMERICAN HERITAGE MUSIC ACADEMY Low Power FM CP New Stn. 94.7 MHZ TULSA, OK OK BNPL-20000605ACU NEW 123916 BARTLESVILLE CITIZENSHIP NETWORK, INC. Low Power FM CP New Stn. 101.9 MHZ TULSA, OK OK BNPL-20000531ADI NEW 124035 TULSA AMATEUR RADIO CLUB, INC. Low Power FM CP New Stn. 103.9 MHZ TULSA, OK OK BNPL-20000530AAY NEW 123444 Tulsa Free Radio Project Low Power FM CP New Stn. 103.9 MHZ TULSA, OK OK BNPL-20000602AEU NEW 124164 UNDERGROUND RADIO, INC. Low Power FM CP New Stn. 103.9 MHZ TULSA, OK OK BNPL-20000605AAF NEW 123878 Tulsa Community Radio, Inc. Low Power FM CP New Stn. 103.9 MHZ TULSA, OK OK BNPL-20000607AAB NEW 124302 MIDWESTERN THEATER TROUPE, INC. Low Power FM CP New Stn. 103.9 MHZ TULSA, OK TULSA METRO RELIGIOUS +++++++++++++++++++++ OK BNPL-20000531ADJ NEW 124063 VICTORY CHRISTIAN CENTER, INC. Low Power FM CP New Stn. 94.7 MHZ TULSA, OK OK BNPL-20000602AAB NEW 123533 HILLTOP BAPTIST CHURCH Low Power FM CP New Stn. 94.7 MHZ TULSA, OK OK BNPL-20000605AKI NEW 124509 WORDS OF LIFE TEACHING MINISTRY, INC. Low Power FM CP New Stn. 94.7 MHZ TULSA, OK OKC METRO NON-RELIGIOUS +++++++++++++++++++++++ OK BNPL-20000605ABP NEW 123946 DAY STAR BROADCASTING CORPORATION Low Power FM CP New Stn. 93.9 MHZ NORMAN, OK OK BNPL-20000601ACV NEW 123754 REBEL COMMUNICATION, INC. Low Power FM CP New Stn. 94.1 MHZ MIDWEST CITY, OK OK BNPL-20000530AAN NEW 123428 QUIZ, INC. Low Power FM CP New Stn. 95.5 MHZ OKLAHOMA CITY, OK OK BNPL-20000608ABB NEW 124599 MAX BAKER Low Power FM CP New Stn. 95.5 MHZ OKLAHOMA CITY, OK OK BNPL-20000531ACG NEW 123742 NORMAN COMM. RADIO CORP. Low Power FM CP New Stn. 98.3 MHZ NORMAN, OK OK BNPL-20000531ACS NEW 123770 ROSE STATE COLLEGE Low Power FM CP New Stn. 101.1 MHZ MIDWEST CITY, OK OK BNPL-20000602ADI NEW 123840 CITY OF NICHOLS HILLS Low Power FM CP New Stn. 101.1 MHZ NICHOLS HILLS, OK OK BNPL-20000602AEE NEW 124046 EDWARDS BROADACASTING Low Power FM CP New Stn. 101.1 MHZ FOREST PARK, OK OK BNPL-20000605AKR NEW 124515 LIFE ISSUES INC.(STAN ENGLE) Low Power FM CP New Stn. 101.1 MHZ OKLAHOMA CITY, OK OK BNPL-20000605ADD NEW 124083 OKLAHOMANS FOR THE TRUTH INC. Low Power FM CP New Stn. 103.3 MHZ NEWCASTLE, OK OKC METRO RELIGIOUS +++++++++++++++++++ OK BNPL-20000531ABY NEW 123605 NORTH MACARTHUR CHURCH OF CHRIST, INC. Low Power FM CP New Stn. 94.1 MHZ OKLAHOMA CITY, OK OK BNPL-20000531ACJ NEW 123747 ABUNDANT LIFE CHURCH INC. Low Power FM CP New Stn. 94.1 MHZ OKLAHOMA CITY, OK OK BNPL-20000605ACX NEW 123984 RADAH MINISTRIES INC. Low Power FM CP New Stn. 94.1 MHZ OKLAHOMA CITY, OK OK BNPL-20000605AJM NEW 124473 FREEDOM WING MINISTRIES, INC. Low Power FM CP New Stn. 95.5 MHZ OKLAHOMA [sic –CITY?], OK OK BNPL-20000605AIC NEW 124374 MUSTANG ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH, INC. Low Power FM CP New Stn. 98.3 MHZ MUSTANG, OK OK BNPL-20000531AAB NEW 123454 FOREST HILL CHRISTIAN CHURCH Low Power FM CP New Stn. 101.1 MHZ OKLAHOMA CITY, OK OK BNPL-20000602ADC NEW 123825 PROPHECY IN THE NEWS INC. Low Power FM CP New Stn. 101.1 MHZ OKLAHOMA CITY, OK OK BNPL-20000605AEP NEW 124179 THE CHURCH IN OKLAHOMA CITY Low Power FM CP New Stn. 101.1 MHZ OKLAHOMA CITY, OK OK BNPL-20000605AGI NEW 124265 TEMPLO DE ALABANZA, A RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATION Low Power FM CP New Stn. 101.1 MHZ OKLAHOMA CITY, OK OK BNPL-20000605AFR NEW 124234 THE CHURCH IN NORMAN Low Power FM CP New Stn. 101.3 MHZ NORMAN, OK OK BNPL-20000531ADD NEW 123948 ELISHA MINISTRIES, INC. Low Power FM CP New Stn. 103.3 MHZ NORMAN, OK OK BNPL-20000608ABH NEW 124622 DELIVERANCE MINISTRIES INC. Low Power FM CP New Stn. 103.5 MHZ EDMOND, OK END** Posted June 22, 2000: We have collected the OKLAHOMA items from all the 2000 issues of DX LISTENING DIGEST into the following section, as usual in reverse chronological order. The Enid/Vance AFB TIS on 1610 is STILL ON running open carrier only for many, many months. They must have forgotten about it. K32DZ, LPTV in Enid, switched around June 20 from America-1 to The Box as fill whenever it is not doing local auctioning. We still can`t figure out how they stay in business. But then we are so totally bored and uninterested in auctioning that we have never even logged on to eBay. ** OKLAHOMA. Towering Over Enid. [photo caption:] Larry Walton, 130 feet above the ground, releases connecting chains from the third 20- foot section of Chisholm Trail Broadcasting`s new radio station tower. Crew members from Rocky Mountain Erection Inc. will spend the next two months finishing the construction of the 1,428-foot structure, making it the tallest radio station tower in Oklahoma. (Staff Photo by Bonnie Vculek) (Enid News & Eagle June 11 via gh, DXLD) No story accompanied, but the caption misses the WHO, WHERE and WHY! This tower is NOT ``Towering Over Enid`` -- it is nowhere near Enid, but halfway to Oklahoma City just west of Crescent (of Karen Silkwood fame). What station? KNID 96.9, not the other CTB stations. Why? To put a grade-A signal in to the OKC market with bigger bucks, yet still cover its city of license Enid. This is only one of several FM stations in outlying towns moving closer in to The Metro at the expense of their original markets (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** OKLAHOMA. The contemporary urban ``Groove`` music programming has moved to KAKC-AM 1490 in Guthrie, broadcasting from 6 am to 7 pm, seven days a week. The station can be picked up in the north part of Oklahoma City metro area, KAKC general manager Mike Holt said. [KAKC = sic in the source; used to be KOKC, or is this their typo? KAKC is supposedly 1300 in Tulsa; you’d think in OKC the significance of KOKC would be fairly obvious -gh] ``The Groove`` incorporates classic soul, blues, jazz, rhythm and blues and gospel. KAKC still has the option to pre-empt ``The Groove`` for University of Oklahoma and Guthrie High School sports events and Guthrie civic events, Holt said. ``The Groove`` has leased air time with the station until Dec. 31, 2001 (Mel Bracht, Mixed Media column, Sunday Oklahoman TV This Week June 4 via John Norfolk, OKCOK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** OKLAHOMA. OKC`s PBS TV station, KETA, channel 13, only added stereo last year, but not SAP. Now the SAP is sometimes turned on, with undermodulated parallel audio to main channel, but also with DVS – Descriptive Video Service on certain programs; so far noted: Mystery, and Nova, but not Nature. The Tulsa repeater, KOED, channel 11, had left its SAP turned on with dead carrier for months every time a bit of tropo enhancement brought it in here. OETA could now use its SAP statewide (there are two more full-power relays in the east and west, and a couple dozen translators, reaching as far as Clayton NM), to bring public radio to numerous un/underserved areas, by putting KGOU/KROU at OU in Norman on the SAP during most of the time when it is not needed for DVS, as a number of other PBS stations do with corresponding public radio outlets. But that would be too obvious, logical and a service to the public and taxpayers... (Glenn Hauser, Enid, May 20, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** OKLAHOMA. Oklahoma City`s electronic charnel house, KTOK Radio [1000 kHz], has dropped its ABC connection for most newscasts and killed off the outstanding afternoon 4-6 news slot, replacing it with semi-literate talk show host Mike McCarville from 4 to 8. Practically from the time the station fell into the hands of Clear Channel Communications, the trend has been toward hate-peddling talk show hosts, from windbag Rush Limbaugh to verbal harlot Dr. Laura. Clear Channel leased WKY [930] from the Gaylords, then killed off its excellent news department – only competing news operation in the capital city. This chain doesn`t give a damn about the community – only the bottom line. That`s why they hire local cheap operators like McCarville, longtime mouthpiece for the Republican Party. This is a tragic development because the only thing worthy of listening to on KTOK has been an excellent news operation. This spells the beginning of the end for ``Newstalk Radio``. Program Director Bruce Collins said McCarville will talk on the hot topics of the day. His first effort on the slot was to air some Guthrie yahoo who spun a litany of lies about public education. McCarville has turned the station into a wholly owned subsidiary of the GOP. Limbaugh and Laura spend a disproportionate part of their time defaming the nation`s best institutions, from libraries to public schools. Limbaugh, a close pal of neo-Nazi lover Pat Buchanan, is obsessed with President Clinton`s sexual prowess. So where will the community turn for straight news? Certainly not the Gazette, a local shopper that features sex for sale, McCarville`s puerile column and the rantings of another Republican shill, Scott Mitchell. How sad. (Frosty Troy, The Oklahoma Observer, Feb 25 via DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** OKLAHOMA. Local band guy James Plumlee planned to use LPFM during a concert, probably 102.9 FM in the microwatt range, rockin` Plumlee radio. Full story in the Tulsa World: http://search.tulsaworld.com/archivesearch/default.asp?WCI=DisplayStory&ID=000225_Sp_sp30james And an earlier story about LPFM in general: http://search.tulsaworld.com/archivesearch/default.asp?WCI=DisplayStory&ID=000225_En_d6radio (via Artie Bigley, OH, DX LISTENING DIGEST, WORLD OF RADIO 1026) ** OKLAHOMA. KOSU 91.7 has been promoting the official launch of its worldwide audio streaming with some kind of ceremony, Wednesday March 1 at 1340 UT at http://www.kosu.org (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** OKLAHOMA. Re: DXLD 00-30: There are only three channel 17s in Oklahoma: KDOR Bartlesville (3980KW/316m, transmitter in northwest Rogers Co. with a shallow null (probably about 2000KW ERP) in the direction of Enid. It's a TBN religious station.) K17DH Weatherford (942 watts, programming unknown but believed to be a translator of an OKC station) K17EX OKC (37.1KW. Directional, direction unknown. I list it as "religious" but such things change. The tower is roughly 20km northeast of KTOU-LP. The power is considerably lower (37.1KW vs. 67.5KW for KTOU) but both stations are directional. KTOU favors the north and east (48.5KW towards Enid); I don't know what K17EX's directional pattern is. K17EX's antenna is 37m lower, but if its DA pattern is favorable that probably won't matter (Doug Smith W9WI Pleasant View (Nashville), TN, amfmtvdx via DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** OKLAHOMA. KTOU-LP ch 22 in OKC, with the Cadena Independiente Nacional, which runs old movies dubbbed in Spanish in prime time, also seen on channel 17 now, including the KTOU 22 ID at 0230 UT Feb 24 when tropo enhancement was up; no sign of KDOR-17 Bartlesville with TBN. So where is this transmitted from? (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** OKLAHOMA. Public radio KOSU-FM, 91.7, Stillwater, has a new less neglected website, http://www.kosu.org which according to station news therein was opened Jan 1. The previous site was at an URL I could never remember involving ``okstate`` since Ohio State got to ``osu`` first. Now even offers streaming via Media Player and RealPlayer. Check the program schedule in case KOSU offers anything otherwise unavailable to you or at a more convenient time. BTW, classical KCSC- FM 90.1 Edmond/OKC has now started RP streaming as well; see http://www.kcscfm.com (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** OKLAHOMA. Glenn, it sounds like Oklahoma City is getting ready to have another radio war [between] long time KJ-103 and new Wild 97.9. Usually lately there is no war but the usual is to buy out your competition. I noticed that KJ [102.7] has added more titles that they have not been playing that Wild has been playing. I thought they would get to go after KOMA no 2 rating but somehow mo money KJ will spank them along with other Clear Channel stations that pay listners a lot to listen to really crappy music. It is nice to know that KOMA and WKY of old are not the last stations to battle it out. If you listen to KTOK, they have been running spots for KQSR and KJ-103 and vice versa; sounds like they all need help. Take care (Bill Eckart, OK, Feb 9, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** OKLAHOMA. Or perhaps Openhoma would be more appropriate, for all the stations which like to run open carriers. The TIS at Vance AFB, Enid on 1610 has been that way for 3 or 4 months now. Sunday afternoon is a good time, but not the only time, for unattended AM stations to lose their automation/feed or whatever, and go unnoticed by the licensees -- which ought to be a sure route to revocation for wasting the public`s airwaves even moreso than when modulating pap and crap. Jan 30 at 1820 UT I made a traditional bandscan and came upon 1580 KOKB Blackwell OK modulating zero, which led me to check 1020 for its twin KOKP Perry OK, a semi-local here, which indeed was open carrier too. 1580, however was soon back to a silly ballgame, but I left a receiver on 1020 to see just how long it would run blank. Still that way well past 1900. Finally popped on at 1948! with a Cowboys game well in progress, I suppose. This was running a satellite-hop behind 1580. So there you have at least a sesquihour of dead air. Do the sponsors get a refund? Ha! [non]. Meanwhile, another open carrier was found on 1130 from KLEY Wellington KS, not far from the OK border. This too was blank well past 1900, except a few words of something which briefly popped on at 1847. I have previously noticed silence or extraneous noises from this transmitter, which I have often passed on the road to Wichita, where it is obviously an adjunct to a much more important FM station. 1130 is often duplicating 1550 KKLE Winfield, which was operating normally, such as 2007 UT Balance the Scales from People`s Radio Network. Besides the OK 1550 station, this was atop a barrage of skywave already welling up underneath. 1130 audio never heard coming up all afternoon. [non non] 1530 is yet another Oklahoma open-carrier. We first noticed this 4 or 5 years ago at night, an obstacle to Cincinnati. At least a year ago it was traced, by John Tudenham, I believe, to KXTD, Wagoner, supposedly a daytimer, leaving its 5 kW transmitter on 24 hours. In the daytime we can barely hear it with Spanish for the Tulsa market aside KOMA. Just rechecked Jan 31 at 0531 and there was the carrier. Local KGWA 960, Enid often runs unattended. At 0535 UT Jan 31 we were hearing beeps one per second off some network feed, but preferred to sleep than find out how long this went on (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, where snow from last Wednesday still has not melted, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** OKLAHOMA. Glenn, KCYI became top 40 / rhythmic music; they are going after KJ-103 number 1 rating (Bill Eckart, OK, Jan 27 with these extracts via radiosurfer: Radio and Records Headlines ----------------- ------------ stunting continues at CITADEL Jazz outlet KCYI (THE CITY 97.9)/OKLAHOMA CITY! Look for a format flip on THURSDAY (1/27). ---- Posted Thursday, January 27 1:33 PM EST, 2000 by jford@radiosurfer.com: KCYI/OKLAHOMA CITY has flipped from Jazz to Top 40/Rhythmic as of 6:45a (CT) calling itself WILD 97-DOT-9 (via radiosurfer) I was awake at 1200 UT when the computer gave a nice legal ID, including for a channel 296 translator in Moore on the opposite side of OKC. Thought my alarm was set for 1240 to catch zero-minute at 1245, but slept through this momentous event! After 1300 heard new regular format for the first and last time, deriding ``tired old KJ- 103`` and promising to be ``commercial-free`` itself --- but for how long? (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** OKLAHOMA. KCYI 97.9 [cf DXLD 00-14] What I've heard from the folks at Clear Channel is that KCYI will be going CHR to go head to head with KJ-103 (KJYO 102.7). I have a couple .wav files of the countdown if anyone wants to hear them (John Zondlo Yukon, OK, Jan 25, amfmtvdx) FM DX Web http://members.aol.com/fmdxweb (via DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** OKLAHOMA. Glenn, I don`t know if you know or not but KCYI 97.9 [Edmond OK, OKC market] is changing format at present and when I tuned in at around 1 pm Jan 24 they are running a computer generated countdown. According to computer, changes are to be complete this Thursday morning at 6 am. Web site http://www.thecity979.com --when you go to the web site they refer you to local number 405-858-6170. Thanks, Glenn, as a former DJ and as a radio buff I think they are going jamming oldies as many other markets have done. Later and keep up the great work as always. Later: Glenn, as of 10 pm central time KCYI is playing classic rock in between computer generated announcements. no jocks at all, AC DC, Little Feat and other classics are being played. I don`t know if you can get this on your radio; they are only 6,000 watts. I`ll keep you updated (Bill Eckart, OK, Jan 24, DX LISTENING DIGEST) Tuned in after local midnight early Jan 25, and there was no music, just the computer countdown interspersed with various clever remarks, such as ``Mary Fallin, what a gal`` (OK’s Lt. Gov). The times were all precisely coordinated to a zero-hour of 6:45 am CT Thursday Jan 27. Reception here is marginal, with the low power and co-channel Wichita; I actually got it better on a portable than with the rooftop antenna (Glenn Hauser, Enid, Jan 25, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** OKLAHOMA. The gospel huxters have taken over another public radio channel in Enid - the new satellator on 89.1 started around Jan 8, blocking KMUW in Wichita - and it turns out to be in Spanish. I have yet to listen at ID time, but the few seconds I could stand had commercials for revivals in Albuquerque and McAllen, Texas. Meanwhile, the gospel huxter translator on 89.5 in Enid went off Jan 15, allowing public radio in Tulsa, KWGS to be heard, but I am sure this is only temporary. I need to do some work on my otherwise unneeded antenna toward Tulsa (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| [Sept-Dec 1999 items which appeared primarily in REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL BROADCASTING or GLENN HAUSER`S SHORTWAVE/DX REPORTS have not yet been collected for this page.] |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||